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- usually comes over to your place after a long night of patrol to just have a late night talk with you

- the talks usually involve bickering, telling each other about their day, and maybe the occasion flirting

- homeboy got a thing for randomly hugging you when he needs comfort

- loves eating your snacks and leaving the wrappers in the pantry

- gets annoyed when the bat fam calls you his girlfriend

- “ Alright we’re having a sleepover at your place- bruce is being annoying here “

- you patch him up after rough patrol nights 

- late night “ i love you “s that turn into “ you smell like ass still, get back in that shower jason! “ the next second

- you both share dark humor

- each other’s therapists 

- you would tease him about bat fam calling you his girlfriend 

- but in reality, he doesn’t mind you being called his girlfriend

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The BatFam™️ came into their names on their own time.

Alfred was codenamed Penny-One when he first came to M16. He grew to like it, so he kept it.

Guardian was unavailable as a hero name for him (thanks, Jim Harper) so Jim chose the name Bat Guard to signify his position with the BatFam™️ and also to signify his position as the guardian of Gotham City.

Lucius’ nickname in school was Foxtrot due to his incredible dancing ability. He kept it since it matched with his name and Tanya’s code name.

When she was young, Julia was nicknamed Penny-Two by Alfred’s friends. She kept it because she liked it.

Foxglove is poisonous. Tanya killed with poisons. Therefore she used Foxglove as her code name.

Bruce was afraid of bats. To conquer his fear, he decided to take the name on and become Batman.

Selina liked cats and modeled herself appropriately. So she called herself Catwoman.

Kate mainly called herself Batwoman to match with Bruce. She grew fond of it, so she didn’t drop it, even when people thought she and Bruce were married.

Jean-Paul only became Azrael because of his suit’s name. After he ditched it, he picked out the name Archangel to match his ascension from madness.

Bette outgrew Batgirl, and the name Flamebird was taken (thanks, Wally) so she became Hawkfire.

Clayface was kind of a given with Basil, and he/she kind of grew attached to it. So it stuck (no pun intended).

Barbara also outgrew Batgirl, and she enjoyed her time as Oracle. She decided to keep the code name when she got the use of her legs back.

Dick was always fascinated with the Nightwing myth from Krypton. So after Jason came into his life and he gave Jason the Robin title, he took the code name Nightwing.

Jason would have been fine being Red Hood for the rest of his life, if only to spite the Joker. But after he was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum and tortured for a month, he realized that these people needed a hero to call their own. So he became Arkham Knight.

Harper gave up the Bluebird name after the incident at the Meta-Human Youth Center. To honor her friend Leslie, she took the name Livewire.

Helena Bertinelli enjoyed hunting long before she became a vigilante. Since the name Huntress was available when she joined the BatFam™️, she adopted it as her code name.

Harper has given up the name Bluebird. So Cullen took it. He enjoyed teasing Harper about it.

Luke wanted to join his family as a Fox. So he became Foxman. He gets teased about the name a lot by his siblings.

Cassandra would have been happy being Orphan forever before the Meta-Human Youth Center incident. To honor her friend Leonard, and since shadowfire was her main weapon of choice, she became Holocaust.

Hank liked Gotham Guy, so he kept Gotham Guy.

Tamara was regularly told she had a sharp, foxlike face. Hence Foxface.

Tim wasn’t Robin anymore, and Red Robin was redundant, so he decided to become Lark.

Stephanie adopted Spoiler to defy her dad. After her Robin and Batgirl days, she took it back in order to keep defying the world.

Duke enjoyed being Signal, so he kept Signal.

Nell wanted to honor a fellow ice meta that died during the Meta-Human Youth Center incident. So she became Ice.

Carrie wanted to be like her mother. So she became Catgirl.

Claire wanted to match her brother, so she became Gotham Girl.

Damian outgrew Robin, so he became Farid (Knight in Urdu).

Tiffany was supposed to be Batgirl, but decided not to when she got her laser eyes. So she became Foxeyes.

Terry McGinnis was first called Wild Card by Lex Luthor. So that is what he became.

Arachne came with the spider on her back. Helena Kane-Kyle only put up a mild fight about it.

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