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💭 Thoughts about Dean’s heaven 💭

You know what? I don’t really care that John is in heaven with Mary. We knew it all along since “All hell breaks loose 2” finale S2.

As long Mary is fine with it, so be it.

Cause you know what? John’s actual hell is seeing Dean together with Cas in heaven 24/7- their unconditional love, their devotion to one another and their eternity happy together - THAT will be the actual hell for John’s (probably) homophobic ass 💅🏻

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15. Worst thing each member of TFW has done?

Oof gonna have to take off my rose-colored glasses for this question. I love ALL of TFW so much, but I can be realistic too.

Sam: The demon blood. This answer is probably because I’m on S5 of my rewatch so it’s fresh in my mind, but I honestly can’t believe how much he rationalized it. I know he felt guilty after Lillith but still. I love Sam but this wasn’t like a singular choice. He kept choosing Ruby over everyone else for a long time.

Dean: Kicking human Cas out of the bunker. I’m a heller but Dean’s honestly done some extremely shitty things to Cas. But there was no real reason for them to abandon Cas the only time he’s truly needed help and was at his most vulnerable.

Cas: incapable of fault. Jk he made a lot of mistakes in S7. Leviathan being at the top of the list probably. Also I know he needs a vessel but it honestly makes me so sad knowing that Jimmy is possessed by him. He was so traumatized

16. Thoughts on Chuck?

Chuck the writer/prophet, fun. Chuck as “God”, an asshole. I’m actually a Christian so seeing his character kinda stung a bit. I obviously don’t think spn affects my faith but still not a fan. He just viewed everyone as his playthings and got mad when they didn’t play along. That being said, the emotional scene where Dean questioned where Chuck had been during all the horrible things that have happened on earth was honestly amazing and heartbreaking. And it felt very real, cuz even Christians have doubts and get angry.

17. Favorite Cas/Dean, Cas/Sam, and Cas/Jack scene

Cas/Dean: Oof where do I start? Okay. Obvious answer would be something emotional like the confession, but honestly it’s Tombstone. When they’re in the car and Dean tells Cas to act like he’s from Tombstone and Cas describes the movie as “the one with guns and tuberculosis.” Tombstone is literally in my Top 10 favorite movies so this is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Cas/Sam: I love this duo. I have two favorites. The entire scene when Cas is drunk is amazing; “I got your message. It was long and I find the sound of your voice grating.” And in 15x01 when Sam accidentally shoots Cas through a ghost and Cas just says “You shot me” looking so freaking done.

Cas/Jack: Dadstiel is my favorite. I love almost all their interactions but a personal favorite is when Cas give Jack permission to join social media. It was such a father/son thing.

My choice, 3. What’s a scene that you think is underrated?

This is probably because I just rewatched this episode for the Dean’s birthday netflix party heller-jensen did but it’s in Regarding Dean. Most of the episode the things that Dean forgets are played off as funny, like Sam leaving all the post-its and having to tell Dean about monsters. But I had forgotten about the scene where he is talking to himself in the mirror. He keeps repeating his name and at one point looks absolutely terrified when he can’t remember it. It’s honestly the most terrified I’ve ever seen Dean because he drops the stoic act during this episode because he can’t remember his trauma. Anything with memory loss really gets to me and I honestly start sobbing just thinking about it.

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Bad boys fucking sucks because despite all the shit Dean gives Sam about wanting to leave the family Dean actually was happier when he got out. He had a life, he got to be a kid, but he gave it up to save his little brother from their father and christ, that hurts

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that tag that said dean winchester wanted what jensen ackles has in a post talking about how dean had yearned for a soft and domestic life till his last breath will haunt me for the rest of my life

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Honestly I should be given an award for showing so much restraint and not just throwing rocks at an insufferable b*bro who just reblogged my post.

For the record, you’re not welcome on my blog if you’re a dick to other people for no reason. I blocked you but if you somehow see this, I just want you to know…

get fucked.

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the more i think about it the more i can see similarities between wei wuxian and dean winchester

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Read Part 3 Here! If you missed it.

Summary: Dean is working on a hunt in town where Sam lives. He stops by in hopes of gaining Sam’s help. How is Sam going to explain the family business to his kid daughter?

Word Count: 1,806


Originally posted by jaredwalkertexasranger

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“Are monsters real….” Y/N asked.

“Why would you ask that, you know they’re not.” Sam lied.

“Don’t lie to me, dad! I heard everything you guys were talking about. I want to know!” Y/N confessed.

Sam put his head down for a moment. He should’ve know she’d be curious and listen in. But, there was no going back now. He had to tell her, everything.

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I decided to elaborate on the issues in Supernatural by writing an article. This show needs to become a lesson on what NOT to do in Hollywood.

Obviously, SPOILERS

Supernatural is a show about two brothers, Dean and Sam, who hunt monsters with the help of an Angel they meet in season four, named Castiel.

Over the course of its 15-year run, Supernatural has made some glaringly obvious mistakes in offense of its audience. Most notably, being accused of queerbaiting (which I will explain) and being blatantly rude to its queer fanbase. Similarly, the show’s prejudice toward casting people of colour, and the terribly handled episode dealing with child sex trafficking resulting in an insulting arc that made this writer quit watching. In this article I will discuss why fans of this show should reevaluate their loyalty to it and the actors, and hopefully things like this will stop happening in Hollywood.

The first major issue, Supernatural’s queerbaiting and rudeness toward the queer community: Queerbaiting is when writers and actors write and play same-sex characters as if they have romantic feelings for one another, only to go, “no-homo” in the end. This is different from the age-old “will they, won’t they” trope because queerbaiting is done at the expense of making queerness seem like a bad thing. Basically it’s purposefully dangling a queer relationship to the audience only to go, “Ha ha! Nope, being queer is wrong. We only have straight relationships on this show!”

Since Castiel was introduced, the fans shipped him with Dean, and the show constantly had scenes and lines making it seem like the two had romantic feelings for one another. In an interview from Misha Collins, the actor who plays Castiel, he states that he was told by showrunner, Jeremy Carver to portray Castiel as a “jilted lover” with Dean (“Oakridger”, 2014). And in the 200th episode entitled, “Fan Fiction”, the main characters watch a play put on by highschoolers with “Destiel” (as Dean and Castiel romantically together are called) being a part of the storyline. The writers have always been clearly aware that this is something the fandom saw in the characters whether they intentionally wrote it from the beginning or not, which is where the problem lies.

In the second-to-last episode of the series, “Despair”, Castiel professes a love for Dean that he’s been suposedly harbouring for a long time. Except that, it becomes extremely clear with a little research and watching of previous episodes that Castiel was never intentionally written as having romantic feelings for Dean. As director, Guy Norman tweeted on the subject, “I’m not sure how people get upset and offended when a story line that doesn’t exist… doesn’t exist” (Puc, 2020). And as writer, Chad Kennedy stated, “I support the idea of bi lead [characters]. But on this specific show, it is not our intention for these [characters.]” (Oakridger, 2014). And in 2013, any questions relating to the sexuality of the characters was reportedly banned at conventions. With one of the lead actors, Jensen Ackles, not even letting a fan finish asking her question after getting the words, “I’m bisexual, and I’ve noticed some possible subtext-” out (“Oakridger”, 2014). Clearly not the words and actions of writers and actors intentionally planning on a love connection between characters, which is why that scene in “Despair” should come off as insulting. It was careless. And as Samantha Puc put it in her article, “Supernatural: [Spoiler] is Canon, But the Scene is SO Problematic”, “Unfortunately, this scene doesn’t read as organic storytelling or even fan service – it reads as homophobia masquerading as representation.” (Puc, 2020).

Puc makes another good point by stating, “If the Supernatural writers truly wanted to make Destiel series canon and give fans genuine payoff after years of waiting, they could and should have made them a couple a long time ago.” Which I also couldn’t agree more with. The problem wasn’t that they made Castiel in love with Dean, the problem was the show’s blatant denying that there was ever anything there to the point of bullying fans, only to then say, “Oh, wait, here you go. You were always right.” It’s bad writing. And it’s bad behaviour.

Misha Collins has since apologized for what he says are “people’s misconceptions” about the final scene, and he’s either ignorantly unaware of what the show’s writers and his costar said in the past (not likely), or he’s just trying to save face and continue being in good graces with his fans. To either, I call bullshit! He should acknowledge that he, his costars, and the crew were in the wrong. This isn’t the only time! There’s two other instances where the show did bad to its audience:

The second major issue in Supernatural is its severe lack of racial diversity. How is it, over the course of fifteen years, the show managed to only have eight people of colour in significant reoccurring roles, and out of those eight, only three were major reoccurring roles. That’s pathetic. And to put it in context for the white-privileged who think that number is fine, that’s out of 2,518 roles, with over sixty of the significant/major reoccurring and main parts going to white actors. Granted, the show’s main characters are two white brothers who’s parents and siblings occasionally show up, which is fine, but there could have been more characters that they interacted with and that had major reoccurring roles that were non-white. Sam and Dean were constantly driving all across the U.S. for god’s sake; it’s not THAT white-washed in reality.

Some may argue, “Well, I’ve been on this earth for more than fifteen years and my close friends are all the same race.” Well, that’s whatever; you’re not a t.v. show broadcast to millions of viewers of all races, looking to see themselves represented. Television has an obligation to portray diversity. A show about a one-race family is fine, and showing that family deal with different races that they may be prejudice toward is also fine, as long as they’re learning the lesson that racism is bad. The problem with Supernatural is it’s not really either of those types of the shows: Sam and Dean are the only two of their family to be on screen the most, and are constantly moving around, interacting with new people. They also aren’t supposed to be racist or have a problem with other races as a lesson to the audience. Dean even has a girlfriend who’s Black at one point, meaning he’s fine with dating PoC … even though he never does it again. So, you can see the problem. In the first few seasons of the show, it was understandable, still prejudice, but understandable because the show started in the early 2000s when diverse casts still weren’t really a thing. Though as the show kept going, it became more and more obvious they were purposely primarily casting white actors.

The problem doesn’t stop there; Christianity, a largely considered “white” religion, is portrayed on the show as if it’s the only religion in the universe that matters (Nerdy PoC, 2017). Other religions and their mythologies are rarely talked about, and when they are, the creatures from them are always evil and significantly easier to defeat than the ones from Christian lore (Nerdy PoC, 2017). A punch-in-the-gut metaphor for how Christianity has “come out on top” in the real world. Part of the problem is that Supernatural established from the beginning that it was supposed to be a show about ALL things supernatural, not just Christian mythology. So in Season 4 when they introduce angels, heaven, and the Biblical God, the show should have found a way to write it so that Christianity didn’t come off as the superior mythology, especially since it just leaves an extra negative implication considering they don’t cast many people of colour: having a primarily white cast with no reason to do so, as discussed, mixed with saying the Biblical religion is the one and only, is so beyond archaic that I really don’t need to say anything more on the matter.

The third, and final problem with Supernatural, and the thing that made me quit watching, was how they handled the topic of child sex trafficking:

In Season 10, episode 8, the main characters find a girl named Claire who’s been hanging around this shady guy named Randy. Randy gets into trouble with a gang and decides to sell Claire to them for sex. The main characters rescue her before anything heinous happens and Dean kills every last one of the pedophiles. BUT THEN, the main characters all saunter on for a number of episodes because it’s not part of their code to kill humans. Obviously, that’s the issue if you haven’t guessed. What kind message is that? Especially in today’s time with the #MeToo movement and people finally acknowledging that rape is BAD, you’d think such a popular show with young girls making up most of the fan base would take the topic of sex trafficking more seriously. Why even have that in the episode if they weren’t going to handle it with care? It makes me sick to my stomach how much Supernatural gets put on this high pedestal when none of the writers, actors, or directors have come forward and addressed how fucked up this was. I mean, seriously? Having the protagonists feel bad for saving a girl from sex traffickers. Let that sink in if you missed the episode or didn’t understand that that’s what happened. Because that IS what happened.

This wasn’t Supernatural’s only instance on handling the topic of rape in a terrible way: though not an episode I watched, (because after season 5 my interest in the show declined and I was therefore skipping any episodes without Castiel, who was my favourite character), the season 7 episode, “Time For a Wedding”, deals with Sam getting drugged with a love potion by a crazed fan who then forces him to marry her, (Casalena, 2017). According to the episode’s wikia page, the fan never actually rapes Sam, but did have the intention of having sex with him, yet at the end of the episode, both Sam and Dean forgive and laugh it all off with her. Disturbing.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have also made jokes about the then, alleged, Cosby sexual assault accusations at a 2017 comic con, to which their reps apologized FOR them (Maas, 2017). Apparently the topic of rape is just one big lighthearted, laughing matter to the cast and crew of Supernatural.

I know certain fans of Supernatural are never going to acknowledge these three major issues in the show, but I hope enough do that things like this in Hollywood don’t keep happening. Especially with shows in the future that become as popular, or more, as Supernatural did.

One area where it was the fandom in the wrong, was them never using their popularity to speak up more about these issues. The Supernatural fandom was/is one of the most popular fandoms, and yet instead of using that fame and recognition to speak out, it stayed pretty silent over fifteen years. Yes, there were obviously instances where some did speak up and were then silenced, as in the case of trying to speak up about queer diversity in the show at conventions. However, that girl was subsequently booed BY fellow fans (“Oakridger”, 2014).

I’ll admit, I myself brushed off the racial diversity issue when watching the show, though since it’s become increasingly obvious over the years how PoC are passed up for white actors and white storylines, as a woman of colour, I’ve become fed up with it. I also, personally, never romantically shipped Destiel, as 1. I believe close, sentimental, platonic male relationships need more representation in Hollywood also, because contrary to what fandoms may have you believe, they are a thing in real life. And 2. I am not a part of the queer community myself, possibly lending to my ignorance of the queerbaiting situation, so I never spoke out on that problem in the show before now either. Though I am informed and can see these issues now, and I urge others to start seeing these issues too.

I’m aware it really doesn’t do any good now, since the show’s over, but as I said in the beginning, people should rethink praising it, at least until we get SINCERE apologies from the creators and actors because as Misha Collins ignorantly, and insulting states, “Just take a moment to celebrate the good of this show.” But alas, there is hardly anything good about this show. Just ignorance, racism, and homophobia.


Casalena, E. (26, May 2017). “15 Most Controversial Things Supernatural Has Ever Done.” Screenrant.

Gannett Co. (17, November 2020). “Supernatural Has a Queerbaiting Problem That Needs to Stop.” Oakridger.

Kripke, E. (2005-2020). “Supernatural”. Canada, & United States. Warner Bros. Television.

Maas, J. (10, November 2017). “Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki Condemn Sexual Harassment After Bill Cosby Rape Joke Backlash.” The Warp.

Puc, S. (6, November 2020). “Supernatural: [Spoilers] Is Canon, But the Scene is SO Problematic”.

Roy, T. (27, January 2017). “Dear Writers of Supernatural.” Nerdy PoC.

Supernatural Wiki. (n.d.) “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” Fandom.,_Time_for_a_Wedding!.

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Now, if you don’t help us stop this thing, that puts those deaths on your head. I can read people. And I get it. You’re a thief, and a scumbag. But you’re not a killer. Are you?

03x03 - Bad Day at Black Rock

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it just occurred to me that the first and last time dean and cas hugged were both in purgatory


8.02 // 15.09

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I am dying at this tumblr ad

group therapy for deangirls??

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A veces leer fanfics Destiel se siente así.


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With and without context, this is just a fight between boyfriends…

WE are real!


Sam/Eileen version

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Did I buy the OG Impala license plate to put on my car?


Do I regret it?

Absolutely not.

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Based on this post by @futureheadnerd

Dean’s not sure how he got here.

I his head all he hears is…

I love you…

I love you…

I love y…

I love…


Dean feels hollow, a fragile empty facade slumped against the wall, head in hands. Heart beating heavy and fast, reverberating in the base of his throat.

Cas is gone.

Cas is gone and the Empty took him away.

Took him away when Cas completed his side of the deal he’d made for Jack’s life. The deal Dean hadn’t known anything about until the moment it was to late.

Billie at the door, death literally knocking, Cas looks Dean in the eyes and says…


That can’t be what happened.

This is what happened.

Cas says something but Dean, Dean’s distracted by Billie, trying to figure a way out. If anyone can cheat death it’s Dean Winchester right? So he’s not really listening to what Cas says but it must have been some kind of spell or incantation that summons the Empty.

The portal opens and those inky tendrils spill out like living tar.

And Cas the self-sacrificing idiot pushes Dean aside.

Dean must of hit his head as he falls because it feels fuzzy. Like a TV stuck on static.

It’s all so quick, the tendrils grab Billie and pull her through the portal along with…

Along with Cas.

The tendrils consume Cas like a oil spill, dragging him through the portal. The last Dean sees of his friend. His best friend. His longest friend, the first friend who managed to stick around, through thick and thin.

Cas, Castiel.

The angel of the Lord.

Angel of Thursday.

Who gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition.

Who Dean loves but never expected, never hoped could be loved by in return…

The last he see of Castiel is his face, tearful but smiling, brave onto the end.

A silent and final goodbye.

It’s a hundred times worse than Cas letting go, Dean losing his grip of Cas whilst escaping purgatory.

Than all the times he’s seen Cas died.

That’s what happened.

Because it hurts too much to accept the reality, that Cas loved him, that Cas always loved him. That he’s his most happiest just letting Dean know, just being in love with Dean that it completes the deal made with the Empty. That it’s Cas’ love for him that…

No. It hurts too much to accept.

So he doesn’t.

It’s quiet.

And still.

His phone starts buzzing.

Dean checks the screen.

It’s Sam.

He drops the phone.

Dean sits, slumped against the wall, head in his hands and sobs.

His head is fuzzy.

And Dean’s not sure how he got here.

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