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#death tw
mysso · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
POV you've just been arrested by the butcher's army and you forgot your totem
[image id: a screenshot of the album cover art for lovejoy's newest ep "are you alright", which features a dead cat squashed by an anvil]
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compassionatedestiny · 6 minutes ago
Aziza Rana Corazón
Tumblr media
(Art provided by @creepiitus ♡)
Aziza is shrouded in a bit of mystery in about every story/verse I set her in, mostly due to the fact that she's gone by the time the story begins.
Isabel has very little information about her, and thus struggles to connect with her dead mom.
However, Aziza's story is fundamental to Isabel's as well. While details can change from verse to verse, the spirit remains the same.
Trigger warnings for the following: death mention, cults, emotional and psychological abuse, and controlling behavior.
Aziza is the youngest of four siblings. Her oldest brother had married and moved out by the time she was five, but the few memories of him that she had were positive and happy. He was a very loving and warm man who adored his family.
Her oldest sister was the closest thing Aziza can recall of a mother figure. Their parents died in an accident (changes depending on verse) when they were young, and thus her sister had stepped up to love and raise her. Sadly, they would be driven apart by their final sibling, Zahid.
Zahid is about 10 years older than his youngest sister, but due to the tragic and sudden loss of their parents, he steps up to become head of the family. While their oldest brother had offered and tried to help his younger siblings, Zahid was too proud to accept aid from him, determined to provide and protect his sisters himself. Unfortunately, Zahid's decision would lead him to fall into a fanatic sect, and his own zealous would influence a disturbing mania in him. He became close with the leader of the group, and in order to stay in his good graces, Zahid arranged his oldest sister to marry the leader and join his harem of wives.
Both Zahid and Aziza would lose their sister in childbirth of her only child.
The death of their sister created polarizing effect: Zahid became even more controlling and possessive of Aziza in the name of protection, while she would be pushed away by his efforts. Aziza never liked this cult that her brother the himself in and didn't want to be part of it, but she had nowhere else to go to either, for she had no contact with her oldest brother for years. As a result of feeling helpless and powerless, Aziza would lash out by speaking out, but this caused more arguments with her brother and his leader.
Despite this unhealthy home life, she had a small handful of friends. Her closest was Scheza, one of the wives from the harem. Both lost their families and felt trapped in this environment, so they took comfort in one another. Scheza would tell Aziza stories to help her fall asleep.
Her escape from her brother was in books, which was limited by order of the leader. She would try to sneak whatever she could get her hands during her excursions.
Over time, Aziza learned to hide her outbursts and feelings about the cult, to appear to be compliant in order to gain permission to go on errands for her brother. This works, and leads to the most important meeting of her life.
A foreign soldier named Raymundo Corazón.
When they first met, Ray ran blindly into a pole as he was captivated by Aziza's beauty. While she was hesitant of soldiers, she gave Ray a chance for she never seen anyone with green eyes—"the color of life" in her own words—before.
Slowly, they would meet up in secret and talk for hours. For Aziza, Raymundo was someone listened, who let her speak her mind, and was warm and kind. Not like her brother or the other men in the cult she was surrounded by. He gave her hope in others again.
Near the end of Ray's deployment, he asked for Aziza's hand and if she wanted to join him home for a new life together.
For the first time, Aziza was given an opportunity to make a choice for herself.
And she took it.
With the help, Aziza was able to her herself and Scheza out of the cult and out of the country. (In FMAB Verse, the two women leave behind evidence to a friend to hand over the police of the cults illegal and radical activity, which eventually leads to the leader's and Zahid's arrest)
While Aziza's freedom only last for a few short years, she loved every moment of her new life with Raymundo. She loved him with all her heart and soul...her only regret was not being able to hold Isabel and see her daughter grow up.
Isabel may not have known her mother in life, but she inherited Aziza's resilience, determination, conviction, and love of learning.
And unfailing hope in the most dark of circumstances.
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Ok it is 2am and I just had this idea as to how Robin died and it links back to my "buried alive" hc
Y'know how they did a bit in horrible histories about caveman burials and stuff, and how they were often buried with their partners? What if Robin was buried alive alongside the chief?
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orphic-moss · 11 minutes ago
I just realized something about Wilburs and Tommys Limbo
In Wilburs Limbo, he described it as an endless underground train station. Where he couldnt get out, or go anywhere else because it was all concrete walls. He said he "Screamed until my voice was hoarse" he clawed at the walls and felt trapped. Trapped alone with himself. No friend no foe. No one around him just the walls and himself. And he was stuck like that for years.
And then Tommy came. And he described it as a train pulling into the station and he came and he played competitive solitaire with him. And then when he left he then described it as Tommy getting on and it leaving. And then he was left alone for a few more years.
However like wilbur had pointed out before, everyones Limbo is different. And from the small snippets of what tommy has described so far from what i can gather. He was in a void. A dark void and felt nothing. Every sensation was numb and it was dark. Wilbur was there. But then he also knew of Mexican dream, looking at his grave and described him as 'seeming happy'. So that means, he at least saw mexican dream there, and probably Glatt(or schlatt not too sure). But he still saw them. He wasn't alone. He was with people, people he didnt mind, and people he hated. And that's particularly off.
They both described their experiences in the limbo as hell, they both suffered and were in agony. Each Limbo is different. Tommy's limbo was being with wilbur. talking with him being with him in a dark void where he felt nothing because of the overstimulation he experiences when he gets out. Tommy hated it. But it was wilburs best experience in his Limbo.
Wilburs version of his own personal hell is being stuck with himself. His only company is himself, his voice, his brain. He never saw Mexican dream or Glatt(schlatt?). Because his hell was being alone with his own mind. I remember reading a post somehwere where foolish described him as 'A man wanting to be a villain and treated everyone else to be one' or something similar. And then in that very same oost someone said that in the time of pogtopia, Wilbur came to hate himself. He hated who he became and got lost in self hatred and self destruction. And for a man, who hated himself so much that he blew up the country he made, felt his story was finally over he wanted to die. And he did. He died. And when still in that mindset of being lost in his self destruction, and hes left alone for years. That would do something to you.
And with being around the only person you truely hate...yourself? He isnt ok. When having no one around to help you, no support no comfort just concrete walls. A man can only last so long. But had no choice. He cant just die in his own Limbo. So how does he get to the wilbur we know?
He doesnt recover. When in a place like that all a man like Wilbur can do is think. He thinks and thinks he evaluates his morals, his situation, himself. He thinks, re-thinks everything hes done. The wilbur we see now, the one that is revived. Is a man who thought over, re-thought, over-thought every action he has ever done. He wants to do it again. But better. He wants to be another big thing, he wants to make changes to stick it to the man. He wanted to create division when he created L'Manberge, he said this on stream im sure.
He wants to do it again. Why wouldnt he? With the way he acts, he feels like he put a massive crater in everyone. That he is responsible for so much. It went so wrong the first time, he wants to do it better. Wilbur is human. He is nothing but human. And humans try to improve things. When something goes wrong the first time they try again a different way. He is human. He is finally alive again. And hes going to show how human he is for as much as he can.
but yeah,,,,anyways dont know where im going with this honestky. I wanted to write ab the differences in the limbo of Tommy and Wilbur and be like their suffering is different and then be like 'ih wonder what glatts and MD's limbos are' but then it kinda turned into a character analysis. Lmao. Anyways yeah take away whatever you will. I really like thinkinbout this stuff makes brain go brrr.
and if u have anything you wanna add to this thing share it i would love to hear it!!! and even if you don't wanna like make text i would live to read your thoughts even if you put it in the tags if you reblog!
let me know if i need to tag anything!!
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idemasic · 12 minutes ago
It’s not anyone’s job to babysit you on the internet. Nobody is normalizing anything. Do you shoot people because you play video games? All you’re doing is talking over CSA survivors. So I still hope all you antis die. You actively hurt people and cry when you receive pushback. Just because you can’t separate fiction and reality doesn’t mean you can police others. Kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself.
kid. i am a csa survivor. i aint talkin over shit.
so how about you fuckin grow up, and either leave me alone you pissant or you come off anon so i can properly threaten to kick your teeth in :)
(again, only posting for proof on how fucking disgusting you all are.)
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beforedawnads · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
terror hanging heavy in the air like a smog so thick it chokes the life out of you, oppressive and unending and seeping into all facets of life. everyone has a story — a cousin, a neighbour, the in-laws, the friendly wix behind the counter — a story of someone who disappeared, who turned up dead, who was tortured, or who suddenly started acting off one day.
no one can escape it. not even muggles. pilling on, one thing after the other, one loss after the other and it gets to the point where you wonder, come your turn will there be anyone left to dig you a shallow grave?
is an appless and slight au marauders era rp. set both in hogwarts and hogsmeade with aged up characters, we aim to deal with the impact of voldermort’s reign of terror. set over a backdrop of political turmoil and the ever present dangers of the on going war; the result is a world where the only certain thing is that the sun will set each night and rise each morning without you knowing if you’ll live to see it all happen again.
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inkstaineddaughter · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
It’s Mother’s Day and she’ll always be my favorite person in the world. Every day. Every minute. I miss her with my entire heart and soul.
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slotheyes · 26 minutes ago
My cat went blind suddenly over the weekend. I'm sure its related to her chronic kidney failure but it's been devastating and I dont know how I'm going to inevitably have to handle her passing.
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oncelerrichard · 32 minutes ago
Me: this character is my comfort character!
Also me: *brutality kills them 7 different times.*
@nekuuwu @burnt-toast-life @tinkonka
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chrononactive · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
wanttohurt said: Character solidifying questions: 11 25 and 37!
character solidifying questions. / always accepting!
11. How do they see themselves: as smart, as intelligent, uneducated? 
I’d say he sees himself as smart, maybe not in the way of being able to go complicated math calculations and quantum physics per say, but he’s able to think of his way out of a tricky situation and use his powers to get through puzzles and such. He’s very people smart, though he can be a bit biased on that due to his trust issues.
25. What are their hobbies and interests?
Traveling: He really liked traveling in Asia, meeting other people, learning about other cultures and taking in the scenery. It was nice to get away from America and go to a place where nobody knew him. Where he could be himself.
Music: While he doesn’t play music as much as he used to, Jack still enjoys listening to music. Maybe not the hardcore emo stuff that he used to (though he still gets in moods where he listens to it, who doesn’t? lmao), but music is still a very important part of his life. They way people can express their thoughts and feelings through music is beautiful to him and he uses it as a way to connect to himself.
Writing: Jack still writes song lyrics when he needs to get his frustrations out. Sometimes he writes poetry. He thought about working for a magazine like National Geographic a few times and was considering it greatly before he got called back to Riverport.
Working out & Self defense: Jack enjoys working out, gaining muscles, anything to make him feel better about himself. It relieves stress and tension and he often uses it now to get out of any depressive or intrusive thoughts that pop into his head. He does like learning about self defense and gun training. It did come in handy after all, so it was good that he took it up.
37. How is your character’s imagination? Daydreaming a lot? Worried most of the time? Living in memories?
He’s not very imaginative as he used to be when he was younger. He does find himself daydreaming about how things could have turned out if his parents hadn’t died. Most of his worries are about what he’s going to do with his life as he feels like he’s drifting from place to place and he worries about Will of course, even when they hadn’t talked for years Will was still in his mind. Post game he thinks of Paul a lot, wondering if he could have changed his mind about how things played out, if there could have been a way they could have worked together to fix time. And he thinks about all the people who died, Beth, those protestors...There’s times where he can’t sleep due to guilt. It eats him up that he could have done something to prevent everyone’s deaths, but realistically he couldn’t because it’s not like he could have been in more than one place at once.
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thelullabyer12 · 43 minutes ago
“He’s gone! He can’t just-just come back! He left me, he can’t just fucking walk back into my life without changing a bit! I-I saw him and he just... pretended like it was fine. Like he didn’t hurt me. Like he didn’t destroy my home. Like he didn’t abandon me.” Fundy was yelling. His throat hurt, his voice kept breaking to his mortification. Phil watched as Fundy paced, tears gathering in both eyes.
“Initially I was happy but then... he’s my son, Fundy. I love him-” “He was my father”, Fundy cut him off. He didn’t mean to be rude, he knew Phil was just trying to help but goddamn it, Fundy felt so alone. When Wilbur died, life felt like shit but it was somehow worse now. Now Fundy had to deal with his father who doesn’t love him yet expects to be loved. “He was my father”, he repeated, in a broken whisper. “The worst part is...”, Fundy trailed off then cleared his throat, “the worst part is that I love him too.” He let the tears fall as Philza Minecraft’s, the Angel of Death’s, heart broke.
Phil did the only thing he could do. He opened up his arms and wings and took Fundy into his gentle embrace. Fundy fell into his grandfather’s arms for the first time. For a second, for one, beautiful second, they were both at peace. Then the realizations set in. Fundy was... well he didn’t know how to feel. At least his dad felt this comfort during his dying breaths. Philza felt his heart rate increase as he realized that this was the same position his son was in. The same position as he bled out. For a second, for one, horrifying second, Philza could feel the blood on his hands.  
“He was never ours, was he.”
A statement, not a question.
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horcrvxes · 45 minutes ago
harry’s canon divergent verses
not so chosen one  /  neville is the child of the prophecy. in which neville is the chosen kid of the prophecy, and harry gets to grow up totally normal with  james and lily.
those who thrice defied him  /  james and/or lily survive. this verse is pretty flexible, but peter still betrays james and lily, but at least one of them manage to survive. voldemort is destroyed when he tries to kill harry. this would follow rather closely to the original series, except harry wouldn’t be raised by the dursleys.
mssr padfoot proudly presents  /  sirius raises harry. peter is arrested after james and lily die, and sirius raises harry as his godfather after the war.
a proper family  /  sirius’ name is cleared. this would probably have to require sirius surviving ootp, but sirius’ name is cleared when voldemort returns, and he is able to have harry come live with him as he’d promised him.
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calgarycanuck · 45 minutes ago
You know what? I just lost an aunt today, and even tho i'm pretty strong, my grandmother had to burry a daughter on mother's day and that break me into pieces. 😞 Just wanna tell you that I pray for you and your family. May God bless you all, and if you need someone to talk, i'm here. ❤️ - pri
Thank you for this. I'm so incredibly sorry that this happened to you. I'm sending you all the love and prayers I possibly can to you and your family. Again, if you need someone to talk to, I'm always here, messages or asks. ❤
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southern-belle-outcasts · 46 minutes ago
;the latina- headcanon
Tumblr media
Mother’s day is always a heavy drinking day for Nil. Between having lost her Mami, and losing her baby, she very much wants no part of the ‘this is the one day of the year I can be fucked to spend time with my mom’ crowd, all out and dressed up for no reason other than a hallmark holiday, and not because they’re really grateful for what they have. She has literally gotten into verbal altercations with people in public over it, so she learned a long time ago it’s a day she just needs to stay home, drink, get high, and watch a lot of Netflix. This applies to all her verses, regardless of if it’s not v; salt and burn, in which case she did not conceive Talia to have lost her.
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aro-mako · 48 minutes ago
set eight years after the war. in which toph and azula team up to make fun of their mothers. happy mother's day
"Why'd you call me here?"
Toph didn't look up. "Oh? Aang said it was Mother's Day."
Azula winced at both Aang and Mother.
"You brought along your friends?"
"No," Azula said. "Either they're ghosting me or they forgot I existed."
"That's r-"
"If you quote my brother on me I will leave and never come back."
"Alright, alright, sparky! I just..." Toph paused. "It's a rough day."
"What, did someone lock you in a room with Zuko?"
"Nah. Just... the fact that it's Mother's Day."
"You too, huh?"
"My mother is — was — a horrible woman. Lao says she passed away a few months ago from some sort of illness."
"I..." Azula tried to come up with an acceptable response. "That's a lot."
"I don't know what I expected. She was never going to be immortal, right?"
"My mother was never there. I don't know."
"Never? Didn't she... bring you up?"
"Ha. I wish." Azula sat down opposite her. "She was there for Zuko, in our younger years. When our parents stopped yelling."
It was hard to tell who she meant. "My parents never said anything. Not to me, not about me, just..." Toph trailed off. "Protection. Supposedly. Didn't do anything to help."
"They sound miserable."
"They were. And now my mother is gone, and it's Mother's Day, and — I don't know. I just want for her to be around so I can hate her and wish she was dead without it actually coming true. Is Ursa still around?"
"Briefly. She went back to her hometown."
"Didn't even stay around to check in on Zuko?"
"For a year yeah. Then she left for a week, then she came back for a few months, then she left for a month, then she stayed for a few weeks... and then she just didn't come back. Too many bad memories."
"Can't blame her."
"Me neither. But then again... I get it, she doesn't want any reminders of my father, but by the time I was out of that fucking asylum she was gone, and by the time I'd actually changed she didn't want to hear it."
"She never bothered? Funny, it was the other way round for me. I had to keep on telling my mother to fuck off because she didn't get the damn message."
"Yikes with a capital Y. I don't need to forgive her, I just need closure."
"Hope you can find it."
"Hope your mother stops avoiding you."
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makeawishcaptain · 49 minutes ago
“I want an answer, goddammit!” (jin ah & yeon)
He sighs. "Fine. I'm a nine tailed fox." He turns around and allows his tail to appear. "And you are the reincarnated version of my one and only love. We're technically married actually. I died but Rang gave up his life in place of mine so I could be with you. Also, the last time we spoke, you thought I was human, as you can clearly see that's not true."
Tumblr media
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skylessnights · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You’ve shown me what it feels like to be loved too.” Buck says, his eyes beginning to water. He could feel Eddie’s cold skin against his finger tips.
Buck moved his hands to Eddie’s neck to check his pulse but he couldn’t feel anything, just a stillness. He didn’t want to think the worst but he couldn’t help it.
What if he was... 
Based of the synopsis for 4x14
*S is for Shooter
*B is for the Shooter’s Boss. 
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forestward · 53 minutes ago
my fathers death couldn't break me but seeing fucking trc rp tiktok screenshots will jesus fucking christ
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fireflier · 55 minutes ago
@📀❤️ anon, smh you're just a pussy, get good (/j, /lh). (TW: character death? Idk what else to tw for up ahead) Also idk if you've seen it yet but there's an animation called "Ranboo's Execution" and my partner sent it to me and just... why did it feel familiar why did it feel familiar why did it feel familiar why did it- (/srs, kinda /neg?). Like my skin legit tingled like I was the one getting burnt by the water so y e a h . -🌕 (🖤🤍📗)
LMAOO inter-anon Violence >:) (/j /lh /nm)
and OH IVE SEEN THAT it’s so sad D: god it gave me slight kinfeels too but idk if it was enough to consider anything ,, i hope you work out your feelings around that and i hope you feel better ,, i know it can be hard and stressful to remember those kinds of really sad things around your timelines :(
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