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#dd/lg babygirl

Me: Hmmm…Daddy, what’s this??? *pokes his crotch*

Daddy: *laughs* You know what that is, princess! That’s Daddy’s cock.

Me: *pretends to look confused* Oh? Umm…can I see it? *blush*

Daddy: Sure you can, baby. *removes underwear and reveals a delicious looking dick*

Me: *wide eyed* Oh…umm…I see…

Daddy: Let’s have some fun with it now. I will show you what to do. See how I’m stroking it up and down like this? *starts jerking off slowly while looking at me* Just like this, sweetie. Now you try.

Me: O…okay, Daddy, I’ll try…*I take my hand and wrap it around, starting the motions, up and down. It’s turning me on. I start licking my lips*

Daddy: That’s it, babygirl, just like that. You make Daddy feel so good.

Me: *continues stroking” Daddy?

Daddy: *moaning* Yes???

Me: ര ‿ ര …Looks good…*I bend down and start licking the head of his cock which is now dripping with pre-cum that tastes so sweet* Mmm, Daddy, you taste really yummy. Am I being a good little girl?

Daddy: *grabs my head gently and holds it while I start sucking and slurping* The BEST little girl in the world!

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