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Does Buzzfeed Unsolved Exist in the MCU
MCU!Ryan: And for our final theory, some claim that D.B. Cooper was actually a visit from the Norse God Loki.
MCU!Shane: Ryan that's the stupidest shit you've said all day.
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When the two things you love become one 🥰
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me yelling at the screen and my sibling :
Tumblr media
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ariminiria · 10 days ago
There's something that bothers me about the whole "don't like it, don't watch it 😏😏😏" attitude surrounding the Loki Series. In normal circumstances, I'd say yeah, valid, but the issue in this specific case is that this show was specifically, deceptively marketed directly to us, the people who dislike it.
The teaser trailers included footage that wasn't even included in the show (Loki having won the battle of NY, Loki on the Asgardian throne), and never even hinted at any of the other characters and OCs that they threw in there. I hate to pull this card, but as a film student, one of the big things you learn is that editing is everything. Someone edited those trailers specifically to show Loki causing mayhem and being himself, as we know him according to where he should be on the timeline (post-avengers, slightly pre-T:DW). This show was marketed as "following the adventures of Loki! He escaped with the Tesseract, remember?!! Who knows what that might bring!! What will the God of Mischief do with an infinity stone??? Watch this show to find out!!"
And in literally the first scene, the tesseract was confiscated and didn't matter at all after one or two brief moments in the very first episode.
The DB Cooper scene was edited and marketed and picked apart and rebuilt to imply that the version of Loki who escaped with the Tesseract would make amends with his brother and incorporate his Asgardian friends and allies into the adventures that we would follow in the show.
This series was marketed to those of us who wanted to follow the mischievous adventures of Loki as he wreaks havoc with the stolen Infinity Stone.
So when we sat down to watch it, we were genuinely excited. It didn't come from a place of hate. We didn't think to ourselves "HA! I bet this will be so horrible! I can't WAIT to post mean things on Twitter about it!"
We were thinking "Finally! We get some good Loki content, where he's not a side character or villain! The focus is going to be purely on him and his adventures!"
Only for him to be immediately overpowered and made useless in the first ten minutes. But the hate didn't start there. We still held out hope.
"This is just the first episode, after all," we thought. "This is just setting things up. Surely the next episode will show him more and let him live up to more of his potential."
And then we watched him turn into a joke. We watched the focus slowly shift away from him to a plethora of OCs who stole the spotlight. And still, we watched, not out of hatred, but out of the dim hope that things would turn around, that he would come into his own and take control of the show with his name on it.
But that never happened, and now we're left to analyze and vent and discuss with each other about all that could have been.
Only to have all of our arguments dismissed with a snide side remark from people who didn't care that Loki was sidelined. That he was treated like a joke. That he kissed himself, but she's a lady so it's okay. That he wasn't the character we know and love. That he wasn't the main character of his own show.
Our opinions, our criticism, our analysis, none of it matters. Because "if you don't like it, then don't watch it."
I'm not sorry for being hopefully optimistic that maybe things would look up for my favorite character, especially when that is what was promised from even before it aired.
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worstloki · a month ago
I just realized that Mobius's line of "You're really good at doing horrible things and just.. getting away with them." fits more at MCU Wanda than Loki
Fits with Thor more too. Honestly the only thing Loki got away with permanently imo was the db cooper thing bc he’s been suffering near-constantly otherwise and that year in prison was more than a lot of heroes get :/
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quantum-widow · 7 months ago
Okay, guys maybe I’m crazy but I was going through the Loki trailer to get footage for gifs and guys. GUYS! HE JUMPS OUT OF THE PLANE!?!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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what-has-science-done · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mysharona1987 · a month ago
Loki spoilers:
But Loki as D. B Cooper because he lost a bet to Thor implies Loki and Thor have been messing with Earthlings for hundreds of years and like creating unsolvable mysteries.
Shit, what if Bigfoot was just Thor in a bear suit once?
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foulserpent · 7 months ago
i really am fascinated with the db cooper case both bc of the unsolved mystery aspect and because its very, very, very likely that the dude actually just fucking died on his way down and it would be objectively very funny if someone stumbled across his remains, ideally the parachute still cartoonishly attached and the sunglasses on 
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bisexualisobel · 3 months ago
amelia earhart never crashed but she started hijacking planes under the alias db cooper and then died parachuting out
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