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urfaveisunfuckable · 12 hours ago
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ace from dead by daylight is unfuckable! there is no sex in dead by daylight
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warmilkopi · 14 hours ago
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new cosmetics 😆
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a11ki11 · 21 hours ago
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slasherwhxre · 16 hours ago
Pokes head
Cutie if it’s no issue can I ask for your fav killers seeing their girlfriend being bullied by other survivors ? SoloQ have traumatized me 😂
If you’re busy please ignore
Pokes out
you really put me on the spot here. I loved writing this, although it may have been done already. kept it short cause i might do a part two in the future because everyone is just 😫
Tumblr media
DBD Killers' Reaction to You Getting Bullied by Other Survivors
|| Characters: Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson, Pyramid Head, Bubba Sawyer, Michael Myers, Frank Morrison
words: 550
Tumblr media
Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson:
OH, this was good.
He was hidden behind a nearby tree, watching the campfire as the rest of the losers (his words) listened to the redhead woman's story. She was boasting about her performance in the latest trial. Well, that hadn't been good until he heard your name come out of her mouth. He was almost bored, but that earned back his undivided attention.
Danny struggled to hear between the words as her ugly laugh pierced his ears and made him cringe under the Ghostface mask.
He made out 'fell', 'clumsy', 'useless' and you again.
So, that's how it was.
He'd show her.
Didn't she know revenge killings were among his favorite?
Well, you did, very firsthand. She'd know, too, soon. It's probably why it was a good thing you weren't there now.
Danny, no. You'd say.
Danny, yes. He'd tell himself.
You already knew he'd gladly kill for you, for any reason at all. You had to accept it at some point. It was a compliment.
And as far as he saw, Meg thought she was hot shit, didn't she? 'Look at me, I'm an athlete and I run fast.' He blew a raspberry.
Already, a plan blossomed in his sick mind. You didn't mind if he went through with it and made her suffer for bad-mouthing you, did you? Not that Danny was worried, it was justified. Just not to the extent he'd take it.
Tumblr media
Pyramid Head:
They thought he'd tolerate that?
Didn't they know his name?
The Executioner.
He wants to Mori them any chance he gets. It's alright, you tell him.
He knows it's not. You don't have to lie to me. 
You might be able to forgive them, but he won't. It goes against his very being, and he'd rather have you not deal with them. He can take care of it for you.
Pyramid doesn't care if he's scaring them away from ever approaching you again, whatever the result it doesn't stop him from punishing them.
Tumblr media
Bubba Sawyer:
Bubba is sadder than you at the revelation.
Him, he'd understand.
But you? They were supposed to be on your side, it was mean, and you were the last person to deserve it, that was his opinion. The sweetest, most hardworking one out of them.
Why would they treat you like that? Soft cannibal boy just didn't understand.
You tried to reassure him, I'm used to it.
That was even worse!
He had more purpose to use his chainsaw and use it well. He'd make the revs count.
Tumblr media
Michael Myers:
He was sure Feng could've saved you, so why hadn't she?
At first, he didn't think twice about it.
But then he noticed the pattern.
Any time you were paired up with her in a trial, it would always end with you being sacrificed.
Every. Single. Time.
He knew you were quite good at surviving, he enjoyed trials with you for this reason, so why had it always happened when she was around?
Rest assured, Michael wouldn't let it happen again. You were his to hurt only.
Whatever reason she was doing this for, she'd soon feel the kitchen knife in her back, piercing through her heart.
Tumblr media
Frank Morrison:
Of course. It was shithead David.
The Legion wasn't surprised one bit.
He'd end him on command.
Just say the word.
You insisted it was fine, he didn't agree and had a lot to say about it.
'Next time, just tell me where he's hiding.'
'I'm not going to betray my friends.'
He let out maniacal laughter.
Joey, Julie, and Susie were your friends, not that coward King.
"Sure doesn't stop you all from hooking me every trial."
'Babe, c'mon.' A quick kiss.
He couldn't let you off the hook (Heh.) just because you were dating him, but he'd make up to you each time.
Still, you knew he was more than happy to slice up any of the idiots bothering you, you knew that, right?
He might take initiative if he ever witnesses it. Don't try to get in the way, he's sending off a warning to others.
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mspaintgf · 17 hours ago
littol meow meow ? :3
Tumblr media
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dweetwise · an hour ago
Jane, about Feng: She made Dwight cry!
Meg: Dwight always cries!
Dwight, tearing up: That's not true!
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the-nurse-smithson · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
finally drew my version of ghostface! he...isn’t this great since it’s the first time...maybe I’ll be changing him? dunno...
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slasherwhxre · 3 hours ago
Pre Entity DBD Killers Having a Really Bad Day (or a week or two, who knows really) and You Making It Better
Tumblr media
|| Characters: Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson, Michael Myers
word count: 1k
Tumblr media
Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson:
Tumblr media
You can count the dark rings under his eyes.
"Jeez, when'd you last sleep?"
No answer.
"That bad?" He was sitting down, body slumped and looking defeated. Moreover, he looked unkempt, hair greasy and messy.
He observed the floor like you weren't even there. Danny looked no short of exhausted. Aside his worn-down appearance, nothing gave his anxiety away.
"Danny, you look like a ghost."
If only you knew.
Finally, he spoke. "Work's been kicking my ass, as you can see," Not a single hint of playfulness in his tone. Nor truth, but what you didn't know couldn't hurt you. It was quite the opposite. If you could or did know, he'd have to hurt you. And he didn't want to do that, not until he felt ready. Not with the current.. situation, he was in.
Humming and nodding at the much-awaited response, you studied him.
Danny looked as if he couldn't even lift a finger. Waiting for him to continue talking about the office or the mission they had sent him on was no use. You both knew it wasn't coming. Danny would only talk about his job if he wanted to, you were aware. Dude likes his privacy, what could you do? The secrecy had bothered you a lot a tiny bit, but it had to be put on the back burner for the time being, he sure looked like shit.
"Would you like some water or something?" He nodded before you even finished.
His eyes didn't meet yours. Nonetheless, Danny looked like he needed it, a hint of desperation nobody could quite pick up.
As you went to gather it from the kitchen, he finally adjusted his poor posture and laid back on the couch. It didn't feel any better.
Soon, you came back and handed the glass to him, which he took with eagerness and gulped the cold liquid down. In Danny's defense, Florida summers were actual hell, so anybody would've done the same.
"Danny, you're starting to worry me."
Putting down the glass and finally making eye contact, he forced a smile. "I'm fine. Let's just.." He shook his head, looking away once more, and waved his arm around as if to say 'Move on. Change the subject.'
"How have you been?"
He'd ask about you instead, taking away the spotlight on him. And it'd be rude not to, anyway. Some part also cared, but the first two reasons were better. "I missed you, y'know." He added.
Despite the state he was in, his eyes looking into yours proved the words genuine. It was the truth. Danny hadn't really wanted to stop seeing you, he just... had to get away from the authorities it all for a short while.
"I missed you too."
That felt better.
With a more real smile now, he opened up his arms as if to signal 'C'mere'. You didn't make him wait. You wouldn't dare, he knew you'd obeyed and liked that a lot about you. Of course, it was also pleasing when you'd reciprocate the feelings he had for you.
Even if, unbeknownst to you, manipulation had a lot to do with it.
Tumblr media
Michael Myers:
Tumblr media
What gave away his bad mood was... his quieter than normal breathing. It wasn't going to be his words. But you had almost thought he wasn't breathing at all, and dread ran down your body.
At the same time, he heard his name being called. The unexpected amount of panic in your voice pierced through his train of thought.
He didn't seem mad though.
Michael turned his head towards the source, taking in your stressed stance.
The immobile shape didn't give away any sign of life. Other than looking large, sitting on your — tiny, compared to him — living room couch. He couldn't have been comfortable.
That wasn't your first worry now. The earlier reaction had been a reasonable one as far as anyone was concerned (you were).
You got closer.
No reaction.
Part of you felt anxious, what if he didn't want you near him now?
A risk had to be taken, even though going against his wishes could prove lethal.
Hopefully Michael was self-aware enough to know he was hard to understand sometimes. You prayed he'd forgive you, if that was the case. "Are you okay?"
He didn't nod yes or no.
"Can I?.." you gestured to space next to him. He looked down for a second and gave you space permission to sit beside him.
"You seem thoughtful." He was. How did you know him that well? He didn't even speak. "You know, I thought you were dead." you whispered.
"I," Damn, you hadn't expected him to look at you straight and listen. Deep breaths. Speak. "I don't want you to ever.." voice getting smaller, you faced away. "..Die." Michael felt himself back away, led by an unknown instinct. Surprise, was it?
Yet, he didn't stop staring, studying your furrowed brows, and.. tearful eyes? Were you going to cry?
Feeling his gaze, you closed your eyes. Oh, he thought, guess not? But your lips were still trembling. Moreover, you were mumbling something over and over. He made out the first word as 'Don't'.
Don't? What did you not want him to do? Finish your words, he wanted to say. Did the thought of him dying make you feel this.. choked up? It seemed almost as bad as the millions of things inside his brain. They had him stuck in there for hours, days, weeks, months, years.
As the masked man's pair of eyes focused on your lips, the full phrase jumped at him at last, 'Don't die, please.'
Then a small yelp left your mouth. His big hand had grasped your before shaking one. You hadn't even realized it, but he had. And the action spoke loud and clear.
It promised, 'I won't.'
It eased your anxiety, 'Don't worry about me.'
A tear fell.
"Oh, Michael.." you said, smiling through it.
He felt like he could breathe once again. But hadn't he been this whole time already? "I'm glad."
So was he.
tag list: @prettycutebunny
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me when i point at the killer’s pride charm in hopes we can be friends (but they always end up killing me anyway)
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schmooplesboop · 3 hours ago
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Shouldn’t this be a killer charm, considering how many of them enjoy camping?
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mmmslasher · 11 hours ago
Could you write a reader x Mickey senpai were he kisses and hugs the reader tells them he loves them 🥺🥺🥺
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There done
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