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#dazai osamu

The dark themed Dazai fic has been started. There is a trigger warning in the notes and it is tagged but I am going to state it again.

tw: unhealthy relationship dynamics, manipulative/mentally abusive tendencies, alcoholism, drug use !!!!! 

this is not a cute fluffy fic of mafia Dazai; this is more adult and dark themed dealing with how screwed up Dazai’s mentality was in the mafia. Eventually it ends well but I wanted to write a more realistic fic revolving around what a relationship would be like with Dazai in the Port Mafia. 


 Summary: Without a word he was gone only showing up in dreams and nightmares. He was a dying star that swallowed you in and kept you warm in the dark until there was nothing left of either.

Dazai has only been impulsive twice in his life. Leaving the Port Mafia and taking you with him (four years later).

ao3 link

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あなたは神を少し理解していませんね? 「完璧と調和」? 神はそれらについて単一の世話をしません。 何度も見てきました…

🗯あなたはばか、織田作之、あなたは大きなばかです! (…)この種の男を死に追いやるには、あなたはばかです!(·•᷄‎ࡇ•᷅ )

誤って溝に落ちたとき、歩きながら 💬「偶発的な怪我を防ぐ方法」という本を読んでいました。 ♥︎

𝗗𝗔𝗭𝗔𝗜: つまり、自殺を目標にするのではなく、自殺未遂をするべきだということです。 自殺未遂で成功するのは難しいかもしれませんが、自殺未遂で失敗するのは簡単なはずです!\(^-^)/

太宰は、やや波打つ、短く、暗褐色の髪と狭い暗褐色の目を持つ若い男です。☂ 彼の前髪は彼の顔を囲み、いくつかは彼の額の中央に集まっています。

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I’d like to apologize for all the sanity’s that have been lost after my 14th suicide attempt. But in my defence I was not supposed to be outside that long

Dazai justifies as he gets kicked by Chuuya

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Dazai Osamu, Pandora’s Box

We are searching for art like the music of Mozart, art that is exuberant and radiates goodness. Strangely affected gestures and grave seriousness are already old and obvious. Are there any poets to eloquently recite even in the small green patches in the corners of the ruins of a fire? It’s not to escape reality. The hardships are all too obvious. I already intend to live with indifference. It is not an escape. Life in on hold. It’s carefree. We feel that now the truth resides only in art with the touch of a swiftly running, clear stream to exactly match our feelings…It’s not a matter of doctrines, the -isms. Those things are deceptive and useless. I understand the degree of purity of a person, by only his touch. The problem is the touch. It is the rhythm. If no goodness is radiated, everyone is a fraud.
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Atsushi: Why?

Akutagawa: ??? Why what?

Atsushi: Oh. So we’re listing ‘wh’ questions now?

Akutagawa: Wha-



Dazai: I told Atsushi he should try and get on Akutagawa’s nerve.


Dazai: :)

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“Unhappiness. There are all kinds of unhappy people in this world. I suppose it would be no exaggeration to say that the world is composed entirely of unhappy people. But those people can fight their unhappiness with society fairly and squarely, and society for its part easily understands and sympathizes with such struggles. My unhappiness stemmed entirely from my own vices, and I had no way of fighting anybody. If I had ever attempted to voice anything in the nature of a protest, even a single mumbled word, the whole of society—and not only Flatfish—would undoubtedly have cried out flabbergasted, "Imagine the audacity of him talking like that?” Am I what they call an egoist? Or am I the opposite, a man of excessively weak spirit? I really don’t know myself since I seem in either case to be a mass of vices, I drop steadily, inevitably, into unhappiness, and I have no specific plan to stave off my descent.“

Dazai Osamu, No Longer Human

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Thanks for the compliments, man! I’m really happy about everyone that reads BSD with me and even more about everyone who’s interested in my comments.

If you’ve read my recent ask replies, you might now know my pet peeves around Mori (which is why I wanted to answer those before this one). I sure think he’s a piece of shit, but I’d say the same about any mafia member and most characters overall if it comes down to that; we’ve got abusers and killers and criminals to spare. It’s fitting to say they’re all pieces of shit haha, no point going over the repetitive disclaimers (my Chuuya analysis posts would get so longgg). It’ll always strike me as weird to hear these things around Mori only.

But putting that aside, cause I can tell you’re interested in the character, let’s talk character + relations!! There’s one thing among those that has canon confirmation: how Mori and Dazai met. 

Lemme show you, it’s this excerpt from the Fifteen novel. The scene was animated in S3, but the info is in the narration so it didn’t come up:

Dazai was not Mori’s subordinate. He was not even in the Mafia. Of course, he also wasn’t an illegitimate child, an orphan that was picked up or a medical assistant. There wasn’t a word in existence that could describe the relationship between Mori and Dazai.

To use words already in existence, that would have to be fated collaboration.

“In the first place, Dazai-kun,” Mori said with a sigh, “you were the only one there when I inherited the previous boss’ position. In other words, you’re the witness to the boss’ last words. It would be troublesome if you were to die so easily.”

The reason behind the two of them becoming a fated collaboration occurred a year ago. Mori, who was the previous boss’ personal doctor, and Dazai, who was a patient that had failed to commit suicide, conspired to carry out a secret operation.

So we know, at least, how they met. It’s such a chance meeting too, like the novel goes on to explain, because Mori got the convenient witness, but it’s made clear that he had no idea Dazai would turn out to be, well, how he is, with his dangerous smarts and already playing mental games right along. He didn’t choose him for that mind of his, but due to circumstance, yet boyyy how did that turn out. As for Yosano, we don’t have anything that clear. We know she worked with Mori at age 11, but nothing on how that ended up happening, whether she’s a parentless child or had a family that allowed her to do that… my personal theory is that Mori scouted her; he’s always been good at information gathering, maybe from within the military he had access to finding out about this young ability user manifesting SUCH an incredible one, and figured he’d make an offer to her or her family for her collaboration in military medicine. Who knows, tho?

At the very least, there’s something much more intentional about his contact with Yosano than his meeting with Dazai. Which is kinda funnily unexpected tbh, the whole Dazai situation just HAPPENING out of calculation… 

Which plays out pretty nicely as far as influence goes. Because, of course, Mori’s presence affected Dazai, but not in the ways one could imagine at a shallow glance: firstly, there’s all the stuff with keeping him alive, giving him a home in the mafia and approaching him to the social underworld Mori inhabited. But also, I think, a more subtle influence in the formula, even a mutual one. Dazai was already cynical, disenchanted, suicidal, far too intelligent, morally lost and emotionally unwell before Mori and Port Mafia. But it was the mafia that allowed him to gaze into a world of raw humanity at some of its worst, and contemplate on value and meaning. And it was from Mori, I think, that he learned to develop his smarts, his sense of strategy and maybe even parts of his personality (I’m going from the fact that he wasn’t so good at concealing his genius under a goofy mask before, yet ended up having such a similar smiley, silly, underestimable demeanor). And Mori, in turn, having never expected to find someone who was so much like him, was constantly pressured by having Dazai as his witness in the mafia’s succession, probably affecting the care with which he had to proceed in those years as well as developing a strange connection to him. It’s no surprise Mori could see this boy as his successor.

It’s so much different with Yosano. In her case, Mori came into her life to push her to the point of breaking, to make her see a type of horror without comparison in her wonderful ability that she might’ve never had to face. It can be said that he taught her much, but… at what cost? Her sanity and her spirit were almost permanently broken. Thankfully, Ranpo and Fukuzawa taking her in helped her recover both personally and in her relationship with her ability, ultimately allowing her to grow into an adult with a wide perspective and very set ideals.

While Yosano is the one we can call Mori’s victim, Dazai is… how to describe him? His student? His successor? His equal? The closest thing to his son? Or the farthest? It’s hard to describe, but what’s for certain is that one same person meant something so different for those two. And something different to a third one yet, or a fourth, adding Chuuya and Kouyou, who found a home and a guide in him. It’s a very, very BSD thing to construct.

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