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Wally West x Female Reader

( I gotta get these out of my system)

“Ok, so what is it you want me to do exactly?” A heavy sigh escapes my body before I answer. Again.

“I need you to give me a haircut.” Well I really didn’t need her to give me a haircut. Honestly I probably could have went to Barry or even Roy. Considering both have cut my hair before. But I promised (Y/N) we would hang out after school. Being on the team was great but any personal time I had has been eaten up. Causing me and my best friend to barley see each other. Something she has made very clear when I had to bail on movie night. For the third time. In a row. Fourtantely a window opened up, so here we are on this rainy Friday. In (Y/N) a bathroom currently going through every hair product in the house.

“Ok you’ve said that, but my question is why me? Oh! Found it!” She was up on her tippy toes reaching for the top of the medicine cabinet. Inside was a beat up box that held hair clippers. “ My usuals are busy today, and the old guy down the block from me shakes way too much for my comfort”. Both statements are very much true. Roy and Barry were actually busy today and the old guy was in but I refuse to sit in his chair ever again. (Y/N) takes the clippers, scicorrs, and a plethora of hair products. Most which aren’t even going to get used. I follow behind her holding a mirror and a towel. We make it to her room and throw everything on the bed.

“ But Wally I’m not exactly a hairdresser. Plus your hair looks fine to me.” I would have actually believed that statement if she didn’t have a grin on her face while saying it. “Haha, you know my hair looks terrible (Y/N). I sit down on the floor and run my hand through it . Its gotten to the point where I have to have a band hold it back. I find a Batman barret that (Y/N) had put in my curls. I wonder how long it was in there for?

“Alright fine I’ll cut it; but I don’t wanna hear any complaining on how it comes out”. (Y/N) clears a spot on the bed and hands me the towel. All the hair will fall on it making for an easy cleanup. “Don’t worry, I trust ya babe”.

(Y/N) sits on the edge of the bed and I slide back between her knees. With that she turns on the cordless clippers. I feel a hand push my hair up from the back. “ You wanted a undercut right”? She asks as I hear the clippers get louder. “ Yup”. With the conformation she starts.

She didn’t just dive into my head with the clippers. She started of light, still a bit uncertain about this. As time goes on she gets more confident. Unsure cuts turn into graceful glides against my skull. She’s going fast but slows down when she gets to my ears. She gently folds them and her hand is steady. She runs her hand over and through my hair. Her painted nails have some length to them. She scratches along the way. This sends tingles down my spine and throughout my body. I feel so relaxed. The sound of the two hitting the window helps too. Sometimes her fingers will tickle my neck. I retaliate by tickling her foot that’s adorned with an anklet. She gets me back by sending some quick kicks to my thigh. I could get used to this.

But all good things must come to an end. Eventually the clippers were turned off and a hand brushed away any extra hair. “Alright West, you’re all done”. I open my eyes and lift up my head. I don’t actually remember ever closing my eyes. “I would get up but I feel like I’m glued to this spot”. She laughs but I’m serious. Who knew the floor could be so comfortable. I back up more into her legs and put my head back. This way I’m looking directly at her. (Y/N) looks down at me with a confused face. The angle is awkward of course but she looks perfect to me. “What’s up dude? Why you lookin at me like that”? Suddenly her hands fly to her face and she cover her nose. “Please don’t tell me I have a booger”?!

I can’t help the laugh that escapes my body. I laugh so hard I gotta clutch my stomach. I feel some hits on my back as I try to sober up. I get on my knees and turn around to face her. Her arms are crossed and she’s looking at the wet window. “No you don’t have any boogers (Y/N)”. I shimmy towards her and wrap my arms around her waist. My chin on her thighs. “I was just adrmiring the view”. She turns back towards me and places her hand under my chin. She leans towards me and my eyes widen. Suddenly reality drops in. In my relaxed state I didn’t realize how cuddly and close I was being.

Now I’m realizing all types of things. How her hands smell like strawberry sanitizer she uses. Her hair smells like peach shampoo. The eyeliner under her eyes smudged from our run in the rain. There’s some glitter next to her nose and on her lips. Probably from her favorite clear coconut lipgloss. Speaking of glitter there’s a piece that keeps shining. It’s only one but it’s not on her face. Looking down I see that it’s on her chest. It’s really close to her bo-boo-boob!

I scoot back so fast I think I used my powers. (Y/N) is still on the bed slouched over. Her eyes are wide and lips puckered. “You know what I just remembered I’m supposed to be helping my mom with family dinner tonight!” (Y/N) just looks at me and blinks. My face feels hot. Actually my everything feels hot. (Y/N)s hot too. I should go over ther and-NO. She’s my friend I shouldn’t be thinking this way about her. I look back up and see that (Y/N) is blushing. The scilence is akward and I still haven’t made an attempt to get up from the floor.

“Uhh,okay Wally. Um lemme walk you out and stuff.” (Y/N) gets up and walks past me to the door. I hear her go downstairs and let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding in. Using my speed I clean up the room and meet her downstairs. On the way down I grab my book bag that I left at the bottom of the steps. (Y/N) still has a blush and is biting one of her nails. She looks up as I approach and reaches for the door handle. With a turn she opens it and I walk out into the still pouring rain.

“I”, before I could say anything (Y/N) hands me a (F/C) umbrella. “Thanks (Y/N).” I step back a bit and open the umbrella. “ I just don’t want you to get sick later ya know? I nod and run my hand on the back of my head. It feels nice and smooth. By touch alone I can tell it’s a perfect undercut. “Thanks again (Y/N) for this. I’m sorry we can’t hang out a little longer.” She hides behind the door a bit. “Nah dude it’s fine. I’m glad I could help. Tell your mom I said hi by the way.” I was confused before I remembered my lie. “Uh, yeah of course! I’ll let her know!”

With a quick wave she closes the door. My face still feels hot and my heart is pounding against my chest. I descended down the stairs and start my walk home. Holy shit did we almost kiss? It sure seemed like we were gonna kiss! I’ve never thought about kissing her before. I mean her lips are plump and she always adds a gloss to them. Making them desirable to anyone that looks at them and -oh my god I think I have a crush. That thought makes me stop in my tracks. I have a crush on my best friend. And it seemed like she wanted to kiss me. So does she like me too?

With a groan I keep walking and dig out my phone. I sure hope rob is in a listening mood.

(End. There’s probably plenty of mistakes throughout this 🙃 If anyone wants I’ll do a shorter version through the perspective of (Y/N))

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i wanna follow more people cuz why tf not

so please leave a comment or reblog or like or WHATEVER if you blog about

- Gotham (mainly the “bad guys”)

-Supernatural (no antis pls. also no w*ncest)


-Schitt’s Creek

-Gilmore Girls


-The Magicians

-Atypical (i need more paige on my dash)

-Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency

-The Umbrella Academy (both tv and comics!)

-Sherlock BBC

-Derry Girls

-Stranger Things

-Travelers (people who watch travelers are so friggen rare. PLEASE tell me if you watch it)

-The Order (still pissed about the cancelation)


-DC Comics

-The MCU

-Marvel Comics

-Just Comics in general lmao

-Six Of Crows (yes, i read too)


-HOO (preferably THIS over pjo lol)

-Harry Potter (but like- specifically Draco)

-9-1-1 FOX (only the OG, i dont like lone star)

ill probably add more later but these are the ones at the top of my head.

SO let me know (somehow) if you blog about any of these please and thank you!!!

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Stigma - Jerome Valeska x Female Reader | Prologue

A/N: Detective Jim Gordon was notorious for being ruthless and uncouth, but it didn’t surprise anyone that his adopted daughter was just the same. After you go to the circus with your dad and Lee, your life is turned upside down when you stumble across a fiery haired teen.

Warnings: None


The lights and music were overwhelming. The sound of circus music rung in your ears and made you squirm excitedly in your seat. Dancers flew in the air and latched on to one another flawlessly, awing the audience as they stared up at them with wide, amazed eyes.

Your father, Jim Gordon and his girlfriend Leslie Tompkins were sitting next to you with smiles on their faces, looking at you as you gasped and sat on the edge of your seat. Jim had his arm wrapped around Leslie’s shoulder and held her close whereas you sat separated from them both.

“Oh- god” You kept feeling your heart drop as the trapeze artists let go of their partners and flew in the air, petrified they weren’t going to make it but feeling the life return to you when their hands clasped together and the partner had caught them. Jim chuckled to himself as he looked from you to the performance, enjoying the amount of interest you were showing in the circus and glad he was there to experience it with you. You’d never been to a circus before, being an orphan all your life never gave you many thrilling opportunities so when Jim adopted you, your grey life burst into an ocean of colours.

The trapeze artists finished their magnificent performance and bowed graciously to the audience. You, unable to control yourself, stood up and clapped, whistling and cheering like many others in the small stadium. Jim and Leslie looked up at you as you placed your fingers in your lips and whistled loudly, the sound catching a few audience members off guard.

As their performance came to a close, you sat back down and watched as clowns flourished on the stage, goofing around and being silly as the audience chuckled. You didn’t like clowns, you were a little scared of them, so you didn’t laugh and crossed your arms as you watched the clowns continue to run around the stage.

Before you knew it, a fight started between two of the performers and the crowd gasped. You stood up from your seat, ready to stop it, but your father beat you to it when he quickly scrambled up from his seat and pulled out his badge from the inside of his blazer.

“GCPD!” He yelled, the stadium slowly growing quiet as he walked up to the two fighting clowns and placed his hands on his hips.

Only then did you realise this was going to be a long night.

You joined him on the performance platform after waiting minutes for all the audience members to leave, letting out sighs of boredom as you watched your dad begin to interrogate the different circus performers.

“What did I miss?” You turned around quickly to see your fathers partner, Harvey.

“Not much, two clowns roughing it up and a bunch of dramatic trapeze performers” You snarked, earning a sharp laugh from Harvey who patted your back in approval of your unecessary sarcastic comment. The rest of the GCPD had arrived, multiple police officers on the site and beside many performers to find out what happened and who started the fight.

You kept your distance from your dad and stayed with Lee for a while whilst watching different scenes unfold. You heard the name Grayson and Lloyd, something about rivalry and always bickering at each other about the simplest of things.

It didn’t take long for Jim to return to you and Leslie, reassuring you that everything was okay before telling you both that he’d seem to find something important, something significant.

“A snake dancer called Lila, that’s who caused this” He shook his head in disappointment and placed his hands on his lips whilst looking up at you and Lee.

“Well where is she?” You asked.

“That’s what I’m trying to find out, come on” Jim tilted his head to the side sharply, indicating for you and Leslie to follow him outside of the tent and into what you guessed was the homes for the circus performers. Multiple trailers lay settled in the grass and inside were more circus performers undressing and wiping off their makeup. You walked along side your dad and Leslie who’s arms were linked, walking through the trailer park. You occasionally tripped over a bump or digging hole in the grass made by small rodents.

“Careful” Your father snapped at you, taking your hand and helping you out of a foot sized ditch which your shoe got stuck in.

“I’m okay” You reassured him, continuing to walk through the trailer park until your father finally approached one in particular. It was an average trailer, nothing too fancy and quite average looking. The inside was lit up and your eyes trailed to the side of the trailer to see a large red cage with a large snake inside. You jumped when you heard it hissing at you and hid behind your dad as he chapped the door of the trailer. Some shuffling was heard and you stayed hidden behind your dad when suddenly the door was opened.

A tall teenage boy walked out, short red hair with a long fringe, some strange falling over his blue eyes. You felt your breath hitch in your throat, freezing in your spot as he looked at Jim with a questionable expression.

“We need to speak with Lila” Your dad started off in a bored tone of voice.

“She’s not here” The boy replied, grabbing his coat and taking a step out of the trailer.

“Where is she?” Jim asked, adjusting his posture and crossing his arms as the red haired teen slipped on his coat.

“Uh, I don’t know, she was supposed to be home ages ago” The boy replied with a wary voice, crossing his arms to keep himself warm.

“You a relative?” Your dad raised a brow.

“Uh, I’m her son, Jerome” The boy named Jerome replied, still looking unsure about the situation as Jim stood in front of him sternly. You blanked out of the conversation and your eyes focused on Jerome’s handsome face. You chewed the inside of your cheek, feeling your face flush with heat as Jerome continued speaking with Jim.

You immediately ducked your head down and turned to face Leslie when Jerome’s gaze fell on you for a few seconds. His eyes widened a tiny amount when they linked with yours but he quickly dragged his attention back to your dad.

Leslie seemed to take notice of your flustered stare and nudged your side behind Jim’s back.

“Someone’s blushing” She teased, smirking to herself until your dad caught your attention once more when asking Jerome to let the snake out of its cage.

“Dad, are you insane?” You asked in a wary voice, looking at Jerome was he walked up to the red cage and unlocked it, letting the door swing open so the snake could leave and begin to slither wherever is was going.

You and Leslie stepped away from the snake whereas Jerome and Jim stood completely still. All four of you started following the snake as it trailed along the grass and over small bumps and dips.

Leslie walked beside Jim, watching intently as the two of them strode in front of you and Jerome. Your heart hammered in your chest as you snuck a quick glance at Jerome, catching him doing the same as he quickly looked away from you and kept a sensible distance from you.

“I’m (Y/N)” You said, stuffing your hands in your pockets and looking back up to meet Jerome’s returning glance.

“T-That’s a nice name” He smiled, doing the same and keeping his hands warm in his coat pockets as the two of you walked along and continued to follow the snake. Jerome seemed on edge, his body was tense and uncomfortable and his eyes held worry. You wanted to get closer and comfort him but you barely even knew him, you didn’t know if it was your human instincts kicking in or the riveting experience of being involved with one of your fathers cases.

You followed your dad before he stopped dead in his tracks and watched as the snake came across a red crate filed with blankets and hay. You stopped and walked over to the other side of Jerome so you could watch with everyone else as the snakes head slipped underneath one of the blankets and it’s body was climbing up the crate. You looked at your father with a brow raised and felt your hands tremble as he walked up to the crate and pulled the blankets off, revealing the exact woman you were looking for.

Your hands flew to your mouth and sick churned in your stomach, Jerome wailed beside you and fell to his knees in shock. Leslie gasped and Jim simply stared with wide, impassive eyes.

You immediately flew to Jerome’s side and wrapped your arms around him, he spluttered and struggled to catch his breath as tears flew down his face. One of Jerome’s hands held onto your forearm and he leaned into your touch, unable to communicate as he stared teary eyed at his mother’s slashed, bloody body. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at her, ducking your head and leaning your cheek against the top of Jerome’s head. Jim turned his head to look your way, clearly irritated you were getting involved in someone’s personal life and also at the fact you were hugging a boy who’s similar age to you.

Leslie helped you with getting Jerome back on his feet and helping him return to his trailer before any further interrogation proceeded.

Your night at the circus was cut short when you were sent back to the GCPD with Jim and Jerome, you two were in charge of bringing him back to central Gotham to ask him questions and see if you could get anything out of him. Leslie stayed behind to help tend to the injuries of the other circus performers who got roughed up in the fight.

It didn’t take long for you and your dad to arrive back at the GCPD, you didn’t get far as you led Jerome through the busy office jam packed with Circus performers who were bickering at each other consistently. Jerome was shaking as you kept a protective arm around him, leading him to the back where the interrogation room was and waiting with him outside till it was his turn to go in.

Jerome was a frightened young boy in your eyes, when you saw him all you wanted to do was hold him and tell him it was going to be alright. He was so fragile, so tender. You made successful conversation with him to get his mind off things, you asked him about his life back at the circus and somethings about him, in return for a few things about yourself.

“Y-You’re really sweet, why are you doing this?” Jerome spoke up, holding his jacket close to his trembling body as his eyes looked up to meet yours. You smiled graciously and patted his shoulder, careful not to startle him with too much contact.

“I just want to do whatever I can to help, I don’t know you much but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna help you get through this” You reassured, returning your hand back down to your side and seeing a sparkle of hope in Jerome’s soft blue eyes.

“You mean that?” He whimpered, his eyes glistening with tears and his lip quivering ever so slightly. You nodded immediately and shuffled closer to him whilst the two of you leaned against the wall next to the door into the interrogation room.

“I know what it’s like to lose my mother, and my father as well” Your voice grew quiet but Jerome heard you loud and clear against all the yelling from the centre of the office. He frowned at your comment in some form of sympathy, he was shocked to hear your words.

“You’re an orphan? I’m sorry…” He sounded so gentle when he apologised to you, looking away as if it was his fault but you instantly shook your head and raised your hand yo cup his cheek, making him jolt suddenly which made you feel a little guilty for scaring him.

“Don’t be sorry, I wasn’t really important to them anyway” You dismissed the conversation casually, waving your hand and shaking your head as he looked at you with some sort of curiosity. He wanted to know more but he kept his mouth shut and try not to make you uncomfortable.

Before Jerome was about to say anything, the interrogation door opened and your dad stepped through with a serious expression, his grey eyes landing on you and Jerome and immediately frowning at the sight. Jerome looked at your father and sighed to himself, taking one of your hands and squeezing it softly before he started walking away from you and into the interrogation room.

His fingertips grazed your hand for a moment longer and he paused before going in, glassy eyes saying a thousand words but his mouth was sealed shut.

“I hope to see you again sometime soon, (Y/N)” Jerome whispered before letting go of your hand and leaving you alone in the corridor outside the room he just entered. Your arm was still spread out, your fingers burning with his touch that implanted itself into your skin. Your dad looked at you with a deep frown, eyebrows furrowed as he shook his head and walked into the interrogation room behind Jerome, leaving you alone for the first time in hours.

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I think this is my coolest cosplay yet and I’m seriously disappointed I have no where to go in it!!

I do have a red domino mask too I just forgot to put it on for the picture whoops

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