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 The Legends had decided to take a vacation. So, everyone went their separate ways agreeing to meet back at The Waverider in a week. Instead of going to the Bahamas Mick changed things up by making a trip to L.A.  He called Lisa so they could hang out maybe even rob a bank. Unfortunately, she would not be able to get a flight until the next day. That meant he was on his own for the night. Which lead him on a search for a good time.

His hunt for fun lead him to a club called Lux.  He walked in with a trouble-making smirk looking around at beautiful people he wanted to try his luck and see if one of them would check into a hotel room for the night with him.  However, it was important to keep his priorities straight so first things first it was time for a drink or five.

Mick sat at the bar for an hour flirting with some of the customers but after striking out several times he decided it was time to pay his tab thereby calling it a night. Then he heard someone scream. Mick knew that if he got involved things would get messy but it wasn’t like he had plans. So, he went to investigate the situation.

Linda was walking back to her car feeling quite pleased with herself after having an enjoyable night that she had earned a difficult week. That pleasure was vanquished when she heard the click of a gun behind her head. Linda’s blood turned to ice in her veins and the only thing she could do was yell. Her mind was completely overwhelmed it was as if everything was moving in slow motion while she stood there helpless.

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Jason: *shinning bat signal in Arkham window*

Jason: I ain’t get no sleep cuz of y’all, y’all not gonna get no sleep cuz of me!

(Vine inspo: )

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Request:  Hi I love your writing and can I request a damien x reader that’s also kind of a Bruce x reader where y/n is Damien’s twin that Thalia didn’t give to Bruce and that Damien took like and oath not to talk about but the batfam are in danger and he called her for help and she has to come save and meet everyone (soz it’s so long x)

Pairing: Damian x Twin!Sister!Reader, Slight Bruce x Daughter!Reader

Genre: Slight Angst 

Word Count: 1.7k, 4 pages

WARNING(S): Blood, Cursing


Originally posted by spaceeblack

  “And why can’t I go with Damian?” [Name] asked her mother with her eyebrows furrowed in the middle. Her teeth clenched in anger and jealousy. “I am capable of bringing Father home to you just as much as Damian.” 

    Talia sighed and stopped walking. The brown haired woman turned around and faced her only daughter. “I know you are capable, but Damian needs to work on something for himself.” 

    “What?” [Name] asked in disbelief. Her hands gradually unclenched when her mother started explaining her reason for sending Damian on his own.

      “Your brother has shown conflict in himself. There is an apparent struggle Damian is facing and I believe only your father can help Damian.” Talia stared down at her daughter and reached a hesitant hand to the girl. “You are older than Damian, maybe that is why you can handle death more easily than him. Damian is like his father, he won’t admit it, but Damian knows there is an alternative to killing.” 

    [Name] stayed silent and still. She felt the cold hand that belonged to her mother stroke her cheek robotically. 

     “Your brother isn’t ready for the next phase,” Talia removed her hand and resumed walking toward the training room, “but I have faith in you, [Name].” 


    “Fuck this! I’m going all out, make sure you don’t get in the way of my bullets, Demon Spawn!” 

    “Hey! No guns, Red! I don’t want another accident!”   

    “I have a scar from last time when you thought it was a good idea to go ‘balls to the walls’ thing.” 

    Damian tuned out his sorry excuses of brothers and dodged an incoming attack from an assassin. He had no clue as to why the League was attacking them. Did his mother plan this all along? Was she really going to betray him like that? No, Damian was the one to turn back on her and his grandfather’s teachings. He betrayed them first and honestly, this was his choice. He had an actual family that cared for him save for Jason. Their relationship was still rocky.  

    “Batman is pinned down and I’m going after him,” Nightwing announced and before he could help the caped crusader more assassins blocked his path.

      Damian watched as his allies were pinned against the floor with their arms pulled behind them and restrained by rope. His eyes widened for a fraction when he was kneed in the back and had his face slammed into the oily floor. He grunted in surprise and felt his arms being pulled backwards. He swiftly pressed a button on his wrist where a [f.color] bracelet was always securely on. Now all he had to do was wait.

     Damian was tossed alongside his family and they were all laying on their stomachs. There was a peculiar assassin that stood out to Damian and he recognized it as one of his sparring dummies. The assassin clad in gold and black walked up to the males and chuckled, “Wow, that was longer than anticipated.” The sparring dummy took his mask off and sighed in exhaustion.

      “Zhao, you know better than to go against the league,” Damian spoke with a strong tone.   

   Batman and the rest of the guys looked at Damian in surprise. They were waiting for insults from the teen. 

     “But you’re too incompetent to understand how mindless of an assassin you are. My mother must have you tight on a leash, foolish mutt.” Damian spat and his family rolled their eyes. There he was with his insults.

      Zhao smirked and sneered, “Foolish? You’ve been gone for too long, Damian. You’re insulting your future step-brother.” Zhao’s words got a reaction out of Damian and the teen jumped to his feet. He ran straight at the light brown haired male, but was easily knocked down by the older male.

       “Ack!” Damian grunted and crumbled to the floor when Zhao delivered a sneaky move to the back of his neck. The teen muttered curse words under his breath and kneeled down beside Zhao. “I won’t allow it,” Damian said and looked up at Zhao, “I declare a–”

     “Now don’t do anything reckless, brother.”    

 Damian looked straight and saw his twin sister walking toward him from the shadows. She looked different and you can obviously tell she got her beautiful looks from their mother. [Name] smiled down at Damian and kneeled in front of him, “I can’t believe you outgrew me. We’re 16 now which means that it’s been eight years since we last saw each other?”

     “[Name], you can’t marry this imbecile!” Damian shouted and ignored the look in her [e.color] eyes. He saw the conflict in them, but the smile on her face proved that she had a plan. 

     [Name] looked over his shoulder and saw the other vigilantes on the floor looking at them with questions. Then she looked back at her brother and stood up, “If you say so, brother.”

      “Wait!” Damian yelled, noticing the sleek silver dagger slip from under the sleeve of her right arm. [Name] let the dagger fall and with her right arm she gripped Zhao’s chin and forced it upward. Then quickly with lightning reflexes, she caught the dagger mid-fall with her left hand and slit Zhao’s throat with ease. The blood seeped from the deep wound and the red substance splat on the siblings faces.

      [Name] let go of Zhao and his dead body fell to the floor with a thump. The assassins surrounding them didn’t make a move knowing that [Name] had more authority over them than Zhao did. She looked at the assassins and gave them orders. “I need a group to take Zhao’s body back home, the rest follow that group. I’ll follow shortly.”

      The assassins did as they were told and Zhao’s dead body was taken away. [Name] wiped her dagger on her black uniform and used the weapon to cut the rope on everyone’s hands. She finished cutting Red Hood’s bonds then she walked over to Damian. The teen stood a head taller than her.

      “You have blood on your face,” Damian pointed out and [Name] wiped her face with her sleeve. She pointed at the speck of blood above Damian’s eyebrow and he wiped it with his green glove. They were silently staring at each other and [Name] sighed.

      “You caught me off guard when you yelled at me,” [Name] spoke. Her eyes stayed on her brother and she watched the green domino mask he wore crinkle.

      “You didn’t have to kill him.” His words made her roll her eyes as she placed her hands on her hips. She then pointed at Batman and the others.      “I think they all know that killing an assassin is a good idea. If I didn’t then Zhao would have killed you and them. Damian, I handled the situation.” [Name] reasoned and put her arm back at her side. “You would have done the same.”

     “I’ve changed,” Damian admitted and looked at his sister with distrust. “It seems like you’re still the same.”

      [Name] was taken back. She thought he would have been happy that she got rid of Zhao, she was happy. “I’m sorry? You were the one who called me for help. I didn’t have to save you guys, but I did it from the good of my heart,” She was glaring at her brother now.

      “I thought you would have a better plan than killing someone. There’s always an alternative.” Damian was forming a scowl on his serious face. 

     [Name] scoffed and tilted her head mockingly, “Yeah, I’ll give you the alternative, Wayne.” She said his last name with hostility and a hint of jealousy. “I would have had to seduce that creep Zhao into letting you guys go and return home being the bride of an arrogant asshole. You wouldn’t know the shit he put me through because you were busy living a semi-normal life with, let me remind you, our father.” 

     Damian softened his glare.

      “I grew up in a merciless home while you were given the chance to be nurtured and cared for. I grew up with brainwashed assassins while you were fighting alongside brothers! I grew up with a mother who rarely showed any affection toward me! So don’t tell me there’s an alternative when you were given a chance to walk another path!”

      [Name] huffed and straightened her back out. She kept the glare directed at her brother, but began walking away from him. She needed to leave before they could see her cry. 

     “You can still change directions,” A deep voice echoed in the warehouse. His calm and soothing voice reached out to her and sent shivers down her body. “You can forge your own path, one that doesn’t end in bloodshed.”

      She didn’t have the need to turn around to see who was talking to her. She knew that the man who spoke to her was Bruce Wayne, her father. The man she always wanted to meet. Yet she didn’t stop walking away, she had to return home to her mother.

      “You’re always welcomed home, [Name],” Batman said her name and that was all she needed to continue forward. She walked into the shadows and never looked back.


 “How come you never mentioned her before?” Bruce asked Damian while Alfred tended to the sword wounds on his wide back.

      Damian stared at the fireplace where orange flames flicked, “I took an oath. Talia made me do so, she said that no one can know about [Name]. Her name would never be mentioned and that essentially, she would be considered a shadow. A valuable asset in the League.” 

    “She was pretty badass though, the way she took out the Zhao guy,” Jason winced when Dick poked him with a needle on accident.

      “She’s always been exceptional at hand to hand combat. She could disarm about anybody and kill them in less than ten seconds. I believe the Lazarus Pit had an influence on her natural ability.” Damian removed his eyes from the fire and put his hand under his chin in thought. 

     Tim drank some of his coffee and analyzed Damian’s slumped form. None of them had to ask how [Name] died. Damian would tell them when the time is right. 

     “She’d be back,” Bruce spoke up addressing Damian, “it took awhile for you to come around, although she’s a quick learner. She might be back sooner than we think.” 

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Emma Frost and Poison Ivy (Modeled after Jessica Chastain) I watched Dark Phoenix and thought Jessica Chastain was Emma Frost and nearly lost my mind because she would of been perfect as Emma. She would also be perfect as Poison Ivy so I just had to draw my two favorite characters together using Jessica Chastain as the model for them.

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Miles and Virgil, BFF I love it.

Artist • @ogabrieljardim

#ftonerdtalk #staticshock #milesmorales #spiderman #virgilhawkins #dccomics #milestonecomics #marvel #marvelcomics #comics #comicstrip #ComicsForSale #comicstyle #comicstrips #Comics4Sale #comicsart #comicsofinstagram

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If you know of the show you can definitely see it. What do you think, has Harley taken that spot?

#ftonerdtalk #harleyquinn #megasxlr #cartoons #cartoonstyle #cartoonstrip #cartoonsg #cartoonsketch #cartoonshows #cartoonshow #Cartoonshitposts #cartoonseries #cartoonsaturday #cartoonsallday #cartoonsofinstagram #CartoonsAndCereal #cartoonselfie #cartoonsaloon #cartoonspeak #cartoonsbymarivelmejia #cartoonstore #cartoonsonly #cartoonsportsnetwork #cartoonsrealistic #cartoonsocks

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Title: Carry Your Throne

Pairings: Roman Sionis x Original Female Character, possibly others down the road. This is going to be multi-chaptered!

Chapter Summary: Roman is reminded of all of the things he loves (hates) about his girl or: a dissertation on why Varya should never be within arm’s length of a weapon.

A/N: Are you on an emotional rollercoaster? I’m on an emotional rollercoaster. I had so much fun writing this chapter and making myself laugh at these two fucking dumbasses. I rly hope everyone likes it, and please let me know what you think! The plot thickens (quite literally this chapter is…. hefty).

Per @empirics inspiration, the tags have been updated; we all know Roman likes to be bullied (but only a little bit).

Warnings: Gore, swearing, the usual.

“Kill him, Zsasz,” Varya bit out abruptly. The venom welled in her voice, like a tidal wave. Zsasz was standing next to Alfonzo again, the knife in his hand, and he turned his gaze questioningly to his boss. Roman sucked his teeth, shaking his head just a little.

He lowered his mouth to her ear, giving her hip a squeeze, and said, “This is a waste of your time, doll. You should go back upstairs-”

“You promised.” She was looking at Zsasz now, Roman’s words rolling right over her. Varya’s voice was tight, controlled, but stressed, fraying at the edges. “You promised me you would make him suffer- ”

Zsasz said, a little helplessly, “He can’t suffer if he’s dead.”

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Stargirl spoilers but I frickin loved the fact that they used The Man by the Killers as Icicle’s entrance song. The Killers are one of mg favorite bands and their music is honestly the perfect style for Stargirl

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