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have this crack idea that my brains been obsessed with for a while

(bbc merlin and dc/mainly batfam)

  • so somehow the batbros, kori, and a couple others (doesn’t matter too much, i focus on these five mainly, but its usually duke, steph, roy, kon, jon, and/or various other batfamily/team members) get sent back in time.
  • somehow they have period clothing (i said its crack fuckin roll with me) and they meet king arthur.
  • they fuckin panic, and say kori is a princess from the kingdom of tamaran, and the boys are princes from the kingdom of gotham.
  • i ship a lot of different shit, but in this one i focus on kori x dick
  • so they for some reason say kori and dick are engaged, and at this time they aren’t dating (whethere they dated before this could be a thing)
  • so arthur lets them stay at the palace, and merlin is sus
  • a lot of trying to keep kori period appropiate modest because while thats fine and dandy in the 21th centure, showing fucking ankles is scandalous rn
  • the boys become closer bros
  • maybe a magic user came back and merlin senses their magic, or senses the Lazarus pit off of todd, or just senses the alien or time travel energy cause hes emerys, and he knows somethings up
  • they have a ball, and not all the boys know how to dance, so bonding moment with learning how to dance properly (most likely dami knows 5th century dances)
  • the boys try sparring with the night to varied success
  • arthur trying to figure out about these countries
  • merlin and arthur, romantic or platonic, start to get closer investigating, leading to a possible magic reveal
  • kori and dick have to do courting things. basically the fake dating trope and i love it

so ya theres my crack idea that has no reason to exist, just 2 hyperfixations at once. i have another where reincarnations of the roundtable are in the dc universe, but thats for another time

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Damian: I could kill you if I wanted!
Jason: Oh yeah?
Jason [pointing at Dick]: So could another human being.
Jason [pointing at Titus]: So could your dog.
Jason [pointing at Tim]: So could a really dedicated duck!
Tim: We talked about this, man--
Jason: You ain't special, short-stack!
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Roman, single and mostly sober: I can’t fucking stand when people won’t shut up about their “significant others.” I mean, way to look desperate. Just keep it low-key.

Roman, dating Victor and drunk off his ass: Everybody shut the fuck up and look at Victor! He’s so fucking cute! He has a face and opinions!

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Hmm…. 😈😈

• • •

Captain Marvel furrowed his brow in confusion as he stared at Bizarro Superman— the grey-skinned, hulking figure currently sitting across from him in a small chair.

He watched as the man with Superman’s face squeaked a small rubber duck happily, laughing at the sound the toy made.

Marvel had been saddled with watching the man while the others in the League dealt with the newcomers— Bizarro Superman’s Justice League.

“Uhh… so, Bizarro… what’s Earth-29 like?” Cap asked, sitting back in his chair and folding his arms over his chest as the man continued to squeak his rubber duck.

“Terrible,” the man said with a grin. Cap nodded slowly— he’d been told that Bizarro was backwards, including his speech patterns.

“Well that’s good,” he said, rubbing the back of his head. “What about—“

The doors to the meeting room slammed open, the demigod being slammed into by a bright red blur. The raven grunted as he was slammed against the ground, looking up in confusion at the man above him— staring at the spitting image of himself, plus grey skin.

“Whoa…” Marvel breathed, sitting up as his double clambered off of him angrily. “Wha—“

“Captain DC, get back in here!” Diana said as she came out of the meeting room, glancing between the pair before training her eyes on the demigod from Earth-29.

“…Captain DC?” Marvel asked, furrowing his brow in confusion as he looked at the man currently getting to his feet. His double narrowed his eyes at him angrily as Diana grabbed his arm gently. “I don’t understand.”

His double flared angrily at him before looking at a point on the wall and raising an unimpressed eyebrow. He jabbed a thumb towards Cap, continuing to stare at the blank spot on the wall before turning his attention toward Diana.

“Fine,” he grumbled, following her back to the meeting room.

Captain Marvel blinked, watching them leave before glancing at Bizarro. “Uhh….” he started, watching the man pick up the rubber duck and hold it out for him to take.

He sighed. “…thanks, buddy.”

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Headcanon #155

Wally’s voice acting as gotten even better and used more for then just batfam, Superman got a lolli voice, wonder woman has a deeper British accent and so on, he does use this to get back at Dick to ruin the mood for whatever reason, Bruce’s voice and a bit of Todd’s if he’s petty.

Sometimes though the voices can turn up the mood, and yes he does it in the worst timing because why not? He enjoys seeing him in discomfort. Don’t steal his fries Dick, this could be avoided Dick, Donna and Kori are dying from this Dick!

(listen I don’t do drugs I just want Superman with a fucking lolli voice because it’s hilarious to think about. Someone please make this a THING)

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