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#death in the family

On March 15, my school called to tell us we had to go online for the rest of the semester. Then I received a call from my estranged mother who was informing that a family friend was dead. I was currently staying at my friends house and at that very moment her mom came in the room to tell her that a family friend had just died. TWO FAMILY FRIENDS, TWO completely DIFFERENT PEOPLE, AND SCHOOL SHUTTING DOWN. The ides of March really is bad luck, huh.

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There’s still a bit over a month left in 2020.

I can’t…

I’ve gotten bingo so many times on apocalypse bingo now.

I don’t want more.

Can I hibernate through December like a bear?

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My Favourite Jason Todd Moments (all media):

And in no particular order

  • Jason giving Bruce the watch as a gift (Robin 80th Year Anniversary, comic)
  • The scene where he stabs and kills Joker with a butter knife (Batman: A Death in the Family, animated move)
  • Red Hood shooting and killing the Joker (Three Jokers #1, comic)
  • All of this minus the Jaybabs kiss ’cause we don’t talk about that (Three Jokers #2, comic)
  • “I’m Robin and being Robin gives me magic” (Under the Red Hood, animated movie)
  • “He left me”, “I can’t go back”, “I trusted you and you just left me to die”, and “he hollowed me out and replaced me with hate and anger” (Batman: Arkham Knight, game)
  • “Because he took me away from you” (Under the Red Hood, animated movie)
  • Jason and Bruce’s last talk before Bruce dies (Batman: A Death in the Family, animated movie)

I might make a part 2 later so this doesn’t get too long, but here is everything for the first part.

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but yeah i liked the ditf movie for the most part (just the blu ray, the digital version is a whole fucking mess lol) and it was fun, but i also had low expectations originally sooooo and the original UTRH movie is my fave DC movie, so bias

but I DO honestly wish there had been at least one path to take where NO one died (Except maybe the joker) and it was kinda annoying that i didn’t really matter if you killed the joker or not in the Catch the Joker route.

i get like the point theyre trying to make about how this effected jason mental state that badly no matter what happens, but on the other hand, please just one where he doesnt go on a killing spree, pls dc 

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Good afternoon denizens of Planet Sodor. With today’s weather being all dreary and gray🌫, I figured it be appropriate to upload the newest episode from the Stories of Sodor series. More specifically from its fourth season. It starts out as an intro to that world’s China Clay Pits and how it had gone untouched for years following a massive flood.

What makes this episode interesting is how it tells us how Edwards met Bill and Ben for the first time in general. As many of us diehard Thomas fans know, those cheeky devils were introduced in Season 2 back in 1986 with Edward already knowing them. But it never specified as to how he came to know them. This episode really fills that plot hole with a ton of “concrete” evidence.

With that out of the way, the next crucial plot point involves Adam the second-to-last Middie ever. He unfortunately had a terminal case of Metal Fatigue; their equivalent of cancer or worse. In response to this, Adam requested he have a final firing. Sir Topham Hatt and the other engines are outraged, but…I mustn’t tell you anymore or I should spoil the story. If you want to see how emotional this take is, click the link above and have a look yourself.

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My Pa is dying tonight…

Multiple heart attacks and there’s nothing the doctors can do. I’m sitting here crying over someone who only ever showed me love within the last maybe 3-4 years. He knew he was dying when he saw his brothers and sisters and his in laws start going one by one. He always tried to be the strong man. Never had a day of rest, always out on his tractor. Fixing the field. Protecting what’s his. He scared the shit out of me as a kid. I always thought grandparents were supposed to be the spoiling, loving type…that came years later in your own way. Thing is you never got to know me. I’m still the youngest baby who ended up with asthma, someone who is a people pleaser and doesn’t stand up for anything to you. You wouldn’t like who I am so maybe it’s for the best you didn’t. You made many mistakes and I don’t think you learned from most of them but you were you. I love you though because you were my pa.

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Just found out we’ve had another death in the family. Less shocking than the one in July, but still. This is the second death in my family in less than six months and it would be great if this year would just chill the fuck out.

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