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booasaur · a year ago
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Teenage Bounty Hunters - 1x03 - requested by anonymous
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edensrebecca · a year ago
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1x01 “Daddy’s Truck” || Teenage Bounty Hunters
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Sometimes I think about how we'll never get to see
Debbie telling Sterling that she'll always be her real mother, and Sterling's journey towards accepting that
Blair's journey towards feeling secure with herself as she is, and Debbie being a part of that
Blair and Bowser discussing how their relationship has changed both of them for the better and Bowser ultimately rehiring the twins
Bowser continuing to work on his life and becoming happier and more fulfilled
April confronting her father and everything leading up to it
April saying the words "I'm gay" in like any context imaginable
Luke and April becoming close friends and Luke being April's biggest supporter even after she lets him down
Sterling coming out to her family
April learning to change her behavior and becoming actual friends with Ezequiel and Hannah B.
Anderson finally standing up to his family
Miles finally standing up to his family
And finally, more bounty hunting shenanigans in which the twins are now competent
So many amazing threads the show set up, only to be forced to leave them hanging.
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obvslybatgrl · a year ago
Debbie: I’m not mad, I just want to know why you have a fake ID.
Sterling: *mumbling*
Debbie: What?
Sterling, quietly: You need to be 18 to hold the dogs at Petco.
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anarchistbitch · a year ago
blair and sterling:
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donnas-troia · a year ago
miles: it's such a pleasure to be... black, in front of your daughter
Y'all he read her!! 😂🍵
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coulditbeafeeling · a year ago
Teenage Bounty Hunters - Debbie Wesley
Here to give a quick shout out to Debbie Wesley. Despite the nature of current life style, she never fails to back up her daughters, especially when shit hits the fan with Sterling.
It hit me when she was invited the local hellions over book club and Sterlings recent social media posts were all the buzz. Not only did Debbie handle it with class, not apologizing, but attempting to normalize her behavior and essentially shaming the women into making it a big deal, but she also stepped it up when that drunk chick dropped the bomb about Sterling and Luke banging.
Instead of letting shock run over her and storming out on Sterling, leaving her to fend for herself, she told the demons to leave, cease their judgement and gtfo.
Only when Sterling was safe from the snarky twits did she let herself process the information, asking Sterling to leave her be as calmly as her emotions would let.
And THEN, she knocked it out of the park when she comforted Sterling that night, reassuring her daughter in a time of doubt that it’s okay. It’s okay to indulge in your sexuality and be a teenager. She even takes a step back to realize her own faults, namely that she hadn’t made it apparent that Sterling could confide in her.
Because she isn’t perfect and she made a lot of mistakes. But, she knows Sterling has to go through some of the hard lessons she had to in order to grow.
So, major props to Momma Wesley. May she continue to reign in season 2.
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scapular-dyskinesis · a year ago
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Teenage Bounty Hunters // S1:E7
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ginaxnini · 9 months ago
Virginia Williams Appreciation Post
I was wondering where I'd seen the actress who plays Charity Callahan (Virginia Williams) on Charmed before. Turns out she was the mom in Teenage Bounty Hunters and the mom's diabolical twin sister. She is delightful. That's it. That's the post.
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tbhfanexchange · a year ago
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Welcome to the first TBH Valentine’s Exchange! We thought a good ol’ fanwork exchange would a great way to keep the fandom invigorated during the long siege that is #SaveTeenageBountyHunters and generate a bunch of fun new content. Share and celebrate your love of Teenage Bounty Hunters with other fans by creating fanfics, fanart, gifsets, and edits of your favorite characters and ships.
This is a secret exchange! This means that recipients will not know who is fulfilling their prompt. Matches will be revealed on post day!
Sign-Up Here
Participant Rules:
You must be willing to create one (1) piece of fanwork: fanfic, fanart, gifset, edit, etc. for another participant. Contact the mods if you want to create something that is not on the sign-up list.
Recipients and giftees are matched as best as possible based on the answers from the sign-up form everyone is required to submit. The person you are creating a fanwork for may not be the person creating a fanwork for you. If you and another participant want to be assigned to each other, contact a mod.
All fanwork should fulfill their assigned recipient’s request/prompt. Contact a mod if you received a prompt that you are uncomfortable fulfilling.
Fanwork should be a completed work by the due date of the event.
Fanfics should be a minimum of 1000 words.
Traditional mediums should not be on lined paper.
Please do your best to use images and video of good quality.
Fanwork must be specifically created for this exchange and can’t have been posted somewhere previously.
When posting a fanfic, please keep the text under a cut or use a link.
Use #tbhfanexchange in one of your first five tags!
Tag your recipient!
Sign the petition to save the show!
Schedule and Deadlines:
December 14th, 2020: Sign-up deadline! You can sign-up here.
December 18th, 2020: Match Day. Participants receive their Valentine giftee’s name and prompts.
January 15th, 2021: First check-in. Participants need to submit their 1st draft of their fanfic or art concept by this date (4 weeks after Match Day) or notify mods of dropping out so pinch hitters can be assigned ASAP.
February 1st, 2021: Second check-in. Participants must show a near completed 1st draft of their fanfic or art concept by this date.
February 12th, 2021: Due date for completed gifts!
February 14th, 2021: Post your gift anytime today and don’t forget to tag your giftee! The main blog will post a round-up of fanfics within the next day or so.
Your mods: @tornainbow  @jimalim Feel free to ask us any questions!
Please reblog to spread the word
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she fucking nailed every piece she was given. White Upperclass American Mom, wife struggling with her husband, mum struggling with how much to communicate with her kids (in general, but also) about a really bad situation, fucking DANA, the interplay between Dana and Debbie, the exchanges with the police.
She fucking OUT SOLD there is no other way of putting it.  I haven’t seen anyone talk about her yet so I feel I have to because she knocked everything out of the park. She took every script given to her and elevated it beyond measure.
I came for the gay, and stayed because I really enjoyed the show, but my fucking god was she the Highlight of the show for me.  The relationships between Sterling/Blair, Sterling/April, and Sterling/Blair/Bowser coming in second.  The gay ship, the reason I watched the show, and powered through the first 5 episodes of aggressive heterosexuality to get to that gay ship, and my favourite part was their mum (and, later, aunt). I hope Ms. Williams knows that she is the best. and i am in awe of her, and that she deserves the world.
I ended up caring so much more for these characters than I ever thought I would, and I was so impressed with everybody - the adult cast where fantastic, as I should of expected, but didn’t, seeing as I went into it only caring about two characters (though within 15 minutes I suddenly really cared about blair too. We just vibed).  But I just have to give a massive kudos to Virginia Williams, because with the water bottle next to me as my witness; even if there was going to be no further investment into sterlings unlabelled sexuality, and everything - disappointingly - goes back to heteroland next (pls renew teenage bounty hunters) season (pls i beg you), I would watch it specifically for her; to see her act like a fucking legend, to see where her character goes and what she does with it.  That is a response ive never had before.  
So. Please watch Teenage Bounty Hunters.  Its very fun, it gets gay halfway through, and the actors do a really good job. Thank you, and goodnight.
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booasaur · a year ago
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Teenage Bounty Hunters - 1x10
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anarchistbitch · a year ago
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cant blame him tho
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rainingmusic · 7 months ago
Parliament - Dr. Funkenstein
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scapular-dyskinesis · a year ago
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Teenage Bounty Hunters// S1:E4
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paddingtonfan69 · 10 months ago
I'm rewatching TBH (surprising, i know) and oh my goodness episode 4 is slowly breaking me apart. Debbie standing up to her "friends" about Sterling? Lynn telling Debbie how good Sterling is?? And then Debbie finding out about the sex and instead of going crazy mad she just talks with her daughter??? "were you even gonna tell me? No probably never. Oh... That breaks my heart" and her voice breaking and aaaahhhhh. I know we're all obsessed with April and Stepril but God this is an amazing episode. There's not really a question in this I just needed to yell about TBH and you're my designated yell-about-TBH-person.
Yeah man always around to talk about my number one girl Debbie!!! That moment is the first thing makes her character stand out, imo, and telegraphs that she isn’t wholly like these other church moms. She loves her daughter(s) so much and cares about them more than any societal standards set for her!!!
I also love to think about how she reacts to Sterling have sex with this care and comfort vs how she reacts to Sterling drinking with more of a direct punishment. It makes me wonder about her past, specifically Dana wrt to substances and how that translates to her parenting style, especially given how so much addiction can be genetic. But yeah, I love the subversion that yes, if you’re safe, premarital sex isn’t as bad as this community makes it out to be, but her daughter will NOT drink. It’s fascinating!!!!
Debbie has obviously some issues with lying to her children over and over again but man, she’s really trying to be a good mom and succeeds for the most part!! And I love her!!! Thanks for this ask!!!
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lirioxcheerio · a year ago
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Journal Entry #??
Paul Wesley is a great actor. I’ve only really seen his work in Vampire Diaries, plus other shows such as Fallen and 24. In Vampire Diaries, he plays other doppelgangers of his main character, Stephan Salvatore. He’s played Silas, Tom, etc (in the show). Although I consider him to be a good actor, I don’t think his acting is presentational. There are subtle things he’d do or say that would foreshadow what will happen later in the season, but its not as clearly presented as it can be in plays (like greek tragedies or Shakespearean). Sometimes, he plays his character so well, that I cry or sob for a while.
 Debby Ryan is an interesting actor. I’ve seen her play in disney shows and movies such as “the suite life of Zach and Cody on Deck”, Jessie, and other non Disney productions like “Insatiable”. For so long she’s played the same kind of role in Disney (sweet high school girl). When I saw her on Insatiable, I couldn’t get it past my head that she could try to play other roles. Her work is very cringy. Taking into consideration all of this, I don’t even know if her acting is presentational. 
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someonewhowillstay · 2 years ago
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classicsodcovers · 3 years ago
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Classic SOD Cover Date: April 5, 2011
Debbi Morgan & Darnell Williams (Angie & Jesse, ALL MY CHILDREN) (left) Tony Geary (Luke, GENERAL HOSPITAL) (bottom) John Wesley Shipp (ex-Eddie, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) Sharon Case & Michael Muhney (Sharon & Adam, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) (top inset) Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
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