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hissluthisprincess a day ago
He鈥檚 so fucking cute why am I not sucking his dick or leaking his cum or choking on his spit or holding his hand 馃ズ
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daddyownsmybody a day ago
Maybe if I shake my lil booty Daddy will change me quicker!
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protectingherworld 2 days ago
Long Distance Helpers
After being in a few different LDR dynamics, I鈥檝e developed a few ways to make sure my/the submissive still feels as if you鈥檙e right there with them(yes, this is excluding markings, etc).
One thing and can not preach this enough; texting-only/seldom photo(s) based anything doesn鈥檛 work and it won鈥檛.
So, with above being said, numero uno;
Communication is 馃攽 remember that.
Here鈥檚 a little list of things I do personally that may help others in a LDR relationship.
- Calls
- Video Chats/FaceTimes
- FaceTime Movies together
- Sleep on the phone together
- Reading stories on the phone for bed
- Finding games/activities to do together
- (IF comfortable) Texting/Roleplay mundane things, etc.
- Virtual dates
- Care packages
- Send them your scent(Hoody to wear, shirt to sleep in, etc)
- Treat basket/s
- Amazon Surprise Lists
- Daily Tasks apps for routines
- Closet sharing app for helping/picking out outfits
- Remote long distance toys for playtime
These are just a few on my personal touches in my own dynamic.
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yourlatenightdesire 2 days ago
Oh sweety. You want me to hypnotise you when you are already. Honestly. I am not playing any trick here. Look at you....Completely sexualised, edging everyday, reading erotic stuff, scrolling and blogging porn and posting your own naughty and hot stuff. Seriously what's left. You did by all yourself. But it isn't enough. Right. You want more and now you want to be someone personal slut. You want feeling of being owned. I get it....but trust me you don't have to do anything different here. Just concentrate and enjoy yourself....let me do the rest.
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xisebri a day ago
Tumblr media
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boahancook 20 hours ago
You know this one鈥檚 a little extra
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pr1ncessbunn1e a day ago
wan a daddy to force himself in me while im sleeping
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c0uple-p0rnblog 2 days ago
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Sucking daddy while he thinks about what he would do next to me 馃サ
What do you wanna do with me?
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jynxbaby 12 hours ago
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happy thursday <3
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littlebbbrat 2 days ago
Happy monday boys and girls hehe and thank you sooo much for the 400+ followers! Here's a pic of my pretty pussy馃挊
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protectingherworld a day ago
Bite marks on her thighs are my personal love letters 馃拰
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daddydomchair a day ago
Fucking and overstimulating you until you fall asleep cockwarming my dick all night long
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afterdarkrelease 2 days ago
I鈥檓 just a set of holes that deserves and wants to get raped
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boahancook a day ago
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Scoop latest
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cutie-madness 2 days ago
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Love you 馃挄
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taunting-torii 14 hours ago
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Hips made to grab while you use my holes for ur pleasure 馃憠馃憟
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jynxbaby 2 days ago
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pov: i鈥檓 riding 馃
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