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THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER that lives in my head → 37/?
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deancaskiss · 2 days ago
August 11th: Trust
With his head resting against Cas’ chest, listening to the angel’s heartbeat, Dean nudged Cas’ leg with his own as sunlight lit Cas’ skin in a warm glow.
“Do you really not trust me?” Dean asked, the words slipping out before he could filter them or, truthfully, stop them from slipping out.
Cas startled, his head hitting the door handle of the Impala door as his fingers grasped against Dean’s shoulder. “Of course I trust you, Dean.”
The words stung, and Dean shook his head infinitesimally. “I’d never… I wouldn’t have used you and dropped you, Cas.”
Cas shifted, his hand settling in the shadow of his handprint, etched there and bound with a layer of love. “I know,” Cas murmured, the words so soft Dean barely heard them.
“Do you?” Dean asked, pushing away until he could see Cas’ face. “If I’m not… if I’m not giving you what you deserve, not loving you enough-”
“You are,” Cas said firmly, grabbing Dean’s wrist and pulling him closer again, back into their cocoon of safety. “I trust you. When you say you love me, I believe you.” Cas guided Dean’s hand until it was resting against his heart.
“You do, huh?” Dean asked, dropping his tone into something lighter; teasing and soft at the double meaning of the words after his unofficial proposal.
Cas smiled, repeating the words with even more tenderness and conviction. “I do.”
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universalcas · 2 days ago
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Small town guy
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klinejack · 13 hours ago
for @deancaskiss’ drabble writing challenge ⤷ day 9 & 10 & 11: magic / fire / trust
copper shadows flickered all around them from the tiny bonfire dean had built in the damp corner of the small ruined hut they occupied, at constant risk of blowing out with every twitch as the air seemed to breathe heavily alongside them. cas stirred faintly when dean crawled through the jagged portion of blown out wall, rickety bits of stone and mortar crumbling apart a bit more each time he pushed his way in and out to gather supplies, or check on suspicious sounds that seemed to keep getting closer despite no actual evidence of an impending threat.
“cas,” dean put his hand on the sleeping man’s shoulder and kept it there while the other hand began unpacking the small bag he had returned with, spread open on the dusty ground at his feet. he felt cas wake beneath his fingers.
“d- dean...” cas mumbled, turning towards the familiar shape and comforting scent with his eyes still closed. “yeah, buddy, it’s me,” dean spoke softly, finally letting go of cas’ arm and moving his hand up to ruffle the soft curls that had begun to fall long in front of his eyelashes, “gotta cut that hair soon, huh,” he added, more to himself than anything. dean made a mental note to search out some scissors or a razor on his next run.
“mmm, sure. if you say so,“ dean watched while cas lifted himself to a sitting position using the wall as support. he flinched as he tried to cross his legs and dean chuckled under his breath, “gonna have to get you back into shape, too, looks like.”
“very funny, dean. my shape is perfectly fine, thank you,” cas huffed, but dean could make out the fondness that underlay his speech, and he felt his heart leap hearing his friend’s weak attempt at a joke. maybe there was hope.
“cas, look what i found today,” gingerly lifting a cloth-wrapped handful from the haul in front of them, dean presented his treasure - three pristinely white, completely unused, plain wax candles. he watched the firelight play off cas’ eyes where they sparkled with childlike surprise. “dean!” cas breathed out, “they’re beautiful. how- where did you...”
transfixed by cas’ reaction, dean almost missed the dying flame on the floor in the corner flicker on its last breath. he leaped forward to catch it before it went out for good, stumbling over his own feet instead just to watch it wink out from the breeze he caused. “fuck,” he cursed his luck from deep in his gut, clenching his teeth in frustration, “how are we supposed to light these now?”
“dean,” cas held the candles in front of him, lifting them from the spot where dean had dropped them, light like feathers in his hands, “i think i can help with that.” watching the angel close his eyes and take a breath, dean felt unstable and lightheaded for just a second, flashes of memory flooding his brain then disappearing just as quickly. the candles floated from cas’ hands in the dark, stopping right between them just as dean’s eyesight finally adjusted.
“cas... you can’t use your powers, it’s too dangerou-” he stuttered. “shh,” cas cut him off, “just look.”
the candles bounced gently in the air as if sitting on a small invisible cloud that drifted on the currents of energy connecting the two men. cas lifted his hand and swiped it across the air in front of him, eyes finally lighting up once again as the flames burst to life. despite the pit in his stomach, dean couldn’t help but smile at cas through the twinkling light. he felt the warmth rushing to cheeks, and knew it wasn’t just from the fire dancing inches away from his skin.
“beautiful...” dean whispered, staring. he tried again, “but.. cas.. you- you shouldn't-” but the light from the candles was reflecting off cas’ face like a thousand tiny golden waves in front of his eyes, and it made dean’s voice falter. after what seemed like years, cas finally spoke, breaking dean’s trance only long enough for his gaze to recenter on the angel’s broad smile. dean noticed the pit in his stomach was gone, the rest having dropped out somewhere through his feet. he was light and floating drunk off the tiny bursts of magical energy that were filling the room, and it was all he could do to keep his eyes in focus on cas’ glowing face.
“dean,” with another brush of his hand cas pushed the floating candles aside and filled the empty space between him and dean with his own body, instead. dean’s eyes followed him curiously, but he didn’t back away as cas moved close enough that he could taste his scent on the air. “magic. it... it doesn’t have to be a curse, you know. it can be a gift.”
before dean could object, cas took his hands between his own and lifted them to his chest, pressing dean’s palms against his heart until he could feel it beating, steady and calm.
“cas...” dean’s voice was just barely a whisper, but it boomed in his ears. “do you trust me?” cas whispered back, stroking a finger lightly over the back of dean’s hand, goosebumps erupting it its wake. the words sounded so strange to dean, a combination of sounds and letters he never wanted to think about again after all they’d been through, but he nodded anyway. “y-yeah, of course i trust you, but...” “then stop worrying. it’s gonna be okay. i promise.” dean felt a warmth spreading through him as cas leaned forward and pressed their foreheads together. “it’s gonna be okay,” he murmured.
cas was absolutely sure it was not going to be okay, but for that instant, with dean looking back into his eyes so full of hope and want and possibility, cas almost believed it would.
the candles still burned, and this wasn’t the end. not yet.
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altarofrowena · 3 days ago
moogs have i already wished you happy bday??? i don't think so SOOOOOOOOO here to say i hope you had a wonderful and happy happy birthday!!! wishing you all the happiness in the world 🥰🥰🥰
hiii bri bestie thank you!!!! ILYSM 💜💜💜
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slumberingcorpse · 8 days ago
Dean and Cas finish a fight with demons and his trench coat gets torn.
Dean: Looks like someone needs a new coat. Maybe we can get you a new one.
Cas: Don’t worry Dean, I already know where to find a replacement.
Cas flies into a room filled with books and finds a coat thrown across a coach.
Cas: *picks up coat* This will do *flies away*
Five minutes later...
Constantine: *frantically throwing stuff around in rage* It was right here! On the couch, I swear it!
Chas: If you put it there, it would be there.
Constantine: I’m not insane! I clearly remember tossing my coat on the couch last night!
Chas: Well it couldn’t have flown away.
Dean: Cas, you’re back and with a new coat.
Cas: Of course. *walks over to Dean*
*Dean sniffs the air and looks at Cas confused*
Cas: Something wrong Dean?
Dean: No...it’s just umm...Cas have you been smoking? You reek of cigarettes.
Cas: *unfazed* No, the coat just needs a wash.
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chrrispine · 9 days ago
girl you have so many fandoms, represent ✊🤩 anyway i'm either going to be super easy or super frustrating - 🎬 your fav MCU project (NOT TWS lol) and also 😍✨ bc i need compliments and love 😘😘😘
BRI!!! Here is the set (and thank you for months and months of patience with this)
three of my favorite creations of yours are:
the story of dean and cas (seriously still in AWE of this)
destiel the definition of devotion
soldier boy swearing
And for your compliment - where do I even begin!! You are so incredibly supportive and sweet and I always love reading your tags in my notifications. You are a bright spot here on tumblr and I am so happy I know you! Your talent and creativity shine in your sets and I always love your weekly SPN posts. Keep being awesome!! 💖
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ofmdblog · 2 months ago
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On this day, 305 years ago:
“They’ll never forget the eccentric Pirate Bonnet and his savage, insane, vengeful, pirate horde. See? He’s a pirate. A real, proper pirate.”
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deancaskiss · a day ago
#12 Drabble: Date
“Can we set a date for the wedding?” Cas asked over dinner, casual, calm, as if the question wasn’t the most important question of their lives (well, besides Dean asking Cas to marry him, obviously).
Dean dropped his fork, the sound of metal hitting the plate as Dean flickered his eyes over to Cas in surprise.
“Jack thinks a fall wedding would be nice,” Cas said wistfully.
“Jack said? You told Jack?” Dean asked.
Humming, Cas picked up Dean’s fork and handed it back to him, their fingers brushing as Cas’ touch lingered. “Was I not supposed to?” Cas asked, offering Dean his saddest soft eyes.
Linking their fingers together, Dean quickly leaned over to brush his lips over Cas’ knuckles before settling their joined hands on the table. “I guess that’s fine,” Dean teased lightly. “But I’d like to officially propose to you before we go telling everyone.”
The expression on Cas’ face softened even more as he utterly beamed at Dean. “You already know what my answer is,” Cas murmured gently.
God. When had Dean turned this sappy? When had he become the person who utterly melted just seeing Cas smile? Maybe it was when he fell in love. Or maybe it was when he knew this was his forever.
“I know,” Dean said, shifting his hand until he could rub his thumb over Cas’ ring finger. “Let me put a ring on you first, then we can decide a date for the wedding. Deal?” Dean asked softly.
Cas tugged Dean closer, stealing a kiss right there in the middle of the restaurant. “Deal.”
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universalcas · 2 days ago
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Weird boy
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castiel · a day ago
drabble day 12: date
from @deancaskiss bex’s august drabble prompts
“but tonight was supposed to be date night,” dean grumbled.
“you have a cold. you’re staying in bed.” cas tucked him in tighter. “and we could just have it here.”
dean scoffed. “it’s not the same.”
“oh?” cas raised his brows. “close your eyes and give me two minutes.”
dean rolled his eyes, but closed them obediently.
there was a ‘whuff’ as cas flew off, and true to his word, two minutes later he returned. “ok, you can open them.”
dean looked around to see lit candles all over his desk and the shelves around the room. cas was standing next to the bed with takeout containers of what smelled like his favourite soup in one hand and a bouquet of wildflowers in the other.
he knew he was doing a terrible job of hiding his blush as he accepted the flowers. no one had ever given him flowers before. ever thought that he deserved something pretty.
as they were curled up in bed with his laptop playing when harry met sally, dean leaned over and kissed cas’s cheek. “turns out having an angel boyfriend is pretty cool.”
cas made a soft pleased noise.
“eat your soup, dean.”
written with my friends with covid in mind
@regardingjenmish and @nicolegendary i hope you’re not feeling too terrible and have a cas to bring you soup!!💖💖💖
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achillestiel · 2 months ago
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altarofrowena · a month ago
🥺🥺🥺 hi hello i would like to submit lilac + harlequin (affectionate) + steel + carmine oh and also apricot (my goal is to turn everyone into a multifandom blog a;sjdflkasdjf)
omg thank youuuu!!! YOU also make the most the beautiful edits and my answer is yes to your proposal always and forever <33 also bestie i love you but i don't think the poison is working alsjfjflskak
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theyarebothgunshot · 2 months ago
we're gonna make out at some point to intimidation scale is at aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 10/10 😳😳😳
hdfshhf waaaaah 😳😳😳 well i am blushing lets gooo.... MWAH
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dcbicki · 4 months ago
hi! congrats on 9k!! can i request ❤️ + your fav female mcu character & rainbow (or red, if you would rather just do one color)??
Sorry for the wait - I was like halfway done with a rainbow set because scrapping the whole thing lol. Just posted a red one! Thanks for joining :)
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ofmdblog · 3 months ago
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Our Flag Means Death + 18th century women’s fashion
for anon
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