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#deaf clint barton
sibmakesart · 4 months ago
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cleaned up the marvel pride parade :D
do not make a joke about the first disney character do not make a j
also Steve looks like the ultimate frat boy so i guess that's bonus point for representation
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thehawkkate · a month ago
Screenshot from Pinterest cos I couldn't track down the orginal post
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Now that we are actually getting Hawkeye series, how amazing would it be if they did one whole episode like that?
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miri-arts · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
Are those hearing aids???????
Are we finally getting deaf!clint?? 😭😭🥺🥺
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call-me-kayyyyy · 2 months ago
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WinterWidowHawk Performers! ★🕷➼
for the @marveldisabilitycelebration
Some background info: Clint is deaf and wears hearing aids. Bucky has a prosthetic and needs a special glove to handle the bar. There's no story to go with this but in my mind: They all know ASL, they are undercover trying to get close and listen in on some crime boss's big master plan. Why do they all happen to have this talent ready to go for a big mission? Well, probably bedroom reason lol. I don't know! Want to write a story for this? Please do!
for @mcukinkbingo
Title: WinterWidowHawk Performers
Rating: Gen
Space Filled: Free Square
Ship: Clint Barton/ James Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanoff
Tags: Under cover, polyamory, deaf Clint Barton, gratuitous pants bulges
Summary: The trio of under cover agents perform on stage while trying to get info on some major bad guys!
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mj-irl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[image description: a colored illustration in a sketchy cute style depicts a young Clint and Bucky. They are dressed casually and sitting on the floor next to a refrigerator. They talk, Clint looks enthusiastic and Bucky looks tired.]
A college aged AU drawing inspired loosely by the AU Fic Split Lip author: mjazilem on AO3
Both Clint and Bucky are former foster kids and bond because of this. Bucky has been in a bad situation and deals with PTSD and has chronic pain and limited mobility in his left arm.
Clint wears hearing aids because his hearing was damaged when he was young, impacted by child abuse and neglect.
For @marveldisabilitycelebration
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hawkeye-4ever · a month ago
Nat, talking to Clint on the phone: Did you preheat the oven like I told you to?
Clint: You bet!
Nat: At what temperature?
Clint: 535
Nat: That’s the clock.
Clint: ...
Nat: ...
Clint: 536
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cielbyrne · a month ago
Since the Hawkeye trailer dropped I thought I'd post this little Clint Barton animation from a good while ago 🤙
[ID rough pencil animation of Clint Barton signing the ASL word for coffee. The word coffee spells out as he signs it
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marvelousescapism · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a little clintasha fic for @marveldisabilitycelebration!
Title: Rock On! Pairing: Clint/Natasha Rating: G | Wordcount: 700 words Warnings & Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Deaf Clint Barton, American Sign Language, Secret Relationship, Fluff, brief cameos from other avengers
Summary: “Hey, Romanoff!” He lifted his hand, index finger and pinky finger raised, thumb out, all other fingers tucked. Their secret sign; their confession for the world to see, safe in the knowledge that the world wasn’t listening. “Rock on!”
Read Here!
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bambicambi · a month ago
I like to think that sometimes Clint gets really bored so he goes to locol coffee shops or shopping areas in general and sneaks in through the vents to people watch. Every once in awhile he'll send an email or letter to the place saying that the vents are too big and someone could climb into there and sneak in or something.
Its always fun going back to the place that do install new vents, he always feels giddy when he can, infact, still fit into the the vent.
I just really like to think that sometimes, when he's has his boredest, he'd go to Peter's college and just going into the vents to watch him learn. Its boring. But its also not because sometimes Peter would look over to him and mouth a question that Clint could probably answer.
Peter can't see him, but he can hear him.
Clint can't hear him, but he can lip read, he is deaf, afterall.
Sometimes i like to imagine that the college professor is just so tired of seeing Peter look up towards a vent so he just goes:
"Mr. Parker. Unless there is someone in the vent you're talking to, which i don't think there is, i would kindly appreciate it if you faced forward and listened to my lecture-" or something along those lines.
And then Clint just kicks the vent down- narrowly missing where Peter is sitting -then drops down next to Peter so they can continue their conversation face to face.
I just think it would be nice.
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sweaterkittensahoy · 2 months ago
oooh! i love this soulmate idea! clint/coulson where clint doesn't know yet because phil has spy face but phil KNOWS
It's seven months of working together before Phil actually laughs where Clint can hear him.
Or, would have, if he hadn't already taken off his hearing aids in preparation to sleep on the plane. Phil laughs because Clint had yelled from the bunk area, "FUCK SITWELL I FIGURED OUT YOUR NAME SIGN I MEANT TO SHOW YOU, and then tripped over his own feet, twisted to try and save himself, and ended up doing a somersault so he didn't do a header into the common room table.
Phil bursts out laughing as Clint comes out of the somersault, pops onto his feet with a grin, and then immediately losing his footing again as they hit a bit of turbulence.
And then there's a bright, warm flush through Phil's chest, and he looks over in surprise only to find that Clint's not facing him. And that his entire torso is shaking at the speed and ferocity of his signing.
Sitwell's signing back just as fast, and Phil turns so he won't eavesdrop. He wonders if Clint's freaking out because he's excited or disappointed. They get along. They've even spent some time together outside of work. Nothing one could call a date, but definitely enough that the warm flush still running through Phil feels extra nice because he's already thought about maybe asking Clint out in another few weeks.
"Phil," Jasper says after a few more seconds. "Clint's done screaming in excitement," he ducks as Clint tries to clothesline him into the couch. "I'll give you two a minute." Jasper turns his head when Clint taps his arm, and then he snorts. "I promise, I can wait another five minutes for my name sign. Just promise me it's terrible."
Phil laughs when Clint signs, <oh it's very you, don't worry.> And then Jasper walks by, flashing Phil a congratulatory smile as he passes.
<So?> Phil signs once they're alone. <Excitement?>
<Fucking huge excitement.> Clint replies, his grin going wide. <You?>
Phil returns Clint's grin. <Real fucking excitement.>
Clint laughs and grabs Phil by his shirt, pulling him in close and rubbing their noses together. <Good,> Clint signs against Phil's chest. <Kiss me.>
Phil does. It's even warmer and brighter than the new soulbond still rolling through him, and this time, when they hit turbulence, Phil holds tight to Clint's hips and keeps them on their feet.
(Sitwell's name sign is the sign for poop, except you make an 's' instead of a fist, and then turn the 's' sideways to complete the sign. [So he's "Shitwell," you see.])
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mj-irl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[Image Description: cute stylized digital drawing of Marvel’s Clint Barton and Bucky Barnes. The two characters sit on a park bench. Clint sits on the left and gestures dramatically. He wears a purple t-shirt and purple sneakers. Bucky sits on the right side of the bench. The leans over and holds a cup of coffee. He wears a baseball hat pulled low and a backpack.]
Clint and Bucky talk 💜
Find me on Instagram: mjfitzarrow
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hawkeye-4ever · 2 months ago
Clint: Must be hard not being able to laugh
Bucky: I do have a sense of humor you know
Clint: I’ve never heard you laugh before
Bucky: I’ve never heard you say anything funny
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