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#dead poets society
lungthief · 2 months ago
“i wish there was a movie like dead poets society that wasnt so sad :(“ um there is? it’s called school of rock
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oscar-still-wildin · a month ago
at my funeral, the audience will watch my favourite comfort movie and whoever checks their phone first gets disinherited.
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local-deadpoet · 3 months ago
drug of choice? english teachers complimenting my writing.
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oscar-still-wildin · 5 months ago
oh you’re a writer? how’s doing everything you can to avoid writing going?
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booksandothersecrets · 5 months ago
Shout out to all the notes-app poems, love letters, secrets, novels, diary entries, bucket lists and lyrics that were hurredly typed into people’s phones at 3am and then hidden from the world and forgotten. Maybe one day you’ll open the app and laugh at how pretentious you were, or maybe you’ll smile at that part of yourself that noone else saw
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astraeye · 4 months ago
i wanna marry someone who makes me feel like i'm at an art museum, or a library, or a concert, all at once, art all around me. only that the person is the art i stare at
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oscar-still-wildin · 4 months ago
so i was reading outside today and no one appeared at my side and fell in love with me. little fed up tbh
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astraeye · 4 months ago
i hate all the people who go like "ohh van gogh is overrated" or "you just like van gogh cause it's popular". yeah? so what? can't i like stuff that a lot of people like? can't you admit that dude is an amazing painter and deserves every single fucking ounce of recognition? shut up, please. i'm falling in love with the starry night all over again wheter you find that good or not, bitch
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