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deanlovescasblog · 18 minutes ago
Ok serious question… should I post my deancas fics I wrote and never posted? I wrote them like a few months ago at this point and I never posted any of them, or any fics for that matter. Like, they’re sappy and short and I feel like there’s a million fics already but also I mean i wrote them already so kind of why not? What do other ppl say about this, not like to me specifically but in general? Is the anxiety of putting it out there worth it?
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Gonna be absolutely normal and not annoying ab this coffee cup my parents purchased for the lake house.
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BONUS: mine.
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official-wayward-herondale · 22 minutes ago
12 - deancas
Prompt 12: “Where you go, I go.”
“Where you go, I go,” Cas had told him but now he was alone left without Cas. He couldn’t follow Cas this time. Maybe that’s why he accepted it so fast. Why he took it all without a issue. Cause he rather die then live in a world with Dean. When he woke Cas was there rolling his eyes at him.
“You shouldn’t have given up hope,” Cas told him hugging Dean. Dean held on to him right thankful he’s had Cas again in his life.
Prompt request from this list
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5284 · 45 minutes ago
i think it’s funny that dean and cas first hugged in season seven or eight but at that point had already fucked. like why the hug now we’re past that
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dessertbird · an hour ago
Daily Destiel 💙💚
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fascinated by a mary lives au for its long term plot implications and what it means for the dean sam dynamic BUT it comes at the cost of the completely insane deancas dynamic because unfortunately dean would be a somewhat more functional person
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castiels-fav-bee · an hour ago
oh man, oh boy, oh jesus fuck this is a guuuuud fic
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interrogatethecat · an hour ago
Such a Human Thing
wc: about 300
just some deancas cuddles fluff for @spnprideweek ‘s day 6 prompt aroace because my asexual ass likes to project <3
There’s something comforting to Castiel about having Dean’s arms around him. Something soothing about the two of them being pressed together, just existing. Something safe.
Castiel just wants to to be held.
Dean likes holding him, so he doesn’t complain. They both are happy like this, tangled in this easy intimacy.
Dean’s room— now their room— is dark. Castiel can hear someone shuffling around in the kitchen, though he doesn’t pay it attention. Today, he and Dean have nowhere to be; no case to rush off on, no monsters to kill, no apocalypses to prevent. They can afford to stay like this.
Overnight, they’ve gotten even more entangled. Castiel has an arm slung over Dean’s waist and his head is tucked into the crook of his neck. One of Dean’s legs is slotted between his own. They’re intertwined, and there’s no way for Castiel to escape Dean’s hold or for Dean to escape his, but escape never crosses his mind. This is all he needs, all he wants. Just this closeness.
Castiel shifts ever so slightly to look up at Dean’s face. With the low light, he can’t see Dean’s freckles. He can see the way Dean looks down at him, eyes soft and lips quirked up in a smile.
“Hey,” Dean says.
“Hello, Dean.” Castiel’s smile is audible. It grows wider and fonder as Dean presses a lingering kiss to his forehead.
They don’t say anything else for a few minutes. They don’t need to; Castiel burrows closer and Dean’s arms wrap around him.
It’s such a human thing, laying with a lover. Feeling at home so long as they’re next to you.
Dean drops a kiss onto his cheek.
Castiel sighs in contentment, then angles his head upwards to press a gentle kiss to Dean’s lips.
“Stay here for awhile?” Dean leans back in to kiss him lazily.
“So long as you stay, too,” Castiel tells him.
“Nowhere else I’d rather be,” Dean says, smiling.
Castiel drops his head onto Dean’s chest, and that’s how they stay.
tagging a few mutual under the cut. let me know if you want to be added or removed from the tag list!
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lulujupiter · 2 hours ago
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bibleerrata · 4 hours ago
please by jessie ware is a deancas song
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merlinbingo · 5 hours ago
Hugs by @the-ballad-of-deancas Ship(s): Merthur Main Characters: Merlin, Arthur Rating: General audiences Ao3 warnings: No archive warnings apply Summary: Merlin is overworked and tired. He just needs a hug.
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