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Dealing with clingy Littles.

Littles LOVE attention. We as Daddies/Mommies know this. They love the thought of us ALWAYS being there for them no matter what. They love our warmth and our tender care when they’re around us. We are their Caregiver’s. We agree to be in these types of relationships when we are accepted by our little’s. Therefore we all should already know what’s asked of us. So if you’re having a bad day and you can’t “deal” with your little. Please don’t just leave them in the dark and completely ignore them.

Tell them how you’re feeling. Littles may be little, but they’re far from heartless and will understand when you’re just not feeling it. So it’s always best to be honest with them and tell them. It also gives you the chance to give them little activities to do to keep them busy. Such as coloring or drawing pictures for you, have them watch one of their favorite movies or cartoons. Have them decorate or play with their stuffies, but also have them clean up after themselves. Point is, littles will understand and give you that time you need. So always be honest with them.❤

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