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#dead poets live
deadpoet-skull · 17 hours ago
achilles is my spirit guide, half-god and still panicked and runned away when his crush kissed him
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deadpoet-skull · a day ago
"let the kid inside of you come out" no man i was a gifted kid. you dont want my kid to come out trust me.
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deadpoetsstuff · a year ago
it's like I want to read so many books and learn so many languages
but all I do is keep scrolling through tumblr for more book recommendations
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sweaterweather4 · a month ago
a collection of arabic poetry that i cannot stop thinking about:
▪️“and if the devil were to ever see you he’d kiss your eyes and repent” ▪️they asked “do you love her to death?” and i replied “speak of her over my grave and watch how she brings me back to life” ▪️“your eyes are like palm groves refreshed by dawns breath or terraces the moon leaves behind” ▪️“don’t worry my beloved you are in my poetry and in my words, you might grow old in years but you are ever young in my pages”
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neptunemuses · 9 months ago
the sexual tension between the real me and every new personality i adapt based off my recent favorite fictional character
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