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#dead poets society

pile of corpses on my bedroom floor
oh, to be the murderer they all adore
they see my face, my hair, my body,
yet no one sees the real me, all bloody,
they all see a perfect figure, some statue
and i cant really argue.
maybe this is all that i will ever be,
just another asshole, who’ll never be free.

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no one :

me : Do i just reheat my coffee or do i spend a solid 15mins trying to romanticize the insipidness that forces my face to shrivel or the cold twinge i feel in the pit of my stomach every time i take a sip or the bitterness which was but a faint hint at first, only for it to be now accentuated it’s almost assaulting or how poetic it is how things tend to grow sharper and thornier when left untended just like my cup of coffee..just like us humans..

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“You’re so beautiful. You’re smile, your eyes, your lips, your hands, everything. Did you know that you play in my mind like one of my favorite song lyrics, you sting my heart like after eating a bowl of hot soup. You know me but I don’t think you see me, I see you for one, I see you like no other, I see you so often your image never leaves the remains of my brain. I wish you see me, I wish you remembered me, I wish you could see me the way I see you. I see you for you and that is the you that I love, but please can you see me too”

Will Darbyshire, This Modern love

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dead poets society but make it christmas, with pitts and meeks having a snowball fight, knox building a snowman and charlie putting a cigarrette in its mouth, todd and neil kissing under the mistletoe and cameron complaining about the weather

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Being good is a conscious human effort that needs to be made at every second of every day. The first instinct that kicks in is usually the conditioning that makes you petty and hateful but the second voice of reason that follows which scolds you is our hard earned wisdom. Sometimes you give in and sometimes you persevere. But despite the anxiety and the mistrust you choose to be better. You choose to let go of the control you never had on someone’s life. You choose to not be the person that you once were. You choose to not be hateful. You choose happiness and most of all you choose the progress that you’ve made. I’m not saying you’re done learning or that you won’t have one of these fails anymore. I’m just saying the next time you have a bad day you’re going to do your best to remind yourself that you’re better than that. You can always do better than that.

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