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#death note
pcktknife · 31 minutes ago
never thought about how my love for tsuyu is so universal it extends to every character design with huge eyes and tiny pupils with the :} face
IT REALLY IS and in L's case its actually not just the face like i think i subconsciously recognized their behaviors as being similar. one of my favorite things about tsuyu is the way she presses her finger to her chin or how she holds her hands in a casual stance or how she frog squats and L isnt exactly the same but he also hunches over and squats in a similar position and the way he bites his thumb reminds me of the finger to chin thing so
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queersturbate · 2 hours ago
Do you remember the first lawlight fic you read
hello anon!!!
omg PLEASE i read lawlight fanfics back in 2013! They were all on wattpad and i have absolutely no memory of those at all! They were probably cringe-y high-school au's or smth! but when I fully fully got back into death note/lawlight the first fic I read was Dial K for Kira by ZombieJesus ( @kiranatrix )
which i remember screaming about to my friend and flipping out on my private instagram story about how good it was! That's as good of an answer as I can give you dear anon because I remember nothing from those years other than shipping lawlight and listening to the intro songs for hours lmao!
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[Art] Wammy Week Day 6: 😂 Laughter/Tears 😭
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This isn’t really anything big, but here’s our cute little snowman actually laughing for once xD
He’s most likely watching someone fail :P
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chibaryuunosukelover · 2 hours ago
i’m debating on adding more fandoms on my fandoms list (✪ω✪)
i’ll list the fandoms that i might be adding to the list !
Tumblr media
death note
food fantasy
identity v (hunters)
mystic messenger
danganronpa (trigger happy havoc, goodbye despair, killing harmony)
puella magi madoka magica
mr. osomatsu
project sekai: colorful stage! feat. hatsune miku
obey me!
black butler
Tumblr media
again, i am debating on putting them in but i’m not sure all of them will make it in.
but i will say identity v (hunters) will definitely be in there i just gotta make to write them in there (▔^▔)
honestly, i’m a bit hesitant to add danganronpa in because the fans scare me a lot (。ŏ_ŏ) /hj /lh
but i will consider adding it in because i used to have a huge danganronpa phase back then lol
dark times(*+﹏+*)
also, please ask me questions about other fandoms/questions about me too !
i would love to interact with you all more ! \\*^o^*//
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ellenoir · 3 hours ago
Me: I'm gonna get shot over this one
You guys:
Tumblr media
THANK YOU. Also, seeing us evolve as a collective in regards to how we view characters is hands down my favourite part about the DN fandom. I might be a bit of a new blog but I was here about 5 years ago (left shortly after the filth ban and had to come back because I missed the community), and honestly seeing how things keep changing and growing is one of the things I've fallen in love with the most <3
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alkalinefrog · 3 hours ago
Here's a blessed bit of trivia: the actors for L and Light in the Japanese live-action films became good friends during filming, and would often go out to a bar after a day of shooting. They even joked about it; "L and Light are going drinking together."
🥺️🥺️🥺️🥺️🥺️ omg thank you for this
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im-misa-misa · 4 hours ago
do you want to have kids with light?
“I’d love to have children with Light, they’d be so cute!”
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liitle-bi-biscuit · 4 hours ago
i always want to bite my thumb nail or a pencil when i think but i hold back and almost never do and i was just watching death note and L is all nibbling on his finger while plotting light’s downfall and i was like “why does he get to do that but i don’t?” and then i remember i was wearing a mask in school for the whole year so it would have been impossible to bite something :/
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alkalinefrog · 5 hours ago
Death Note Actors AU: L definitely uses his scary dog prievildges (a.k.a Light and maybe Misa) to get to the sets without having to interract with fans or being followed by one
LMAO I think they would all be at least cordial with their fans! Hopefully the fans would be respectful back for the most part! The paparazzi on the other hand each of them handle very differently.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don’t think pretty boy Raito would be an effective scary dog LOL. He would try to shield Ryuuzaki when they’re together though!
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pellucidlies · 5 hours ago
all i can think of is either
lawlight or mellodramattic
its like my brain is on autopilot rn
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sunshine-tattoo · 5 hours ago
wammy house in the anime is actually a really amazing.
a big beautiful house in England with tons of resources that takes in abandoned neuro divergent children and let's them grow into whatever they want to be. With no societal pressures to be "normal".
It's run by an elderly gay couple and an orphaned autistic genius who knows exactly what it's like to feel unwanted and different.
He uses his genius to hunt down the cruelest of people and bring them to justice. The rest being solved with money given to social programs.
the children idolize him and many even want to grow up to follow in his footsteps.
Maybe they try a bit too hard. Maybe there's too much hero worship.
But they know they are loved all the same and know their hero would do anything to keep them safe.
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autumneyeswitch · 5 hours ago
i just read that light yagami killed 124,925 people with his death note and i dont know what to do with that information... a hero????¿¿¿¿ 
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queersturbate · 5 hours ago
For stupid lawlight questions, what do you think would be their least favorite food that they eat bc their partner likes it? Unsure if that makes sense or not sorry
hey twist!!
ohhh this is such a fun question omg!! it did make sense dont even worry about it!
I think they're both stubborn assholes and would rarely eat something they dont want to do, but I feel as tho L would eat a few select vegetables after some convincing from Light "Baby carrots are sweet too, just try them." he only eats them when Light is having some with his dinner and he puts some on L's plate who says he's "contaminating" his sweets, but eats them anyway (he can tolerate baby carrots more than any other them). Light eats sweets even tho they upset his stomach a lot, but L always tries to get the sweets that Light can tolerate, so he eats them to make him happy!
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gamsbeans · 5 hours ago
Light gay this. L ace that.
Mello transgender
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llawli-yeet · 5 hours ago
Are there any foods you absolutely hate?
This is a good question. In general, I avoid savory foods. Vegetables that are bitter appall me. I also do not like meat. I would not want to block off the possibility of ever eating savory foods, but I do not have much of a taste for it at the time. Ever since I met Watari, my tastes have geared towards the sweet.
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queersturbate · 5 hours ago
who do you think likes forehead kisses more out of L and Light?
hello anon!!
hmmm I think they like it in equal amounts, which is a lot tbh, BUT however. It's about who likes what more, like receiving and giving! I think Light likes to give L forehead kisses. He does it all the time, he either does it through his hair or when he's feeling a little more romantic he'll push his hair back or to the side. L loves receiving forehead kisses, he tips his head down to ask for one when they're laying down next to each other or he just walks up to him and tips his head down. He loves the feeling of Light's lips lingering on his forehead and his hands on the side of his head
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