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If you need to bring up someone’s English skills in a argument…. well sorry but you’ve lost the argument…

I hate seeing people go after non-English speakers because

“ I DON’T know if English isn’t your first language or if you’re just stupid—–”

What does the persons english have anything to do with the debate???

I mean really..

Tell me how attacking the persons English has anything to do with the debate??

Does attacking their English somehow prove your points???

Does attacking their English disprove their points?????

The answer for both of those is no.

As someone with a mixed accent I deal with the

“ can you speak English???”

“ not sure if English is your first language or you’re just ret😷rd.”

In a debate… I get it a loooot…

and I can speak English…

My accent isn’t even that bad I can’t imagine what it’s like for non-English speakers or people with deeper accents…

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We’re doing better now.

Its officialy been 3~4 ish months since I made the decision to cut someone out of my life. This was someone whom I thought I would spend forever with.

I have never done this before.

Ive lost touch with people and thats about it, but I had never made the decision to actually STOP talking to someone and push them out. Thats never been me and I didnt think it ever would be.

But nonetheless, i do not regret it. Not a single bit. Im proud of myself right now and everything Ive done by far. Ive come a long way from where I was before. This is new.

My mental health has never been better. Im in a good place right now. Im happy again. Im just now working on things i feel could use a bit more work.

But, im me.

Im happy.

Life goes on.

I thought I was probably going to marry this person. I was extremely attached and failed to admit we werent made for each other. After the breakup, we kept talking and things got worse from there. Thats why i made the decision to cut him out.

You dont need people in your life like that. For MONTHS i contemplated breaking up but thought if i broke it off, that i wouldnt be happy. That i would be making the biggest mistake of my life. I thought i would regret it so i never did it.

Break it off.

Trust me.

If youve thought about it or had times where you feel suffocated or like you cant move, CUT. IT. OFF. I can not tell you just how better it gets afterwards.

If youre scared of hurting the other person, chances are, you probably will, but remember, its your life, not theirs. Its your life. You deserve the happiness you feel you dont deserve. You deserve it all.

If youve thought about it, and if youre still reading this, you probably have. This is it.

Do it.

Trust me, it gets better. At first, it feels horrible. Youre going to be a mess. Youre going to feel like you wish you hadn’t. Let yourself do this.

But take a moment and breathe.

Now, doesnt that breathe feel fresh? Doesnt it feel like the weight is gone? You can cry. I did.

Because youll know the feeling when youre there. When you step out for the first time and you feel it. The air, you can breathe.

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The more I read about the indoor/outdoor cat debate, the more convinced I become that the issue is ultimately never going to get resolved, because both sides seem to be under the impression that the other side just doesn’t have enough information, when in fact it’s a largely philosophical debate.

Okay, so there is the issue of people in different environments having different things to worry about when it comes to pet keeping (eg. Rabies isn’t a thing in the UK but is in other countries, so we don’t really have to worry about that; New Zealand has a shockingly large number of endangered flightless bird species, so Jesus Christ keep your cats indoors over there; etc.) where people might change their minds about other people’s choices when given more information.

But generally it doesn’t make a difference.

The indoor cat owner sends outdoor cat owners information about the dangers of letting your cat roam free, and about the increases in life expectancy that come with keeping them indoors.

The outdoor cat owner sends information about the many natural behaviours outdoor cats are more easily able to engage in, and the increased likelihood of obesity or mental health problems in indoor cats.

And neither of them get anywhere because, obviously, every outdoor cat owner is well aware that their cat is less safe outside. Every indoor cat owner knows that their cat is going to require a lot more enrichment to keep it happy.

This is a debate about physical vs mental health.

If you keep an animal, is it more ethical to ensure that it is as healthy and longlived as possible, or to ensure that it is as happy and as close to its natural lifestyle as possible? (I mean, the ideal answer is both, but people tend to disagree about degrees.)

Is it acceptable to potentially sacrifice an animal’s physical health for its mental health (or vice versa)?

These are the issues that people are actually concerned with, but they rarely get properly addressed, because people are too busy assuming that outdoor cat owners aren’t aware that cars are dangerous, or indoor cat owners don’t know that cats like climbing things.

Certainly, I’ve seen a lot of indoor cat owners especially who are apparently under the impression that outdoor cat owners just… don’t care about our cats? They’ll conflate it with animal abuse— insisting that all outdoor cats are also underfed and never get taken to the vets— or act like we just let our pets out for the hell of it, because we can’t be bothered to keep doors shut.

And I’m just saying, whether or not you agree with the ideology behind letting your cats outside (and whether or not you’re actually able to do that where you live, which is of course an entirely separate issue), I’d appreciate it if people would just admit that there is an ideology there. We are just as shocked at the idea of keeping a cat indoors unecessarily as you are by the idea of letting one outdoors. It’s usually not a bloody whim.

Best example, if a bit of an extreme one: when my old cat got ill, she spent about a week not being able to go outside. Not because she was contagious or anything like that, just that she was physically so weak that she was spending all her time loungeing on the sofa like a Victorian consumptive, having to have her food and water bowls held under her nose at regular intervals, because she didn’t have the strength to reach them herself.

So, because she couldn’t go outside on her own, my Mum would come home every day from work, pick her up, and carry her once around the garden.

She’d try to get me and my Dad to do it as well. We didn’t, because I personally thought that it was a bit much, but to my Mum, Button’s little “jaunts around the garden” were a vital part of her getting better. If she couldn’t breathe the fresh air and see all the plants and things at least once a day (and it is worth mentioning that humans absolutely suffer if we can’t see greenery. That’s why we grow trees in cities. It’s a whole issue, and I’d be interested to see if anybody’s studied whether it affects other species), then she might just succumb to her illness.

(The cat did get slightly better as well. I mean, she ended up dying of whatever she had— we never found out for sure, but we suspect cancer— but she didn’t spend the rest of her life stuck on that sofa. Make of that what you will.)

Like I say, I think that that’s a bit much— I know I’ve spent days when I was ill just lying on the sofa, and it didn’t seem to affect my recovery that much—but it demonstrates my point: outdoor cat keepers (and indoor cat keepers, for that matter) aren’t just keeping their pets that way for the hell of it.

There’s a genuine philosophy about quality vs quantity of life and the responsibilities of pet owners in there and, until we address that, the debate is never going to be anything more than intensely frustrating for both sides.

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I like this blog because it offers me anonymity. I like it because I can express my emotions through writing, something I used to be very good at. I like it because I put effort into it, into the writing and even though it’s just 2 pieces yet, I am proud of it.

I like dogs because they are happy to see me, and some days I am not happy to see myself. Some days I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror because I look like a failure, something I am not ready to accept, and never will be. I like dogs because when they look at me, they pretty much only see treats and pets, they only hear words of affection spoken in silly voices. They hear the kissy sound I make to grab their attention and wag their tails in approval and excitement. I like dogs because they seem to like me. I like dogs because they are easier to understand than anything else. They will be there for me even when I am not there for myself.

I like my mother because she believes in me. I like her because she has always loved me. i like her because I can count on her support. Some days are bad days with her. We fight, often. She can be hurtful, but I think I have that in common with her. I like my mother because I can call her any time of the day or night, because I am her most precious thing. 

I like debating because it is a good exercise for my mind. I like it because I am good at it, and because I learn so much from it. I like debates because I get to meet new people who are articulate and the conversation with such people is never dull. Sometimes I will choose the side opposite to my natural opinion, just to broaden my horizon and help myself reason better. I am proud of this habit.

I like all of these things and so many more yet i am sitting on my bed in tears. It is because I like all these things but I do not like myself, not today.

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I’m debating on if I want to post a screenshot of my MapleStory M characters to my RPG blog. I do want to show what they look like but I don’t want to risk getting who-knows-how-many friend requests as I’m still not used to playing with other players. I only have one friend in the game but she’s my bff in real life so that’s a different story.

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You can be argumentative *but*

  • you better openly acknowledge when you’re WRONG


  • THANK the person you argued with if they patiently explained why.
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More unsolicited opinions, because our president’s behavior has caused me to remember more frustrating behaviors that often surround events such as our Presidents most talked-about tweet today:

No one is ever obligated to debate another person.

No one owes you a debate. Whether you disagree with their opinions or not.

Stating an opinion about a particular topic does not equate to signing up for what could be a minutes long or hours long debate. Demanding that someone commit to such a thing, however long, is unreasonable.

Debate, in and of itself, is rooted in winning or losing. It has to do with working to break down both a person’s argument and their will to continue with the debate in order to be declared the winner. Winning does not mean that the winner was right. It is not the most effective tool for learning. Furthermore, what people often call “debating”, is often simply arguing – which is rooted in projecting both opinions and emotions onto another person, and in which the goal is to bring the other person down to size.

Discussion, on the other hand, is rooted in active listening and the aim is to fully understand another person’s point of view, while also presenting one’s own views. All actions, comments, and questions, will work to serve that purpose.

To wrap up: if our goal, when engaging with another human being about a particular topic, is rooted in a wish to cut that person down to size, or to project our emotions or opinions about that topic onto the person we’re engaging with, we are not coming from a place that will properly inform or treat that person in a way that most humans would like to be treated.

Do your research and do it throughly. So, that you can fully understand the topic, not so that you can win the argument quickly.

Don’t interrupt.

Don’t talk over.

Don’t insist that someone prove their point to you at a moments notice and then interrupt them with some variation of “That’s what I thought” or “I told you so,” if they take longer than five seconds.

Stop it.

We’re in a dangerous situation, right now, regarding the well-being of our country and now is not the time to be tearing into people and spouting uninformed opinions at them.

If you don’t actively read a wide variety of news and work to stay as informed as possible about the goings on of our country, don’t you dare have an opinion.

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activity: debating

date: 1st February 2020

organization: Bednarska 


This Saturday we had a tournament for the Bednarska schools. This was the first time we did something like this. It was meant as an educational tournament, so the motions were very classic, used often, and we had a lot of feedback. I debated with Arek, with whom I’m going to PSDC. I think we definitely learned a lot, but it was also fun to debate with people from our school. And because it was smaller than other tournaments, there wasn’t so much stress. I hope we have more of there in the future.

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activity: debating

date: 11-12 January 2020

organization: Klub Debat UAM


This weekend we went to first tournament of this (calendar) year. A lot of people from Raszyńska went, which was fun. I don’t as judging since it was a Novice tournament. I got good feedback and it was the first time I was the chair (main judge) of a debate. I’ve done it before in Raszyńska, but this was the first time on a tournament. It was quite stressful, especially that it was a top room (the best debate at the time) and the level was quite high for a Novice tournament. I started getting very stressed and I did not do very well. The discussion in the panel was good, but the call was not obvious and we had to talk a lot, leaving no time for me to prepare proper feedback. Luckily, I still managed to ‘break’ to the outrounds and I judges the semi-final in the panel.

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activity: debating

date: 21 December 2019

organization: Klub Debat Białystok


This weekend we went for a debating competition in Białystok. It was a one-day tournament, so we took a train on Saturday morning and came back in the evening. It was so much fun to debate with Mary again. She came to Poland for Christmas and we thought it would be fun to go to a tournament together. I really miss debating with her. It made me think about PSDC again and I got all excited about this year. I am going to PSDC with Arek and Janek from pre-IB. They also debated in Białystok. 

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Hey guys so I would like some thoughts about what you guys think of otherkin or therian. I just don’t really understand it and find it odd to say the least. Now I know that is hypocritical of me to say, because I do refer to myself as a little and I do age regress (5-13). Now here’s where I feel the difference comes in. I know I am a 28 year old adult with responsibilities and things I have to do. I am in the head space as soon as I put little man to bed and I have my medication. My therapist and I talk through my trauma and work on my ptsd, anxiety and depression while using the age regression method because I am able to open up more when I have the mindset of a child and more trusting vs when I’m an in an adult head space. It’s completely safe, it’s nice to relax color/watch cartoons and feel like a kid again. (Btw everything I listed was legitimately diagnosed by a psychiatrist I don’t claim to have anything that wasn’t actually diagnosed.) (btw let’s just end self diagnosing in 2020 how about that? Let’s make this a thing, if it wasn’t said from someone that is medical professional then it’s not true, or at least go see a doctor and see what they have available for you.)

Okay so I’m way off topic, but can you guys tell me your thoughts on otherkin and how you feel about them, or if you are one then tell me about it if you’d like. I like to gather information about things I may not understand. Thank you and have a great day. Also I promise I won’t be rude.

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Do you ever finish a game that you were so invested in and obsessed with that you’re left feeling lost and nostalgic once it’s over and you want to immediately replay it to refeel those feelings?

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