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#dc comics fanart

I’m really proud of how this drawing of Wally West turned out! I will admit the scars are kinda wonky, especially the lightning ones since I’m not really experienced with them. In case you were wondering why I drew Wally with scars on his neck, ohhhh boy it’s a rough one. It’s not canon but from the situation that happened there must have been scarring.


What happened was in the Flash run with Wally as the Flash, Barbara Minerva, Cheetah, broke Zoom out of prison to help her become faster. With this information, Wally recruited Diana aka Wonder Woman to help find them. During this, they come across a house with a murdered 84 year old woman, Priscilla Rich, the first Cheetah. They’re then ambushed by the two villains, with Cheetah clawing Wally’s throat. Since this was a crossover issue, it moves onto Wonder Woman #214, which is where shit hits the fan and I immediately hated this comic. Zoom then runs off to “help” Diana become a better hero, leaving Wally alone with Cheetah. Here Cheetah starts this really uncomfortable “flirting” with him before severing his spinal cord and tearing his hamstring, preventing him from getting away from her. She notices his his wedding ring and says “married men are always fun.” She then gets on top of him and says some other really fucked up things, while Wally is saying don’t and that she doesn’t want to, to which Cheetah responds with “I do.” She then kisses him and it’s through that kiss Wally steals her speed and kickstarts his accelerated healing and escapes. I headcanon that Wally has the scar on his throat from this and he hates it with his entire being. 

Also this is never brought up again and pretty much forgotten so thanks DC for not addressing this shit! Fuck you! :)

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ye im back with my AU, i thought of modifying the batsuit to give it a more grayson vibe but i think its a bit too glowy for a batman suit,

lemme know which one is better or what modifications i can give the man :)

(for reference this is the other suit-

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Wally West’s new avatar in the rp server! I’ve been having a blast playing Wally & Snart in the rp server and I added Carol Ferris to my slot of characters! I’m going to draw her a new avatar next!

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