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worksby-d · 2 minutes ago
Anymore writing coming? Or being posted?
hi! i don't know lol i never have anything planned ahead 😅 nothing really sticking out to me rn but i always say that and then come up with something so hopefully
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dreamland-waves · 14 minutes ago
I’m on break at work and it just occurred to me how much of the lore I end of predicting in my daydreams. I know I’m not actually Clay but a lot of what has come into my head has been canon. It’s a strange phenomenon I can’t explain.
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mercenaryg · 45 minutes ago
Life feels like a Daydream and I don’t know what is reality anymore.
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faery-market · an hour ago
britta for looks?
i hope it's okay if i do all of the sections :)
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno
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blue-madd · an hour ago
I miss my paras. I wanna be with them more than anything. They are my life.
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perhaps-it-is-me · an hour ago
Probably going to be daydreaming of T-words for this whole flight hdsssfkogsexhikvf—
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ziploc849 · an hour ago
Whump Introduction
HI!! I’m Ziploc, I use she/her pronouns, and after spending around a year or so stalking whump tags, I’m joining the fray and actually starting to write some!!!
I’m a maladaptive daydreamer, (Basically I daydream a lot) so I’m going to be writing stuff based around my daydreams for the most part! There might be some stuff specific to certain fandoms, but for the most part my writing will be about my daydreams.
For context, I daydream a lot about some OC’s, along with characters from media I used to enjoy/enjoy now. This involves Marvel, Newsies, and Dream SMP* characters.
Along with writing a lot of whump, I’m also probably gonna be making stuff just about maladaptive daydreaming, and other stuff in my life as well, so this won’t be an exclusively whump blog.
I’m happy to take requests for stuff to write about (prompts, tropes, etc.), but please keep in mind that I’m a minor, so I won’t be writing anything nsfw. 
In general, whether it’s whump or not, I like the idea of winged people, so expect to see a lot of that on here as well!!
I think that’s all!! I hope you all enjoy my writing!!!
*I will be specifically be writing about the CHARACTERS on the SMP, never the actual people. And I will not be writing anything involving characters whose actors have said are uncomfortable being written about. Creator’s boundaries are important. They also will most likely not even be the source of much, if any, actual whump, more just characters existing around/with the whumpee involved
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dreaminpeaches · 2 hours ago
Daydream Question
What's a completely random innocuous thing that you're paras know by heart? like a funny commercial jingle? a line/scene from a movie/show? or a random science/math formula?
For me, with my para, Bea its the short "Quick Draw McGraw in City E Scape" he can quote that short line by line, from the first line to the last! like the short could be playing and the tv turns off and Beau quoting perfectly synced ( you could turn the tv back on the characters are saying the line Beau is quoting)
Its one of his favorites shorts from his favorite childhood tv shows, since his parents could only get Boomerang, and The Quick Draw McGraw was the only horse show little Beau could watch with his dad making fun of him for it or turning it off (*cough*MLP*cough*)
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four-rabbit · 2 hours ago
I just wanted to write a dukexiety long fic about their friendship when Virgil was a dark side and how their relationship slowly died until they got to the present where everything that is left is pain and grief and regret and all those complex feelings that just make it harder for them to recover
The only problem is that I would need to write
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superultra-xcx · 2 hours ago
me thinking about my para after a busy day:
Tumblr media
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skzlittlehouse · 3 hours ago
Everyone sleeps different. My mom sleeps on her side, i sleep on my back and STAYs SLEEP ON SEUNGMIN's COVERS
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antisvoidofasocial · 4 hours ago
I just want like, a queer home. Like almost every queer home is so fucking chaotic and random and homely, like with 20 rubber ducks 2 street cats, furniture made out of like, lost things, and so much clutter and no plate matches and your soulmates live with you and plan a riot and discuss anarchist theory and theres music always playing and theres like 3 guitars but noone knows how to play them and theres shrines for the queerfolk and activists and revolutionarys who came before us and theres more plants than a greenhouse and its Home with a capital H because honestly the best thing is that we feel safe and loved and old but also younger than we should because we love each other even if we have like 3 brain cells between our group but thats ok.
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everyonedeservedbetter · 5 hours ago
i try so hard to get into other tv shows, but nothing i've watched recently has had characters half as compelling to me as the ones on supernatural. there's just something about them all that i love so much, and even though the show is trash half the time, i just absolutely adore the characters in a way i never do characters on any other show
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