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Duke’s Monsterween: Don’t Look Under The Bed

Hello, I’m Andrew Leduc And Welcome Back To Duke’s Monsterween

Where We’re Continuing Our Look At Disney…

Where Today We’re Looking At Another Halloween DCOM Called Don’t Look Under The Bed…


This Film Is About A Girl Named Frances McCausland (Played By Erin Chambers) Who Is Being Framed For Various Pranks Around Her School And The Sad Thing Is Her Friends And Family Don’t Believe Her…

However, There Is One Person Who Believes Her And That’s Her Brother’s Imaginary Friend, Larry Houdini (Played By Larry Beale From Even Stevens) Who Believes The Person Behind The Attacks Is The Boogeyman…

Can Larry Make Frances Believe That The Boogeyman Exists So They Can Stop Him Once And For All?

Let’s Find Out As We Watch Don’t Look Under The Bed…

This Movie Starts In A Place Called Middleburg Where Frances McCausland, An Intelligent And Level Headed Girl Is Starting High School A Year Early But Recently Weird Things Have Been Happening Around Middleburg

Including Dogs Appearing On People’s Rooftops, Alarm Clocks Going Off Hours Early, Eggs Getting All Over Frances’ Biology Teacher’s Car, Gelatin In The Swimming Pool And B’s Being Spray Painted All Over Town…


But When The B’s Appear On The School Lockers And Frances’ Doesn’t Everyone Points To Frances Being The Perpetrator Behind It…

This Leads An Older Kid Named Larry Houdini, Who Is Actually Her Brother’s Imaginary Friend (Which She Doesn’t Believe At First Until He Actually Proves That Only Kids Can See Him) Believes That She Is Being Framed By The Boogeyman…


After Another Incident Which Causes A Blackout And Leaves The McCausland House On Christmas Lights And All, Her Friends And Family Start Wondering If She’s Actually Behind It…

This Leads Her To Look At The Boogy Book That Larry Got From The Library, Where They Decide To Create A Tetra-Fuse Which Will Age The Boogeyman Into A Harmless Old Geezer…

As They Get The Stuff For The Tetra-Fuse Together, Larry Discovers That Before They Met Frances Told Darwin To Grow Up And Stop Believing In Him Which Causes Him To…Transform Into The Hulk?…

No, Actually It’s Discovered That When The Creator Of An Imaginary Friend Stops Believing In Said Imaginary Friend Too Soon, They End Up Becoming A Boogeyman Too, Which Is What Is Happening To Larry…


But When Frances’ Little Brother, Darwin Accidentally Steps Into Some Boogey Goo, Larry And Frances Are Forced To Enter The Boogeyworld Underneath Frances’ Bed To Go Get Him…

But During The Fight, Larry Becomes A Boogeyman But Not For Long As Frances Manages To Get Darwin To Believe In Larry Again Reverting Him Back To Normal…

However After Using The Tetra-Fuse (Which Works But Not For Long) Frances Realizes That The Boogeyman Is Actually Her Former Imaginary Friend, Zoey Who She Stopped Believing In When Darwin Fell Deathly Ill…

Proving That She Still Cares For Zoey, She Ends Up Returning Back To Normal Which Leads Them Back To The Real World Where Frances’ Parents (One Played By Stephen Tobolowsky)…


Discover That The Same Antics That Occurred There Are Happening In Another City Which Leads Them To Apologize To Frances Before Larry And Zoey Take Off To Deal With Said Antics Never To Be Seen Again By Frances..


With Darwin Scared That Night, Frances Lets Him Sleep In Her Bed As Zoey And Larry Watch Over Them, As Our Movie Ends…

And That’s Don’t Look Under The Bed And…It’s Okay…

While Not As Good As Halloweentown, I Will Say The Story Is Interesting And The Cast Does Good In Their Parts, Especially Larry Who Managed To Get A Couple Laughs Out Of Me But All The Stuff That Happens Gets Boring While You Wait For The Plot To Make Sense…

But Still It Is A Fun Movie So I Say See It…

Till Next Week, This Is Duke, Signing Off…

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Courtesy of texts with @bindid24

- Sophie is a more powerful witch than Marnie, based on the abilities she displays over Marnie’s lone “deja vu” ability. Also, Marnie only starting to train at the last possible minute most likely affected them somehow. Meanwhile, Sophie could start training years before her thirteenth Halloween. 

- On top of that, Marnie doesn’t seem like the type who’d dedicate herself to learning the craft. In Halloweentown High she’s only on “level one,” whatever that means. Sophie would probably train harder to prove that she’s just as powerful, if not more powerful, than her older sister. In the fourth movie she’s undergoing intense training with her grandmother, instead of attending a regular human school.

- Side note, I wonder if the events in Halloweentown High drove Sophie to leave the mortal world. Everyone in town found out about magic at the carnival. Specifically, that Marnie and her family were witches. It might have turned into a “worst kept secret” situation, where those in the know remembered but didn’t really talk about what happened. Still, it might have lead to an unfair amount of teasing and bullying for Sophie, who came from a “weird” family.

- Sophie probably went off on her own after finishing her training, only visiting her family for special occasions. Mostly to escape the massive shadow from “Head of the Cromwell Line” Marnie. She’d continue to grow more powerful while finding her own place in Halloweentown.

- Meanwhile, Marnie became an ambassador between Halloweentown and the human world. She educates Halloweentown residents about the human world, spreading the truth and dispelling myths. Marnie also safely incorporates magic in the human world, working towards a day when those in Halloweentown no longer have to hide. She uses magic and makes an effort to keep up on it, but other responsibilities usually get in the way.

- Stuck in the middle as always, Dylan keeps in touch with both from his home in the human world. Mainly he always tries to bring Sophie home, while reminding Marnie to check in with their sister. Family gatherings are full of drama and magical chaos but Gwen continues to insist on them.

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Rae Watches Smart House

Why is every neighborhood and house in these DCOMs so idyllic though?

That’s definitely the little girl from the Au Pair movies

Did the Dad agree to all of this simply because he had the hots for the house’s designer????

Also the dad is foinee not gonna lie

1999 technology is a ride - dialup internet, big clunky computers, answering machines

And oooh that green screen

Big brother concerns even back then haha

This poor boy just misses his mother desperately and is trying to compensate as best as he knows.

I see the main character’s got his token black friend

So that kid is a bully because of his spiky hair, and the chain on his pants. Got it.

I get that this kid is smart, but HOW does he know how to break into that control room and much less operate the whole damn system??

Damn y’all really had to have this kid re-watch old home videos of his late mother?? Why do you do this to me??

At 27 I still do not know what it means to “balance your checkbook”

So in this universe tween boys are such fans of boy bands and have memorized the choreographed dances? I love it.

Wait Pat is scary. I did not remember all of this. Damn.

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Oh, and I’m still so very pissed at Disney for making a freaking rule out of the ‘new cute and hot boy in town’ as the main character’s love interest.



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Add whichever couple who are/were besties and now are/or never were but you know they were meant to be endgame.

I wanna see all your answers!

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Hello, everyone!

First off; you’re all welcome here if you are not homophobic, racist, or just a hater. I really don’t need any of that in here since this is my safe place, so please, if you came to say awful things and such, leave immediately.

So, I mostly wanted to write this post to introduce myself to the Tumblr community.

Well, hi! I’m Paola, an almost-sixteen-year-old Italian girl who’s a member of many, many fandoms and ships every single couple existing on earth. My first OTP possibly was Harry x Ginny (which still is, by the way) and by that time I’ve come all the way down the rabbit hole. I won’t ever go back to the surface, I accepted this.

Harry Potter has a huge role in my life, and the same goes for the Disney Company. So yeah, expect me to rant about all things Disney and Netflix. Like ALL THINGS. And don’t even get me started on Disney Channel, please.

Percy Jackson is my sassy brother, and the Pevensies always want me to go to Narnia but hey, I can’t seem to find a good wardrobe.

In here, I also support a big variety of people. You probably won’t ever see me hate on anyone. The cute little panda that’s in me just doesn’t want me to, and also because that’s really not who I am.

Yes, I’ll try my best to help other people out and spread happiness.

And feel free to ask me anything you want! I’m always open to answer questions and meet someone new.

Thanks y’all, I’m Farkle!



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again, i’m a clown 🤡🤡🤡🤡

i was just watching that new dcom “upside-down magic” and i got really excited once the characters reina and chandra met because THE CHEMISTRY??? HELLOOO??

my dumb ass really thought: “omg are they gonna go through with it?? they might, ‘cause, you know, tyrus, seblos, cartero and all that, so why wouldn’t they add lgbt+ rep to their dcoms now??”

but ofc they didn’t 🤡

i hope the day comes soon, tho…😔

about my opinion on the movie… meh. i actually skipped some scenes. not quite coherent/cohesive. could’ve been much better, especially focusing on criticizing the school system and the discrimination towards those with learning disabilities.

the vfx were much better than they ever were in any of the descendants films, that too.

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I haven’t watched it yet!! I’ve been watching One Tree Hill for the first time and I’m starting the second season of The Umbrella Academy, and then I’ll probably watch it after I finish these. I saw good things about it on my timeline though! 

I’m also working on figuring out the best way to share my DCOM reviews from last year again. I don’t really want to make another Twitter thread, so I may post the reviews I wrote last year on letterboxd and then start a thread on twitter for any new reviews I want to post. I still haven’t officially reviewed Zombies 2, Shook, or Upside Down Magic; and I still have the new Phineas and Ferb movie + Second Born Royals coming up. So yeah. I hope to write and post official reviews for this year’s DCOMs/Disney Channel adjacent movies in the coming months!

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I pretty much just use Disney+ to watch them, and used Disney’s DisneyNOW app last year before D+ launched - so unfortunately I do not have any suggestions for downloads… but I hope you find a way to watch them!

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The fact that they originally had it scheduled to be released in July was actually kind of weird in my opinion. The newest DCOM (Upside Down Magic) is scheduled to premiere on July 31 and will be available on Disney+ on August 1. The fact that both of these Disney Channel-produced films were scheduled to premiere so close together seems like very poor timing, so it makes sense that they would move one of the dates - even if that wasn’t the reason. 

So now Disney Channel/Disney+ has Upside Down Magic premiering at the end of July, the new Phineas and Ferb movie premiering towards the end of August, and Second Born Royals premiering towards the end of September. It makes a lot more sense to have them spread out like that in my opinion. And with almost all film and television productions on pause because of the pandemic, it makes sense that they would try to spread some of their content out over a longer period of time to kind of even things out. 

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