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#dc comics x reader
sailorsophiee · 4 hours ago
okay okay okay i’m not sleeping right now cause uh insomia but i’m listening to waitress right?! possible tony award winning musical waitress i can’t remember at all! right so bad idea comes on and ideas start flooding my BRAIN if only i could finish all my WIPS in my notes and publish them on here anywho the idea!!!
bruce wayne x reader (technically my oc but ya know for audience) and ya know it’s like waitress and the song bad idea but minus all the bad stuff in that musical so just dilfy doctor bruce wayne and reader and it’s like YEAH
i’m so tired
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alienstardust · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
* i need that fire just to know that i'm awake / until we go down ( Jason todd/red hood x f!reader )
♫ “UNTIL WE GO DOWN” RUELLE ≈ teach me how to look at you: #01. #02. #03. #04.
A/N: Jason Todd/Red Hood Imagine. It's Part 4. Thank you so much for reading this series. It is really motivating. I have some notes/ideas. Feedback and comments are always appreciated. Thank you!! 🖤 [Warnings: mentions of violence, blood, some language, some angst, drops of fluff]
Tumblr media
“So what are you in for?” Jason made himself comfortable on the bench in the cell, leaning against the bars. He stretched out his legs and crossed his ankles, then tilted his head at you looking like he was waiting for an answer.
“Confrontation with a customer. She was a spiteful lady, so I told her,” you shrugged. “Why are you here?” You crossed your arms keeping your distance, making sure there was a significant amount of space between you two in the holding cell. The officers busied themselves in the offices, answering phones and scribbling down in their notebooks.
“I punched an officer,” he wrinkled up his nose and then shrugged. “Apparently that is a big deal in this city. Who knew?” He let out a tired laugh, then looked around the precinct. He got to his feet and went to stand opposite of you closing that gap you created. He rested his shoulder against the bars. “I fucked up. I did. I can admit that. A lot happened when I became a Wayne - I guess that is a nice way to put it. I was enrolled in this academy, going to many events, and I, myself, picked up some new hobbies as well.” He grinned meekly at you, he glanced down at your hand reaching forward to take your hand. You moved it behind your back.
“We’re really going to reconcile in a jail cell?” You arched an eyebrow as you shook your head feeling a little grin grow across your lips. Too much was going through your head to concentrate on this one thing. There were too many thoughts invading your mind. The biggest one was your new assignment. Now, you were in a cell with Jason and he was trying to have a heart-to-heart.
“Yes. If this is what it takes to talk to you, then I guess we’ll have to do it this way,” he didn’t tear his gaze away from you. You pressed your forehead against the bars, closed your eyes. You started to ask yourself would it be so bad to just talk to him. Maybe you could forgive and forget. You didn’t necessarily have to rekindle any relationship, only close a chapter.
“I’m happy you had a good life, Jason. I’m happy Bruce Wayne took you in, he plucked you out of a really shitty situation. I just wish you weren’t plucked out from everything. I needed someone,” you confessed, averting your eyes toward him. “I missed you. I did. But I figured I just didn’t fit into your new life anymore, so I stopped trying. Maybe I still don’t. Good luck with everything. We’re going in different directions. Right?”
Jason opened his mouth to say something but Commissioner James Gordon walked over to unlock the cell. He swung open the gate and looked at Jason. “You’re free to go, Mr. Todd.” Jason glanced to where Gordon was gesturing to and he saw Alfred waiting near the entrance of the precinct. Jason nodded, then glanced back at you.
“I would really like to tell you more and hear more,” Jason started to say but you held up your hand.
“I think we should just stay in the past. People outgrow each other. We outgrew.” You shrugged as you spoke softly, swallowing any more words. He furrowed his eyebrows and appeared to open his mouth to say more. You dropped your hand and turned toward Gordon.
“You can go wait in my office. I need you to answer a few questions about the incident at the hotel,” he instructed you while you took a large step out of the cell.
“The lady was very disrespectful! I was only defending myself. Not my fault she can’t take a joke,” you smiled sweetly at Gordon as you stepped toward the office.
Then, Jason moved forward and exhaled dropping his shoulders as he walked toward Alfred. He turned to Gordon. “I’m sorry I punched your face, commissioner. No hard feelings?”
“Goodbye, Jason.” the commissioner closed the cell and walked toward the office.
“Good to see you staying out of trouble, Master Jason,” Alfred spoke flatly as he headed to the exit. Jason followed reluctantly, keeping his head down.
“You think you could help me with something, Alfred?”
“Of course. But I think Master Bruce would like to talk to you first though.”
“Yeah...I figured.”
Tumblr media
The following day at work started uneventfully, you were actually working alone. So, that was a nice change of pace for you. It meant you had some quiet. Jason was still weighing on you and what you told him. Were the words too harsh, maybe, but they were probably necessary. You didn’t see how you could fit into his life. Maybe just knowing he was okay was enough for you. The last thing you wanted was to fuck things up for him.
Ding. Your phone went off, the sound made you jump a little bringing you back. You unlocked your phone and saw the red dot on the app. After taking a deep breath, you opened it and saw a message from him.
Him: Don’t wait too long. Lookup….Now.
You bit down on your lip, hesitating for a moment before glancing up from the desk to peer out the entrance windows. It wasn’t him standing there, which sent a sense of relief through you. It was only a red balloon being held by a little boy. The kid was wearing a red mask.
You moved from around the counter, cautiously stepping forward. The boy reached up to pop the balloon. Red paint splattered over him and onto the window outside the hotel. You heard a few gasps from pedestrians outside and in the lobby. You stepped backward and watched the people.
Him: Tick tock.
You exited the app and flipped your phone so it was facing down. You saw the kid turn around and start to run away, mixing up in the large crowd.
You needed some intel about where Red Hood would be, more about him. You knew where to start - The Merc.
After you finished your shift, you didn’t waste any time and traveled to your destination. You weren’t a frequent visitor of the questionable weaponry business, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t get some of your finest daggers there.
You walked inside and glanced around until you spotted your friend restocking some shelves. You strolled over to her and knocked on the shelf she was working on. “Hey, Nancy!” You smiled wide at her.
“Hey, you. It’s been a while,” she laughed softly as she picked up her purple hair into a ponytail, then finished putting the boxes onto the shelves. “What can I help ya with?”
“I don’t need anything in particular,” you started to say as you walk your fingers across the shelf. “It’s more like intel on someone.” You glanced at her and gave her a half-smile.
“Oh,” Nancy pursed her lips, then pulled the cart down the aisle as she walked toward the back of the warehouse. “What kind of intel? Who?” She grabbed the empty boxes from the endcaps and started to break them down.
“Red Hood. Heard of him?” You joked. Nancy snorted a laugh and shook her head, exhaling loudly. “Where can I find him?”
“You don’t find him, he finds you, babe,” Nancy raised her eyebrows at you.
“He isn’t Batman, Nan. He’s - he’s just a dude with guns. I just need some breadcrumbs. I figured people speak, loudly, and you might have heard something?” You took an empty box and helped your friend adding to the small pile she had been building.
“Maybe.” You noticed your friend push her lips to the side of her mouth, then sighed. “There’s an old apartment building down on Fare. I know dealers tend to gather there. Well,” she tilted her head at you and shrugged. “That might be his thing, ya know. He takes down the dealers in this place that kindly sell to the kids.” She started to raise her eyebrows while she dropped the flattened box.
You started to nod, picturing the location she was talking about, and placed the flattened box onto her pile. “Okay. I know where that is. How often do they meet?”
“Why are you wondering about him, sweets? Do you owe him something?” Your friend reached for your arms to stop you from folding up another box. “He shoots first, asks questions never. You need to be careful with this one.” You glanced up at her and grinned coolly. There was no way you could be completely honest. You had to think promptly and believable.
“I think he might know something about my parents,” you lied, but it sounded legit the moment you saw your friend frown at you. It wasn’t much of a mystery to you what happened, but to others it was. You didn’t share a lot of that part. How could you bring up your dad was part of a league of killers?
“Oh. I see.” She nodded briefly and let go of your arms. “I’ve heard something about a big deal going down soon. The women were in here the other day buying up some ammo and grenades. They were saying in case the deal didn’t play out in their favor. I’m certain he’ll be there.” She dropped the last of the boxes and smiled warmly at you.
“Great! Thank you, Nancy. I owe you big time,” you wagged your finger at her and gave her a two-finger salute. She let out a chuckle while shaking her head, rolling her eyes.
“I won’t hold my breath. Feel free to look around though! Business is always appreciated.” She winked at you and then wheeled the cart to the back room. You turned on your heels and strolled down the aisle, pretending to shop and picking up random things.
You had a location, now it was executing the plan.
Tumblr media
Red Hood jumped from one roof to another, his gear was heavy but he was still moving swiftly. It didn’t appear anything was weighing him down. He didn’t stumble when he landed on the targeted roof. You watched him from the building across. You stayed near the edge, crouching down and observing the scene unfolding in front of you. You were grateful for Nancy’s intel and the few extra weapons she casually left for you at your place. Some time had passed from when you received the specialized assignment, so you took that time to prepare.
You moved quietly down the building and made your way across the street getting closer to the abandoned building. The sounds of men and women standing near the building could be heard. You couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but it didn’t matter. You weren’t there for the dealers.
You maneuvered toward the fire escape and quietly climbed your way up. Red Hood was crouched at the edge of the building peering down at the party. You slipped up some material to cover up a part of your face, flipped the hood on your jacket, and zipped it up before stepping foot onto the roof. You took a deep breath and reached to unsheathe the first dagger.
Red Hood started getting to his feet and you saw his fingers reach for his pistol to unholster it. You took a few steps closer while you readied the knife in your hand. Sucking in a breath, feeling your heart pound, you aimed the weapon and let it go. It found its way to lodge into his bicep. He was taken aback, you could hear him mutter something, and turned quickly to be staring at you. He didn’t turn his head away while he yanked the knife out and tossed it aside. It appeared it didn’t even hurt.
You shrugged at him and took off across the roof, knowing he would follow. You were correct, he did. You made a turn around the water tower and listened for his footsteps. He was fast and caught up to you.
He had a blade of his own, you took out two more and jumped back when he swung. You used your own to cut his arm again. One of the blades made contact with his forearm, you swiftly sliced him. He responded with a cut of his own to your shoulder and elbow. You jumped back. You kicked his side and tried to get in another cut, but were unsuccessful.
His hand reached forward, grabbed your arm, and twisted it. You clenched your jaw to keep from screaming in pain, your face scrunched up. You rammed your boot heel into his ankle and then used your bloody elbow to hit his chest. He loosened his grip on you while he stepped back, you nearly fell with him but caught yourself.
Red Hood grunted in frustration and threw his blade at you. You sprang to the side and heard the clattering noise against the cement. You scrambled to kick it far, feeling breathless. You rushed forward, ducked down, and dug one of your knives into his thigh, twisting it in the flesh. He groaned and moved his gloved hands to grab you.
You drew out your knife quickly, hurrying away, and made the mistake of turning. You felt something hit you in the back causing you to fall onto your stomach. Then, you were flipped onto your back, Red Hood held you down by the throat.
“Who sent you? What the fuck do you want?” He huffed barely loosening his grip.
You didn’t respond, you could barely breathe. You struggled and wriggled as you gripped his wrist. You used your free hand to pound on his injured thigh and then collided your fist against the side of his helmet. He lost his balance for a brief moment, just enough time so you could roll away from him. You scrambled to your feet. You glanced down and noticed his pistol was on the ground. You slid on your knees and reached for it.
Red Hood noticed and aimed a red batarang into your shoulder. It stuck. You bit your cheek and glimpsed at your shoulder to see blood streaming down your jacket. You exhaled tensely, your heart was beating hard against your chest. You pulled out the small weapon from your shoulder and dropped it.
He cocked the pistol and pointed it in your direction. “Who sent you?”
You felt your pulse begin to race, you stared at him and noticed some hesitation. Why didn’t he pull the trigger?
You took a deep breath while you stared into the barrel. Your gaze locked on his helmet. You clenched your jaw. You weren’t going to give up. You kicked out your leg to hit his knee, then hit the weak spot on his thigh again. You struck the pistol out of his hand, cutting his wrist, and quickly stepped up to him. You touched your blade underneath his mask, you felt him breathing hard.
You tightened your grip telling yourself just one slice. Those seconds cost you. You felt something whack your rib cage twice. You groaned and turned the blade toward the new assailant. You stared at Red Robin. He used his staff to smack your back, resulting in stumbling.
You failed.
Before they could hold you, you forced yourself to move fast, grabbing any of your weapons you saw, and leaped to the next building falling to your knees when you landed. You mustered up the strength to get to your feet, then continued moving.
Robin was about to go after you until Red Hood grabbed his shoulder, yanking him back.
“What? They tried to like kill you…” Robin spoke harshly.
“She hesitated.” Red Hood muttered. He watched you until you couldn’t be seen.
“You hesitated! I don't condone killing, but you could have just knocked her out. You had the upper hand.”
“It didn’t feel right. I don’t know. Shut up!” He picked up his pistol and rolled his shoulders. He went to the edge but the people were gone. He turned his head to see a discarded knife that wasn’t his. He picked it up and glanced over at his brother. “I need your help.”
“Oh? Again? I’m glad you asked this time,” he shrugged and grinned. “And by the way - no thank you for saving you?”
“You’re so fucking damn annoying.” Red Hood didn’t wait for him to follow, he leaped from the building and climbed his way to the street.
Tumblr media
It was a challenge, but you made it to your apartment prying open the window from the fire escape. You tried your best to quietly step inside but failed atrociously. You tripped over the standing lamp and a pile of books you left by the window. You fell forward onto your knees, holding yourself up with your palms pressed into the wooden flooring. “Damn it,” you muttered annoyed, and managed to sit back on your ass.
You peeled off your gloves and tossed them aside, you unzipped your jacket and tugged it off roughly. You tightened your jaw to keep from crying in any pain. After checking the damage to your jacket, you got to your feet and went to the bathroom. You flicked on the light and observed the damage to your body. Your shoulder was cut deep, you had other superficial cuts on your arms.
Then, you lifted your shirt and checked your side. There was no sign of bruising, but when you touched it a shock of pain shot through you. You slammed your fist down on the vanity, gripping the sides. You had to be better prepared, you had to step up if you were going to deliver. “Why didn’t you just do it,” you groused to yourself and shut your eyes tightly.
All you had to do was move your hand quickly across the flesh. It would have been over. You hesitated and hated yourself for it. After throwing yourself a pity party, you showered and bandaged yourself up.
You grabbed some fresh clothes, tugging on some sweatpants and your favorite hoodie, then headed to the kitchen and opened the fridge welcoming the coolness. There was something off in your apartment even though you were certain you were alone. You closed the fridge door and you could hear soft music beginning to play from your stereo.
People are strange when you're a stranger / Faces look ugly when you're alone
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted / Streets are uneven when you're down
“What the…,” you muttered and made your way to the living room, that’s when you saw the figure casually lounging on your couch.
“Do you want to talk about it? What happened, dollface?” His voice cracked, he swung his legs over the arm of the couch to slam on the floor. You flicked on the nearby lamp, took a small step back when you met his stare. Jeremiah tucked his fist underneath his chin, raising his eyebrows as if he was waiting for an answer. Then, he broke out into a big ugly smile and laughed. “I’m only kidding! You had a bad day. I get it! It happens to the best of us.” He leaped to his feet, paced back and forth.
“I-,” you started to say, but Jeremiah dashed over to you to cover your mouth, slamming you against the wall. He clicked his tongue, started shaking his head violently. Then, he stopped and smiled wickedly at you.
“Shh. It’s okay. Just don’t slip up again! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Right?” He squeezed your cheeks, tapped your nose. He moved his hand to your shoulder, titled his head, and applied pressure to your wound. You whined in pain and scrunched up your face in response.
Jeremiah started to smirk at your reaction as if he was loving it. Then he let you go, moving backward. “Testing you, lovely. Don’t let me down. Otherwise, I’ll just have to kill you!” He shrugged casually and started to laugh maniacally.
His smile wasn’t funny anymore, it was laced with darkness. “I’m kidding! I’ll let him do it. He will. Shoot first, ask questions never, right?” He exhaled loudly and then went to the window, smashed the glass with his elbow, and lifted it open. He took a step out. “You might want to fix this. Anyone can get in here!” And with his last remark, he was gone.
You exhaled as if you were holding your breath, touched your shoulder, and shut your eyes. The scream you had been holding in finally burst through. You kicked over the coffee table and rubbed your face roughly. “Fuck!”
Tumblr media
You had taken a few days off work to fully recover and stayed in your apartment. No one had seen you during the day, only the repair people who had stopped by to fix the broken window. You decided to go out at night to refresh your training. There were a few scattered secluded areas in the city that would allow some privacy. You told yourself you couldn’t fail again, not again. You had to succeed so you could get the hell out of Gotham. The thought of maybe you should switch your target. It was extremely tempting.
It was too early for visitors when you heard a knock at your door. You dropped the spoon into the bowl of cereal and carefully walked toward it. You looked through the peephole to see an elder man standing outside your door. You unlocked it, opened it cautiously, and looked up at the man with an unsure expression. “Hi?”
“Hello, Miss [Y/N]. My name is Alfred Pennyworth. I am here on behalf of Master Jason. He wanted to extend an invitation for tonight’s function.” Alfred gave you an envelope with the “W” stamp.
“Umm…okay?” You arched an eyebrow as you took it from Alfred. “Why would he want that?” You looked it over, then started to shake your head. “I think he just - yeah. No. I don’t think I can go.” You handed it back to Alfred, but he refused to take it.
“It would mean a lot to him if you stopped by. Please do consider it. He could use his best friend.” Alfred nodded once and turned around before you could say anything again. You took a step out to the hallway to watch the man walk to the stairs. You huffed and then shut the door behind you as you made your back inside.
You opened the envelope and out fell the invitation to a Wayne function. Followed by a piece of bubblegum. You raised your eyebrows as you picked up the piece of candy, letting it sit in your palm, and sighed.
“Do you have gum?” Jason asked you after you all played on the swings during recess. The boy had dirt in his hair and all over his clothes, he attempted to dust it off. Jason would use every muscle he had to push himself higher, then launched himself. He would often land face-first into the dirt, but would still consider that a win.
“I only have one piece. We can share it,” you held up the piece of bubblegum.
“Cool!” Jason smiled while he watched you break the piece in half. You took one piece, he took the other. “This is really terrible gum,” he commented as he chewed.
“I know. But it’s gum!” You shrugged and gave him a toothy smile. He looked at you, then you both broke out into a fit of laughter. Even though it was terrible gum, you two continued to chew it happily. Jason reached for your hand, held it, as you two walked back to the classroom.
“We’re best friends, right?” Jason asked while he blew a bubble. You watched him and giggled when it popped and stuck to his face.
“Duh.” You blew your own bubble and turned away when he tried to pop it.
“Damn you, Jason Todd.”
Tag (If you would like to be added, please let me know! <3): @pansexualproblemchild
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superwholockian444 · 15 hours ago
Based on the small scuffle my brother and I got in, and the John Mulaney and Robin post I just reblogged, what if Robin was fighting some one (in my head I’m picturing Jason bc he grew up like he did and it seems like something he might’ve done at some point) and they get him in a headlock or something and he can’t get out and it’s like his back to their chest or whatever and he just goes “I just farted” and the villain throws him away from them and is like “YO WHAT THE FUCK?????”
I just think it would be funny.
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moonlit-imagines · 18 hours ago
Headcanons for going to Pride with Dawn Granger
Dawn Granger x lesbian!reader
a/n: ive actually only went to pride once and i was in the actual parade and this parade was not in june??? bare with me babes
prompt: @sheimagineddragons: “Hi, I would like to request headcanons for the reader, who is a lesbian going to pride with Dawn Granger (Titans), please. 🌈 Thank you!”
Tumblr media
first of all, you guys definitely got dressed up all fun and stuff
she surprised you with a lesbian flag!! you both wore your flags like capes
“i’d totally replace the cape on my suit with this for pride month” -you
“as much as i’d like to see that, i don’t think it’d survive very long. don’t forget how many capes you go through in a month” -dawn
“okay, fair point” -you
you guys met donna, kory, and rachel at the parade and all took pictures together before it started
(there’s a picture of you and dawn being picked up bu donna all on her own. some crowd members were very impressed)
“so what do you do for a living?” -random person to donna
“i’m a photographer” -donna
noticing that dawn had the biggest smile on her face
and giving her tons of kisses because her being happy made you so happy
singing along to music playing as parade floats cruised by
“i love you, dawn” -you
“i had no idea” -dawn *n then a smooch*
noticing you were kind of covered in glitter??
getting rainbow flags handed to you by strangers
“i think we should get one for jason” -dawn
admiring how pretty the other looked
like, a lot
like staring at each other for a while
you got so distracted you almost knocked into another pride-goer
“you’re so pretty, y/n” -dawn
“uh…um…no. you are” -you
“i love youuu” -dawn
“i love you tooooo” -you
definitely getting frozen yogurt after that parade was over because it was hot as hell outside
and begging the other gals to meet up
they did
“did you guys have fun on your pride date?” -kory
“oh, you have no idea” -you
taglist: @volturi-stuff // @lotsoffandomrecs // @ravenmoore14 // @xuxinoir // @canarypoint // @brutal-out-here // @jinxll11 // @swanimagines // @captainshazamerica // @greek-mythographer // @cipheress-to-k-pop // @blleuu //
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writersfailure · a day ago
DC Comics Masterlist
Mainly Batfam
Damian Wayne x reader-
Damian's Best Friend
Books and Bullies
Demon, Part 2
Song of Love, Song of Justice
Nightmarish Revelations, Part 2
Stop This
Ghosts and Gravestones
I Hate You
Overprotective Damian
Assassin in My Apartment
Chance Meetings
The Mission
OK Boomer
Bruce Wayne x reader-
Subtle Hints
Rescued by the Bat
Jason Todd x reader-
A Hazard of The Job
Last Ride
Who's Past Was Worse?
The Joker Visits
Your Best Friend
Sibling Rivalry
Dick Grayson x reader-
Insane Paranoia
Listen to The Music
Nightwing Cheers You Up
Sibling Rivalry
Moonlit Dinner
Tim Drake x reader-
Highschool With a Twist
Cosplay or not?
Stupid Window
Marry Me
John Constantine x reader-
Caught in The Act
Batfam x reader-
The Strongest Talon, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The Daughter's Burden, 2, 3
Flying High, 2, 3, 4, 5
Mother's Peril
Random Talks
Depressing Dilemma
Taken and Drained
Scars From Your Mind
Stuffed Animals
The Sister's Sacrifice, 2
Racism vs. The Batfam
Caffeine Withdrawal
Hurts Like Hell
Food Arguments
Quiet Child
Sad Lil Roll
Asthma Attack
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Coming Out
Fear Gas
Short Story Challenge
Much Needed Support
Hero By Daylight
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wonderfrost · a day ago
Conner/Kon: hey Y/n, I made ya a sandwich
Y/n: you made a sandwich, for me?
Conner/Kon: yeah! Come see
Y/n goes to see it and about to cry, cause she always has to do all the cooking: can I have it?
Conner: go ahead babe
Y/n crying and eating: I love you so much
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wonderfrost · a day ago
Y/n: pansexuality isn’t a choice
Y/n grabbing Tim and Conner/Kong’s hands: it’s a mother fucking game and I’m winning bitches
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kimberly-spirits13 · a day ago
Batfam with Blue Lantern S/O HC (Request)
Requests are coming out slower than usual since I’ve had a ton to do and just have had to prioritize and get my schedule together. Thank you for your patience and have a great day!
Dick Grayson:
I think Dick would go the best with a Blue Lantern
So when you meet it’s at a league party that Hal dragged you to since apparently you need to get out more
You’re literally always out saving things and people but that’s not what he meant
There’s not really anyone your age since everyone there are established adults
You already know some of the Batfam and so your first instinct is to hang out with them
A new one was there and that was Nightwing
You guys start dating after a while and the rest is history (cliche line ik)
Dick really liked Green Lantern as a kid and thought that the entire things was really cool but he’d never met a blue lantern before so be prepared to answer questions and show off for the guy
The two of you are entirely compatible because of your personalities
In order to have the ring, the wielded must have a beyond average standard and foundation of hope
This doesn’t mean that you blindly walk into things “hoping” it’ll turn out well, it’s just that you’re always finding the better outcome for the endgame and working for that whether it be in alternative plans or doing whatever you can to forward something
Dick always does this and it helps to have the support from him and then from you for him
Jason Todd:
The idea of Jason being paired with a blue lantern is interesting
Honestly I’m pretty sure that Jason is more of a “hopeless” guy
Like he’s going to try the hardest to do whatever is possible to help
But like he’s been through a lot so that doesn’t help
When you met he probably thought that the lantern thing was cool but like
What does the entire hope thing entail
Once he figures it out it clicks and he thinks that you’re really cool
You’re also really good to talk to
There’s no negative vibes in that apartment
You’re always sure to talk him through things and he’ll do the same for you because he knows what happens when you lose hope for too long
Basically the mental health buddy of the century
Tim Drake:
He knows all about the lanterns
It’s really really common for him to know about that kind of thing and once he meets you basically fan girls
Blue lanterns are so rare that it’s just something he wasn’t prepared for
Even better when you struck up conversation with him
And he found out that you’re really smart and funny
Being a Blue Lantern you’ve been many places and seen many things that he wants to ask about
he’s like Dick and asks lots of questions
What’s the difference between your ring and this this and this
Can’t you also technically be a Green Lantern
That kind of thing
Tim is the kind of person that will not give up on something
You admire that a lot
When Bruce goes missing, you and Kon are the only ones that believe him and let him talk about this
He’s just grateful that you’re there for him and understand his perspective
Damian Wayne:
Damian really doesn’t understand what the whole Blue lantern thing entails
he just thinks that you’re some naive lantern that only has their ring to spread cheer
That’s not it at all
Pretty sure that he doesn’t truly understand the ring until he sees it in dramatic action
he doesn’t really understand you until he sees you in action under dramatic circumstances
When he finally grasps the depth of this, he’s basically enchanted
Tries to dig up all the information about it and wants to understand before you date
He’ll admire your strength for afar and simp
You always make sure that he’s alright
He just really appreciates you and always wants the best
He knows that it gets hard to do what you do especially with the darkness that surrounds but you always seem to make it through
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playddumb · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i made a clay incense holder of J w his lil cigarette so it'll look like he's smoking when the incense is burning. it took so f*cking long to actually mold bc my clay is probably 4 years old but im so happy w the finished product. he's so pretty <3
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ragingbookdragon · 2 days ago
Could you do “I’m a red lantern, angers kinda like my whole thing”
"I'm a Red Lantern. Anger's kinda my like my whole thing."
They all glanced at the woman standing a few feet behind them. “Hey, rage-chick? Think you can get angry?”
She turned her blood red eyes onto the brash Green Lantern and glowered at him. “Trust me, Guy Gardner, I only get angry when I see you.”
Someone grabbed her arm and she looked at them. “Please. I need you.”
Shrugging his arm off, she scowled. “Don’t play into my feelings, Kyle. I don’t miss them.”
“Get angry then. We need it.”
Crimson surrounded her and she rose into the sky. “I’m a Red Lantern. Getting angry is my whole thing.”
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Richard Grayson Wayne
AKA Nightwing
AKA Dick Grayson
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson is the charismatic sexy mother hen of the batboys
Did you know- Dick ' s infamous Butt Cheeks have names the Left on is Juan and the Right one is Jim
I'm gonna draw all the bat boys and so this is Dick Grayson, i used alot of the Nightwing comics as references, along with some of the comic covers
All credit goes to me @extra-pickles , my Instagram is : art_and_origami_
Important! Please don't repost it anywhere else without giving me credit by tagging my account on either Instagram or Tumblr.
This is my original drawing
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"The gods wanted me dead, now you get to find out why."
"People usually say thanks after I save their lives, so I'm a bit lost."
"The Gods wanted me dead, now you get to find out why."/"People usually say thanks after I save their lives, so I'm a bit lost."
His grip faltered as they touched the rooftop and he lowered her to the roof, murmuring, “Are you alright?”
Her eyes were dazed, no…they were focused, hard, but dead too. “The Gods wanted me dead, Nightwing.” She gazed up at him. “And now you get to find out why?”
“Uh…” he wasn’t sure how to respond to that. “Most people usually say thanks after I save their lives…so I’m a bit lost.”
She merely turned her gaze to the street. “So we all are in this existence. Seeking retribution? Or damnation? It matters not. In the end we all die.”
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“Is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” “A knife and I will stab you.”
"Is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"/"A knife and I will stab you."
She leaned against the wall where he was cracking the safe. “Do you just crack safes because you’re bored and want to try out my nightly job or is there something you need inside it?”
“Penguin’s gun running operation plans are in here.” He hummed warningly when she slid herself between him and the safe, resting on his thighs, arms going around his neck as she pressed herself to him.
“Say, Red Hood, is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
“It’s a knife and I will stab you.”
“Hmm…promises, promises,” she flirted.
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Flash fiction Friday!!! How about ‘don’t look at me like that I’m supposed to hate you’
"Don't look at me like that. I'm supposed to hate you."
She could feel his gaze and she hated it. Once again, she cast a glance over her shoulder and scowled. “Stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like that.” She gestured to him. “Don’t look at me like that, Batman. I’m supposed to hate you.”
He gave her a rare smile, watching as she griped quietly. “But you don’t.”
“Yeah, well…don’t tell anybody.” She grunted. “I’ve got a reputation to keep.”
“Wouldn’t have to if you joined my family.”
“Careful that you don’t slip on the honey you’re pouring out, Batman.”
“I’ll be careful,” he joked, kissing her cheek.
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Hey man just saw your master list! Could I please request some relationship hc for plastic man with a s/o who’s in the rogues gallery? They’re like an anti hero and chill af? Thanks!
-whats batman to do when a villain with cartoon powers was messing up the city?
- call in a living rubber hose cartoon man of course!
- it's not like you two really fought, when you set off a bomb he just ate it. in the end you gave up, out of ideas.
-he had so much fun he invited you on a date, leaving batman confused and you delighted.
-a carnival seems like a perfect first date. you couldn't say no to another date just a week later
-power couple. he goes nuts and you go smooth.
-he eventually might convince you to go full hero. who could say no to that big ole smile?
-the justice league calls him over whenever you're causing trouble. what ever plans you had for that diamond are gone when he shows up with milkshakes and that long hug.
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Interstellar -Part Seven [18+]
Warnings: Language, fluff, Wally being a dork, smut, choking, space sex
Word Count: 5K
Taglist: Message me if you want to be on it!
A/N: I am sorry this took two weeks, I was really stumped for a minute here. I hope you all enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Part Seven
“You ready for this Starshine?” Wally asked, adjusting his cowl to fit over his face. 
Y/N powered up her ring, her suit materializing over her current clothes. “Born ready Red.” she grinned.
Wally sent her a wink, pulling her close and placed a kiss on her lips. “Last one to Midwest City buys dinner.” he grinned.
“You’re on Lightning McQueen.'' She teased and took a step back, hovering slightly above the floor. She watched out of the corner of her eye as he pretended to stretch out his legs. 
“I hope you have enough money, sweetheart, I have a huge appetite.” 
Y/N rolled her eyes. “As long as you save room for dessert, I don’t see a problem.” 
Wally almost stumbled at the innuendo and gave her a mischievous grin. “Always.” Pulling his arm across his chest, he looked at her. “You ready?” 
Giving him a nod, the two of them got into position before taking off for Midwest City. 
Wally wasn’t joking when he said he was the fastest man alive, but Y/N knew that she could keep up with his speed enough so she didn’t lose sight of him. The ring gave her the power to fly at the speed of light, and she was determined to win and prove to Wally that Lanterns were faster than speedsters.
Glancing up, he could see Y/N right behind him as he ran. Her hair was waving in the wind with her eyes narrowed in determination as a streak of violet shined behind her leaving a trail. “Looks like you’re losing babe! I thought you could do better!” he called, bragging about how he was ahead even if it was by a couple feet. 
Looking down at him, Y/N let a grin grow on her face. “Are you doubting me Red?” she taunted. 
Wally slowed so he was neck and neck with her, looking to his left. “I’m doubting you’re as fast as say you are.” he goaded. 
“You should really look where you’re running.” 
“What?” Wally turned to look in front to see several obstacles made from Y/N’s ring to try and slow him down. “Wouldn’t that be considered cheating?” he asked.
Y/N shook her head. “You never set any rules, hotshot,” she said and took off ahead with a laugh.
Wally huffed and maneuvered around the obstacles she placed in front of him while trying not to lose speed. He knew she was determined to win, but he never thought she would play dirty. Seemed like he needed to up his game. 
It took a few seconds, but he managed to catch up. Midwest City was on the horizon, so if he wanted to win it was now or never. Increasing his speed, he shot down the highway quickly passing Y/N as she tried to stop him with more obstacles. 
She almost made him lose his balance and crash into the nearby cornfields, but Wally managed to keep his footing as he skidded to a stop behind a gas station just outside of the city. That was their predetermined finish line. Seconds later after Wally pulled to a stop, Y/N flew into view and almost crashed into him.
Wally caught her, his hands on her waist as he tried to absorb most of her impact making sure neither of them were hurt. Looking down at her, they both were panting to catch their breath. Y/N looked up at him through the white lenses of her mask and smiled. “Thanks for the catch.” 
“Like I would ever let you fall, beautiful.”
Y/N felt the heat rise in her cheeks, “I don’t think I’ve ever flown that fast in my life.” she chuckled. “It was a blast.” 
Tracing his thumb across the bottom of her mask as he cupped her cheek, Wally smiled. “Maybe I can take you for a run, give you the ride of your life.” 
Snorting at his words, Y/N fell into a fit of giggles. “You’re a dork Wally West, and I adore that about you.” 
Rolling his eyes, Wally kissed her cheek. “Let’s get changed and I can give you the grand tour. Then you can buy me dinner.” he winked. 
In a flash, Wally was gone, leaving a gust of wind in his wake. Seconds later, he was back in his previous place holding Y/N close to his chest. He watched in wonder as she powered down her ring and her suit was replaced with her clothes and he was greeted with her beautiful eyes twinkling up at him. 
“You ready?” he asked, stepping back and slipping his hand in hers. 
Y/N gave him a nod as they began their walk deeper into the city. 
The first place Wally wanted to show her were the schools he went to. Walking through the suburban district of the city. He pointed out every secret he knew, about the different places and the people he shared them with. 
“That’s where Mrs. O'Leary lives, Dick and I used to sucker her into giving us sweets every time he slept over,” he smiled, pointing at an old house with fading yellow paint. “She’s the neighborhood’s crazy cat lady.”
Y/N laughed at his comment. “You and Dick got into a lot of trouble, didn’t you?” she asked. 
Wally shrugged. “He’s my best friend. In my opinion, there’s no one better to cause trouble with.” Tightening his grip on her hand, Wally led her down the street and around the corner. 
“My house is just down this street, It’s the blue one at the end.” 
Y/N stopped in her tracks and looked up at him. “You want me to meet your parents? Isn’t it a bit soon?” she asked. 
“If you aren’t ready, then we can come back another day,” he said. “I don’t want to make you do something you aren’t ready for.” 
Giving him a grateful look, Y/N kissed his cheek. “Thanks, Red.”
“Anything for you sweetheart,” he said. 
The two of them turned back and headed towards the inner parts of the city. As they walked, Wally told Y/N all kinds of stories, and most if not all of them included Dick. The more he talked about him, the more Y/N got curious about Dick. 
Y/N was pulled out of her thoughts by Wally pulling on her hand. 
“I asked if you were hungry, there’s a really nice diner not that far from here,” Wally repeated. 
As if on queue, Y/N’s stomach grumbled making them both laugh. 
“I’ll take that as a yes.” he chuckled and led her down the street. 
Y/N watched Wally as they walked. He seemed unusually focused, more than normal. Was he hiding something, if so what was it? She didn’t get the chance to ask about it before they made it to the diner where someone she didn’t recognize was waiting for them.
“Took you two long enough, what did you do? Take the longest possible route to get here?” the mysterious man chuckled. 
“Can it Dickhead, I was showing my girl around. Not my fault you’re here earlier than normal.” Wally teased.
“You’re Dick?” Y/N asked. 
The black-haired man turned to look at her and flashed a smile that almost seemed too good to be real. “That I am, I’m guessing you’re Y/N?” 
She nodded. “Wally’s told me a lot about you.” 
Dick laughed. “I  hope they’re all good things, but knowing Wally most of them are all the stupid stuff we did as kids.” 
“Sounds about right.”
“Guys! I am right here!” Wally said loudly, trying to interrupt Y/N and Dick’s conversation about him. 
“I know baby, don’t worry. I won’t forget you.” she teased, pinching his cheek.
Wally batted her hands away with a blush creeping up onto his face. “That makes me feel so much better,” he grumbled. 
Getting on her toes, Y/N leaned up and pressed a kiss to Wally’s cheek. “You love me.”
Wally was now several shades of red, ignoring the laughs coming from Dick. “You’re really laying it on thick,” he commented, wrapping his arms around her from behind and burying his face into her shoulder to hide his blush. “Are you trying to embarrass me?” 
Turning her head just enough, Y/N kissed his hair running her fingers through his ginger locks. “I don’t know, is it working?” she teased. 
“It’s working plenty,” he muttered. “Can we go in and eat now?” 
Y/N smiled and walked forward with Wally still holding tightly to her. “I can’t go anywhere with you clinging to me like this,” she said. 
Wally sighed. “Alright fine.” he chuckled and let her go, settling for wrapping his arm around her shoulders, keeping her close to his chest. Taking a look around, Wally noticed that Dick was the only one waiting for them. 
“Babs not coming?” he asked. 
Dick shook his head. “No, she had some stuff to take care of with Commissioner Gordon. So it looks like I’m gonna be the third wheel.” 
Y/N and Wally chuckled at his words. “Don’t worry Rob, we won’t leave you out,” he replied. 
Catching on to the nickname, Y/N looked between the two of them trying to make sense of things. If his name was Dick, why did Wally call him Rob? She didn’t get the chance to ask about it before Wally led her into the diner with Dick right behind them. 
It wasn’t long before they were given a booth to sit at and a set of menus to choose from. Y/N sat by the window with Wally beside her while Dick sat across from them. Wally’s arm was casually draped across her shoulders as they looked at the menu together. 
“Are you three ready to order?” their waitress asked. 
Dick flashed his smile once again, “Can we have a few more minutes? The lovebirds here can’t decide if they want to split something or not.” he chuckled. 
The waitress looked over at the couple and held back her giggled watching them fight over what to order. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” and walked off. 
It took a few minutes, but the second time the waitress came around all three of them were ready to order. After giving their orders, Wally excused himself from the booth and disappeared into the restroom. While he was gone, Y/N decided it was time to ask Dick her questions. 
“How long have you known Wally?” she asked. 
Leaning back in his seat, Dick looked at her. “I want to say somewhere around 15 years?” He huffed running a hand through his hair. “Damn, we got old.” 
Y/N laughed, covering her mouth with her hand. “Where are you from?” 
“You know, the question ‘Where are you from?’ is my least favorite question. Where I was born, where I grew up, and where I live are all very different answers.” he said. 
Crossing her arms, Y/N leaned back. “Alright then, where did you grow up?” 
Dick raised a brow at her. “Why do I feel like I’m being interrogated?” he asked. “Shouldn’t I be the one interrogating you?”  
“Because maybe I am interrogating you. I want to know what kind of person you are Dick Grayson, you are my boyfriend’s best friend right?” she asked. 
Dick shrugged and tilted his head. “Ask away, Y/N. I’m an open book,” he chuckled.  “Well, sort of.” 
Y/N narrowed her eyes and watched Dick carefully. She could tell that Dick was closed off to an extent, but at the same time, he was open about things. He was an interesting person, and it was easy to see how he and Wally got along so well. 
“I have a question, how did you know my last name? I never told you that,” he asked, glancing around. 
“Bruce Wayne is a famous philanthropist and he has a son named Dick Grayson who looks an awful lot like you. I just put the pieces together after that.” she smiled. 
Dick gave her an impressed look. “You’re good, I see why Wally likes you. You’re pretty sharp.” 
“That’s the only way I’d be able to keep up with him.” she chuckled.
Laughing at her words, Dick held his stomach as Wally finally returned to see them both in fits of laughter. 
“I hope you are laughing at something else and not me,” he said, sliding into the seat, placing a kiss on Y/N’s cheek. 
“No, just talking with Y/N.” Dick smiled. “I like her, don’t mess this up Walls.”
Wally pursed his lips and kicked Dick under the table. “Some faith you have there.” 
“Hey!” Dick rubbed his shin where Wally kicked him. “I was being honest! Would you rather I lie?” 
“I would rather you keep your nose to yourself,” he answered. 
“Make me.” Dick taunted. 
Wally made a move to dive over the table, only stopping when he felt Y/N’s arm grab his bicep and pull him back down into his seat. 
“Do I have to babysit you both?” she hissed. “I can tell you’ve been friends forever, you fight like it.” 
Wally huffed, crossing his arms as he leaned back against the seat. 
“Oh come on, Red. No need to get huffy with me.” Y/N teased, poking his cheek. 
Giving her a side look, Wally dropped his arms and pulled Y/N towards him once again. “You’re lucky you’re cute,” he said. 
“You two are so sappy, it’s kinda gross.” Dick chuckled.
Wally opened his mouth to respond when their waitress returned with their food. Giving their thanks, the three of them dug into their food. It was a known fact that Wally never shut up, even when he was eating. So when he was silent, that’s when you knew the food was good. ‘
For the next few hours, they all enjoyed their lunch talking about anything and everything. Even if Dick knew that Y/N was a lantern, she didn’t know about his own hero's life so the topic of hobbies was short and sweet. 
Y/N talked about her job, and how she was looking at a dig in Mexico where a team was looking at preserving artifacts and leaving them in the care of the local governments where they rightfully belonged.
They didn’t notice how long they sat there talking until Dick’s phone began to ring. He looked at the number and sighed. “Well, duty calls. It was nice to finally meet you Y/N.” he said, sticking his hand out for her to shake. 
“It was nice to finally meet you too Dick, don’t be a stranger.” she smiled. 
Both Dick and Wally bid each other farewell before Dick paid for his meal and left the diner. Wally soon paid for theirs and walked out. 
Hand in hand, Y/N and Wally walked back swinging their arms with a laugh. After their meal, Wally showed Y/N around some more, taking her places that meant something to him. Like the place where he fought his first bad guy with his uncle, where he had his first kiss (It was some girl he knew in the 10th grade named Trina), and even the lap where he got his powers after replicating his uncle’s accident. 
Their walk ended around sunset, right in front of the zeta tube located in downtown Midwest City. Wally took both of Y/N’s hands in his and pulled her close. Looking up at him, Y/N saw the complete adoration he held for her in his eyes as they sparkled catching the rays from the setting sun. 
“If I remember right, I was promised dinner,” he said, smiling down at her. 
“I can give you more than that.” she grinned. 
Two hours later, Y/N and Wally stood on the roof of her apartment building with a picnic basket in hand. 
“You ready for this, Red?” she asked. 
“I trust you with my life Starshine, I doubt you would let anything happen,” he answered, gripping her hand tightly. 
Smiling at his words, Y/N created a bubble around them and flew them both into the sky and through the atmosphere. She decided that taking Wally into space for dinner was a wonderful idea, and prepared a picnic to take with them. 
As they floated further from the planet’s surface, Wally watched below them in wonder as they flew further and further away. His hand gripped Y/N’s tightly as they came to a stop just outside of the planet’s atmosphere. 
Sitting on the ground of the bubble, Y/N pulled all the food from the basket and began to set it up. Looking at all of the dishes Y/N prepared, Wally smiled watching her. A romantic dinner at a restaurant was one thing, but it was something entirely different when someone went through the extra effort to make you a whole meal and then proceed to bring you to outer space to enjoy it alone together. 
Wally wasn’t sure how he would top a date like this, but he wouldn’t mind spoiling the hell out of Y/N to try. 
“I made a lot of my favorite foods growing up, and I might have even called Dick to see what your favorites were,” she smiled. “I was pleased to hear that your favorite food was everything.”
Chuckling at her words, Wally leaned over and kissed her deeply. His hand came up to rest on her cheek, stroking it softly with his thumb. “You’re amazing, and I love you,” he smiled. 
Y/N felt the heat rise in her cheeks at his words and brushed his bangs out of his eyes. “I love you too, Wally.” 
Immediately, Y/N began to shove food at Wally telling him to taste it all. Of course, Wally accepted every bite of food from her. He wanted to taste everything she made for him, and then some. 
After a while, all the food was eaten and they sat together, leaning against one another as they stared at the stars around them. 
“That one right there, that’s a planet called Halkia. Last year, I helped Hal save their people from famine. The queen was extremely thankful and gave Hal and I a large supply of Halkian fruit.” Y/N explained pointing at a star.
“Really?” He asked, looking over at her, “Did they taste good?” 
Y/N giggled and turned to face him, “They tasted amazing.” 
Her eyes locked with Wally’s, and she could see him leaning towards her. Carefully, he connected his lips to hers. In an instant, it was like someone lit a fire between them. What started as a simple, innocent kiss, turned into something more passionate.
Wally pulled Y/N onto his lap as he deepened the kiss. Sliding his hands down to grip her ass, Y/N let out a moan as she leaned back into his touch. 
Sliding her hands up his shirt, she desperately tried to rid him of the fabric. “Wally…” she breathed, “I want this off.” 
Pulling back from her, Wally pulled his shirt up, making quick work of removing Y/N’s shirt and bra. Grabbing his face, Y/N pulled his lips to hers in a heated kiss. Moaning into his mouth, she tightened her hold on his face as she felt her nipples drag across his toned chest, sending shivers down her spine. 
Soft whimpers left her lips at the sensation, swallowed by Wally’s kiss. 
Gripping her waist tightly, Wally grinded her hips into his growing erection, causing his breath to stutter at the feeling. “Fuck baby, I want you so fucking bad,” he muttered. He pulled away from her lips and left a sloppy trail of kisses down her throat, leaving marks all across her skin. 
Y/N gripped his hair tightly in her hand as he licked up between the valley of her breasts, savoring the sweet taste of her skin. 
Moving her hands to his shoulders, Y/N pushed Wally onto his back and looked down at him. “You look so handsome, Red,” she muttered, running her hands across his bare chest. She could feel his body shudder under her touch as she raked her nails across his chest. 
“Fuck, Y/N,” he muttered, holding her hips tightly in response.
“I didn’t know you were so sensitive”
Y/N trailed her hands down to the waistband of Wally’s jeans, toying with the button as his hips rutted into her hands at the light touches. “Y/N, please stop teasing,” he whined, tipping his head back. 
A grin slowly spread on Y/N’s face as she took Wally’s hands in her own and pinned them above his head. Seconds later, violet straps wrapped themselves around Wally’s wrists and held them in place. 
Looking up, Wally couldn’t fight the chuckle leaving his lips. “Of all the things, I never thought that I would be tied up in a giant pink bubble, in space.” 
“There’s lots of things I could do to you in this so-called giant pink bubble of mine.” Y/N leaned over Wally, brushing her lips against his as she spoke before sealing it with a kiss. With his hands bound, Y/N trailed her fingers delicately down his body tracing the outline of his muscles as she went. 
Trailing down his chest, Y/N pressed her fingers into his hips before unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down along with his boxers past his knees. Once she was done, Y/N quickly removed her own pants and underwear.
Wally writhed under her gaze as she slid her hands up his muscular thighs, leaning down to bite harshly on the supple skin of his upper thigh. 
“Oh fuck…” he muttered, tensing under her touch. Bending his knees, Y/N moved further up his legs as she spread them further apart.
Looking up, Y/N could see the striking color of his green eyes as he stared down at her. Wally’s bangs had fallen into his eyes, searching her expression. 
“What? Did that feel good?” She teased, quirking a brow at him. 
“Y/N, please,” he whined. “Do it again.”
Giving him an amused smirk, Y/N gripped his thighs tightly as she licked up his shaft making Wally squirm under her. He couldn’t stop the pathetic whines emitting from his mouth as his body craved for more, jerking his hips to try and get more contact with her. 
Enjoying the sight of Wally like this, Y/N leaned down and took him into her mouth sucking lightly on the tip. Pulling on the restraints, Wally cried out her name throwing his head back at the feeling of her lips wrapped around him. All he could do was watch helplessly as she bobbed along his cock unable to do anything let alone touch her.
With her hands holding Wally tightly in place, Y/N sucked his cock hollowing her cheeks as she felt him unravel at her touch. She moaned around his throbbing cock, his groans had gotten louder, soon replaced by whines and pleas begging her to keep going. 
“You look so pretty sucking my cock. Please Y/N, please let me touch you.” 
Hearing his words, she slowly pulled off of him causing Wally to whimper at the loss of heat. His face was almost as red as his hair, flushed from the feeling of her lips wrapped around his cock. His body felt as if it was on fire from the want he had for her, already covered in sweat head to toe. With a wicked grin, Y/N licked her lips before straddling his thigh, her eyes not leaving his.
“You want to touch me, baby boy?” she asked. 
Wally nodded, the nickname sending shocks of pleasure straight to his cock. “Yes, please!” 
“Then you can watch as I get off on your thigh.” With that, Y/N lowered herself fully, pressing her core to the tense muscles on his leg. Placing her hands on his chest, Y/N ground her hips into him gasping at the feeling. 
Unable to take his eyes off her, Wally watched as she got lost in the pleasure of riding his thigh. 
Y/N moaned, feeling the corded muscle under her as she rode it harder. What she didn’t expect was for Wally to start vibrating under her from the pure excitement of watching her fuck herself on his thigh. Digging her nails into his chest, Y/N dropped her head as the vibrations sent wonderful jolts of bliss straight to her core. 
Wally’s cock was hard and red, just begging to be touched. Reaching down, Y/N moved her hand as she rubbed her clit crying out at the feeling. Glancing down, she saw Wally’s cock leaking little beads of precum from his tip. 
Feeling the knot twist in her stomach, Y/N whimpered Wally’s name as she brought herself closer to her orgasm. The vibrations of Wally's thigh against her core drove her wild, listening to Wally whine at the lack of contact. 
“I’m not going to touch you unless you beg.” She said breathlessly. Y/N wanted to watch Wally completely fall apart, turn into a blubbering mess as he pleaded for her and her pussy.
Wally let out a loud groan, unable to stop the jerking of his hips only applying more pressure to Y/N’s core. He couldn’t fight the embarrassment from rising onto his already flushed face, avoiding her passionate gaze.
“Y/N, please,” he whined softly, taking a deep breath to try and slow his erratic heart. 
“I know for a fact that you can be a hell of a lot louder than that,” she said, moving her hands to support herself as she leaned over Wally’s body pressing her lips to the juncture of his neck. She grinned, watching how Wally reacted instantly recoiling from the touch of her lips on his burning skin.
“I want to hear you beg for it, Wally,” she muttered into his ear. “I want to watch you beg for my pussy.” 
Wally was able to keep his composure until he felt her bite at his earlobe, pulling at it with her teeth. He couldn’t stop the wanton moan from ripping itself from his throat. 
“Fuck, baby please!” he sobbed, desperate to be touched. Wally’s skin burned for her touch, unable to satiate his own needs.
“Please what, Wally?” Y/N asked. 
Clenching his fists, Wally inhaled deeply trying to hold on to the last shreds of dignity he had left. “Please,” he muttered. “I want to feel your pussy wrapped around me.”
Amused at his actions, Y/N slowly slid her hand down and ghosted it over his cock grinning as she watched him stutter at the anticipation of her finally touching him once again. “I can’t hear you, sweetheart.” 
At this point, Wally had enough. The lust he felt for her was too strong for him to think rationally anymore. “Fuck! Please!” he sobbed. “I want to feel you wrapped around my cock as you use it for your own pleasure!” 
At his words, Y/N lifted herself off of his thigh and lowered down onto his cock. The moan that left her lips was downright sinful as she felt herself be stretched to fit Wally’s cock inside her. The throbbing alone was enough to make her cum, but she refused to let herself finish just yet. 
Wally’s head was thrown back as his bangs were stuck to his head with sweat, crying out her name from the feeling of her velvet walls wrapped around his cock. His eyes were sealed shut until he felt Y/N slide her hands up his chest before letting one rest on his throat. At the action, his eyes went wide as he looked at her. Giving a slight nod of affirmation, Y/N slowly tightened her hold on him, restricting his airflow just enough. 
“You look so good with my hand wrapped around your throat,” she complimented. “You should let me do this more often.”
Slowly, she began to move her hips tensing around his cock as she felt him hit that little bundle of nerves that sent her into a heated mess. The drag of his cock against her walls drove Y/N insane, as she chased her release bouncing on Wally’s cock faster. 
Bucking his hips, Wally thrusted up into her roughly causing Y/N to scream his name.
“Fuck, baby please let me cum.” he rasped, barely audible over the sounds of skin slapping against each other and Y/N’s moans. 
He could feel her walls tensing around him, signaling that she was close as well. “Please! If you let me cum, I will go down on you until you cum three times,” he begged. 
Wally’s words made the pools of ecstasy she felt stronger, unable to stop the waves of pleasure from crashing in on her as she rode out her orgasm on his cock. Not even seconds later, Wally rutted his hips into her twice more before he cummed, shooting thick ropes of his seed into her. 
Panting heavily, Y/N released Wally’s hands as he took her waist and slowly laid her down next to him. Carefully, he pulled out of her cursing at the sight of their mixed juices pool out of her. Their skin was joined together from all the sweat as they refused to let go of each other, basking in the afterglow.
Y/N threaded her hands through his hair as Wally watched her lovingly, refusing to look anywhere but at her. 
“I know we’re in the middle of space, but what’s the chance of another lantern coming by and seeing us like this?” 
Raising her hand, Y/N whacked him on the back of the head before curling into his warm embrace. “Just shut up and hold me, Red.” 
Chuckling at her words, Wally wrapped his arms around her tightly as they laid there together staring at the expanse of the universe around them.
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ilikepecsandbreast · 2 days ago
Batboys and Bruce finding out Batmoms name (nickname) is not her actual name (birth name) from her mother and brother.
Summary: Batmoms mom and brother are coming over for dinner and your husband and sons learned that the name Bruce has been calling you by was not your real name.
Warning(s): light cursing (only like 'dipshit' and 'bitch')
"Remember boys, I want no trouble tonight you hear? Your grandmother and uncle is coming over and I want none of you misbehaving. Do I make my self clear?" I give my son a little talk.
"Yes mom/ma/ummi." They all answered. "Good."
And as I was about to call my mom to ask when they are going to be here, I hear a knock on the door and Alfred answerd.
"Ah, Mrs and Mr (L/n). Welcome to the manor. Come with me, your daughter and sister has been waiting for you." They thanked Alfred as they followed him to the living room where me and my boys were. I was the first to greet them.
"Hey mom," I looked at my brother beside her. "Dipshit," "oversized bitch." My brother retorted while maintaining eye contact with me. My mom sigh, "please don't start with the insulting names you two. It's only seven a clock." We nodded.
"Mom, bro. This is my husband Bruce and my sons, Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. Boys, my mom and brother." I introduced them to the boys.
We sat down on the lounge, talking about things, when Alfred called saying dinner is served.
We sat at the table and eat the delicious food Alfred made, having a blast.
My brother chatting with threatening my husband, my mom telling the kids embarrassing stories about my childhood. Just normal things.
Everything was going well until my husband ask me to pass the salt.
"(Nickname) honey, can you pass the salt please?" I grab the salt and pass it to him. I looked at my brother who snickers under his breath. "Something funny bro?" I ask him, with an eyebrow raised.
"You really like that nickname don't cha?" He ask. "Eh, it's alright." I answerd going back to my food. "You said you hated that name, what happened?" My mom pointed out. "That's what I'm saying! Seriously?" My brother exclaim, tilting his head to the side slightly.
3rd persons POV:
Now the people hearing their conversation must of thought of the nickname that they are referring to was 'honey'. And thats exactly what they thought. But that's really not.
You see, your name is (Y/n) but your brother gave you the nickname (n/n) when you were five years old. You always said you hated it but it's actually quite nice. So you started to introduce yourself as that nickname. Hence why Bruce calls you that, thinking it's your birth name.
Back to you,
Your POV:
"I mean I don't love it but I also don't hate it. I know I always say I do but I really don't." I said, shoving another spoon of food into my mouth.
"But mom, didn't you always say you like it when Bruce calls you 'honey'?" Dick asks, joining the conversation.
"Yeah, of course I do. If I didn't I would've said something." I tell Dick who just looks confuse.
"But you just said you don't like being called that nickname." Tim then join.
"Oh I was referring to her nickname, (n/n)." My brother answerd. As if that was the most obvious thing.
"Wait, what do you mean by nickname?" Bruce asks clearly confuse about the situation. My brother looks at him.
"Yeah, (n/n) is her nick- wait let me ask you this Wayne. She's your wife right? " Bruce nodded at my brothers question. " Then tell me, what is her full name before she married you." He said, looking at him with a look.
"(Wrong first name) (last name)." My brothers eyes widen with disbelief then goes,
Both Bruce and the boys looks at him confuse.
"What do you mean 'wrong'?" They ask in unison. My mother then speak.
"That's not her name. The name that you have been using to call her by is not her birth name. The name you've been using is not the name written on her birth certificate. It is instead her nickname that (brother name) has given her when she was five." She explains to the boys whose mouth is open with shock.
There was a few moments of silence until Damian speak up.
"So what is ummi's real name?" He asks, still recovering from the shock.
I then pulled out my id and give it to them.
"I can't wait till you tell this story to the public. I expect to see a hilarious tittle little sis." My brother said while laughing.
The night soon ends by my mom and brother going home. We bid goodbye to my mom and brother.
"Drive save, okay mom? I don't want you getting hurt. And bye to you too I guess dipshit." I said to my mom hugging her and flicking my brothers forehead as he did the same to me.
It's almost time for bed. Before I can go to mine and Bruce's shared bedroom to change, the boys and Bruce speak.
"You knew we don't know your real name and didn't say anything? Really?"
"I thought you knew my name, I just thought that you like my nickname better so I didn't say anything. Sorry, but hey, now you know." I said defending myself.
"And besides, my brother is right, this would be a hilarious tittle for the paper." I said as I walk upstairs to the bedroom.
A/N: Hope you enjoy this. It was supposed to be a drabble but I got so into it, it became like a oneshot. Like before, stay healthy, get enough sleep and all that things. Love ya!!! 💖
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ladyofhellhounds · 3 days ago
Hey there! Can I request a short imagine of Bruce Wayne x reader where he gets injured as Batman and goes to readers apartment for her to patch him up which leads to him confessing his love for her. Also reader already knows he’s batman
Queen of my heart
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
Requested: Yup
A/N: I think this is long, also check my masterlist on my blog and please, reblog.
Bruce Wayne met you at one of his parties at the manor, you were in charge of the catering service and he thought that you were nice and pretty, that's it.
From that moment he felt like he wanted to be closer to you, so he tried to make you his friend.
It was weird at first, mostly because he was your employer at that party but after some months of talking, visiting you at work and going out some times it was easy to start a strong friendship.
This man loves your food
You like the real Bruce Wayne, the one who's your friend, a cinnamon roll, the most adorable and goofy man you have ever met. Not the one who pretends to be a ladies man and a jerk, no, that wasn't your favorite version of him.
Alfred was surprised of his boy wanting to be friends with the catering girl, he had never done anything like that before and to be honest the butler believed it was weird and almost asked him if he was okay.
After some time knowing you he was happy for Bruce, the man finally has a friend who truly cares about him.
Anyway, the friendship was awesome and both of you wanted more but never felt like confessing because, why would you ruin something that is already nice and already works?
You tried to talk to him about Batman, just because you thought it was interesting how the bat was trying to take care of Gotham, it was super cool
As expected he tried to change the subject every single time but you never understood the reason why
Brucie likes you so he wasn't planning to tell you about his secret identity. It implied risking you
Something you have always liked is the way he takes care of you every time you go out or do anything together
There was an occasion when you were walking home from work at night and even tho you knew it was dangerous you had the earphones on. After some blocks you saw someone following you and for a moment you prayed to the gods to help you because Gotham is not a very nice city in the nights.
Maybe it had been your prayers or maybe not, but after walking down an alley this creep tried to mug you without knowing that the Batman was watching, just expecting the moment to appear in front of him. And he did, he got rid of the criminal.
"You okay?" He was looking you in the eyes
"Uhm... yeah I guess, nice suit by the way" He chuckled
The chuckle was what made you realized who could be the man under the suit, it al came together: the times when Bruce disappeared at night, the scars and bruises along his arms and face, the dark circles under his eyes.
"You sure you can go home alone?" He put his hand over your shoulder
"Yes, nice to meet you Batsy, bye" As soon as you left him behind you called Bruce and as expected, he didn't answer, so... you went to the manor where Alfred was surprised to see you at that hour but let you in because well, it's you.
It was shocking thinking that your friend could be the Batman and the great ability he had had to hide it.
You tried to calm yourself in order to be able to talk to him, it wasn't easy but it helped you to stay awake while waiting for him in his room.
It was about 04:00 am when he finally arrived and saw you sitting in his bed waiting.
"Were you going to tell me? I mean, not to pressure you but it would've been nice" You were nervous playing with your own fingers
"I was, but I didn't know how or when... how did you recognize me?" He sited right next to you
"The chuckle, you made that thing with the air you do when yo laugh" He laughed
"I see, listen to me y/n, you are my friend and i didn't want to risk you so that's why I hide it from you, now, I am going to need you to keep the secret" He looked scared but it went away when you held his hand
"Okay" He smiled
Alfred and him explained to you the implications of wearing the suit, the risks, the reasons behind and the importance
Your friendship remained pretty much the same but now you understand why he was late to every thing you guys did together.
For some reason this situation made you realized that you should tell him you were in love with him
He believed the same, I mean, now you know everything about him, why confessing his love would be weird?
Both of you postponed the lovey dovey words, mostly because of the fear of rejection
At some point he thought that you being younger than him was going to be an obstacle to keep the secret, but you were good at keeping secrets.
The most troubling thing of knowing the secret is that you are worried like everyday.
One night you were almost asleep when you heard a noise coming from your window and the fire escape outside of it.
Ugh, yes, it was Bruce... sorry Batman, and apparently he was bleeding.
"What the hell happened!?" You helped him in
"Nothing important, just something related to Black Mask" He was holding his own arm to stop the bleeding
"Take of the suit" You looked really serious while looking at him
"Jeez y/n, take me out first" You didn't look very happy but concerned
"Bruce, I am serious take it off. I'll go for a first aid kit" He stayed at your bedroom just to struggle taking the suit off "I'm back"
He was staring at you with adoration while you patched him and cleaned the wounds, then he realized you were the queen of his heart, the he had been waiting for all of his life. The one he wanted as the mother of his children, you were the one.
"Y/n" He held your hand
"Okay that's it, let me get rid of the gauze" You smiled and almost left
"Y/n" You turned back to stare at him
"You are the one" In that moment you felt like your brain had exploded or something because you couldn't answer "Y/n?"
"Yeah, sorry I just... what do you mean"
"I mean... you are the one I've been expecting, the love of my life if you want to call it that way, the woman I want as the mother of my children" The shine of his eyes made the most loving expression you had ever seen on him
"Oh Bruce" your eyes started to tear "You have no idea how much i've been trying to telk you the same words. Every time I see you I feel like i can't breathe, and when you hug me i feel like staying there the rest of my life" By now he was holding you in his bare chest with all of his heart and soul
"I'm glad to hear that, dear. So... wanna take me out on a date?"
"Bruce, we already had a lot of dates, but now... wanna stay and sleep with me?" You hugged him
"Of course, thank you for taking care of me"
"It's okay, I do it because I care about you" He pecked your lips
"I know, that's why you're the queen of my heart"
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