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12) What are your guesses for the main plot conflict in the book?

Okay so this is a doozy and kind of a long post but I’ll try my best.

The blurb says they’re dealing with the human queens who are looking for revenge. Their main goal in ACOMAF was to gain immortality through the Cauldron which was why they had that alliance with Hybern. They were not completely successful in that, and so that makes me think that their main motivation in this book is to not only destroy their enemies (the Night Court), but to also gain control of the Cauldron which Rhys and Feyre currently possess. However, they are currently very weak after loosing the war, so they would need to forge the alliance between someone else who views the Night Court as enemies. We’ve seen in ACOFAS that Beron wants to expand into the human lands, which the Night Court does not want, and we’ve gotten that spoiler that includes Eris. I don’t think Eris supports Beron, since he very much wants his dad dead so he could be High Lord (this is from ACOWAR). Beron likely forged a secret alliance with the human queens that would allow him to expand into the human lands, and later the continent, and the human queens would have an access point to the rest of Prythian via the Autumn Court.

Now here’s the issue: we’re in Illyria most of the time, so how exactly are we gonna connect that. Illyria, despite how the IC view it, is a big aspect of the Night Court’s power because that is where it’s armies and primary defenses are concentrated. (Let’s be honest, Velaris is really only just ornamental, there is almost no politics going on there because Feysand just don’t tell people about it + it’s been destroyed before and didn’t impact the larger power of the court as much.) If the Night Court wanted to fight against anyone or prevent territorial expansion, they would send their Illyrian army. But if they have no Illyrian army to do this, there’s no obstacle for the queens of Beron in gaining what they want.

Azriel is also going to be in ACOSF a lot, so I don’t doubt that the little rebellion that was in ACOSF is not going to be addressed to some extent here. Perhaps there are spies in Illyria working for Beron of the queens, since they also hate the Inner Circle. Maybe during some big moment when Illyria is momentarily weakened, Beron and the human decide to strike.

NOW. While of this is happening, there somehow needs to be set up for the next book. I fully believe the next book is going to Lucien, there’s just too many unaddressed threads with his character that I don’t think the plot can wait any longer for him not to have some kind of journey. If we go along with the idea that the humans queens and Beron are going to attack Illyria, based off geography (see: Prythian map), they would have to go through not only the Winter Court, but also the Day Court (which no one knows yet that Lucien is heir to except for Feyre and Rhys).

I feel like this set up is going to happen all the way towards the end. Eris, being in Autumn and hating his dad, will orchestrate the assassination of Beron with the help of the Night Court who already learned a great deal about the queens’ plot. The human queens’ armies have gone through the Winter Court and have attacked the Day Court. Day Court is saved with the help of Illyria and queens are defeated but Helion dies or gets severely injured. Eris, thinking he would be High Lord of the Autumn Court, is faced with the fact that Lucien has the potential to be the High Lord of Autumn and has sent out assassin for him. HOWEVER, because Lucien is also the heir to Day and Helion has died or is dying, this makes thing complicated. Lucien is on the run, Night Court doesn’t know what to do, Autumn and Day are in turmoil, and this is where the next book picks up.

As for how Nesta and Cassian fit into this, they are connected both to the Night Court and Illyria, both have connections with Azriel who is likely spying on this once he gets wind of it through some Illyrian defector, and Nesta has an attachment to her old homes in the human lands, so I feel like a lot of Nesta and Cassian’s journey will involve fighting for keeping the human lands and the Night Court safe. Once they accomplish this, the story will change to Lucien and his conflicts.


- human queens want Cauldron + revenge, Beron wants territorial expansion, both hate Night Court = alliance

- human queens and Beron want to attack Illyria to destroy the Night Court’s main source of power

- Illyrian defectors who support the queens because they hate the IC

- Eris works with Night Court to execute Beron

- Human queens destroy Winter Court but get defeated at Day Court BUT Helion is either dying or dead

- Day Court + Autumn Court succession issue that leads into next book that’s probably centered around Lucien

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I’m gonna scream

I’m quickly writing this down before I forget (the gen z in me is strong) but what if SJM makes Lucien find out he’s Helions son…. now hear me out, she killed off Sam without so much as a wince…. by killing Helion and Lucien inheriting his fathers powers…..

She’s not that cruel….. right?

My bb heart can not go through any more pain.

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Shifting to Velaris


I thought I might share this. I‘m trying to shift to Velaris since two months. I‘ve tried some methods but I think I still need time to shift.

I wanted to share an example for a Shifting Script especially for the ACOTAR World.

First of all, to those who don‘t know what I‘m talking about: Shifting means switching between different realities. Right now, You are living in your Current Reality ( CR ) and the book, Tv-Show, Movie, etc. you want to shift to is your Desired Reality ( DR ).

If you are trying to shift to another reality, it is important to BELIEVE in what you are doing. It is advantageous to write down a script with rules, etc. to visualize your desired reality way better.

So here is an example :

My Name : X/Y

My Age : X/Y

My Birthday: X/Y

How do I look like ? ( Hair, Body, Height, eyes, facial features, etc. ) : X/Y

What am I ? ( Fae, Human, etc.) : X/Y

Where do I live ? ( Which Court do you come from) : X/Y

What does my house look like ? ( or Apartment or wherever you want to live ) : X/Y

Do I have special abilities ? ( Like Winnowing, Daemati, etc. ) : X/Y

Who am I related to, who are my friends/ enemies/ love interest / etc. ? : X/Y


More Random Things to Script:

  • I can‘t die in my DR, I can‘t feel physical pain, I won‘t hurt myself
  • Nobody in my DR can die except if I decide it
  • The Time in my DR stops when I come back to my CR
  • I can remember everything that happened in my DR & CR
  • No one in my DR can forget me
  • I‘m healthy and I can never get ill
  • Everyone likes me and I have no enemies
  • I can go to every court, every place and communicate with every person I meet
  • friendships / Relationships are possible with every character
  • There‘s no danger in my DR
  • I never sweat and I always smell good
  • My hair never gets greasy and I never have a bad hair day
  • My breath always smells good
  • I can’t loose or gain any weight
  • I‘m keeping my personality traits except from being more X/Y in my DR
  • One Hour in my CR is one Day in my DR
  • My save word is X/Y so I can go back to my CR

Some Ideas for a DR :

  • Being the daughter/ son of X/Y
  • Being a Secret Affaire of X/Y
  • Being the mate of X/Y
  • Being the enemie of X/Y
  • Being a acotar character like Feyre

Some more tips:

  • If you are trying to shift, make sure you drink a lot of water and mediated a lot
  • Try different methods
  • BELIEVE in what you are doing
  • If you have shifted, don‘t forget that the Characters that are there have feelings. They aren‘t Roboters, they are real in your DR so please be Kind and respectful
  • Script That your CR clon is sleeping while you are at your DR

Have fun :)

And yes, you can get railed by Azriel in your DR 👀

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Suriel: What do you wish to know Helion Spellcleaver?

Helion: Am I the prettiest among all High Lords?

Suriel: Why don’t you ask your son?

Helion: Son-

Suriel: Interesting. You did not know. Fox boy of Autumn court is your son.

Helion: !!!!!!!!!?????

ENTIRE FANDOM snickering: You rock bitch!!!!!!

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I would like to point out that even though the acotar books sexualise Helion doesn’t mean you have too!

There are plenty of bi, poly people out there (like myself) and even though it’s “just fiction” often times we’re sexualised in real life and then shamed for wanting more than a threesome. 

Helion is a great character and he can enjoy sex but the fact that he is bi is not the reason he likes sex. He’s sex-favorable and bi. Not sex-favorable because he’s bi. 

So please if you’re going to post about Helion expound on what we know about who he is. Because he truly does seem wonderful and if we want how he’s viewed in the books to change the fandom needs to show that we’re not going to accept half-assed rep. 

I love seeing sex-favorable lgbtq+ character but not written this way. This is just harmful especially when Helion is such a fascinating character. I mean he was around for the first war! He’s high lord of the day court, the court known for their libraries and as a book-lover that sounds like a dream, We already know he has a badass animal form and it seems like he would do anything for those he cares about and that his court holds those same values and seems to love his leadership. So if you want to appreciate Helion, do it. But don’t just make it about how open he is to sex (because the way it’s written is not good but harmful).

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Helion: *kisses Lucien on the forehead in the middle of the Day Court*

Lucien, embarrassed: Dad, half the Court is staring…

Helion, pulling away: Why isn’t the other half staring?!

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(Feyre and Lucien talking):

Feyre: What kind of problem do you have?

Lucien: Do you know how it feel to have a bad father? Because I do, I really hate him!

Feyre: Come on Lucien, Helion isn’t that bad at all.

Lucien: What?!

Feyre: What!?

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Friendly reminder

Feyre got butterflies as she has seen Helion, High Lord of the Day Court, while she has RHYSAND as her mate!

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I’m ravenclaw to my last bone, the awesome parts of being ravenclaw such as creativity, wisdom, originality, curiosity, to the awful parts of being ravenclaw (too rational, difficulties in respect others emotional time, willing to cross boundaries for knowlege, etc). I feel like it’s an exact description of Helion, Hight Lord of Day Court. I can spend my day reading and his libraries would be a dream. I also live for the idea of a cunning mind behind a very well cared body.  My mind screams: HELION.

i’m tagging: @sjm-things @cinaja @middengard-wyrm @strangeenemy @acourtofmarauders but if anyone else wants to participate, please come over. 

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hi!! thank you so much! 💕💕 here’s just a few swimming around my head at the moment! (idk if these are quite “headcanons”, or more just how the day court is set up in my head lol. hope this still works!!)

- from a young age high fae children are assigned what their main life role in the court will be

- scholar, inventor, warrior 

- they will be trained in all areas, and based on early potential during their basic mandatory schooling they will be sorted 

- all of the court members must finish the basic schooling before moving on to study specifically in their area of skill 

- it is an incredible honor to become a teacher of their practice 

- every member is required to keep personal journals, no matter if they are a scholar or not, and record personal findings, observations, experiences

- at the end of each year the journals are given to those who have “retired” from their teaching positions to determine if any of the collected information is valuable enough to hold in the “published” section of the libraries meant for personal journals 

- scholars are given specific subjects of study that they will focus on for, likely, the rest of their existence 

- inventors are, like scholars, assigned a certain fashion of invention they should be working towards

- once sorted into the role of a scholar, the apprentice is given a small line of words from the scholar of their line of study assigned to train the apprentice from a book of the scholar’s choice related to their field

- the words are tattooed on the underside of the forearm

- one cannot graduate from the role of apprentice until they have read enough to stumble upon the words

- they may not find their words by intentionally skimming through books with the sole purpose of finding them

- a scholar honors any member of the court with a tattoo of a line of the scholar’s own words, quote, or academic symbols

- to be honored in such a way by a high scholar is the greatest honor one can receive 

- the libraries and high scholars are guarded more heavily than the day court borders 

- any plagiarism of any kind in any field is immediately punished by death 

- any found attempts to manipulate or change academic words is immediately punished by death

- any destruction of books, inventions, or any form of recorded knowledge is immediately punished by death 

- any withholding of any significant findings or discoveries is immediately punished by death 

- any attempt at entering a forbidden section of a library is immediately punished by death

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Azriel: When you said you’d do “magic in bed”, this isn’t exactly what I was ex-

 Lucien: [holds up eight of hearts] Is this your card? 

 Azriel, softly: holy shit

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Helion is my favorite cinnamon roll that could actually kill you

Also his dirty mind is a MOOD

Also he’s hot

Very, very hot

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