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Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds gifted a large pizza to every student from his favourite local joint and also gave an inspiring speech to the class of 2020 of his alma mater, Kitsilano Secondary School in Canada, virtually amid lockdown.

Reynolds spoke of friends in and guided the graduates as they step into a new chapter in their lives, reports

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In an interview Ryan Reynolds said that not only is Deadpool 3 is being made but it will be made by Marvel. There were questions as to what the future of the movies looked like with Fox and the Mutants now at Disney. The only questions that remain is will it be rated R like its predecessors or will it be toned down to fit inside the family friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Joke for Deadpool 3

I had an idea for a joke for the next Deadpool movie.

The joke is about how Deadpool recruits Colossus to help him to save the day but Colossus can’t as he is mourning the death of one of the X Men.

Deadpool however tells him that this is the hundreth time an X Men has thought to have died only to come back, giving some examples only for Colossus to say that this time its serious but Deadpool says that he will be back.

Then near the climax of the film, Colossus returns to help forcing to admits that Deadpool was right and helps him and his team taking down the bad guy.

Maybe after someone dies Deadpool jokingly tells Colossus that he can now mourn.

What do you think ?

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I loved Deadpool 1 and 2. I love Deadpool. I like to think he loves me. Either way, different directors on the movies. If Guillermo del Toro did Deadpool 3, I would lose my shit. Blade II was even referenced in Deadpool 1. Blade II is the best Blade movie, del Toro. I dig the first, and Blade 3 sucked. But Blade II is alot of good stuff. “You obviously do not know who you are fucking with.” Maybe the rumor begins here.

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Going News | 29 dicembre 2019 | cinema | di Mauro Baldan | Riproduzione riservata

I sostenitori della saga non possono che apprezzare


[20th Century Fox]

Ryan Reynolds ha confermato che il tanto atteso Deadpool 3 è ufficialmente in sviluppo presso i Marvel Studios. Una notizia che i sostenitori della saga attendevano, questo considerando che il nuovo capitolo era stato messo in discussione dopo l'inclusione della 20th Century Fox nella Disney.

Va ricordato che l'anno scorso Ryan Reynolds aveva messa in dubbio la produzione di Deadpool 3. Più possibilista si era detto Rob Liefeld, il creatore del personaggio, che lo scorso luglio aveva addirittura assicurato che il terzo film ci sarebbe stato.

Ospite del talk show Christmas Eve, a proposito della continuazione della saga l'interprete di Deadpool ha dichiarato: “Sì, ci stiamo lavorando proprio ora con l'intero team”. Inutile dire quanto sia alta l'aspettativa per il prossimo capitolo del franchise.

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