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Get yourself a sub who gets overly excited about everything you do.

Bought a new hoodie?

She’ll rush towards you, look at you with puppy eyes and claim it for herself with a bright smile on her face.

Got a new game you intend on playing?

She’ll want to join you, sit on your lap and just enjoy watching you play the game

Want to try something new in bed?

She’ll blush like crazy, bury her face in your chest and tell you that you may do anything to her, as long as she’s pleasing you.

Because no matter what you do, she’ll love it.

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Day 30 of my 30 days of littlespace (yay I’m finished 🎉🎉🎉)


What is your favourite game?

Um……….. for phone games I liked Neko Atsume. I get bored really really quickly though. Board games I don’t really like, I get squirmy. I love Cards Against Humanity, I have some of the different versions.

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Princess it’s ok, don’t panic. Sometimes daddy could be indisposed doing stuff for work, business, or family…not to mention that this is a crazy time and people are getting dick everywhere so just be patient ❤️❤️ sometimes it takes me a few days to get my stuff together and get back to my loved ones to check in but give him a could more days. I’m sure it’s ok princess ❤️❤️

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Day 29 of my 30 days of littlespace


Do you have any hobbies that make you feel little?

Does collecting stuffies count as a hobby? I have lots and lots of stuffies. Most of my hobbies are quite intense and need a firmer mindset, so only collecting stuffies really counts. Maybe at some point I’ll start doing a stuffie of the day, or introduce all my stuffies in their respective categories.

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