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Batman: and what exactly was your plan?

Robin: we didn’t have one

Red hood: shut up, yes we did

Red Robin: all you said was “don’t die”

Red hood: yeah and that’s a good plan

Red hood: and it’s very motivational

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I’m watching Batman Death in the Family for the first time and 1 it make me feel like I choose all the bad choices every time the screen goes black and outlines your choice in red. And 2 is there any happy ending in this??

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Jonathan Crane:

The Batman had almost caught him when you swept in like a bat out of hell (no pun intended). He watched you fight back the self-proclaimed superhero with ease, mouth going dry as his pulse started to race. Then you turned and looked at him, and his knees started to quake. Oh. Oh no.

Edward Nygma:

For a second, he’s kind of pissed that someone is interrupting his encounter with the Bat. But then he actually looks at you and immediately feels his insides go all warm and gooey. The man is lovestruck. He spends most of time switching between fighting off The Bat and trying to “subtly” flirt with you.

Jervis Tetch:

He’s never been the confrontational type, preferring to let others do the dirty work for him. And yet, when he sees you fighting Batman, something in him just screams at him to help you. So he does, positively enthralled and already planning on how to sweep you off your feet once the two of you get away.

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We Go Where You Are.

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Fanfiction.Net: {Link}

Archive of Our Own: {Link}

Fandom: Teen Titans (2003-2008)

Pairings: Robin/Red X, Raven/Starfire, and Past Robin/Starfire

Summary: He never should have agreed to go on the date, even if it was for Charity. He never should have let it bloom into a serious relationship. He should have done SOMETHING to prevent this sort of a thing from happening.

Inspired by these prompts by @write-it-motherfuckers


and later on {Link}

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