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one-time-i-dreamt · 5 hours ago
Iron Man had lived after Endgame, and had given away all his money and moved out to the middle of nowhere on a farm and became a serial killer who kept the taxidermy heads of all the Avengers which he murdered. People only found out because S.H.I.E.L.D. bought his property after he became too poor to afford it and they went there to claim it because he didn’t have any technology there so they couldn’t contact him. 0-o
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screnwriter · 2 hours ago
tips on writing death scenes and silence ?? struggling to make a sort of impact when you read it .
/cries in writers block
Not sure how helpful this will be since it's more from a screenwriting perspective, but I think there's some things you could take from it.
TW mentions of loss of parent and gun use
Start by asking yourself these questions;
Why are you killing this character?
How is their death going to impact the story as well as your characters?
How can I use this death to further the plot?
Every death should mean something. If not for your characters, then for the town. Otherwise, what's the point of killing this character in the first place?
I realized the irony in this title, but let's ignore that.
As far as reactions to a character's death go, it doesn't always need to be some huge, massive breakdown with people screaming, dropping to their knees, and tears bursting out of their eyes.
Sure, those things could work for a really emotional death scene, but emotional turmoil comes in many different ways.
A muted reaction, or standing there in shock upon seeing your loved one dead, instead of emotions exploding out of you, can make just as much of an emotional impact (if not more, in certain situations).
Goes to say that it works the same way for how you choose to kill your character. It doesn't always need to be in the middle of a bloody battlefield.
You know what’s fucking horrifying? Your character, dying alone, in a forest, surrounded by nothing but darkness. With nowhere to go or no one to call, far away from their family.
You know what else is horrifying? Escaping from the forest, having just barely made it out of a fight with the antagonist, only for a GUNSHOT TO BLAZE THROUGH THE AIR AND STRIKE YOUR CHARACTER, killing them on the spot.
We don't know who shot them. We don't know where the gunshot hit. All we see is the character dropping to their knees.
I don't know if people are going to agree with this, but it doesn't matter if it's a minor or major character dying, their death should still have a HUGE impact on your characters personal lives and the overall plot, if said character had a close relationship with your main characters.
What I mean by that is, even if the character isn't too important to the story, their death should still leave a mark on the people they left behind.
Say a character loses their parent, for example. The parent might only have been a minor character, and the audience might not care too much about them, but this is still the parent of one of your main characters. Your character is going to care. They're going to be heavily affected by this loss. It's not something that can just ''be swept under the rug'' just because the parent weren't important to the story.
Your story doesn't need to feel incomplete if you kill a minor character, but the lives of their loved ones should.
There's really no way say how to write a good death scene. The best thing you can do is to focus on your characters emotions in the scene. Are they scared? What about everything they won't get to experience in life? What are they feeling? Their loved ones? What's it like for them to see the person they love lose their life? Get into the nitty-gritty.
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weirdcultstuff · 22 hours ago
Just found out from my therapist that that whole thing I did as a kid where I was convinced I’d die on the fourth of the next month, every month, and I’d do my laundry and like clean out my dresser drawer and put away my toothbrush and stuff so that everything was in order for people to take care of easily when I died, was actually part of my suicidal ideation. Okay lol
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sanguith · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Scheduling this to post at 28/7 wooo happy chzo mythos day
I actually drew this almost a year ago but was never able to scan it until now. Reference was a screenshot from a scene in True Detective - though I obviously added in the tree stump and also changed the pose up a bit (and corrected the values + added the red in photoshop). I really like how it turned out, probably spent 5+ hours on that tree stump alone.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 hours ago
In a zombie apocalypse, society established a new class of people similar to the war boys from MadMax and sent them outside to clear out the zombies. If you die from battling the undead, you get to skip the line for Heaven.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 4 hours ago
Milla Jovovich and Queen Elizabeth died on the same day. Needless to say, I was very distressed when I woke up.
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bisexualjohnnycage · 16 hours ago
Lady Xuna (OC) Bio.
Tumblr media
Name: Lady Xuna (last name unknown)
DOB: Exact date unknown.
Age: Aprox. 45 years old.
Height: 5’2”.
Realm of origin: Earthrealm.
Affiliation: Raiden’s Kombatants.
Early life:
Lady Xuna was born into a troubled home. To a neglectful father with a betting problem and a overbearing mother with temper issues, Xuna was the lone figure holding the two together. Long before Xuna was born, her mother was involved with the Black Dragon, and went into hiding once she realized just how in-bedded she became.
At the age of four, Lady Xuna witnessed her mother kill her father in a blind rage after finding out that he had ratted her mother out to the Black Dragon. Fearful of being caught by the BD, Xuna’s mother admitted to the crime and turned herself in to the authorities to escape the BD, abandoning the young Xuna in the process.
However, not all was lost for Xuna. The young girl was entrusted to a monastery by the name of the Fellowship of Cetrion, an all women’s church dedicated to the Elder Goddess, where she was taught how to read and write and was taught the values of the Great Goddess. This would be her new home for years to come.
Teenage Years:
Xuna would be raised alongside several of her fellow Sisters under the religious values, and would become literate within a few years of her schooling.
At the age of ten, Xuna would volunteer under combat tutelage, and would delve into the study of fighting for justice and using her body as a defensive weapon.
Everything would take a turn at the age of seventeen though.
Just a few weeks before Xuna would turn eighteen, her mother was released from prison. The tyrant of a mother tracked down Xuna and insisted her daughter be returned to her, only for Xuna to refuse.
Not taking no for an answer, Xuna’s mother would return days later in the dead of the night. Her mother would break into the monastery and search for Xuna. Xuna would be paranoid that night, and search the halls praying not to find anything. Only for her worst nightmares to come true as Xuna would find her mother in the worshipping hall, surrounding by the bodies of Xuna’s slaughtered Sisters.
Blinded by rage, Xuna enforced Cetrion’s values of justice over peace and challenged her mother to combat to avenge the corpses of her Sisters. During the battle, Xuna’s mother would brandish a dagger and manage to slice into Xuna’s side/hip and neck, leaving two permanent scars.
Ultimately, Xuna got the upperhand and defeated her mother, holding the dagger into her mother’s chest. But, Xuna refused killing her mother, and instead offered forgiveness despite her fury. However, this offering would be denied, as Xuna’s mother would stab herself into the dagger Xuna held, penetrating her own heart.
In her final moments, Xuna’s mother would admit to being corrupted by her temper and her greed, and that she only wanted Xuna to return so that she could donate her daughters body to the Black Dragon as compensation for her debt. Her mother would die that night right as the authorities arrived, leaving Xuna an orphan entirely.
Xuna fell into a fever after her mother’s death, one lasting four days. The medicine women at her church tended to her and assumed it was the shock and grief of the night that caused the fever, however they were only partially right.
During her four day fever, Xuna was visited by the Elder Goddess Cetrion in her dreams. The Goddess thanked Xuna for embodying her greatest values - peace and justice, and forgiveness over revenge. The Goddess would grant Xuna any gift the girl asked for, and Xuna would shortsightedly ask for the ability to see the future, so she would never have to deal with the unknown again and always be able to save the people around her.
Cetrion granted this power (among others) to young Xuna, and Xuna would wake up four days later with the gift of Cetrion, a heart full of grief, and a newfound duty.
Early Adulthood:
Xuna completed her religious studies and was granted the title of High Mystic at the age of twenty four.
With her great abilities and religious duty, Lady Xuna would be called forth by Lord Raiden as an advisor, and from that point on be cemented into the future of Earthrealm and the tournament. Overseeing the training of the young Chosen One and his closest companion and offering guidance to the Protector of Earthrealm at every given chance.
Decades later, Lady Xuna still serves as Lord Raiden’s closest advisor. Through the years, Lady Xuna has festered feelings for the God, ones that would be reciprocated and confessed just a few years down the line. Alongside finding a partner in Earthrealm’s Protector, Lady Xuna would find sons in Earthrealms Champions Liu Kang and Kung Lao.
She serves Earthrealm dutifully alongside this her small family, and always prepares to meet any new members with open arms.
In her earlier years (17-30), Xuna would be described as obedient, respectful, and dutiful. Speaking when spoken to and taking on the visage of a mysterious religious woman.
As she grew older, Xuna would abandon this shy and obedient personality, becoming more independent, headstrong, expressive, and impulsive. She would hold her kombatants close to her heart, protecting them and her realm with all she has. Taking on the role of a doting but stubborn mother at times.
Compassionate to those in bad situations and fierce against her enemies, Lady Xuna would become a force to reckon with.
Lady Xuna is a short ethnic woman. With tan skin and dark long, brown hair. Her eyes were originally dark brown, but upon getting her gifts turned bright yellow with specks of dark red around the cornea near the pupil. The rings of her eyes appear dark orange. She has two prominent scars on her body that she keeps covered up: A thin one on her neck and a thick slash down her hip. Lady Xuna has a small beauty mark on the right side of her face on her cheek just below her eye.
Lady Xuna most often wears her hair in a high ponytail, and sports small braids in her hair ornamented by orange bands and beads. She wears a translucent yellow veil that covers her eyes. She sports dangling gold earrings most of the time. She sometimes wears a silver nose ring. She also wears orange eye makeup and crimson red lipstick.
She often sports outfits with long sleeves and open chests with long thin skirts that are in orange, yellow, and black. She constantly wears a red sash around her waist that carries her yellow parasol.
- Foresight: The ability to see her future whether in just a few moments or in the distant future.
- Telepathy: The ability to delve into a persons mind and read their thoughts.
- Enhanced memory: The ability to recall last events with great clarity.
Fighting style: Yet to be decided.
Weapon: Despite her non-combative presentation, Lady Xuna does posses a signature weapon. It is a short staff disguised as a parasol. The parasol itself is yellow with an orange canary stitched on it. The handle of the parasol is curved and the blade end of the handle can be revealed by twisting the top part of the parasol and letting the canopy fall off.
Miscellaneous facts:
- When around people she is unfamiliar with, Lady Xuna will take up the “obedient and mysterious seer” persona again. Around those she is familiar with she becomes her fiery and expressive self.
- Lady Xuna actually presents as a non-fighting kombatant, being referred to as an advisory for wisdom instead of a fighter. However, her refusal to fight does not mean she cannot fight. Only in certain situations will Lady Xuna physically participate in Kombat.
- Lady Xuna wears a veil over her eyes as a religious requirement. The veil represents her devotion to the Gods and her duty, the covering of her eyes is meant to symbolize how her gifts are meant only for Gods. She removes it when sleeping, bathing, or when she is alone. And can take it off if she is instructed to by Raiden. When around others she must have her eyes veiled or covered.
- Lady Xuna is actually very physically expressive. Despite having to veil her eyes, she is easy to read. With exaggerated facial expressions, open body language, and hands that move and gesture constantly, Lady Xuna is a very easy to read person.
- Lady Xuna’s signature colors are orange and gold, and she is often represented by an orange canary.
- Lady Xuna has a mom instinct that makes her treat people younger than her like family. It’s incurable and gets worse the older she gets. She has adopted three dogs and several temple children because of this instinct.
Links to her design/alt outfits:
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allgreenisgoodgreen · 3 months ago
just sharing this for anyone who needs it rn
Tumblr media
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lumberjackloving · 3 months ago
Just saw a post abt lgbt city folk supporting rural lgbt kids that started with ‘listen up queers’ and I think that is the funniest fucking thing ever. I, a man who was spent half of my childhood in the rural south and bc of that hates the word, and the lgbt kids in my town who were called dirty queers and saw a gay kid beaten to death in 6th year, were just called ‘queers’ in the same breath as saying we need unique support from the community fhcjfjdjshshs
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essercipertuttienonperse · 3 months ago
i wonder if they'll make Prince Philp use lil nas's pole to go to hell now
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marisatomay · 3 months ago
it’s so bizarre to watch non-americans talk at us about gun violence like we don’t know that we’re being held hostage by one line in a centuries-old piece of parchment. “have you thought about changing it?” no, we haven’t. you’re the first person to suggest it. congrats.
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chismosite · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PC @redguju
Tumblr media
4.22.21. Columbus, OH
Community support for Ma'khia Bryant has included her neighbors and broader community members, and Ohio State university students who occupied Ohio Union demanding that the university cut ties to local police.
Tumblr media
Police have murdered at least 4 children in the past two weeks.
Anthony Thompson Jr
Petyon Ham
Adam Toledo
Ma'Khia Bryant
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one-time-i-dreamt · a month ago
Dolly Parton and my grandfather set up an elaborate trap to murder my father.
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h3artpunk · 2 months ago
A list of resources to help Free Palestine
the israeli government is threatening further annexation of palestinian land. here’s how you can help.
Petition links-
calling on the us state department + department of defense to demand an end to israel’s forced displacement of palestinians from jerusalem
tell your state rep. to support the palestinian children and families act (h.r. 2590)
stop israel’s forced displacement of palestinians from east jerusalem
write canadian parliament to protect palestinian families in east jerusalem
Donation links-
unrwa, donations funded towards injured and displaced palestinian families
palestine children relief fund
further information-
free palestine carrd
stop annexation of palestine carrd
@/thearabkage on tiktok
please reblog/add sources!
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Quick pointers regarding the covid 19 situation in india.
What's happening? There's been a large uptick in cases in india (325k+ in a single day) and we do not have to resources to cope with it. People are dying rapidly and they have to struggle to get a bed. They're dying on sidewalks.
The blame can be placed on a person and that person is narendra modi, our prime minister.
There was a lot he could have done to prevent it but he chose not to. (Refer this post for detailed explanation)
If you can donate, do NOT donate the PM CARES fund. Many indian citizens donated to it a while back but no one knows where the money went.
If you can't donate, please spread resources and infographics. Modi is very conscious of his image in foreign countries so defaming him is a very good shot we have to get him to do things.
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chismosite · a month ago
what you missed in Minneapolis this past week (6/6/21)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The city and mayor are attempting to remove the community structures and memorials from 38th and Chicago to re-open the streets to car traffic despite the mayor’s promise last year and continued local opposition.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
U.S. Marshalls killed a Black man, Winston Smith for unclear reasons in Minneapolis. Minneapolis police then cracked open the head of a person at a vigil for Smith who was handing out pizza (no hospital info for her yet) while attempting to shut down the vigil. The task force that killed Smith does not use body cameras, but it’s believed witnesses may have recorded something. Police have stated that Smith was suspected of owning a handgun while being a (former?) felon.
Gun control in the U.S will always be used to kill Black people. There is no legal measure that won’t be used to subjugate Black people. The law and its enforcement are murderous institutions of control for white supremacy and the rich.
This story might be being suppressed on social media according to local sources. This post will be updated as/if I learn more.
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best-of-inspirobot · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
[Murderers are coming for you]
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