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the pig | rockstar | the victim
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YunYui good,,,
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ask-legion-fjsj · a day ago
I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask this but Frank, what did you mean by "save for maybe Jules"? Do you think she likes being in the entity's realm?
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Jules always used to talk to me about ampin’ up our antics. She was always candid about the intent of the Legion: to cause chaos in an unsuspecting little town. The four of us were angry at the world, angry at the system, and wanting to lash out. 
We were no stranger to dangerous activities. I’ve been in fights and stealing my whole life. Susie’s not one to control her own anger either. Joey found an interest in taking road signs down. We burned shit to the ground. We taught each other our own skills as well as bad habits. But when Julie brought up the hypothetical of murder, of course I thought she was joking. I had no plans to go that far. 
‘Course, when that fateful night occurred, we came to a crossroads: We call an ambulance and get tied to a string of crimes, or we get rid of the one person who knew who we were now. Only one person had the conviction to make a choice. Once it was said and done, I knew our only choice was to hide the body. I couldn’t rat Julie or the others out. We were in far too deep.
I don’t regret protecting her. That’s what I need to do. I love her.
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I got into dbd and I like these two
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🔺 🏵
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Ehyo, how much blood points to slap Pyramid head's ass in a trial?
Laurie, got any betting money?
@citrusdoll @jakepark1994 @sirpeanutthethird @gore-loving-whore @thatgoblin @germvity @chaoticlovingdreamer @notgalaxii
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nipples aren't the only things on his body that are pierced :^)
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Cups of Sugar (48)
Fandom: Dead By Daylight
Ghostface x Female Reader
Rated M for violence, language and smut
“Alright guys, please, be careful,” you said. “Here’s the cart, I’ll carry the last box.”
Roger gave you a thumbs up while Tyrell wiped his hands on his apron, giving a slightly worried look. The afternoon sun beat down on the back of your neck, making you even more anxious for the layers of cake packed inside your van. The day of the last-minute wedding cake had finally arrived and although you were happy at how everything turned out, all you wanted to do was go home and rest.
“The wedding planner said we need to go up this path to the manor and through the side entrance to the kitchen,” you said. “Once you see a refrigerator, put the cakes in immediately; then come back for the macaroons.”
The two men nodded as they carefully wheeled the cart down the cobblestone path while you followed behind them carrying bags of cake decorating equipment. You took in the beautiful scenery, seeing an arch decorated with ivory silk and pale pink roses behind the Goldstone Manor. The building itself was built back in the mid-1800s and reminded you of a castle with its tall columns and multi-color stoned walls. It was surrounded by a white fence and lush garden filled with every color flower imaginable. A small creek ran through the side and the way the water reflected off the sun made it the perfect location to have a fairytale-like wedding.
Once the three of you got to the side door, you held your breath as Roger slowly lifted the cart and wheeled it into the kitchen. A man wearing a white chef’s coat and a woman with her black hair tied back carrying a clipboard were talking to each other in hushed tones. You recognized the woman as Ava Andrews, the wedding planner that had contacted you a month prior. You had met her a couple of times and although she came off a bit rigid, you couldn’t help but admire how well she performed at her job.
“Ah, there you are!” said Ava as she turned to look at you. “There’s room for you in the fridge over there. Did you need any extra help getting things out?”
“I’m good,” you said. “My team can handle the rest. Is there room for me so I can build the cake? I just have to stack the layers and put on some last minute touches.”
“Use that counter,” said Ava, pointing behind you. “Let me know if you need anything, I’ll be around.”
You nodded, giving her a reassuring smile while she focused her attention back to the chef. Setting each box on the counter, you opened them and began to carefully stack each layer on top of each other when Roger and Tyrell walked back in, carrying the rest of the supplies. 
“Alright, could you two start setting up the plastic towers and placing the cupcakes and macaroons on them? Remember, put a flower in between every three,” you instructed. 
The two set to work while you took a bag of frosting and decorated gold-frosted pearls around the base layer of the cake. Your hands shook as you worked but you managed to finish the entire bottom part without any issue. Taking out the pink, premade frosted roses, you set them around the second layer while sprinkling edible glitter on them.
“We’re finished,” said Tyrell. You looked back and smiled as the tower of cupcakes and cookies looked exactly as you imagined it. 
“To the fridge they go,” you said. “You guys can take a break after, I’ve got everything else handled here.”
You let out a sigh of relief as they placed the tower securely into the bottom rack of the fridge. You went back to work decorating the rest of the cake, the chatter of the chef and Ava becoming a pleasant white noise to listen to. 
Once you were done, Ava promptly came up and handed over a thick, beige envelope. Thanking her, you placed it inside your bag, and started to walk back to the van when a white figure emerged from the small balcony of the manor.
You recognized the woman as the bride, Ameila Castro, and watched as she posed in her wedding dress while a photographer aimed his camera at her. The distant sound of it flashing made you smile, and as she gave a twirl, you felt the slightest twinge of envy in your heart.
A brief image of you in a dress with Danny standing at an altar made you shake your head as you mentally scolded yourself for thinking such thoughts. It was pointless to daydream, especially after what he told you a few days ago.
Roger and Tyrell were leaning against the van when you arrived and you quickly got into the driver’s seat to start up the car. The ride back to the Honey Pot was long but talking with the guys made time go by faster. Pulling into the parking lot, you gave them their pay and waved goodbye as they left. 
As you drove back home, you flinched as your stomach rumbled in hunger when you saw Danny pull up in front of the apartment complex. Quickly parking in your spot, you snuck up behind him as he got out of his car, only for him to quickly turn around.
“Were you trying to surprise me?” he asked. “Nice try, but I can hear your van from down the street.”
“You’re no fun,” you pouted. “I just got back from that wedding job and I’m starving. Wanna help me make dinner? I think I can whip up some chicken carbonara.”
“Actually, I was thinking we could go out tonight,” said Danny. Your smile faltered slightly, wondering why he was so eager to be in public all of a sudden. He had made it a point for the past week to keep a low profile but maybe he was tired of being cooped up?
“Really? I thought you wanted to stay in and, you know, keep away from prying eyes?”
“We’re going out.”
You raised your eyebrows at him but figured he probably had enough of hiding. Even you had to admit that being inside your apartment all the time was starting to drive you a bit crazy. 
Danny gave you a reassuring smile as he grabbed your arm and led you into the apartment complex. His pace was quick and you were starting to tire out at how fast he walked up the stairs.
“Did you make a reservation or something? Why the sudden rush?” you asked. 
“Uh, yeah, I did,” he said. “I’ll be over at your place soon. I know we’ve been spending practically every day together, but I really want to go out tonight.”
“I guess-”
Danny went into his apartment and shut the door in your face while you let out an exasperated sigh. Ever since he mentioned the possibility of leaving, you were struggling to pretend like everything was okay. You sensed that Danny was feeling the same way because every moment you spent together felt rushed and strained. Although the intimacy between the two of you was just as passionate before, you would sometimes catch his absent, cold eyes after finishing.
You walked into your apartment and begrudgingly went into your bedroom. The thought of taking a shower crossed your mind but you were too tired as you looked into your closet and settled on a pair of black pants and a purple blouse. 
You were still putting on your boots when you heard Danny walk inside your apartment. You didn’t meet his gaze as you tied your shoes and when he cleared his throat to get your attention, you only glanced up at him momentarily.
“What, is the reservation that early or something?” you asked.
“I just don’t want to have our table given away,” said Danny. “Here, I’ll grab your coat.”
You clicked your tongue in annoyance but caved into your emotions when Danny turned around and tucked a stray hair behind your ear. Caressing your face while giving you a soft pinch on your cheek, he gave you a kiss before grabbing your hand and leading you outside. 
On the way to the restaurant, Danny seemed to loosen up as he asked questions about your day while you filled him in on all the details. You tried not to show the disappointment in your voice as you described the amazing venue and how gorgeous the bride looked.
“It looked like it was going to be a very beautiful wedding,” you concluded. “Something that you’d see in a magazine…kinda makes you think.”
Danny didn’t say anything and as you felt your heart drop at his silence, he slowly took your hand and gave it a tender kiss.
“It is a nice thought, isn’t it?”
You smiled softly as you leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Before you could pull away, he grabbed your chin and gave you a long kiss on the lips. A loud honk erupted from behind you as the light in front stood green and you giggled as you pulled away.
“You’re such a bad driver.”
“And you are a horrible distraction,” he countered. “Doesn’t matter, we’re almost there.”
Danny pulled up to a cheap, bar and grill restaurant and you raised your eyebrows at the tacky red and green sign. It wasn’t like him to go to places like these, knowing he always preferred family owned businesses, saying the food always tasted better and was more authentic. Getting out of the car, you followed him inside as he quickly led you to the bar area, where each of you took a seat at one of the tables in the farthest corner.
“You don’t want to sit at a booth at least?” you asked. “We could have more privacy.”
“It’s good to shake things up a bit sometimes,” he said, opening the drink menu. “Makes things interesting.”
A waiter with an uneven crew cut came up and placed two glasses of water on the table while welcoming you to the restaurant. Danny quickly gave him both of your drink orders while also putting in a couple appetizers. It was everything you liked and just when you were about to compliment him on it, you followed his gaze toward a large group of people behind you.
They looked to be celebrating someone’s birthday and as you heard them shout ‘Happy Birthday Lucas’, you felt your body stiffen. You turned back to Danny and scowled at him while he sipped on his water.
“Are you serious right now?” you seethed. “I thought we were going out because you wanted to. Not so that this would turn into another stalking session!”
“Who says we can’t do both?” said Danny. “You didn’t have a problem with it last time.”
“Because I was trying to be-I don’t know-supportive? I get this is your thing and it’s nice that you included me last time, but this isn’t what I meant when I said you should wait it out a bit longer.”
“Then what do you mean?”
“I mean, stop doing creepy, stalker shit when the cops are here in town, purposefully keeping an eye on you!” you said. “What if they’re watching us right now?”
“They’re not.”
“How do you know that?”
“It’s Sunday,” he said simply. “They always take Sundays off; I saw them head to their little safe house before I got home.”
“But what if they have someone else watching? You literally trashed my entire apartment because you thought they were listening in on us.”
“Everything is fine,” said Danny in a low voice. “You don’t understand, the fact that I have to wait this long without doing anything is driving me insane; you can’t fault me for doing this. I had to get out and this is the only way that I can...express myself.”
“Danny, listen to me,” you begged. “Whatever urges you may have, you can’t let it override your judgement. It’s stupid decisions like these that get people caught!”
“Well thankfully I’m not a stupid person,” said Danny. “Although, it would be funny to kill when the feds are here. Besides, I already have a plan to leave right now if I wanted to.”
“Yeah, got my car ready, new identity, I even have an idea of the next place I’m going to crash at; way better than the apartment I live in now.”
You waited for him to crack a smile or give any indication that he was teasing. His face remained neutral as the waiter stopped by with your drinks and as he took a sip of beer, you saw the vacancy in his eyes that you had slowly come to recognize this past week.
“I see,” you choked. “I understand…I need some air.”
Without waiting for his response, you got out of your seat and quickly left the restaurant, blinking back the tears that were threatening to spill from the corners of your eyes. You knew that you were overreacting, that asking him to act differently in his nature was stupid but what he had said in the car had given you hope. Sure, you didn’t really expect him to actually marry you, but maybe, just maybe, he would pull back from his murderous tendencies if it meant being with you.
I’m not special, I’m just stupid, you thought. Why did I have to fall in love with him? Why did I even start this, why did I let it get this far!?
You took in a shaky breath and finally let the tears flow down your face as you sat down on one of the stone benches outside. Wiping away your wet face, you stood back up when you felt someone roughly grab you by the arm and pull you upward.
“What the-Danny, stop!”
“The hell is wrong with you, leaving me in there like that?” he hissed as he dragged you toward his car. “The whole point is to not attract any attention.”
“Then maybe we should’ve stayed at home in the first place!”
“So I get a little agitated when I don’t get to indulge in the things I’m most passionate about, who doesn’t?” scoffed Danny. “To be fair, Sweets, I’ve never been in a relationship like this, so give me a fucking break, will ya?”
“And you think I have?” you gasped. “Being with someone like you is insane! I shouldn’t even be talking to you! Jesus Christ, and now with the cops looking at us, it makes everything even more stressful-”
“So, that’s what this is about? You’re worried about going away, getting time in jail?”
“No! It doesn’t matter what happens to me, because either way, I’ll never be able to see you again and that is what’s killing me right now!” you cried. “We’re trapped.”
Danny didn’t say anything as you wiped the tears from your face and when you reached out to grab his hand, he took a step back.
“I see,” he said darkly. “You’re right, we are trapped; but not for long.”
Danny got into his car and turned on the engine, barely giving you enough time to back away as he put it in reverse. Peeling out of the parking lot, you watched him leave in a cloud of smoke, more confused than angry at what just happened.
Hope you guys enjoyed the latest chapter! I would really appreciate if you could support and follow me at https://www.twitch.tv/gemini_jinx, gemini_jinx on tiktok, or donate at paypal.me/sleepydaydreamz 💖
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Tumblr media
Slasher Bois
Slasher x reader
^ headcannons, reactions, preferences w/ multiple Slasher Bois
Jason Dean (JD) x reader
Billy Loomis x reader
Ghostface x reader
Tate Langdon x reader
Kevin Khatchadourian x reader
Thomas Hewitt x reader
Jason Voorhees x reader
Micheal Myers x reader
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move me, love me, bruise me, fight me till I'm black and blue for you
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A friend showed me your work and I honestly am in love with it!! Its sooooo beautiful!!! and very pleasing :D idk if I can request some Jake and Michael being goofy or dumb together?? I think their relationship is funny because neither of them like to talk but they love hanging out together
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don't believe in ship/friendship between killers and survivors but yes, this dynamic is very funny😂
Also thank you, you’re so kind anon!!
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Why I love running lethal pursuer 
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kervidae · 23 hours ago
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I’m obsessed with this skin and it’s not even out yet!
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Some dbd killer gumball popsicle charms I had made of my illustrations!
Available at my shop here
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incorrect-dbd-quotes · a day ago
Mikaela: She’ll be here tonight as the sun has its last shadow upon the earth and the crescent moon is risen upon the Eastern ridge.
Jonah: So… Like, 9 o’clock?
Mikaela: Yes, Carmina will be here around 9.
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i redrew a silly little pyramid head doodle i found in a sketchbook from when i was like… 9 maybe?
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I forgot to post this a while back!! Cupid knows he'll probably never get a verbal response from Mikey, but that doesn't stop him from being sweet on the guy
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ombui · 2 days ago
if you do requests may i request Zarina and Ghostface together?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hope you like my art !! Thanks for requesting !! - Val <3
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