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simpforchuchu · a day ago
Hii!! If it's possible and you're ok with it can you please write some headcanons of Chuuya and Dazai x reader that's being stalked but doesn't say anything until it gets serious and they find out?
Thanks and love your work!!
Dazai/Chuuya x s/o who is being stalked
a/n: Thanks and love ya 🥰🥰
Requests are open, if you want me to write something, just let me know 😊
Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...
Thank you and love you 🥰
Warnings: violence, swearing, stalking,abuse
Tumblr media
• You were a quiet student in your senior year of university. Your grades were good and people generally liked you.
• There was a quiet boy who asked you for notes several times and was very kind to you
• You couldn't sense anything strange about it at first, but when it got more frequent it seemed strange to you. After all, you never spoke to him?
•  Sometimes Chuuya would pick you up from school because classes were over in the evening, and when he couldn't come, he would send one of his men.
• So far there has been no trouble.But for the past few days, there has been a strange feeling inside you. It was like someone was watching you all the time.
• You thought it was just an empty fear and decided not to tell Chuuya.
• After you had dinner with him one night and drove you home, he left and when the doorbell rang again, you thought he had come and went to open the door excitedly.
• But when you opened the door, you were in shock with the person you saw.
• The boy at school? What was he doing here?
•  When he suddenly closed your mouth and let you in, you wanted to shout out of fear, but you couldn't.
• After struggling for a while, your eyes opened wide with the knock on the door and you looked at him.
• "Send whoever came, or I'll kill you little bitch."
•  You did as you were told and opened the door and when you saw Chuuya in front of you, you didn't know what to do, afraid that he would hurt him.
• "Baby I forgot my phone in your bag- wait a minute, are you okay?"
• You fearfully convinced him you're okay and said you'd bring his phone, and you went in and brought your own.
• When he got the phone, he looked at you in surprise, and when he realized that something was wrong, he quickly pulled you out and pushed the door.
• When he saw a strange man in your house and a gun was drawn, he quickly took you behind him and prevented the bullets from coming to both of you.
• He sent you to another room, took care of the terrified man, and handed him over to his men to take care of him in the mob.
• All that matters right now is you.
•  When you hugged him and cried after it was over, he calmed you down and convinced you to stay in his place.
• He didn't sleep that night and took care of you.
• He didn't get angry when you told him you sensed something was wrong but you weren't sure, but after that he asked you to tell him if anything happens.
• The world was a dark place for women and he should have protected you even from himself.
Tumblr media
• You had been bored for a while and Dazai was realizing it.
• But every time he asked, you said you were fine, just feeling tired.
• There was someone stalking and harassing you for a while and you thought that if you ignored it everything would be alright.
• Dazai noticed this stagnation in you and wanted to spend an evening together.
• Movie night!
• You were watching a horror movie hugging each other and Dazai was playing with your hair.You were trying not to show him anything, but you were afraid.
• No, not from the movie, just because something could happen to you or he could hurt him. Because the person following you knew him too and was sending you threatening messages from an unknown number.
• When you ran out of popcorn, you went to the kitchen to fill the bowl. But you didn't realize you left your phone in the room.
• Dazai was startled by the constant vibrations on your phone and when he wanted to bring your unlocked phone to you, he accidentally opened it.
• Yes, unfortunately he saw all the messages but didn't tell you anything.
• When you came back he acted like nothing had happened and handed you your phone with the switch off.
• You, on the other hand, tensed when you saw the messages and put the phone aside.
• "Is there a problem darling? Why did your face fall?"
• You nervously told him it was okay, just someone you don't like asking for help, and you let it go.
• Dazai, on the other hand, was not going to let it go as easily as you did.
• As you were returning from work, he saw the person following you and grabbed him by the throat and pinned him to the wall next to him.
•  You went to your home without even knowing it.
•  "Why are you following my beautiful girlfriend? Where do you get the right to scare her? You said you're going to kill me in the texts... Yeah I'm right in front of you, come on you bastard!"
• Nobody knows what Dazai did to that man that night, but after that night, you never received a message again, nor did you have to go home in fear...
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dazaiscum · a day ago
Bungou Stray Dogs Incorrect Quotes
Y/n: Dazai and I are just friends!
Yosano: Raise your hands if you thought Y/n and Dazai were dating.
Everyone: *Raises their hands*
Y/n: Dazai put your goddamn hand down!!
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kin-of-the-sheep · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧ ¦ 250x250 Cream Cat-themed Osamu Dazai Icons
✧ ¦ Free to Use ╶╴likes/reblogs appreciated!
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mafuyuchii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Capa para a fanfic “Os 3 irmãos” escrito por _akanes_ 
Uma fanfic imagine que utiliza três personagens como o Vanitas do anime Vanitas no Carte, Dazai de Bungo Stray Dogs e Fushiguro de Jujutsu Kaisen.
Gente eu fiquei tão feliz fazendo essa edit, sei lá foi um misto de amor e ódio (calma, o ódio foi porque tava achando muito feio no inicio mas a capa foi melhorando -qq) porque eu parei para ver watch me edit de @busan-jimin e de @trancyzp e teve tanta coisa que aprendi vendo as manipulações maravilhosas delas, inclusive não deixem de acessar o tumblr e o canal no youtube delas, tenho certeza que seu coração ficará quentinho por tanto talento sendo visto <3 Posso dizer que dei uma melhorada especialmente em questão de sombreamento e talz (nunca tinha parado para me importar tanto com isso -qq) Tipo, eu amei demais a sombra no chão dos personagens que eu fiquei aaaaaaaa
Mas tipo, óbvio que ainda tenho que melhorar mais e mais, digamos que tô ainda no inicio de me aprofundar mais em edições manipuladas.
Contudo, tá digno de um cartaz de filme com vibes de João e Maria caçadores de monstros ODNAWOIDNAOWIN <3
Se inspire! Não copie! Artes Oficiais utilizadas e manipulações dos personagens feitas por mim, créditos aos donos de todos os recursos utilizados tais como backgrounds, png’s e psd’s.
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confusedinsominiac · 14 hours ago
Dazai, bleeding: IT SEEMED FUN BACK THEN
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khoifuu · a day ago
[Exam hall]
"5 more minutes left"
My brain : watashi wa anata to shinjuu suru tame ni kyou made ikitekita no desu
kitto so desu
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panic-at-the-gender · 10 hours ago
Random BSD Headcanons (Some Of Which Popped Into My Head At Inconvenient Times)
- Chuuya loves pumpkin spice everything
- Underneath his bandages Dazai has… had his entire body tattooed to look like it’s covered with bandages so that he is never without them
- Atsushi despises figs. It pisses Akutagawa off. A lot. (Aku: What do you mean you don’t like figs? Sushi: They’re gross! Aku: You’re gross.)
- Laser pointers are banned from the Agency (there was an incident)
- Ranpo’s love language is snack giving
- Kunikida tutors the younger members in their spare time, teaching them basic school stuff and maybe also life skills and such idk
- Karl has unofficially become the office pet and can often be found chilling in someone’s lap
- A common one, but I will enforce it. Ranpo is neurodivergent
- Atsushi loves hugs. Like, he’ll go up to random Agency members when he thinks they’re sad (or when he’s sad) and *soft hug* and they’ll just melt because it is the purest thing ever
- Kenji makes flower crowns and everybody wears them (because they’re beautiful and because you’d have to be a monster to say no to the sunshine child)
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simpforchuchu · a day ago
Hey hi! Can I request hcs for Chuuya and Dazai with an s/o who is terrified of the darkness and gets really bad anxiety after watching an horror video without knowing it was an horror video? This happened to me today and I can't even sleep now 🤡
Dazai/Chuuya x s/o who is terrified of the darkness
a/n: Oh poor baby :( Im sorry for that happened to you :( I hope you feel better as soon as possible, here is your request.I hope you like it  love ya 🥺🥰
Requests are open, if you want me to write something, just let me know 😊
Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...
Thank you and love you 🥰
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
• You paused with the video that suddenly appeared on your computer that you didn't know what it was, and now you knew what it was.
• As soon as you understood the concept of the video, you turned off the computer and left the table.
• Horror videos always scared you, no matter how hard you tried to convince yourself, your heart could be heard a mile away.
• You knew Chuuya would be home late, it seemed like a good idea to hide under the covers until he came and so you did.
• But unfortunately you ran to bed so fast that you forgot to turn on the lights and now you can't find the courage to get up and turn them on again.
• You tried to stay with the light of your phone and silently tried to watch funny videos Unfortunately your phone was going to let you down too because it was almost dead and your charger was on the table across the room.
• You took a deep breath and tried to calm down but your anxiety was making everything worse and worse.
• You knew you were having a panic attack when you couldn't breathe and your chest started to hurt.
• Moreover, even the walls in the dark room reminded you of very bad things.
• You began to take deep breaths with fear and dread.
• At that time, the lights suddenly came on and you screamed and scared your boyfriend who was looking at you from the door.
• Chuuya quickly approached you and crouched next to the bed.
• "Hey, hey it is me. What's the matter? What happened? Why are you sitting alone in the dark like this?"
• You tried to answer, but your deep breaths and hiccups prevented it. Chuuya sat on the bed and pulled you towards him, resting your head on his chest, slowly started stroking your hair and hugging you tightly
• " 'y/n' ? What happened baby? Please tell me, you're scaring me. Do you want me to get you water?"
• You shook your head quickly and gripped his arms tightly.
• "Okay, I'm not going. I'm here. I'll always be by your side, I'm not going anywhere."
• After a while, when your heartbeat slowed and you felt like you could talk, you told him what had happened. You expected him to make fun of you or laugh at you, but he didn't.
• "I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner darling, please call me in situations like this, okay? I'll also buy a lamp next to our bed tomorrow."
• "You don't hate me? That was stupid?"
• Chuuya smiled and patted your head at what you said
• "I know how scary the dark can be, honey, I understand you. But remember, if someone tries to hurt you, your love can be scarier than the dark."
• You both knew it was true even though you both laughed at his last words
Tumblr media
• You still couldn't sleep because of the video your friend made you watch and right now you were scared to death.
• If you knew that video was scary you would never have watched it but when you found out it was too late...
• Even after hours, you were still nervous while walking around the house and you were afraid at the slightest sound.
• Dazai still hadn't come home and you didn't know what to do
• You turned on the lights in all the rooms and started cooking in the kitchen
• It was already past midnight and you were too afraid to go to bed
• When there was nothing left to do, you nervously sat on the sofa in the living room and hugged your blanket.
• Even though the lights were still on, your anxiety and bad thoughts were making everything harder.
• When your eyes started to fill with fear, you hugged yourself and buried your face in your knees and waited for Dazai to come.
• But you were so full of fear that when you screamed at the sudden sound of the door, Dazai ran into the house
• " 'y/n" ! Where are you ?"
• When he came to the hall, seeing you in a corner, he realized that something was wrong and came to you quickly.
• "Baby, are you okay? Why are you crying?"
• He held you tight and hugged you as you lifted your head and rushed towards him.
• When you told him what had happened, he picked you up and wrapped you in a blanket and hugged you tightly and tried to calm you down by playing with your hair.
• "I'm with you okay? Nobody or nothing can hurt you. I won't sleep until you do, don't worry. Go to sleep now, you look so tired."
• He will even hum some soft songs for you to sleep and when you sleep he will lay you on your bed and hug you tightly.
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tachiehara · 3 months ago
the (almost) complete Bungou Stray Dogs reading list
as a dostoyevsky fan i first discovered bsd by being very confused whenever i saw pretty anime boys in the crime and punishment tag, so now i’m using bsd to discover more classic literature, and you can too!
this is my personal list straight from my phone notes app, of the most significant works mentioned in the series. italized titles are those that i really couldn’t find an english translation of but they’re there for completeness (if you’ve found one please comment!)
i’ve also got links to the french text of all works that are originally in french, because i read french and as said this list is just adapted from my personal notes hahaha
special shoutout goes to @bsd-bibliophile and their website from where i got many of the links, especially the works of the japanese authors, as well as the bsd recommended reading list ❤️
links are pdfs unless otherwise specified
the armed detective agency:
no longer human by dazai osamu
the moon over the mountain by nakajima atsushi (beast beneath the moonlight)
an encouragement of learning by fukuzawa yukichi (all men are equal)
o brother, you must not die by yosano akiko (thou shalt not die)
kunikida doppo’s works
the makioka sisters by tanizaki junichirou (light snow) [epub]
naomi by tanizaki junichirou
be not defeated by the rain by miyazawa kenji [online]
demon pond by izumi kyouka (demon snow)
edogawa ranpo’s works
i am a cat by natsume souseki
futon by tayama katai
the port mafia:
rashoumon by akutagawa ryuunosuke (link includes o-gin that akutagawa gin is based on)
this soiled sorrow by nakahara chuuya (upon the tainted sorrow) [online]
golden demon by ozaki kouyou
falling camellia by hirotsu ryuurou
the dancing girl by mori ougai (elise)
vita sexualis by mori ougai [epub]
higuchi ichiyou’s works (no ability specified yet, but see for example encounters on a dark night)
midwinter memento by tachihara michizou
lemon by kajii motojirou
dogra magra by yumeno kyuusaku [website, incomplete translation] 
madness of george III by alan bennett (madness of the jewel king) pretty sure this one’s still copyrighted, hence why they couldn’t use alan bennett’s name for ace, and why i can’t find any pdf copies
the guild:
the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald (the great fitzgerald)
little women by louisa m. alcott
the grapes of wrath by john steinbeck [online/pdf/epub]
the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne
gone with the wind by margaret mitchell [online/pdf/epub]
anne of green gables by l. m. montgomery (anne of the abyssal red)
moby dick by herman melville
the adventures of tom sawyer by mark twain (huck finn and tom sawyer)
the adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain (huck finn and tom sawyer)
the black cat by edgar allan poe (the black cat in the rue morgue) [online]
the murders in the rue morgue by edgar allan poe (the black cat in the rue morgue) [online]
the call of cthulhu by h. p. lovecraft (the great old ones) [online]
the rats in the house of the dead:
the house of the dead by fyodor dostoevsky [online/epub]
crime and punishment by fyodor dostoevsky
a feast in time of plague by alexander pushkin [online/pdf/epub]
the precipice by ivan goncharov (this is an abridged translation please buy the new 2020 unabridged translation titled malinovka heights please it’s one of my all-time favourite books please thank you for your attention)
the perfect crime by oguri mushitarou
the decay of angels:
the decay of the angel by mishima yukio [online]
the overcoat by nikolai gogol
dracula by bram stoker [online/pdf/epub] (bram’s ability isn’t named yet but come on who are we kidding)
sigma has been speculated to be a reference to russian writer and journalist sergey nikolayevich syromyatnikov, or possibly sigmund freud
the hunting dogs:
mirror lion by fukuchi ouchi (online summary)
gasp of the soul by ookura teruko (see bewitching shadow which is the only work of anyone from the hunting dogs with full english translation!)
priceless tears by jouno saigiku
plum blossoms in snow by suehiro tetchou (wikipedia)
special division for unusual powers:
discourse on decadence by sakaguchi ango
hail in the begging bowl [online/pdf] (an essay by james abrams on the life and poetry of taneda santoka, from which the ability name is derived)
order of the clock tower:
and then there were none by agatha christie
dark era:
strait is the gate by andré gide (french original, online)
flawless by oda sakunosuke (see his other works from the stories of osaka life collection that has been translated into english, which can be found on the @bsd-bibliophile website)
55 minutes:
the time machine by h. g. wells
the mysterious island by jules verne (french original, online/epub)
matasaburou of the wind by miyazawa kenji [online] (atsushi’s alias)
johann wolfgang von goethe (mentioned)
william shakespeare (mentioned)
victor hugo (mentioned) les misérables french original 
fifteen + storm bringer:
illuminations by arthur rimbaud [online] (french original, online/epub)
paul verlaine’s poetry [online/epub] (french original, online/epub)
frankenstein by mary shelley (adam frankenstein)
another by ayatsuji yukito (volume 1, volume 2, volume 3)
the summer in the ubume by kyougoku natsuhiko (an inherent drop)
yesterday’s shadow tag by tsujimura mizuki
dead apple:
shibusawa tatsuhiko’s works (referred to collectively as draconia, see fish scales which has been translated into english)
chapter titles and other references:
franz kafka’s works (our man asagiri) metamorphosis [online/epub] the trial [online/epub]
the setting sun by osamu dazai (have you seen all those dazai sunset scenes in the anime)
the black lizard by hirotsu ryuurou
the case of murder on D hill by edogawa ranpo (murder on D street, ch 6)
poems of days past by nakahara chuuya (back in the day, ch 11) see poem collection
light, wind and dreams by nakajima atsushi (even if my head be mistaken, ch 29)
if you’re gonna read the above you should probably be acquainted with robert louis stevenson’s works, like the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde [online/epub]
tower of silence by mori ougai (the silent tower and the raven’s feast, ch 30)
husband and wife by nakajima atsushi (cherrirs, ch 43)
dreaming of butterflies by hagiwara sakutarou (ch 65-66)
the sheep song by nakahara chuuya (the chant to activate chuuya’s corruption)
les sœurs de charité by arthur rimbaud (the chant to activate verlaine’s corruption) french original
this is all the main works i could find, but naturally bsd is chock-full of literature references so please feel free to add to this list if you have anything! again i have to direct you to bsd-bibliophile’s online library for more complete resources and relevant authors that are not directly mentioned in bsd + a bunch of other useful content, i swear that page is one of my most-visited websites hahaha
other great resources for free books that have entered the public domain, where i got most of the links to the western books on this list:
project gutenberg
free editorial
planet ebook
planet publish
happy reading!
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marquisoforder · 12 days ago
BSD fans who have to add “anime” every time they Google a character and Japanese literature enthusiasts who have to add “real” every time they Google an author should kiss
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blavatskye · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
credits to @/ryunsque on twitter for the clear version
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