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#deceit sanders

Logan: My precious husband.

Janus: Wait, what? I’m what?

Logan, on a megaphone: You’re fucking beloved!

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Moceit - Secret

(This is for Patton’s birthday!)

GENERAL TAGLIST: @quillfics42 @aj-draws @phantomofthesanderssides @phlying-squirrel @sly-is-my-name-loving-is-my-game @because-were-fam-ily @imtryingthisout @a-creepycookie @emo-disaster @littlestr @spooky-scary-virgil @fuyel @mimsidoodles @soupgremlin @aroaceagenderfluid @birdsbookshiddeninrealbirdsskin @quirkalurk @gingers-trashy-stuff @iinyxtello @justaqueercactus @melodiread @mrbubbajones @glassferns @pun-master-logan @gayturtlez @k1ngtok1 @yourneighborhooddisaster @alexxander-the-gay @full-of-roman-angst-trash @selfcarejanus


“Happy birthday, Pat!” Roman cheered, presenting the cake that he, Virgil and Logan had worked on together.

It was a chocolate cake with messy icing and the words ‘Happy Birthday, Patton’ written in messy writing across the top. The words were blue, and there was an equally messy heart drawn just beside his name.

(They could have just summoned a perfect cake for him, but hand-made food was always the best, even to beings who could snap their fingers and have anything they wanted.)

“Aww, you guys did this for me?” Patton said, surprised and with a smile on his face. “I love you guys. You’re the best family a dad could ask for.”

“It’s nothing,” Virgil said. “You do things for us all the time. The least we could do is make you a cake for your birthday.”

“I agree,” Logan added. “Whilst I might not understand the need to celebrate birthdays, when we were never technically 'birthed’, I do know that it means a lot to you.”

Roman laughed, reaching over and clapping Logan on the back. “Don’t act like you didn’t like the poems I wrote you for your birthday.”

Logan crossed his arms. “I am emotionless, I do not love anything.”

“Bullshit,” Virgil said.

“Language,” Patton added. Then, he clapped his hands together. “Kiddos, go sit at the table. I’ll go get us some ice cream to have with the cake.”

“No, no,” Roman said. “Allow me.”

“Kiddo,” Patton said, in the sternest voice he could manage. “You guys made this wonderful cake for me, so I’ll go get the ice cream. It’s only fair! Now, sit down.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Roman, Logan and Virgil went over to and sat down at the table, and Patton headed over to the kitchen, humming as he moved.

The moment he stepped into the room, the door shut behind him. He jumped, and then jumped again when Janus suddenly appeared in front of him.

Patton blinked, and then he smiled and threw his arms around Janus.

“Jan! You’re here!”

“I couldn’t miss my darling’s birthday, could I?” Janus said, before he spared a glance at the closed kitchen door. “I just had to wait for a moment when you were alone.”

Patton’s smile turned slightly sad. “One day we’ll tell them, but…”

“Not yet,” Janus finished. He then reached out, and gently cupped Patton’s cheek with one gloved hand. “Are you having a good birthday, dearest?”

Patton perked up again. “Oh, it’s been the best! Have you seen the cake they made me?”

“I got a glimpse of it when I came into the kitchen last night. Of course, Virgil and Roman weren’t too happy to see me, but the cake did look delicious.”

Patton frowned at that. “I hope you guys sort things out soon.”

Janus caressed Patton’s cheek with his thumb. The gesture was soft and gentle, like how Janus always touched Patton, and it did brighten his mood just a little bit.

“This is too negative of a conversation to be having on your birthday, my dear,” Janus said firmly. “So it is my responsibility as your beloved partner to make you feel happier.”

He then leant in, and - just as gentle as his touch had been before - kissed Patton. His lips were soft, warm, and Patton immediately felt like melting into a happy pile of goo on the floor.

But puddles of goo couldn’t kiss boyfriends, so Patton was happy that that didn’t literally happen.

When Janus pulled back, Patton smiled at him.

“Is that my gift from you?” He asked.

Janus smiled back. “Of course not,” he said, and then he waved his hand.

Something wrapped in light blue wrapping paper appeared in his other gloved hand. It was small and lumpy, and Patton found it to be squishy when Janus handed it to him.

“Happy birthday, my dearest,” Janus said.

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On to Janus (sorry that I haven’t posted in a while):

- Charming, Cunning, and manipulative
- Status: Taken
- Boyfriend: Virgil
- Sexuality: Pansexual
- Pronouns: They/he
- Ex?: No ex’s
- He is very manipulative to anyone he doesn’t know or if he wants something, but he never manipulates Virgil because he loves him
- He and Virgil got matching chokers while the others favorite color, Virgil has a yellow choker and Janus has a purple choker
- Likes to wear beanies
- He is very charming, his charm is actually how he gets good grades in his classes, plus his cunningness
- Logan always offers to help him but he always says no and goes back to charming the teachers
- He’s not a bad kid, he’s actually really caring but people mistake him for being a bad kid because of his sassiness and sarcastic sense of humor
- He and Virgil like to spend a lot of time together, Janus’s love language is quality time and Virgil’s is physical touch (surprisingly) so they like to just watch movies and cuddle or go to the park

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Sanders Sides baking competition - Teams of two

4 rounds

Round 1 - Pie

Round 2 - Cookies

Round 3 - Cakes

Round 4 - Ice Cream

Virgil and Roman - The panicked gays


Logan and Patton - The parents


Janus and Remus - The cookie scales

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(Background Prinxiety and Intrulogical)

TW: makeouts


Patton smiled as he slowly woke up to his face being lightly kissed by his cute snek boi. Today is a very special day, Patton’s Birthday, Ever since they got together Janus has been planning the perfect birthday party and gifts for his boyfriend.

“Janny, I’m awake.” Patton giggled, Janus just kept kissing Patton’s blushing face until finally resting a final kiss on his lips. Patton kissed back and smiled into the kiss as did Janus. “I love you, but I have to get up and make breakfast.” Janus pulled Patton down, “Nope, you are not. We are going to IHOP.” Patton smiled, “But I thought you hated IHOP?” Janus kissed Patton’s cheek, “But I love you so for a few hours I can pretend it’s good. All for you.” The lovely moment was interrupted by a crash, the lovers in bed looked at each other before getting up and slipping in their slippers praying not to find the body of one of their stupid children.

The kitchen was a mess! Flour everywhere, egg on the counter, chocolate chips in the sink, frosting on the stove, and in the middle of it stood Virgil and Roman covered in all of the ingredients making out on the counter. Roman sitting on the said counter and Virgil kissing while on his tippy toes, Roman is 5 inches taller than smol Virgil. Patton squealed, his ship has sailed!!! And on his birthday! Best present ever!!! Janus smiled at the two new lovebirds before speaking up, “I’m happy that you two finally figured out your love that we all didn’t see, however, could you please clean the kitchen.” Virgil and Roman dissolved into nervous and lovey giggles before starting to clean up the mess they made. “Come on Patty Cake. Let’s get ready for IHOP.” Patton smiled and rushed upstairs, excited to get IHOP.

Janus texted the party group chat and made sure the plan was in place.

  1. Surprise party
  2. Take Patton to the park
  3. Propose
  4. Carry Patton home lovingly

Patton and Janus were soon ready and went out to IHOP. Patton was having a good time and it was a bit slow so stalling wouldn’t be hard. The couple was having a good time as the party was being set up. Remus may be covered in glitter and Logan may have glitter on his lips but the party was pretty much done.

It was about noon when Janus and Patton began the journey home. “That was lovely Jan. Thank you.” Janus smirked, “Baby, it’s only noon. I have plenty more for your birthday.” Patton smiled at his boyfriend, god he was perfect. The two pulled up to the house and walked inside where the others popped out with the “SURPRISE! Happy Birthday, Patton!” The father figment smiled at his family, they threw a party for him, it was perfect. Janus walked over to Virgil, “How much glitter is in the carpet?” Virgil smiled,” Too much. Have fun with that.” Janus smiled and pulled Virgil in for a hug, “Thank you for your help.”The two hugged for a moment before pulling away. Patton squealed, “That was adorable! But when did you start getting along so well?” The reason was that they missed being best friends and since Patton sees Virgil as son Janus asked Virgil permission to marry Patton and the two got close again; however Janus hasn’t proposed yet so Virgil answered, “I realized how much I missed my best friend. We fought over something that we were both at fault for so we called it even and started treating each other like friends again and now we are friends.” Patton smiled and hugged the two, “My boys!” he then pats Virgil’s head and kissed Janus’ cheek.

They did presents and cake then watched Patton’s favorite movie, Winnie the Pooh. It was now 4:30 pm and Janus was getting ready to take Patton to the park. Virgil walked in and fixed Janus’ suit, handed him the ring, and hugged him once more before sending him off to go ask his dad to marry him. Virgil was happy that Patton was happy. Patton wore a baby blue button-up with a flowy blue and yellow skirt while Janus wore a black and white suit. The park is where the two began dating so Janus knew it was the perfect place to ask Patton to marry him.

Patton sat down on the bench as he did Janus began his speech, “Patton, my Patton. We have been dating for 2 years now and every day I love you more and more. From our movie nights to road trips, to vacations we have fun; even when things get tough you were always there for me even when I didn’t deserve it. I love you more and more every day if that’s were even possible. The future is uncertain however I know that I will always love you so.” Janus got down on one knee and pulled out the blue ring box with a golden ring with two baby blue diamonds on it, “Patton Morality Sanders, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?” Patton sat stunned before beginning to cry, “Yes! Yes please!” Janus smiled before pushing the ring on Patton’s finger and giving him a passionate kiss. Patton wiped Janus’ tears as he did the same for Patton. “I love you so much, Janus.” “I love you so much more, Patton.”

It was a love-filled birthday, to say the least.

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Janus: Remus decided it would be a good idea to microwave some bacon, and after THIRTY SECONDS, the plate exploded.

Virgil: Is the bacon okay?!?!

Janus: Yeah, the bacon’s okay.

Virgil: Good, I was worried for a sec.

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Sanders Sides Pets

Logan - Snowfall, the long - tailed grey Chinchilla

Remus - Remy and Remi, the gay fancy rats

Roman - Beauty, the Friesian horse and Loyal, the King Charles puppy

Patton - Poppy, the corgi puppy and Guppy, the red eared slider turtle

Janus - Ellie, the ball python. Danni, the orange cornsnake. Billionaire, the red and white garter snake. Kansas, the rosy boa. Lastly, Janus the emerald green tree boa.

Virgil - Bride, the black border collie puppy, Emily the Bombay kitten, and Stormy the raccoon.

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Sanders Sides Human AU with Analoceit where Logan, Janus, and Virgil have a podcast about conspiracy theories, weird scientific discoveries, and mysteries of history. The whole thing works, because each of them brings a completely different energy to the group.

Virgil starts with presenting in detail the topic of the week. He is, of course, slightly paranoid and willing to believe in most of the conspiracies after hearing them for the first time. He also tries to come up with the worst case scenarios and the most grim explanations for all secrets they discuss.

Meanwhile, Janus jokingly supports his unrealistic ideas and asks provocative questions to make their discussions even more absurd. He would also bring up some other made up theories, trying to find patterns when there are none and pretending to treat everything very seriously.

Their episodes usually end with Logan losing his patience for their unreasonable panicking (even if it’s mostly acting). He then carefully explains why certain things are false and how the world actually works. It usually helps Virgil with his fears, so he and Janus can switch roles and focus on asking Logan more questions, so every topic is as clear as possible.

(It also works, because they all have nice voices. Obviously.)

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Remus: *tiredly hugs up behind Janus while Janus is making breakfast*

Remus: Baby?

Janus: Yeah?

Remus: How are you so beautiful?

Janus: Because you love me.

Remus: You’re absolutely correct.

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Did you touch them? Did you hold them?

Did they follow you to town?

They make me feel I’m falling down.

They make me feel I’m falling down.

Was there one you saw too clearly?

Did they seem to real to you?

They were kids that I once knew.

They were kids that I once knew.


~ Dead Hearts by Stars

A redraw of this old piece


Alternate version below the cut because I messed up on the coloring and shading the first time and wanted to re-do it lol

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Head cannon: deceit is subconscious of his scales so he sometimes transforms in to either Roman or Logan (the sides he thinks are the prettiest)

35 notes

Okay. this is going to be my last one. I feel like, at this point, I’m just repeating myself. But this has been genuinely so so so much fun! And, if I can be vague for a second, this whole thing bodes well for a future project I’m planning. 

1. Who has the cutest tickle laugh?

Logan’s of course! His laugh already is beautiful with all its snorts and squeals compared to his normal serious self, but there’s a particular laugh that is Janus’ favourite. It’s a shame because he’s yet to cause that laugh again. He was tickling his sides while Logan was lying on his stomach and his hands drifted to back of his ribs, on his back. It was just the most frantic uncontrollable giggles you’ve ever heard. Logan’s choked attempts at saying ‘oh sweet lord this really tickles’. Neither of them knew his back was ticklish and Logan’s sheer panic at the hidden tickle spot which is very ticklish. The laughter from a new tickle spot where it tickles a new way and the panic of not realising he was ticklish produced the best laughter Janus has ever heard. His biggest regret in life is not recording that laugh. Oh well, all the more reason to try and replicate that laughter. 

2. Who is ticklish in unusual places and where would that be?

Not really an unusual spot but more like unusual tickles. Janus quite likes experimenting with how to tickle in his snake form and one day, when he was a teeny weeny snake, he managed to curl around one of Logan’s individual toe. And Logan’s feet is his death spot. Logan wasn’t really aware of his own screaming laughs but the fact that all the others (including Remus, so it must’ve been bad) came storming into the room with various weapons. None of them even saw the small tiny little yellow noodle slowly twisting around Logan’s little toe. 

3. Who gets cheer-up tickles?

Janus. Logan has this habit of resting his hands underneath Janus’ cape near his ribs to keep his hands warm or even just to have a spot to keep his hands while talking. This then evolved into slow gentle tracing around Janus’ ribs and of course he can’t bat away at his hands because no one can even tell that Logan’s hands are under there and there’s no way he’s telling the whole mindscape he’s ticklish. But this quickly become a way for Logan to help Janus realise he’s stressed and needs to take a moment. His hands will go from gently resting to slowly curling fingers around his ribs and it completely takes Janus out of the moment and helps him realise that he’s screaming in frustration at an upset Patton. It becomes a way for Janus to know when he’s hitting a nerve or needs to back away and calm down. 

4. Who takes advantage of the other one getting their arms stuck while taking off their shirt?

Janus loves to take advantage of Logan because Logan is so delightfully clueless. Not only is he useless in the mornings but he’s very ‘no funny business’ and doesn’t even think it’s fathomable that Janus will tickle and joke with him. His brain is turning on! Of course no one will try to start a conversation with him! And so it is the perfect time to attack his little pudgy sides with tickles or scitter up his spine as he walks by. To make it even better, Logan always forget by the next morning and will just stand there will Janus creeps forward with wiggling fingers. 

5. How did they discover each other’s ticklishness?

Logan’s ticklishness was discovered when Janus was in his snake form. Janus made it a habit to turn into a snake so he could extra appreciate the warmth. But Janus decided to finally take a leap and slide up to (gently) around his neck rather than curled up in his lap. But his sliding scales going up his arm before settling and curling around his ticklish neck. To make it worse, this was after a long day’s work and so Logan didn’t even try to hide his giggles. It took him a worrying amount of time to notice Janus had stopped and was now staring at him in front of his head with a judgmental snake look.

Janus’ ticklishness isn’t much of a story. I have no clue where this has come from; I don’t even ever have consistent height headcanons. BUT! Janus has made it his place to sit down is Logan’s lap. I like the idea of them not being the most affectionate couple but also just casual contact is done without batting an eye. Logan is sitting on the sofa, he won’t even move or look up when Janus plops down on his lap and sits cross legged in his lap. But then one day, maybe after his own ticklishness was discovered, Logan just wondered if he was ticklish too. He then squeezed his sides. Janus threw himself back, trying to back away from the squeezes, but of course that then means he allowed himself to be trapped in Logan’s arms who then tickled the snot out of him. And he does not regret it. Seeing Logan’s peaceful smirk still lives in Janus’ mind rent free. 

6. Who can’t take tickle bites?

Neither of them. Both of them are equally as weak to the silliness and sensation of tickle bites. One day they even wanted to battle this out, prove it once and for all. They both got sat in Patton and Remus’ laps so they could be effectively pinned down and tickle bit to pieces. First one to safeword would be the loser and the weakest to the tickle bites. Patton starts nibbling on Janus’ neck and made sure to linger on the scales while Remus immediately dived for Logan’s sides. They both safeworded at the same time and they still argue to this day over how unfair that battle was (even though neither of them really lost). Remus has a moustache! Oh yeah well you don’t have scales! I’m bigger so there’s more surface area to tickle! I’m smaller and you have no idea how flustering it is to have everyone tower over you!

7. Who has to be tickle-forced out of bed in the morning?

To put a spin on this, Logan absolutely needs to be tickle chased IN to bed. Janus is absolutely not above fighting unfairly to get his genius idiot boyfriend some amount of sleep. He’ll duck under the desk and destroy Logan’s death spot in plenty of tickles and maybe a few raspberries here or there. Logan will even be begging that he promises he will go straight to bed but Janus will not listen. If he did then Logan would 

8. Who gives up in a tickle fight?

Oh this is absolutely not what this question is asking but oh this only just hit me. Both Logan and Janus are the sort to deliberately lose a tickle fight. Logan actually enjoys the tickles and sometimes it only just hits him that he can sit back and socially acceptably just take all the tickles he wants. Janus is the sort to treasure when Logan is having unabashed fun and genuine silliness and he will absolutely sit back and let things last longer so he can teach Logan that silliness is something good. But one day they both dramatically flop backwards thinking they can sit back and enjoy the tickles. They both awkwardly flop away from each other thinking the other will go to pin them. But obviously they just flop heavily against the floor in deafening silence. Janus finishes his giggle fit and Logan awkwardly brushed off the tingly sensations. The silence lasts for a solid minute. Then they burst into laughter and they both curl up to each other like the hopeless tickle addicts they are. From that point on, they are aware the other will deliberately lose a tickle fight but they still pretend like their tickle fights are genuine. 

9. Who is in danger of getting hurt when attacking the other?

Logan can sometimes just flop over during a tickle attack. Like his legs just don’t do the working thing anymore. So there’s been a few moments where he’ll collapse on to Janus who is completely unprepared to have his huge boyfriend fall on him. He doesn’t really get hurt but it always make him laugh when one second he’s evilly attacking his boyfriend to the next being buried underneath Logan. To make it better, Logan then has access to his little stick legs underneath him which are perfect for some revenge tickles. 

10. Who always provokes the other into tickling them and how?

Janus. He’ll never admit that he wants tickles but he’s also too much of a lee to outright ask. To make it even better worse, Logan can be a little dense so all this subterfuge goes to complete waste when Logan ends up proclaiming loud enough for anyone in the mindscape to hear, “Oh wait, are you trying to provoke me into tickling you? Is that it? Do you want some tickles? Why are you blushing so much, there is nothing to be ashamed of about liking being tickled.” 

9 notes

Here’s some concept art for Dragon!Janus. I drew it and my sister offered to help with the colors. We went through a few different patterns and this one is my favorite so far. I’ll be trying to figure out some other patterns though so this one may not be the final version. I’m still working on the name for this species. 

Notes on the drawing(more coherent ones): Unassuming in appearance to look nonthreatening. Small, serpent-like body. Long and thin. Small talons and minimal spikes. Long, sharp teeth. Venom that can cause its victims to hallucinate and lose their voice. Medium-sized wings. Doesn’t fly often. Markings on the right side of its face and not on the left. Poor eyesight, strong sense of smell.

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