deancasbigbang · 4 months ago
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Sign-ups for the 2022 DCBB open on Friday, April 1st! In the meantime, check out this year’s graphic by the incredible @impmakesart! 
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sketching-fox · 8 months ago
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Hello everybody! Here goes my arts done for @deancasbigbang 2021!
I had a huge pleasure with my partnership with TheLadyKeira in a crossover between Supernatural and Sandman, my favorite comic!
THANK YOU to my partner for this amazing story and inspirations and to the DCBB mods, specially for all the help while I was still dealing with my tendotinis and physiotherapy sessions!
And have fun! 
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afterspaced · 9 months ago
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Art for Half Empty • DCBB 2021
Raging storm, boundless cornfield surging, churning, like an angry ocean crashing its waves over steep shores. Dean comes to in the passenger seat of his car with no memory of what could have possibly brought him to the oddly named bar on the outskirts of the small town in the middle of nowhere. Welcome to Half Empty, where nothing is as it seems, and even shadows have secrets of their own...
What an absolute pleasure it has been to work on this project with Ana (sinnabonka) for the 2021 Dean/Cas Big Bang. Half Empty is a work of art in and of itself, and I am so humbled to have read and illustrated for it.
Ana, you’re the best collaborative partner an artist could ask for—your writing is going to break hearts (and heal them). If you like my art, please read the fic! It’s absolutely breathtaking. ♥
Bonus! Greyscale outtakes under the cut.
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jeanne-de-valois · 9 months ago
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Then you want Untangled! This is the DCBB fic I illustrated for @quwarichi and it’s a great read, so go check it out! Happy reading!! 
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diminuel · 9 months ago
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Wool For The Summer
My illustrations for HCMichele’s cute DCBB! ♥ I had a lot of fun drawing this!
I also made little dividers for POV changes. :D
Read the story on AO3! ♥
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sinnabonka · 9 months ago
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‘half empty’ moodboard, because I live for these vibes
buy me a coffee
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prettygirlviago · 9 months ago
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it was such a joy to work on this fic for DCBB!!! I had such a fun time creating these pieces <3
Everyone stream Lonesome Rider by Onwardorange on Ao3 <3
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lamiasage · 10 months ago
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Art Masterpost for Magdalene by butterflyslinky
I’m super excited since this is my first DCBB! ♥ It was really awesome to collab with @butterflyslinky for the @deancasbigbang  💚 💙
(as always, click for better resolution)
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gabester-sketch · 10 months ago
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Buffer Time a @deancasbigbang fic written by @sunshine-zenith When Dean wakes up in his town’s jailcell with a disoriented Cas, he happily roles with it. Sure, he knows he’ll be the laughing stoke of the town for a few days – what deputy locks himself in his own jailhouse? – but as long as Cas is there, things are fine. Until he realizes his memory is unusually fuzzy. Until Cas starts acting strange and morose. Until he starts having brief flashes of Cas being taken from him by an inky black entity. Until Cas starts talking about plot holes and tropes. Until he wakes up by a fire in the woods, on a quests to fight a dragon –no wait, in an ambulance, late for his shift as a surgeon– no wait- Dean’s just trying to figure out why he and Cas keep waking up in different genres and why Cas seems so distant, while Sam works with Eileen, Gabriel, and a few others to do the same on the other side of a laptop. (WandaVision inspired finale fix-it) ​
So so so SO excited to share the art for this amazing fic!! It was so much fun to work on, and I loved reading every second of this fic - go read it now!!!! 
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xfancyfranart · 9 months ago
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It’s finally time to reveal my very first DCBB pieces ever! :) You can read the amazing fic they belong to now on AO3, make sure to Kudos and comment :D <3 https://archiveofourown.org/works/34535578/chapters/85963051
I’m left emotional and very grateful and have a few words for the people most essential for this project:
@lastoryx Road, I can’t thank you enough for making our DCBB debuts into this incredible ride. Your passion, dedication and skill have been an endless source of inspiration and sparked the urge to give my everything back to you in return. Thanks for providing the drive to create something awesome together. You are an amazing writer and human - and I adore your chaotic energy :D I look forward to working (a.k.a. talking, obsessing, ranting, plotting, joking, thirsting, laughing, podficcing) more with you in the future, my friend. This journey has only just begun. :)
@remyafterdark Remy, you’ve not only been the bestest friend and art beta anyone could wish for (posing for reference pictures? Absolute BAB move) but also a constant source of laughter, comfort and support, DCBB and beyond. I honestly have no idea what I’d do without you - but it certainly wouldn’t be this, at least not in the same capacity. Being each other’s beta has made this whole fandom experience even better and I can’t wait for our next shared challenge! Hopefully our thumbs haven’t decided to give out by then xD Thank you for everything <3
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lizleeships · a year ago
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I’m super excited to finally post my art contribution to the 2020 DeanCasBigBang! I’ve been working on this with the lovely @castielle-cumberbabe who wrote a truly wonderful canon-fic with some WINGS (you know I had to get in on that) I know there’s a lot of bad/stressful stuff going on right now, so maybe a little Destiel-flavoured boost will help! You won’t be disappointed; it was a true pleasure to be able to illustrate for this!! 
READ IT HERE: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27384547/chapters/66923188
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deancasbigbang · a year ago
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This is no April Fool! DCBB 2021 sign ups are OPEN!
The show may be over, but our love for Dean and Cas is still going strong. This is your chance to join the oldest and best known Destiel writing challenge. To register, read all the rules and see the schedule here and then head on over to our sign up page!
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lillylowe · 9 months ago
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Pieces for the DCBB 2021! This was my first time participating and it was an absolute blast. These pieces were my venture into discovering my love for drawing landscapes. I think these really match the vibe of the (amazing) fic. Enjoy!
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yourfinalbow · 7 months ago
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[ Melted Wings of Wax and Feathers ]
- The beautiful art by @pepperoni-bread can be found here.
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"And there he fell, without grace and without glory.
He cried out, reaching to the heavens. "Help me, father."
But of course Chuck did nothing to help the dying angel. Poisoned by his hamartia. Wings and wax melted from flying too close to the sun.
Delicate feathers floated around him, a sign of his irreversible mistakes.
His final thoughts lingered as he fell the last few feet. With one arm outstretched, he reached towards the sky, hope leaving his body the same way the last swirl of grace leaked from his eyes.
He shut them, hitting the ground with a thud. The stripped skeleton that was his wings burned their everlasting mark into the ground below, while torn feathers and shards of a stained glass mural littered the concrete floor.
His soul can be found in the only plain of darkness that can quench his fiery light. A place of solid black. One of nothing but emptiness. Nothing but quiet.
His final resting place, where the shadows greet him like an old friend."
As Dean is faced with the fiery consequences of simply saying “yes", Cas is warned to stop flying towards his sun.
The feathers of time begin to fall, and Michael stands there with a match, melting the wax they're attached to. -- [Read here on Ao3]
I never got around to posting about this on Tumblr, but it's a Christmas fic, so here goes!
I spent a stupid amount of time on it, and was possibly hoping for some peer review...?
(Tagging some mutuals under the cut):
Absolutely no pressure though! (I'm clinking my hot chocolate mug against yours for even getting this far down the post.) Happy holidays!
@bebecas, @marvolord, @destielcrack, @tootiredmotel, @suncaptor, @knifelesbianjo, @eldestsiblingsyndrome, @bee-in-a-trench-coat, @wingsandhunters, @endvdean, @starrynightdeancas, @adhd-castiel, @kickasscas, @bi-makes-pie, @deansbian, @bearcas, @buzzbuzzbitches, @zorelle, @deanwasalwaysbi, @supercorpheller, @limpwristedean, @proudcasgirl, @casismymrdarcy, @meltedwingscas, @casmick-consequences, @doctorprofessorsong, @159potterhead, @mothmans-favorite-lamp, @10x02, @nightandwine, @angzlicas, @final-girl-cas, @you-cant-spell-subtext-without, @spideyhighlighty, @huckleberry-dean, @annballofyarn, @fizzlesfolly, @sun-honey-bee, @castielisasunflower, @fellshish, @spnjohnlocked, @youre-only-gay-once, @lilcasx, @waywardmegathor, @redleavesinthewind, @the-nameless-human200, @angeltiddies, @tibbinswrites, @piltovers-gayest
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clensters · 9 months ago
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Howdy strangers!
Presenting all the pieces I got to do for the DCBB fic Carve a Palace from Within by @norahastuff - an alternative S15 ending, complete with visits to the Empty, Billie plotting, pining in the moonlight, and looking at real estate (not necessarily in that order). Was a joy to work with, and each scene we chose to illustrate was very evocative and sure made my job easier!
Check it out on AO3!
As usual, please click for fullview to defeat the eternal tumblr blurriness.
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the-michaelsword · 9 months ago
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"The statue's in the foyer," he says.
i had the absolute pleasure of working with Zuzeca for this year's dean/cas big bang on their heart-wrenching work The Angel in the Marble. go read it right now!!
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avalonlights · 9 months ago
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Illustrations for the wonderful fic You’re Always Saying Farewell by @ourmoonlightrevels for @deancasbigbang​ 2021. 💙💚
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