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Duke Reviews TV: Batman: The Animated Series 1x04 The Last Laugh

Hello, I’m Andrew Leduc And Welcome To Duke Reviews TV, Where We Continue Our Look At Batman: The Animated Series By Talking About Episode 4 Of Season 1, The Last Laugh…


This Episode Sees The Joker Unleashing Laughing Gas On Gotham, Incapacitating The Population And Allowing Him To Steal Things At His Leisure, Leaving It Up To Batman In A Gas Mask, To Stop Him…

Will Batman Succeed?

Let’s Find Out As We Watch The Last Laugh…

The Episode Starts On April Fools Day As A Barge Captained By A Clown, Carrying Garbage Emits Green Gas As It Floats On The River Which Causes People (Including A Driver Of An Armored Truck) To Laugh Frantically And Act Like Fools…

Meanwhile At Wayne Manor, Bruce Takes A Shower As Alfred (Played For The First Time Here By Efrem Zimbalist Jr) Turns On The Radio For Him. Hearing A Report About People Having Near Fatal Accidents On The Bridge Because They Are Acting Like Laughing Fools, Bruce Immediately Deduces That It’s The Work Of The Joker…

With His Henchmen Diving To Steal The Money From The Armored Truck, The Joker Fixes Himself So Him And His Henchmen Can Go To The Financial District While Having Shopping Carts And Gas Masks (Or In Joker’s Case A Fishbowl)

Getting Fashion Tips From Mysterio, Joker?

With People Unable To Stop The Joker, Due To Laughing Like Fools, We Get A Pretty Good Scene As The Joker And His Gang Enter The Financial District…

(End At 1:00)

Doing Analysis On The Joker’s Gas And Learning That Prolonged Exposure Will Result In Permanent Insanity, Batman Calls Alfred Only For Him To Blow Him Off…


Eventually Hearing Crashing Noises, Batman Goes Upstairs To See That The Gas Has Invaded Wayne Manor And Alfred Has Been Exposed As He’s Destroying The Library In His Lunacy…

With Joker’s Stocks Rising, Batman Takes The Barge And Drags It Out To Sea With The Help Of The Batboat. Boarding The Barge, Batman Easily Defeats The Joker’s Henchmen But Has A Hard Time With The Captian Who Joker Has Dubbed Captain Clown, Who Tears The Batboat’s Tow Cable In Two And Attacks Batman With His Bare Hands…

Batman Tries Punching Him But He Only Ends Up Hurting Himself. Eventually, Captain Clown Grabs Batman And Spins Him Before Placing Him In A Canister..

With Holes Poked In It, The Canister Is Thrown Into The Ocean As Water Fills It, Nearly Drowning Batman, But Using A Remote Control On His Belt, Batman Has The Batboat Cut A Hole In The Canister So He Can Escape..,

Following Joker To A Junkyard, Batman Fights His Henchmen And Removed Their Masks So The Gas Can Affect Them, But Captain Clown Approaches Leading Into One Heck Of A Fight..,

(Start At 3:34)

Outraged By Captain Clown’s Death (If You Can Call It An Actual Death) Joker Drops Garbage On Batman So He Can Attempt To Escape On A Conveyor Belt Batman Follows Not Knowing That Said Conveyor Belt Leads To A Vat Of Molten Metal..,

(Start At 1:17, End At 4:11)

With Things Quieting Down, Bruce Returns Home To Find Alfred Cleaning Off The Mess He Made, Upset At The Fact That He Did But Bruce Jokes Saying That He’ll Take It Out Of His Salary For The Next Few Years Despite Alfred Believing Him To Be Serious At First Until Bruce Says April Fools…

And That’s The Last Laugh, And It’s An Okay Episode..

While Not The Best Joker Episode It’s Not A Horrible One, I Did Enjoy The Fight Scene With Captain Clown And The One Scene At The Financial District All In All I Say See It…

Till Next Time, This Is Duke, Signing Off…

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“Rhino”, created by Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Norm Breyfogle was voiced by Earl Boen and first appeared in Detective Comics #583 as Frederick Rhino with a sister, Moose.

Batman: The Animated Series-Nicknamed for his hulking size and a tattoo on his right arm, Rhino joined the Ventriloquist’s gang. When his sleeve was partially ripped in a robbery, Batman was able to identify him by the tattoo and confronted him. Rhino didn’t tell him anything, but afterwards rushed to Scarface, revealing the villain’s identity to Batman.

Rhino worked for the Ventriloquist on a number of occasions, first when Scarface planned a series of heists with clockwork precision, and later when the boss enlisted Catwoman to help steal Veronica Vreeland’s rare stuffed animals. On both these occasions, Rhino’s raw power was unable to beat Batman’s finesse.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin-Recently, when the Ventriloquist was released from Arkham Asylum with a clean bill of health, Mugsy and Rhino waited for Scarface to emerge. When it turned out that he wouldn’t, however, they hired Hips McManus to impersonate Scarface and resurrect the gang. However, the real Scarface was upset with them because he was only playing dead until the heat was off, but their antics forced him to come out too early and he attempted to kill them. Batman and Batgirl saved them and sent them to Stonegate Penitentiary.

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And today? I bring you some fresh ✨memes✨ for the road👌

Mostly Yautja and story related as you can see but yeh-

There’s Jenna holding the pillar up and lion lady watching out for the enemies. I have more that I will post later on tomorrow!

On another note- Chapter 2 will be posted sometime this Sunday! Or morning on Monday if anything comes in the way. So stay tuned for that 👀✨💕

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Originally posted by layfmacun

Hello, hello! 

My birthday is coming up on November 23rd! To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to start a fic/art trade!  I did this back when quarantine first started and had so much fun! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than to do this. 

Details below the cut! 

Keep reading

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What ho, true believers! It is I, the Random Response Generator of History, here to present to you the one, the only, Wally West!

I was the worst clarinet player in my junior high school band, and I sill played better than these guys.

Written by Rich Fogel

Directed by Toshihiko Masuda

Ask a stupid question…

Wally, you’re married to Linda Park (I don’t care what DC says).

I am not familiar with this gentleman. Mayor of Metropolis, maybe?

Surveillance state!

As a Canadian, toll roads are kind of foreign to me.

You looked better with the beard, evil doer.

This nerd is based on somebody, I know he is…

I am embarrassed by these Australian accents

All criminals and nerds everywhere are embarrassed by this guy…

 If a criminal says something like that to you in real life, don’t trust it!

This Weather Wizard guy is laaaaame.

Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Animated by TMS

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Hey everyone! That same energy I see with Miles and Virgil. I would love see it with Riri and Keli. Just saying.

Artist • @lucianovecchioart

#ftonerdtalk #ironheart #ririwillaims #GreenLantern #teenlantern #keliquintela #dccomics #marvelcomics #comicbooks #comics #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday #artesanato #artstagram

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the last battle between superman and doomsday in the death of superman is still the greatest battle scene in any animated or live action movie ever made it’s a cinematic masterpiece i never get tired of watching it and it makes me cry every time

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Anyone else here feel like the entire Red Son Rising story in Batman: The Adventure Continues is just a shoddier version of Under the Red Hood AND Death in the Family?

I mean maybe I should give it a second shot reading it in the print version (where the chapters aren’t cut in half for the digital format). But honestly…

It gave us changes that could have had potential but had to move at such breakneck speeds that it missed any chance for nuance. Or, you know, the really good and strong character moments the DCAU was lauded for? Jason had zero empathy. You forget his rage was because his brother was killed. After that he turned into an ungrateful brat who wouldn’t meet Bruce halfway (and phrasing it exactly like that, because the story made sure Bruce was more sympathetic despite showing the inability to do the same for Jason).

Is this a slow burn setup for later on, where we’ll finally see him start back up on the road to redemption? I don’t know. If there is, maybe it’ll be good. Who knows.

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Damian: Whenever I think about Raven I have this weird feeling in my stomach and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

Dick: Like butterflies?

Damian: No, like allergies.


Damian: They probably did something to make me feel like this ! !



Damian: That bitch.

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