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Please please please send in make me choose ideas I want to do this so bad! It can be SPN, TVD, Teen Wolf, Marvel, Harry Potter, Arrow and DC characters, ships, and aus. I will gladly answer them!

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Holy crap, an ask! What an interesting thing to wake up to :o

There isn’t a simple yes or no answer I can give you here, but I’m leaning toward the “yes” end of the spectrum. Keep in mind that I’m no prophet - Kevin Tran doesn’t run this blog. Anyway, here’s what I’m thinking:

Let’s look at what’s been going on with Dean and Cas this season. They’re being portrayed as domestic partners (co-parenting a child, old married couple banter, quiet nights together in the library, etc) they’re paralleled to a canon m/f couple (Saileen,) and the whole breakup/make-up has been portrayed like that of a romantic couple. But beyond that, their relationship is integral to the overall story and their respective journeys.

Cas and Dean’s arcs collide in some kind of confession. Dean’s been battling his anger - the cause of the big DeanCas breakup - and with facing “the truth” all season. Meanwhile, Cas made a deal with the Empty, in which it will come for him when he “finally gives himself permission to be happy.” No, I am not saying that Dean specifically is what Cas needs to be happy. What I am saying is that what Cas really wants is love (in all forms,) a family, a place to belong…but he doesn’t think he deserves it. He still sees himself as a weapon kept around to be useful. He doesn’t see that he’s worth being loved for who he is. THAT is what he must realize and accept for the Empty to come. Confessing whatever he feels for Dean will be verbalizing that acceptance, placing it in the larger framework of accepting love in all forms from his family as a whole. And why else would we need a big admission of feelings if those feelings weren’t romantic in nature?

Could they play it down the middle like “I love you, I love all of you” in 12x12? Maybe. But considering that this confession will probably happen in 15x18 during the big ugly sobbing DeanCas scene from the promos, and it’s written by Robert Berens who has been writing the DeanCas emotional arc this season (the breakup and the Purgatory reunion,) what we get is gonna have to be bigger than any DeanCas scene we’ve ever had before. Either way, the progression of the story demands that Cas accepts that he deserves to be loved for who he is. Considering the circumstances, confession is in order in one way or another.

Any loose ends left over from that scene will be tied up in the finale. There’s a really big scene filmed in a barn that most of us clowns are betting is Cas’s rescue from the Empty, set up to mirror Dean’s rescue from Hell. Either way, the finale will settle anything left unsaid or undone in 15x18, which will probably be Dean’s end of admitting/accepting his own feelings (*cough* and finally asking Cas to stay *cough*) as well as Cas choosing what he wants for himself going forward. What’s beautiful about this set up is that it’s so much more than two characters getting together. It’s also two characters overcoming some of their primary internal conflicts to finally reach a happy ending for themselves.

Now, of course there’s the possibility that the big bad network will halt any plans for overt Destiel, but we have to consider that this is the final season, and specifically the final three episodes I’m discussing here. They don’t have to worry about bringing back an audience for next season because there isn’t a next season. They don’t have to make everyone happy. They’re free to tell the story they’ve been wanting to tell, and looking back, it’s clear these two need to finally use their damn words.

Wow this got…lengthy. Hope that answers your question :)

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Im powerless. Im hapless, Im hopeless. I mean, why the hell not bury myself in women and decadence, right? Its the end, baby. Thats what decadence is for. Why not bang a few gongs before the lights go out? But then thats... thats just how I roll.

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

The last person Dean expects to save him from assault is the archangel he thinks died years before.

But there Gabriel is, and Dean has to figure out what he’s going to do now.

Words: 762, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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Summary: Two broken souls in a cold world find solace in each other.

Pairing: Mobster!Dean x Prostitute!Reader

Warnings: angst, language, nakedness, prostitute!reader, smut, unprotected sex, wall sex, possessive Dean, daydreams, mentions of oral sex (male rec)/anal sex/fisting (nothing happens/no description), fingering, light oral (fem rec), written in different pov’s, prostitution, Dean is a mobster with a heart, Dean feels, fuck it, I gave her a happy ending (not just the one with the orgasm)

A/N: The story got inspired by the song ‘Roxanne’ by ‘The Police’ (I didn’t used the lyrics this time.)

Kinktober Special: Sex for money

Kinktober 2020

Divider by @firefly-graphics​​


Dean’s PoV

The way she dances for me, the way she smiles tells me she’s used to men only seeing her body. I can tell, there is a sadness behind her y/e/c eyes I never saw in one of the other girls’ eyes.

Honestly, I never paid much attention to their faces. They are nameless girls I take for a ride on my dick but with Y/N it’s different. 

Three months ago, the silent girl, the new one, caught my attention and since then, she dances only for me. I dip my head to watch her ass bounce when the music speeds up. It’s Zeppelin’s black dog. She plays it only for me. Every. Single. Time.

I know her smile is fake, maybe even the orgasms I give her but damn it, I lost my heart and mind to that girl who doesn’t seem to belong into an establishment like Crowley’s ‘Hell hole’.

“How do you want me tonight, Sir?” Her soft voice brings me out of my thoughts, and she smiles – this time it’s a genuine smile. “I can be whoever you want me to be. The naughty schoolgirl, dirty nurse, maybe a nun tonight?” Y/N straddles my lap and fuck me, I’m hard as rock when she grinds on my lap.

“I want you to be yourself,” I think I caught her off-guard as her body goes stiff and I can see the panic in her beautiful eyes. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself, sweetheart?”

“I can’t, Sir,” her voice trembles when she meets my eyes. “It’s against the rules. If I break the rules, Mr. Crowley will stop paying for my mothers’ treatment,” my girl gasps, knowing she just gave away personal information to me.

“No one will know,” I run my hands up and down her arms to calm her. She’s shaking now and I know, she’s not the usual prostitute I used to hire. “Tell me about you, Y/N.”

“I…I’m no one special, Sir. Just a girl working as a prostitute,” she huffs, not meeting my gaze. “No one wants to hear my sob story. We should get back to me blowing you off so I can dance for the rest of the night.”

“You know I talked to Crowley and made sure no one else touches what’s mine,” she seems to be taken aback by my words and I can almost hear her heart thunder in her chest. “How did you end up here, selling your body?”

She sighs deeply, looking anywhere but into my eyes when she sits on my lap, hands grasping for my shoulders. I can see the tension grow worse and I do the only thing coming to my mind, I run my hands over her back, soothing her discomfort. 

“Once upon a time I wanted to become an actress,” she laughs bitterly, eyes filled with tears now. “Well, in a way I play a role, don’t I?”

“This doesn’t answer my question, sweetheart,” I squeeze her waist, running my thumbs over her skin. “Why working for Crowley?”

“I came here a year ago, had little roles here and there. I had a well-played role at the little theater just a few streets away,” I can hear the sadness in her voice when she does something I did not expect, she rests her head against my shoulder. “The management changed around a year ago. The new manager, he wanted me to blow him off, I refused and got fired. I believed I’ll find a new job soon to pay for my mom’s treatment but, that guy has friends, influential friends. He made it impossible for me to find a job. No one gave me a job.”

“How did you end up in this place?” I can feel her tears wet my neck when she remains silent. “Y/N, tell me what happened.”

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