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#day 6

rating day6: boyfriend vibes

     This is all based on my opinion, so don’t get angry if I am mean to your fav. It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these and I missed it. Requests are always open! Enjoy.









     He’s so well-rounded for a relationship that I cannot even deal. Let’s talk through why Brian gets to be at the top. Firstly, he is in it for the long run. You’re not a fling. No, honey, you’re his soulmate and he won’t do anything to risk losing what you two have. Petty arguments are infrequent. Secondly, Brian is relatively spontaneous and fun. He keeps things fresh and interesting without making you feel like he’s just with you for a good time. That’s boyfriend material if I’ve ever seen it.

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Hi love~🌹 I hope that you’re doing well!! I was wondering if I could get a private selca ship please with DAY6, GOT7, Stray kids, WayV and NCT127? Thank you for being always kind to me and everyone❤️❤️❤ Please taking good care of your beautiful self, don’t forget to rest and eat well~~

Thank you! You are always soo sweet. Trust me I am eating well … I actually over ate today, now I am sick to my stomach … lol … And out of everyone I know I am pretty sure I am the Queen of Self Care with all my made in Korea products. Plus I value my sleep. 

DAY6 - YoungK


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WAYV - Kun


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NCT 127 - Yuta


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Hello princessfairysparkle,

we’re good, thanks for asking. (Very happy about so many interested folks)

The thought behind that one was: a present from Tony for Rhodey, as Tony tends to gift other’s before himself. (It’s Tony’s birthday, you know^^)

That said, if possible please make it Tony POV showing his appreciation, love, care and however else you see their relationship.

I hope I managed to clarify it. If not hit us up again ;-)

You’re most welcome, we just want a tiny bit more Rhodey love~

-Mod J

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☕ If you were ruler of your own country what would be the first law you would introduce?

This is quite a tricky one…It would probably be to promote peace in the environment. I mean who wouldn’t really. We all just tryna live here peacefully and I’d get why some people would do different things just to make ends meet. Though I am well aware that it cannot be obtained, I do wish to try to maintain a highly peaceful environment in my country, I would like to keep a healthy one as well. Both physically and mentally healthy.

☕ Do you love or hate rollercoasters? 

It’s actually kinda complicated hehe. I would get scared and hate them at first cuz of the height and the idea of how extreme it is but once I was forced (most likely by my cousins) I would suddenly enjoy and the adrenaline wouldn’t stop. Hey, like a metaphor hehe

☕ If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

I would want the following people to be in dinner with me: My friends. Yes I know it’s crazy but I guess it’s because of quarantine that It’s been awhile since I last hung out with them, and I miss them so much…I would really want to hang out with my friends again…

☕ If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?

Boi. I’d want alot of stuff really. Telekinesis is one, as well as Invisibility. Cuz I’m lazy and I don’t want to interact with people. I would really want Flight as well! The idea of flying mesmerizes me and so I would definitely want t experience it, or even use it to promote goodness! Same goes for the other two as well

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What would your Commander be like if they were the opposite of how they are normally? Would they surround themselves with different people? Would they do things differently? Are people aware that they are acting differently in this scenario? What are their reactions? Maybe they’re playing a prank, or they’re drunk? This prompt is literally just to have some silly fun so go wild!


Decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and tried drawing one of the NPCs. Turned out alright :D

Tzurael and his twin, Caeshe, avoided drinking as much as possible thanks to an experience with the Nightmare Court when they were newly awakened saplings. It just leaves one too vulnerable when drinking in excess. However, after Joko’s defeat, Tzurael couldn’t say no to Canch’s invitation. He was stressed and needed a way to alleviate it and not to mention Canach said he was paying. As such, Tzurael’s inner turmoil was brought to the surface and his optimistic and strong-willed façade broke. It was a surprise to the older Sylvari since Tzurael always seemed to have himself well kept together but after seeing this, started to think otherwise. He brought Tzurael back to the quarters that Dragon’s Watch and the others were taking refuge in and was promptly yelled at by a belligerent Caeshe. Canach kept what he witnessed to himself but afterwards does try his best to alleviate some of Tzuraels’ burdens. 

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Never written a bechloe wedding before but I’m into it.


Beca realizes that no matter what happened this day was always going to be perfect.  They dance into the wee hours and Beca’s lone regret is that Stephen isn’t there to see it all.



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GW2 Commander Week

Day 6: Opposite Day


Honestly, if you really wanna see the opposite of Sarafir, throw her into the space mushrooms: Excitable, uninhibited, and easily distracted by the nearest shiny. She’ll drop her worries and her responsibilities and behave more goofy and laid back anyone has ever seen of her.

And if you want to keep your head you won’t mention it to anyone. Ever.

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To You

To you

Whom I met long ago

I hope you are well

At above

To you

I take upon your will

As I walking in this world

To you

I give you my hardship

From myself

Day 6 of Odazai Week 2020

You are worth finding. Worth knowing. Worth loving. You and your one million layers.” - Danielle Doby

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Day 6:  A song that makes you want to dance

So I can’t dance for nuts. I don’t dance if I’m sober. So I’m just gonna put which songs just makes me wanna go when drunk. And honestly, for me it was a tie between this and Animals (Martin Garrix). I’m sure there are good danceble songs that I enjoy but since I would never ever dance to them, I’m just gonna put the song that I’m able to just let loose with. 

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Day 6 🌸

{To wear cup-less bras and feel sexy} One of my dreams is to wear cute bras that give support but still show the natural shape of my boobs. I already do that sometimes, but I imagine it would look a lot cuter if I’m thinner. There’s just something super feminine about cup-less lace bras!

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