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#death mention
one-time-i-dreamt · 14 hours ago
I was at a library/bookstore. Marissa Meyer wrote a book about Thorne from TLC being a consort for 5 guys but he only had sex with 1 of them and 3 of them, including the one he had sex with, died. Rick Riordan wrote a book that was a dark satirical take on his mythology books where humans could become gods. His book reminded me of Sarah J Maas’s books and I got into an argument with my mom over the spelling of “Maas”. We were suddenly at a college tour and I got coleslaw and cookies at the cafeteria. I wanted to get the Rick Riordan book but I realized I didn’t want it. I also had to take a cat home from college.
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malloryiswlw · 2 hours ago
Floor 19 headcanon:
They have a whiteboard calendar and to-do list somewhere in the hallway and it's run like most family calendars, in which everyone has their own color marker to schedule things with, and is generally just a very mundane thing.
For example, Magnus is like:
Find Bragi
Figure out how to save the souls of my family from eternal torment
Take Jack to California to see Riptide
Buy groceries for the Chase Space
Find out if Valhalla offers medicine to the death
Learn to drive
Locate cursed amulet of doom for a god whose name I've already forgotten
auahdhdhs okay well you’ve done magnus but i’ll do everyone else
get new jumper
kiss magnus without running away
help magnus find bragi
prank halfborn
find a way to shapeshift into animals to show the chasespace kids without them finding out about the nine worlds
pizza run
chaperone samirah’s date with amir + tease her
kill idiot, idiot and other idiot (magnus, halfborn and tj)
make sure alex brings back alcohol on the pizza run
buy book without looking like a nerd
take up new sport (fencing to the death?)
get new headphones (NOISECANCELLING)
get new camera
also a computer since mallory stabbed the last one
get magnus to teach how to turn on weefee
avoid mallory
destroy all evidence of former relationship with halfborn
remember to go to psych and chem classes to the death
get new academic journal on germanic lit and make sure article is included - if not, kill editor
gourmet cooking to the death classes
get axe back from dickhead on floor 63 - use as target practice
make sure alex remembers beer
see if can adopt cat - do einherjar cats exist?
volunteer at library
read that one book by angela davis that fierro keeps harping on about
send me asks
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dsmp-shitposts · 10 hours ago
OKAY I'm in an analysis mood so!!
Here's why "Savior" by Rise Against is such a good song about c!wilbur and c!Tommy's relationship in the dream smp!
Firstly tho I just want to give an honorable mention to the first lines of the song: "it kills me not to know this / but I've all but just forgotten / what the color of her eyes were / or the scars and how she got them." it's such a good c!bee duo line and I might have to analyze it in another post lol
(there's kinda a tldr at the bottom if you don't want to read the specific lyric analysis and just was the overall analysis!)
The lyrics I want to analyze (these are more about characterization) are: "as the telling signs of age rain down / a single tear is dropping / through the valleys of an aging face / that this world has forgotten." this is about wilburs resurrection. the first lyrics, "as the telling signs of age rain down" are about how much more different Wilbur looks to Tommy after he was resurrected. wilbur was in limbo for what he perceived to be 13 years, and he shows it physically. he has the white streak of hair that signifies his revival, and I know there's a popular headcanon that wilbur came back "wrong." "A single tear is dropping" is referring to Tommy's reaction to the revival. we know he was in disbelief and even angry at wilbur being back, but intense emotions also can bring on tears. it's a very natural response from your body. The third line is pretty much the same as the first, but "that this world has forgotten" is about wilburs impact on the history of the smp. obviously he's been a very big player in many major plot points, but since his death he has mainly faded to the background in most characters minds, especially after ghostbur's library with all the records from lmanberg got destroyed. as the smp progressed, wilbur got talked about less. focus shifted from him to dream who really emerged as the villain in the story after wilburs death. we can see the impact of this after wilburs revival. everyone on the smp had gotten used to living without him for so long, growing past the people they were when Wilbur was alive. and now when Wilbur gets revived, he expected fanfare and everyone welcoming him back, but in reality people's memory of him faded.
okay now that we have the preface lyrics, we can go into the ones that are more about tommy and Wilbur as a duo. the first ones before the chorus are "but seldom do these words ring true / when I'm constantly failing you / walls that we just can't break through / until we disappear." I'm gonna analyze this with the first two lines and the last two. the first two lines are from Tommy's perspective about him trying to constantly please wilbur. we see this with him gathering lots of stone for him and following Wilbur to stand against Las nevadas and quackity. but even with all of this, Tommy still feels like he's "constantly failing" wilbur and that he needs to do more in order to stay in high regard in Wilbur's mind. we could even look at these same lyrics from wilbur's perspective! wilbur might have felt like he's failed Tommy for not being there for him for the time he was in limbo. I know Wilbur doesn't know about what dream did to Tommy in the exile arc, but I'm betting that if/when wilbur finds out about that, he will feel horrible for not being there himself to stop dream because wilbur cares about Tommy. (this could even lead to him resenting ghostbur more because ghostbur was there but wasn't able to do anything). now with the second half of these lyrics, the "walls that we just can't break through" is referring to the emotional vulnerability, or lack thereof, between the two. I'd argue that wilbur is more emotionally vulnerable to Tommy than Tommy is to wilbur. now, there is a severe lack of communication between the two, but wilbur drops "trauma bombs" where he'll unload something all at once and suddenly. he doesn't do much internal reflection of his feelings, instead wanting to share with others, Tommy in this case, to get validation. with sharing, he wants people to agree that he's a bad person but at the same time wants them to refute those ideas so he feels like he's healing without actually doing anything. now Tommy does more introspection about his feelings (cc! Tommy monologuing) and doesn't feel as big a need as wilbur to share his feelings and trauma. and besides, Wilbur dominates the conversation most of the time anyways so Tommy wouldn't likely be able to carry a constructive conversation about his own feelings without getting talked over by wilbur.
now we're moving onto the chorus! it goes: "that's when she said / 'I don't hate you / I just want to save you / while there's still something left to save' / that's when I told her 'i love you / but I'm not the answer / for the questions that you still have.'" I see this as a conversation between Wilbur and Tommy; Tommy saying the "I don't hate you" section and Wilbur saying the "I love you" section. it's important for Tommy to make it clear to wilbur, and himself, that he doesn't hate Wilbur despite his past betrayal of lmanberg. wilbur thinks everyone hates him, so Tommy consistently sticking by his side is a reminder to Wilbur that he isn't alone. Tommy staying by wilburs side is also how he's ensuring that wilbur doesn't spiral again ("I just want to save you"). he knows that wilbur still isn't in the best mental place, not having the right environment to heal in limbo, so it's more crucial in his mind to be wilbur's crutch right now because it'd be very easy for wilbur to spiral again ("while there's still something left to save"). wilbur, with his part of the lyrics, wants to ensure that Tommy knows he still cares about him despite being gone for a long time. now for the last part of wilburs lyrics, I would love for it to mean that "wilbur understands that he can't be a good mentor to Tommy anymore because of everything that happened. he wants Tommy to realize that he does care for him but their relationship shouldn't function with Wilbur as a mentor anymore," but that wouldn't be accurate to their canon relationship. wilbur still wants to be Tommy's mentor because that's how their relationship has always functioned. my hope is that in wilbur's healing process that he realizes he doesn't have to be a mentor to Tommy, they can just exist as friends. and I would love for Tommy to realize that it's not his job to save Wilbur! while having friends you can talk about your emotions with is good, he shouldn't have to push his own feelings aside to prioritize wilbur's. wilbur also needs to learn that self reflection is a part of healing
the final specific lyrics I want to analyze are: "one thousand miles away / there's nothing left to say / but so much left that I don't know / we never had a choice / this world is too much noise / it takes me under once again." the first three lines, in my opinion, all relate to the fact that Tommy had gone through so much while wilbur was dead, such has dream's manipulation. the last three lines of this section, which are honestly my favorites, are relating to both of their revivals. even though wilbur and Tommy have developed so differently since the lmanberg and pogtopia eras, they have this one thing in common. Tommy didn't have a choice in his death or resurrection. both were committed by dream and have contributed to the massive amount of trauma and PTSD that Tommy has. wilburs death was practically by his own hand as it was an assisted suicide, but his resurrection wasn't his choice, again done by dream murdering ghostbur. that line could also refer to wilbur not feeling like he had a choice in living anymore, feeling like death was the only option for him at the end of his spiral. the last two lines refer to the mental problems that both Wilbur and Tommy are still facing. we talked about wilburs a bit with his need for validation and him villainizing himself in his mind. Tommy still struggles with suicidal ideation, seen most recently with his comments while on the balcony in Las nevadas. he also struggles with his triggers from the final control room and the prison that we see him try and speedrun exposure therapy for. what I'm trying to get at with this is that wilbur and Tommy have developed so differently while away from each other but they have their resurrections in common.
OKAY CONCLUSION TIME!! (also kindof a tldr)
while Tommy and wilbur have been apart from each other for a while and developed in different ways, their relationship after both of them have been revived is centered around both of their relationships to healing from their trauma. Tommy feels like he's the one who has to "save" wilbur and keep him from spiraling again, letting his own feelings be pushed aside to prioritize wilbur's. wilbur lets himself be the saved to Tommy's savior. he consistently seeks out validation for his own feelings instead of taking the time to sort out how he really feels about the things that have happened to him.
if you read this far then oh wow thank you!! I hope this made sense and I'd love to hear what you think of the comparisons to this song!
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01010111a · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is 100% serious. NASA please shoot me into space thanks
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prokopetz · a year ago
New rule for Hollywood directors: if you’re using a traditional folk song as part of your film’s soundtrack, you’re not allowed to skip the verses where it gets political. Sorry -- your movie is about killing the English now!
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liriostigre · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
The Doubling of Self: An Interview with Richard Siken by Peter Mishler
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teaboot · 10 months ago
Hello! Can I ask about your "children shouldn't be given adult responsibility" post? (genuine question) Instinctively I agree as I believe children should be treated like human beings but not like adults, but I am confused on what you mean by adult responsability. Could you clarify? Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!
When I was younger, folks seemed pretty comfortable with telling me I was "an old soul", or, "acted like an adult". I was a sharp kid with a large vocabulary who spent a lot of time reading quietly, so I guess the perception was that I was therefore more "grown up" than other kids my age.
Which, you know, made an otherwise lonely and isolated child feel pretty important and special, so it was easy for me to feel flattered when it signed me up for extra responsibilities.
I was six when I was first left alone to take care of the baby. I was seven when I got my first summer job. I was eight when I was put in charge of my own chicken coop; feeding, cleaning, buying feed and all.
I was special, I was different, I was "treated like a grown up". I was proud of that.
Then I got older, and more tired, and the limitations stayed the same while the responsibilities and expectations kept piling up.
No, I couldn't stay home while my family went on an overnight trip, I was too young for that.
But the adults were both out somewhere overnight? Sure, I could take care of two younger kids, cook dinner, put them to bed by 8 and have them off to school in the morning.
I remember, once things began to decline, repeating rather often: 
"Either give me adult responsibilities and adult privileges, or child responsibilities and child privileges. Don't give me child privileges and adult responsibilities- either I'm an adult or a kid. Make up your mind."
It turns out that "adult responsibilities" isn't quite the same thing as "adult respect".
But even if it was, though- even if I was treated with all the benefits and freedoms of adulthood alongside all the work, I was still a kid. 
Kids need free time. Kids need sleep. Kids need to *not* have to lay awake at night wondering what they're going to make for school lunches, or how they're going to cook dinner for six when the stovetop burners went out.
And it's not necessarily because they can't handle the pressure, but because there should be Actual Adults in their life doing those things. If not for the labour aspect, but for the respect and security of it.
My parent says I can't wear shoes in the house? Why do they care? I'm the one who mops the floors.
I'm not allowed to stay home alone? What, you trust me with your baby but you don't trust me with your house?
The family pet died and I'm tasked with burying it? Cool, grief is isolated and nobody cares, and when I'm scared or in pain, the authority figures in my life will be distant and emotionally unavailable. I have no reason to believe anyone will support me through emotional hardship in the future.
When it comes to responsibility, its not so much a question of, "can the child handle the work?", but, "what precedent is this setting for their perception of the future?", and, "What is this teaching them about actual adults?"
A child who sits quietly and draws is no more an adult than a child who eats glue and sticks pens up their nose, but both deserve to be respected as people, and both deserve to feel as though the adults in their lives are stable, reliable, secure, and have their best interests in mind.
Responsibility is not the same as respect, and there is a mile of difference between "can" and "should". 
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prokopetz · 11 months ago
Reasons I have seen webcomic authors publicly cite for cancelling their comic mid-storyline:
Too busy  
Lost interest  
Increasing age gap between characters and author made it difficult to relate  
Did the math and figured out that completing the planned arc with their current update schedule would take 150 years  
Ostensible author actually a fictional persona that’s now being retired, and they didn’t want the comic linked to their real identity  
Realised that the way they’d written the central relationship wasn’t emotionally genuine (note: this was a hobbit porn comic)  
The comic’s readership contained too many lesbians  
Converted to a religion that regards all representational art as a form of idolatry  
Broke up with the person the protagonist was based on  
Outed as not actually Japanese  
Imprisoned for manslaughter  
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thatsthat24 · 3 months ago
Me if I was alive in 1700s... ✒️
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awkwardthings6 · 10 months ago
Someone Who Has Never Played Among Us Or Seen It Played Details What She Knows Of The Game Thanks To Tumblr
You play as jellybeans wearing space suits for no discernable reason. These jellybeans have legs and arms and a clouded faceplate.
The imposter has tentacles. Also a knife. 
You’re repairing a ship for some reason. 
The imposter wants to kill everyone because aliens are evil. 
People meet to discuss murders in the cafeteria. There is a system in place for this, including a button you press to call emergency meetings, implying alien imposters and the murders of your crewmates are not only expected but routine. 
You have little head decorations. This is important. 
You have children but only sometimes. This is more important. The fact that you cannot adopt a dead crewmate’s children is Rude and Cruel. 
People are shipping these lifeless, human-avatar jellybeans. This is a point of contention. 
For some reason the Among Us fandom has lots of Very Good Artists. 
Electrical is the scary room. Everyone dies in electrical. 
To determine who the imposter is, you throw your crewmates out of the airlock. This is somehow considered morally acceptable. 
“x seems kinda sus” is instant grounds for airlock death.
Imposters can use the vents but no one else can. Maybe only they are squishy enough, with their tentacle bodies instead of jellybean ones? I have no idea. 
“i saw x vent” is somehow doubted. (Just vote to airlock x. If it isn’t them, airlock the person who cast suspicion on them. One will most likely be the imposter.)
Somehow a knife chops people in half. Also, these jellybeans have bones, or at least have a spine. This bothers me. 
Imposters have Fake Tasks. Regular people have Real Tasks. No wonder they hate the imposters. Fuckers aren’t pulling their weight. 
The dead have ghosts and also talk to one another on Dead Chat. 
This game confuses me so greatly. I want to play it. 
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one-time-i-dreamt · a day ago
I was on Twitter and the finale of “The Witcher” had just dropped. Everyone was angry because Geralt died by slipping on a banana peel and now the new Witcher was the previously unmentioned 16 year old girl who dropped the banana peel on the floor. The girl turned out to be Bella Swan. At the end of the episode the credits read: “Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino”. I’ve never seen a single episode of The Witcher so I didn’t question the absurdity of it all.
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thatsthat24 · 9 months ago
Horror Movie Foreshadowing 🔪
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liriostigre · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Rainer Maria Rilke, "The Prodigal Son." The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by Stephen Mitchell)
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shortnfantastic · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Remus and Virge bring back Mr. Frog.  💚
EEEP! Took me long enough. Final part of 1, 2, 3.
Also! Thank you so much to all my followers! I recently hit a milestone on this blog and decided to make this comic a DTIYS challenge! Not the entire 10 pages lol, just pick and draw your favorite panel if you feel like it! And tag me, please! 
If anyone does it, I’d love to see it!
Also Happy Early Sidesversary! :D
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gallusrostromegalus · a year ago
Husbeast and I have developed a new hobby for quarentine evenings when we’ve watched everything palatable on netflix: looking at the most expensive houses in various cities and determining the ways some rich SOB would be killed for inheritence money and/or revenge for thier assorted war crimes in an agatha-christie style murder mystery.
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