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circethewitch222 days ago
Honey Whiskey | Dick Grayson
Pairing: Dick Grayson x Telekinesis/telepathy! Reader
Summary: The reader can read peoples minds and move things around with her mind. She looks into Dick's eyes and starts to see lewd images of the two of them in her mind. (Inspired by another fic about gar, I'll try too find the link if y'all wanna read it. It's soooo good!) Here is the inspired fic! <the author of this fic is literally my FAVORITE and she is an amazing writer. Give her lots of love!
Warnings: swearing, mentions of sexual acts, almost smut
A/N: Please send me requests!!
Tumblr media
I sat in the training room, exhausted and covered in sweat. Dick has been making us train harder and more often. I understand that he wants us to be stronger but we need to relax. Can't fight bad guys with sore knees. I take a swig from my water bottle, put my headphones on and resume training.
I take a deep breath in and put on my blindfold. I begin to feel heat coursing through my veins, pulsating and moving through my limbs. I concentrate on the knives surrounding me. Another deep breath and I slowly lift the knives off of the floor, but not with my hands. Before I know it, my entire body is warm and I can feel the cool breeze flowing off of the daggers spinning around me. A shiver up my spine gives me the notion that I'm no longer alone. I yelp and take off my blindfold where I see the weapons that had been next to me just before, had pinned the person to the wall. I came to my senses and realized it was dick, the knives dropped.
"Shit I'm so sorry, I'm still trying to figure those out." Dick stepped over the mess and laughed.
"You're getting better, maybe next time you shouldn't wear your blindfold."
With a wave of my hand, the knives were neatly put away on their rack. I gave dick a goofy smile and headed back to my room. But before I could leave, Dick put his hand on my shoulder. It was at this point where I had really looked at him. His deep chocolate brown eyes. It was like they sucked me in.
Suddenly images flashed through my mind. I couldn't comprehend what was going on. I tried to focus deeper and I saw... myself? I was pushed against a wall, clearly enjoying myself, and then I could see Dick. Oh god it's Dick and me kissing!
"(Y/n)?" I was broken out of my trance. "Are you okay? Do you need to sit down?" All I could feel was the grip of Grayson's arms on mine. His sweet musky scent surrounded me.
"Oh no, I'm fine. Just a bit tired from training." He let me go and I scurried off to my room. What the hell did I just see?
The next morning I had woken up slowly. Comfy and warm in my way-too-big-for-me bed. The sun danced along my walls through the break in the curtains. Now all I needed was a nice cup of coffee.
I pulled on some clothes nearby, not caring if they matched, and made my way to the kitchen. Passing the bathroom on the way, I heard the steady pitter patter of the shower on. Steam gliding under the doorway. My breath hitched at the thought of Dick being in there, covered in warm water. This brought me back to the visions from yesterday.
'Maybe he wanted me as much as I did him?' I shook my head at the thought and continued down the hallway.
The smell of rich coffee beans filled the air. Jason was sitting at the bar, he'd already brewed a pot. His back was facing me, this was literally the best opportunity to scare him. I set my focus onto the spoon laid out on the table in front of him. Once it was in the air, I dropped it as quick as I could.
"What the fuck!?" Jason whipped his head around to see me bent over, covering my mouth, laughing my ass off.
"Got a taste of your own medicine huh?" I perked up at the sound of a particular blue bird's voice. There he stood, slightly damp, his scent filled the room. Dick was clad in a pair of black sweats that I had noted, made his butt look immaculate, and a navy long sleeve. His sweet smell made me feel something primal. I've never wanted to pounce and devour anything so much in my life. Gar must feel like this all the time. God how does he control himself? Maybe I'll ask him for some tips.
I sauntered over to the counter, floating a mug over to myself. Dick followed behind.
"Could you grab me a cup too (Y/n)?"
He grabbed the creamer out of the fridge and picked up his mug mid air. Nodding at me in thanks. As I poured us our coffee, I couldn't help but wonder if his thoughts were directed towards me. We both reached for the creamer. This was my chance, so long as I look into his eyes as our hands touch, I'll be able to see. I glance up at him to already see him looking at me. 'Here we go.'
This time the images were slower, I could see clearly. He was behind me, his warm hands on my hips. He placed him chin on my shoulder and kissed my cheek. I guess he's feeling more sentimental today. Suddenly the scene changed. He had me bent over the counter, one hand on the small of my back and one gripping my hair. I could almost feel his hips rocking into my own. The images came to a stop and I was holding the creamer.
"You gonna stand there and wait for your coffee to get cold?" He took the creamer from me and filled both of our cups. I was shocked, completely flushed and frozen. He put my mug into my hands and waved his hand in front of me.
"Are you sure you're okay? You've been zoning out a lot lately."
I blinked a few times and took a sip from my mug.
"I think so. I'll talk to Rachel or Kory about it in a bit." He gave my a worried look then put his hand on my arm, trying to reassure me, and went back to his room.
"Woah (Y/n) you look like you've seen a ghost. Got the hots for the big guy?"
"Shut the fuck up bird." I glared at Jason and his disgusting eyebrow wiggle.
"No need to get aggressive Megamind."
I closed the bathroom door behind me, ready to wash the day away. I turned on the water, took off my robe and stepped into the warm shower. Once I felt clean and satisfied, I got out and dried off. I opened the door to head to my room and ran face first into Dick's chest. I held my towel closer to my chest and looked up at the man. The tension between us was heavy and hot.
"I really want you to kiss me right now." The words fell out of my mouth. I looked into his eyes, shocked and full of curiosity. His face didn't change, I looked away.
"I'm sorry, I'm just gonna g-"
His hand reached up to pull my chin towards him. He leaned down to face me.
"Took you long enough." His lips met my own. Soft and sweet like honey. He tasted of Whiskey, which only made my want more. He walked me backwards into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Wasting no time picking me up and putting me on the counter.
My hands made their way up his body to the back of his neck. I pulled at his hair and our mouths disconnected. We sat there, foreheads connected, breathing hard.
"I know you're in love with me."
My eyes widened and met his own. He laughed.
"You're not that slick you know." My cheeks felt hot, I buried my face in his chest. His grip tightened around me.
"Lucky for you," I lifted my head to look at him. "I'm so damn in love with you that I don't know what to do with myself."
"Really? This whole time?" He nodded his head then kissed the corner of my lips.
"Yes, this whole time."
A/N Should I make a steamy part two????
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mejacintaa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*When the teacher says your child is badly behaved*馃檭
when you know you're gonna argue about that at home:
Tumblr media
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captaindickgrayson2 days ago
Bruce Wayne x Bat!Mom x reader
鈥淭he Dreaded Thanksgiving Dinner鈥
Sorry this is out a day late, but I still thought it would be cool to write and put out here! Some of it is in FRENCH, I put the translation in Bold print! I used google translate, so if it is not correct, I apologize in advance.
WARNINGS: Crappy parents, sexual references, nothing other than that.
It was Thanksgiving time, most people love this day because you can eat a lot of good food, spend time with family, and not have to deal with work or drama. Or that is how I thought the holiday was going to go. This is the first Thanksgiving my family, the Y/L/N鈥檚, have came over for. This will be the first holiday that they are attending at Wayne Manor.聽
The reasoning for them never coming, is because they never accepted Bruce. He was a few years older than me-- ten years older than me-- and they didn鈥檛 like it.聽 But it is about time they get know him, and of course, our boys. Not once have they met them, they are always away in Paris, and I haven鈥檛 told them about any of the boys.
I was setting the table mumbling to myself,聽鈥淪alad fork, dinner fork, plate, dinner knife, dinner spoon, dessert spoon and fork....鈥 Bruce walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.聽鈥淵/N, babe, what is with the fancy silverware? It鈥檚 just Thanksgiving and the boys, well, you know they鈥檒l end up playing with the extra silverware.鈥
I sighed and turned around in his arms,聽鈥淏ruce, I am trying to make this meet my parents expectations. I mean they could be in Paris enjoying a聽d卯ner de Thanksgiving fran莽ais chic.鈥 (a fancy French Thanksgiving dinner.)
Bruce smiled and placed a hand on my cheek,聽鈥溌燦e t'inqui猫te pas mon amour.鈥 (Do not worry my love) He replied back in French and I smiled and leaned into his touch.聽
I heard feet barreling down the stairs and I quickly walked through the dining room and a few rooms over to get to the main staircase.聽鈥淏oys! Listen up, do not run down or up the stairs. Please be on your best behavior today, as you know, my parents are coming, and I need you to treat this like it is a Wayne Charity Event. Okay?鈥 I say and all of the boys turned and looked at each other.
鈥淣ow, I am going to get ready, everyone needs to wear a button up shirt and slacks, please. We are going to treat this like a formal dinner.鈥 I say and I ran up the stairs. Jason shouted,聽鈥淣o running up the stairs, please!鈥
I did my hair and makeup and Bruce was putting on a tie. I walked into the walk-in closet and picked out a short, off the shoulder black dress. I slipped it on and walked out to Bruce,聽鈥淲ould you mind zipping me up?鈥 I asked and he smirked.
He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me into his body,聽鈥淥r.... we could take a few minutes and we can have a quickie before dinner.鈥 He whispered in my ear. Goosebumps formed down my back and I shivered underneath his touch,聽鈥淎s much as I would love that, we can鈥檛. My parents will be here any second.鈥 I say and Bruce placed kisses on my shoulders.
I slowly got on my knees and started to unzip his pants, but one of the boys yelled:聽鈥淚 THINK THEY ARE COMING DOWN THE ROAD!鈥 I quickly stood up and Bruce sighed. I turned around for him to zip my dress.聽鈥淒on鈥檛 think this is over yet, princess.鈥 He said as I kissed his cheek.聽鈥淚 will be waiting.鈥 I say and I left our bedroom and ran down the stairs.
Bruce came quickly behind me, and all of the boys were standing near the door. I heard the doorbell go off and I looked over at Bruce with wide eyes,聽鈥淥h god they鈥檙e here! Everyone stay calm!鈥 I said as I smoothed out my dress and Dick patted my shoulder.聽鈥淚 think everyone is calm but you, mom.鈥 He said and I grinned.
Alfred opened the door and greeted my parents,聽鈥淢om! Dad! How are you guys?鈥 I say as I walk up to them. My mom and dad gave me a hug and their gaze turned to Bruce and the boys.聽鈥淭u n'as pas encore dit que tu avais des rugrats, ma ch猫re.鈥 (You did not mention you had rugrats yet, my dear.)
I gave my mother a look,聽鈥淪'il te pla卯t, ne commence pas maman.鈥 ( Please, don鈥檛 start mom.)
I heard Bruce huff,聽鈥淥ui, nous avons quatre Razmoket. Damian, Jason, Dick et Tim.鈥 (Yes, we have four聽鈥渞ugrats鈥. Damian, Jason, Dick, and Tim.) Bruce emphasized the word Rugrat.
My mother stood there in shock, she did not think Bruce spoke French.聽鈥淚 did not know you spoke French, Bruce.鈥 she said and Bruce chuckled.聽鈥淵es, I understand and speak French, Mrs. Y/L/N.鈥
My mom glared at Bruce and I smiled nervously,聽鈥淢om. Dad, I want you to meet our children.鈥 I say and I walked over to the boys.聽鈥淭his is Richard, but we call him Dick. This is Jason and this is Tim, and this is our youngest Damian.鈥
The boys walked up to them and shook their hands and greeted them. I looked up at Bruce and he gave me his famous smirk.
We were sitting around the table and Alfred was pouring the adults a glass of wine. My mother was going on about how my fashion line needed a little bit of work. I looked up Alfred,聽鈥淲ould you mind getting my Jack Daniels on the rocks?鈥 I whisper and he nodded.聽鈥淚t sounds like you need it, Mrs. Wayne.鈥 He whispered back and left the dining room.
Alfred came back with my request and I took a long sip,聽鈥淵/N, a lady shouldn鈥檛 be drinking whiskey.鈥 My mom said and she turned back to Bruce to continue to talk about what I need to do to my line of clothes.聽
Soon enough, dinner was brought out by the caterers, and we were all eating in silence. The boys were being really quiet, which was odd, especially for them.聽鈥淯m, Y/N, when can we expect you to have your own children? It is evident that these ones don鈥檛 belong to you, so when can we expect our own grandchildren?鈥 She asked and I choked on my wine. Bruce鈥檚 eyes widened and I sat my drink down calmly.
鈥淢other, these are my children. I am going to politely ask you to not talk about them like that.鈥 I said as I wiped my mouth and my mother looked like I had offended her.聽鈥淚 was asking a simple question, Y/N. You go off and marry a man who is a decade older than you, and next thing we know, you have four children. We need the Y/L/N bloodline to live. You are our only child.鈥 She said and I looked up at her.聽
鈥淟isten, these are my boys. They may not have come from me, but they are mine. I love them and they are Y/L/N鈥檚- at least to me they are.鈥 I stated and my father nodded.聽鈥淪he is right, Janice. They are our grandchildren, blood or not.鈥 My father said.
The rest of the evening went smoothly and my mother even got along well with the boys. Tim had the time of his life discussing computers and what not with my father. Bruce walked up behind me and handed me another glass of wine.聽
鈥淗ow about we sneak off to the bathroom and have some alone time.鈥 He said quietly and I smiled up at him.聽鈥淚 would love that.鈥 I replied and took his hand and he lead me to the bathroom.
I hope you guys enjoyed this! I really did not know where I was going with this story, but my friend gave me the idea and told me to run with it. So shout out to her. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
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I need Titans to bring back this level of DickKory softness in S4.馃挏馃挋
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wonderbatwaynea day ago
It鈥檚 a writing day and let me tell you, I鈥檓 having way too much fun with this one!聽
鈥淥kay, Gar.鈥 He tells himself aloud, hoping that it will help calm him down, 鈥淛ust breathe. Just think. What would Dick and Kory do?鈥
He stands up straighter, planting his feet shoulder-width apart and crossing his arms over his chest in a move he鈥檚 seen Dick make a hundred times when he鈥檚 about to take control of a situation and deliver a plan. That鈥檚 what Gar needs right now. A plan.
鈥淜ory would blast her way out.鈥 He scowls, eyeing the door (his only viable exit) that looks to be made of heavy-duty industrial metal, 鈥淏ut considering I鈥檓 not a walking inferno that plan is out.鈥
Gar scrubs a hand over his face and narrows his eyes at the door, 鈥淥kay, Dick is human. What would Dick do?鈥 He tries to think back to their training sessions, all the lessons Dick has given him on combat and strategy. He taught them how to hold their own in a fight and get the upper hand, he taught them how to identify a blade by the sound it makes as it flies through the air. He failed to make a lesson on what to do when trapped in a room after being knocked out by unknown enemies.
He lets out a frustrated snort, 鈥淒ick would deal with the situation on his own and end up bleeding, resulting in Kory giving him that look he hates then spend the next few days pining and grovelling聽in silent guilt mode.鈥
Gar is so screwed.
The door looks thick, too thick to break through and Gar knows the only way he鈥檚 getting out of there is if the door is open. It鈥檚 probably reinforced steel, it definitely looks newer than the rest of the room. The bricks are almost black with disuse, there are even some gaps near the top of top of the wall where a single brick is missing that hasn鈥檛 been replaced.
鈥淒ick would get their attention.鈥 Gar continues to himself, ignoring the pounding beat in his skull that sounds like his own heart, 鈥淗e鈥檇 learn everything he could about the situation. Put together the pieces like solving a puzzle.鈥
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chrishemswrth3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TITANS 3x03 鈥淗ank and Dove鈥
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captaindickgraysona day ago
Dick Grayson x Reader
Any of her lyrics are italicized and in bold print. I hope y鈥檃ll enoy!
Tumblr media
I was invited to another boring GCPD gala; my friend, James, had no one else to go with so he invited me. The GCPD always throws Cop 鈥淏alls鈥 or galas. These normally weren鈥檛 my thing, but hey, free booze, music, and dancing. James told me: 鈥淢aybe if you鈥檙e lucky, you might find the love of your life here.鈥
I laughed it off and didn鈥檛 pay any mind to what he said. I have been to five of these things so far and here I was, faking it until I made it through the night. I smiled at everyone who said 鈥渉ello鈥 or 鈥渉i鈥 to me. I was standing in a group of men and women, one man, the captain, was telling a story and I faked laughed throughout his story. I was standing with a bunch of people who I did not know, and they did not know me, nor cared enough to try to get to know me.聽
A caterer brought me another glass of champagne and I looked down at my dress. It was a gold, silk dress with a slit right down the side. I have gotten many stares, and a lot of women who were married to cops, would point at me. I could hear words like:聽鈥渆ye sore鈥 or聽鈥渁ttention-getter.鈥 I even heard the words:聽鈥渟kank鈥 come out of another woman鈥檚 mouth.
Ignoring every word, I walked over to a corner that was unoccupied and vacant. I sighed, thinking about all of the fakeness and聽鈥渋nsincerity鈥, I saw my reflection in a mirror that was across from me. I chuckled at myself: how could someone put on such a fake show and yet make it believable? But that is when I saw a pair of dark brown eyes, and instantly my piousness disappeared.聽
I was Enchanted. His eyes met mine and it felt like we connected on a whole new level. I had to rip my eyes away from his and I looked down into my glass,聽鈥淢aybe he was looking at the painting behind me.鈥 I thought to myself, but when I looked back at him, his eyes were glued on me. It was like his dark brown eyes were burning a hole in my soul, like he was trying to read me like an open book.聽
Slowly, I see his body maneuver around the crowd of people, and he was coming towards me. My heart was racing and so was my mind:聽鈥淒o I look okay? I need another glass of champagne! No, no, I want to be sober for this.鈥 I panic silently.聽
He stood in front of me and I stared at him, he looked even cuter up close.聽鈥淚 can鈥檛 figure out how to start a conversation with you. Should I start it with a compliment, a bad pick up line, or a simple hello?鈥 He said and I chuckled.
鈥淗ow about a bad pick up line?鈥 I ask and he grinned.
鈥淒id it hurt when you fell from heaven?鈥 He asked and I smiled and rolled my eyes playfully.聽鈥淣o, but it hurt when I scraped my knee crawling up from hell.鈥 I said and his eyes widened.聽鈥淲ow, I will give you that one. My name is Dick Grayson.鈥 He said.
鈥淵/N Y/L/N.鈥 I replied and he picked up my hand and placed a chaste kiss to it. Dick picked up my hand and led me to the dance floor. I sat down my glass of champagne and he took a hold of my hand, and then placed his other hand on my waist. We danced to a song I wasn鈥檛 even listening to, we were too lost in conversation.
鈥淲ho did you come here with?鈥 He questioned and I pointed and James.
鈥淚 came with James, he is my friend. But he usually focuses on the blondes over there.鈥 I say and Dick smiled.
鈥淲ell, I am glad he brought you.鈥 He said and I looked up at him.
鈥淵eah, me too.鈥 I replied and he leaned his forehead on mine. Maybe it was the champagne doing all of the talking, or maybe there was something there. But one thing I know for sure is:
It was enchanting to meet you.
I was wonderstruck and I kept thinking about the three hour conversation we shared. I couldn鈥檛 help but to blush and smile all over again. Laying in my bed, I kept thinking about those brown eyes, how could someone be so flawless? How could one crappy night, turn into something so perfect? I couldn鈥檛 answer the questions and I kept tossing and turning. I left the comfort of my bed to go to my balcony. I grabbed my big, fluffy blanket and took it outside with me. I sat in my chair and I kept glancing at my front door.
I played every possible scenario in my head, and at this point, I was hurting my own feelings. It was two in the morning and I was thinking about what I would do if he showed up at my doorstep.聽
The question that bothered me the most was: Who do you love? Is there another woman he did not want to mention about? Did he get into a fight with his girlfriend and came to the police ball just to dance with another girl? Or maybe his long term girlfriend, or wife died, and he needed someone to get over them.聽
I couldn鈥檛 handle the thought of him being in love or having someone else that wasn鈥檛 me. Frustrated, I ran my fingers through my hair and went back inside and laid on my bed. I closed my eyes and remembered us dancing the night away. His name echoed through my mind, I just wanted to scream into my pillow.聽
I left the party early, too early. I thought to myself, if I would have stayed longer, maybe, just maybe, I would have left with something other than my lonely, and sad thoughts. Does he know that I was enchanted to聽 meet him? I asked myself and then my mind wandered further.
I jumped off my bed and walked over to my desk in the corner. I picked up a piece of paper and a pen. I began writing:
Dear Dick, These are the words I held back, as I was leaving too soon. I was enchanted to me you, Dick. Please don鈥檛 be in love with someone else..... Please don鈥檛 have somebody waiting on you...
Forever wonderstruck and enchanted,
I hope y鈥檃ll enjoyed that one! I did not proof read it, so i am sorry if there are typos and misspelled words.
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bettyfelona month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this week on the live-action teen titans program
Titans : Purple Rain (season 3, episode 13)
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lily-s-world4 months ago
Feelings and thoughts after seeing the Titans trailer
Dick again in the Nightwing suit:
Tumblr media
Barbara being commissioner of the Gotham PD and saying Dick's name like she was insulting him:
Tumblr media
Jason Todd and a crowbar in the same scene:
Everytime that Conner, Gar and Tim show up:
Tumblr media
Hank and Dawn still struggling with each other:
Tumblr media
Rachel in her iconic white suit:
Tumblr media
Every scene Kory shows up:
Tumblr media
Scarecrow and Barbara @ Dick:
Tumblr media
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