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#dc spoiler

Robin Musings, as per John Constantine

aka Magic Boi Extraordinaire, Ph.D. Shark Biology

Robin I

  • Eh what’s this
  • It’s smiling at me
  • You’re ruining my aesthetic, kid
  • Here, put on this trenchcoat
  • Much better
  • No I haven’t seen your kid, Batman
  • This kid is clearly mine
  • Hence the trenchcoat

Robin II

  • Hey kid
  • Wanna be surly and moody with me
  • You have to look into the horizon and appear disillusioned
  • Very good
  • You’re a natural
  • All you need now is a trenchcoat

Robin III

  • Hello munchkin
  • You appear to have a natural talent with skulking around
  • Ah, you stalked Batman
  • Excellent detective work
  • Here, I have this tiny trenchcoat for you
  • I carry them around now, just in case

Robin IV

  • Of course I can create food with magic
  • Pancakes? Sure.
  • What do you mean, pancakes are fluffy
  • Pancakes are thin and flat and taken with sugar and a bit of lemon
  • Just like the queen intended

Robin III again

  • You need a detective persona
  • Mine is surely “surly and British”
  • You can be “clever and twinky”

Robin V

  • Whatcha hiding there, kiddo
  • It couldn’t be six stay kittens, could it?
  • The same six kittens that Batman specifically told you not to bring home?
  • You need better sneaking skills
  • Here use this trenchcoat
  • You can stuff all kinds of things in it and you can never tell from the outside

Robin III again (remix)

  • Why exactly do you want to learn how to sneak around
  • Oh you want to see your hunky boyfriend
  • Batman’s opposed, I take it
  • Well first, if you want to sneak effectively, you have to get rid of the sequined thing and sheer booty shorts
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Jason. You idiot. This is why we all love you. I’d probably say the same stupid shit or a sarcastic remark if I were in that situation.

Batman: Gotham Nights #12 (2020)

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Even in YJ, NW is highly respected and trusted hero. Considering how much confidence older heroes like Jeff have in him and even Jaime's scarab considers Dick's logic flawless. Whoever inherited the NW mantle from Dick would arguably have a lot (if not more, since people would trust Dick as Batman more then anyone) to prove they were worthy. Being NW means being highly competent, a leader and trustworthy in ways many aren't. Probably why Steph would be good. Her life is proving she's good enough

Dick in all forms of media has always had a lot of respect from the JL and other heroes. For a while he was even on the League, as Batman had written down should he be unable to do his job for the League he gave his seat over to Dick. Clark gave him his name because he respects and admires him, and as you said Jeff and the others look up to him in their own way. So whomever Dick picks to follow in his footsteps would have to be one hell of a person. 

While I know some would think Tim would get it, I think Tim himself would rather be where Babs is, using his skills as a detective and helping piece together the clues. Where as Steph is know for being a risk taker, as shown in the show. She’s willing to do things the others won’t, as seen in War games…actually don’t read it it’s terrible, but the idea that she’s willing to use plans to undermine even high level gangs to stop them from screwing over the city is very true of her character, given her father as Cluemaster in the comics, and her desire to stop him and others like him from screwing up their kids lives. 

I could totally see Dick giving Steph the Nightwing role, and her working with Tim as an Oracle like version of Red Robin to deal with crime in Gotham or with the JL. Tim is the logic, and keeps Steph from jumping to conclusions or being too rash, on the other end, Steph acts as the push Tim sometimes needs to get him to make a choice because Tim tends to sometimes doubt he’s right on things and needs someone to go “You’re a good leader, now lead!” 

Dick I think would see in her what Babs did when she offered her the Batgirl role. Someone who has a natural talent and an optimism to do the right thing and help others. 

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I’m Team Protect Masumi


-She’s not the first to get Conan to open up by threatening to involve Ran. Heiji tried something similar back in Holmes Freak to get Conan to admit he was Shinichi, and Eisuke said he wanted to talk to Shinichi about taking Ran to America with him to provoke a reaction out of Conan. Masumi’s not the first to try this, but she is the first to openly talk about the drugs and the first to actually talk to Ran about Conan being Shinichi.

-She’s always been willing to protect those around her through any means. We’ve seen her put an arm between Ran and a hostager/bomber who was hostaging the Mouri agency, we’ve seen her weaponize her motorcycle to protect Conan in Detectives’ Nocturne, we’ve seen her panic and book it back to her hotel room when a murder culprit entered said room when Mary was alone in there. The non canon Dimensional Sniper gave use Masumi getting shot to save Conan from the sniper. She’s always been like this, she’s always been willing to do anything to help those she cares about.

-She doesn’t even know the full danger of the situation, according to Gosho. She’s doing her best to help her mother despite not having all the knowledge about the Org that others do.

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((Those spoilers, though.

On one hand, plot advancement and maybe Masumi kicking off a Ran suspicion arc. On the other hand, what are you doing, Masumi? Surely she’d be better off trying to directly talk to Conan rather than try to hint drop at Ran?

At the very least, the interpretation of Masumi I use for RP is aware to some degree of the circumstances behind Mary’s poisoning, so my Masumi would be more likely to try and go through Conan directly. That said, that’s my interpretation. Canon!Masumi, from my understanding, has little knowledge of why Mary was poisoned/about the org, and thus apparently is more willing to go through Ran, presumably at Mary’s request.))

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