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#dc reader insert
odnanerf · 12 hours ago
Something fun for those of you on Desktop Google Chrome
Read a lot of reader insert fics, and wish your name was actually in the fic instead of Y/N?
Use this InteractiveFics extension!
It enables you to replace any value with a different word, so not only can you replace Y/N with your name, but you can also replace L/N with your last name, and so on.
It's definitely made reading fics more immersive, so give it a try! I feel like sometimes it's hard to imagine your name but when you really read it, it's more genuine.
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dangerousstrawberryshark · 13 hours ago
"‼" means DISCLAIMER. So if you see this by the title then that means I personally never watched it.
Tumblr media
Clark Kent/Superman
Coming soon...
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mxtantrights · a day ago
past lives (masterlist ⭑)
┌────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┐
 a spotify playlist based on the series ... 
└────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┘
════ PAST ⋆★⋆ LIVES ════ 
- (part one)
- (part two)
- (part three)
- (part four)
- (part five)
- (part six)
- (part seven)
- (part eight)
- (part nine)
- (part ten)
- (epilogue)
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uncpanda · a day ago
bruce wayne with prompt 22 please!
Bruce Wayne x Fem!Reader
Prompt 22: A slow burn being like . . . I’m not in love with them! Cut to a scene of the person in question staring dreamily at the object of their desire.
Drabble requests are now closed.
“I can’t believe you just won’t tell her.”
Bruce sighs in exasperation, and not for the first time he wonders why Alfred continually lets this man into his home. “There’s nothing to tell.”
“Oh Batsy. Batsy. Batsy. Batsy. Denial is a terrible thing. You know . . .”
“Jordan. I don’t care if you do have a ring that allows you to fly, I will find a way to throw you through that window, and when you land on Alfred’s rose bushes he won’t let you in here anymore.”
Hal scowls, “Your threats don’t scare me Spooky. You’re in love with her. Your eyes go to her anytime she enters the room. You actually smile when she talks to you . . . or you do your version of a smile anyways. That little lip tilt thing. You partner with her all the time.
“Everyone but you and her realize it. Hell! Supes sees it and we all know that despite the Xray vision he’s not that observant. And here you are tonight accompanying her to a gala.”
“It’s an undercover mission.”
“One that will have her on your arm, with cameras going off everywhere effectively labeling her Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend.”
“I don’t have girlfriends.”
Bruce watches as Hal actually has the audacity to roll his eyes. “You haven’t been on a date in over a year. You’ve attended every function alone.”
Finally fed up Bruce stalks closer to the pilot, “Why do you care Jordan?”
“She’s my best friend. She deserves to be happy, and right now I’m breaking a pinky swear to tell your idiot ass that she likes you too! And if I have to hear one more word about it, I’m locking the two of you in a closet and not letting you out until you’re together.”
“Dating within the team never goes well.”
“That’s crap.”
“Hawgirl and John are together. Arrow and Canary are together. There’s plenty of examples of couples within the team working. So quit this, and ask her out already so I don’t have to hear any more about your cute butt!”
And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bruce was done, he wasn’t listening to this anymore. You were due any second, and he needed to be in the cave to greet you, so he left the Lantern behind.
When he does reach the cave he finds you talking with Jason. The kid is looking at you with wonder, the same way Dick used to before he left for the titans. And well, Bruce can’t help but copy the kid. He stands on the stairs for several moments, just staring at you with a soft smile on his face. And then he realizes, God help him, that Hal is right, and he is so screwed.
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Sacrifice (Kara Danvers x Reader)
Prompt: Can you do a Kara Danvers x reader where Kara blows out her powers and her and reader ends up in danger and reader gets hurt protecting Kara?
Words: 722
Warnings: Canon violence, major injury (reader), blood, no death.
A/N: I may be trying to spread my wings a little but I’m still finishing up prompts y’all sent in.
Taglist: @natasharomanoffswife @natasha-danvers @aaron-despair @username23345 @xjiasx @nowthisisliving27 @higherfurther-romanova @summergeezburr @marvels-writings @onlyafewfindtheway @captain-josslett @hayleyokami​
Tumblr media
You hadn’t anticipated dying like this, a glowing green sword shoved inches below your bellybutton and a madman cackling in your face. It was odd; Lex Luthor, once the self-proclaimed protector of humans, now a lunatic hell-bent on destroying Earth’s saviors just because they were “different”.
Because they were more powerful than him.
Dazed, you could barely make out Kara’s panicked screams behind you. Desperately wanting to reach out but the Kryptonite in your chest making it impossible. She was already powerless – burnt out from her fight with the man who didn’t even care about her – and everyone was aware it’d absolutely finish her.
You’d known it. Which is why it was now skewering your body instead of hers. You, a human with nothing you could really offer except your life, were making the ultimate sacrifice. Not for the world, but for her. Always for her.
“(Y/N)!” she sounded so far away, but at least you could smile knowing she was safe.
“What a brave little girl,” Lex mocked, “Giving her life for a being too weak to save hers.”
Coughing, you watched a little blood splatter across his face and grinned lazily as his expression shifted with disgust. “What a pathetic little boy. Pretending to play God when he isn’t even a man.”
Watching the fury wash over Lex, you gasped as he yanked the blade from your body and you crumbled to your knees. You clutched the seeping wound, glaring up at your best friend’s brother. The man she’d looked up to for so long. Grieved over, knowing he’d never be a good man.
“What? Don’t like the truth? You hurt your sister over and over again for some insane vendetta while pretending you’re so great. You’re not a hero. You’re not a god. You’re a child whose body grew but his mind never expanded. It’s not Luthor madness. It’s ego and selfishness,” you growled, ignoring the way crimson slipped between your fingers.
Lex swung the blade high, much like an executioner, and you smirked victoriously.
“You’re nothing but a coward, Lex Luthor. I hope you never forget that. Never forget that’s all people will ever see.”
The world started to fade as the ominous blade came down, your eyes closing long before it reached you. If you died here, you were okay with that because you died knowing you did everything you could to protect the woman you loved.
You just hoped Alex found her in time.
Warmth. That’s all you could feel enveloping your hand as you slowly regained your bearings, strong, warm somethings clasped tight around your digits. The ache in your stomach was dull but noticeable, radiating upward as the world seemingly righted itself.
You could feel the scratchy DEO sheets beneath you, tucking you into a medical cot that should’ve probably been more comfortable than it was.
Government spends millions of “unknown” dollars on this place and they can’t afford better beds?
Grumbling, you hissed as your body shifted and the hand (you definitely hoped that was Kara’s hand) in yours tightened.
“(Y/N)?” Kara’s voice was soft, hesitation dripping from the name like she was terrified this was a dream.
Truthfully, you probably would’ve assumed the same if it wasn’t for the rock the DEO dared to call a bed beneath you.
“Hi,” you choked out, forcing your eyes to squint open as you took in the fluorescent lights above you before glancing at your distraught girlfriend, her hair matted and skin pale. “You should be under the lamps.”
A single sob bubbled from her throat before Kara’s forehead was pressing into the back of your hand, her tears hot against your cool flesh as she cried. You wanted to reach out and stroke her hair – offer some form of comfort – but your body refused to listen so you simply hummed a comforting tune as the dam of emotions broke.
Despite your own feelings – despite knowing there was a long road of recovery meant for you both, emotionally and physically – you couldn’t help smiling as you took a deep breath, embracing the burning in your belly.
Lex Luthor would never be a god. Would never know the meaning of being ethereal and worshipped.
Neither would you. But at least you could say you were loved by one.
And that was a better feeling, anyways.
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zen-main · 2 days ago
Jonathan Crane: Man my test subject died of fright :/
Y/N, probably, already pulling up their sleeve: aw man, jonny you crazy son of a bitch cant believe youre making me be your new test subject
Crane: No I-
Y/N, handing him a syringe: Crane, youre so wild, how could i ever have expected this outcome. This is a surprise to me wow
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ynscrazylife · 3 days ago
can you do a oneshot where Human B!D is in the hospital for some reason? Her sisters are takin turns staying with her, but she's really bummed about missing game night so all the superfriends come and they have game night in B!D's hospital room?
 Game Night at the DEO 
Summary: The Superfriends and the eldest Danvers’ sisters adjust their game night plans to accommodate Y/N’s hospital visit.
Authors Note: Thanks for requesting!
Request to be on a Taglist (or multiple) here! (Taglists are at the end of the fic)
DCEU Masterlist | Main Masterlist
PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
header c @/mundodeseriess
Tumblr media
Ironically, Alex and Kara had been sitting in Kara’s apartment, setting up the games for the game night which was the following weekend, when they got the news. Y/N had worked late that day for her job at the DOE and was sent on a last minute mission which was supposed to be simple and harmless right before she wrapped up for the night. Unfortunately, it was a trap. Some evil guys had wanted to lure out a superhero and when they did, they attacked Y/N. She just about managed to escape, but J’onn had to inform the older Danvers’ sisters that their younger sister was now in the DEO built-in hospital.
It was safe to say that the women did not take the news well. They dropped everything they were doing and Kara flew them to the DEO. Within minutes, the superhero and the agent had burst into the medical ward, frantic and yelling to anyone and everyone around about their sister and her condition. 
Luckily, J’onn had been sitting in the waiting room, also anxious for news since Y/N was like a daughter to him, but he managed to be a bit calmer than Alex and Kara. He rose from his seat and just locking eyes with the alien managed to calm the sisters down. In quick strides, they were standing in front of J’onn, eyes wide, wanting - needing - to hear what happened and some good news. 
 “The doctors are still doing tests to see the extent of her injuries, but she’s going to be okay,” was the first thing he said. 
Both Danvers’ let out breaths of relief and they slumped in the chairs across from J’onn, who sat back down as well. After a couple minutes of the trio just observing each other and their surroundings, Alex plucked up the courage to ask what she and Kara had been wondering ever since the phone call. 
“What did they do to her?” 
J’onn shifted his gaze to his lap. After a beat, he answered. “After she arrived at the scene, she stopped answering her comms since she was fighting. When she ran in the opposite direction of them, though, we checked in. All she said was ‘ambush’ and ‘too many’ before she stopped replying, so a team went out to her last known location . . . They found her unconscious-” he gave Alex and Kara a moment to process this. “-and two of the guys had ran after her. Our agents found them and interrogated them, and they admitted that they had faked a fight on the streets to draw a superhero out since they claimed they despised superheroes. They wanted to bring all superheroes down, but they didn’t except for Y/N to escape. They beat her up and hurt her real badly.”
The three fell into silence. The information was overwhelming, impossible to swallow. Both women were filled with great concern but also unbeatable rage, their minds conjuring up images of Y/N fighting and then running. It broke them.
They only snapped out of their thoughts when the doctor emerged, and her face was unreadable, lips drawn into a tight line, holding a slim paper in her hands. “Agent Danvers will heal,” she announced, and then glanced down at her paper. “She’s greatly bruised, cut-up, and has a minor concussion - she suffered no major injuries, though. We’ll have her stay overnight and then we’ll see when she can be discharged tomorrow.” 
The three nodded and scrambled to her feet. “Can we see her?” Kara asked, her voice sounding strained. The doctor nodded. 
Alex and Kara went in first to find their younger sister laying bandaged-up on the bed, but giving them a small smile. Immediately, the brunette and blonde rushed over to her, asking her if she was okay and how she was feeling. 
Y/N just sunk further into her pillows and took her sister’s hands, quieting. “I won’t lie, I’m not feeling great, but I’m okay - just really tired,” she admitted. 
They nodded and didn’t press her any further, allowing her to sleep.
The next morning and Y/N was eager to get out of there. She didn’t stop talking about the game night which was going to be that night and how she really wanted to catch up with everyone and play. Alex and Kara couldn’t blame her and hoped that she could get discharged, too, but were still a little concerned. 
They were her sisters, how could they not be?
Nonetheless, the doctor came in and instructed Y/N to stand up and walk around and see how she felt. Alex and Kara sat in their chairs, eyes darting back-and-forth between each other and Y/N, who nodded, easing herself out of bed.
She stood up and smiled — everyone else smiled, too — and prepared herself to take a walk around. However, after she took her first couple of steps, that was when her dizziness hit. “Woah,” she mumbled, putting a hand to her head and stumbling back.
Kara, who was closest, leaped out of her chair and steadied Y/N, gently pushing her back on the bed. The doctor frowned and checked her papers. “Dizziness isn’t good, what are you feeling?” She asked.
Y/N thought for a moment, scrunching her face up. “I think-I think those guys yesterday night . . . Now I remember, I think they blasted me with uh, this device that I’ve seen before. It weakens you. Drains you,” she said.
The doctor muttered under her breath, made a note on her paper, informed her that she’d have to stay at least one more day, and then left.
As soon as she did, Y/N explained that it must have been one of the DEO’s devices to her sisters (who knows how they got their hands on it), but pouted, unhappy that she wasn’t discharged.
Alex and Kara soon recognized this and had a silent conversation, resulting in Alex staying with Y/N while Kara made up a fake excuse to go out into the waiting room and make some arrangements.
She called the superfriends — Lena, Winn, J’onn, James, Brainy, and Nina — and told them that game night was still on, but held at a different location this time.
Everyone “RSVP’d” and at 7:00, they all showed up with Y/N’s favorite: PIZZAAA!
To say she was surprised to see everyone walk through the room’s door was an understatement. Her jaw dropped (especially when she saw the pizza) and she grinned, beyond overjoyed to see everyone. She didn’t care that she was injured, and gave them all hugs anyway (well, half-hugs, since she was laying down).
Everyone asked her how she was and she just responded with, “Better now that you’re here.”
Alex and Lena opened the pizza and got everyone slices while Kara got drinks. They ate pizza and turned on the med’s room T.V, which was filled with the basic channels but the superfriends did dramatized commentary to make Y/N laugh, and she did.
Afterwards, the games began!
Everyone split into teams, and everyone wanted Y/N on theirs. She ultimately went with Nia, and the teams were: Y/N and Nia, James and Winn, J’onn and Alex, and Lena and Kara.
First up was Pictionary! Y/N and Nia dominated everyone else. Then, they went into an exciting couple of rounds of Monopoly (which lasted forever), and Lena and Kara came out on top. To close out the night, they finished up with Never Have I Ever (lots of things got revealed there).
All in all, staying at medical wasn’t so bad. The bed’s mattress wasn’t horrible and Y/N got to have game night like she wanted to! She was never more thankful than that moment to have the amazing sisters and friends that she did.
Permanent Taglist: @natasharomanoffismywife @hehehehannahthings @paulawand @blackbat2020 @cerberus-spectre @marrymemcgrath @celestialbarnes @kathryndimitrescu @snipyloulou @big-galaxy-chaos
DCEU Taglist: @stephanieromanoff @basiclesbianbitch @hi-i-1 @mmmmokdok @acertainredhead
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rent-a-bat · 3 days ago
Drabble #4
Promt: #14 “Stay with me”
Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader
Requested by: Anonymous
A/N: And its alive!! My end-of-semester baby! Felt like a fever dream to write it, but i still love it. Will my son ever be happy? I don't know. Will this try to make up for that? Probably not.
Enjoy!! Hope you like it and let me know what you think.
No one really knew, even the people who did their best to help. They were all pretending, their sympathetic smiles and fake words of encouragement, the sentiment wasn't there because most of them have never experienced it, at least not yet.
Losing someone was common, a tragedy that makes you cry, looking for console with those you have left, but losing everyone was worse, especially in Gotham, where the streets are harsh and for a child alone, they are harsher, it cares not for the weak and if you're trying to stay alive, the only thing you can do is toughen up.
The life you had ended with a bang, or two, could have been three if you hadn't been fast enough, the bullet only hitting your shoulder, but your parents weren't so lucky as they fell to the floor with a shot in their chest. The sounds of the police coming closer alerted by the shots, made the robbers flee before they could do anything else, leaving you for dead.
After leaving the hospital, the things that followed are still a blur, too much for your mind to truly comprehend even after all these years.
After a couple of years on the streets, with your fare share of fights, doing everything you had to survive, a fateful night came when you met face to face with the Batman, the way he looked at you and the sound of his voice as he handed you a card for Wayne Industries still gives you chills, but not because you were frightened, but from understanding, he knew your grief like it was his own.
The next day, a seconding meeting came and it was none other than Bruce Wayne, charismatic as everything you'd expect a billionaire to be, and there was something in his voice too, you'd heard the story, he also knew how it was, but there was something else, the way he said it made you think of someone else.
And just like that, barely a week since your first encounter, your new life began.
Being with the Waynes wasn't like you thought.
It took you a while to get used to it, the attention, the press, the people. Outside it was all publicity, the media trying to get a hold of you, anything they could get their hands on to sell and make money, a new gold mine. But back in the mansion, it was anything but, still it was a new place to be and new people to meet. In the streets this would have meant a new place to fight, to win your place, new people to watch out for, and a whole lot to be wary of, until your place was set. In the mansion no one stole your food, none took your stuff, there was nothing to hide and no one to hide from, it felt overwhelming. You were brash in the beginning, even when you knew all they wanted was to help, and still, they stayed with you. You met them little by little, first Alfred and Cass, then Damian, and Tim, and Dick. The rest of the kids, of your family, and on each set of eyes, the same emotion looked back at you, you all understood, you had all lost something, and yet, no one felt the same, not like yours, until you met him.
It was only a matter of time until you knew their secret. Until you finally found why Bruce had reminded you of someone all those months ago, because Bruce Wayne and Batman were one and the same. It was a shock, but not unbelievable, it all had to come out in a way, the anger and the pain, you understood the need to fight, either for yourself or for those who couldn't, even if the city had taken from you, you still gave back, fighting so that they wouldn't suffer like you.
It was with that same feeling that you asked him to train you, you still wanted to fight, and that was the only way you knew. So he did.
You were down the cave when the roar of an engine startled you, taking you out of the lull you've been for the past hours, threatening to make you sleep while on duty.
It took you weeks to convince Bruce to train you, to let you join him in the fight and twice that time for him to finally let you close, or as close as a computer would allow. All that time you trained, mind and body. Every goal he set, you surpassed it, getting better and better each time, you did all you had to, but it was never enough. One night, after finally reuniting all your courage, you asked him the thing that kept bothering you.
“Why won't you let me help? You keep me here learning all that stuff, training day and night, and for what?” your voice a mirror of your feelings.
“Because you're not ready”
“ I am!”
“No. You're not, you still need practice, training.”
“But I AM! Why won't you let me at least show you?”
“Because last time I let someone help without being ready, it became one of my greatest mistakes.”
Somehow, what he said didn't sit right with you. You knew who Bruce was talking about, what happened and how it ended, and if you two had felt the same, then it wasn't a mistake, not for him, not for you and that bothered you the most.
You turned around to see who had arrived, the engine was not one you've heard before, but no alarm was set off. Your breath got caught when you finally looked at him, a sound leaving your mouth before you could help it, making him turn. He was imposing, nothing like the stories, no, he was more, the red on his chest matching the color of his helmet, shining brighter with every step as he made his way to you.
Everyone in the city talked about Batman, Nightwing and Robin, every criminal feared them. But in the streets it was him, the Red Hood, the one you felt the closest to, even without knowing him, the one you could relate to. And when he finally took off his helmet and your eyes found each other, you understood. No one really knew, even those who have lost too, no one has shared the same pain, the one only Gotham could give, no one until him. Because in his eyes you could see the same fight, of losing everyone, no one to console you, of having everything taken, and still coming out victorious. And he found the same in you.
“You must be the new one.” he said with a smirk, arms crossed as he looked at you. “I’m Jason.”
You matched his pose, not letting him intimidate you. “And I'm y/n.” you said, raising a brow, daring him, a challenge.
The laugh he gave you as an answer was one of the best sounds you've heard since coming here.
The time you spent with him from then on was something you could hardly put into words. The one connection you were looking for since you came here was finally there and you weren't going to let go.
After hearing from you of Bruce’s refusal, he began to train you, if Bruce couldn't give you what was needed, then he would. Everything he did was the opposite of Batman, he was harder, relentless. This was the real training, the one that saves lives the way Gotham needs, even if it isn't what it wants. And like things tend to happen, problems arouse.
The first time you fought with Bruce he was there with you. You wanted to learn how to handle a gun. You should've known better before telling him, you knew how it was with him, how against he was about it all, but you wanted it so hard that the thought just slipped. That was the first time he shouted at you, too. You could barely listen to his words as something broke when he began. The way he raised his voice, how he kept coming on to you. He made you feel small, his anger pressing on like a mist, taking the air away from you, bringing back things you thought were gone.
You panicked, your breath was coming ragged, burning your throat, your eyes, it reminded you so much of how it was back then that you didn't know what to do. The warmth of his hands and the steady beating of Jason's heart as he held you became your only anchor, you could tell he was shouting, but you had stopped hearing, the ringing on your ears too loud. You barely came back to yourself when he took you away, still holding you in his arms as you reached his bike and the two took off. The wind on your face making you breath again, as tears rolled down your cheeks, his presence at your back your only console as you cried. You had too many memories of the streets, each one worse than the other. He let you cry as you rode through the city and another more when you finally came to a stop. His arms warm as he held you like he knew, because he too had lived through it.
The fights between you and Bruce increased after that night, a growing tension as your beliefs crashed. It was hard to stay there as time went by, so when Jason offered to go with him, his hand stretched towards you, you gladly took it.
It was after a few nights with him that it happened. A scream woke you from your sleep, your body quick to meet the source before your mind could catch on. Not because of the scream, but because of the feeling that rumbled in your body when you heard it.
You reached Jason's room in a heartbeat, fighting to stop your panting as you got closer to him.
His bed was askew, pillows on the floor and the covers were everywhere. He was thrashing around, fighting something you couldn't see. His breath was ragged, like it was hard to breathe, sweat covering his body and face were his brows furrowed, eyes shut tight. He was having a nightmare.
You came closer to him, unsure of what to do, of how to help, you wanted to make it better but at a loss of what to do.
You hand grabbed for him before you could think of it, and before you knew your hands were on him, shaking him, trying to wake him up.
"Hey" you said in a soft voice, " Jason, it's okay." Your touch firm as he kept fighting.
"Hey, Jason, wake up. It's ok, you're ok"
His movements became more frantic, you had to hold him harder to keep him from moving.
"It's just a dream. You're having a nightmare." You kept pleading with him.
Your hands went for his face, barely grazing his cheek before you were turned around, back hitting the mattress. Your arms on a vice grip as he pinned you down with a hand.
"Jason? Wha-" the other coming for your neck, keeping you from talking anymore, holding you down.
He was laying on top of you, his breath coming fast, his eyes glazed, not fully awake.
You tried to break free, moving to get him off you. The movement only made him grab you more firmly, almost choking, so you laid still.
Slowly, you reached for the hand in your neck, watching carefully for any reaction. When there was none you started to rub circles on his wrist with one hand, while the other rubbed down his arm, soothing, trying to make him wake.
"It's okay." You said it over and over, like a mantra.
"It's okay, Jason." Your voice barely whispers. You stopped to catch your breath. He wasn't choking you, but his weight on your chest and the pressure on your neck still made it hard to breathe.
"Just come back to me." Something clicked in him at that, a recognition in his eyes as he looked at you, before the heaviness on your eyelids made you close your eyes.
"Y/n.." your name came out of his mouth in a breath, soft, barely a whisper.
Your eyes opened once again when his weight shifted, his hand and body leaving you as he backed away toward the end of the bed.
You rubbed at your neck, careful not to let the discomfort show on your face.
"I'm sorry." He was hunched over himself, his arms around his legs trying to make himself smaller, voice pained as he apologized. His eyes fixed on the floor.
Your heart broke at that. Carefully not to startle him, you made your way towards him. He jumped when your hand touched his cheek, but didn't move away from it, so you touched the other, taking his face in your hands.
"Jason." You said his name in a low voice, your thumbs rubbing gently as you tried to make him look at you.
He lifted his face after a while, his eyes quick to find yours. You smiled down at him, relieved that he was fine.
"It's okay." You said once more, waiting for an answer as you looked at him.
Seeing he wasn't going to answer you gave his face a last touch before letting your hands fall to your sides.
"Try to rest, Jason." You said after a while, making your way to the door. A hand stopped you before you could move, gentle, as he tugged a little to make you look.
"Wait." He said at last, still soft. You turned to look at him, his eyes almost pleading as he spoke again. "Stay with me."
You stayed still for a while, your eyes still fixed on him. Seeing you say nothing he let go, moving his hand away before you moved, your hand taking his firmly.
"Okay." your fingers interweaving as you tugged him back to bed. He followed you in silence, his body sagging with relief at your answer, like he couldn't believe you accepted.
And how could you say no. He was your friend, your teacher, your partner, he had taught you so much, he had become so much, and maybe, in the future, something more.
You could talk later, when you both have rested and he's ready, and you will listen to him, for as long as he wants
For now, as you sat on his bed, his hand secure in yours, the warmth of his breath tickling as you both went back to sleep.
It was enough.
Tag list: @togasknifes @thelindalorian @fizassyeda @apric-t @brightjimini @candlestudy @dickgraysonsscrumptiousbooty @lovingfartballoon
Message me if you want to added to the list!
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bravura-cameos · 4 days ago
Hello, weary travellers! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of Tumblr!
1. I’m just starting out with Reader fics, so I’d prefer drabbles, one-shots and headcanons over full-length stories; but if the idea’s really appealing, I’d be glad to.
2. I’m not going to do Trans!Readers, only because I don’t have much experience with it, and I don’t want to mess something up. I am open to Gender Neutral, though.
3. Please be as specific as you want! If you’re vague, I’m going to get carried away with it and it’s going to be a whole thing lmao
4. Please be courteous and patient — you know how the student life is.
5. NO NSFW!!! I’m not comfortable with writing 18+ content just yet.
-> Marvel
-> DC
-> The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies
-> Teen Wolf
-> Lucifer
-> Halo
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uncpanda · 4 days ago
number 5 with Jason pretty please <3
Drabble 2
Jason Todd x GN!Reader
Prompt 5: They’re in bed, one of them’s like, “It’s time to get up,” and their lover pulls them back down, wraps their arms around their body, and snuggles up close, preventing the other one from getting out of bed.
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“I have got to go. Bruce is going to kill me if I don’t show up. He’s and Dick, and the replacement, and the demon spawn are already neck deep in ninjas.”
“And that’s more important than this?” Your tone is teasing, as your arms wind a little tighter around his neck pulling him down for another kiss. He doesn’t resist, as his hands tighten on your hips.
He pulls back again, “I’ve really got to go.”
“You’ve been saying that for forty minutes.” You stretch your neck up to capture his lips again. You really love kissing this man.
He wines a little bit, “Sweetheart, please. I promised.”
You roll your eyes fondly before letting him go. You grin at him, from the pillows as he stares at you, before making a shooing motion with your hand, “Well, go on. Save the world.”
He hesitates, before swooping in for one more kiss before running out of the room. Then a wail comes through the monitor and you roll your eyes, because your daughter has decided it’s time for you to get up too.
You wake up the next morning to the sound of your alarm. You groan a bit because the baby had kept you up well past bedtime, thanks to teething. You had a doctors appointment in a little under two hours to see if there was anything that could be done.
Jason’s arm is slung over you, and you manage to just get out from under it before it wraps back around you and pulls you close. His face is buried in your shoulder and he murmurs, “It’s too early. Stay in bed.”
“Can’t. Have to get the baby to the doctors.”
He places several kisses on your skin, “She’s still asleep. She needs her rest and you have time.”
“Jaaassooon.” You have no problem, letting out the wine.
“Just a few more minutes. You owe me after last night. I got dumped on for being late. To be fair my brothers did have quite a few cuts, but no one was seriously injured.”
And really. how can you argue with that. So you curl up with him, for just a few more minutes.
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pricetagofficial · 7 days ago
Interstellar -Part Seven [18+]
Warnings: Language, fluff, Wally being a dork, smut, choking, space sex
Word Count: 5K
Taglist: Message me if you want to be on it!
A/N: I am sorry this took two weeks, I was really stumped for a minute here. I hope you all enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Part Seven
“You ready for this Starshine?” Wally asked, adjusting his cowl to fit over his face. 
Y/N powered up her ring, her suit materializing over her current clothes. “Born ready Red.” she grinned.
Wally sent her a wink, pulling her close and placed a kiss on her lips. “Last one to Midwest City buys dinner.” he grinned.
“You’re on Lightning McQueen.'' She teased and took a step back, hovering slightly above the floor. She watched out of the corner of her eye as he pretended to stretch out his legs. 
“I hope you have enough money, sweetheart, I have a huge appetite.” 
Y/N rolled her eyes. “As long as you save room for dessert, I don’t see a problem.” 
Wally almost stumbled at the innuendo and gave her a mischievous grin. “Always.” Pulling his arm across his chest, he looked at her. “You ready?” 
Giving him a nod, the two of them got into position before taking off for Midwest City. 
Wally wasn’t joking when he said he was the fastest man alive, but Y/N knew that she could keep up with his speed enough so she didn’t lose sight of him. The ring gave her the power to fly at the speed of light, and she was determined to win and prove to Wally that Lanterns were faster than speedsters.
Glancing up, he could see Y/N right behind him as he ran. Her hair was waving in the wind with her eyes narrowed in determination as a streak of violet shined behind her leaving a trail. “Looks like you’re losing babe! I thought you could do better!” he called, bragging about how he was ahead even if it was by a couple feet. 
Looking down at him, Y/N let a grin grow on her face. “Are you doubting me Red?” she taunted. 
Wally slowed so he was neck and neck with her, looking to his left. “I’m doubting you’re as fast as say you are.” he goaded. 
“You should really look where you’re running.” 
“What?” Wally turned to look in front to see several obstacles made from Y/N’s ring to try and slow him down. “Wouldn’t that be considered cheating?” he asked.
Y/N shook her head. “You never set any rules, hotshot,” she said and took off ahead with a laugh.
Wally huffed and maneuvered around the obstacles she placed in front of him while trying not to lose speed. He knew she was determined to win, but he never thought she would play dirty. Seemed like he needed to up his game. 
It took a few seconds, but he managed to catch up. Midwest City was on the horizon, so if he wanted to win it was now or never. Increasing his speed, he shot down the highway quickly passing Y/N as she tried to stop him with more obstacles. 
She almost made him lose his balance and crash into the nearby cornfields, but Wally managed to keep his footing as he skidded to a stop behind a gas station just outside of the city. That was their predetermined finish line. Seconds later after Wally pulled to a stop, Y/N flew into view and almost crashed into him.
Wally caught her, his hands on her waist as he tried to absorb most of her impact making sure neither of them were hurt. Looking down at her, they both were panting to catch their breath. Y/N looked up at him through the white lenses of her mask and smiled. “Thanks for the catch.” 
“Like I would ever let you fall, beautiful.”
Y/N felt the heat rise in her cheeks, “I don’t think I’ve ever flown that fast in my life.” she chuckled. “It was a blast.” 
Tracing his thumb across the bottom of her mask as he cupped her cheek, Wally smiled. “Maybe I can take you for a run, give you the ride of your life.” 
Snorting at his words, Y/N fell into a fit of giggles. “You’re a dork Wally West, and I adore that about you.” 
Rolling his eyes, Wally kissed her cheek. “Let’s get changed and I can give you the grand tour. Then you can buy me dinner.” he winked. 
In a flash, Wally was gone, leaving a gust of wind in his wake. Seconds later, he was back in his previous place holding Y/N close to his chest. He watched in wonder as she powered down her ring and her suit was replaced with her clothes and he was greeted with her beautiful eyes twinkling up at him. 
“You ready?” he asked, stepping back and slipping his hand in hers. 
Y/N gave him a nod as they began their walk deeper into the city. 
The first place Wally wanted to show her were the schools he went to. Walking through the suburban district of the city. He pointed out every secret he knew, about the different places and the people he shared them with. 
“That’s where Mrs. O'Leary lives, Dick and I used to sucker her into giving us sweets every time he slept over,” he smiled, pointing at an old house with fading yellow paint. “She’s the neighborhood’s crazy cat lady.”
Y/N laughed at his comment. “You and Dick got into a lot of trouble, didn’t you?” she asked. 
Wally shrugged. “He’s my best friend. In my opinion, there’s no one better to cause trouble with.” Tightening his grip on her hand, Wally led her down the street and around the corner. 
“My house is just down this street, It’s the blue one at the end.” 
Y/N stopped in her tracks and looked up at him. “You want me to meet your parents? Isn’t it a bit soon?” she asked. 
“If you aren’t ready, then we can come back another day,” he said. “I don’t want to make you do something you aren’t ready for.” 
Giving him a grateful look, Y/N kissed his cheek. “Thanks, Red.”
“Anything for you sweetheart,” he said. 
The two of them turned back and headed towards the inner parts of the city. As they walked, Wally told Y/N all kinds of stories, and most if not all of them included Dick. The more he talked about him, the more Y/N got curious about Dick. 
Y/N was pulled out of her thoughts by Wally pulling on her hand. 
“I asked if you were hungry, there’s a really nice diner not that far from here,” Wally repeated. 
As if on queue, Y/N’s stomach grumbled making them both laugh. 
“I’ll take that as a yes.” he chuckled and led her down the street. 
Y/N watched Wally as they walked. He seemed unusually focused, more than normal. Was he hiding something, if so what was it? She didn’t get the chance to ask about it before they made it to the diner where someone she didn’t recognize was waiting for them.
“Took you two long enough, what did you do? Take the longest possible route to get here?” the mysterious man chuckled. 
“Can it Dickhead, I was showing my girl around. Not my fault you’re here earlier than normal.” Wally teased.
“You’re Dick?” Y/N asked. 
The black-haired man turned to look at her and flashed a smile that almost seemed too good to be real. “That I am, I’m guessing you’re Y/N?” 
She nodded. “Wally’s told me a lot about you.” 
Dick laughed. “I  hope they’re all good things, but knowing Wally most of them are all the stupid stuff we did as kids.” 
“Sounds about right.”
“Guys! I am right here!” Wally said loudly, trying to interrupt Y/N and Dick’s conversation about him. 
“I know baby, don’t worry. I won’t forget you.” she teased, pinching his cheek.
Wally batted her hands away with a blush creeping up onto his face. “That makes me feel so much better,” he grumbled. 
Getting on her toes, Y/N leaned up and pressed a kiss to Wally’s cheek. “You love me.”
Wally was now several shades of red, ignoring the laughs coming from Dick. “You’re really laying it on thick,” he commented, wrapping his arms around her from behind and burying his face into her shoulder to hide his blush. “Are you trying to embarrass me?” 
Turning her head just enough, Y/N kissed his hair running her fingers through his ginger locks. “I don’t know, is it working?” she teased. 
“It’s working plenty,” he muttered. “Can we go in and eat now?” 
Y/N smiled and walked forward with Wally still holding tightly to her. “I can’t go anywhere with you clinging to me like this,” she said. 
Wally sighed. “Alright fine.” he chuckled and let her go, settling for wrapping his arm around her shoulders, keeping her close to his chest. Taking a look around, Wally noticed that Dick was the only one waiting for them. 
“Babs not coming?” he asked. 
Dick shook his head. “No, she had some stuff to take care of with Commissioner Gordon. So it looks like I’m gonna be the third wheel.” 
Y/N and Wally chuckled at his words. “Don’t worry Rob, we won’t leave you out,” he replied. 
Catching on to the nickname, Y/N looked between the two of them trying to make sense of things. If his name was Dick, why did Wally call him Rob? She didn’t get the chance to ask about it before Wally led her into the diner with Dick right behind them. 
It wasn’t long before they were given a booth to sit at and a set of menus to choose from. Y/N sat by the window with Wally beside her while Dick sat across from them. Wally’s arm was casually draped across her shoulders as they looked at the menu together. 
“Are you three ready to order?” their waitress asked. 
Dick flashed his smile once again, “Can we have a few more minutes? The lovebirds here can’t decide if they want to split something or not.” he chuckled. 
The waitress looked over at the couple and held back her giggled watching them fight over what to order. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” and walked off. 
It took a few minutes, but the second time the waitress came around all three of them were ready to order. After giving their orders, Wally excused himself from the booth and disappeared into the restroom. While he was gone, Y/N decided it was time to ask Dick her questions. 
“How long have you known Wally?” she asked. 
Leaning back in his seat, Dick looked at her. “I want to say somewhere around 15 years?” He huffed running a hand through his hair. “Damn, we got old.” 
Y/N laughed, covering her mouth with her hand. “Where are you from?” 
“You know, the question ‘Where are you from?’ is my least favorite question. Where I was born, where I grew up, and where I live are all very different answers.” he said. 
Crossing her arms, Y/N leaned back. “Alright then, where did you grow up?” 
Dick raised a brow at her. “Why do I feel like I’m being interrogated?” he asked. “Shouldn’t I be the one interrogating you?”  
“Because maybe I am interrogating you. I want to know what kind of person you are Dick Grayson, you are my boyfriend’s best friend right?” she asked. 
Dick shrugged and tilted his head. “Ask away, Y/N. I’m an open book,” he chuckled.  “Well, sort of.” 
Y/N narrowed her eyes and watched Dick carefully. She could tell that Dick was closed off to an extent, but at the same time, he was open about things. He was an interesting person, and it was easy to see how he and Wally got along so well. 
“I have a question, how did you know my last name? I never told you that,” he asked, glancing around. 
“Bruce Wayne is a famous philanthropist and he has a son named Dick Grayson who looks an awful lot like you. I just put the pieces together after that.” she smiled. 
Dick gave her an impressed look. “You’re good, I see why Wally likes you. You’re pretty sharp.” 
“That’s the only way I’d be able to keep up with him.” she chuckled.
Laughing at her words, Dick held his stomach as Wally finally returned to see them both in fits of laughter. 
“I hope you are laughing at something else and not me,” he said, sliding into the seat, placing a kiss on Y/N’s cheek. 
“No, just talking with Y/N.” Dick smiled. “I like her, don’t mess this up Walls.”
Wally pursed his lips and kicked Dick under the table. “Some faith you have there.” 
“Hey!” Dick rubbed his shin where Wally kicked him. “I was being honest! Would you rather I lie?” 
“I would rather you keep your nose to yourself,” he answered. 
“Make me.” Dick taunted. 
Wally made a move to dive over the table, only stopping when he felt Y/N’s arm grab his bicep and pull him back down into his seat. 
“Do I have to babysit you both?” she hissed. “I can tell you’ve been friends forever, you fight like it.” 
Wally huffed, crossing his arms as he leaned back against the seat. 
“Oh come on, Red. No need to get huffy with me.” Y/N teased, poking his cheek. 
Giving her a side look, Wally dropped his arms and pulled Y/N towards him once again. “You’re lucky you’re cute,” he said. 
“You two are so sappy, it’s kinda gross.” Dick chuckled.
Wally opened his mouth to respond when their waitress returned with their food. Giving their thanks, the three of them dug into their food. It was a known fact that Wally never shut up, even when he was eating. So when he was silent, that’s when you knew the food was good. ‘
For the next few hours, they all enjoyed their lunch talking about anything and everything. Even if Dick knew that Y/N was a lantern, she didn’t know about his own hero's life so the topic of hobbies was short and sweet. 
Y/N talked about her job, and how she was looking at a dig in Mexico where a team was looking at preserving artifacts and leaving them in the care of the local governments where they rightfully belonged.
They didn’t notice how long they sat there talking until Dick’s phone began to ring. He looked at the number and sighed. “Well, duty calls. It was nice to finally meet you Y/N.” he said, sticking his hand out for her to shake. 
“It was nice to finally meet you too Dick, don’t be a stranger.” she smiled. 
Both Dick and Wally bid each other farewell before Dick paid for his meal and left the diner. Wally soon paid for theirs and walked out. 
Hand in hand, Y/N and Wally walked back swinging their arms with a laugh. After their meal, Wally showed Y/N around some more, taking her places that meant something to him. Like the place where he fought his first bad guy with his uncle, where he had his first kiss (It was some girl he knew in the 10th grade named Trina), and even the lap where he got his powers after replicating his uncle’s accident. 
Their walk ended around sunset, right in front of the zeta tube located in downtown Midwest City. Wally took both of Y/N’s hands in his and pulled her close. Looking up at him, Y/N saw the complete adoration he held for her in his eyes as they sparkled catching the rays from the setting sun. 
“If I remember right, I was promised dinner,” he said, smiling down at her. 
“I can give you more than that.” she grinned. 
Two hours later, Y/N and Wally stood on the roof of her apartment building with a picnic basket in hand. 
“You ready for this, Red?” she asked. 
“I trust you with my life Starshine, I doubt you would let anything happen,” he answered, gripping her hand tightly. 
Smiling at his words, Y/N created a bubble around them and flew them both into the sky and through the atmosphere. She decided that taking Wally into space for dinner was a wonderful idea, and prepared a picnic to take with them. 
As they floated further from the planet’s surface, Wally watched below them in wonder as they flew further and further away. His hand gripped Y/N’s tightly as they came to a stop just outside of the planet’s atmosphere. 
Sitting on the ground of the bubble, Y/N pulled all the food from the basket and began to set it up. Looking at all of the dishes Y/N prepared, Wally smiled watching her. A romantic dinner at a restaurant was one thing, but it was something entirely different when someone went through the extra effort to make you a whole meal and then proceed to bring you to outer space to enjoy it alone together. 
Wally wasn’t sure how he would top a date like this, but he wouldn’t mind spoiling the hell out of Y/N to try. 
“I made a lot of my favorite foods growing up, and I might have even called Dick to see what your favorites were,” she smiled. “I was pleased to hear that your favorite food was everything.”
Chuckling at her words, Wally leaned over and kissed her deeply. His hand came up to rest on her cheek, stroking it softly with his thumb. “You’re amazing, and I love you,” he smiled. 
Y/N felt the heat rise in her cheeks at his words and brushed his bangs out of his eyes. “I love you too, Wally.” 
Immediately, Y/N began to shove food at Wally telling him to taste it all. Of course, Wally accepted every bite of food from her. He wanted to taste everything she made for him, and then some. 
After a while, all the food was eaten and they sat together, leaning against one another as they stared at the stars around them. 
“That one right there, that’s a planet called Halkia. Last year, I helped Hal save their people from famine. The queen was extremely thankful and gave Hal and I a large supply of Halkian fruit.” Y/N explained pointing at a star.
“Really?” He asked, looking over at her, “Did they taste good?” 
Y/N giggled and turned to face him, “They tasted amazing.” 
Her eyes locked with Wally’s, and she could see him leaning towards her. Carefully, he connected his lips to hers. In an instant, it was like someone lit a fire between them. What started as a simple, innocent kiss, turned into something more passionate.
Wally pulled Y/N onto his lap as he deepened the kiss. Sliding his hands down to grip her ass, Y/N let out a moan as she leaned back into his touch. 
Sliding her hands up his shirt, she desperately tried to rid him of the fabric. “Wally…” she breathed, “I want this off.” 
Pulling back from her, Wally pulled his shirt up, making quick work of removing Y/N’s shirt and bra. Grabbing his face, Y/N pulled his lips to hers in a heated kiss. Moaning into his mouth, she tightened her hold on his face as she felt her nipples drag across his toned chest, sending shivers down her spine. 
Soft whimpers left her lips at the sensation, swallowed by Wally’s kiss. 
Gripping her waist tightly, Wally grinded her hips into his growing erection, causing his breath to stutter at the feeling. “Fuck baby, I want you so fucking bad,” he muttered. He pulled away from her lips and left a sloppy trail of kisses down her throat, leaving marks all across her skin. 
Y/N gripped his hair tightly in her hand as he licked up between the valley of her breasts, savoring the sweet taste of her skin. 
Moving her hands to his shoulders, Y/N pushed Wally onto his back and looked down at him. “You look so handsome, Red,” she muttered, running her hands across his bare chest. She could feel his body shudder under her touch as she raked her nails across his chest. 
“Fuck, Y/N,” he muttered, holding her hips tightly in response.
“I didn’t know you were so sensitive”
Y/N trailed her hands down to the waistband of Wally’s jeans, toying with the button as his hips rutted into her hands at the light touches. “Y/N, please stop teasing,” he whined, tipping his head back. 
A grin slowly spread on Y/N’s face as she took Wally’s hands in her own and pinned them above his head. Seconds later, violet straps wrapped themselves around Wally’s wrists and held them in place. 
Looking up, Wally couldn’t fight the chuckle leaving his lips. “Of all the things, I never thought that I would be tied up in a giant pink bubble, in space.” 
“There’s lots of things I could do to you in this so-called giant pink bubble of mine.” Y/N leaned over Wally, brushing her lips against his as she spoke before sealing it with a kiss. With his hands bound, Y/N trailed her fingers delicately down his body tracing the outline of his muscles as she went. 
Trailing down his chest, Y/N pressed her fingers into his hips before unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down along with his boxers past his knees. Once she was done, Y/N quickly removed her own pants and underwear.
Wally writhed under her gaze as she slid her hands up his muscular thighs, leaning down to bite harshly on the supple skin of his upper thigh. 
“Oh fuck…” he muttered, tensing under her touch. Bending his knees, Y/N moved further up his legs as she spread them further apart.
Looking up, Y/N could see the striking color of his green eyes as he stared down at her. Wally’s bangs had fallen into his eyes, searching her expression. 
“What? Did that feel good?” She teased, quirking a brow at him. 
“Y/N, please,” he whined. “Do it again.”
Giving him an amused smirk, Y/N gripped his thighs tightly as she licked up his shaft making Wally squirm under her. He couldn’t stop the pathetic whines emitting from his mouth as his body craved for more, jerking his hips to try and get more contact with her. 
Enjoying the sight of Wally like this, Y/N leaned down and took him into her mouth sucking lightly on the tip. Pulling on the restraints, Wally cried out her name throwing his head back at the feeling of her lips wrapped around him. All he could do was watch helplessly as she bobbed along his cock unable to do anything let alone touch her.
With her hands holding Wally tightly in place, Y/N sucked his cock hollowing her cheeks as she felt him unravel at her touch. She moaned around his throbbing cock, his groans had gotten louder, soon replaced by whines and pleas begging her to keep going. 
“You look so pretty sucking my cock. Please Y/N, please let me touch you.” 
Hearing his words, she slowly pulled off of him causing Wally to whimper at the loss of heat. His face was almost as red as his hair, flushed from the feeling of her lips wrapped around his cock. His body felt as if it was on fire from the want he had for her, already covered in sweat head to toe. With a wicked grin, Y/N licked her lips before straddling his thigh, her eyes not leaving his.
“You want to touch me, baby boy?” she asked. 
Wally nodded, the nickname sending shocks of pleasure straight to his cock. “Yes, please!” 
“Then you can watch as I get off on your thigh.” With that, Y/N lowered herself fully, pressing her core to the tense muscles on his leg. Placing her hands on his chest, Y/N ground her hips into him gasping at the feeling. 
Unable to take his eyes off her, Wally watched as she got lost in the pleasure of riding his thigh. 
Y/N moaned, feeling the corded muscle under her as she rode it harder. What she didn’t expect was for Wally to start vibrating under her from the pure excitement of watching her fuck herself on his thigh. Digging her nails into his chest, Y/N dropped her head as the vibrations sent wonderful jolts of bliss straight to her core. 
Wally’s cock was hard and red, just begging to be touched. Reaching down, Y/N moved her hand as she rubbed her clit crying out at the feeling. Glancing down, she saw Wally’s cock leaking little beads of precum from his tip. 
Feeling the knot twist in her stomach, Y/N whimpered Wally’s name as she brought herself closer to her orgasm. The vibrations of Wally's thigh against her core drove her wild, listening to Wally whine at the lack of contact. 
“I’m not going to touch you unless you beg.” She said breathlessly. Y/N wanted to watch Wally completely fall apart, turn into a blubbering mess as he pleaded for her and her pussy.
Wally let out a loud groan, unable to stop the jerking of his hips only applying more pressure to Y/N’s core. He couldn’t fight the embarrassment from rising onto his already flushed face, avoiding her passionate gaze.
“Y/N, please,” he whined softly, taking a deep breath to try and slow his erratic heart. 
“I know for a fact that you can be a hell of a lot louder than that,” she said, moving her hands to support herself as she leaned over Wally’s body pressing her lips to the juncture of his neck. She grinned, watching how Wally reacted instantly recoiling from the touch of her lips on his burning skin.
“I want to hear you beg for it, Wally,” she muttered into his ear. “I want to watch you beg for my pussy.” 
Wally was able to keep his composure until he felt her bite at his earlobe, pulling at it with her teeth. He couldn’t stop the wanton moan from ripping itself from his throat. 
“Fuck, baby please!” he sobbed, desperate to be touched. Wally’s skin burned for her touch, unable to satiate his own needs.
“Please what, Wally?” Y/N asked. 
Clenching his fists, Wally inhaled deeply trying to hold on to the last shreds of dignity he had left. “Please,” he muttered. “I want to feel your pussy wrapped around me.”
Amused at his actions, Y/N slowly slid her hand down and ghosted it over his cock grinning as she watched him stutter at the anticipation of her finally touching him once again. “I can’t hear you, sweetheart.” 
At this point, Wally had enough. The lust he felt for her was too strong for him to think rationally anymore. “Fuck! Please!” he sobbed. “I want to feel you wrapped around my cock as you use it for your own pleasure!” 
At his words, Y/N lifted herself off of his thigh and lowered down onto his cock. The moan that left her lips was downright sinful as she felt herself be stretched to fit Wally’s cock inside her. The throbbing alone was enough to make her cum, but she refused to let herself finish just yet. 
Wally’s head was thrown back as his bangs were stuck to his head with sweat, crying out her name from the feeling of her velvet walls wrapped around his cock. His eyes were sealed shut until he felt Y/N slide her hands up his chest before letting one rest on his throat. At the action, his eyes went wide as he looked at her. Giving a slight nod of affirmation, Y/N slowly tightened her hold on him, restricting his airflow just enough. 
“You look so good with my hand wrapped around your throat,” she complimented. “You should let me do this more often.”
Slowly, she began to move her hips tensing around his cock as she felt him hit that little bundle of nerves that sent her into a heated mess. The drag of his cock against her walls drove Y/N insane, as she chased her release bouncing on Wally’s cock faster. 
Bucking his hips, Wally thrusted up into her roughly causing Y/N to scream his name.
“Fuck, baby please let me cum.” he rasped, barely audible over the sounds of skin slapping against each other and Y/N’s moans. 
He could feel her walls tensing around him, signaling that she was close as well. “Please! If you let me cum, I will go down on you until you cum three times,” he begged. 
Wally’s words made the pools of ecstasy she felt stronger, unable to stop the waves of pleasure from crashing in on her as she rode out her orgasm on his cock. Not even seconds later, Wally rutted his hips into her twice more before he cummed, shooting thick ropes of his seed into her. 
Panting heavily, Y/N released Wally’s hands as he took her waist and slowly laid her down next to him. Carefully, he pulled out of her cursing at the sight of their mixed juices pool out of her. Their skin was joined together from all the sweat as they refused to let go of each other, basking in the afterglow.
Y/N threaded her hands through his hair as Wally watched her lovingly, refusing to look anywhere but at her. 
“I know we’re in the middle of space, but what’s the chance of another lantern coming by and seeing us like this?” 
Raising her hand, Y/N whacked him on the back of the head before curling into his warm embrace. “Just shut up and hold me, Red.” 
Chuckling at her words, Wally wrapped his arms around her tightly as they laid there together staring at the expanse of the universe around them.
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Bat Aunt: Part 12
AN: There will probably only be one more chapter to this. An Epilogue. 
Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy, and morning sickness and an oblivious detective. 
Pairing: Barry Allen x Fem!reader
Master List  
Tumblr media
Month 1: 
You empty your stomach into the toilet and curse morning sickness. Barry is rubbing your back, and muttering words about how strong you are. You turn to glare at him, “You did this to me.”
“I know sweetheart.” 
“Every morning like clock work your spawn makes me sick. I’m sick of being sick.” Even you can hear the whine in your voice. He leans forwards and kisses your forehead, before zipping across the bathroom to bring you your toothbrush and mouth wash. Fairly certain that you’re done for now, you go ahead and brush and rinse. 
When you’re done, the exhaustion hits you. Barry leads you back into your room, and you crawl into bed. You’ve been so exhausted constantly lately, and as a result you’ve been working from home. Your one saving grace is that Bruce, Dick and Jason are away on some sort of mission, and Alfred is away visiting his mother. Otherwise your secret would be out, and you’d be smothered. 
You pull Barry into bed next to you, and curl into him. His natural scent calms your stomach, and you’re asleep in minutes. 
Month 2: 
Your morning sickness is still persistent. And you’ve only just managed to hid it from your brother, nephews, and surrogate father. The sound of the shower hides the sounds, and you take many naps in your office at work. No one suspects anything. But they would soon if your husband didn’t stop wrapping himself around you and putting his hands on your belly. 
His only saving grace is his new job at one of the Wayne Enterprises labs. He’d agreed to step in and take over one of the departments when your previous head had retired. He seems thrilled with job, and if it means you two can eat lunch together that’s even better. 
Month 3: 
There’s a sigh of relief when you reach the end of your first trimester. But you still don’t tell anyone. For supposedly being the best detectives in the world your brother and nephews are oblivious. You have a feeling that Alfred has suspicions. When you’d refused your favorite meal a few weeks ago, you’d seen the glint of suspicion in his eyes. 
When you get to go and listen to the heartbeat for the first time, it’s amazing. You hear the woosh woosh sound your heart swells. You didn’t think it was possible to love this much. When you look at Barry, you see tears pricking in his eyes. You make sure to get a recording of it. And at night, you and Barry lay in bed and listen to it. 
Month 4: 
You decide to see just how long you can hide your pregnancy from people. You don’t think you’ll last too long. Your boobs are already bigger, and you belly is just starting to expand. Baggy clothes help to hide that. And you go through your daily motions. Right up until Alfred corners you in the kitchen as you sneak a cookie. 
“Cookies aren’t the best nutrition while pregnant.” 
You freeze and turn to face your surrogate father. “That may be true. But I really want one.” 
He plucks it out of your hand, and replaces it with an apple. You pout, “The baby wants the cookie too.” 
Alfred raises an eyebrow before snorting, “Then it’s a good thing the baby isn’t in charge, isn’t it?” 
You stare at each other before you both break into smiles and he pulls you into a hug, “I am so, very happy for you Ms. Wayne.” 
You squeeze him, “Thank you Alfred.” 
When you pull back you ask, “Do you want to hear the heart beat?” 
His answering smile is blinding. 
Month 5:
You’re much more visibly pregnant, and you know it won’t be long before your brother and nephews finally notice. And that scares you because Alfred and Barry are already over bearing. They both constantly text to make sure your okay, and Alfred’s entire dinner menu is now based on what’s best for a developing baby. 
You can see that Dick has his suspicions. You catch him studying more and more, and you know your baggy clothes won’t hide things for much longer. Pretty soon you’ll need maternity clothes. But for now, you’re safe. 
Month 6: 
Your damn jeans just won’t close. You suck your belly in, and try one more time, and you fail. Your eyes slide to Barry who’s watching you with amusement. He smiles and asks, “My fault?” It’s become a bit of a joke in the past six months. Anything good or bad with the baby, is Barry’s fault.  
“Your fault. I have nothing to wear to work.” 
“Your dresses should work.” 
“They’ll show I’m pregnant!” 
Barry takes your hand, “I know. And I think it’s time. Our little one won’t be ignored.” 
You pout, “But I can barley deal with just you and Alfred. If you throw Bruce and the boys into the mix. . . .” 
He kisses the pout off your face, “It will all be okay. I promise.” 
You pull on one of your more flow dresses. It comes up shorter than normal thanks to the bump it has now put on display. You finish getting ready and head downstairs. Alfred is the first to see you, tell you you’re glowing, and that draws the attention of Dick and Jason. 
Their eyes go wide and Jason chokes on his cereal. Dick slaps his back until its dislodged. neither of them say anything, and Bruce is still just reading the paper. You roll your eyes as your nephews gape. When Dick finally manages to ask, “When did that happen?” Bruce finally looks up from his paper. 
His eyes go wide, and his jaw drops. His mouth opens and closes several times before his head snaps towards Barry. “I’m going to kill you.” 
Barry smiles, “We’re married Bruce.” 
“Ask me if I care.” 
Bruce is out of his seat and chasing your husband a second later. You roll your eyes and take a seat. The boys are still studying you. Jason asks, “So, how long . . . ?” 
“I’m six months along with four months to go. We don’t know what we’re having. We want to be surprised.” There’s flickers of disappointment in their eyes, and you ask, “You want to hear the heartbeat?”
Month 7: 
“Are you really just going to sit here?” 
Bruce doesn’t even look up from his book, “Yep.” 
“For the next three months?” 
You sigh, and spin in your chair. You wince a little bit when a kick to your kidney comes. You rub your hand over you ever growing belly, and hope the baby calms down. That hope is crushed when a new series of kicks, punches, and overall movement starts. 
You glance down, “You’re not even out yet, and you’re already rebelling?” 
This time Bruce does look up, “Maybe moving?” 
“Big time.”
“You want to feel?” 
“Absolutely not. It freaks me out.” 
You laugh, “You fight Gotham’s scum dressed as a bat, and feeling a baby kick freaks you out?” 
“I’ve seen way to many parasites exit a host’s body. So yes, this freaks me out.” 
You roll your eyes, “You big baby.” 
He shrugs, “I’ll hold it when it comes out, I’ll be the fun uncle. I promise.” 
Month 8: 
“I look like a whale.” 
Barry digs his thumbs into the arch of your foot. Foot rubs have become a nightly tradition since your ankles started swelling. You toss the magazine to the side. It’s a horribly trashy tabloid with a very pregnant you on the front cover. It’s one of many floating around. 
You’d managed to avoid the paparazzi for eight long months and then they captured you and ever since you’ve been THE thing to discuss on every morning show and every newspaper. You wince as the baby stretches. 
“You look beautiful.” 
“No I don’t. Everyone talks about glowing during pregnancy, and that’s complete crap.” 
Barry smiles, and moves to sit beside you. He rests a hand on your belly, and then he kisses you, when he pulls back he says, “You are beautiful and you are amazing. You are growing our baby. You made them from scratch. That’s amazing.” 
You sigh, “I’m ready to be done.” 
“Eight more weeks baby.”
That’s not comforting when people are taking bets on the sex of the baby, as well as its’ name. The very thought makes you want to sic lawyers on people.  
Month 9: 
You look around the nursery. It’s painted in soft yellows and greens and the furniture is white. You settle in the rocking chair, and kind of just stare. In less than a month you’re going to have a baby. You’re going to be someone’s mom. You’re going to be responsible for raising a human and making sure they don’t turn into a jerk. You spin yourself into a tizzy and manage to calm yourself down all within ten minutes. Impressive. 
Dick pops his head into the room, “Alfred wanted me to make sure you weren’t panicking.” 
“I was, but I’m good now.” 
He smiles, “Good. You’re going to be fine. You’ll be a great mom. You’re already a great aunt!” 
“Thanks boy wonder!” 
Month 10: 
You’re getting ready for a charity gala when the first contraction hits. You’re fairly certain it’s false labor because you still have two weeks. You continue getting ready, and head down to meetup with the boys. The false labor continues through the car ride, dancing, and appetizers.
You’re mid bit of a meatball when you feel a sharp pain followed by a rush of wet. Your water just broke. It’s not a rush of water like movies show, instead it’s almost like peeing, but not? 
You track Barry down, and your wet dress is all he needs to know what’s going on. He rounds up Bruce and the boys and calls Alfred, and starts herding you towards the hospital. Six hours and a lot pain later you give birth to a healthy baby boy. You feel your heart burst wide open at the sight of him. And when he’s put on your chest, Barry crowds around you. You smile at the sight of tears in his eyes, and for the first time in months you feel peace. 
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rookiesbookies · 8 days ago
Jason Todd fic that Im going to call “Harming League Property”. Gender Neutral YN x Jason Todd
Warnings: Hints to sexual intimacy at a prior time
They looked over at their phone, ‘unknown’ was that the caller ID read. But this was a different ‘unknown’ than the spam callers. This unknown was the Justice League trying to reach out.
They clicked the green answer button, they had just been sitting and reading so it wasn’t much of a bother unless they were burning to finish the chapter.
It wasn’t uncommon to get a call from ‘Unknown’ when the boys were on a mission, mainly one boy in particular. Jason Peter Todd-Wayne. Oh they loved him.
“Yello? Y/N L/N speaking!” They replied in a happy chirp, putting their bookmark in and paying attention to the possibly important call.
“It appears we need to talk.” Oh that was terrifying. Bruce sounded serious and there was no way they wanted to piss off their future Father-in-law, especially barely a few months from the small wedding they and Jason had planned.
They swallowed hard, “wha-what about?” If it hadn’t been for the three distinct giggles of Dick Grayson, Wally West, and Roy Harper, the three that were going on a mission with Jason, they would have almost panicked even worse.
A snap was heard from Jason and a harsh shush left Bruce, who told the three grown children to “Quiet!”
“We need to have a discussion about how I have visual evidence in front of me that you harmed League property.” Bruce was actually being serious, but the grown as children behind him were not.
“Pardon?” They had never even been to the Watchtower and they never messed with anything Justice League related.
“I found a hickey-“
“-or 7-“ Dick butted in. Then a faint yelp was heard which they could only assume was a jab from Jason.
“-on Red Hood.” Bruce stated stoically.
Needless to say they almost dropped their phone in panic. “H-how-how exactly did you see them?” They stuttered out.
“I was proud of you and took my shirt off to show off?” Jason said, almost like a question. Earning more laughs from the two gingers.
“What he said.” Bruce added, Jason’s fiancé’s face ran cold.
“Ha ha,” they chuckled nervously, “so-so what is this about again?”
“Destruction and harming of Justice League Property.” Bruce paused and sighed, “we’re just asking that next time you two keep your ‘nightly activities’ more secretive. This is a warning or we may have to take measures to make sure it is not visible.”
They felt like they were going to pass out.
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37/50 Wordless Ways to Say, “I Love You.”
Making sure to be quiet while they’re taking a nap.
Jason Todd x reader
Word Count: 372
It had become delightfully common, the way that the day had progressed for you today. You’d woken alone, as usual, and immediately started checking the comms for status updates on the people you’d come to see as family. Once you were sure everything was fine, you checked up on some contracts you’d agreed to carry out for Slade since he hated working in Gotham (hopefully without Bruce finding out). From there, the day was simple: kill a man, pick up Damian and take him to his Wednesday art lesson, pick him up again but this time from the art lesson and drop him off at the manor, enjoy the dinner that Jason so skillfully threw together, and relax on the couch for a pre-patrol nap.
It was about fifty/fifty, which one of you would wake before the other, and the one that did almost always started prepping the gear for that night’s patrol. Tonight, it was you that woke about fifteen minutes before Jason’s phone alarm would start to scream. So you carefully--as carefully as one could be while still returning to the realm of the awake--slithered out from under his arm in order to get to your feet.
You wobbled slightly once you got there as your balance struggled to keep up with the demands you were burdening it with, but thankfully you were able to maintain the silence a trained assassin like you should have. Glancing over at Jason, it took every ounce of self-control you could muster not to lean over and kiss the scarred cheek that wasn’t buried in the cushions. No, you would only wake him if you did that, and people in your line of business could use all the sleep they could get. Instead, you only smiled fondly at him before slipping out of the room.
And if you happened to return in time to record the way he jumped awake, startled, at the sound of his alarm, hair mussed in a way that was honestly impressive, well. That was a secret that would be kept between you and Damian, now wasn’t it? 
. . .
And Barbara. Because you weren’t fool enough to think that she didn’t poke her nose into your phone’s camera gallery sometimes.
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Fandomlist #1
Edward Cullen
Carlisle Cullen
Jasper Hale
Emmett Cullen
Jacob Black
Sam Uley
Tony Stark
Peter Parker (Bumping up his age)
Steve Rogers
Bucky Barnes
Thor Odinson
Clint Barton
Pietro Maximoff
Scott Lang
Bruce Banner
Dr. Strange
My Hero Academia
Izuku Midoriya
Katsuki Bakugou
Mirio Togata
Tenya Lida
All Might
Enji Todoroki/Endeavor
Eijiro Kirishima
Shoto Todoriki
Male Celebrities
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr.
Shawn Mendes
Tom Holland
Jeremy Renner
Sebastian Stan
Henry Cavill
Zac Efron
Colby Brock
Brennen Taylor
Sebastian Stan
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
John Winchester
Archie Andrews
Jughead Jones
Reggie Mantle
Kevin Keller
Hiram Lodge
F. P. Jones
Fangs Fogarty
Attack on Titan
Eren Jaeger
Levi Ackerman
Erwin Smith
Jean Kirstein
Reiner Braun
Kenny Ackerman
Bertolt Hoover
Clark Kent/Superman
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Arthur Curry/Aquaman
Billy Batson/Shazam (Bumping up his age)
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Dick Grayson
Jason Todd
Tell me if I missed any characters or should I add anymore!
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starshipsofstarlord · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
An accidental flash - Barry Allen x Wayne!reader
Masterlist link
Word count - 1749
Summary; interruption is often than not present in the life of justice, this time Barry Allen is involved
Warnings; nudity, fluff, awkwardness, erection, making out, swearing, brief mention of the talk, mention of murder and prison
The mission had been long and gruelling, and you were just happy that it was over. Being a member of the justice league was hard all on its own, throw being the daughter of Bruce Wayne into the mix, it was understandably a nightmare at times. Sweat riddled your body as though you were the ploy of a river, drowning in your own body’s function as you ripped off your mask and tossed it carelessly onto your bedroom floor; next, your target was the zipper at the front of your suit, luckily your father had fixed it, in the past it had a tendency to get stuck.
Though maybe it’d have been better if it were to have upheld you for a few minutes as you struggled to descend the line of metal teeth downwards, that way you’d have been covered whence an intruder whisked into your room. Everything usually ran slow for him, however this time appeared different, for he showed up just when your suit hit the ground, leaving you half naked, in nothing more than your panties. It took you a moment to even realise that he were there, at your doorway, mouth agape as he took in your exposed beauty.
His heart was practically fluttering out of his chest as he saw you in all your glory, even if it were from the back, and you were sufficiently oblivious to his wondering eyes. Your father would kill him if he ever knew that he were getting this kind of a view of his daughter, but he had yet to panic at that prospect, he was more so focused on how the wading of your spine rippled and the tiresome joints of your shoulders rolled as you stretched your back. Without much of a thought you turned around, with the mental security of the door to your room being closed.
But no longer was it as your eyes widened, and your hands scurried to cover your bare breasts; Barry too realised that his ogling had been a mistake, he knew it was wrong from the get go, but he was so fastened with the concept of being hypnotised by your oblivious magnificence that he’d hardly registered how definitely rude his wordless actions had been. “Oh- I, um- I’m sorry.” The boy stuttered, a flush ravishing his cheeks from being caught shamelessly peeping as he turned around, blocking your entrancing body from his eyes.
“I-it’s, it’s okay Barry.” You confided in him, as you desperately searched for a tee. This base was so new that you’d hardly had the time to move in, a shower sounded absolute, however you were going to need some clothes to change into afterwards. “Do you think you could get me a robe or something please, if it’s not too much?” Barry considered the or something portion of your enquiry as he removed his infamous red hoodie, turning towards you before realising his mistake once more.
“Sure.” He grimaced from his exact mistake again, trying not to begin too drool at the sight of you, moonwalking to reach you and handing you the hoodie, however he tripped over your suit, leaving him in despair on the ground, and you whom had also fallen atop of him. If he hadn’t been so distracted, he could have avoided the awkward scenario that had stumbled the two of you into the current position that you were clambered in. Barry gulped, feeling your breasts pressed straight against his chest, he could feel a masking of nervousness creeping over his neck, as his breath fanned over your upper lip.
“Hi.” He spoke softly, his eyes locked on your own. Doing so concealed his nervousness, and it showed that he had no intent to look elsewhere on your body. A smile sprung onto your lips as you felt the constant pounding in the speedster’s chest, it ravaged against your body as it pulmonary beat through the cage of his ribs, sending unintentional shock waves through your body. You licked your lips, a light furrow distorting your brows as you quirked yourself head at his words, eyes also engaged with frolicking in the visual of his own.
“Hi.” Was your repeat. It was strange to be so close to Barry, especially in this sense, but you weren’t entirely complaining. It was unknown how you were supposed to revel out of this position without him seeing you clad in nothing more than your underwear, a part of you was frustrated that you’d have to. And then you felt it, a solid notion against your leg, spurring from his jeans, and resting against your covered mound. “Please tell me that is your phone.”
An awkward smile, with stretched lips and shown teeth justified the truth; it indeed was no device. He had gotten hard from the accidental predicament that the pair of you had quite literally tumbled into. “Sorry.” He mumbled, about to look down, but remembering that was not such a good idea. “I can’t help it- you’re so beautiful in and out of clothes, and like, it’s my body, that has yours against it, if you get me?” He rambled, making you shake your head at him, and laugh lightly, causing him to freeze.
“Okay.” You replied, hardly believing that you were about to do such an act, as you learn down and pecked his lips. His entire body, and you meant entire, went rigid, lulling in the brief moment that your lips were against your own, a dazed and dopey expression contorting his face. “You good Allen?” You enquired with a pat to his chest, as he licked his lips, reminiscing in the taste of your own. He dumbly nodded, though he intently pulled you back down for another, elongated encore of the action.
The pair of you were enduring a passion, more innocent as it seemed, making you oblivious to the footsteps that gained closeness every moment that you spent revelled in one another. Perhaps no one would have known that you and Barry were entangled like so if your door were closed, but it was not, leaving a sufficient glance for any passers by. When Victor walked passed, he gave you a small applause, and a light catcall, making your head jolt up, only for Barry to pull it back down.
Arthur smirked and shook his head; kids. He said nothing and stoically traipsed past, whilst Dianna recalled that she ought to direct a motive talk to the pair of you later on. Those two were away from your senses. Barry’s hands found refuge on your back, pinning you closer against him as he felt you slither your tongue against his lips, and he was certainly more than happy to allow you entry into the warm and wet cavern of his mouth. He groaned when you tugged delightedly upon his dark locks, feeling how your tongue swirled around in his mouth, fighting and winning dominance in the realm.
It was quite the conjuncture to be caught in, more so by the billionaire in Gotham, the Batman. As soon as Bruce saw you, his daughter, and the young man that he recruited for the team attached in such ways that he did not appreciate, he called out your name, making you shiver against your team member as you looked up, terrified of the fact that he had seen you like this, with Barry! Really, you should have expected nothing more, or at least have shut the door, but you had been too occupied.
Bruce cleared his throat as a blush blossomed over Barry’s skin, he was internally terrified. If you weren’t atop of him, he’d have definitely sped away, saving his skin from the hell that he’d endure from your father. You expected your parent to shout, to scold you, to threaten the life of the man beneath you, but instead he diverted his eyes, and raised his brows, as he thought of the talk that he’d have to have with the pair of you later on. “The two of you missed the meeting, now I see why.”
“It’s not what it looks like.” Bolted from your mouth, but the only response that you earned from your father was him shutting the door, to everyone’s relief. “Fuck.” You groaned, dropping your head upon Barry’s chest. It was embarrassing, sure you were no longer some teenager that needed to be checked on every five minutes, or directed down a narrow path, but it was nerve wrecking all the same. You’d never wanted your father to see you like that, and if he had reprimanded you, that’d have been highly hypocritical all the same.
“He didn’t kill me.” Relief embezzled Barry as he heaved a heavy sigh, dropping his head back onto the carpet. “I mean if he did, then both our fathers would be in prison.” He spoke with a shrug, and you placed a sweet peck onto his jaw, causing a smile to reprimand presence onto his handsome and well structured face.
“Eh.” You shrugged considerably, Barry raising his brows at your reaction, that had yet to be finished. “He’d have someone cover it up, and he’d still be a free man. Money can do quite a lot. For all we know, he’s plotting on taking you out when you least expect it.” You reasoned, making his hands pause their stroking on your back.
“I must insist on another kiss before that happens then.” He puckered his lips, but rather than receiving a diligent peck opposed onto the surface of them, your forefinger pressed down on them, halting his hopes for a continuation.
“Take me on a date Allen.” You winked at him as you stood, no longer covering up from his gaze as you grasped his hoodie, and retreated into the attached bathroom. You were certainly something else, and if Bruce were to kill him in some way, he was sure it’d be worth it. When he was with you, he liked to endure everything slowly, and appreciate every notion in progress that you made, whether it be a true smile or a blunt roll of your eyes.
The sound of the stream from the shower turning on alerted his ears that you were now cleansing yourself, he too thought that sounded like a good idea, and thus he vacated to his own room and did so, singing lightly in the shower as he thought of where he could take you for a first date.
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randomfandomimagine · 12 days ago
Hey hey, could you please write a headcanons about Bruce Wayne (B. Affleck) and his daughter (5) where she has nightmare everyday, goes to Bruce room but because Bruce isn't home (na na na na Batman), she starts to cry 'cause she thinks that he doesn't care about her and he's not home 'cause he hates her and doesn't want to be with her and rather be somewhere else (the reader blames herself for her mothers death.....birth)? And heartbroken Bruce then finds her and uses all his love to comfort his daughter, tells her that is not her fault and that he loves her?
Ty so much love. 😍
Aw, I love this! If you don’t mind I’m going to change it a little bit to age the reader up a bit since I’m more inspired to write it that way. Thank you so much for requesting, I’m really enjoying writing for Bruce :)
Tumblr media
You had become used to your father’s absence
Bruce was often away, and you never really knew where or why
When you asked, he would just excuse himself saying he had to ‘work’
But even if he was Bruce Wayne, and he was surely busy...
You knew something was up, something that he wasn’t telling you
You weren’t stupid, you noticed he sometimes returned injured
As much as he tried to hide it from you, only distancing himself more
You had resigned yourself to that dynamic, of you being alone
Of your father always being away with mysterious endeavors
One day, however, everything changed after you had a nightmare
It was one of the worst you ever had, and you were very scared
You woke up to an empty house as you frantically walked around it
Calling out for your father, only to have no one answer you
Only your own voice as it echoed across the big house
That was the breaking point for you, so you stayed up
The relationship with your father had already been bad enough
You were already feeling lonely, vulnerable and scared
As well as feeling that anger and resentment towards him
So you waited for him, staying awake to make sure you’d catch him
You weren’t going to sleep again anyway after that nightmare
When Bruce finally showed up, all your pent up emotions burst out
“Y/N, why are you awake?“ “I had a nightmare, but you weren’t here”
He tried to speak, hit you with one of his many excuses
But you didn’t give him the chance, not this time, not again
“I needed you and you weren’t here, like always! You’re a terrible father!”
“Y/N...” “Where were you when I needed someone to comfort me?!”
You began rambling on about how he always failed you
How you hated him because he didn’t love you
How he had to hate you if he was always somewhere else
How he shouldn’t have been a father if he was going to be such a bad one
Then Bruce suddenly engulfed you in a tight hug, shaking with sobs
“I’m so sorry, Y/N” He said with a shaky voice as he hugged you tight
You had started crying at some point too, you didn’t know when
It was the shock of his unexpected hug that interrupted your crazed state
You broke down and just let him hug you, crying in his chest
Your father was now breaking down as well, crying his eyes out
When you two calmed down a little, he gently pulled away
He put his hands on your shoulders and gravely looked into your eyes
“I don’t hate you, sweetheart, I love you so much, you’re my child” 
“Why are you never here then?” “Because I’ve been trying to protect you”
Before you could ask anything else, he sighed and shook his head
“Or maybe I was so afraid that you would hate who I truly was”
Bruce then told you all about Batman and where he went and what he did
You both spent the rest of the night awake, talking and catching up
Bruce made hot cocoa and you spent quality father and child time
You talked about Batman, about your nightmare, and about your life
He finally took an interest in it, in your classes and friends and crushes
He listened to you, like you had always wanted him to, and he cared
Bruce also promised you to be better, to try, to do more
To be a good father and don’t let Batman get in the way
And after that talk you slept better that you ever had 
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn / @locke-writes / @emmacata / @galactic-magick / @qtmeryr / @everyday-imfangirling // Send an ask if you want to be added to the tag list for these fandoms or characters!
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crackedoutwalnut · 13 days ago
Hey saw that you were open for request.
Can you write a Wonder Woman x female reader where Diana is being overprotective over injured reader?
A/n: hope you enjoy!
Word Count: 1,808
It was as if someone had filled your lungs with fire ants. Your thighs burned, and your biceps grew limp as you sprinted down the street. Pedestrians and drivers alike were scrambling over chunks of debris and newly formed potholes to get away from the battle raging behind them. The sound of car alarms, screams, and explosions roared in your ears as you continued to weave around obstacles. However, unlike the others, you were running toward the fight. Your eyes were wild with panic as you looked around for your girlfriend.
Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman as most know her, had not returned home for lunch that day. Instead, she had sent you a single text saying: "Something came up at work. I won't be home for dinner; stay safe." You knew instantly she was not talking about her job at the museum. Your girlfriend, being the wonderfully infuriating demigoddess she was, had a propensity for rushing into danger head-on. You knew this because out of the three years you had known the Amazonian, she has pulled this same stunt exactly one thousand times. Every time Diana did not return to your shared condo-style apartment, your worry would not stop until you saw her face again.
Rationally, you knew that if there was anyone equipped to fight alien super-soldiers, it was your girlfriend. She was the daughter of Zeus and was raised on an island filled with the daughters of Aries. So, really, you had nothing to worry about. That did not stop your heart from making a home in your throat every time you saw the scars that littered her otherwise flawless skin. Usually, Diana would just laugh and wrap you up in her arms when you fussed over the old wounds. She absolutely insisted that you were overreacting- which, to be fair, you usually were. You would usually pout in response and continue to trace the scars along her arms as your head rested cozily against her shoulder.
In the past, Diana's reassurances had been enough to mostly assuage your fears. This time seemed to be different. It was different because the entire Justice League had gathered to fight the new alien threat. You were occupied with pacing around your apartment when you saw the familiar form of the Flying Fox zoom by out your window. Usually, any danger to Washington DC was small enough for Diana to handle on her own. However, the fact that she had called for backup made your stomach churn. This is how you found yourself, an archeologist for the Smithsonian with absolutely no combat experience, running headlong into the front of the battle. In retrospect... this may not have been your best idea.
The roaring in your ears grew louder as your pant leg was cut open by a rogue piece of rebar sticking out of a chunk of cement. Wincing, you paused to press a shaky hand against your bloody calf. Then, carefully, rolled up the now destroyed pant leg and continued to limp forward.
Your injured pace quickened, however, when you saw Diana from across the street. She shone like a shaft of light in a dark forest, the beacon you used as your guide. Now that you could see that she was okay, you were not sure what to do. Going further into the fight was too dangerous, and the aliens would surely spot you before you could get away. Dread of a different variety grasped at your throat. You were trapped in a warzone.
The quickly mounting panic attack tightening your chest was cut short as you saw a rogue soldier, quicker than a flash of light, lunge towards Wonder Woman while her back was turned. Your scream ripped out of your throat before you could consider stopping it, "DIANA!" Both your girlfriend and her assailant whirled around to face you.
You watched as the Amazonian's determined expression morphed into that of pure terror. Everything after that seemed to proceed in slow motion. Her would-be attacker twisted his body so that the barrel of his gun was pointing directly at you. Your eyes widened as you attempted to pivot on your injured leg to escape. A cry of agony escaped your lips as fresh blood seeped from the wound. You barely had time to register the sound of a gunshot before the world tilted and was quickly swallowed in black.
Diana felt the world crumble to dust around her as she watched you collide with the concrete. When she first started dating you, Diana had made an oath with herself. Your safety was to be her top priority at all costs, even through the storm, warfare, and apocalypse. In exchange for your love, she would take up the role of Atlas, holding your world in her arms in a violent cosmos. So, when she beheld your crumpled form lying in the blood and dust-covered street, she exploded.
The Amazonian launched towards the alien soldier with such force that the asphalt exploded beneath him as he was dragged against it. She gripped his biceps hard enough to crush them, even with the hard metal shell of the shoulder plates protecting them. The alien screeched in agony as metal ripped into his skin, puncturing tissue and bone in its wake.
Diana gritted her teeth and yanked the screaming soldier closer to her. Then, holding him aloft by tufts of hair, she pulled his ear closer. "You should have stuck to your original target." She held both hands firmly against the sides of his head and snapped his neck like a wishbone. Throwing him to the ground, Diana sprinted towards your motionless form. Your shirt was bunched up enough to reveal the bloodied mess that the bullet had left in its wake. Thankfully, the wound placement was not fatal, though it could quickly become so if the demigoddess did not move fast.
With all the tenderness Diana's hardened body could muster, she scooped you into her arms. Your head lolled against her shoulder as she stood up. Sighing, she placed a kiss atop your head and proceeded to tap the comm in her ear.
"Bruce? Something has come up; I need you guys to handle the rest," she said, maneuvering around a crushed vehicle. The wound on your leg scraped against the car's door handle, causing you to whimper in your sleep. Diana winced and protectively tucked you closer to her chest.
"Diana, what could possibly be more important than an alien invasion?" Bruce grunted.
"Look, I do not have time to explain. Y/n got hurt; I need to take her to safety." With that, Diana leaped into motion. She sprinted down the middle of the street, weaving past cars and desperate people. Usually, she would stop to help them, but all she could focus on now was your shaking form curling up in her grip like a dead rose. Diana silently debated on where to take you. The hospitals would be far too busy to tend to you right away, and the museum did not have to supplies needed to patch you up.
Suddenly, she took a sharp turn and nearly tore the door to the drug store closest to your apartment off its hinges. She maneuvered you in her arms so that her right arm supported you, and her left was gripping a shopping basket. She rushed to the aisle that held the first aid supplies and stuffed the basket to the brim with gauze, rubbing alcohol, pain killers, anything she could think of. After leaving the abandoned market, she carried both you and the basket up to your shared apartment.
When you awoke, the first thing you noticed was the burning pain that throbbed up and down your body. Your body was sweaty and shaky as you pried your eyes open. It was dark save for a flickering street lamp outside that was filtering in through a window. Looking down, you saw that you had been swaddled in four blankets with pillows surrounding your sides like protective barriers. That explained the sweat then... but, how did you get here? From the dim lighting, you could tell you were lying in your bedroom.
Groaning, you went to sit up. The effort was quickly cut short by an explosion of pain in your lower abdomen. Crying out, you whipped off the blankets to find yourself shirtless and covered in gauze. Your shredded jeans had been replaced by a pair of pristine gym shorts. Based on the meticulous and efficient patching of your wounds and the thick fortress of comforters, this had been the work of Diana.
Your eyes widened as you jerked up once more, "Diana?" your voice was weak and shaky.
Instantly, you heard the hurried shuffling of feet making its way to your room. Then, your girlfriend was standing over you, hair messy and eyes wild with concern. "Y/n lay back down; you should not be sitting up," she gently guided you to lay back against the pillows.
You offered her an apologetic smile, "How long was I out?"
"Five hours."
You groaned and scrubbed your hands over your face, "Are you okay?"
Diana's face morphed into that of disbelief as she inspected you, "Am I okay?" she scoffed, "Y/n, you could have died. You nearly did die."
Your shoulders raised to your ears like a scolded child as you looked down at your lap, "But I didn't," you mumbled. "I just needed to see that you were okay."
"Honey," your girlfriend tilted your chin so that you were meeting her gaze. "I am built to fight in those kinds of situations. Defending people is what I was raised to do. You, however, were not built for those battles; the thought of you anywhere near that fight makes me feel sick." The Amazonian climbed into her side of the bed and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. You allowed your body to fully mold into her side. Her body was so warm and so, so sturdy that it made you want to lie in her arms forever. She lifted you with a touch that was so tender it practically made the wounds on your body go numb. Diana set you down so that your head rested on her chest and your body was nestled between her legs.
The demigoddess rested her mouth and nose against the top of your head and let out a soft sigh. Then, she took one of your hands and intertwined your fingers together. Her hand nearly engulfed your own as she softly squeezed and rested your tangled hands against your thigh. "If you ever pull anything like that again, I will lock you in this room for the rest of your life."
You huffed a laugh and sunk deeper against her body. "I would like to see you try."
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rent-a-bat · 13 days ago
Drabble #2
Promt: #100 “I’m yours”
Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader
Requested by: Anonymous
Requests open
A/N: I may have gone a bit overboard with this one, but once I started I couldn't stop. Just beware, this is full of angst, I tried to make this happier for him, but you know how it is.
I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
You were sitting on your bed.
The same place you've been for the last 12 hours. You haven't moved since you got there, haven't even eaten, the knot in your stomach making it impossible to keep something down or think about food and the knot at the back of your throat, too busy keeping the water from your eyes to do the same with another.
The clock marked 3 in the morning, which meant you only had 4 hours left if you wanted to rest before work. If you wanted. You weren’t sure you wanted to work tomorrow, you weren’t sure what you wanted at all. Not since that last text.
Your work at the Bank of Gotham had you busy for the last few weeks, and today you could finally get home early, free to enjoy the weekend, not that you wanted it that much. Jason had been out on a mission for three weeks now, making the extra hours at work feel like a blessing if it meant not going back to the apartment you both shared, cold without his presence. Long missions always made you worry, not knowing how he was and if he was okay. In his line of work there were always risks, you both knew it well, too well.
After changing out of your work clothes and making you dinner, you finally sat down on the couch and relaxed, keeping you busy with Netflix before going to bed. A few minutes into your second episode, your phone rang. Groaning internally, hoping it was nothing work related, you opened the message to a picture and a single question.
The force with which your hand gripped your phone you were sure was gonna break it. The message showed a photo of Jason, arm in arm with another girl, a pretty girl, walking into one of the jewelry stores on the other side of town, and the question “Is this your guy?”, right at the bottom. The text came from one of your coworkers and friends, so you were sure it wasn't just some random person trying to hurt you.
It hit you like a bucket of water. You knew Jason had friends, all kinds of friends, doing what he does is part of the job, even if sometimes his personality didn't help. So you knew about them, boys and girls he could call that, he’s talked about them. And that was the thing, you talked. Talking has always been an important part of your relationship and it wasn't just talking, it was about building trust. You always talked the truth, you had agreed on that since day one, since he decided to trust you with his secret identity, letting you choose between staying with him, or leaving, trusting you with that knowledge and that you'd keep it safe, regardless of your choice. That's why telling you everything was crucial if you were dating a vigilante, if you were dating him, being truthful with each other, which meant telling you what you needed before missions, how long he'd be out, if he could talk and if he would be going with someone, it was his way of showing you he cared, that he loved you.
And last time you talked he was still on a mission, out of Gotham, but he had assured you he was coming home before Monday, so seeing this on Friday wasn't something you could easily take.
The buzz of your phone took you out of the hole your mind was heading. Your friend had followed him inside and the photos they sent were like a stab to the heart, each digging deeper and deeper until you were sure your heart was bleeding right there. He was smiling, broad and unbashful while she was trying pieces of jewelry. And the girl, she was pretty, younger than you, her dark hair a compliment of his and her small frame made them look like a perfect pair. She looked comfortable with him, the way someone did when they knew the person, the kind that took time, or trust. You were sure you weren't the jealous type, but the way he smiled, how he seemed to be laughing with her, it reminded you so much of the way he did the same with you. The ease of their relationship, different from yours.
You couldn't finish your food after that, you went straight to your room and sat on your bed, the loneliness of your home now fitting to how you felt, which took you to now. You didn't want to believe that, not wanted to believe that, so you stayed up thinking about it, what to do, how to broach it. You needed to hear the truth from him.
Ignoring the time, you reached for your drawer, taking out the burner phone he had given you for whenever you wanted to talk when he was out.
Minutes passed before you finally pressed the calling button, each ring on par with the beat of your heart until you heard the sound of his voice as he answered.
“Hello, y/n.” The softness in his voice when he said your name was threatening to unravel the knot you were trying so hard to keep at bay.
“Hello, Jay.” your voice was barely a whisper, fearing the tears might come out if you spoke louder and make him worry. But even if you tried you couldn't keep him from noticing it.
“Is everything okay? Did something happen?” His concern was making everything harder, were it not for the photos, you would have been sure it was real.
“Nothing happened, just.., I was missing you, that's all.” You tried to keep your posture. “Hey, Jay? When are you coming back?”
“Uhmm, I'm not sure y/n. The mission with B. is taking longer than I thought, uh, I'm not really sure when I'll be back. I'm sorry.” Lies. They were all lies. He had lied to you.
“It’s fine” The control you had was breaking. “Please, stay safe.” You needed to end the call. “I love you” Now.
“I love you too, y/n”
The moment the call ended you finally broke. The one thing you promised, shattered by mere words. You cried until your throat hurt, you cried until your eyes burned and every breath came harder than the other. You cried until it was the last thing you did before falling asleep.
You called in sick the next day. You didn't want anyone to see you, and if he was really back, you didn't want to see him.
The home you had both shared now felt wrong. Its walls pressing on you, telling you how you were no longer his, no longer welcomed. You had to get out.
You took out a suitcase from the bottom of your bed. His bed now. Quickly filling it with enough things to last you until you could find a new place, for now you guessed a hotel was enough, you had enough money saved and a stable job, the only problem was getting a new place in such a short notice.
When you were sure you had everything you might need, you headed to the door. Leaving your suitcase on the floor you turned around to take a last look at the home you had both shared, now just a reminder of what you lost and what he did.
Life must not have been done playing with you, for when you opened the door, the last person you wanted to see appeared in front of you.
"Jason." His name left your lips before you could stop yourself.
"Y/n." Your name said so softly, like he couldn't believe you were really there, it had been a long time after all. He was standing before you, the smile on his face making you hurt all over gain. His fist in midair, like he was about to knock.
"Surprise?" He asked, brows furrowed looking at you and the suitcase on the floor.
"Uhm, did I miss something?"
“I'm leaving” you said, grabbing your suitcase. "I'll be back for the rest later."
"Leaving? Where?" Confusion tinged his voice.
“Look Jay, it's fine. I kno- I know you had your reasons. You just didn't know how to tell me.”
"Y/n, I don't know what you're talking about. Let's go back inside so we can talk about this." He moved, trying to get you both into the apartment. You raised a hand to stop him.
"It's fine. You don't have to do this. I already know."
"They saw you, Jason. With… her. Yesterday, remember?" The way his face paled was worse than anything.
"So what I'm saying is that I'm leaving, I don't want to interfere with anything. You are free of me. Free to do whatever you want..., or whoever you want."
"No. Y/n, let me explain. That's not… it's not like that." His voice pleading as he reached for you, making you flinch, hurt flashing on his face at that.
He took back his hand, fingers tightening into a fist at his side, stepping back. It pained you seeing him like that, but he had hurt you too.
Gathering all your resolve, you started to talk again before you lost the courage to do so.
"Not like that how, Jason? Not like you were out with someone else? Not like you lied to me about not being here yet? About how the "mission" was taking longer, while all you were doing was going around with someone else?" You huffed, shaking your head, not wanting to look at him. "All I want now, is to leave."
You pushed past him on your way out when a hand on your arm stopped you from moving further.
"Jason, let me go." You said, not daring to look back.
"No. Y/n, just…"
"Please!" You almost shouted, still not looking back.
"Y/n, look!" The tug on your arm and the tone of his voice making you turn around.
On his hand was a single blue box, the other still on your arm, keeping you from leaving.
"What is this?" Your voice wavering as you reached for it.
"Open it." Both of his hands went to his pockets as he stepped back, giving you space while you did it.
Inside the box were a pair of rings, a simple silver band and a smaller more elaborate one with a single gem in the middle. The styles were different but you could tell they were meant to be a pair.
Your confusion must have been clear on your face, as he spoke before you could ask. "It's for you. For... both of us."
Still not understanding you lifted your face to look at him, your eyes landing on his. His expression was clear on his face, he was opening to you, letting you see how vulnerable he was right now, only to you.
"Last mission made me realize how much you mean to me, and how I don't want to be apart from you." He reached to grab your hand, and this time you accepted the gesture, firmly grasping his as you touched.
"And so I hurried to finish early and came back home. I wanted it to be a surprise, that's why I didn't tell you" he rubbed at the back of his head. "But now I see how that wasn't the smartest thing to do. I know we agreed on the truth and I should've told you." He rubbed your fingers as he rushed through his words.
"I'm really sorry, y/n. Please, believe me." That last thing said so low you wouldn't have heard it if you weren't so close to him.
You pondered through his words, this was the truth, the whole truth, no cover-ups, no white lies, the pure, absolute truth. And you believed him, but the main question remained.
"And the girl… who was she?" You asked slowly.
"Ah…" he covered his face, his ears and cheeks going pink. "She's… my … sister"
You lifted a brow. There's never been a sister.
"You have a sister?"
This was the only thing you never talked about. Family was a hard topic for him, and you respected his privacy. The few things you knew were purely coincidental, occasions where you met his brothers by chance. He introduced you to them and that was that, you knew he would tell you all when he was ready, so now hearing about a sister was a bit shocking, but you understood.
"Her name is Cassandra. Cass. When I told her about you and how I felt, she offered to help me pick something for you" the fondness in his voice warming you up.
"She's not the best at words, but her actions speak a lot, I guess that's why we get along so well."
He looked at you, waiting for you to say something, anything. Instead, you placed the open box back on his hand.
"Would you help me put it on?" Relief washed over him, the smile he gave the brightest of them all. It was full of love, just like the one you gave back.
"I'm yours, y/n" he said as he slipped the ring on your finger. "Now and forever."
"And I'm yours, Jason. Always will be"
A whisper between the two. A promise you both made, sealed with a kiss.
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