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artistingotham · 16 hours ago
Just got to a Halloween party in gotham why is everyone dressed up as wonder woman
Update: some guys started fighting and nightwing showed up ALSO in a wonder woman costume to break up the fight
Another update: I am also dressed up as wonder woman
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princeofgothammyass · 2 months ago
I'm taking my stupid ass to find poison ivy so I can ask her what the mushroom my cottagecore friend sent me is cause this shit be bussin I need like a fucking hundred more pounds of these stat
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sharkieresources · a month ago
P L A T O N I C / F A M I L Y I N B O X M E M E
a series of roleplay sentence starters based on the ' found family ' trope because there aren't enough non ship centred memes; some taken from various media sources
' a home isn't always the house we live in '
' hey, hey you're going to be fine '
' thank you both. you're my family now '
' i've got you, i promise i've got you '
' they got hurt last night because of me. why would they protect me now? '
' you're my kid. i know you aren't my blood, but you are my ( son/daughter/baby ) '
' it's not an unkind thing to make a new home. and it will be one where all whom you love are welcomed '
' if you're gonna insist on taking care of me, I get to take care of you as well '
' we'll figure this out as a team... a family... '
' after everything we went through, we can't- i can't go back to not being your friend '
' it was everything i wanted, because i chose it to be mine '
' when my world ends, it will be because i lost my family... because i lost you '
' i'm thankful you trusted me when it counted '
' you were supposed to take care of me. i had no one except you, and then you just left... '
' i have people i need to look after, and one of those people is me '
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junezinhaicons · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Selina Kyle
Please like and share if you want to use it.
Por favor, curta e compartilhe se você deseja usar.
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rpcmasterlist · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
reblog this post to be added to the DC MASTERLIST with your muse’s name, whether they’re canon or original character, or if they’ve got a DC verse.
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When you spot the youngest of the Wayne bois walking his dog while walking your small puppy and your dog make eye contact at the same to you two make eye contact.
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roleplayfinder · a month ago
hi there! i'm a 19 yo looking for same aged (comfortable with smut and dark themes, if they arise) long term partners to roleplay on Discord! i'm in a lot of fandoms, so i'm fairly confident we've got at least one in common but i also love writing original settings (my preferred pairings are MxF where i write the M and MxM but i'm willing to give FxF a try!) i´d love it if we got along ooc and became friends, talk about our fandoms and hyperfixations and such! speaking of, right now im hyperfixated on Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, DC and Marvel. if you'd like to write, like or reblog and i'll message you!!
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frosty-yesman · a month ago
Continuing with this post with @fallesto
Tumblr media
"And what am I sick with Doc? What's the diagnosis? Because if you're lockin' up people with vices like smokin' and drinkin' then I'll see the rest of Gotham in there..." He laughed as he looked over her slowly. "You want someone to put in an asylum, go look up my ex-wife, crazy bitch'll just fit right in." Jonny shook his head. "Also... Sorry, did you say Doctor Strange? Well, that's just comforting, didn't really pick a profession to match his name, what a weirdo."
Jonny sighed, this was going to be a lot harder to get out of than a little prison break, but information was always good to know, he wasn't afraid, he could take care of himself for long enough. "So what's your deal doc? Why come see me then? Could have just looked over my record and put a nice and neat rubber stamp on my folder and sent me on my way, but you're chattin' instead... Can't be my ruggish charm is it?"
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artistingotham · a month ago
sometimes I leave food on my balcony just to see who would eat it. The birds? The joker? Nightwing? who knows its always gone by morning
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princeofgothammyass · 3 months ago
I've been confusing the fuck out of damian for the past two hours by having a conversation with myself out loud near the vent yk changing my voice to respond to myself and all that shit
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sharkieresources · 17 days ago
M E N T A L  H E A L T H  I N B O X  M E M E
a series of both positive and negative mental health based sentence prompts from assorted media and my own brain
content warning for below the cut: depressive thoughts, suicidal ideation, references to self injury, general dark themes
‘ things will get better, I know, but right now I need to just... lay here ’
‘ no matter what you say, I’m not going to leave ’
‘ that’s it, cry it out baby, I have you ’
‘ can we just sit here in the quiet for a while? ’
‘ I love you and that is not changing, but I need to take some time for me right now ’
‘ I could just lay here with you, if you want? ’
‘ thank you for not leaving ’
‘ I'm sorry for crying all over your shirt ’
‘ we can just sit in silence for a bit if you want... ’
‘ it’s okay if you want to just take some time for yourself, I’d understand ’
‘ things aren’t getting better, I don’t think they ever will ’
‘ I'm leaving. Call me when you start taking your meds again ’
‘ why is there blood in the bathroom sink? ’
‘ say something! you're freaking me out! ’
‘ get out! I don’t want you here! I don’t want you in my life, you ruin everything! ’ 
‘ (_____)? (_____) wake up! come on, what did you do? ’
‘ don’t stick around just to watch me fall apart ’
‘ I got blood on your shirt ’
‘ I hate how loud everything inside my fucking head is ’
‘ what the fuck is wrong with you? ’
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affcgato · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
welcome to the tea room!
the tea room is a multi fandom friendly community server for RPC development & resources. need help developing verses? breaking into a new fandom? looking for in-depth headcanon prompts or challenges to really dig in to a new facet of a muse? the tea room is open!
we run weekly & monthly challenge prompts, & host discussions on a multitude of rpc-centric topics. everything is member-curated, so come bring us your ideas! we also have a graphics area, for those who might struggle with the more aesthetic demands of the dash, & casual lounges for lgbt & bipoc members. we also have the help desk for various rp challenges such as verse crafting, faceclaim resources, & a designated carrd/google doc help bar!
the tea room lets you curate your own experience! not big on being chatty? opt out of the gen chats & just stay for the challenges & discussions. only want news & updates from specific fandoms? only opt into those! have an idea for new channels or events? we’re a growing community, so your feedback will help us decide what to add next.
come, sit, stay a while.
                        ( join link in source! )
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atlantaen · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 my  father  was  a  lighthouse  keeper    .   my  mother  was  a  queen    .    they  were  never  meant  to  meet    ,    but  their  love  saved  the  world    .    they  made  me  what  i  am    .    A  SON  OF  THE  LAND    ,    A  KING  OF  THE  SEAS    .    i  am  the  protector  of  the  deep    .    i  am  aquaman    .
independent  and  private    .    arthur  curry    ,    aka  aquaman    .    movies-  &  research-based  with  comics  influences    .    written  by  katherine    .
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fandom-jumper · 3 months ago
Hello again DC fans, I’m making another RP post but keeping this one up lol. Plotting will be done here before moving to discord!
Hey minors, stop fucking interacting with me
You must be over the age of 18 to write with me. Minors will be blocked! All underaged characters will be properly aged up.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Billy Batson/Damian
Jason/90s punk boy Konnor
I’d also love a Terry McGinnis time travel plot with either Jason or Tim??
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Was walking Mr. Spots and ranned it to a Harley and her hinenas. We talked and I got to pet the hinenas! She is a wonderful person just hope she gets over the joker.
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