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rainy-nomad · a month ago
may i suggest: more daycare attendant interactions with dj music man, freddy, and/or chica
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Yey yey yey
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pyromaniac-skeleton · 2 months ago
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You ever just wanna- gently hold.
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theserpentsnight · 5 months ago
I see a lot of ppl thinking of Sunnydrop and Moondrop as two beings/two personalities, but I personally see them as the exact same person, just in a different head space.
I mean, I too act neurotic during the day and homicidal at night.
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lil-fox-boy · 3 months ago
Sundrop Agere Moodboard☀️🌈
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DNI: Kink, nsfw, 18+, dd/lg or variants, cg/l, (no)maps, trauma (traumacore, trauma vents, etc.), violence/gore, anti/hate/discourse, pro-ana/thinspo
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toms-town · 4 months ago
Traditional version of a drawing I'm working on
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I'll post the digital version when its finished
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ciphersister · 4 months ago
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Sun Doodles <3
close ups 
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he’s just nervous I swear 
Me when I lie
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creepyodd · 5 months ago
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Daycare Attendant / Sun FNAF in my style!!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
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gasterkei · 4 months ago
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"Hello, new friend!!!"
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valentine-writes · 2 months ago
Ok ok so new night time employee goes into the daycare, it’s dark and moon attempts to scare them, they jump because jump scare, but just smile at him and start gushing over how cute he is, boops his nose, just soft fluffy first meeting!
i still get a little -ˏˋ starstruck ˊˎ-
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↳ ft. moondrop/moon
「 gn! reader, can be platonic or romantic <3 」
author's note: title inspired by starstruck by the scary jokes today!!! :] this is SO SWEET aawuagh.... im not Too Used 2 writing 4 moon but i will 100% do this for u!!!!! ALSO fun little au headcanons coming up soon (੭˃̵ᴗ˂̵)੭ SO EXCITED 2 SHOW U ALL THAT ONE TOO <3 anyways!!! here we go!!!!! again, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors might b here sorry </3 a lot of reader dialogue too, IM SO SORRY IF ITZ TOO MANY SPECIFIC WORDZ!!! i usually keep dialogue up to interpretation and open since we don't all talk the same- but i felt like this one needed more- so like. again. vv sorry </3
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▸ "the pay better be worth it..." you mumbled to yourself, stepping into the pizzaplex. the last room to check around was the daycare- and while every other location had the lights on, this one didn't
▸ kind of weird. though, this was your first day on the job, something felt wrong. this whole place- it wasn't so bad- but you couldn't help but find that there was a certain feeling that lingered with you as you explored
▸ too dark to see, your hands gripped your flashlight. scanning the area, squinting at your surroundings (and turning with every slight movement that you think you might've spotted in the shadows) you decided that that was enough of this place
▸ that was it. over. now that this was off the list, you could continue patrolling the area outside of the daycare and the other rooms again and-
▸ your flashlight flickers, once- twice- and then turns off. leaving you in complete and total darkness
▸ you smacked the side of your flashlight. it didn't help. you tried pressing its power button, holding it, clicking it repeatedly- also didn't help. real lucky for your flashlight to be so near death- did they never change the batteries in these things? you had barely used it prior to visiting the daycare. when was the last time it was charged?
▸ as you stared down at your flashlight and tried everything that came to mind to get it to turn on, a noise caught your ear. the soft jingling of bells
▸ at first, you considered that maybe, you were hearing things. until you heard it coming even closer. behind you. it was behind you.
▸ you spun around, hitting your flashlight button and lifting it up, only to remember that it was drained. its light flickers pathetically, to the likeness of a sputtering cough, before dying out. you caught only a glimpse of movement before being consumed again into the pitch black
▸ still, that told you enough. you could sense that the thing was quicker. and it was still behind you- you swore you saw it. you knew.
▸ but before anything could be done, or you could say a word, cold metal fingers dug into your shoulders
▸ freezing in place, you slowly looked over. red eyes stared back at you.
▸ startled, you shoved it away, jumping a foot in the air- before blinking at the animatronic curiously.
▸ you had seen this one- rather a poster of a similar looking one. this, decidedly, looked a lot less peaceful and cute. and a lot more creepy.
▸ but maybe it was just the dark? it moved closer, and instead of fending the animatronic off, you neared it too.
▸ "hey. wait." taking the sides of it's faceplate in your hands gently, you squinted at it. the animatronic, in turn, gripped your forearms, as if about to pry you off- but stopped too. silence.
▸ "you're that moon thing... i think." you made out what you could. it was holding surprisingly still, despite the tight grip that continued to hold onto you. your eye caught the tiny hat atop its round head-
▸ and you laughed. you couldn't help it. it had erupted out like you had been holding it forever, and a smile rose on your face. "i'm sorry, i'm sorry-" you gasped through little bits of stifled giggles. "it even has a little bell attached to it-" you gushed, pulling the moon animatronic's face closer to get a good look
▸ he did not seem very pleased by this. rough words crackled in his voicebox. "leave."
▸ "oh- oh no, wait, i'm-" you couldn't exactly find what to say (admittedly, the little hat was still in your head, the thought threatening to make you giggle again-) so instead, you pried yourself free of his grip, and gestured to your nametag. "this is my job. and it's kinda weird, because no one informed me that the moon animatronic was in the daycare- or that one was even really here."
▸ his head tilted, confused. at this point, he'd probably drag you out the daycare, but you continued. and he- just. listened.
▸ "your design is so cute! nothing like the posters- ...no offence- but still!! so- cute- here, i'll get a closer look if i can just make it to the light switch and-"
▸ "no."
▸ well. that settled that. decidedly, you wouldn't push it. he seemed a little bit aggressive about it. before you could open your mouth to speak again, you watched as the animatronic started floating
▸ oh. well. not without assistance. a wire lifted him up, carrying him into the air.
▸ you called out suddenly, squinting through the dark. "wait, hey- where are you going?" nothing. silence. though, before you turned away, you could hear his voice
▸ "it's past your bedtime..."
▸ moon was weird. did you annoy it? could animatronics be annoyed? what was with the general unfriendliness? you didn't bother asking. besides- your shift was almost over.
▸ the next few times you go to work and check the daycare, its (mostly) lit up. and moon is nowhere to be found
▸ on the days where the lights are off, and it's quieter than usual however. expect company to come sneaking up behind you again, or simply watch you in the darkness with his piercing red eyes.
▸ even if you thought you were alone in the dark of the pizzaplex, moon was always, always waiting for you to come back again.
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slipperyskell · 3 months ago
FNAF SB HCs: Daycare Attendant
I promise I haven’t forgotten about them! I just didn’t have much to say about them at the time I was making my other FNAF SB HCs
- First off - Pre-virus Moon??? Same vibes as Cole from Dragon Age: Inquisition for me. Just a funky little guy who knows a lot more than he ought to and says some very strange things sometimes but means well. Still kinda freaked the kids out but not nearly as bad/not for the same reasons as he does once the virus takes over
- The transition between Sun and Moon pre-virus was a lot smoother than it is once the virus hits. They could even switch back and forth at will even if the lights are on or off!
- Pre-virus Moon’s eye lights weren’t red - they used to be white or a soft yellowish color. Yknow, something that isn’t as likely to make you shit yourself if you woke up and saw him moving about the Daycare to make sure everyone’s sleeping decent 
- They know ASL 
- Sun’s never left the Daycare unless he’s had to go to Parts and Service - Moon typically does wander the Pizzaplex if there isn’t a slumber party happening that night (those happened on set days of the week/month so there’s not always kids staying over at the Plex) 
- Sun and Moon share the same memory bank but the two run on two different personality routines and make decisions based on who is in charge at the time, but still consider themselves the same entity at the end of the day
- Moon knows Sun would really like to go out and see the Plex some more which is part of the reason he leaves the Daycare at night - since he’s a part of the after-hours security he has a bit more wiggle room when it comes to being able to move around (unless there’s a slumber party happening then he needs to stay). Moon is also the one who collects the plushies and a few other pieces of Plex merch so Sun has some fun things to look at when they switch next
- Both have spoken to the other animatronics of the Plex, but only rarely. Moon speaks to them more often bc he’s able to move around after hours. The conversations aren’t long and often leave the other animatronics confused, but they mean well. They just don’t get a chance to get out much is all 
 - Both are a part of the security system in some way, but Moon is far more likely to stab someone if it means keeping the kidlets under his care safe. Sun will also but only if there’s no other alternative 
- Like seriously if there is someone being a creep Moon is not afraid to start some fucking lawsuits 
- Moon is the same sort of way I picture Bonnie where he’s got an ear across the entire Plex/is really good at reading people. If there’s someone who just seems a little Off, employee or guest, he’s one of the first to pick up on it 
- he is very sweet though don’t get me wrong - just very quiet and unintentionally cryptic as all fuck 
- Sun is very stressed always oh my god 
- He loves taking care of the kids and he’s usually not the one solely in charge of taking care of them (there’s usually a couple human employees that give them a hand in things that they can’t do, like getting the kids food to eat or bringing them to the bathrooms n stuff) but also please don’t eat glue. oh my god where did you get that don’t put that in your mouth!!! We don’t hit each other that’s not nice!!!!! aaa!!! 
- poor guy gets so wigged out when a kid starts crying. Some days he’s really good at getting them to calm down but sometimes the crying gets worse and he’s gotta get one of the human employees to come help bc he doesn’t know what to do
- they STIM. SO MUCH. Hand flapping, the frills of their sunbeams will spin and wiggle about, they’ll fidget with the bells on their wrists, they just !!! ooo!!! very stimmy 
- Moon is the same way but it takes him a bit more to get to that point 
- their body is designed for kids so a lot of their joints are hidden by clothing so no one gets pinched + they’re very durable so they can run around just as much as the kids can, too
- The Daycare Attendant’s body color doesn’t actually change when they switch - however, whether they are in a light source will change it (kinda like how scorpions look like they glow in the dark when you put em under a blacklight) 
- This may or may not have stirred some rather heated debate between people about whether or not the Daycare Attendant is white/gold or black/blue 
- If you’re someone the Daycare Attendant is fond of, sometimes they’ll give you a jingly bell. They won’t tell you where from but you know it’s not from their wrists or anything 
- Also lots of pieces for arts n crafts stuff - sometimes it’s a bag of googly eyes, sometimes it’s a little bottle of glitter in your favorite color, sometimes it’s the little cotton pompoms 
All in all they’re just a funky little guy, idk 
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hunny-bxscuit · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
...you can say that Sun stole the show instead.
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rainy-nomad · 3 months ago
Lilo & Stitch/Fnaf Sb crossover idea! Someone (a human or animatronic) at the Pizzaplex wishes for a new friend(s), that is be great looking after kids & fun to be around with.
Wish granted! Enter Moonbug/Sunbug! Alien animatronics, that has crashed landed nearby the Pizzaplex & is now living there, pretending to be perfectly normal animatronics on earth working as Daycare Attendants. Let there be chaos!
Tumblr media
This is 100% canon now
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skeletalobscurity · 2 months ago
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A Moon to go with the Sun I did :)
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seesedraws · 4 months ago
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I had a dumb idea in mind that I needed to draw
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lil-fox-boy · 3 months ago
hello! can you please do a moondrop agere board, we have a new system little and would like something special to welcome xem
Absolutely! I hope xey like this ^_^
Moondrop Agere Moodboard🌙
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softichill · 3 months ago
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Some pose practice w/ Sun!
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callmebread · 3 months ago
Moon doesn't want to hurt anybody no more!
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Yes I do know Vanny/Vannesa is wearing a mask
I wanted to add some expressions to it
For me it would be strange to see her smiling while getting choked to death almost
Also yeah I am running out of ideas sooo this might be the end of the comic
I will be working on baby Gregory again :)
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animatronicinnard · 2 months ago
random things in my security breach au that just make sense:
gregory is deathly afraid of spiders
sun and glamrock freddy love to hang out and they're besties
michael is complete crap at golfing
vanessa doesn't like kids
monty and glamrock bonnie have a love-hate relationship
evan is a ridiculously good pickpocket
gregory stuffs everything he finds into freddy
foxy and roxy have a brother-sister bond and hype each other up all the time
glamrock bonnie has an irish accent
gregory is really clumsy
glamrock chica knows who william afton is and she's being controlled the most
evan is sarcastic as hell
michael can imitate other people's voices so perfectly that it's kinda scary
monty snores.
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superstarmew · 3 months ago
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WOOO- I streamed for 9. BLOODY. HOURS! geez, it was alot of fun tho!! I'm proud of the progress I got on the comic pages, and I had fun drawing ya'lls requests! so- have the stream requests! (and some pre-stream warmups! v)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Little Rabbit AU Gregory belongs to @ghostthefandomlurker)
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fandomlobster · 4 months ago
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If they were in seperate bodies they would be so unbearably codependant, no I will not elaborate <3
This started as a joke and turned into my first full color comic oh no
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