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Thank you love ❤️ it really is getting to the point of ridiculousness and there’s absolutely no proof of anything that they are talking about. People genuinely need to know the difference between “grooming” and consensual play and I feel like all of these people just want to lash out because nobody wants to play with them 🤣 like they were the weird smelly kid in kindergarten


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You are not broken ❤️ you never were and you never will be I promise you. Breaking up with someone that you have loved so deeply is incredibly difficult and I can empathize with what you are going with as I’ve lost many people I have loved as well 😔 when people leave or say mean things and call you names and tell you they want different things, it’s hard to pull yourself out of that emotional pit and sometimes feels like you were never going to get out 🥺 but each day, little by little, we learned to put the pieces back together and we learn to realize our greatest fear is not that we will be alone but that we are not worthy. And I’m here to tell you that you are worthy of more than you could ever know baby doll ❤️

Take each day and I want you to grab a piece of paper and I want you to write down three things that you love about yourself and that you are grateful for. They might seem small and then significant but they matter I promise 👌 and you will realize each and every single day that these things are in your life for a wonderful reason… To bring you Joy, happiness, and this incredible sense that you are never ever alone 😻

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Edit: okay wow somehow this was not flagged.

Minors dni. Do not send me dick pics. No age means a swift block.

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Well ummm if any daddys or littles would like to talk feel free to message me. I need distracting.

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On Monday I get to be smol all day!!!!!!

Daddy says I get to relax and not worry about anything but being a good lil girl :3

Imma take a baf with my floaty toys in the morning & get a fresh (new patterned) diap! Turn on My Little Pony & color & play with play dough & blow bubbles and and and and ^_^ ^_^


I loveeee my baf toys hehehe

Daddy is LD so we’ll make a plan of what we’d like to get from a full smol day and that’ll be fun too!!!

I’m sooooo excited. What onesie should I wear? Or just my hello kitty shirt? I kinda like that, and daddy is very reasonable if I just ask politely ^_^

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Slowly touching your submissive’s face, lightly brushing over their lips once in a while. Everytime they open their mouth slightly, trying to catch your fingers in their mouth. Eventually you give in and unexpectedly slipping your fingers in their mouth as you tell them how beautiful they look.


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Not me thinking one of my friends messaged me just to see its my damn bedtime reminder i set back when i was with my ex-daddy… 😅

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Just wanna be a dumb baby and forget about everything rn is that really too much to ask? 🥺

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I can promise you I have not smelled like french fries and grease since I was 16 🤣


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Daddy’s been with MANY virgins, princess 😘 you never have to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Everyone tends to think that your lack of experience is somehow a hindrance but it’s actually a great way to learn really good habits and form strong boundaries before you meet a bunch of assholes who teach you otherwise 😋😘

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