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DC to Relaunch Mobile App as DC Universe Infinite on January 21 With Focus on Comics

DC to Relaunch Mobile App as DC Universe Infinite on January 21 With Focus on Comics

DC is all set to shake up its comics app on January 21 and will be relaunching it as DC Universe Infinite.
According to The Verge, the original DC Universe featured television shows and comics, but now that DC shows have moved to HBO Max, the company has decided to refocus the app on comics and the ”fan community,” while keeping the same USD 7.99 (roughly Rs. 580)-a-month price.
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DC to Relaunch Mobile App as DC Universe Infinite on January 21

DC to Relaunch Mobile App as DC Universe Infinite on January 21

DC is all set to shake up its comics app on January 21 and will be relaunching it as DC Universe Infinite.
According to The Verge, the original DC Universe featured television shows and comics, but now that DC shows have moved to HBO Max, the company has decided to refocus the app on comics and the ”fan community,” while keeping the same USD 7.99 (roughly Rs. 580)-a-month price.
DC Universe…

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Dum Spiro Spero

The leader of the league of shadows and secrets was watching a beautiful creature bathing in sunlight. Shinning ebony hair catching each breath of early autumn’s glinting sunset, a tendril of her hair catching in the wind as it breaks free from an elaborated braid. Raven was kneeling in the garden, hands working the soil, to bring life, making new life grow. Some moments she stopped to enjoy the autumnal breeze on her face, staring into the distance as if caught in between this world and another.

Looking back Damian never thought he would have this. It had never been an option for him. His life was mostly filled with dangers, blood, threats and uncertainty. Wondering if he would live to see the next sunrise or survive enough to watch the following sunset. His life had been filled with hatred. Hatred towards a parent be believed had abandoned him, an enemy that murdered his loved ones who raised him. He did everything in his power to avenge them but he did not feel satisfaction or any kind of gratification after killing him. No. The emptiness did not fade away.

There were times where he was filled with so much regrets. Regret of rejecting his father and not believing in him, that he cared for him. Regret of the days he spent resenting his adoptive brothers for having the chance of a different life. Regret for not being able to love someone freely. Not until her.

The first time he saw her he couldn’t help but stare in awe. The same day Damian drew in his first breath of Gotham City air.

An eternity could have passed by in the blink of an eye, breath hitched in his throat, eyes quivering with strong emotion, heart hammering in his chest and yet he would have stared at the sight of her the rest of his days. For it was humanly impossible to get his eyes off of her. It was a view he had been starved of for eighteen years.

He stared because she was light.

She was home. Finally.

Porcelain skin, thick locks of raven hair, piercing, unearthly amethysts struck through his soul. And he felt alive, whole.

He had learned an important lesson. Life was too short, shorter if you’re an assassin, it was too precious. You could never waste a second of it, especially with the people closest to your heart. And he made a solemn promise to his family and himself. He decided to live without regret. To take the opportunities that life handed him and most importantly, he swore to himself that even no matter what happened in the past, the terrible things he had done, his faults and mistakes. He deserved to be happy.

That was five years ago.

It was easy to lurk in the shadows of the their house, a petite, cozy cottage close to the league’s headquarters. In the Kunlun mountains he had found a rustic little gem straight out of a Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronté novel, that was how Raven had described it. She had been working on the garden for eight months. There were now fragrant jasmine bushes and two apple trees, one almost completely covered by creamy white climbing roses, clusters of bluebells, foxgloves, pink Hibiscus flowers, pale lavender orchids, and the entire lawn was strewn with white and yellow daisies. In the shadows he knew he would not disturb her reverie. Yet he had been caught, luminous violet eyes wiser than her years cast to where he has hidden with a gentle smile that just pricked the corners of her mouth. “You know I can feel you staring, Damian. The intensity of your emotions is making me go weak.”

Damian couldn’t stop admiring his lover. Because the eyes that followed her were ones brimmed with love, adoration. Stepping into the sunlight, gently he helped her stand up, instinctively wrapping an arm around her waist. “You will never be weak, beloved. Not because of me or anyone.” Words were spoken softly, his other hand reaching to lift a white lily from the blooming bulbs bed and tucking it right behind her ear. Not too far off in the distance the radiant sun continued arching low in the sky reading to say goodbye and allowing the sky to welcome the moon and stars.

One of his long, tanned hands, cupped her face with delicacy, her body aching desperately for his touch. He placed his remaining hand over her chest. She was aware that Damian could feel the rapid pulse of her heart through skin. “Thought you’re stronger than any other living creature in this universe. There is strength in your goodness, as much as there is in steel and fire.” His emerald eyes were filled with so much joy, so much warmth and devotion, it was endless, everflowing.

Raven barely thought she was breathing, willing her unruly heart to ease a fraction, soothe down its beating instead of racing even after all these years together. Damian gently kissed her temple and murmured against her rosy cheek in a low voice that made goosebumps rise on her tender flesh. “Do you know why I fell in love with you?”

She licked her lips and pretended to think about it for a moment. “Because I said you were insufferable our first meeting.” She teased. As much as his presence annoyed her at first, she had come to feel comfortable around him, safe, content. The feelings she had tried to contain became harder and harder to ignore. Slowly, he carved himself into her heart, something she did not have a name for took root. Every time he saw him, heart fluttered in her chest like a child, and everytime he smiled at her…oh Azar she couldn’t take the clash of ardent emotions. After that something inside her began to loosen, shift, to change. She had been a fool, deceiving herself it was nothing more than friendship.

Everything changed for them and she was infinitely thankful both had put in the effort to help each other overcome their fears. They only required a little push from Dick at the beginning, because both were impossibly stubborn.

Damian chuckled audibly. It was a fascinating sound she thought to herself. His hand trailed along her collarbone, enjoying the smooth texture of her ivory skin, grasping the side of her face. Green orbs bored into violet constellations. He spoke firmly and his features hardened slightly. There was a battle raging behind his green gaze, like he was desperately fighting something inside him. His past. “You did not judge me for my past actions, for the assassin I was raised to be. I was coated in blood, spent my days destroying and taking lives. And yet you found goodness in me.” His deep voice was rough and cracked just a bit.

She had given him five years worth of smiles, laughter, love and so much more. Filling the void inside him after losing his grandfather and mother. She had lifted him up. Damian would never let her go. He refused to. How could he?

“Dum spiro spero.” He breathed, heart thundering in his chest.

He did not have tell her its definition. She knew the meaning of the phrase. She blinked in surprise, her mind automatically translated it. While I breath, I hope.

Interlacing his hand with hers, entwined like a vine to tree, he swallowed hard before continuing. “You are my hope, Raven. When I look at you I see hope.” Raven was this incredible force which had burrowed itself so deeply within him being that there would be no uprooting it. Never.

She found herself voiceless, giving time for his words to sink in. Then she did not have to think about her responses for more than a second. She knew exactly what she wanted to say.

Raven held his gaze, unwavering, for another minute before speaking. “I know you really look at me and see me for who I am and I hope you know, I will always look at you and I will see someone who despite seeing the worst of it all, is still kind, good, a generous and compassionate soul.”

The raw emotion swimming in his eyes made her want to embrace him for eternity. He loved her. He loved her more than she ever imagined. She felt her own eyes watering, tears running down her cheeks which Damian wiped away with careful motions.

“I would love to be your hope until the end of my days.” She whispered voice thick with emotion, forehead pressed against his. His skin was warmer than hers, she let herself submerge in the lingeringly tender contact. Unable to hold back anymore Damian kissed her ferociously, with starved lips, pouring all his words and feelings into the caress. Squeezing her frame against his, wishing for any distance to vanish, anything that would keep them apart.

“I love you.” He whispered in the most intimate of ways against her mouth.

Damian took her in his arms, carrying her and not wasting time, making his way inside the small cottage. They were two souls in love, hearts beating the same tune, in perfect synchrony.

Happy birthday chromie 🙈🙈🙈❤️❤️❤️

This small oneshot is dedicated to @chromium7sky my closest friend in the fandom.

I hope you all like it though. @tweepunkgrl @alerialblu @andthendk @ravenfan1242 @carnationmilk @bourniebna @srose-foxfire @sofiii

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Loool, thanks DC. I can only hope that you remember Creeper’s healing factor later!

Because the other characters sure don’t!

Why does this give me Heroes in Crisis vibes?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @chromium7sky ✨✨✨✨✨💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🙈🙈🙈🙈


Thank you for inspiring me of DamiRae fandom. Your artwork is really amazing to me and you’re also a great fashion design, don’t give up ya and keep going it🥺❤

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Had a blast with Maki Roll and creating a new phrase, “Sex Nerd.” I hope to have her on again and I hope you check out the entire eps on Apple podcast, Spotify or YouTube.

Guest • @makirollofficial

#ftonerdtalk #cosplayincolor #blackwomenincostume #representationmatters #blackheroesmatter #cosplayingwhileblack #cosplayers #cosplay #cosplayer #makiroll #swer #sexworkers @tsunade_v @violetvixanne

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The day DC realises that RobStar is one of their best ships and decide to capitalise off that is the day I’ll know peace.

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In this post, I wanted to share some of my personal thoughts on the project I’ve been working on for almost a year now, as well as its future and overall prospects:

Eighteen chapters. Wow. That’s GRAND! If you take a look at the earlier chapters of it (probably up to Chapter 10), you’ll see how my writing has transformed over that rather long period of time. I believe it changed for the better. Because I wanted to make it my first ever BIG work, I also chose to treat it very seriously. I started reading books, forums, and even Tumblr posts. The most important thing I’ve learnt is pacing, in my own opinion, because good pacing and structure of the story is crucial to keeping it both interesting and elevated. 

Though it still pleases me that I’ve gotten this far with it, I want to make subtle changes to the earlier chapters. That’s my main goal for the time being. There are characters that I have greatly underused, plotlines that are no longer needed or suitable for my vision of the story, and overall I consider some of my early work sloppy and just plain bad. Hence why I will be writing ahead and revamping some chapters. Chapters 7-9 especially. UGH.

The Season™ isn’t my only project, though! I plan on publishing more fanfics and developing my own ‘verse as I see fit. Though I do have a regular publishing schedule for it, now - Wednesdays and Sundays, that is. If I keep up at the same pace (and hopefully I do), I’ll be finished with it in 1.5 months and then get on some smaller work. Writing novels is a hard thing, duh. 

I’m really looking forward into the future. With it being the last year of school, as well, I hope studies won’t interrupt my writing and schedule. It’s a pleasure to write, to receive kudos, and read through the comments that you leave. Thank you!

Psst, you can also like, read the newest chapter here.

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Review: Batman: Soul of the Dragon — Bubbleblabber

Review: Batman: Soul of the Dragon — Bubbleblabber

DC Animated Universe just dropped Batman: Soul of the Dragon for digital release on January 12, ’21. Check out my full review on Bubbleblabber!

Batman: Soul of the Dragon puts the Dark Knight at the centre of a ’70s style kung fu action film. The unexpected stylistic choice makes this a stand-out movie from the DC Universe and worth checking out.

And, while you are on Bubbleblabber look around,…


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