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Protect your sub, guide them, respect them, help them grow, care for them, cherish them and lead them. Be the Dom/Domme they need, and they’ll forever be the sub you want.

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Tops can have bad mental health days too its not just uwu 👉🏽👈🏽 all about you.

Oo that rhymed.

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I just want someone to buy me sexy lingerie and toys so I can take hot photos to share with them. Is that too much to ask?

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  • Its feeling lost, but not having the calming feel of their arms around you.
  • Its coloring a picture, but not being able to hold up & see the smile on their face.
  • Its filling your own sippy, but imagining its them who did it for you.
  • Its hugging your stuffy, but wishing it was them hugging you
  • Its snuggling the shirt they left you, but wishing you were snuggling them instead. 

Feel free to add to this. I’m just feeling extra sentimental tonight and missing my daddy. 

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