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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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“ We Don’t See The World As It Is, We see It As We Are” I believe the Earth is spitting into 2 Vibrational Earths Beloved! 🌺 As above, so Below… You Pick Which Dimension You Want To Exist in!✨

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You know there’s an imbalance in the universe when you decide to play Animal Crossing New Horizons over reading your favorite fanfic updates and favorite author new fics.

Just saying.

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Judge James is in session…

If you are currently arguing with you other half/roommate etc during this quarantine about some petty.

Send me an ask for an impartial decision.

All verdicts are final 👨‍⚖️👨‍⚖️

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<<La soberbia es el peor enemigo de nuestro razonamiento, suele apostarle al caballo sin siquiera ver cómo cojea, y a la vez, el mayor defensor de nuestro autoestima, no importa qué tan idiota seamos, vamos por el camino que debe ser>>


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#shakearoo #newartist #newsinglealert #bayarea #bayareamusic #cashmoneyrecords #CMR💰 #spaceonthebeat #yungdell88 #universalmusic #capitolrecords #unsignedrapper #rapartist #hiphopnation #hiphopculture #hiphopmusic #barbadbreed #ymcmb #decisions #freeliltote @barbadbreed “Shake-A-Roo” was y’all favorite, should I just drop it already? @spaceonthebeat @yungdell88 🤔😪 #Decisions #FreeLilTote - #regrann (at San Francisco Bay Area)

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hey guys! i’m kind of thinking about what name I should go for on tumblr.

i wanna do it along the lines of abdul, dark and possibly angel.

yeah kinda similar to what i have now but i wanna make it less creepy and more fantasy-normal I guess? lol i just need some time.

if you got any suggestions please let me know! :D

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Our decision that we make, sometime proves wrong. When we willing to take decisions that we guess going to make us happy, turns into worse decisions of our life. It really hurts. Sometime we found ourselves in a situation where we contend to ourselves internally and our mind which is not much big, actually small as the size of our fist, holds the memories of past, The long lasting memories of infinite bytes creates clutter in our head. Then we took a stand in front of ourselves and start asking to ourselves that what I did and why I did this? Why I trusted the wrong person? And the we found nothing just tears in our eyes.

Let me talk individually that when you spend time with a person who cares for you apparently. You actually don’t know him literally what sort of person he is? You don’t know what mess he is planning in his mind. You start falling for him and dreaming about him but when all these magnificent days turns into the endless dark nights, the person you were dreaming for turns into a stranger and the sweet dreams turns into the nightmares, You feel all alone in the end.

Dear! It’s an exceptional case and it is common that after all those happenings, you start blaming yourself that I was fallacious. Someday you think that you’re useless. Happiness and peace are the words that looks far away from your life. The worst days comes when you start thinking to ending up your life.

But wait dear! Again you’re going to take wrong decision. You can turn your nightmares into lucid dreams and sight of paradise. You can turn your worse moments into unseen memories. You can change your boring nights into beasty nighty nights. Decision is yours. Are you gonna choose the pain or you gonna choose pleasure. Yes! You don’t really know what’s gonna happen to you. You don’t know that the person who cares for you now could be turn into Damon but at least choose a person who shows you less but take care of you as much as he can. You are not made for just having tears in your eyes. You’re not made for the eternal pain. Everything happens for a reason. You are the reason for your pain as well as happiness. Make decisions that gives you satisfaction. The decisions that make you sure that your dreams ain’t gonna turn into nightmares.

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E͎N͎• Any decision, even the wrong decision, creates your destiny and your experiences. Enjoy your decisions and learn.
E͎S͎• Cualquier decisión, incluso la decisión incorrecta, crea tu destino y tus experiencias. Disfruta tus decisiones y aprende

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#mood #decisions #beats #instrumental #sound #music #allin #drive #inspiration #beatmaker #studio #trap #hiphop #rap #logicpro #x #allornothing #new #beat #mafia #street #chill #youtube #addiction #work #nosleep (at Europe)

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We all get trapped in the loop of pushing off the things we want to do. Today doesn’t seem like a good day to start, and tomorrow might be rough too, so we will just put those dreams up on a shelf. Maybe one day, when the timing is right, and the feeling is there, the stars will align and finally give us everything we deserve.

It’s this passive existence that keeps us trapped. If we wait too long, we won’t have the time, strength, or means to do what we are fully capable of doing right now. It’s not a question of if those circumstances will come, but when. What if we made a promise today—a promise that says we aren’t going to spend the rest of our lives pretending that we can’t have what we want or be who we dream of being. 

It’s going to take a little time and effort, but there is no reason to keep putting everything we want to the side. There are reasons for each of us to be here, and we have to decide what that means to us. Is it about work, family, relationships, personal goals, or all of the above? 

When the time comes for us to say goodbye to our place on this earth, will we be able to do that with a full heart? It’s a question we can’t be afraid to ask ourselves now while we still have the chance to change what we see.


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