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#dd/lg kink

I want to know everything about you

Tell me your darkest secrets, your deepest cravings, show me your most vulnerable side.

Your thoughts

Your feelings

Your desires

Your memories

Everything that made you who you are today.

I want to learn every single detail about you.

Become one with me.

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Could you hold me through the night?

Put your lips all over my mine

Salty face when I start cryin’

Could you be my first time?

Eat me up like apple pie

Make me not wanna die

Love me rough and let me fly

Get me up, yeah, get me high

Tie me down, don’t leave my side

Don’t be a waste of my time

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You and your dom have been out all day and your doms been giving you small touches here and there but you’ve been rejecting them. Not really in the mood. You were both walking home and your dom suddenly grabs your arm and shoves you in the nearby alley way, pusing you to the ground. “M-master I said no” you stutter out which immeaditly earns you a slap across the face. “Did I ask what you wanted?” he said and yanked you up on your feet. He bends you over and yanks down your skirt and panties, stepping back and just admiring what a beautiful whore you are, and how you’re already soaking wet for him, your wetness dripping down your thighs. He pulls down his pants and thrusts in you hard making you scream out. “Master no!”

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I’m doing a special giveaway! 15 photos for free, per person, in exchange for completing a task (free and easy to do, just need people to do it.) Normally worth $25!

NOT looking for a sugar daddy. Will not do vids or vid calls. Comment or msg for info.

Must be 18+ to qualify for this.

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nnnffff my daddy fucking me against / on something uncomfortable or even painful after I’ve been bratty bc he knows I cant cum like that and telling me only good girls get fucked on the bed when I whine at him?? uh yes pleaseeee

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