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incorrectbatfam · an hour ago
"Bruce, Talia, and Selina are all co-parents in a poly relationship" this made me indescribably happy i love healthy poly relationships sm
Yeah, like there's no point in a rivalry. Bruce has two hands and DC's a bunch of cowards
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discolequack · a day ago
Tumblr media
Quick Talia doodles
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brutalia-week · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Only one month left until the beginning of Brutalia Week! If you’re planning on making something, I’d recommend starting soon!
Just as a reminder, the week goes from July 12 - July 18, and the prompts are the following:
Day 1: Talia joins the Batfamily OR “I made it for you”
Day 2:  Misunderstandings OR Marriage
Day 3: Soulmates OR CEO!Talia
Day 4: Family OR Free
Day 5: Hurt/Comfort OR “We will always have Paris”
Day 6: Hanahaki OR Truth Serum
Day 7: “Please don’t let go” OR Alternate Universe
Just make sure to read the rules, and use the FAQ and ask box to get all your questions sorted out, but then you’re good to go!
When it’s posting time, make #brutaliaweek2020 one of the first five tags, mention @brutalia-week​ in the post if you want to make extra sure I see it, or add it to the Brutalia Week 2021 collection on AO3.
Before posting time, though, I have a brutalia discord server that can be helpful if you want to get into the mood or the week! It even has a special channel for brutalia week.
But most important of all, just have fun!
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bambicambi · 2 days ago
Handler: where are you going?
Marinette: ...
Handler: i asked you a question.
Marinette: I'm going to my living quarters.
Handler: training isn't over.
Marinette: ...
Handler: speak.
Marinette: Talia has given me new orders and time management.
Handler: she did not discuss this with me.
Marinette: discuss it with her now, i am going to follow her orders, and go to my living quarters.
Handler: you are lying.
Marinette: i am not.
Handler: you are, come here.
Marinette: as of now, you are not my handler anymore.
Handler: what?
Marinette: so if you order me or punish me, i will take action that Talia has given me, and kill you, Sir.
Handler: you can't do such a thing.
Marinette: *swallows thickly* try me, Sir.
Talia: *pats Marinette's shoulder* i apologize for not realizing sooner.
Marinette: *stands stiffly beside her* it is alright.
Talia: *looks down at her* ... i have a new handler assigned for you. But they will not be available until next week.
Marinette: *bows her head to her*
Talia: *walks away* you will have a week off to do what you please, do not use them lightly.
Marinette: of course, thank you.
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bambicambi · 2 days ago
Marin: *walks around looking at the paintings* woooow, such fine decore..
*loud shouting from down the hall*
Marin: *pointedly ignores the screaming* wow... such a nice.. portrait.
*more shouting*
Damian: *walks up beside her* wonderful painting.
Marin: right?
*even more shouting*
Damian: when do you think they will be done?
Marin: who of what would be done?
Damian: ...
Marin: i don't hear any screaming, do you hear screaming? i don't, *walks to the next painting* wooow look at this painting!
Damian: ...Marin..
Marin: *sighs happily* they look so.. young.
Damian: they were younger when this was painted.
Marin: yeah. But.. they look..
Damian: *tilts his head* happier?
Marin: *snaps her fingers* yes!
*loud crash*
Damian: *shifts his feet* maybe we should look for Mother.
Marin: *stiffly* Mother is busy.
Damian: *grabs her hand* we should look for Mother.
Marin: *looks at his trembling hand then at his face* ... yes, fine. Lets look for Mother.
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bambicambi · 2 days ago
Its either theyre the same height.
Or marin is the taller one of the two.
Bruce is like, what? 6'2? And Talia is i guess (*checks wiki*) 5'8?
So Marin gets the tall genes, shes around 6'0. And Damian is around 5'7
Its either that or theyre the same height and are both around 6'0/5'7
No in between.
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Talia: *Roasts the shit out of Bruce*
Bruce: *Falls more and more in love with her*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ostoria · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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jostenneil · 4 days ago
i think what ultimately bothers me about the talia and selina discourse on either end is that it’s often framed as being an argument of who is truly a villain and who isn’t and obviously your thoughts on that depend entirely on which characterizations of either character you’re willing to take into account. i do think it’s obvious talia more readily ascribes to bruce’s ideals and world view but at the same time part of that Does come from how she was established as a character to begin with and that’s not to say it’s impossible for selina to ascribe to bruce’s ideals given the right circumstances and she obv has in various capacities throughout her existence. but returning to what i was saying about how it’s framed as an argument i think the real issue is that talia and selina’s respective struggles with bruce are just different and offer appeals that aren’t exactly comparable because they cater to different tastes and outcomes. the appeal with talia is she’s inspired by bruce to do the right thing, and that extends to her building up the courage to break free of her father And bruce to pursue justice in the world without feeling like someone else’s collateral or puppet, while still being driven by her belief in love. the appeal with selina is that she’s someone who largely operates by justice on her own, sometimes selfish and acutely personal terms and that offers an interesting challenge to bruce who can often lose himself to the idea of trying to help everyone and being totally selfless to his own detriment. you could probably make an argument for which dynamic is more viable with regards to a sustainable relationship in the long term but dc is also never going to commit to that with bruce ever so i fail to see the purpose sometimes in mulling over that. both of these dynamics are incredibly interesting for him and offer different perspectives through which to view his character, and the discourse about which ship is ultimately “better” is tiresome bc they’re not traditionally comparable to begin with. people might say they are bc of the villain argument but i personally don’t agree with that reading and i think venturing into it tends to reveal biases about what people want either character to be to suit their own needs, which is boring! 
#talia al ghul#selina kyle#dc#mine:meta#i think the way i worded it on twitter wasn't the best but this is better#like i do agree that bruce's philosophy and sticking to it is very impt to him#so ultimately he will value someone who also ascribes to and values it#but i think where i disagree with criticisms of selina is that like#yes a huge focal point of her character is that her sense of justice is largely personal#and sometimes she reaps more returns than is morally right#but that's exactly the appeal of it i imagine is the tension and differences in outlook between them#that's what makes it an eternally off and on relationship#bc neither of them is going to entirely yield to the other and there's an entertainment in that#and on the flip side i don't think saying talia loves bruce has to be something that's bad. which is crazy that many people think is?#in her earliest comics it's true she's portrayed fairly one dimensionally#but by the time you reach the early 00s she's struck out on her own and is trying to do the right thing on her own#she still loves bruce but her loving bruce doesn't have to mean she just runs after him anymore#and she doesn't. she goes the whole way in lex corp without meeting him once#so i think people ought to give her more leeway on that like it's pretty obv she and bruce can be equals who love each other#even if their circumstances and respective duties ultimately keep them apart#with either batcat or brutalia it's just about different dynamics and tensions#so yes i have a preference but i really don't mind the other#and it's very weird to me when people relentlessly argue about which one is 'better' bc i don't think that's the point
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bambicambi · 4 days ago
Talia: Marin.
Marin: Mother.
Talia: come here.
Marin: *walks up beside her* ...
Talia: *looks down at her* ...have i told you that you have your father's eyes?
Marin: *blinks* ...
Talia: you know you are always able to speak freely around me without punishment.
Marin: *swallows* it is hard not to know that i have my Father's eye color, Mother.
Talia: *hums* yes.. i suppose.
Marin: *fingers twitch* ...
Talia: you twitched.
Marin: *stands ever so slightly straighter* yes.
Talia: i thought I've told you to not make it a habit.
Marin: i haven't, Mother.
Talia: you know how your grandfather feels about weakness.
Marin: *blinks* i'm aware.
Talia: *places her hand on Marin's shoulder* best to not make it a habit, Marin.
Marin: *nods her head* affirmative.
Talia: i am not your handler.
Marin: *fights the urge to touch her arms* I'm aware, Mother.
Talia: *smiles softly at her* i wish for you not to talk to me with such formal language while it is just the two of us.
Marin: *looks over towards the left wall* there are 3 guards surrounding us.
Talia: outside the walls, Marin.
Marin: *looks towards the window* Damian is also currently outside.
Talia: *runs her hands through Marin's hair* im aware.
Marin: *nods her head* alright..
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jostenneil · 4 days ago
and tbh i feel like saying talia’s only personality trait is loving bruce just completely dumbs down her character and how she’s lived her entire life more or less being controlled and told what to do or believe in by her father, like bruce is her First glimpse of envisioning the possibility of a life for herself outside of those constraints. she never actively goes against her father until she meets bruce and she eventually literally says that she would rather die in bruce’s world than live in ra’s’s bc she realizes how harmful her father’s world view is! it’s one thing for a character to be portrayed as a lovesick puppy with no other dimensionality and maybe you could say that’s true of talia’s first few issues, but she’s developed fairly quickly into someone whose personality traits also encompass wanting to do good and protecting innocent people and taking a stand for what’s right bc that’s just who she is! she’s a compassionate person and meeting bruce makes her more sure of herself in that and to act like she’s just a one dimensional love struck girl is a disservice to what denny o’neil envisioned with her character’s creation
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jostenneil · 4 days ago
i don’t understand when people say they wish talia was defined outside of her love for bruce or was given a more complex arc where she stood outside of him bc it’s like. her lex corp arc literally exists? like if your complaint is that her earliest portrayals made her too one dimensional in the fact that loving bruce was her only personality trait then the answer to that complaint literally comes in the form of tower of babel and the comics that follow. she left ra’s And bruce and she set out on an endeavor to take down lex corp all by herself without contacting bruce until the very end, and even then we don’t know if she passed off the reins of lex corp to him in person or if she had middle men manage that too. and frankly it’s that arc that makes her earlier portrayals of only being in love with bruce that much more interesting bc it allows for a depiction of her idealism being broken down and her maturing as a character. it’s both tragic bc she realizes simply loving bruce isn’t going to necessarily take her anywhere And it’s compelling bc we get to see her decide that even if she loves bruce she still values herself and knows she deserves better
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nekokats · 4 days ago
Talia fans: we want the old Talia back!
DC comics: say no more.
[everything is the same but now she wears her iconic bronze age dress]
Talia fans: *looks into the camera like on the office*
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jostenneil · 5 days ago
i want jason stories that center around his complexes about being pitied for his background or his motivations like while i do hate winick what i love about the potential of jason forging some sort of bond with talia is that she doesn’t meet him in context of the life he had before with his parents or on the streets all she really knows him as is bruce’s boy and that Means something to her and it also puts her in a place to invest all of her hope into him rather than look at him as a failure the way bruce does which is such an important contrast tbh and ideally could have been used to let jason feel more secure in himself rather than prone to volatile tendencies because he felt like no one was really listening to him or why he was upset, and maybe She would 
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bambicambi · 5 days ago
Marinette: *laughs abruptly* do you know how much of a bitch it is to fight with burns on your arms and wrists?
Jason: *blinks* ...i mean..
Marinette: you got beat up by a crowbar then got resurrected by Talia, you never fought with burns.
Jason: ...
Marinette: but yeah, its bullshit to fight with burn injuries around your wrists and elbows, *scowls* that shit would heal and then you would block a hit and it would reopen the wound, or it'll heal and turning your wirst or elbow would aggrivate the wound and *screams in agitation* AGH! i hate it.
Jason: present tense?
Marinette: *blinks* ... well now that you are here, its past tense.
Marinette: me..?
Jason: your past handler- they-
Marinette: *grins sharpky* burned me? Yeah.
Jason: ...
Marinette: *shrugs* its whatever.
Jason: you just went on a rant on how much of a pain it was to fight with-
Marinette: ah, ah! I didn't go on a rant. I gave you an educated guess on the matter, also eduacted you on how to torture your enemies once they- *looks down at her arms* -have escaped you or something.
Jason: *vibrates with fury* what became of your handler?
Marinette: *blinks* uh..?
Jason: you don't know?
Marinette: no, i know, i just want to know why you want to know.
Jason: we're going to have a little talk.
Marinette: *snorts* good luck with that now that he's 1,000 meters down.
Jason: isnt the saying '6 feet under'?
Marinette: *blinks* what? Why would-? we dumped him in the ocean.
Jason: oh-
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