#dd/lg relationship
daddyslittlesnugglebunny2 17 hours ago
Not big enough to wear pull-ups!
Yesss I am! 馃ズ Seeeee?? 馃檲
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hissluthisprincess 2 days ago
He鈥檚 so fucking cute why am I not sucking his dick or leaking his cum or choking on his spit or holding his hand 馃ズ
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daddyownsmybody 2 days ago
Maybe if I shake my lil booty Daddy will change me quicker!
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yourlatenightdesire 2 days ago
Oh sweety. You want me to hypnotise you when you are already. Honestly. I am not playing any trick here. Look at you....Completely sexualised, edging everyday, reading erotic stuff, scrolling and blogging porn and posting your own naughty and hot stuff. Seriously what's left. You did by all yourself. But it isn't enough. Right. You want more and now you want to be someone personal slut. You want feeling of being owned. I get it....but trust me you don't have to do anything different here. Just concentrate and enjoy yourself....let me do the rest.
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daddydomchair a day ago
Fucking and overstimulating you until you fall asleep cockwarming my dick all night long
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protectingherworld a day ago
Bite marks on her thighs are my personal love letters 馃拰
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g00dgirlthings 2 days ago
I鈥檒l be a good girl if you give me your cock
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jynxbaby 21 hours ago
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happy thursday <3
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taunting-torii a day ago
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Hips made to grab while you use my holes for ur pleasure 馃憠馃憟
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littlesiren-song a day ago
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Sockies, scrunchies and stuffies.
When Daddy鈥檚 away, I know I鈥檒l always have company from all the things he gifts to me while I wait for him to come back again. He spoils me, grooms me, and moulds me into his perfect little princess 馃懜馃徎馃枻
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bluntsandloveletters 20 hours ago
*imagine you're vibing to music with me
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yourlatenightdesire 2 days ago
I am so proud of you. You did follow your schedule. You drink enough water and you ate your meal on time. You did little study and you work out. You went out for fresh breath and talked to your family. You spend time on yourself and wear lovely cloths and finally you finish all the household chords.
See that's amazing improvement. You surely deserve your reward now princess. Come here hop over on my lap. I am gona finish the book you can play with my cock till then. Don't forget to lick all the cumm and then go to bed.
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miniadulteress a day ago
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protectingherworld 2 days ago
Soft Daddy 馃 hard kinks
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jynxbaby 9 hours ago
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baby needs a cuddle 馃ズ
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hissluthisprincess 4 months ago
A wet pussy and eyes full of love 馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ
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