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When we first met

When we first met

I hoped that we

Could be like honey

I hoped that our friendship

May never expire

When we first met

You were fed up

Bored of life

And I was a distraction

Now you are fed up

Full to the brim

And so distracted

When we first met

I was so lost

In my eyes you were the way

Now I see you in the distance

So far away

When we first met

I believed you when you said

That you truly cared

And now I don’t know

What happened

What changed

When we first met

I tried to give you the best parts of me

You rejected that and took all of me

And with that

You set me free

When we first met

Everything was bright and I was blinded

Now it’s all so dull and uninviting

And I know that you are hurting too

But I don’t know what to do

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Bro, what the FUCK do you mean I can’t go to an enchanted forest at midnight to have an ancient witch dagger a mystical sword through my bloody heart for the sole purpose of eternally treasuring the immense amount of emotion and love I withheld my entire life, as my body proceeds to decay peacefully under the moonlight, leaving nothing of me left in this world but the remarkable memory of the divinity of my heart??????????? I don’t know bro, kinda offensive if you ask me, bro.

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Since i found about this term i realized how much i missed learning the things i love like history and art and poetry and reading and the rain and theatre and movies and reading again and basically, learning, as much as i wanted to. (depression does ruin your life by making you hate everything you love)


more than questions, i’m asking you for references. English is not my mother tongue (it’s spanish so if you want some references, ask me too) and i want to learn more about the anglo culture. As far as i know…i know pretty much nothing about it, except for that king that invented divorce and i know about it because i saw the film with natalie portman :B

i would like to read more in english, like poetry and the history of the land, theatre beside shakespeare, classical authors and books, the mythology of it, i do know that is very interesting and rich and everything you find relevant and useful.

I’ve read Oliver twist and sense and sensibility and two shakespeare plays but the thing is, i read those in spanish and i think/im almost sure that i’m missing something, like the richness of the language and thats why i’m asking you for this. so thank you if you took the time to read this long post<3 

(side note: i don’t know exactly the difference between some american/british references, i mean they are obviously different but i would like to start with the british ones and the uk has some amazing libraries so … if you want to give me some options from the american side too, then thank you very much, anything is relevant)

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do you ever just wish you could *pulls wand out of my baggy coat pockets and does haphazard witch-ish hand motions pretentiously* your way into someone’s heart, ya know? 

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When you sell your soul
you’ll only get what you paid for
live for what you’ll fade for;
roll the trees
then its flame on
heart blacker than Draymond
tell the coat tail riders hang on;
step back hezzy–
then you get banged on
check the bezzy–
more blood for the blood god.

allergic to help
at war with myself;
I washed my body–
still unclean;
shining bright–
still unseen
with dream like gleam
I make the extraordinary
extra ordinary
and the obscene plain;

no rules
just game

in the dashboard
stash like harden
war-art like spartan
a young king coming through.
the type of king
that you don’t need
to see a crown as proof .

sojourn for truth
fight all lies
burn all bridges
cut all ties
carry them issues Hercules
that’s what strength was made for
see me running, warlord cunning–
laser focus mode
next to the stove
it’s hard to have a journey
while you’re making the road.

© poet.dreamer.fool

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Thanks so much! You sound lovely!


Originally posted by fuckmewithyourtoespj

I ship you with Todd!

The two of you would make the most adorable couple! The two of you certainly have a more shy part to your personalities, therefore getting the two of you together was quite a problem! The poets would notice him sneaking glances as you from across the room, smirking to each other whenever they saw him looking at you. After weeks of this Neil was the one who confronted him, obviously pushing him to ask you out! 

However, Todd was way too intimidated by you and couldn’t imagine himself in your league. Eventually Charlie was the one who got the two of you together, he literally yelled across the room if you wanted to go on a date with his friend Todd. He blushed like mad, but you obviously accepted! You better believe that he would be grilling Knox on how to act around girls, seeing as he is the only one who has managed to take one on a date successfully!

As your relationship progresses you start to see each other come out of your shells. He loves the fact that you trust him enough to be your authentic self. And soon the two of you are giggling together over your countless inside jokes, which the rest of the gang find extremely confusing! Every time you laugh at one of his jokes, his eyes light up. He thinks your laugh is the most beautiful sound in his world. 

Sharing book recommendations is a common thing between the two of you. Literally as soon as you have finished a book and put it down, you find it in Todd’s hands the next day. He treats your opinion like it is the only one that matters, therefore he hands you every piece of poetry he has ever written for review, blushing ferociously when his work is about you! He listens to your critiques and really appreciates them, you are both pushing each other to pursue your goals. 

The song I associate with the two of you would be ‘Weird Science (Don’t Leave My Arms)’ by Current Joys! 

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Robert Greene, Mastery
People who are passive create a mental landscape that is rather barren. Because of their limited experiences and action, all kinds of connections in the brain die off from lack of use.
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