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angelscas · 10 hours ago
dean is glued to his phone after the empty takes cas. he swears it’s because he’s waiting for a phone call… waiting for cas to call and to say he’s halfway around the world and can dean come and pick him up. he swears it’s because he’s going to call cas himself; as if that will miraculously bring his angel back from the empty. but maybe that’s all a lie. because what he really does is pour himself over every text cas has ever sent him. he reads them again and again and again. he reads the texts until he swears he can hear them in cas’ voice. he reads the messages until the screen blurs in his vision. and all he can do is beg “how did i lose you, cas?” and sometimes, in the dark depths of the aching nights, the words crack from dean’s throat as he cries “how could you leave without letting me tell you that i love you too?”
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marilynmay · 8 hours ago
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floral-cas · 10 hours ago
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Dean + dahlias ⤷ dahlias symbolize all that is good in the world
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tornadocountrymp3 · 8 hours ago
in many ways dean is the highways and late-night motels and in even more ways cas is the nighttime summer storm that thunders warm and deep in your lungs
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archivistsammy · 23 hours ago
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stackednatural, may 15
We are not gonna make the same mistake all over again.
3.16 “no rest for the wicked” // 8.23 “sacrifice”
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angelsdean · 35 minutes ago
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When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside I lay in tears in bed all night Alone without you by my side.
--inspired by this post by @emzwolf
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angelscas · 19 hours ago
dean’s contact for cas in his phone is something really sappy like “my sunshine angel” or “my handsome husband” and then cas’ contact for dean is just dean’s name but then he has a bunch of emojis after it like “dean ❤️🥰🍔🥧🚘✨💚”
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sirius-you-know · 21 hours ago
I hate fanfics with open ending, don't you think I would have stuck with the canon.
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nightlyquotes · 23 hours ago
Be careful who you trust, remember, the devil was once an angel.
Dean Winchester
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tornadocountrymp3 · 6 hours ago
okay i know we sometimes talk about cas (and dean too) being afraid that the empty will take cas again when he gets happy but. but have we thought about it ACTUALLY happening??
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pssy-wagn · 15 hours ago
Parallels much, Kripke?
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I saw this image and HAD to draw it because it made me *insane*
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lucbian · 16 hours ago
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Do all the things on our minds What's taking us all this time
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ofwilliamandwalter · 21 hours ago
"Cliché" ~ D. Winchester (requested)
Tumblr media
Summary: When Y/N tries (and miserably fails) to convince herself that she hates Dean, things take a much different turn than she'd anticipated.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2,177 (ik i'm so far off word count I'm sorry)
Content Warning: very mild swearing, normal SPN violence (a vamp gets decapitated but it's not too heavily detailed), food consumption by Reader and Dean, lmk if i missed anything!
Genre: Friends to Lovers, a lil bit of Angst ig
Extra Notes: uh AU where Sam isn't here? i guess we can just pretend this takes place while Sam is in college 😭🤣
Based On the Prompt: Person A tries to hate Person B so A can try (and miserably fail) to convince themself they aren't in love with B but B could never hate them.
Features the One-Liner: "Is that my boxers you're wearing? With a sports bra?"
Originally Written/Re-Written: 05/01/2022 and 05/15/2022
Supernatural masterlist can be found here!
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
I loathed Dean.
Or, at least that's what I was trying to convince myself, repeating that mantra quietly in the mirror.
"I loathe him. I loathe him. I loathe him."
After all, he clearly didn't want me. Why should I keep pretending I wanted him?
In the three years I'd been hunting with Dean, not once had he looked at me the way he looked at all those random girls in random bars across random cities in America. Not once in the year it had been since I realized I had a crush on him had he noticed the way I acted around him: batting my eyelashes a couple extra times when I spoke to him, lingering behind in the doorway of my motel room to make sure he'd made it to his room in one piece, certainly not the prolonged eye contact or the glances I'd steal of him when he was turned away.
"Y/N?" I heard that all too familiar stupid (and sexy) voice call from outside the door to my room.
"Coming!" I called back, attempting to sound annoyed, or put out, or some expression conveying my hatred for Dean.
I knew it was stupid. I knew I should've just told Dean point blankly how I felt about him. But I couldn't bear the idea of possibly losing our friendship—possibly losing Dean—if things went south.
I pulled on my sweater and grabbed my duffel, strutting over to the door. "Hey," I said in an almost monotone voice.
"Hey," he greeted in his everyday, normal tone. "You ready to go?"
"Mhm," I answered with a nod, swiftly closing the door behind me.
Soon enough, we'd made it to the Impala, ready to find our next case. I figured out I might have closed my door a little too hard when Dean asked, "Are you OK?"
"I'm fine," I answered, promptly buckling myself in.
"OK, what's with you?" he asked point blankly.
"Nothing, I'm fine!" I retorted, throwing my hands up. "Just drive, Dean."
"I'm not starting this car until you explain to me why you're mad at me."
"I just told you I'm fine!"
"OK, I may do a pretty crappy job at keeping a girlfriend, but I have learned over the years that when a woman says, 'I'm fine,' it never actually means that she's fine," he rebutted.
"Just drive," I groaned, turning to face the window.
"Fine," he grumbled under his breath, finally starting the car and speeding off toward the highway.
"Home sweet home," Dean sighed, throwing his bag to the side and jumping onto his bed.
"Remind me again why we don't take cases at nice hotels more often," I laughed lightly, starfish-ing onto my own bed.
Dean rolled onto his side, facing me. He had a smile on his lips, that signature, goofy, Dean smile.
"What?" I asked, rolling over to fully face him.
"Nothing," he replied, that stupid grin still plastered on his face.
"You're not gonna give me that look and say that it's nothing, Dean Winchester," I demanded, "Tell me what's up."
"Well, that's something, coming from you."
My eyebrows creased in a mixture of confusion and accusation. "What are you talking about?"
"Just the way you treated me earlier versus how you're treating me now," he explained, rolling onto his back and looking up at the roof. "I guess I underestimated what a good nap in the car could do to a person."
I scoffed, hopping up from the bed.
"Where are you going?" he asked, sitting up to face me.
"I need some air," I grumbled.
He let out a long, surrendering breath through his nose. "I'm gonna go round us up some grub. Try not to come back too late. Make sure you take your key with you."
I didn't say it, but my brain was filled with petty thoughts of, "You aren't the boss of me."
He turned to take one last look at me. "I'd prefer if you'd stay here since I don't want you getting killed by the rogue vamp on our hands, but even if you don't stay here, just please promise that you'll be careful."
I sighed, but reluctantly nodded.
And with that, he grabbed his wallet from the bedside table and marched out the door of the hotel room.
I sat back on the bed, running my hands through my disheveled hair. I took a deep breath in, deciding that my mantra wasn't going to stop my feelings for Dean, and treating him like an asshole surely wasn't going to fix things either.
I decided that the best way to blow off steam was heading toward the hotel pool. It was then that I grabbed my duffel bag, rummaging through it to find some swim-appropriate clothing.
"Great," I exhaled in frustration upon realizing I'd lost my favorite shorts.
I thought for a moment, pondering whether a swim was even worth it at this point, but deciding it was the principal of the thing. Out of habit, I took a quick glance around the room, locking eyes with Dean's bag.
"Am I really-"
Apparently, the answer was yes, because one minute, I was rummaging through his bag and the next thing I knew, I was walking into the indoor pool room, sporting a pair of Dean's black boxers and one of my sports bras, carrying a hotel towel over my shoulder.
I tossed the towel onto one of the poolside chaises, sliding off my shoes beside it. I noticed the room was completely empty, just the way I liked. I thought for a moment, attempting to decide between jumping in or taking the steps.
I sighed contently, deciding the diving board was the way I wanted to go.
The feeling of the cold water was enough to wash off both the sweat from that blazing hot, Arizona day and the resentment I'd felt toward Dean earlier that day.
When I surfaced, I was met with the sight of a man. I could've sworn I was the only one in the pool room.
"You're an excellent diver," he observed.
"Thanks. I've been on the swim team since I was a little girl," I told him, floating away on my back.
"And an excellent floater," he chuckled.
I didn't know exactly what it was, but something seemed off about this man. I had to consider all my possibilities, considering my profession. Not a demon, no black eyes. Wasn't a crocotta, no strange phone calls. I didn't think he was a rugaru, he didn't appear to want to eat me.
I let out a scream as his head fell from his shoulders, the body flumping over soon after. As I shrieked, I realized Dean had been hiding behind the man, who I then realized was the rogue vampire.
"Shh, it's me," Dean stopped me from screaming.
I pushed myself up before exiting the pool, still attempting to slow my breathing. "Please give me a warning next time you're gonna silently decapitate a vamp in front of me," I complained.
Dean bent down, lifting the now dead guy's upper lip. "Yep, extra set of teeth."
"How'd you know?" I asked, grabbing my towel.
"I didn't. I just took a chance on the way he was treating you."
I couldn't tell if he was joking or being serious. I also couldn't tell if I was supposed to be taking that as him being overprotective of me or if I'd done that by accident.
I tried not to let my mind wander too much, promptly putting my focus back on drying off and getting my shoes back on.
"Hey, are those my boxers? With a sports bra?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowing.
I wasn't quite sure how to answer—in fact, I was flabbergasted that he'd brought it up.
Changing the subject, I said, "You might wanna get rid of that before anyone sees it."
A little while after my shower (and presumably after Dean had disposed of the vamp's body), I found myself eating a fast food burger on my bed, across from Dean who was doing the exact same thing. He took another bite, focused intently on the SpongeBob episode in front of him.
"Hey, Dean," I spoke up, placing my burger back in its wrapper.
"Yeah?" he asked, muting the TV and turning to face me.
I took an internal deep breath in and out, repeating all sorts of positive mantras to myself. "I want to apologize for earlier."
"Which part?" he chuckled before taking a sip of soda.
"All of it. I shouldn't have treated you like crap and I'm sorry."
"It's OK," he said nonchalantly, like nothing had happened. Although, it could've been because he was preoccupied with trying to find his fries in the food bag.
"No, it's not. I yelled at you, I ignored you, and not that it matters, I stole your underwear, all because I l-"
I stopped myself. I couldn't believe I almost said that out loud.
"Hmm?" he looked up to face me, acting as though he was actually curious about the end of that sentence.
"Nothing. Don't worry about it," I tried to play it off.
"No, seriously, what is it?" he asked casually, finishing up his burger.
I took a deep breath, facing the fact that it was now or never. "Dean, can I be honest with you?"
"You've never given me a reason to think you were lying to me before."
I felt the air leaving my throat and lungs. It felt like I'd pass out the second I managed to get my confession away from my tongue. "I like you, Dean. I have for a while."
He stopped mid-fry, nearly dropping the box of fries onto his lap. "You huh?"
"Stupid, stupid, stupid," I repeatedly thought as I mentally face-palmed. "I know. Crazy, right?" I managed to say, followed by an awkward chuckle.
"No, there's nothing wrong with that. It's just… Why me?"
I felt something in the pit of my stomach, an unidentifiable something. It wasn't relief from getting it off my chest, and it wasn't excitement from the fact that he hadn't kicked me out or ran away yet. It was… almost like sadness. I reckoned it was from his question. "Why me?"
Oh, Dean, if only you knew why it was you.
"Well, why not? I mean, you're handsome, you've always been sweet to me, you're amazing. Not just at the job but at anything you put your mind to," I explained. "I think the better is why I'd ever think you'd want me."
This time he sighed, almost as nervously as I had earlier. "That's the thing, Y/N. I've always wanted you. I never said anything because you deserve better than me."
I was taken aback by his words, to say the least. I wanted to comfortingly hug him, kiss him, and ask him why, all at the same time.
Apparently, the second one got the best of me, because the next thing I knew, I was lifting his chin and leaving a delicate kiss on his lips.
You always hear about the stereotype where guys lead the first kiss. Well, this wasn't like the clichés.
For one, I'd been the one to lift his face by the chin, not the other way around. Secondly, his lips were weak, like he was tired. Definitely not someone who was yearning to kiss someone. Actually, it was more like he was yearning to be kissed. And third, he allowed himself to pull away first, since I'd initiated the kiss.
"Dean Winchester, I have spent every day for the last year wanting to do that very action. If you'd told me you wanted the same, I would have done it."
"You deserve better than me. That's the whole reason I never said anything," he clarified once more.
"I don't care. I love you just the way you are," I said, my hand moving from his chin to his cheek.
"You shouldn't settle, Y/N. You should find a good man who can treat you the way you deserve. Not a hunter who hops from place to place, lying his way through everything. There's still a chance for you to get out of this life."
I pondered for a moment, my mind thinking of a million things to say. "Hey, I've got an idea," was what I landed on.
"As cliché as it sounds, we could always improve ourselves for each other. Then either we're both settling or neither of us is settling."
"I think I'm willing to try that."
We kissed again, all the same love and emotion from before running rampant throughout my entire body.
My mind settled on two things: one, that I never wanted to stop kissing Dean. And two, I was willing to improve every aspect of myself for him, because I loved him with my whole being.
And if other people were going to consider all that cliché, I was willing to seem like an entire romance novel.
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
Thank you so much for both the request and for being so understanding, @darkloverfox!! I am so sorry it took so long but I hope the outcome was worth the wait! You've been so understanding and kind and I am so thankful for that 🥺❤️
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
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Supernatural | 4x08 - Wishful thinking
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Dean // SPN - 6x18
For @deangenchallenge - May 2022
Theme 🤠 WILD WEST 🤠
Dean ( Jensen ) love club: @jillmariej @deanwanddamons @deanwinchesterswitch @brilovesdeanwinchester @septembersghost @waywardbaby @spnfangirl1314 @shawnie74 @kwistowee @queenofallerdalehall @charred-angelwings @girlshunttoo @adoptdontshoppets @ddriverpicksthemusic @milo-winchester-4ever @wickedinspirations @quicklymybasement @jensensgotyoudean @lequisha @deansraspberrypie @thoughts-and-funnies @raidens-realm @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone @eevvvaa @siospins2 @doublebill @avanatural @samastrophe @dean-winchester-is-a-warrior @catnipster69 @waynes-multiverse
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yourmomxx · 23 hours ago
Imagine your childhood comfort character talking to your current ones
Toothless: How is she doing?
Jason Todd: Well, something obviously went wrong at some point
Dean Winchester: Terribly wrong
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– r.i.d
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midnightsilver · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sam and Dean adopt rescue dogs
My artwork commissioned by Lochinvar. Inspired by her story The Dog Park. (Story details in notes)
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