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one of the staff teaches sun/moon how to make their own stickers and now they use the homemade stickers as prizes when they play with the glamrocks. some of them say 'great job superstar!' or 'you tried' or they're pics of the glamrocks etc. all of them are poorly drawn and some are misspelled (either on cuz they suck at art or it's on purpose, like a meme)
My love I love this!!!!
girl's night activities
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OBSESSED with this design by @rainy-nomad !!!
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My scrunkly my scrimblo 💖
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Sundrop x Reader
I had a loooooot of fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy it!
You already know it's going to be an interesting shift since you clocked in, because well, tonight is cleaning night.
It won't just be Vanessa and you this time, but other workers will join you as well. They will clean the animatronics and place while you two do your normal routines.
You sigh a little at that because it means you cannot visit Sun and Moon tonight, you already missed them both.
Vanessa nudges you from the side and chuckles.
"Come on don't look so sad, you can see them tomorrow night"
You smile a little and nod.
"Yeah you're right, but I still miss them" you pout a little.
She rolls her eyes at you and then grabs your arm gently, pulling you a little to the side, sliding her backpack off her shoulders and opening it.
"Maybe this will cheer you up! Look what I brought for us tonight."
You look into the backpack and realize with a gasp that it is full of snacks and sweets. Maybe this will be a great night after all.
"Since a lot of people are here we can do our loops together, we can talk and snack a bit on this."
She grins and wiggles her eyebrows at you as you laugh a little.
"Okay okay you won me over, where do we start?"
You two start at the main halls, looking through the little souvenir shops and looking into the animatronics rooms here and there, making sure everything is okay with the other staff as well.
You dont want any accidents happen after all.
You two talk and start to open various snacks, one being labeled as a very sour candy, you look at Vanessa challengingly.
"I bet I can eat more of those in a minute then you"
She raises an eyebrow but a little smirk makes it way onto her face and you knew you got her.
"Oh bet~."
You grin at her and get ready to stuff your mouth full of this candy but one of the workers jogs over to you.
You both look at him with an raised eyebrow, questiongly.
"I-I am sorry to interrupt but-" he takes a deep breath from the jogging he did "We cannot find the Daycare Animatronic anymore, we walked into the Daycare and it came to greet us, but as soon as it saw the buckets it just... bolted, now we can't find it anymore!"
Ah that's why he's so out of breath, the Daycare is at the other end of the Pizzaplex.
You sigh and nod "I will try to find him alright?"
You knew exactly where they are hiding.
You look apologetic to Vanessa as the man already starts to walk towards the Daycare.
"I am sorry, let's continue this after I found him, alright?"
"Yeah yeah" she waves a hand dismissive while chuckling.
"Go find your favorite"
You chuckle a little and wave at her as you quickly turn around and run after the other worker.
You soon reach the Daycare and you make your way inside, you turn towards the man. "You should go out of here for now and lock the doors from the outside, maybe he comes out if it's just me, and we don't want him hiding in the bigger parts of the Pizzaplex."
He nods quickly "Yes that... Would be unfortunate"
He quickly goes to the door and locks it behind himself, leaving you alone in the Daycare.
You sigh and go straight towards the poster door, luckily Sun brought you to his room once already.
You smile softly at the memory of it as you push open the door and make your way down the long hallway.
"Sunny dear, are you here?" you hear a little crash as you enter the first room and a startled yelp, but it didn't came from here, it came from the second room.
You make your way over to it and peak inside.
"Sunny I know you are here, may I come inside, please?"
Silence for a few seconds, until you hear a quiet "Yes" from the other side.
You make your way through the little tube, making sure to not go too fast to not startle him further.
As you enter your heart broke at the sight of Sunny, sitting hunched in a bean bag in the far corner, fiddling with his hands and his clothes nervously as he peeks up at you.
He's so.. uncharacteristically quiet.
"Hey Sunny..." you make your way slowly over to him and sit down next to him.
"Are you okay? What's wrong?"
He's quiet for a while as he looks down onto his lap, you can see he's thinking hardly about what to say.
As they look back at you you give them an encouraging and patient smile, laying a hand softly on one of their arms.
Immediately it's arms are around you and you get lifted onto it's lap, his face buried into your hair.
If he could cry, you know he would definitely do it now.
His voice is laced with static as he finally starts to speak.
"I am sorry sorry sorry for making your work harder!! I just make it harder." You feel his hold on you tighten slightly as you try to calm him down.
"Hey hey Sunny, it's okay you don't make it harder." you turn around in his hold so you face him, laying your hands on his cheeks and rubbing soft circles over them with your thumbs.
"I know you normally wouldn't react like that, so that you hide needs to have a reason"
He looks a little to the side.
Something is definitely up.
"But please don't think I am mad at you or anything okay?" You smile softly at him.
"I am just worried for my favorite here."
You feel them lean into your touch and a bit of the tenseness of their body disappearing.
"But don't feel like you need to explain it to me, okay? I definitely understand it if you don't want to."
He takes your hands from his face and holds them, looking down at your joined hands.
"I want to."
You caress their hands a little and nod.
"Alright then Sunny"
They take the animatronic version of a deep breath and lay their head back onto yours.
"The first time they just grabbed me and tied me down!! Because I move so much!! But they could have just asked, just asked!!!" he huffs frustrated.
"Or they turned me off completely!! They did.. one or the other always, I do not like it no no" he shakes his head as his voice got quieter.
"I don't want them to do this but they never listen!! Never!! They just turned my voice box off!!"
Your eyes widen at what he is saying, why did they needed to be so... Violent with him? He doesn't deserves this at all!!
Deciding to not let your anger show for now because you don't want him to feel even worse, you let go of his hands and wrap your arms softly around him, hugging him gently.
"I am so sorry they did that to you Sunny"
You feel them wrap their arms around you as well, hugging you tightly to themselves, not wanting to let you go.
"I make sure they will never do this again to you, I promise, no, I swear that to you!"
He goes a little over your back.
"Are you sure they.. allow that?"
"Oh Sunny, they will be happy to pay a few workers less, I will just do it then"
You feel him tense a but up but then relax again.
"You... Would clean... Me?"
"With your permission of course!!" you look up at him and smile.
"Do you.. trust me enought to allow me to do that?"
He hesitates a little but nods.
Your smile widens at this, he actually trusts you, trusts you with something he seems so sensitive about.
"Would you want to do it now? Or stay a little more like this?"
You tilt your head a little at him, playing with the two pieces of fabric on his shoulders.
"Could we stay like this? Please? Pretty please?"
If he could look with puppy eyes at you he would definitely do it.
You laugh a little and nods.
"Of course Sunny!! That's why I asked."
You lay your head on his chest and hug him tightly again, hearing the mechanical whirring of his body and wiring.
It's oddly... comforting.
You close your eyes and decide to ask him a few questions to get him back to his usual self.
"Hey Sunny?" you hear a hum from above you, "How was your shift today? Where the kids nice?"
You can practically feel them light up.
"Oh yes yes!! They have been so nice today!! I made a lot of little new friends!" you hear him giggle and move his legs happily.
"They even made something for me!! Oh I need to show it to you later!!"
You chuckle at their happiness, you are glad to see and hear them being like this again, you really do not like to see them sad.
"Yes do that please!! I can't wait to see it!"
He immediately jumps up with you in his arms. "Let me show it to you now!!"
He quickly gets through the tube as you squeak and jumps upon the balcony he has, your eyes widen.
"Sunny-" and he jumps "SUNNY!!"
You hide your face in it's chest and hug it tightly, you feel it hug you tightly back.
"Don't worry I keep you safe!!"
He lands with you in the ballpit and stands back up, checking you over if everything is okay.
"Are you alright my friend? Please be alright!!"
You start to relax a little again and let go of him, looking up and taking a deep breath but smiling at him.
"Yes Sunny I am alright just... Warn me next time, please."
Sunny chuckles embarrassed and hugs you a little closer.
"I am sorry friend I was just so excited!!"
"I know I know, now show me what they made, alright?" You smile softly at it and boop it's nose.
He giggles and immediately takes off to one of the walls where a lot of drawings are hung up, he quickly scans over them and jumps excitedly when he found it, pointing to it.
"Here here!!! Look they drew me and them!! It's so adorable!!!"
You follow his finger and look at the drawing, it indeed is very cute and you chuckle.
"That's absolutely adorable Sunny, they got you from your good side!"
You hear him giggle and feel him swaying from side to side.
"Awwwee thank you friend!! I was so happy when they showed it to me!!"
"Oh I can definitely imagine that" you pat him a little on the chest as you smile at him. You look then at your watch and see that it's already 4 am, you frown a little and you look back up at your friend.
"Hey buddy, we sadly just have two hours left, we need to get so cleaned up"
You hear a dramatic sigh from them but see them nod, going with you to the cleaning supplies that the worker left and setting you down, watching you while fumbling with their fingers.
You look over the supplies and can spot a few sponges, a wash cloth, two buckets of water and some soap, the normal stuff.
You look towards Sunny and smile reassuringly at it.
"Hey could you come over here and sit down? You are a little too talk for me to reach everything if you don't."
You see him nod and nervously shuffle over to you, sitting down in front you, looking up at you.
You see it's nervousness and take it's hands in yours, going with your thumb over the back of it.
"Hey Sunny, I won't do anything that you don't want alright? So if something is uncomfortable, just tell me."
He avoids eye contact but then looks at you, nodding a little hesitantly.
"I will friend."
You nod and give him another soft smile before reluctantly pulling away from his hands, you then take the soap and put it into one of the buckets, mixing it in.
You then take one of the soft sponges and make it soak in the water as you carry the bucket over to the curiously watching animatronic.
You kneel down behind him and get the sponge out, but before you apply it to him you softly Kay a hand over the spot you want to wash.
"I will use it here, alright?" You see them nod and start to proceed, taking your hand away and softly putting the sponge against him, starting to clean the hand prints of all the children, the grease from the food here and whatever could be on this poor guy.
You move the sponge in soft circles and can see him relax a little.
You smile at that and put the sponge back into the bucket to let it soak up the soapy water again before you continue with the gentle scrubbing and washing.
You do this process a few times, making him know where you are going to wash next and asking him for permission before you start with with, quickly you were finished with his back and sides, rinsing it off with the clean water and washcloth before drying it off.
You then take the bucket and look to Sunny.
"I shortly get clean water alright? Then we take care of your front!"
He immediately jumps up from his feet, taking the bucket from you.
"I help you! No no's accepted!!"
You roll your eyes playfully and laugh, nodding.
"Okay okay you may help me Sunny."
You swear you could see his grin widening as you start to go with him to the taps to fetch some new water, you empty the container into the sink with Sunny's help, cringing a little at all the grime and dirt you got off of him.
And you are very glad you did so, you can't imagine how it would feel like if you would walk around covered in all of this.
You shake yourself from your thoughts and start to get fresh water into the bucket, humming a little as you do so.
Sunny watches you a little from the side, going from one foot from another like a child who has too much energy.
He is so happy that you do this for him!! And that you are so gentle!! He never thought he would love a cleaning night but you if course turned it all to the better.
How could you not? You are a total sunshine in his eyes!
You make him happy just when he sees you!
You turn of the tap when the bucket is filled with a good amount of water, Sunny takes it from you and you make your way back to where you washed him, he sets it down in front of him and sits down as well, watching you empty the rest of the soap into the bucket, taking a new sponge and making it soak in the water.
"So Sunny... Time for the rest of you to the squeaky clean!"
You kneel down before him and repeat the procedure from before, placing your hand where you want to wash and asking for permission.
He gave it to you everytime, not even hesitating once like he did with the backside.
Maybe you made him actually enjoy it? You really hope so, you hate seeing them in distress or sad.
They watch you curiously as you move the sponge over their abdomen and chest, seeing how quickly the old and more vibrant color shines through.
Were they really that dirty?
Well that doesn't matter now, you are making them clean and shiny again!! And they want to repay you for it.
They need to talk with Moon about this, it should be perfect.
You smile as you finish with that part, moving now to his arms. Last thing would he his face.
But how would he react to that? Would he actually let you?
You are a little nervous as you finish up the arms, they weren't that hard to clean to your luck, or not really luck since the only part left is his face.
"So Sunny," you look up at it "the last part that's missing is your face, am I allowed to clean it?"
You seem them thinking a little before nodding. "Of course friend!"
You smile happily up at them. They really do seem to trust you, hm?
Your heart flutters at that, feeling very honored that you are the one they trust.
You hesitantly kneel down on their lap, making sure you wouldn't just slide down before grabbing the sponge and gently starting to clean it, you try to concentrate on what you were cleaning away to not get lost in admiring their face.
Little do you know that's exactly what the other was doing.
Sunny couldn't help but watch your face, making him memorize everything about it. You were stunning! And so cute! How could he not?
His eyes wander over your body in innocent curiosity, you were so much more different then him! Way softer, way squishier.
He always feels it when he holds you in his arms, or when you take his hand.
It makes him giddy just thinking about it! Your touch is so gentle and it makes him absolutely swoon everytime.
Blissfully unaware of the thoughts of the animatronic in front of you, you finish washing his face, looking over it to see if you missed anything.
Luckily you didn't, so you climbed back down from his lap, effectively bringing him out of the little daze he was in.
"So, finished! You are all cleaned up now buddy!"
He feels happy about that, but also feels a small tinge of disappointment.
They stand up and hugs you tightly, but not too tight to hurt you. They nuzzle their face into your hair.
So soft.
"Thank you friend! Thank you so much!!"
It's voice then gets a little quieter and more shy.
"Can... Can you do it the next time as well? I don't want the others to do it like they always do it!!!" He sounds upset at the last part, something you definitely understand.
You wrap your arms around him as well. "Of course I can do that Sunny! I just need to talk to my boss, but I don't think he would mind paying less when it means I can take over it."
They suddenly pick you up and spin you around, giggling happy.
"Thank you thank you thank you!! You're the best (Y/N)!!
They never say your name often, so it seems they were really happy and relieved. You smile widely at that and nuzzle a little into the metal.
"No need to thank me for that, I want you to be happy after all!" you chuckle at it's happiness.
It really was absolutely adorable, you couldn't imagine not having it in your life anymore.
You then hear your watch beep, making you both look at it in surprise.
"It's already 5:30??? Getting you clean really took quite the time."
You see and feel him deflate, laying your hands onto his cheeks.
"Hey Sunny, I will be back tomorrow night again alright? Please don't be sad, there's no way we won't see each other again."
They hug you a little tighter and whine.
"I know but that will take so long!! I will miss you!! So much!!"
You chuckle a little "I will miss you too Sunny, but I need my sleep.", you place a little kiss on his cheek, seeing him stop and just stare at you.
Did you do something wrong? Did you made him mad? You look a little nervously at him as he burts out in little giggles, nuzzling his cheek against yours as he sways from side to side.
Oh he's definitely smitten with you, and now you kissed his cheek! He couldn't believe it!! He was over the moon!!
He presses his everlasting smile against your cheek, trying to give you a kiss in his way as well and he really hopes you know that!
You giggle at that and start to turn a little red. He really tried to give you a kiss as well hm?
But you definitely are relieved that you didn't crossed any boundaries with that, and he actually seemed to like it!
They let you down, still swaying happily from side to side.
You regain your balance a little and beam up at them.
"So we see each other tomorrow??" he seems very excited for that already.
"Yes of course Sunny!! But I sadly need to head out for now, alright?"
He whines again but nods, then fumbles a little with his fingers as he looks to the side.. shyly?
"... Could I get another kiss on the cheek? Pretty please?"
You could melt at that, his voice got a lot more quieter and softer with that requests, and how he looks to the side?
Yep you were done for, couldn't say no to that at all.
You chuckle and wave him down.
It leans curiously down, a little bit of hope in it's eyes as you lean closer.
You then give it another soft kiss on the cheek and you can definitely see it melt at that, holding itself back from wrapping its arms around you again.
You need to leave soon after all! As much as he doesn't likes that.
You giggle at this display and hugs him shortly again before walking to the door, waving him goodbye as he waves happily back.
He lets himself fall into the ground in a sitting position right after you left the door, if it could be possible there would be hearts in his eyes and floating around him.
How could someone not like you? You are an absolute angel!! You are so good to him and so gentle, so understanding, how could he not fall for you? How could he not want to hold you and never let go?
Now he knew what Moon meant when he described this, and he was very happy that he did now.
You walk out of the door, still having a smile on your face from the interaction.
Sunny really is absolutely adorable, you really cannot deny that.
You see Vanessa coming into view and you snap out of your thoughts, you had a lot of explaining to do.
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This is frickin moon watching sun drink all the fizzy faz and spiraling into a hyperactive mess of using glitter glue
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Meanwhile sun:
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uhhh first post I guess
sun, moon and gregory doodles :)
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I'm Not Getting Creative With You! - Sun/Moon x Reader
my other FNAF fanfics + rules to request!
(PLEASE READ: if you have requested, i have taken note of it and added it into my req list! as i am flooded with requests, do give me time to plan and write. i am only writing as a hobby, and most of my time is spent studying. thank you for understanding xx)
Asked on AO3
robot hand holder asked:
could we perhaps have...disgruntled security guard reader getting dragged into doing some arts and crafts with sundrop after hours? (and they end up having fun ofc)
hey! you didn't mention if you wanted Sun/Moon or Sun & Moon (separated) so i'm going to assume it's the former! this will mainly have Sun as requested, but i added a small part with Moon at the end! hope this is what you were looking for ^^ *can be seen as platonic or romantic!
TW: none adult, gender-neutral reader **(Y/N) - Your Name He/They pronouns for Sun/Moon, but They/Them is mostly used in this. word count: 3598
- working at the Pizzaplex in the dead of the night can certainly cause one to be grumpy and short-tempered, but that is not going to stand in the way of Sun's goal of befriending the new security guard. Sun just thinks they could be so much fun! :^)
If you simply keep in mind the fact that there was no other human around in the large building that was the Pizzaplex and that your only supposed 'co-workers' on the night shift were animatronics; This was definitely not where a normal person would want to spend their nights at.
However, things were rough at the moment. You needed cash to pay for rent and to feed your beloved cat, Will, as much of a prick they could be at times. You were a fresh college graduate and getting job offers were not exactly an easy task, per se. It did not help that you only had a degree in robotics.
It seemed like fate when you were called randomly by the manager of the Pizzaplex. You were offered the job of a night shift technician on the spot. It was as weird as it looked, considering you had never applied to the Pizzaplex, or even been there in the first place. It was even weirder when you heard the amount of money they offered for such a measly job compared to your friends from the same college course. The money was more than enough for you to pay your rent without fail and to even splurge a bit on yourself and your cat.
So, who were you to refuse? Of course you took the job. It seemed simple in your head when you first started: Check with the animatronics if they had any issues. If it was something you could fix, then fix it. If not, write a report and bring it up to the day-shift technicians.
The animatronics themselves were quite self-sufficient in their own ways. Freddy was there for his fellow Glamrocks when they had minor issues, such as a hand falling off or repainting chipped areas on their bright metal casings. He mainly helped Chica when she was found scavenging on what food she could find, aiding her in cleaning out her stomach pouch. There was not much you could do apart from providing assistance when needed.
Currently, it was another of those nights where your assistance was not needed. On such nights, you acted as a second security guard of sorts, similar to the official night guard, Vanessa. You were certainly getting paid far better than her but you were not one to complain. It was a simple job as your actual job: Ensure the animatronics were at their respective stations whilst patrolling and usher the Glamrocks back to their rooms from 4AM so that they could charge uninterrupted.
You stood outside the Daycare, eyes squinting at the bright colours surrounding the area. Past the meshed netting, you could see a bright yellow animatronic. They were happily picking up building blocks and other knickknacks, placing them in their respective colour-coded boxes. They were quite the organiser.
You were familiar with all the animatronics, except for the Daycare Attendant. Working at the Pizzaplex in the dead of the night messed up your sleep schedule, resulting in you being quite grumpy and short-tempered at times. You knew off the bat that the Daycare Attendant was very energetic, and you had heard from Vanessa and other technicians that if said attendant had gotten ahold of you, it would take a long while before they released you. You were not up to try and keep up with such a loud and overly excited animatronic.
What happens when a cat gets too curious?
You stared down the bright slide that let to the ball pit. It brought you old yet fond memories of playing in it with friends when you were younger. Ah, the good old days; before maturing had to happen and being alive was not as easy as then. Your body had already responded to the nostalgia before your mind had did, your foot already stepping into the slide. Your eyes widened, this was definitely not on your checklist for tonight. You still had to go check on DJ Music Man!
Just as you were going to move backwards to pull yourself out of the slide, your foot slipped, causing you to go whirling down. The slide spat you out on the other end, your body causing a wave of the multi-coloured plastic balls to fly in all other directions. You froze under the layer of plastic, listening for the yellow animatronic. You cursed under your breath. If they caught you, there was no way of you leaving until they had finished with you.
The cat gets into danger.
You pulled off a red ball that sat on your eyelid, daring to only keep an eye open. Your eye darted from the left to the right. No animatronic in sight. Time to go! You cringed with every sound made as you slowly shifted around in the ball pit. Checking the coast (it was clear), you pulled yourself over the edge and landed on the soft padding of the Daycare.
Now that you were actually in the Daycare, you had the chance to properly look at things. It was actually much more prettier up close. Even to an adult like yourself, you could practically see your younger self having a blast. The Daycare is indeed beautiful.
The large, wooden doors of the Daycare exit was in clear view; a mere sprint away from where you were. Freedom was within arms' reach! You sighed in relief, stretching your limbs to prepare yourself for the final task: Dashing out of the Daycare exit without getting caught by its Attendant.
The first step out of your hiding place was terrifying. It was eerie and silent, you could practically hear a pin drop. Your head jerked from left to right, looking for the Daycare Attendant.
You sprinted towards the exit, silently chanting to yourself that if this shall be the reason why you would have no more good luck for the rest of the year, so be it. Anything not to be pulled into the arms of the Daycare Attendant.
Five more steps to go until you were out! You put in whatever energy was left in your already tired body. The wooden doors were so close!
Your hands landed on the handle, a grin etching itself on your face. Just as you were going to twist the handle to freedom, large yet soft hands wrapped around your frame, lifting you into the air with ease.
A face in the same shade as porcelain went dangerously close to yours, their awkwardly positioned nose rubbing against yours. "HELLO, NEW FRIEND!" They bellowed. Their white eyes sparkled with delight.
Damn it, you were so close to freedom. Fate was not on your side tonight.
You shifted uncomfortably in their grasp and groaned internally. "Any chance you could let me down, buddy?" You asked gently. Maybe if you were nice to them, they would let you leave. A simple plan; You should be able to execute it with success.
It was not simple.
They literally would not let you go. You tried everything - From patting their face and shoulders while using your other hand to point at the floor, to even complimenting them. All you received were an excited squeal then being spun around, all while being in their grasp.
You bent down and slammed your head against their faceplate. The Attendant gasped, "Nonono, new friend! You must not harm yourself! You're quite the clumsy one.." You rolled your eyes as they fretted over you, obviously undeterred from your attempt of assault on them. Their soft hands rubbed your forehead as they made a clicking sound. Had you not been annoyed, you would have been pleased with their soft touch. Did they have a mouth and a tongue to make such a sound? Probably not, but it was an interesting thought.
You were tired, running on what felt like an hour's worth of sleep and a cup of coffee you had before your shift started. You just wanted to leave and finish your remaining tasks, then promptly fall asleep somewhere, even if it was in the restroom.
The Attendant whimpered, peering into your tired eyes. "You look like you want to die, friend. What ever is the matter?" You pointed at them straight into the face, "You! You're my problem,"
"I've been trying to get you to let me down for the past ten minutes! I have a job to do, and it isn't entertaining the damn babysitter!" They gasped and flinched back with every word you said. They gently let you down and folded their arms around themselves, looking down with shame. They twiddled their fingers and rocked back and forth on their heels. "I-I'm really sorry, new friend. I didn't mean to make you mad.." They said quietly. Their sunrays bent forward, similar to the sight of a wilting flower.
How was it possible for an animatronic to convey emotions as easily as humans did? Your heart broke upon seeing their reaction. You had gone too far.
You open your mouth to apologise, yet it was stuck in your throat. The Attendant turned around and jumped away, settling on the top of a play-structure. Their back faced you as they sulked. Regret was the only thing you felt. Deep down, you knew they were just doing their job, checking on each person that stepped into the Daycare. You allowed your anger and grumpiness to hurt another being, even if it was unintentional.
You checked your watch. 1:15 AM.
You still had about an hour before doing your next task. You originally were going to rush through them all, so that you could hopefully get an extra few minutes than normal of sleep in the Security's Office.
You sighed to yourself. There goes what could have been, more sleep. You had to make things right. First step - Apologise to the animatronic. Second step? Get out of the Daycare and finish your tasks, then take a nap. You still had to bring your cat to the vet the following morning.
You took a deep breath and eyed the play-structure that the animatronic sat on. It loomed over you, its incredible height making you gulp. "If I die while climbing this, so be it." You muttered and rolled up the sleeves of your uniform top. You had quite the climb to go.
Pulling yourself onto the top of the play-structure, you crumpled onto the roof while panting. Climbing a structure that was thrice your height was not on your to-do list. You glanced to your side, the animatronic watching you with curious eyes. Their sunrays were still downturned, but one of it perked upwards as their gaze connected with yours. You gave them a tired smile, still panting from the climb.
After catching your breath, you shifted gently to settle next to the animatronic. They looked away from you, shame still evident in their body language. You grabbed their hand, patting it lightly. "I'm sorry."  You finally said.
Their gave your hand a gentle squeeze, their gaze settling on you once more. "Y-you don't have to be sorry, friend. I overstepped your boundaries.. Management has been telling me to learn how to respect personal space," Their voice was so soft and calm. It felt wrong, to hear them speak in such a way. You shook your head. "You were doing your job, Attendant. It is my fault for being so snappy with you. I'm just really tired and sleep-deprived, but it is not a reason to take it out on you." You gave them a small smile. Their faceplate spun amusedly as their sunrays perked up again. "Is there anything I can do for you to forgive me?" You asked.
They giggled and engulfed you into a hug, "Friend, I could never be mad at such a precious face like yours~!" Your face burned from their compliment. You wrapped an arm around them to return the hug. "By the way, you should call me Sun! Attendant is too formal. It feels wrong.. Bleh!" They stuck out their tongue at the end.
The mechanical 'muscle' slithered out, the teeth that it hid behind sliding upwards to hide behind the faceplate. You shrieked and jolted backwards, almost falling off the play-structure. Sun was quick to wrap an arm around your waist to pull you back to safety. "You have a tongue?!" You gasped. Sun giggled. Their tongue returned to its cave, the fake teeth descending from behind the faceplate to close the crevice. "It's a new development! Do ya like it, do ya, do ya?!" They asked excitedly. They were evidently amused from your reaction.
You shuddered. "It's creepy." Sun only cackled from your response. They hopped off the play-structure, their long legs reaching the soft padded floor of the Daycare with ease. You raised an eyebrow. Were they finished with you now? Could you finally leave the Daycare?
Sun's faceplate spun again in amusement as they noticed your expression. They reached their arms out to you, gesturing for you to shift your weight onto them. "Come, friend! I have an idea on how you can make it up to me~!"
Oh no. Were they going to kill you?
You grimaced as you leaned into their touch, their gentle hands swiftly carrying you off the play-structure and placing you onto the ground. You hesitantly opened an eye, only to sigh in relief when Sun stood a step away from you. "I'm not going to hurt you, friend! I just want to know your name!" They circled around you, their arms moving around in a fluid motion along with their faceplate, swaying side to side.
"It's (Y/N).." You trailed off awkwardly. You scratched the back of your head sheepishly; How could you have forgotten to give the animatronic your name, when they had told you theirs? It was basic courtesy.
Sun clapped their hands in delight. "(Y/N)!" They echoed. They enjoyed the way your name rolled off their tongue. As they repeated your name, they felt this odd, warm sensation within their mechanisms. Despite already being warm externally for being an animatronic themed after the literal sun, Sun supposed that this was how joy truly felt.
Sun grabbed ahold of your hand, dragging you effectively with them towards some tables and chairs. They pointed excitedly at the furniture, "Take a seat, I'll be right back!" They whizzed off behind a door before you could even protest. It would be rude to simply sneak out and leave during this moment of opportunity, as tempting as it seemed. Besides, you still felt bad for hurting their feelings a few moments ago.
Taking a seat on the comically tiny chair compared to your frame (More like you tucked your knees up and squeezed onto the chair), your eyes shifted to the wall in front of you. There was a sign that read 'CHILDREN'S ARTWORKS!' written in bold red crayon. In a much smaller font under the words, were 'With Sunny and Moony's!', two doodles of the respective mascots next to their names. The second phrase was written in a much more calming blue crayon, along with it being much more legible than the first phrase. The words written in red crayon were scrawled and barely legible, almost as if a child wrote it.
Sun skipped towards you, craft supplies bundled in their arms. They spread the supplies evenly on the table and took a seat across from you, choosing to settle on the floor instead. "What is this?" You asked, raising an eyebrow. You knew what Sun's intentions were, but your main objective of getting out of the Daycare as soon as possible still stayed as your first priority. Sun clapped their hands, "We're going to make a drawing! Yesyesyes, I will consider us even!"
Damn. They did not forget about your words from earlier. You meant it halfheartedly, but seeing how excited Sun was, it was tough to turn them down. You checked your watch. 1:30AM. You still had about half an hour left. It would not take that long to make a drawing, right?
This better not take you longer than half an hour. "Fine, Sun." You nodded. Sun cheered and passed you a few sheets of paper, along with the a bizarre number of marker colours in different shades. Since when did the colours of the rainbow had so many different shades in-between? You shook your head. It was not the time to be distracted. Get the drawing done and get out of the Daycare. As simple as that.
Yeah, no.
You got distracted. After only doing the drawing halfway, you had trailed off to look for other art supplies and stumbled upon a glue gun. You remembered your younger days where you would make simple pieces from hot glue, placed on parchment paper to prevent it from sticking on a surface. You picked up a piece of yellow felt, then another piece of white felt. You returned to the table, where you and Sun had already made a mess of the originally neat supplies.
"Hey, (Y/N)~! What 'cha got there, hmm?" Sun hummed, perking up as you sat onto the ground instead of folding yourself onto the tiny chair. You put a finger to your lips, "It's a secret, Sun. Can you promise me that you won't peek until I'm done?" Sun put a hand to their faceplate, covering their eyes. They bounced excitedly, unable to sit still. "Ooh, I promisepromisepromise! I can't wait to see it! I'm sure whatever you're making will be gorgeous, friend!" They exclaimed. You smiled slightly, their kind words cracking your tough exterior. "We'll see, Sun." You responded with a chuckle.
On the yellow piece of felt, you drew a circle with a black marker, giving it triangles as edges. You then proceeded to trace the drawn diagram with the glue gun, the bright yet sparkly white glue spreading evenly onto the felt. While it was cooling down, you proceeded onto the white piece of felt. You drew a circle once again, adding a small arc inside the circle. You then drew miniscule circles in the first large circle, adding tiny details to it. Picking up the glue gun, you repeated your actions from before, following the diagram you had drawn onto the white felt.
Once both glue pieces were dry, you then cut out the diagrams. You poked a tiny hole through each piece with a sharpened pencil. You paused. You were missing something, an essential part of the pieces you were making!
You turned to Sun, narrowing your eyes at the animatronic. They still had a hand shielding their faceplate from you, except that there was a narrow opening between their middle and ring finger that allowed them to sneak a peak. You clicked your tongue, "Sun."
The animatronic jolted back, their hands in the air in surprise. "Friend! I promisepromise that I wasn't p-peeking, I really wasn't..." You sighed, waving a hand dismissively. "It's fine, Sun. Do you have any small jump rings and some ribbon or string?" You asked. Sun hummed, immediately jumping up. "There should be! Let me check," They replied and happily skipped away to the art supply stash.
While Sun was gone, you took this moment to ponder about how you truly felt about this weird experience tonight. Nothing that you had planned had gone smoothly. Everything that you originally thought would be simple, proved to be more difficult than you could ever imagine. And here you were, having arts and crafts with the Pizzaplex's babysitter.
Though, you allowed a smile to surface. You had to admit that you were indeed having fun, despite how boisterous and energetic Sun could be. They were charming in their own, jittery way. You found them endearing, if anything.
Sun returned to you, an assortment of your requested items in different colours. You gasped, "Sun, this is too much! I only needed about two of each," Sun plopped onto the ground, shrugging. "Just in case~!"
You hooked a jump ring through the hole of each piece. Pressing the jump rings shut and secured, you threaded through a piece of ribbon from Sun's offerings. You chose an orange ribbon for your first piece and a light blue ribbon for your second piece. Tying the ribbon ends securely together, you were done!
You looked over to Sun, their fingers tapping the table with uncontained excitement. You watched as they furiously scribbled in bright red crayon with their other hand, a small giggle leaving your lips. They reminded you so much of the very children that they had to look after, the childlike sparkle in their eyes was something you felt like you had to protect.
You tapped their shoulder. Sun turned to you, their faceplate spinning once more. "Friend! Are you fiiiiiinished?" They asked, dragging out the last word. You nodded, beckoning a finger at him. You gestured for him to come closer. Sun makes a confused sound but follows your instructions, feeling the gentle touch of cold ribbon go past their sunrays, past their face and finally resting on their neckline.
Sun glanced down, finally spotting the bright yellow sun-shaped charm you had made. He gasped, "Friend! T-this is.. It is soooo pretty!" They continued to shower you in praise as they cradled the charm with all the gentleness they could muster. You smiled, "I take it as you like it?"
Sun nodded excitedly, "I LOVE IT! This is the best thing someone has ever given me!" They proceeded to take you into their arms, purring and cuddling you in happiness. You squeaked from the sudden shift, wrapping your arms around Sun's shoulders so as to not lose your balance. Sun warbled, continuing to express their delight at the gift.
You pointed at the table, the second charm laying alone. "Could you give that one to the other Daycare Attendant? I haven't seen them at all.." You trailed off. "Oh, of course, of course! I'm sure Moony would love it as much as I did!" They chirped in reply. They continued to hold you, never-ending words of happiness leaving their voice box.
As you tuned out Sun's constant chattering, you slowly found yourself relaxing against their hold. They were so warm and comfortable, just like a heated blanket. Maybe this was what it felt like to be a child again, free from all the responsibilities of an adult. You felt your eyes droop, the need to sleep taking you before you could protest.
The generators powered down, the lights in the Daycare immediately shutting down not a moment later. Sun's sunrays folded backward and into the back of their head, a nightcap taking its place instead. Red eyes darted around the Daycare, scanning past each and every item in sight to ensure there was not a child hiding. Satisfied, Moon finally felt the slight weight in their grasp.
Needless to say, they were surprised to see you snoozing away in their arms.
"Who in the world is this?" Moon asked internally. "It's the night guard! Their name is (Y/N)!" Came Sun's cheery reply.
Moon looked down, the yellow gleam from Sun's charm catching their eye. They stared at it, intrigued. "It's so prettyprettypretty, right Moony?" Sun asked. Moon hummed in agreement. "They said they made one for you too! It should be on the table!" Sun chirped happily. Moon could feel Sun's pressure, their mirror image making them reach over to pick up the second charm you made. You made it for Moon, just for them.
Moon gently slipped the ribbon over their head, it going down much more easily than how it did with Sun. They admired the shine of the moon-themed charm, the small craters you made with tinier circles within the moon, amusing them. They traced the arc that you drew with their finger, symbolising a crescent moon; just like how it was on the Daycare Attendant's faceplate.
Sun was right, it was indeed gorgeous.
Moon glanced at your sweet, peaceful expression. Just like the pieces you made for them, the two mirror-images both agreed that you are gorgeous.
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arrowsperpetualcringe · 2 days ago
Monty: ROCK ON, superstar!!! 🤘🤘
Sundrop: Indeed! Rock on! 🤟🤟
Monty: Wrong hand gesture.
Sundrop: No it isn't.
Monty: You've got your thumb out. That's the sign for "I love you"
Sundrop: I'm aware.
Sundrop, blushing:
Monty: . . . Oh-
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ye-olde-rd · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eclipse in timekeeper clothes, ohgogogo
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zombiecare-rotdraws · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hold their face, kiss their forehead/cheek, and tell them they are good boys!! 😤 I love them so much god!!!!!
My Insta/Twitter: @ zombiecare_rot
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rainy-nomad · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy belated birthday, birthday buddy!
For the incredible, talented, and kind @sw124 her adorable OC: Clover.
I am actually in love with this character she is such a sweet heart. keep your eye out for more of her.
Thank you sw124 you fill my heart with life  <3
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spidermilkshake · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Nonstandard Break Period
Technically Sun/Moon do not receive "breaks" in the same sense as an employee would, but there are often times when the kidlets are all gone home, the place is pretty quiet, and there are no security personnel to tell it what to do or where to be. And there may be some stray crusty Faz-tokens littering the bottom of the ball pit that come in useful for that neat new derpy-physics fighting game they added to the arcades.
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shapeshiftinterest · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
present for @rainy-nomad
top text
left: error! fzzt! overheating! compliment overload!
mid: sus
right: outfit based on the daycare attendant from five nights at freddy’s security breach; whoopsie doodle!!
bottom text
left: egg? (can i offer you an egg in this trying time meme)
mid: alt jacket + a little clover
right: alt scarf wrapped in a bow
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tiresomeimagination · 14 hours ago
Clean Up (Daycare Attendant x Reader)
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Needy/clingy behavior. Sun has abandonment issues. Pretty much just fluff and reverse comfort otherwise.
Author’s Note: I headcanon both Sun and Moon with male pronouns, so that’s what I’m using (but reader is neutral as usual). I’m also going with the general popular consensus of the fandom of Sun and Moon being separate personalities in the same animatronic body.
“Man, they really got you good, huh?” You muttered as you did your best to peel yet another glittery rainbow-colored sticker off of Sun’s body. The lanky animatronic of the daycare sat on the padded playmats in front of you, leaning forward to allow you access to his terribly vandalized surface. You weren’t surprised that the most recent hoard of toddlers had managed to cause such a mess, but you couldn’t help but cringe at the sight. There was everything from crayon scribbles, paint, and glue smears, to nearly every sticker known to mankind. You could hardly recognize the robot under it all.
Sun focused his blank eyes on you, tilting his head. “Aw, they didn’t mean any harm! They were all just so excited to play!” he exclaimed in his overly enthusiastic voice.
You sighed. It probably wasn’t even in the poor animatronic’s programming to deny requests like that from a kid, no matter how degrading it was. “Yeah…well, let’s just hope none of this paint got onto any of your circuitry. I’d hate for you to have to be shipped off to Parts and Services…” you said as you brought the wet rag up to try and wipe some more of the caked substance off.
The thought of you fussing over him like this gave Sun a strange warm and fuzzy feeling deep in his core that he couldn’t quite place. Before you could resume cleaning, Sun burst into motion. With a high-pitched squeal, he threw his arms around you and wrapped you in a tight hug. “Don’t worry, Friend! I’m just swell as long as you’re here!” He practically shouted.
You instinctively winced at the new position. Metal bodies weren’t the most comfortable to be forcibly squished against after all…Not to mention you could practically feel the gunk rubbing off of him and onto your previously tidy Pizzaplex uniform. “Ah, S-Sun! You’re gonna get me all dirty!” you whined, biting back a chuckle at his childish affection.
“Oops!” Sun squeaked, pulling away immediately at your protest as if the thought hadn’t occurred to him. He worriedly scanned over the new paint and glue smudges adorning your shirt. “Oh no, what a mess! I’m so sorry, Friend!” He said in an anxious tone, using his hand to try and wipe it off but to no avail.
You couldn’t hold it back anymore and let out a low laugh, swatting away Sun’s hand. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I was going to wash this later anyway,” you assured lightly. Sun didn’t seem too sure, still hovering his hand in front of you as if trying to decide what to do to help. If he was capable of frowning, you were pretty sure he would be.
You took a moment to think over how to convince him that he hadn’t messed up or upset you. Your eyes scanned the floor around you, your gaze falling on the small pile of used stickers you had already pulled off of Sun’s body. With a grin, you grabbed a smiley face sticker and slapped it onto your forehead. It had just enough stickiness left to stay in place. “There, now we’re both works of art!” You added another laugh for good measure.
Sun reeled back slightly in surprise before visibly relaxing and joining in on your laughter.
“Now come on, let’s get you cleaned up before this place locks down,” you said cheerfully, picking up the wet rag and resuming your task. It was a bit tricky getting Sun to stay still long enough for you to reach all the places you needed to. Even when he was sitting in one place, the hyperactive animatronic couldn’t help but wiggle and sway back and forth.
Of course, Sun was trying his best to stay still for you! It was just so hard to do when he was so happy. And how could he not be happy when his favorite friend was here with him? You always took time to come and visit him, sometimes even using up your precious break time when you were assigned to work somewhere else in the Pizzaplex. You even liked to help him clean up the daycare after a particularly rowdy bunch of kids left! None of the other employees liked to do that. You were so so nice! And gentle! And funny! And- oh wait, were you talking to him?
“Sun, hey, are you okay? You were kind of spacing out,” you said with a hint of concern. You sure hoped those brats hadn’t damaged him.
“Oh! Yes, of course! Sorry!” He said quickly, snapping out of his thoughts.
You frowned, giving him a worried look. Honestly, you probably should have taken him right to Parts and Services for a tuneup just in case, but you knew that the mechanics and other workers weren’t always very friendly with the animatronics. They were the property of Fazbear Entertainment after all. Why would anyone spend extra time and effort just to spare the “feelings” of glorified work equipment? You’ve caught workers like the security guard yelling at the Glamrocks before, and you wanted to spare the Daycare Attendant that kind of treatment as much as possible.
“You know…you should be more careful,” you said, thinking over how to phrase your next words as you dipped your rag into the bowl of water beside you and wet it again. You knew that Sun had a bit of a thing about messes, so you doubted that he was the one that suggested this “makeover” in the first place. As long as it didn’t break any of the daycare’s rules, he tended to go along with whatever the little guests wanted.
“Huh?” Sum hummed, tilting his head in confusion.
“You…you don’t have to let the kids walk all over you all the time. It’s okay to say no. Especially when something might hurt you,” you explained gently.
Sun reeled back dramatically to look at you, his voice box sputtering in surprise. “Well- Well I…we were just having fun! That’s what I’m here for after all, hehe!” he insisted, sounding a little nervous as if he was trying to convince himself as well as you.
You nodded and shifted your position, rising up onto your knees so you could reach Sun’s faceplate. You wouldn’t keep pushing the topic if he was uncomfortable with it. “If you say so. I just want you to know that it’s…well…it’s okay for you to stick up for what you want…or don’t want,” you said as you carefully began cleaning his cheek.
If you had stopped long enough to notice the position the two of you had ended up in, you would have been more than a little embarrassed. You knelt in front of the Daycare Attendant, his large hands having drifted onto your shoulders as you wiped the colorful grime off his faceplate. Your faces were close, and he couldn’t focus his attention anywhere but your eyes. If you listened closely, you could hear the whirring of his internal fans picking up.
“R-Really…?” Sun squeaked out, his voice much quieter than his usual shouting.
“Of course!” You replied instantly, giving him a confident smile.
You were caught off guard when you felt one of Sun’s hands wrap around your wrist, stilling your hand as he stared at you.
“I…I want you to stay,” he managed to get out. His voice box warbled slightly with the force of the words.
You felt your heart twist at his shy request. Of course he was lonely spending all night alone, but it wasn’t like you could just live here. You had to go home sometime.
“Sun…” You sighed, your expression melting somewhere between worry and pity.
“I don’t like it when you leave. you're my bestest most special friend!" he whined, gripping your arm with both hands now. "Moon likes you too! We don't want you to go!" he added, hoping that might help sway you somehow.
you let out another heavy sigh, patting the back of his hands. "... You know I can't stay forever, right?" you asked, trying to be patient with him.
Sun gave a hesitant nod.
"But...I will always come back," you added, giving him a reassuring smile.
"... Pinky promise?" Sun asked quietly, lifting his right hand and sticking out his pinky finger.
You paused, looking at his outstretched hand. You wondered if it was a good idea to make such a commitment. You probably wouldn't work here for the rest of your life or anything...Eh, what were you worrying about? It was just a little pinky swear to cheer up your robotic companion. He would probably find some new worker to cling to by then anyway.
"Pinky promise," you echoed, curling your pinky around his and giving a gentle shake.
"Ahh, thank you Y/N! I feel much better now, hehe!" Sun giggled before wrapping you in another tight hug. It was astonishing just how quickly he could flip moods sometimes.
You chuckled, this time hugging him back. His joy was always so contagious. You had to admit, it was nice to feel cared about. Even if it wasn't a human doing the caring.
The two of you stayed like that for a little while. You were just about to pull away and get back to work when you heard the distant sound of the mall's automated voice over the speaker systems.
"Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex is now closed. Initiating Nighttime Protocols."
"... Crap."
"Language, Y/N!"
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acertainperson · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This version of Moon takes place before all of the virus thingy happened.
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zombie-partyy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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caligulasperi · 11 hours ago
The Daycare Attendant didn't burn up in the fire they escaped and became a city cryptid its fine they're fine
Tumblr media
(Reblogs really really help me out! :D)
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raeloganthesonic06fangirl · 17 hours ago
Super cool detail about Moon is that if you peek at the character model in full, it's interesting that Sun's rays are modeled in as fully retracted into his head
Tumblr media
Seriously, I'm really impressed by some of the details between the two of them. It's fun to just look at the grime and chipping paint to guess what probably was happening pre-game for them...
Like, it's interesting how springy the rays are when you also see for a brief moment when Sundrop is freaking out, you can see him push down on some of them on the top and they retract as well before popping back into place.
Tumblr media
So I guess it's on a spring-loaded system of sorts that allows for individual spikes to recede when pressure is applied, but it can also retract simultaneously during the switch. I suppose when you deal with little children for most of the day, and they slap and thump around on stuff all the time, you'd want to be sure that they can't be poked by triangular decor.
So, while Sun and Moon both have different models for each other that look related that can be swapped out during that scene, there's still some bits to indicate that the illusion is intended for them to appear as a Dual AI scenario under the same shell.
I really like that Moon has the sun rays retracted into his head even though it looks like under normal gameplay (I'm still waiting for the Switch port, I don't have a proper system that could handle this game right), you wouldn't really see that.
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