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manfrommars20492 days ago
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[Artwork] BATMAN IN NOIR ALLEY by Dan Panosian via DCcomics
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jimcheungarta day ago
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Diana (2021) - Now that the DC stamps are out now (still available from the Royal Mail website), I can get back to sharing some of the other things I've been working on! So here's something from the upcoming Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary issue! 馃槉 . #DianaPrince #WonderWoman #JusticeLeague #DCComics #DCU #DC #Comics #comicart #inkdrawing #JimCheung
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sweeney-boo6 months ago
Starfire 馃懡
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midnightatwalmarta month ago
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celebratory bi tim drake doodle i love life rn
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donnatr0y5 months ago
Dick: I鈥檝e created a map of all the possible places where the league could have taken Damian
Jason: this is.. this a map of the world
Dick, crying: I have no idea where the fuck he is
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sweeney-boo5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Kory 馃懡
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kindaangelic2 months ago
Reverse Robin Musings on The Penguin
What do the Robins think about Gotham's richest baddie?
Robin I
I am taller than someone
Ooh birds
I like birds, they are probably not going to kidnap me
Oh no they're kidnapping me :(
My love for all creatures great and small has endangered me
Welp, time to punch some birds I guess
Robin II
Hey it's the rich guy with the bird fetish
Lol did you seriously try to attack me with birds
Bitch I'm from Crime Alley
I caught and ate pigeons on a daily basis
I bet penguins are more nutritious though
Why you crying
If you gonna throw flippers at me, then you'd better get ready to be eaten
Robin III
What did you just say
Bitch you did not just say that you're the richest man in Gotham
That's me
Sorry Bruce
Money fight
*proceeds to throw dollar bills at Penguin*
This is called death by a thousand papercuts
Eventually your cuts will get infected and you'll die
Because this is Gotham money, and its pretty gross tbh
Robin IV
What do you mean how did I track you down
There's a literal trail of bird shit that leads here
I feel like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz
Only my road is bird poop
And my friend is Batman :/
Robin III again
Oh heard you had to go to the hospital for a MRSA infection
Told you Gotham money is filthy
I hope that the hospitalization cost you a lot of money
See, this is why we need universal healthcare
The healthcare system is the true villain
Robin V
Birds in captivity!
Fiend, I shall release these noble birds from your hold
And then I shall probably kill you
Batman will never find the body
Drake said he'd help me hide it
To cement his place as richest man in Gotham
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rowellcruzarta month ago
Tumblr media
The Cute Robin
Celebrating Tim Drake exploring his bisexuality! 馃彸锔忊嶐煂
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warnerbrostva year ago
Explore the far corners of the DC Multiverse. Take your love of DC to the next level for 24 hours beginning 9/12. All fans welcome. 馃寧馃實馃審 #DCFanDome
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