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#death note au
leloqier · 7 hours ago
Death Note...
But with swords!?!?!?!
Yes please.
Tumblr media
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So uhhh... I fucking love fencing and since I fence foil and I'm obsessed with Death Note rn, I couldn't help but come up with an AU... So here it is!! I also have some headcanons to go along with it >;3
These are in the context of if the tennis scene didn't happen, and instead they fenced!
Light is so poised and pretty, his en garde is utterly perfect- something you'd see out of an Olypmian... Just stunning, really
L's en garde, however, has you thinking: Can he even?? Fence??? He's slouching, his arm is a bit too close to his body... Just, his form could definitely be better
But then BAM L's lunge is so explosive and fast because his legs are fucking STRONG
Even though Light expected him to be good, he's still surprised by his speed and sheer agility. Was his shitty en garde just a fluke???
At any rate, L's surprise attack leads to him getting the first point not even 2 seconds into the bout which has Light fuming because what the fuck?
Despite this, they both match each other very well, and just like the tennis scene, Light ends up going for the winning point and mmmmmmmm yesyes
Light is such a defensive person and hates to make a decision without knowing exactly what his opponent's plan is, so I can imagine his style to be super defensive until he lures in his opponent so he can get them with his long arms
While L is also a calculated and defensive person, I feel like on the piste he's more aggressive because of his explosiveness and speed- mans has got legs for days and the skill to boot
Their parries and just their general technique, however, are pretty similar in skill; L relies on his legs and speed more, and Light hasnt fenced since he was in junior high, so it makes sense they would both be more equal in skill (which is why it's such a close match)
That's that!! If you want more of this please let me know cause I have so many thoughts widhsh
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light-apologist · 8 hours ago
AU (following the canon timeline) where Light and L become close friends on an anonymous true crime forum dedicated to finding new evidence on and solving cold cases, and neither of them realise who the other one is once they meet eachother. Also they totally complain to eachother online about their annoying "coworker".
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kyoties · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
instead of dying, light is sentenced to be misa-misa and cherry-chan's personal assistant/photography/videographer/slave
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allyanastark97 · 13 days ago
There was a strong whiff of vanilla suddenly flooding his senses, and when Light looked up L was right in front of him, mere inches from his own face. “The way I want to flatter you would be inappropriate with people around,” L whispered slowly.
Tumblr media
Chapter 19 of FREAK is posted, my lovely friends! Check it out for wholesome fun and then saucy fun ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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*Wrestling Announcer Voice* are you ready for another
Death Note Au!!!!!
*the crowd goes wild, people are screaming and jumping around in excitement, someone has a heart attack from pure joy*
Kay so like today I’m bringing y’all a YouTube au. Tis probs gonna be a long one so this will probably only be part one- we love a series lol
• So Light vlogs on his channel showcasing his somewhat perfect life while he showcases his intelligence through witty comments in the background.
• He also has an anonymous account on which he posts minecraft building videos. He has made countless amazing worlds filled with skyscrapers and intricately crafted buildings. The builds are public but his username is just Moon. Light loves seeing people enjoy the worlds he creates and building these perfect worlds helps distract him from some of the issues in the world he is helpless to stop.
• Light (as he does in any universe) collects a large gaggle of fans, all of whom love his looks, intellect and general charm (his fandom increased rapidly after he posted the video of Sayu doing his makeup- everyone loved seeing their sibling dynamic and how kind Light was to Sayu (they also thought he looked hot in eyeliner)) his fan base also make lots of, admittedly quite good, edits of him on Instagram and tiktok.
• Everyone has been trying for years to figure out the identity of the mysterious ‘partner’ Light often refers to. A lot of the fan girls are disappointed as he always says partner with such love and kindness in his eyes and they fantasise abt him looking at them like that
• L posts behind his typical Gothic L screen as he talks about conspiracy theories he has and cracks cold cases open with an ease that astounds many. While most would find it boring to just listen to someone talk for hours on one subject in a monotone voice, L’s viewers actually love it as they find his voice pleasing to listen to and the clear passion for the topics seeps through engaging the viewer.
• L also has multiple other channels going by the names Ryuuzaki, Ryuga etc. On his Ryuuzaki channel he posts reviews of different sweets and bakeries. His reviews have been known to increase the profits of many sweet stores considerably
• during these videos in which he must be on camera, L hides his face behind a white mask and wears pristine white shirts. The mask has a hole in it so he can actually eat the sweets lol. At first he tried to conceal his hair from view but it kept bouncing back from hair clips and gel felt strange so he allowed it to show
•L has many fans who run blogs dedicated to figuring out his identity and L uses his many accounts to follow them as their deduction attempts amuse him and he finds it rather interesting when someone figures out a slight new detail about him.
•initially L posted multiple times a day, prompting fans to wonder when, if ever, he slept. But after a while the posts slowed to around 4 a week with no explanation. Fans of Light would recognise this date as the day Light first started referring to his ‘partner’ in his vlogs but as of yet no one had put two and two together and the few that had were dismissed, their ideas seen as too far fetched
Finally, about a year later Light and L bothe post videos at the exact same time titled ‘wedding vlog!!! :D’ and ‘face reveal. :)’ respectively: they are the same video.
And after that L starts slowly appearing more and more in Light’s vlogs whether he be lying in bed during one of Light’s early morning vlogs or walking by to kiss him on the cheek and hand him his coffee purely because he loves how Light blushes and gets all flustered
And that’s all folks! Stay tuned for part 2 cuz I have wayyy too much for just one post on this au <|:)
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kiranatrix · 28 days ago
Death Note AU where Sidoh gets a clue earlier and starts looking for his stolen notebook around the time Light and L have their virtual dick-measuring contest. He flaps down to confront Ryuk and Light, who just laugh him out of his house since Sidoh is as scary as a weird kitten. He manages to beg off a single page so he won’t die, and watches Light sneakily. He figures out who L is and goes to watch that human instead, thinking maybe he can get back at those two for laughing at him. So when L finally puts together the clues, ‘L did you know shinigami love apples?,’ Sidoh touches L with his single sad page of Death Note and says, “They don’t all love apples but that Ryuk sure does.” After L picks himself up off the floor and changes his pants, he has some questions.
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dragonsareourfuture · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
(Click for better quality and zoom for details)
I am so happy to present Mello in the Mermaid AU! Finally. I've been working on this one forever because I wanted to redesign them a little, adding more aquatic features to their top halves. I think I'll post the redesigned Matt after I get one piece done for all of them :)
Anyway, here are my headcanons for Mello in this AU:
Mello has a betta fish tail!
As a betta fish mer, Mello prefers fresh water but can migrate to salt water, as bettas are pretty tough. Although the salt stresses him out, he doesn’t care. He just wants to hang out with Matt.
Challenges random sharks to races. He accidentally made friends with a bunch of sharks by doing this and now they follow him around and sometimes do as he asks. He acts like he wants them gone but secretly enjoys their company. He’s named them. (The sharks are a parallel to the mafia lol)
He’s definitely one of those daring, thrill seeking types that like being spotted only to dive back into the water without a trace left behind. It’s mostly because he’s curious and wants a closer, more direct look at humans, but also because he loves the attention.
His scar, instead of a burn scar, was caused by a barbed fishing net.
He discovered a rosary one day in a ship wreck and, mistaking it for a necklace, adorned it like one. He became fascinated by the symbol and longs to find out what it means. So, he goes searching with Matt a lot. While Matt looks for objects, Mello searches for information.
Other art, headcanons, and writings for this au and others can be found on my death note masterlist!
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ethereal-plane · 7 months ago
death note au where everything is the same except L makes the anime girl noises when he eats
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reaperlight · 7 months ago
Angsty au idea
Light has to chaperone Sayu when she goes to an anti-Kira protest.
Addendum: L sees Light at the protest and is like:
Tumblr media
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leddia · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Lovely commission I had the pleasure to realize for @ohgodplsdontlook ),,,,,: <3
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barbaricjester · 18 days ago
Death Note, where everything is the same, except Light is a twitch streamer and L is a commentary YouTuber who debunks conspiracy theories and discusses unsolved murders.
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alien-baby-boy · 28 days ago
au idea: Light keeps his memories, isn't an asshole, and the entire time they're chained together, he acts like he's dating L. kissing the top of his head, calling L "baby" or "Ryu", rejecting girls with the excuse he's dating someone. Light never officially asked L out, he just started acting like it since their tennis game. Light doesn't go any further than cuddling L. Eventually, L asks if they're dating, to which Light responds "Yes, but I thought we were taking it slow." Every year after that, Light claims their anniversary is the same date as the tennis match, while L claims it's when he asked & Light confirmed.
it doesn't matter if Kira wins, as long as Light keeps his memories & everything relationship-wise is consensual
(with top!Light x bottom!L if there's smut, but that goes without saying on this blog lol)
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allyanastark97 · a month ago
Light brushed his fingers over L’s forehead and across his brows, tenderly smoothing out the lines of distress that temporarily marred the otherwise ethereal facial features. “I promise, that will never happen to you ever again, L. I fucking swear on my life.” He tried to keep his voice calm, but the ferocity that clawed at the inner walls of his body, the desire to literally kill whoever might hurt or mistreat L, was threatening to spill out of him at any given moment, like a flash flood nobody would have time to prepare for. 
Tumblr media
Chapter 11 of FREAK is up now, a very emotional chapter I spent a lot of time on, but still lots of fluffy hurt/comfort! ಥ‿ಥ
Artist: @artchaeollogy
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No death note au where Light is a baker and L is his best customer and let’s face it probably half the reason Light is still in Business.
L changes his name for each order and Light spends All his free time trying to figure out his real one.
L runs a podcast where he discusses how stupid he thinks criminals are and solves unsolved cases. The police And fbi have tried to recruit him but he likes the freedom his podcast allows him
Light gets attracted to L and his mystery an eventually asks him out using a basket of all of L’s favourite sweets and treats in it. All the cakes are labelled with one of L’s pseudonyms because he still doesn’t know which is the real one
When L tells him that his name is just L and not one of the (in Mello and Matts opinions) Way Cooler names, Lighat flips his shit because it was the simplest name and yet it suits him so well
He says yes to the date and they go to a baking convention (Idk if that’s even a thing but for plot reasons it is shhhh) and L is in Heaven and Light is in Heaven also because he gets to see how L’s face lights up at all the free samples, even though L can afford the full product, he just feels vehemently that free samples are Better
Light spends the entire time giving L the Most Intense heart eyes physically possible
and they grow old and get married because fuck canon (all my homies hate canon)
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kiranatrix · 5 months ago
Death Note AU where during Yotsuba arc some other shinigami drops another notebook in Light’s cell just to out-chaos Ryuk
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dragonsareourfuture · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
So I’m having a lull in activity here due to school wrapping up and having to get all projects and tests finished and taken so, I thought I’d share with you all my first art of Mer-L that I did a while back.
I gave him a little Misa doll that washed up because I figured since she’s famous she’d have little dolls made of her, right? Some of them probably found their way into the ocean ig idk.
I’ll post a digital piece of him with the headcanon list later, as I’d like to maybe make a few changes, also the story for Misa has altered a bit. I’m currently working on Mer-Mello ❤️
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