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#day to evening
Elizabeth L. Mathieson,The Complete Book of Crochet (1946).
Take that quiet, just-right-for-shopping suit, trim with a neat sailor [hat] and envelope purse. For evening, treat it to a frothy blouse or cocktail sweater, add a sequin-studded purse, a pillbox in a jewel tone, white gloves and and dress pumps and presto-change! you’re dressed for dinner and two-on-the aisle.
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The day had gone so beautifully, many children knocking on Tiloa’s door, and many spirits, too. As the sun was slowly setting, she stood with so many others, watching the red cloth float and drift away in the breeze. The song had been beautiful to hear, as it was every year. Now, though, the Weave Spirits were almost invisible, very little left in the sky. Now was time to head home, get inside before the fog rolled in, and to change into ghoulish costume to go and dance with spirits. 

Tiloa smiled, watching the children in their little cloaks dashing for their houses as she made her own way home. She wondered silently what gifts the spirits would offer this year.

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Lan Wangji and Lan Sizhui are autistic and Wei Wuxian is ADHD and on the autism spectrum and there’s nothing you can do to change any of this. Wen Ning and LSZ both have anxiety. WN is definitely autistic too. All the Yunmeng siblings have same-food syndrome and they all blame each other and insist it’s not their fault they all eat soup 7 days a week if it’s an option. That’s autism spectrum too deal with it.

All your faves. All of them. Fucking deal with it. Your complaints mean nothing.

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feeling a little hm bummed out abt sleeping for half the day and then having to go to work for eight hours (and only being paid for 7.5 hours!!!) like if i rly just need 12 hours of sleep a day if thats just naturally what my body needs then i can’t afford to give up 8 hours to some job like i need time to live fuq this

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     [ Okay, got a handful of drafts done and in the queue for the night. Feeling a wee bit better~ Gonna tab out and work in some fic stuff, but you can find me on Discord if you want! Probably for another hour or two depending on how much of a night owl I feel like being tonight lol ]

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The word counter I use saved a copy of “The Facts of Life” that I accidentally deleted the other day!! I don’t have to rewrite it!! It’s up to 1.3k+ words so I’m REALLY glad I didn’t lose it!!

I’m 792 words into the fucked up sinfic I’m writing, and 1.2k+ into the hurt/comfort fic. I hope to upload something tomorrow 💖

Oh!! I’m taking requests by the way!! Zadr fic requests!! You can also request art if you like!! I’m trying to learn still, but I’ll do my best!!

Request anything you like! If you have multiple requests, send them as individual asks so I don’t lose track of them! If you want me to post your ask without revealing who you are, just request to be anonymous. I have anon turned off for my own safety.

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OSRR: 2073

i got a chapter’s worth of physics homework done today. so that was good.

and i got to see joel today, so that was nice as well.

but right now my heart really hurts and i need to sleep really badly, and hopefully it’ll be better in the morning. i hate feeling like this.

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What's a good burp memory you'll always cherish?

It might be kinda cheesy but… during one of the most heartfelt conversations I’ve ever had with anyone, the other person just. Kept. Burping. We’d just eaten dinner together and were both pretty full, and I was being extra careful about not burping (at least audibly) in front of him because what we were talking about was pretty serious. He’s the type to normally suppress his burps around most others, but apparently he felt fine with me because he kept doing it. This was before I’d realized I have this fetish, but even then I couldn’t help but wonder why I found it so cute.

Of course, everything makes sense in retrospect… and I cherish that memory fondly

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