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@deancaskiss dreamydrabble challenge
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Day 14 - Roadtrip
"What do you mean our next stop?" Cas asked.
"We like spending time together. We've enjoyed traveling together. I'm thinking a roadtrip. We can hit up all the places we've always wanted to visit but never had the chance." Dean said, sitting up and meeting Cas' eyes.
"Are you going to complain every time I want to stop and see a "cheesy" roadside attraction?" Cas asked, making finger quotes as he said cheesy.
Dean laughed, "Probably. But I'll stop anyway. I'll even take as many pictures of you as you want."
"Will you take pictures with me?" Cas asked, a smirk playing around the corner of his mouth.
Dean pretended to give an aggrieved sigh, "Yes...but every time I take a picture, you have to do something for me in return." Dean said with a smile that was pure sin.
"Of course, Dean." Cas replied as he leaned in to seal their agreement with a kiss that took Dean's breath away.
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My bf says cas is more handsome than dean, apparently its all in the eyes
Reblog with your opinion: prettiest eyes dean or cas
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dean & cas // geyser - mitski
But I will be the one you need The way I can't be without you
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Tumblr media
Watching the replacements
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ok so there's this queer brazilian writer who wrote a poem called Ivan that reminded me so much of destiel look look look (I'll translate it as best as I can)
"I don't know if for loving you
I love the whole world as well
or for being capable
of loving like that, the whole world
and for the impossibility of holding it
I hold in you the seven seas
the five continents
every race and language
sanskrit, tupi, armenian
the birth of Christ
the planetary system of Vega
archeologies, architectures
histories, geographies
everything we don't know
and what we know by heart
inch by inch, in your boy's body
my guiding light
justified life
soft mystery
love: this is your name
and I barely knew
of these vastness
kept like stars in our mouths when they meet."
Caio Fernando Abreu, 1983
"Não sei se por te amar
amo também o mundo inteiro
ou se por ser capaz
de amar assim, o mundo inteiro
e pela impossibilidade de abraçá-lo
abraço em ti os sete mares
os cinco continentes
todas as raças e linguagens
sânscrito, tupi, armênio
o nascimento de Cristo
o sistema planetário de Vega
arqueologias, arquiteturas
histórias, geografias
tudo que não conhecemos
e o que sabemos de cor
palmo a palmo, no teu corpo de menino
minha luz guia
vida justificada
manso mistério
amor: esse é teu nome
e eu mal sabia
dessas vastidões
guardadas feito estrelas em nossas bocas quando se encontram."
Caio Fernando Abreu, 1983
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Whiskey & November
Tumblr media
Co-written by @friendofcarlotta and @dothwrites | Rated: E | Chapter 13/18
There is a place in L.A. where the richest of the rich can make their dreams come true. For an outrageous sum, they can hire an “angel” who is programmed to be exactly what they need: a stripper, a scientist, a temporary boyfriend. Most people don’t choose to question who the angels are, or where they came from. Sam Winchester is not most people. His brother Dean went missing in L.A. two years ago, and Sam has spent all that time trying to track him down. The trail leads him to a shadowy organization known as “Heaven” that coerces people into giving up their identities and personalities so they can be reprogrammed for Heaven’s purposes. Inside Heaven, trouble is brewing: two of the angels, Whiskey and November, are beginning to break through their programming. As they fall for each other and fight to remember who they are, they discover that they have an ally already working to bring down Heaven from within.
{Read Chapter 13: Goodbye, Strangers}
Preview beneath the cut:
Something is wrong with Whiskey.
Every time November glances at him, he notices how pale Whiskey’s skin looks. There are lines around his eyes and mouth that aren’t usually there. He walks slower than normal, and a few times, November has caught him wrapping an arm around his middle. 
“Are you alright, Whiskey?” November asks as they sit down to their breakfast of fresh fruit and egg-white omelets.
“Fine,” Whiskey answers. He tries to smile, but it doesn’t look right. A sheen of sweat coats his face.
November narrows his eyes and tips his head to the side. “You’re lying.”
Whiskey flinches, but before November can comment on it, Whiskey smiles again. Somehow, this smile is worse than the last one: lopsided and faint. “You still trust me?” Whiskey asks, his eyes darting up to November’s.
November studies Whiskey’s hand. He’s gripping his fork so tightly that his knuckles are white.
“Yes,” he says. “But—"
Before he can say anything else, Whiskey cries out. His fork clatters onto the table as he wraps both arms around his middle. He slides sideways off his chair and onto the floor, moaning.
“Whiskey!” The impact of November’s knees hitting the floor next to Whiskey is painful, but he hardly notices. He also doesn’t pay any mind to the voices and shuffling feet around him. He only has eyes for Whiskey, who curls in on himself on the floor, eyes squeezed shut and his breath coming in irregular gasps.
November’s hands hover next to Whiskey’s shoulder, wanting to help, but he doesn’t know how. And then it’s too late: two men dressed in black grip him and pull him backward, away from Whiskey.
“No! No!” he shouts. “Let me go! Whiskey! Somebody help him!”
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August 14th, 2022
97 days till November 5th.
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Daily Destiel 💙💚
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hunter husbands. ☺️😊❤️
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Dean: Cas, do you know why the sky is grey?
Castiel: No Dean, why is the sky grey?
Dean: Because all the blue is in your eyes.
And Castiel blushes, something almost inconceivable for an Angel, they are not supposed to feel.
Castiel, the Angel of Thursday, the one who had held tight and saved the just man from perdition. He had undoubtedly and irrevocably fallen for Dean Winchester, the human who was a tool from heaven, the vessel of Miguel, the one he was ordered to rescue, that being with the brightest soul that even broken and destroyed, tortured and almost mad, distinguished himself, stood out from the darkness, the screams, the pain, the terror, the suffering of hell.
He, an Angel of the Lord, feeling emotions that were never meant to be felt by his kind, fallen for this repressed human, capable of darkness like no other, also protector but undoubtedly alone; that silly human who made pop references that he didn't understand, who had turned filtering into a sport and still didn't know the meaning of love detached from loss.
He had fallen for him and most important of all, he knew without hesitation that he would do it again, over and over again in the endless story his father wrote.
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Tumblr media
a scene from @shipsawayandusuallygay 's fic Drag It Up! as a thank you for a donation for a reproductive rights organisation
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hello. started a new destiel fic. first chapter is up, second will be posted in a week or sooner... https://archiveofourown.org/works/41019129 give it a read maybe! 
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ceilingsmp3 · 20 hours ago
cas loves to feel dean heavy on his tongue, loves to know the pleasure is theirs to have and hold and share. he loves to kiss dean up and down until they’re both breathless, because there is joy in their pleasure, in their contentment. but when dean presses him up against the bed with hands so gentle and adoring, when he peppers kisses down cas’ stomach, spreads his knees out to either side, fingers cradling his hips and waist and sides, when he presses his lips to the soft skin on the inside of cas’ thighs, warm tongue burning the sensitive area as he kisses and kisses and nips at cas, and smiles with buttersoft eyes and flushed pink cheeks as he brings cas tumbling down with him with just the way he buries himself into his thighs... that’s what divinity feels like
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queermania · 20 hours ago
crazy stupid love au where cas is steve carrel and dean is ryan gosling and instead of dating cas’ daughter, they fall in love
crazy stupid love au where dean is still ryan gosling but cas is emma stone
crazy stupid love au where dean is steve carrel and lisa is julianne moore and cas is ryan gosling
crazy stupid love au where dean is steve carrel and cas is julianne moore
crazy stupid love au where one of them is steve carrel and the other is david lindhagen (i am only mostly joking about this one)
there are just so many possibilities
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Dean sat on his car drinking as he watched the sun set on the horizon. Cas was on his thoughts today. Everywhere he went he thought of Cas and yet Cas wouldn’t appear. Sam was off on a weekend getaway with his girlfriend and jack was having time with Jody and the girls so it was just Dean for the weekend. Dean couldn’t stand it. Cas should have been back from whatever he was doing so Dean wasn’t alone.
“Dean,” Cas said finally showing up.
“Hey,” Dean said trying to act like he hadn’t wanted this two seconds ago. Cas moved closer until he was over Dean and he kissed him. Dean didn’t pull away as he let Cas control the kiss and eventually Cas started tugging on his shirt.
“Dean, it’s time to wake up,” Cas said which didn’t make sense. He was a wake but slowly his vision went dark and he awoke to Cas over him and Sam on the other side. He was at the table and he had been sleeping with his head on a book.
“Morning sleeping beauty,” Sam teased. “You might want to take care of your self. Must have been some pretty chick.” Dean just nodded getting up and heading to his room. Some dreams were just that dreams on his car in the sunset.
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13 August drabble: Sunset
Dean, having found Cas in one of the knockoff adirondacks, pretended to be interested in the sunset that set the lake to burning. The small, swaddled baby in Cas's arms made a breathy sound, as though dreaming.
Cas looked up at Dean. "You've decided when you're going back." It wasn't a question.
Dean settled in the other chair. "I was thinking." He willed his heart calm. "I might stay another week. Or two." 
His eyes drifted to the baby and up again to Cas's careful, hopeful gaze.
"Would you like to hold Jack?" Cas asked.
Dean held out his arms.
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babycakescastiel · a day ago
One day I will make my Undone (the sweater song) 15x18 amv. One day
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lykanyouko · a day ago
I heard Cas yelling "DEAN!! DEAN!!" in a dark forest, humid from the rain that just stopped moments before. On a hill, along with some teens Dean appeared and started to run also yelling "CAS!!" Relief in his voice, the fear and seriousness disappearing that instant.
I thought, damn I wish they could just hug and kiss right there, it's obvious they want. Cas was with another teen by his side. It's was obvious that the group had divided unwillingly.
It was Dean who ran toward Cas's arms and suddenly, so casually and naturally Dean kissed Cas, of course with the passion and intensity of being grateful after being scared and not knowing how and where he was moments before. He whispered "Are you alright, babe?"
And I was, OMG OMG AH!!!! The other teens also hugged his friend but the focus was on Dean and Cas still hugging and caressing each other. It was obvious that Cas still couldn't believe all the love Dean always liked to demonstrate him, but he was So happy and relieved he and the kids were safe. Dean on the other hand seemed finally free to be himself and show his emotions, the world didn't exist like before, Cas was his world and nothing else mattered.
Then a T-Rex roared and they went back to the woods and the camera showed us all the trees and how huge it was that place, the sky was dark with some clouds and stars. The credits appeared.
I wondered if dinosaurs existed in Supernatural and my memories said yes, but only since this season.
I woke up, in another dream. I told about this dream to a "friend" (we don't talk since 2017) and she didn't know who were those teens (they were the protagonist from Descendants) I explained then I talked about the Destiel kiss, but suddenly she was serious and told me that nobody must know about that, that if I tell about the dream I can't tell about the kiss. It was odd.
I woke up for real this time.
I LOVE to have vivid and realistic dreams, that moment it was SO real, the details of the trees, their voices, their wrinkles, EVERYTHING was So clear. Everything felt so organic, still the supernatural vibe, the soft music that intensifies the moment, not making it romantic or cheesy but just giving you that feeling of relief.
I felt robbed. Yes I know the T-rex and kind-of crossover was too unreal, but the Kiss was Real and AAAaArGhdfssfghbb
Anyway, I enjoyed this dream, and that "friend"? I don't trust her anyway.
Tumblr media
It looked like this, but the kiss was kind of fast because Dean was asking if he was alright and everything. Like they were married for a long time already, and Cas looked a little surprised still hehe
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