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That’s the thing, Bruce! He’s not Barbara! He’s not goin to be ok mentally, emotionally and physically from it! He never healed from it and you expect him to quickly get stronger from it! He wasn’t shot by him! He was BEATEN with a crowbar and died in an explosion! I’m so salty from this issue, can’t you tell? Like nice victim blaming there, Bruce. Such a great father you are.

The Three Jokers (2020)

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You know what. Fuck y'all. I’m so stoked about the new Batgirl movie. And I’m pumped that Joss Whedons directing it. I have loved everything’s he’s put out and I’m sure I’m gonna love this too.

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I wonder which world y'all live in where fans supposedly treat Babs as the “good girl” and put her on a pedestal cuz in the one I’m in people are constantly shitting on her and blaming her for either poor ooc writing choices, or simply existing and breathing next to their male faves, or slutshame her for being paired with all the bat dudes as if that’s her fault! complete with throwing in casual mysoginstic jabs like calling her a “bitch” or “c*nt”

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Barbara Gordon should not still be Batgirl if/when a Batgirl book relaunches. However if they do bring back new Batgirl stories only to use the Future State model of sticking those stories with Cass/Steph leading at the end of a Batman book, effectively saying Cass/Steph Batgirls can’t sustain an actual book on their own so we’ll just throw some sub stories at the end of this book we know will sell well regardless, that’s kinda messed up. Beggars can’t be choosers, but it’ll say a lot of how DC views the Batgirl mantle when Babs isn’t the lead.

Though based on how they continually use Babs for man pain in the batfam they don’t really care about her either.

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Seeing some “Tell me why Cassandra Cain going by Orphan is good.” discussions from my friends on twitter and I want to join so bad, but I’ve gone at length on why it’s not good regardless of the many ppl that try to defend it.

I’ve heard all the “reasons” people try and lie to themselves on why Cass going by Orphan works, but in the end it’s a lie. Most just don’t want her to be Batgirl again or just don’t actually care about her/only read her as Orphan so they don’t see the point in changing it.

I have strong feelings on Black Bat, which I’ve expressed many times on here, and while I think Black Bat is a better name than Orphan it has the same pitfalls as a code name people lie to themselves and say “fits” better for Cass.

Batgirl is the best code name for Cassandra Cain in the current set up in which Cassandra Cain is being used as a character, however it’s also an unavailable name (apparently) and unlike most of the batfam members she doesn’t have a name she can revert back to. There’s a way to make Black Bat work, but if people really want Black Bat to be her “Nightwing” type name then she needs her “Robin” type development first and that’s her as Batgirl.

There is no way to make the name Orphan work for Cass. It’s stupid. However there is a way to make the theme of what Orphan is supposed to represent work, but it’s not what they are currently doing and requires a lot of solo development away from Batman and the Batfam and DC is clearly not interested in doing that.

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