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Even though my daddy bear lives far away, this naughty little bear always manages to find herself with her nose in a corner /.\

I’m really lucky daddy isn’t here though because my little butt would be bright red!

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work sucks and my manager is the one who doesnt like me but at least im cute??

maybe buy some content so i dont have to go to my next shift with him here👀👀?? dm for deets

and there is a less censored version on my snap. dm for how to get access to that too❤❤❤🖤🖤🖤

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Lay your labias against my beard…

Petite soumise 🌹

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I need a personal english teacher tho…

J'ai besoin d'aide haha


I’m doing my best

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So, if you happen to stumble on my blog and find out you know me irl…let’s just silently agree to not say anything and pretend that you saw nothing 🤣


Originally posted by diosmiles

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Yeah I wouldn’t send any more pics until he opens up a little bit more for you or even gets around to video chatting. You need to feel safe and secure about your own privacy before you send anybody anymore content and people that don’t make you feel safe or make you question there integrity or authenticity should be put on hold until you feel safe ❤️ be careful baby doll and keep me updated!!

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First of all, fuck that guy 😡 no one should ever be shaming anyone especially a young girl who is sensitive about the image of her body. Second, Daddy never ever wants you to starve yourself 😕 it isn’t healthy and it’s not going to get you the results you think it will.

If you genuinely want to get in shape and cut total body fat, the thing you need to do is cut sugar from your daily diet 👌 sugar is absolutely toxic to your system and we as humans did not evolve to live on such high amounts of sugar and processed carbs. We evolved to run on fats and proteins. Good fats from sources like avocado, coconut, olive oil, tree nuts, etc. And proteins from natural and organic meats and wild game 👍 the reason you feel the need to binge is because sugar creates a spike in insulin in your body, which then will spike your hunger an hour after you’ve had a high carbohydrate snack. This is why a high carbohydrate diet is not good for you at all 👌

You can have plenty of calories from these really good sources and you will feel full and satiated throughout the day, but sugar and processed carbs are just going to make you crave it more and that’s why you need to eliminate them ❤️ trust me, your body will thank you and you will feel so much more energized throughout the day and your body will look fit and feel great!

If you want to know more, check out the book “the Paleo manifesto” by Rob Wolfe. It’s absolutely fantastic and will explain everything! ❤️ If you need anything else please hit me up in my DMs and I can give you a pep talk if you need it 😍 good.luck baby doll!! Oh….and seriously, fuck that guy again for shaming you 😋

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I wood choose “Mic Drop”, but also “Black Swan” and “Spring Day” 😁 both of songs are just absolutely beautiful and they bring me to tears when Daddy needs a good release of emotion 😘

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Well now, that all depends on if you’ve been a good girl while Daddy’s been away? 😘 Perhaps daddy will have to take your panties down and inspect your little baby dolls parts to see if you’ve been playing without permission 😇 poor little kitten shouldn’t be all dripping wet before Daddy has a chance to kiss them and lick them 😻 siding my thick,strong fingers inside you, making you whimper and moan while Daddy massages your g-spot, edging you to the point of orgasm and then holding you there until he’s ready for your cummies 😍

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Baby doll, I’m so sorry that he has put you in this unfortunate situation 😕 he is clearly leading a double life where he has a vanilla relationship on one side (where his wife does not know about his other life, which is considered infidelity), and a kink life that involves you and possibly others. 🤔 the reason this is causing you so much stress is because you want more than what he is able to give you. This is a very difficult decision for you to make because it’s very clear that you are not happy with the dynamic of having him be your Dom and not recognizing you as someone he wants to be with full-time.

I can tell you right now he’s not going to leave his wife 😔 and if he does do you want to be with someone who is not going to be honest with who he is? I want you to take some time and reflect on these questions and take a step back from the relationship just for a bit and get some perspective. I’m always here to talk in private if you want to send me a DM so please be careful and Don’t Force any situations that could lead to a confrontation between the three of you 😬

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Make me or are you just all talk~ (and then when he DOES make me it’s the hottest thing ever, you really can’t tell my bratty a** otherwise🤤😍)

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I put my ‘fuck me’ eyes on just for you daddy. I hope I’m a good girl.

Awww princess come here so Daddy can put those yummy lips to work ❤️ you can look up at Daddy with those pretty fuck me eyes while you’re pleasuring him 🥰

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Body paint fluorescent under neon lights, fuck what he don’t like we gone be alright 💋

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What Is AgePlay (in my own words)

✨A lesson by me me!✨

Onesie from Littles In Lace

I want something to be very clear AgePlay is for ADULTS and consenting ADULTS only. You need consent to AgePlay with any adult.

Ageplay or age play is a form of roleplaying by definition, but some AgePlayers don’t see it this way. AgePlayers can see this as a roleplay or a headspace. Others see AgePlay as kink, or a fetish. Some even see as their lifestyle. AgePlay is when an individual acts or treats another person as a different age. This could be sexual, non-sexual, or a mix between the two. This all depends on what the AgePlayers agree to, what they enjoy, etc. Portraying any age can be the goal of AgePlay. AgePlay could be any age, from babies to a child to the elderly. Usually this involves someone portraying a younger age, but this isn’t 100% the case as many AgePlayers enjoy playing older ages as well!

AgePlay can be entirely nonsexual, entirely sexual, or a mix of the two. When sexual AgePlay may be mildly sexual, or very sexual. When sexual this is a power exchange dynamic and is often associated with dominant/submissive relationships or even BDSM although this doesn’t have to include BDSM. AgePlay is often used to enhance power dynamics. AgePlay in general can be whatever we make it out to be. This could be a fantasy form of incest, although in most cases this isn’t ever the case. In many AgePlay cases this has absolutely nothing to do with incest! This could be just roleplaying as two roommates or playing teacher and student. The most common form of AgePlay is with Mommy/Daddy Dom and Little Girl/Boy. When sexual AgePlay isn’t done the same as nonsexual. In some cases you will have two separate Little personas one who is sexual and one who is nonsexual. In other cases the player will “age up” or “age down” their Little persona. In other cases the Little persona doesn’t change at all. This entirely depends on the Little.

This is a hard kink to fully understand if you are not personally into this…But I will do my best to explain things. It’s kind of like Master and Slave, when you roleplay Master & Slave you don’t think you’re actually a Master or Slave. You’re not actually a Master or Slave either. It’s just a roleplay. When you roleplay PetPlay, you know you’re not actually a pet and you don’t sexulize animals. Even if the person sees this as a headspace and it feels “real” to them this still counts as a roleplay or playing pretend because at the end of the day no matter how real something feels in a Dom/Sub dynamic we are fully grown adults acting. We are playing out a part. This does not make it feel any less real or make this any less valid. This is NOT what I’m saying. Most Littles do NOT want you to Dom them without their personal consent. Every Little is very different. Some like poly relationships, some like to create their own Little family, some like to keep it between them, and one other person.

The Dom will play some sort of caregiver role. The Dom usually will care for the Little as if they were whatever age that person is AgePlaying. One thing to remember is AgePlay has no age limit. (Yes you MUST be 18+), but when adults are AgePlaying they can play any age they feel like playing. In some cases they may not even have a set AgePlay age!

A real AgePlay dynamic is a commitment. To achieve a real AgePlay lifestyle within a Dom/Sub dynamic you need to have a bond built up. You need to have all players consent to have any sort of Dom/Sub dynamic. This is a relationship even if the two aren’t dating. Relationships aren’t always dating, this could be between two friends or even two strangers. But in almost all cases trust AgePlay, true Dom and Sub dynamics are built up between people who know each other and have built up a bond. This relationship would require a lot of nonsexual time as well, in some cases it may only just be a sexual roleplay, but in many, many, many Littles lives this has a very nonsexual part in their life. You need to understand this and do your research on how to be the best Dom/Sub for the other player.

Something to keep in mind is the reason AgePlay isn’t the same as DDLG, CGL, ABDL, Infantilism, DxLB, etc is because our only rule is we have to be 18+. We can play any age, we could add any dynamic to this for example a Little could be a Little Slave Pet. A Dom could be a teacher or a Doctor or an older sibling. You also don’t need any Dom/Sub dynamic to AgePlay with people, some people just AgePlay with strangers as this can be just a roleplay. (But again for a real AgePlay dynamic, so a Dom/Sub AgePlay dynamic you need commitment, consent, a bond, etc.) Many AgePlayers only do this in the bedroom, others like me do this as their full on lifestyle! DDLG, MDLG, DDLB, MDLB, Adult Baby, etc is strictly between two people who are in some sort of relationship weather that be a friendship, a commitment, or just a Dom/Sub dynamic.

The main thing you need to know is AgePlay is whatever we make it out to be, it’s all fantasy play. People who AgePlay aren’t pedophiles. People who AgePlay don’t have a dark intention. There’s so much to learn so absolutely feel free to ask me about it. I’m happy to answer as long as you are respectful the entire time.

I think it’s very important to note Ageplay is not considered pedophilia or related to it by professional psychologists.

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