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I love Magneto being like I will kill Jean Grey for killing Raven even though I’ve barely talked to her in thirty years and I had a good go at killing her myself twenty years ago.

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Rachel Grey-Summers and Kitty Pryde are my OTP forevah, but I do like the idea of Rachel and Franklin Richards as childhood best friends and childhood sweethearts.

Sue Storm Richards mentored Jean Grey when she was a teenager, so it makes sense their kids grew up together. I am sad Rachel and Franklin’s childhood together isn’t explored any more than it is in the comics. 

Both of them get a pretty raw deal - the uber powerful children of heroic (and tragic) families who get ripped away from their innocence and everything they love by war, hatred and genocide. So it makes sense they would seek solace and companionship in one another. I think Rachel especially had a tough time (there weren’t exactly many children her own age at the mansion, so Franklin was about her only playmate) Plus her budding powers and murderous robots … I think her childhood friend pulled her thru a lot of it.

Here they are growing up together:

Bottom right: Ages 6-5, I think Rachel was a bit younger than Franklin maybe by 1 ½ or 2 years. She was always taller than him though (thanks to her Dad Slim’s genetics) I also have a headcannon that Rachel needed ruby quartz glasses like her Pop though her concussive force beams were nowhere near as destructive as Cyclops’ and she eventually learns to control them. Just a headcannon.

Center: Ages 13-12, Oops Franklin still hasn’t caught up to Rachel though the two are starting to think of one another as more than friends.

Bottom left: Ages 16-15, Frankie finally yokes out when he hits puberty. Rachel ribs him about it.

Top right: Ages 22-21: The kids get full blown feelings for each other about the time everything goes to hell for their respective families. Poor kids.

Top left: Ages 30ish? In one timeline Rachel and Franklin get a happily-ever-after with children of their own: Jeanie (named for her maternal grandmother) and Jon (who grows up to be Hyperstorm - so maybe not so happily ever after :/


Characters are Marvel’s.

Art is mine.

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Not a day goes by that I don’t regret not having a Quicksilver minimate. Why is there no (XCU) Quicksilver minimate? I get he didn’t play a big role in Days of Future Past but he clearly stole the spotlight.

For that matter why were there no X-men Apocalypse minimates. The legos are cute but not nearly the same the same DX

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