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#deck chairs for boat
hauntedbystorytelling · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Ernst Haas (1921–1986) :: In the beach chair, Positano, 1953 | src Liveauctioneers
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vintagehomecollection · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sun deck built right at water’s edge accommodates both boaters and bathers - dock doubles as diving platform. Adjacent is a small sandy beach that’s protected from breeze by a concrete retaining wall.
Decks, 1987
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hsundholm · 11 months ago
Sun Deck Sunset
Sun Deck Sunset by Henrik Sundholm Via Flickr: Sunset from a cruiseferry leaving Stockholm for Finland. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I was not able to leave the ship, but I did get to spend time with my literature in the sun.
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lights-all-askew · 9 months ago
every night I have a dream that ends so badly that I wake up in abrupt, shocked horror and last night, at about 5:30 AM, I realized that the dreams are my brain trying to deal with the fact that every day I deal with the shocking horror that the pandemic is still happening and still getting worse even tho this could all have been avoided by reasonable politicians
so yeah, joe, I guess you could say your email finds me well
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doinmybesthere · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: fisherman!bakugou x selkie!reader
wc: 3K
a/n: this is pt 1, daddy kink, smut, plot and p*rn, alcohol mention, bondage, spitting and light impact play. Reader and Bakugou in their mid twenties
for @buttershouse  collab - i can’t wait to read my way through the masterlist, def check everyone out. 
summary: when bakugou went fishing, he hardly expected to find you tangled in his net. but once he’s caught you, you belong to him. 
The sky is dark and churning above the inky sea. Bakugou Katsuki tosses his mechanized net back into the salty waters, freezing and mysterious as his boat rocks. There’s a storm coming, he can see it sweeping over the horizon, but he wants to bring back more. Water sprays in his face, tendrils of his straw hair sticking to his creased forehead, mouth pressed in a firm line of determination. The ship groans reeling in the net, it must be a heavy load of fish, good, Bakugou thinks, worth staying out in the storm. However, his heart stops when the net finally lifts over the edge of the boat, flopping a mess of fish onto the deck of the boat. The heavens open, it’s starts to pour, and there you are. 
You’re struggling in the net, chirping softly. Bakugou’s eyes rake over your naked body, mouth open in shock, he was, what, fifteen, twenty miles from the coast? And it’s true that visibility wasn’t great but he couldn’t see a single other vessel on the horizon. You lift your head, looking at him, pleading, singing a soft melody with words he didn’t understand. Fuck. You were, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Your hair clings to your body, water darkened locks clean and untangled. Your eyes are deep and mournful, and he can’t keep his eyes of the soft curves of your body, your breasts, your waist, the tuft of hair between your legs. He can’t tell if you’re crying, because of how hard it’s raining, but he knows he wants to taste your tears. You let out a loud cry, still struggling in the net and it sends him crashing back down to reality as a huge wave rocks the boat and he nearly loses his balance, rubber boots sliding on the slick deck. He doesn’t have much time. He pulls a huge knife out from his belt and squats next to you. 
“Hold fuckin’ still.” He growls, but when you see the metal flash in the grey light you squeal and scramble away from him. He cuts you loose anyway and you immediately jump away from him, snatching something soft and brown from underneath yourself and running to a corner of the ship while he pushes the fish into the storage unit below deck. 
He moves quickly, steps sure and steady, he’s not about to lose you to the sea. He approaches you, wrapping a huge calloused hand around your wrist, but it turns out he didn’t need to worry, you whimper at his touch and hold up the brown thing, as the rain gets heavier. It’s a seal skin, he realizes, and against his free hand, it feels like the most luxurious leather. You look devastated, however, and you start to tremble in the cold as he sees the huge hole in it. It runs right down the middle, large enough to fit a leg through. His eyes flick to the water, he’d heard fisherman tell stories of women from the deep, of mermaids and monsters and sirens. Of selkies. You may not speak the same language, but your expressions are almost theatrically animated. You leap for him when the boat rocks again, wrapping your arms around him as seawater coats the deck. 
Bakugou grunts and drags you into the little cabin, peeling you off of him and depositing you in the folding chair he keeps next to the wheel. You curl into a ball, whimpering lightly, but he focuses on the ocean, navigating the swirling waters with a deft hand while you cry softly in the corner. Sheets of rain pound the sides of the little boat, as it’s tossed around in the waves. A particularly strong one unseats you, and you stumble, barefoot across the cabin floor, completely unaware or unashamed of your nakedness, reaching out and grabbing him, wrapping your arms around him, and locking your hands together. 
“C’mon.” He says, “I’m trying to fuckin’ steer this shit.” If you understand, you don’t respond, tightening your grip. He wriggles your arms down so that he has full movement again and you rest your chin on his shoulder, burying your face in his neck. It’s like someone stuffed snow down the back of his shirt. “Jesus Christ,” he says, trying to push you off of him, “You’re fucking freezing-” he’s cut off when you take a fistful of his jacket and push your way underneath it, slipping your cold hands under his wet wool sweater, teeth chattering, and he wonders if you’ve ever seen, ever smelled a man, as your hands press against his abdomen, so cold they almost sting on his skin. He doesn’t push you off this time, letting you nuzzle him and warm up.
He parks the boat carefully at his dock, removing your arms from his body with strong hands, shoving you back into the chair, and slamming the cabin door. 
“Stay.” He shouts into the wind as he hops up on the dock, tying the boat down carefully. 
He doubles the knots, then jumps back onto the deck, walking quickly into the cabin. You launch yourself at him. “Easy, easy,” he says, slipping out of his jacket and wrapping it around your shoulders. “C’mon.” You snuggle into it, and he takes your hand, leading you outside, and almost immediately you start to slip and slide, like you’d hardly walked before, let alone walked on something as slick and dangerous as a boat in a thunderstorm. He knocks you off your feet, cradling you like a child, leaping off of the boat onto the dock. You don’t fight him at all, your skin is still so cold to the touch. He walks up the dock, head bowed against the wind, hair soaked through, up the hill to his little house. He opens the red door with his elbow, and the wind slams it behind him. He puts you down, and tugs his light blue fair isle sweater over his head, kicking off his squelching boots. You wrap his coat around yourself, teeth still chattering, as he kneels, shirtless, in front of a wood-burning stove, starting it up and shoving a few dry logs in. He stands, turning to face you, dripping wet, basically naked, in his home. Your eyes are wide and full of fear. 
“Can you understand me?” He asks gruffly, and you nod. “Alright.” He says, “Then get your ass over here and warm up.” You dive for him, sitting immediately cross-legged on the wood floor in front of the stove. He goes to get some dry clothes, but when he opens the door to his bedroom, you whimper. “Chill out.” He says, and you blink, you don’t seem to understand. “I’m comin’ back.” You look nervous, but you nod. He digs in his dresser, throwing on a pair of dry sweatpants and a t-shirt, grabbing you the softest flannel he owns. 
He comes back in finds you huddled in a ball, the fire in the stove starting to catch. He sits on the ground next to you, prying each of your fingers off his soaked coat and handing you the flannel, helping you get your arms in the holes. You fumble with the buttons and he sighs, pushing your hands away and buttoning it for you. You hum happily, the fabric is thick and comfortable, and to his relief, your skin finally doesn’t feel like ice. He goes to the kitchen and digs through the drawers for the hair tie Kirishima had left there after a long night of drinking. He finds it and he sits behind you, carefully gathering your soaking locks in rough hands, keeping them from dripping down your back and intensifying the chill. His little bun is rough, but effective. He stands, going to his cabinet and taking a glass out, setting it on the counter. He takes a bottle from the counter and pours himself a glass of the amber liquid, running his hands through his hair. He looks down at you, at the thing he caught that he had no plan for, you were half woman, half beast, half wild, and yet so so tame. Would you still want to touch him, he wondered, now that you were warm? He takes his drink and settles in an armchair, exhausted, and his question is answered when you let out a little whine. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. 
“What’s wrong?” He asks, half a smirk already painted on his face. You frown, struggling to use vocal chords you barely understood. 
“Want.” You explain, gesturing towards him. He shrugs,  your voice is soft and sweet,  but clearly lowered from disuse. 
“You want? You want me? What’s your fuckin’ deal?” You think about it, eyes pensive, sucking your lower lip for a moment before gesturing to all of him. 
“To touch.” You explain, having found the words you were looking for. He keeps his face neutral, but pats his thighs. 
“C’mere then.” You scramble to your feet and he bites back a laugh, you move like a newborn colt on your legs. You lower yourself carefully into his lap, like you’re afraid of hurting him. He takes his free hand and wraps it around you, settling in the chair. He takes a sip of his whiskey then speaks. 
“Since I caught ya, you’re mine.” You look as if you understand, but you don’t react. “Not like you could make it on your own with your seal skin all ripped like that though, huh.” You look up at him, eyes wide, soft lips parted. “You ever seen someone like me?” You shake your head. He can’t help himself, you’re so fucking beautiful in the flickering firelight, there’s something primordial about your innocence that makes him want to touch you, to bruise your soft skin, to hear you cry out his name in your soft unused voice. “I’m Katsuki.” He says, skipping the formalities, he’d already seen you naked. 
“Katsuki?” You croak, putting the emphasis on all the wrong syllables. He nods though, good enough for now. 
“Katsuki.” He rumbles and you nod, listening, before relaxing into his chest. He tucks your head underneath his chin, and his hand wanders to your bare thigh. Your skin is so soft to the touch, and you let a soft hum out when he starts to massage it. He presses his lips to your forehead. “Mine.” He says, and you look up at him, something soft in your eyes. 
“Yes.” You respond. He watches, as you reach for his drink. 
“You’re not gonna like it.” You take the glass in both hands, nose wrinkling at the acrid scent of the alcohol. You take a tiny sip and then frown, looking at him in pain as the liquid burns your throat. You scrunch your whole face up and he chuckles, downing the rest of his drink after he takes the glass back, setting it on a little side table. You’re still looking at him as his hands slide up and down your body. He reaches them under the flannel, watching your reaction as they find your breasts, cupping them before flicking his thumbs experimentally over your nipples, watching you gasp, gulping for air. He goes to withdraw his hands at your dramatic reaction and you grab his wrists and hold them there, he smirks, roughly massaging your chest, pinching and pulling at your nipples, watching your writhe on his lap, feeling your ass rubbing on his hardening cock. You whimper, the waves of pleasure you’re getting from his huge hands on your chest is like nothing you’ve ever felt. 
“K-katsuki,” you get out, and he smirks. 
“Yeah,” he says, “You’re fucking mine, get used to it.” You nod emphatically, blood pooling in your cheeks as he moves one hand lower, parting your folds with gentle fingers, delighting in the sharp intake of breath that you give when he lightly brushes your clit. You look to him, terrified, but he takes his free hand and wraps it around you. “Mine.” He says again and you nod, slowly this time, trusting him. He starts rubbing your clit gently, and immediately every muscle in your body seizes, you squirm in his hold, he locks the arm he’s got around your shoulders, muscles swelling. Your mouth drops open, your eyes water, and his grin gets wider, he’s playing with you like a little doll. You moan loudly when he grinds his thumb against you, you buck in his hands like he shocked you. 
“C’mon,” he says, “You’ve touched yourself before.” You nod. 
“F-feels better,” you choke out as he slips a finger inside of you, “With you, f-feels s-s-so much better, Katsuki!” He feels your juices slipping down his fingers. He presses a hot kiss to your cheek. 
“Good girl,” He praises and feels your cunt clench around his fingers, “Oh, does she like that, does she like behaving for me?” You nod emphatically. “Good girls make their owners feel good.” You blink up at him, tears dripping down your cheeks, he slips a second finger inside you, whiskey leading him forward, and when he curls his fingers you gasp, hard, doubling over and crying out. 
“Katsuki!” You cry out, tears fully spilling from your eyes as he fucks you with his fingers, pressing against the muscled velvety walls of your pussy. He kisses your face again. 
“Gotta get you ready for me.” His cock is straining against his boxers, he’s so hard, your soft little reactions to his every touch are driving him insane. 
“Want,” you say, ‘Want you,” Your eyes are wide and open, as he brings his mouth to yours, you kiss him sloppily, letting him take the lead, you mimic his movements. 
“You’re fucking mine,” He says again,  you nod. “And you’ll do as I say?” 
“Yes,” you breathe. “You saved me.” Your voice still lilts unnaturally but he can hear the truth in your tone. “Without my skin, I would have frozen.” He kisses you again, standing and lifting you with him, your legs wrapped around his waist, he carries you to his bedroom and throws you down, diving on top of you. He buries his face in your neck, you feel his tongue, his teeth, his lips. 
“Mmmmmh,” he growls, ripping his flannel open, a few of the buttons popping off and landing on the floor with clicks. He grabs at your chest, then rips his sweatpants off, kicking them onto the floor. He pulls his cock out, it’s perfect, your eyes widening at it, long and thick, lilting slightly upwards and to the left, “Say you’re mine.” Bakugou groans, pumping himself. “Tell me who owns you.” You nod quickly. 
“You Katsuki,’ you beg, “M yours, I’m yours, please.” He grins and sheaths his cock in you with one snap of his hips. He watches your pupils dilate as you gasp desperately, feeling how he’s filling you up, how tight and warm you are against him. It takes his whole willpower not to move for a moment, to give you time to adjust to his size. He grunts, and rolls his hips against you once, watching you react like he’s just delivered a million volts of electricity to your body, with your cunt sucking him in like this the only thing he can focus on is you, and your animalistic unmuted reactions to his every touch. He rakes his nails down your side and you cry out like you’ve never been touched before. He thrusts into you, you’re so warm and wet, everything he’s ever wanted. 
“Good fucking girl,” He praises, running his fingers through your hair, as you mewl beneath him. Every part of your body bounces when he slams into you, he takes your face in his hand, crushing your jaw between his fingers until you open your mouth, crying wantonly. He spits between your perfect lips. “Swallow.” He orders, and you do, tears beginning to spill from your eyes even as you get close, toes curling and nails digging into Bakugou’s biceps as he fucks you into oblivion. 
“Need it.” You choke out, “Need to.” 
“Does baby need to cum,” he growls, “Does she need it?”  You nod, whimpering at his words. “Beg.” He orders and the words spill from your lips exactly as they form in your brain. 
“Please, Katsuki, please, need to, need to let go.” 
“Cum for me.” He snarls, face cruel as you lose control and he feels your cunt flutter and clench around him, following shortly after, you can feel him explode inside of you, painting your walls white. “Gonna fill you the fuck up,” he growls, “Show everyone who this fucking pussy belongs to.” You whine a little and he slaps you lightly across the face. “Look at me while you cum, bitch.” Your jaw clenches and your eyes don’t leave his. Your back arching and she’s screwing shut as pleasure rips through your body. He fucks you carefully through his high, withdrawing reluctantly from your warmth, noticing just now how dark the sky is. He pulls out, then climbs into bed, patting the spot next to him. You drag yourself up the bed, nestling against him. You yawn softly. 
“Yours.” You say softly and he nods, tucking your head underneath his chin. 
“Mine.” He says in his deep gravel. You spend the night pressed to him, when he moves you move, and vice versa, like you’d freeze if he wasn’t right next to you. You smell like salt and the ocean to him, and he can’t help but lock his arms around your soft body. 
When the buttery sunlight spills through his bedroom window, he stirs. You’ve moved away from him during the night and he pulls you back to him, to his delight you sigh happily. You spend the morning in bed together, limbs entwined, soft deep kisses and light touches. He swallows though, soon it’ll be time for him to drive into town. His jaw sets and he makes a decision. He motions for you to stay, leaving the bedroom and coming back with some soft rope. 
“Stay still.” He growls, and takes each of your wrists in one hand, fastening them to his headboard. You mewl, confused. “You gotta stay here, okay?” You look up at him, eyes full of pain. “We’ll figure shit out but I gotta work, and I can’t have you hurting yourself or running away.”  You nod your understanding. “Good girl.” He praises. “Daddy will come back okay?” You nod, and when you speak again, his hand closed on the doorknob, the weight of it nearly knocks him over. 
“Because I’m yours.” He swallows. 
“Because you’re mine.” He doesn’t look back before exiting his little house and walking down to the boat. On the deck, the remnants of your seal skin remains, drying in the sun, destroyed. He realizes, if he wanted to have you forever he could just toss it overboard, but he doesn’t, locking it in a chest under a seat. It was unusable. For now. 
Up the hill, in his bed you stir, straining against the restraints, rubbing your wrists raw,  hoping he’ll come back. He has to. You’re his. 
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davidsp01 · 18 days ago
Stop Fathering Us
“Guys please be stop drinking so much because I don’t wanna be dragging you back to the hotel.”
Harry was on the brink of screaming. He was supposed to be having fun. The sun was out, music was blaring down the street, and he was with his best friends on holiday. The only drawback was they were all way too drunk. Harry usually didn’t mind and he knew how to have a good time, but here in a foreign country he didn’t want to play the role of Dad to his mates. Why couldn’t they just drink responsibly? Why did they have to end up completely obliterated in the middle of the day? Harry just wanted to have a cold beer in his hand and relax by the pool with his friends, was that too much to ask?
Tumblr media
Today was a big day for Harry and his mates, they were supposed to be going on a party boat, but there was no way they’d get on if they were too drunk to stand. Harry worked overtime making sure the boys were staying hydrated and standing on two feet. He was forcing his mate to drink another sip of water when he pushed the bottle away. “Dude chill out! Stop acting like a fucking dad and have a good time!” Harry was furious, “I wouldn’t have to act like a fucking dad if you lot just fucking learnt your limits!” Harry was pissed, and not in the drunk way. Angrily he dragged his staggering mates down to the dock to get on the boat.
After holding one guy with one arm and their tickets in the other, Harry finally managed to convince the bouncer to let them on the boat. He was tired and fed up, he just wanted to relax. Harry wasn’t even in the mood to drink anymore. He found a quiet corner of the boat and sat down in a deck chair. In just his shorts, he thought he’d sunbathe for a bit, at least then he can relax and maybe show of his body to any passers by. He knew he was definitely the best looking of his group of friends.
Tumblr media
He could feel the boat setting off as one of his mates stumbled towards him. Sloppily in a drunken stupor, Harry’s friend held out a drink. He took it from his friend angrily as he heard a slurred sorry before his mate walked off. Sipping the drink, the taste was unlike anything he’d had before. There was a strong kick of tequila, as well as a hint of whisky, all mixed with seemingly coffee, beer and something fruity. It should have been disgusting but oddly Harry didn’t mind the taste. He even wanted more. He chugged the cup and decided to go get another. Getting up however was a slight issue. Where he’d been laid down, his back and legs felt stiff as he sat up. Did he pull a muscle? It must have been from carrying his friends around all week. Ge groaned as he sat looking around for the bar. He saw it in the corner and slapped his knees before he stood up. Strange, that was very unlike him. He also felt a bit bloated which was strange, especially after only one drink. He felt almost softer somehow.
Tumblr media
“Excuse me ma’am, one of my buddies over there got me this drink, can I grab another?” Harry paused for a second, why did he sound like his dad al of a sudden. The woman behind the bar smiled and chucked. She muttered something and Harry had to ask her to speak up, all this loud music was making his hearing go. “I said that’s another Daddyo coming right up.” As Harry left the bar, he could have sworn his back ached even worse than before, he definitely needed to sit down, all this waking was making his knees ache as well. As he got to the chair he saw a group of guys using it. “Damn kids.” Harry saw one of his mates a few metres away and made his way over to him. He had to hold a hand on his back the whole way to elevate the pain.
“Hey man, you look even more hungover than I did this morning!” The lad smacked Harry on his back causing him to wince. “Well you see son, umm, *cough* I’m mean you see bro, I can actually handle my drink.” His friend chucked as he slapped Harry’s stomach, “I can see that, must have taken years to get a dad bod like that.” His friend just laughed as he poked at Harry’s new belly. Or was it new? A belly like that couldn’t appear overnight. But didn’t he have abs? He remembered running sun cream over his abs just a few hours ago, feeling each bump and cure. He ran a hand over his soft gut as his memory changed. The soft pudge around his waist said otherwise as Harry groped an handful and have it a rub. “Haha geez I guess I let that creep up on me, my metabolism isn’t what it used to be that’s for sure. See ya around kiddo.” Harry’s mate giggled as Harry wandered off to find somewhere to sit. Why was he talking like a dad the fuck was wrong with him? And did he grow a belly? Surely not.
Tumblr media
It wasn’t just his belly though, his whole body looked softer. His arms weren’t as defined nor his legs. His pecs were slightly softer and no longer had much “under boob” as he liked to joke when they were firm slabs. He took another sip of his drink as he wandered around slowly. It was so hot on the boat Harry could feel himself sweating more than usual. That’s when his bladder decided to make other plans. It felt like a rush to his groin as his bladder screamed for a toilet. Harry was caught off guard and quickly started looking for a toilet sign. He could see arrows with words on a wall near him but he couldn’t work out the words, they were all blurry until he started stepping closer. Luckily it was a sign pointing the way to the toilets onboard. He rushed as quick as his stiff limbs would take him and locked the toilet door behind him. Looking down at the seat he went to pull down his shorts when he found his belly in the way. This time it wasn’t just pudge, but it pushed out. Jutted out even. It felt firm and round, like a proper beer belly. A true dad bod. It was hairy and the skin didn’t feel as smooth or youthful as it once did. I’m fact, all of his body felt that way. Hairier, older, more tired. Harry quickly realised he couldn’t see his dick under his gut which was going to make aiming impossible. Ashamed, he opted to pull his shorts down and sit on the seat. God he felt like such an old man sitting down to pee.
Tumblr media
Sitting down he could finally collect his thoughts as he looked on to the window in-front of him. His vision was so blurry now and the toilet was like a damn sauna. He could roughly make out some fat middle aged guy sat there watching him pee? He went to cover up his dick when he say the guy opposite do the exact same. Weird Harry thought. He decided to lift his arm to his head and the guy did the same. That wasn’t some random old guy, that was him! In shock, Harry farted. His poor digestive system wasn’t what it used to be as he’d find out. Far more regular toilet breaks would be needed for poor old Harry.
Harry’s friends knocked at the door, drunk at giggling. “Hey dadddd, wanna come show your sons how to really drink?” When the door opened, all of the lads fell silent before giggling like kids. The man in-front of them was far from their friend that helped them into the boat. Harry was no longer 20 year old, muscular hunk, now he was a man in his late 40s rocking a serious case of dad bod. His once stylish head of hair was now almost completely grey, and a thick beard adorned his once handsome face giving a salt and pepper look. He was still a handsome man in his 40s only a bit more seasoned. His face was fuller with chubbier cheeks and a double chin hidden by his beard. Wrinkles were etched into his forehead as well as crows feet in the corners of his eyes. Even his nose looked a little bigger. His older, bigger body was glistening in sweat. His belly stuck out and had an overhang, his once firm pecs drooped and we’re soft, covered in hair with specs of grey. His back has patches of hair covering his shoulder blades. His arms and legs looked beefier in both muscle and fat. But his face just looked disappointed. “Boys, what did you do?”
Tumblr media
“Guys he’s gone be fine, look he’s worn himself out from all that dancing and he’s taking a nap in the deck chair.”
“Yeah he definitely dances like a dad now that’s for sure. I caught him doing the Macarena to Cardi B it was jokes! Girls definitely won’t be going for him anytime soon.”
“God it’s so cringy, you lot might think it’s funny but I had to listen to his dad jokes in the line for the bar. Even worse he was the only one laughing at them! How long does this last anyway?”
“Look guys he wanted to act like a dad so it’s fair game, the woman at the bar said it’ll last until we get to the airport. He should just be thankful we didn’t get him the Old Fart instead ahahah.”
“Geez we don’t want a grandpa on holiday it’s bad enough having a dad. He snores so loud! Hopefully he’ll stay by the pool and talk to the older women, he always said he liked cougars. At least now it’s age appropriate.”
“Hey, someone stop those guys seeing how many drinks they can balance on his belly whilst he’s sleeping…”
Tumblr media
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spilledkauffie · 4 months ago
Game Night
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader Word Count: 2.2k T/W: fluff A/N: Part 2 of Bingo — a few months later
I am SO SORRY this took me way longer to post than it should have!
Bucky Tag List: @anreeixcobra ❤︎ @tsnelf7 ❤︎ @fandom-princess-forevermore​
Tumblr media
It was Friday night, which meant one thing: Game Night. Ever since Yori introduced you at Bingo, you made it a tradition in your relationship to play board games on Fridays. For the most part you kept it to fairly modern games, but tonight was going to be a surprise.
Tonight it was your place, 8 o’clock. Bucky showed up with a six pack of root-beer in glass bottles. You added a few to the fridge as he found his usual seat at your apartment table. He waited for you to round the small apartment’s bar and join him. Sliding the glass bottles across the table to Bucky, you smiled, biting in your bottom lip, as he slid your bottle back, now without its top.
Easily he popped the top off his own bottle with his left hand; it was as he was about to take a sip that he caught sight of your look, “what?” he furrowed his eyebrows, questionably. 
“So. . . tonight,” you tried not to giggle.
“What?” Bucky asked again, this time finding himself following your smile despite his will not to.
“Tonight is going to be special,” you clasped your hands together, “because I found some stuff that’s as old as you.”
“Wow, thanks,” Bucky said sarcastically, taking a sip, shaking his head, blinking softly as he saw you rush to convince him it would be fun. Sighing deeply, he gave in, “alright, what is it?”
“I’ll be right back,” you twirled on your heel and left the room.
Returning to shaking his head and the glass bottle, he paused after settling the bottle on the table. It’d been a long time since anyone cared about anything actually as old as him. He’d been pretty good at keeping up with the times, a lot of things he knew just got an upgrade, but the thought of something from his actual childhood felt a little heartwarming. 
“Okay,” you declared, reentering the room with a stack of vintage boxes in your arms that made Bucky lean back in his chair out of shock, “here we are.” 
His jaw dropped a little at what you had brought out as you set the stack on the table. Watching you take a deep breath and exhale with a smirk, he shook his head, this time silently asking “how?” You set your hands atop the stack, rapping your fingers across the top box as you smiled again. 
Smoothing your hands out across the box top, you cleared your throat, “no peeking,”  bringing Bucky’s attention entirely to you. 
“Option number one,” you held up the rectangular shape with severely faded letters across it, “Scrabble, released 1938.” The box very gently met the table, “option number two,” you looked at him attempting not to giggle as you saw him cross his arms over his chest, genuinely listening to you intently, “Sorry! released 1934, Battleship, original pen and paper game,” you clarified, he lifted his eyebrows, impressed, “and last but not least, Monopoly, released 1935.”
“Wow, you uh- you really did your research,” he commented, looking over the stack of authentically vintage boxes.
“Of course,” you shrugged with a smile, “my boyfriend’s 106, if I want to bring back some childhood nostalgia, that requires some research. . . and late hour ebay bidding in our case.”  
He nodded, a faint smile showing, before it faded with his next words, “I hope you didn’t do too much research on me,” he looked up, hand resting on Monopoly.
You calmly slid down into the seat across from him and stared with a kind smile still on your lips, reaching to touch his hand, you stroked your thumb against his knuckles, “I’m more of a first hand account, direct source, kind of girl when it comes to people,” the corner of his mouth tugged into a smile. 
You knew, just not everything, and he wasn’t sure he was prepared to have another living soul know it all quite yet. Luckily, you were someone who seemed to actually understand that.
“Or,” you announced, lifting a pointer finger, as if requesting a pause whilst you went to a nearby drawer, returning with a much smaller box, “we can get really really old school, even for you” the box met the table top, “standard 52 card deck, English edition, circa 1516. . .obviously not original.”
Bucky chuckled, looking to you, tonguing his cheek, before picking up the cards, “I hate to tell you, but that’s just a little before my time,” he squinted at you, teasingly.
Biting your lip, your shoulders shifted with the giggle that came after his comment, “so, come on,” you sat back down, this time with your elbows on the table and hands laced, to support your resting chin on top of them, “what should I beat your butt in?”
“Oh,” Bucky, attempting to appear insulted, began raising his eyebrows, “you think?”
“Yeah,” you laughed your words while looking at his serious face, “I think, better yet, I know.”
“Well, I don’t know where you get your confidence from. You know you are talking to a local senior Bingo night champion,” he shrugged with a head tilt, as if that was supposed to be a big deal.
“Woooow,” you drew out, smiling uncontrollably.
“But,” he sighed, “okay,” he shook his head once, accepting your challenge, “let’s go, you’re on! Monopoly,” he brought the box towards himself as you set the others on the floor next to your chair.
You watched as he picked up the little metal pieces, examining each one individually. There was an expression you’d never seen before, he was remembering something positive from his past. A memory that sparked a smile that you helped bring about. He surveyed the board, with all its bright colours and familiar street names.
“It’s been-” he paused, looking upward, doing the math in his head, “it’s been 85 years since I played this game,” setting each piece he stopped at the boat, laughing to himself, “you know, Steve used to always be the battleship.” 
A soft smile came across your lips, while you watched him remember exactly how to set it up. You picked the Scottie dog and he picked the vintage race car piece.
“Were you always the race car?” you ventured, wanting to know more about his childhood, you knew he didn’t talk about it often.
“Oh,” he glanced to the piece he had just naturally picked up without a thought, “yeah, well, I think,” he gave a quick, but somber smile, before clearing his throat, and actually looking up, “and my sister, whenever she’d actually manage to get mom and dad to let her stay up with us, she’d always be the thimble,” he leaned back in his chair, smiling, “whenever it was her turn to move she’d put it on her finger and hop it down the street names.” He leaned back to the table, “we never made her go to jail, even if she landed on it, Steve would make up some rule that let her skip it.” 
“That’s really sweet of you guys,” you said, looking softly at his smile.
“Yeah,” he swallowed, “but don’t think you can skip jail,” he changed his tone, preferring not to dwell on the past even if it was positive. 
“Don’t think I’ll be visiting,” you smirk confidently, “better watch out for the money man yourself.” 
“Wow, who is this?” he dropped his jaw, “she’s so sarcastic, does Yori know this side of you? Do you sneak jellybeans under the table or something evil like that?”
Laughing, you took your root-beer, “just give me my $1,500 so the smack down can actually begin.”
Two hours later, after a long battle between Boardwalk, control over the railroads, and many, many visits to jail, you sat back, lips quirked, arms across your chest as your little Scottie sat in jail.
“And three thousand, six hundred, and five. . . I’m sorry, but that leaves you,” Bucky set his elbows on the table, wincing at you, “bankrupt.”
“Fine,” you huffed jokingly, giving your best pout,“you win.”
“Aww, c’mon,” Bucky reached out a hand to touch your forearm comfortingly, accompanied by a smile you couldn’t deny.
“You wanna go again?” You offered seriously, resting your hand on top of his tenderly, happy to see him so happy.
“It was really fun, but let’s play something else, this time you pick,” he offered.
Breaking into a smile, you gave a nod, and he asked what you had in mind. It took a moment, you wanted to make this good, and you wanted to see it be a little more of a struggle for him, if you were honest. 
“You know, I know it’s later than your. . .original timeline, but there’s this fantastic game called Twister,” you smirked, perking an eyebrow to ask if he was up for it. 
“Twister?” He repeated you, tilting his head like a confused puppy, “what’s Twister?”
“I’ll show you, but,” you glanced over to your small apartment living room, “we might need to arrange the furniture a little.”
“Don’t worry,” Bucky stood, “I can handle that.” 
Smiling, you stand, “okay, just push it all to one side, I’ll get the game.” 
Ten minutes later, shoeless, you both stood looking over the polka dotted sheet on the floor. Nodding happily to yourself, Bucky shook his head almost in fear. 
“Make sense?” You asked, having just explained the very simple rules, you turned to face him.
“Oh, I’m sorry I asked,” he sighed, shouldering off his jacket and tossing it onto the couch along with his glove, “yeah, it makes sense,” he set his hands on his hips, pondering this new game intently. 
“Okay, you first,” you held up the spinning arrow, and began.
One hand and foot at a time, sometimes struggling to reach the spinner, but you both made it work pretty well. Having kept to one side of the sheet, it came time to get a smidge more twisted.
Bucky managed to keep balanced and spin a green dot with his left arm, conveniently it placed him right over you. As he began to reach for green, he carefully calculated how best to approach the green dot in order to keep his balance. It was a pretty far reach and he’d need to balance himself whilst reaching over you. 
“What’s the matter old man, can’t quite move like you used to?” you shamelessly giggled. 
Raising his eyebrows at your tone, “ohhh, wow,” Bucky said sincerely, finally placing his left arm over you and to a green dot, now above you he tilted his head sassily, “respect your elders.”
His last sentence only made your giggle turn into a genuine laugh. You closed your eyes and threw your head back a little. Admittedly, Bucky thought it was funny too, but he didn’t laugh, he just took in your smile and the sound of your laugh, enjoying every single moment of it.
When you brought your head back up, you were about to respond sassily, but instead you found his lips meeting yours. With a small squeak of surprise, you relaxed into the kiss, glad that he was finally confident enough with you to take a chance now and then. He tasted like vanilla root beer, which mixed wonderfully with the scent of his cologne you were finally close enough to smell. 
It was soft and slow at first, but slowly, with his right hand palming the arch of your back, you eased into his touch, lower back almost meeting the floor as you both sunk down a little. You completely forgot about the game, as you reached your arms around his neck gently. Keeping the kiss close, you felt him hesitate to deepen it, so you gave him a small sign of encouragement, by moving your hand to the side of his neck, naturally bringing him even closer. 
You had no idea how long you’d been there, on that polka dot sheet, but it was such bliss that you didn’t even care. Smiling into the kiss, you felt him smile back. 
Parting, he pressed his forehead to yours, “I win,” he whispered, lips in a smile. 
“What?” was all you could ask, still mesmerised by the kiss. 
Bucky motioned his head to his left arm which happened to have been keeping the two of you steady. . . all the while remaining on the green dot. You dropped your arms from around his neck, to the floor, elbows supporting you as you looked up at him, shaking your head. 
“That does not count, Bucky,” you tried not to smile as he kept his arm as still as possible.
“What? But my hand’s still on green,” he dramatically gestured to it, making you bite your lip to repress a giggle, trying to match his seriousness.
Shoving his chest directly above you, he feigned an ‘ow!’ before you softly pull him closer again.
“If I kiss you are you gonna hit me again?”
You smirk, “I might if you don’t.” 
Bucky smiled, lips almost touching yours, “alright, sorry,” he smiled, voice almost a whisper as his lips brushed against yours, “I’m still learning the rules to this game.”
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nerdofthecentrey · 6 days ago
Desk moments | Genshin Impact
Includes: Venti, Albedo, Kazhua
Summary: Small moments that happened at their desk
Tumblr media
You walked over to Venti’s music room in your Serenitea Pot. Your boyfriend sat at his small table with his lyre a couple other instruments around him, he hummed a sweet heart warming melody. You lean in the door way watching his eyebrow fur at his music sheet.
“Barbatos?” You whispered his head shoots up to look at you he then smiles softly.
“ Ah..I haven’t heard you call me that in a while.” He sighs giving you an apologetic smile. You chuckle walking over to his small desk. Venti gives you a smirk and pushes your hips up against the desk. He puts his lyre down standing up. You gasp a little as he brings his face down to yours.
“ I haven’t seen you in a little while.” He frowns, You frown a little too.
“ I’m sorry I’ve been busy…When-“ Before you could finish he grabbed your face kissing you gently.
“ No need to explain yourself to me, Windblume. I’d wait a million years for you.”
Tumblr media
“ Are you just gonna sit there?” You sigh as you try and calm yourself down after yelling at Albedo. He looked at you calmly yet guilty he knew he had been busy, he had just forgotten about.
“ Y/N, Please..” You cut him off.
“ Please what?!”
Albedo grabbed you and sat you in his lap. He takes a deep breath and puts a cold hand on your back, “ Please forgive me for my absence. I have no excuse to have not made more time for you.”
You glare at him folding your arms. Albedo chuckles and He leans forward and scribing on the piece of paper behind you. Next thing you know he brings his glowing hand near your face a snowy flower appears. You try to control your smile but you can’t help it, you grab the flower and tuck it behind your boyfriends ear. Albedo smiles resting his head against yours.
You sigh once more, “ I forgive you, Please don’t let this happen again.”
Tumblr media
You walked all around the boat looking for Kazhua You checked everywhere when it hit you. You walked down to the lower decks and there he was his head resting in his hand leaned back into his chair sound asleep.
On his desk was a book about visions you frown marking his book before closing it. You try to make his desk neater suddenly he pulls you into his lap. he bared his head into your neck whispering,
“ You know I don’t like it when you rearrange my desk.” You roll your eyes smiling at the dark wood.
“ I know I just couldn’t help it..What are you gonna do about it?” You tease, Kazuha groans.
“ Not on my desk.”
“ Whyyy?!?” You whine.
“ The chances of someone walking in or hearing us and clean up after.”
“ Ah!-“ You yell as Kazhua pushed you off his lap.
“ I believe it’s time you take your leave. I have stuff I need to finish.” You roll your eyes and walk out the room. You were gonna come up with a plan.
A/N: This is my first time writing for Kazuha and Albedo so sorry if they sound out of character it will get better. This was also kinda rushed put I really wanted to post something. I’ll probably fit this later. Please feel free to message me if you have any writing tips or things you think I can change and/or improve on.
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brain-deadx0 · 4 months ago
Blood in the Water
Summary: Virgil is kidnapped for ransom, but when his captors don't get what they want they decide to get rid of him.
Characters: human Virgil, mer Logan, oc villain
Warnings: Kidnapping, restraints, hostage, injury of a main character, implied torture, attempted murder, drowning mention, near drowning, noncon kissing(?)/mouth to mouth, knife, uh… let me know?
 Virgil had never given much thought to his father. Sure as a kid he thought the man was cool as hell. But he was more like that rich uncle you never see who sends you cool toys on Christmas and your birthday. 
 As he got older he came to realize this but didn't care all that much. Sure he thought he would've liked to have an actual relationship with the guy, until he got old enough to realize his mom was the only one who was actually supporting him and paying the bills. So he decided the guy wasn't worth it anyway since despite all the money he seemed to have he never tried to help out. 
 Virgil knew his father was a bastard. 
 Virgil thought he was simply a rich yet deadbeat dad up until his mom got sick. The two had never once asked him for anything, but when Virgil was a broke college student who couldn't afford the growing medical bills he reached out. Hoping that if nothing else the man would help pay for her treatment. 
 He didn't even go to the funeral. 
 So yes. Virgil knew his father was a bastard. He just didn't realize how much of one he actually was. 
 Virgil was currently tied to a chair on what he could only assume was a boat. Or at least he hoped it was a boat or else his concussion was worse than he thought. 
 He didn't bother testing the restraints. He was too tired at this point and every attempt before had ended in pain. 
 He didn't even know why these people had suddenly grabbed him off the street and shoved him into a trunk. Sure his estranged father was rich or something but it's not like either of them had been in contact for years. Virgil didn't even get gifts anymore since his mom died and he told the man to not even bother. 
 He really hoped these people didn't actually know who he was because if they tried to ransom him he was definitely going to die. 
 The sound of the door slamming open startled him from his thoughts. 
 Virgil glared despite the new ball of anxiety sitting heavy in his stomach. 
 "So," a man in a pristine white suit said as he walked through the door, "You must be Virgil." 
 "Who's asking?" Virgil growled. 
 He almost regretted it as one of the guards made a move for him, only to be stopped by the man holding up a hand. 
 "You can call me John." 
 "Because that's totally not a made up name." 
 'John' just smirked, "Remind me: what was your father's name again?" 
 Virgil cursed, "Look man, if you're looking for money you kidnapped the wrong guy. I haven't had contact with that bastard in years. He didn't even pay child support!"  
 "I asked for his name, not your life story." 
 Virgil huffed, "George Storm," he ground out, "why are you even asking me? You obviously know already." 
 "Just wondering which alias he used on you." 
 "Now Mr. Storm-" 
 "It's Sanders. I got rid of his name when I told him to fuck off." 
"Fair enough," the man said, "regardless of your name the fact remains that you're still his son and that means you're worth something." 
 Virgil couldn't help but laugh at that, "Didn't you hear me? He won't give you any money. He probably forgot I even existed by now." 
 "Then let's remind him shall we?" 
 Virgil couldn't help but flinch at the sudden sound of ducktape. 
 "- and if you don't? Well your little boy might just have a little accident." 
 Virgil's screams came out muffled as the cattleprod was once again jammed into his side. 
 Virgil shook as he tried to recatch his breath. 
 "Well Mr. Sanders, you played your roll quite well." John told him. 
 Virgil just glared back. 
 Virgil wasn't sure how long he had been in the small room. It had to have been a couple of days at least. They had taken a few more videos after his fathers response or lack thereof. Each time Virgil was beaten or tortured just shy of unconsciousness. 
 He wasn't restrained anymore at least. It's not like anyone thought he could do anything at this point. 
 He laid on the cold metal floor hoping it might somehow make his body feel less like a puddle of pain, but if it did it wasn't noticeable. 
 He flinched and curled into himself when he heard the door open. Several sets of heavy foot steps made their way towards him. He tried to curl up tighter in a meager attempt to protect himself but inevitably failed as a rough hand pulled him into a sitting position. A bright flash let him know they were taking another photo before the hand in his hair began pulling him towards the door. 
 "Hello again Mr. Sanders." John greeted pleasantly as Virgil was thrown to the deck. 
 Virgil coughed as he pushed himself to his knees, "I'm guessing he won't give you anything?" 
 "No." John hummed, "I guess you were right. He really doesn't give a shit about you." 
 "Will you let me go now?" He couldn't help but ask. 
 John smirked again in the way Virgil had unfortunately become familiar with over the last however long, "Seeing as you aren't worth any monetary value I see no reason to keep you." 
 For a brief moment there was a flicker of hope in his chest. 
 "But I've wanted to kill that father of yours for a long time now. And you do bare quite the resemblance." 
 Virgil screamed as a heavy net was suddenly thrown over him. He tried to fight off the men surrounding him as they began to wrap rope around the mess he was quickly getting tangled in. 
 "Any last words for your father?" John asked as he stood over him with a camera. 
 "I hope you both burn in hell!" Virgil hissed. 
 "I suppose we'll just have to meet you there." The man told him before nodding to one of his goons. 
 Virgil screamed out a slew of curses as he was dragged the short distance to the side of the boat. He managed to suck in a breath as he felt himself be hoisted over the side and tried not to lose it as he hit the freezing water. 
 Logan's nose twitched as the faint scent of blood traveled on the weak current around him. Normally this would be a sign of an easy meal. A struggling seal, perhaps a fish that made a narrow escape, the occasional whale injured by human vessels. 
 He knew there was a boat in this area. He had been following it of course. Humans were dangerous but they were interesting and it was rare for them to be in this area. 
 Unable to resist his curiosity he quickly followed the scent to the boat. 
 The surface churned as the boat sped away but Logan barely paid it any mind as his eyes caught on something heavily tangled in one of the cursed human nets. 
 Logan knew humans used them to catch large amounts of fish. He wasn't sure why they needed so many all at once but that was one of life's great mysteries. He also knew that other creatures often got caught in them. If they were lucky the humans would let them out. If they weren't they often drowned. 
 He swam closer to the poor creature that was still struggling in the net. Whatever it was had obviously been left for dead. 
I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die…
 Virgil struggled as the net seemed to get tighter around him and his lungs screamed for air. 
Oh god I'm gonna die!
 He had to get out he had to get out of the net. 
 Despite his mind telling him to struggle and get out so he could breathe, his limbs started to fail him as he sank deeper into the cold water. 
 He barely felt the nudge of panic that shot through him as a shadowy figure that looked too close to a shark came closer. 
'Sharks are cool…' he thought as his vision turned dark. 
 Logan wasn't sure what he expected to be in the net, but he knew 'human' wasn't on his list. 
 The human's unfocused eyes landed on him for only a moment before closing. Small bubbles of air began to escape from their face as they went limp.
 That was… not good. 
 He quickly grabbed the net and tried to pull it upwards to the surface but barely slowed the descent caused by the heavy weights. 
 Logan looked up to the sky that grew farther and farther away. He needed to cut the weights off but the human would surely die before they would make it to the surface. There was only one thing to do if he intended to save them.
 He hesitated a moment before leaning forward and pressing his lips to the humans. 
 When he pulled back the human drew in a sharp breath followed by a short coughing fit. Logan was a bit concerned they didn't wake up but at least they weren't about to drown. 
 Logan reached into his bag and pulled out his knife before moving to cut the ropes. The heavy weights quickly disappeared into the dark below and Logan began pulling the human back to the warmer water near the surface. 
 Virgil woke up cold. It took him a moment to realize he was soaking wet. Another moment passed and he realized he wasn't alone. 
 There was someone next to him, humming in an odd tone, and seeming to be messing with something covering him. 
 He managed to crack one of his eyes open just in time to see a blurry flash of what looked like a knife. He quickly closed his eyes and curled into himself causing the person above him to stop humming. 
 Logan knew he should've fled back to the water as soon as the human showed signs of waking. He was only part way through cutting the human out of the net when the human's eyes opened. Only for them to immediately close again and for the human to retreat into themself. 
 Logically this would be the next perfect opportunity to leave. 
 "It's alright," he said instead, "You're safe now." 
 The human flinched at the sound of his voice but made no move to look at him. 
 After a minute Logan realized he wasn't going to get an answer, "You're stuck in a net," he told them, "I was in the process of removing it when you woke up. May I continue to use my knife to get it off?" 
 The humans eyes remained screwed shut but after a moment they nodded. 
 "Alright, I'm going to start near your abdomen is that acceptable?" 
 Another nod and Logan began to cut through the plastic ropes once more. As he worked the human gradually began to relax slightly. By the time he finished the human was only marginally as tense as they had been when they woke up. 
 Logan stored his knife back in his bag, "You should be able to get out now." 
 Once again the human flinched at his voice but thankfully didn't seem as scared as before. After a few seconds, the human began to shift cautiously. 
 By the time the other person had spoken again Virgil was pretty sure they didn't intend to murder him. But he was still confused. The last thing he remembered was being thrown overboard and left to drown. 
 Had another boat just happened to be near enough to see it and help him? It wasn't likely but that was all he could think of. 
 Until he finally got the courage to sit up and open his eyes. 
 The human gasped as their eyes locked onto the sharkmers tail. They seemed to freeze for a moment before their eyes rolled back and Logan lunged forward to try and catch them.
 "Oh dear," Logan said as he looked down at the once again unconscious human. 
 He looked around the area, unsure of what to do next. The sky was beginning to shift to a morning grey and more humans would undoubtedly start making their way to the currently empty beach. Logically he should leave now and let the other humans deal with it. 
 Logan was feeling very illogical today. 
 He gently laid the human back down and waited. 
 It was a bit concerning how long the human remained unconscious a second time. Logan knew it was likely due to their injuries, both seen and unseen, but for some reason he couldn't help but hope they would wake up soon. 
 Logan kept a sharp eye on the beach. Just as the sound of voices started to travel down from the cliffs the human began to show signs of waking. 
 Logan hesitated longer than he probably should have before quickly making his way back to the safety of the ocean. 
 He hid some nearby rocks and watched as the small group of arriving humans seemed to notice the figure in the sand. When they got close the group picked up speed and surrounded the injured human. 
 It wasn't long before humans in matching dark clothing appeared and took the first away. 
 Logan took that as his queue to leave as well. 
...some time later…
 Virgil stared out at the ocean as the sun slowly sank below the horizon. 
 He wasn't sure why he felt compelled to come back to the beach so often. Honestly you'd think the almost drowning in it would make him more wary of the ocean. And while there were many things he'd rather forget, and a few he probably had, he couldn't help but think about the person he saw. 
 He had met the people who found him on the beach, how he got there was still a mystery, and while they were nice people, none of them were the one he'd first seen. The one who he was pretty sure saved him and cut the net. 
 So here he was, sitting on the dock, waiting for something to happen. 
 As the sun finished sinking into the ocean he almost swore he saw a large fin break the water. 
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deathbyjoong · 2 months ago
ATEEZ Honeymoon HCs
Summary: I wrote a few thousand words on what I thought a honeymoon would be like with each member of ATEEZ. I hope you all enjoy ✨
Many many thanks to @bfyunho​ for beta-ing and generally being my favorite person 💕
Warnings: fluff and smut. 18+ ONLY!
Tumblr media
Y’all already KNOW that a honeymoon with Seonghwa is just gonna be two weeks of him exercising his duality
Constant love-making? Absolutely. But also! Lots of interesting things to do and many opportunities to make memories
Where’s he gonna do that? A large resort suite all to yourselves in Mediterranean ItalyIt’s warm, sensual, fun, perfect--everything you ever wanted
Days spent wandering the town, swimming, finding museums and restaurants
Seonghwa insists on taking selfies at every single location--he wants to know every single one of these moments long after his memory has failed him
Sunbathing on a private sailboat on the Amalfi Coast, soaking in the vitamin D 
The ship’s captain finds a beautiful, unoccupied spot in a shallow cove, and drops anchor
He then heads into the cabin of the boat to give you and your husband some privacy
Seonghwa sits on a lounge chair behind you, rubbing sunscreen on your shoulders
He’s letting his hands move just as slowly and sensually across your skin as he wants, taking his time in listening to your breath hitch in your throat
Eventually ducking his head down to press his lips to a spot on your neck he hasn’t covered yet, while his thumbs still rub circles on your shoulders
Giving all his attention to that one area, biting lightly then sucking the skin to soothe it
You lean your head back, giving him all the access he could want, and a soft sigh escapes your parted lips
His hair tickles your shoulder, but Seonghwa doesn’t linger long before he’s turning you to face him so he can kiss you properly
He’s got the ties of your swimsuit undone in seconds, and you throw your legs over Seonghwa’s hips as soon as it’s off
You grind yourself on him, abusing his swim shorts in your pursuit of a little friction
Hwa grips you by the waist, firmly but not enough to hurt. Just enough to get you close--enough to help you rise and fall on him
Something occurs to you, and you break the kiss to breathlessly murmur in his ear
“You need sunscreen, too. You’re gonna burn.”
Hwa chuckles, dangerously low, flashing his teeth as he reaches down with one hand and picks up the bottle he’d set on the deck
“My wife is so considerate,” he coos, handing it to you
You take it, rolling your eyes. But Seonghwa’s arms tighten around you once more, and you’re brought close to the tent in his shorts again
“Will you put some on me too, then?” He looks up at you with puppy dog eyes that are completely betrayed by his pupils, blown wide
You squeeze some of the lotion into your hands and let the bottle fall down as you spread it over his shoulders
You’re consumed by his kiss again, gripping his shoulders, arms, neck, wherever you can reach
His skin rubs slick against yours because of the sunscreen, and all you can taste is the salt on Seonghwa’s lips as he does away with his shorts and finally pushes into you
It doesn’t take more than ten minutes of soft moans, grinding, and his mouth against your neck for you to come, head thrown back and facing the sun
Your husband isn’t long after, burying his face in the crook of your shoulder as he loses himself in you
When you’ve come down from your high, Seonghwa stands slowly and pulls you with him
“Let’s go swimming.”
You spend the rest of the afternoon wading in the shallow waters of the cove, soaking in the sun and kicking up the white sand with your toes
When the sun starts to slide down the sky, setting everything aglow with orange and gold, Seonghwa stands behind you and holds his lips to the back of your head
His arms are around you, and your joined form sways gently with the waves until the sun falls away completely
When you get back to the resort, you both shower off and Seonghwa presents you with a beautiful dress to wear to dinner
He wines and dines you every single night, even making an effort to learn some Italian to more easily place your orders and interact with locals
And each night, he lifts his glass and toasts, “To you, Mrs. Park.”
Tumblr media
It took exactly zero convincing for you to get Hongjoong to agree to Paris
He loved the idea right away, because it’s a city known for its art and fashion
You reserve a penthouse room in the heart of Paris, with floor to ceiling windows and sheer white curtains
The two of you arrive in Paris decked out in the most impeccable airport fashion, ready to paint the city red
Unfortunately, the jet lag hits you both a little harder than expected
So you spend the rest of the first day sleeping and eating in bed, to the backdrop of sultry French soul music playing over the radio
The next morning, you wake up just as the sun is beginning to peek over the rooftops
It sends gold rays through the blue light of the morning
You slept with the windows cracked, and the soft breeze blows through the curtains
He’s sleeping next to you, and you curl up against him, perfectly content to get a few more minutes of sleep
His t-shirt smells like him--like home-- and you smile to yourself
But something less wholesome is going on his head
Hongjoong’s eyebrows tilt and his lips part as he whimpers in his sleep
It’s an expression you recognize, although he’s only ever made it while he’s very much awake
Usually as you take him, nails grazing down his stomach, watching his head fall back against the pillows
You have to wonder if that’s what he’s dreaming about, but you’re not about to sit by and let the dream version of you have all the fun
Throwing a leg over his hips, you rest your hands on Joong’s chest and slowly kiss his neck
He moans softly, eyes opening as he wakes
His hands find your hips, pulling you against the growing hardness in his sweatpants, and there’s a sheepish smirk on his face
“Sounded like a good dream,” you whisper against his lips
Hongjoong smiles in the dim light, his eyes flicking to your mouth
“It was,” he replies
His hand is creeping up your back, fingers purposely snagging on your t-shirt
“But nothing compared to this, and nothing compared to you,” he says, and kisses you firmly
You’re not usually one for morning sex, but this lazy love is exquisite in its own way
It’s all slow touches and kisses that are soft but not lacking in passion
Hongjoong shifts to be on top of you and your noses bump, causing both of you to giggle a bit
Joong hides his face in your neck, but takes the opportunity to place a few kisses there
The pair of you take your time in climbing the mountain, but you reach the peak at the same time, hands clasped and legs tangled
You tilt your head a little to watch his face as he comes because the sight of him, and the sounds he’s making, are nothing short of gorgeous
Following an equally slow comedown, you shower off together and clamber back into bed for another couple hours of sleep
When you’re both a bit more rested, you set out on foot to explore the city
Munching on croissants with Hongjoong at an outdoor cafe, and sipping espressos before setting off again
You stop at a small flower stand, and Joong buys you a handful of roses
As you walk on, he has his hands in his pockets, and you loop your arm through his
The content smile playing on his lips gives you a high, and you bask in the moment
The following day, you drive to the Musee du Louvre, and stay until closing time
Joong looks at the art, and you look at him, admiring your own masterpiece
You’re thankful you ended up here because it gives you a perfect, constant view of his profile, from his starry eyes to the tip of his nose to his lovely mouth
He catches you staring at him, and blushes while trying to suppress a smile
You do another day trip to the palace and gardens at Versailles, holding hands as you stroll through the ornate, golden halls and endless paths adorned by flowers
And, of course, it’s not a trip to Paris, or a trip with Hongjoong, if there isn’t shopping for clothes at some point
You pick outfits out for each other in the city’s best boutiques de vetements, from sleek luxury retailers to some of the more underrated shops in the art district
The two of you end up having to buy another suitcase for all the clothes you bring back, but this turn of events is shocking to no one
It’s the most fun you could have on a vacation, and your only consolation for having to go home at the end of the week is getting to start the best adventure of all
Being married to your best friend
Tumblr media
You’ve always wanted to visit Austria
What better occasion than your honeymoon to spend a week in Salzburg?
It’s all wonderful-- the music, scenery, history, and dancing!
It’s a series of beautiful moments from the very start of your trip
You and Yunho watch Harry Potter together on the plane there, sharing earbuds and mouthing the spells together
At one point, Yunho moves the armrest so the two of you can comfortably hold hands
You doze off together, heads resting against each other, and are only awoken by the captain announcing that you’ve landed
You were worried about jet lag, but your Energizer bunny husband has an abundance of contagious excitement
You drop your bags at the hotel, change clothes, and immediately set off on your first adventure
It’s a sunny, breezy day and the sweet aroma of flowers on balconies is everywhere
You’re strolling hand in hand down a cobblestone road in the historic district of the town when you and Yunho hear the music at the same time
You’re drawn like magnets to the sound of a small band playing on the sidewalk
Yunho pulls you in for a dance, just like you knew he would, one grasping yours and the other pulling you close by the waist
As he swings you in circles, you think to yourself, this is why you married him
His carefree nature, spontaneity, and the joy his spirit radiates
And the laughter in your ears that’s just as much music as the instruments being played on the corner of the street
Though you don’t know the steps, and you’re pretty sure Yunho is making them up on the spot, you never once stumble over each other
He ends the dance by twirling you around, tickled pink at how much fun you’re both having
Next, you find a little outdoor cafe, and insist on feeding him yourself
Yunho is blushing and acting like he thinks it’s ridiculous, but when you finally give up, he picks up the fork and hands it back to you with a sheepish smile
You giggle and scoop up a piece of the chocolate cake you’re sharing, watching his cheeks turn pink as he accepts it
By the time the cake is finished, you’ve got a bit of chocolate icing on the corner of your mouth
Instead of just pointing it out to you, Yunho becomes Yunhoe
There’s a mischievous glint in his eyes as he reaches across the little table and swipes his thumb across your lip
You thought he was just being cute, until he brings his hand back to his mouth and sucks the icing off his thumb
As you watch with a smirk, Yunho gives you a look that makes it clear he’s doing the math in his head of how quickly you can get back to the hotel room
He throws a handful of Euros on the table (more than the bill would’ve been) and grabs your hand
Twenty minutes later, you stumble backwards out of the elevator, arms thrown around Yunho’s shoulders
His mouth is hot over yours, and you have to laugh at yourself for not even making it one day before jumping each other
But hey-- what are honeymoons for, right?
He breaks your kiss only to swipe the key card at the room door, but his lips are right back on yours as soon as he can
Yunho picks you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, and blindly pushes the door open behind you
You’re not sure whose idea it was, or if either of you even thought about it, but you end up bent over the balcony railing, your lower half shielded from pedestrians below only by flower boxes
Yunho’s got one hand around your waist, and the other hand braced on the railing
He’s groaning softly between kisses against the side of your neck, thrusting into you from behind
At one point his hand drifts from your waist to press into your clit, causing your head to fall back against his shoulder
Yunho puts a hand over your mouth to stifle the moans that you can’t keep in
You come shortly after with a muffled cry into his palm, and Yunho bites into your shoulder as gently as he can to muffle his own noise when he comes a moment later
You take a few moments to come down before Yunho walks you inside to clean off
You collapse onto the bed together for a much-needed nap, dozing off peacefully in your favorite place in the world-- your husband’s arms
Tumblr media
You had to reason with Yeosang just a little to get him to agree to go to Greece for your honeymoon
But once he realized why you picked it out of all places, he came around
It offers food, sunshine, fresh air, and many adventures in a place made for exploring
Getting excited on the plane ride in, giggling with each other and looking out the window at the islands like a couple of excited kids
You go searching for the best views in Santorini, climbing through the endless maze of steps between white and blue buildings
So many selfies--Yeosang smiling shyly with his cheek pressed to the side of your head
After a while, he really starts to relax and have fun, and his smiles in your pictures get wider and wider
One day is devoted entirely to walking through the market in town, buying random food items just because they smell good and holding them out for the other to try
At one point Yeosang slips away while you’re not paying attention
Trying not to panic, you look around, feeling like a child who’s lost their mom at a supermarket
Just as you’re starting to lose your breath, Yeosang catches you by the waist
You knew it was him just by his touch, but you still look to his face for the reassurance that he’s there
There’s a glint in his eye that implies he’s amused by your concern at losing him, but he tells you it’s okay, and shows you where he went:
A bright bouquet of flowers no doubt native to the island is bursting from his hands in marvelous yellows, pinks, and whites
You recognize Asphodels, but the rest are beautiful, nameless mysteries
They almost get crushed between your bodies as you throw your arms around Sangie and kiss him in full public view
No one seems to mind it though-- it appears as though love is in the air on this day, carried by the light sea breeze and lit by the sun
Yeosang smiles into the kiss before reminding you to be careful of your flowers
You take them from him with a grin, but when you’re on your way home, the smile turns into a pout
“Sang?” “Yeah?” “My feet hurt.”
Yeosang fakes a dramatic sigh, but it’s not another second before he’s crouching in front of you, holding his arms out behind him
You gleefully climb on, and Yeosang carries you the rest of the short walk to your AirBnB
He’ll never say it out loud, but his favorite thing in the world is feeling your arms around his shoulders
Just like on your wedding day, just like now, just like he wants every day for the rest of his life
Another day, the two of you are hiking through some of the more rural parts of Santorini, and happen upon a beautiful wild olive grove near a cliff face
You come back the next morning with a blanket and some snacks, and spend the entire day in the shade
Admiring him as you sit by the seaside, because he looks so stunning among the greens and blues and yellows
It’s not your fault he looks that good
Maybe he looks a little too good
Maybe you make a mess of your picnic blanket after grabbing your husband and pulling him on top of you
Once Yeosang looks around and ascertains that there’s absolutely no one around, he’s all game
His hands are bunching the skirt up around your hips, his mouth greedy and searching your neck for any spot that’ll make you whimper when he sucks into it
Your spot in paradise turns into rapture as his fingers meet your core, massaging you until you start to dig your nails into his shoulder
You’ve got one hand on his bicep and the other in his hair when he takes you in one smooth motion, finding his rhythm like he never dropped it in the first place
You come apart beneath him, and beneath the softly rustling leaves of the olive trees
The two of you fall asleep shortly after, completely relaxed in each other’s arms
Holding hands on your walks through the town at night, underneath the twinkle lights
You’ve married your best friend, and this is the best beginning to your lives together that you could ever imagine
Happiness settles around you like a light blanket, and you hope it stays forever
Tumblr media
Don’t ask me why, but a glass igloo hotel in Iceland seems perfect
It’s cozy but not too small, and it’s the picture of quiet luxury
The glass walls and ceiling give you a beautiful view of the wide Icelandic sky, which is clear as crystal after a fresh snowfall
There’s a fireplace against one wall, with a fuzzy rug in front of it and many, many pillows
You spend the first evening snuggled up there with San, sipping hot chocolate and talking about every random thing you can think of
He keeps finding reasons to say “my wife”, getting all giggly every time he does
After you fall asleep, another storm rolls through, dropping an extra foot of powdery snow all around you
You and San are oblivious, however, because you’re both fast asleep under several layers of blankets
Safe and warm in your little nest, you nuzzle your face into San’s neck, and he tightens his arms around you in his sleep
Because being with you, and keeping you close, comes as naturally to him as breathing
When you wake up, you see the wonderland outside and it’s not even a discussion-- you and Sannie are outside as fast as you can put on your clothes
You play in the snow together, and his adorable laugh echoes around you every time he beans you with a snowball
Chasing each other around like little kids, giggling and kicking up the snow
San catches you by the waist and spins you around, making sure to never drop you
You wrestle around a bit but eventually end up making snow angels together
When you stand up to admire your outlines in the snow, San pulls you close and presses his face into your hair
Putting an arm around his waist, you brush some of the snow off his jacket
He catches your hand, and holds it to his chest, where you can feel his heart pounding
“Never forget that this beats for you, okay?”
You almost cry, but opt to pull San to you and press kisses all over his face instead
He just giggles and accepts every single peck on his quickly-heating cheeks
Later that day, you make your way to the hot springs nearby, running as fast as you can to the water’s edge after dropping your coats
It’s a rush to the senses, slipping into the hot spring and away from the frigid air
San is behind you, gripping your hand tightly
You find a ledge that’s been carved into the rock underwater, and make yourselves comfortable on it
San leans back, eyes closed, and you can see the puffs of his breath coming slower and slower as he fully relaxes
You lean back against his arm, enjoying the feeling of his skin and the soft water pooling around you
You end up throwing your legs over his thighs and curling into his side
His arm goes around your shoulders, and you feel every bit of worry leave your body
You’re heavy with relaxation, but you feel lighter than ever
That evening, you’re watching a movie and sipping spiked hot chocolate when a flash of green lights up the igloo
Gasping, you stand up to stare skywards, mouth open
San turns off the movie and moves next to you, taking your hand and squeezing it lightly
You watch the Northern Lights in silence as they ripple across the sky in vivid purples, blues, and greens
A few minutes into the show, you glance over at San to see his eyes glittering with all the colors
He looks so beautiful, holding entire galaxies, and he doesn’t even realize it
When the lights begin to fade down, you reach over and pull San to you
He knew what you wanted from the first millisecond of touch
He responds in kind, tugging you as close to him as he can and making quick work of both your shirts
Chests pressed together and breathing ragged, you let yourselves fall back onto the rug
Arms and legs tangle as you make love beneath the glass ceiling, and the auroras begin to flicker again, making everything that much more beautiful
Falling asleep in each others’ arms, not only for the warmth, but because you love him more than anything in the world
Tumblr media
It’s a lesser known honeymoon destination, with fewer people than some of the more popular spots in Europe or the Caribbean
You have your own bungalow on the beach, with room service twice a day and spa services as well
Getting massages and face masks with Mingi? Yes. Doing so in matching fluffy white robes? Double yes.
Going on a safari adventure to see the lemurs!
You and Mingi pile into the backseat of an open-air Jeep and a driver takes you around one of the wildlife refuges
You two have the time of your lives looking at all the animals, grabbing each other and pointing when you see a new one
He’s smiling so big the entire time, and his happiness is contagious
You both sleep in late every day just because you can--no alarms, just birds twittering and sunlight filtering through the blinds
Waking up in each other’s arms, nestled under a layer of soft blankets
All you have to do is open your eyes, and Mingi is right there, sleeping soundly with the corners of his mouth turned up
His hair is tousled and he looks so peaceful
That is, until you try to get up to make breakfast, and he refuses to let you get out of bed
He doesn’t even wake up; just throws one arm around you and hugs you tight, humming in his sleep with a little pout on his lips
You can’t help but smile, and relent to his cute charm
An hour or so later, when both of you wake up, Mingi kisses you all over your face
It’s the best way to say “good morning” in his opinion, and you’re pretty sure he’s right
Another day, you do a guided hike through Amber Mountain National Park
There are even more lemurs, and many other animals
The air is so clean you can’t even believe it, and peace seeps into you with each step further into the lush, green wilderness
You stop to swim in an emerald pool at the foot of a small waterfall, and your guide steps away to give you a moment of privacy
You get close to Mingi, resting your hands on his shoulders and pressing your forehead to his
The water flows softly around you, but Mingi is your rock--steadfast and comfortable to you always
He kisses you sweetly, and you feel any tension he might have had leaving his body with each deep inhale
Your favorite moment from the trip, however, has to be your journey to the Avenue of the Baobabs
The Baobab trees have long been a legendary symbol of the African wilds, but seeing them up close in reality is its own level of breathtaking
Nothing could have prepared you for just how massive the Baobabs are, towering above the horizon as you approach in your tour Jeep
You’re dropped off at the beginning of the path that winds through hundreds of the giant trees, and told to meet back there in a couple of hours
Mingi pulls you down the trail excitedly, telling you that if he had to be a tree, he would be one of these
You snap your favorite photo ever that afternoon
It’s a picture of Mingi, grinning widely, hugging a Baobab (or trying to, since that particular tree had a diameter of about fifteen feet)
He looks so happy, almost childlike, and the joy just radiates off of him
That picture gets framed the second you return from your trip, and it’s also the lockscreen on your phone
Although your days are spent visiting every destination on the island, your evenings are a much-needed quiet time to recharge
You and Mingi snuggle up for a movie some nights, and other nights you drink on the porch and listen to the sounds of the jungle
Sometimes you get distracted from the movie or the scenery, and kiss Mingi a whole bunch instead
He’s more than willing to pull you close, and even carry you off, when you whisper something sinful in his ear
But no matter what you get up to, his love and sweetness are in every touch
Whether you’re out and about, or enjoying a quiet moment to yourselves, his arm is around you always, and you never have to ask twice for extra kisses
Tumblr media
A beach resort in Turks and Caicos seems like the perfect place to go with Wooyoung
Hear me out-- it’s got music and tourists that are just as loud as he is
Crystal clear, bright blue waters greet you as the two of you hitch a ride from the airport
All the windows in the cab are down, because it’s sunny and just the right kind of warm
Salty sea air fills your lungs and the wind breezes through your hair
You’re given complementary rum punch when you check in, and it’s the perfect start to your trip
You and Wooyoung drop your bags off at the room and immediately change into your swimsuits
The resort backs right up to the beach, so you run out in your sandals, hand in hand as you make a beeline toward the water
The sand is hot beneath your feet, but you don’t even notice because you’re so excited and the water! is so! blue!
You crash into the surf seconds later, the warm water swirling around your legs
You wade through the water until you’re chest deep, then kick up your feet and float on your back
There are no breakers, nor boats allowed, in the calm waters of the bay, so you float in the soft blue for a little bit, content to just let the tide wash you back to shore in whatever timeline it sees fit
You reach out at the line between sea and sky, meeting the skin of Wooyoung’s arm
He’s still standing, staring in wonder at the paradise around you, but he takes your hand without thinking
He’s your anchor, letting you float without drifting away
You spend the next several hours going back and forth between the sea and the sand, finding beach chairs to lounge on while you lay in the sun
As the sun starts to fall in the sky, you decide to head back to the room to shower off and get dressed for a fancy dinner
You’re minding your business, rinsing the shampoo out of your hair, when the bathroom door opens and Wooyoung pokes his face inside
“Mind if I join you?”
“Not at all. It’ll save water,” you respond, smiling
Woo sheds his swimshorts and joins you, slipping in as fast as he can to keep the steam inside the glass door of the shower
You massage shampoo into his hair, enjoying his little hums of appreciation
He rinses it out while you wash your body, and you stand behind him as he washes off too
His back is to you and you openly stare at the water running down his back
You feel heavy, relaxed, from spending all day in the sun, but there’s one thing that could make this afternoon even better
Once all the soap is off of him, you step forward and kiss the spot between his shoulder blades
Never a stranger to your unspoken wishes, Wooyoung leans his head back as you kiss your way up to his shoulder
When you can’t reach any more, he turns and kisses you, hard
He’s got one hand snaked around your waist and the other holding your face to his
Your arms are around his shoulders in a heartbeat, and he backs you against the tile
It’s cold, but the warm water is still running between your bodies, giving you shivers
Wooyoung breaks the kiss only to kneel in front of you, throwing your leg over his shoulder
He brings you to the edge with his mouth, then stands again, keeping your leg hitched over his hip
When he fucks you, you’re worried that people are going to see the scratches on his shoulders the next day at the beach
But eventually, you can’t be bothered to think about it, and you lose yourself in his touch instead
You come apart shortly after, chests heaving and skin pressed to wet skin
A little while later, you’re toasting one another over dinner
The restaurant offers many amazing local delicacies, and Wooyoung insists on hand-feeding you at least half of them throughout your trip
There’s live music every night at the resort’s restaurant & bar, and Wooyoung doesn’t think twice about pulling you with him to the dancefloor
You’re not overly confident in your dancing skills, but Woo pulls you close and shows you some simple steps as other couples join around you
After a couple of songs, you’re able to get into the groove of the funky music that the island loves so much
Wooyoung’s smile is all you need to know you’re moving the right way, and you dance to a few more songs before going back to the bar counter for more fruity drinks
The two of you continue to get tipsy, then walk to the beach and make out in the sand like a couple of teenagers
You’re both giggling between kisses, digging your toes into the sand, and existing purely in the moment
Everything is sweet, from the taste of pineapple on his tongue to the heady aroma of plumeria blooms in the trees
Every day is a beach day in this place. You’ve never had this much fun, splashing and playing in the water, laughing nonstop
One afternoon, Wooyoung is passed out on a beach chair under an umbrella, lulled to sleep by the day’s warmth and the sounds of the ocean
After taking a picture of him to giggle at later, you get an idea
The air is fragrant with the sweet smell of the thousands of flowering bushes that are planted throughout the resort’s grounds
Nobody would miss a few of those flowers, would they? If you were to, say, pluck some and decorate your husband with them?
You slip away from the chairs and your sleeping Woo to gather a few blooms from the nearest row of landscaping, returning with sweet-smelling handfuls of them
You giggle to yourself, putting the flowers all around Wooyoung’s head like a little halo of yellows, whites, and pinks
He doesn’t even notice them until he wakes up, gets back in the water, and sees a bunch of petals in the surf around him
You laugh and take photos of all of it
Being on a catamaran at sunset, sitting side by side with your head on his shoulder
The sky is painted in vivid oranges and reds, and Woo’s hand rests on your thigh, his breathing slow and even next to you
The wind is a bit cool on your wet skin, but the sun still delivers warmth, and you inhale the smell of saltwater on Wooyoung’s skin
He turns his face slightly to kiss the top of your head, and you smile knowing that his love for you comes without him even having to think about it
As the boat smoothly cuts through the water, you feel completely at peace
You’re exactly where you’re meant to be, and it’s hard to think about your life turning out any other way than this moment, with this man
Tumblr media
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Incredible local food, soccer matches, constant music, breathtaking city scenery--it’s a neotropical dream
First of all, Jongho is amazing to travel with
Being the eldest of his family, he’s well-prepared with a bag full of snacks, meds, toiletries, headphones, and neck pillows for both of you
He looks so cute on the flight, snuggled up in his complimentary blanket and neck pillow
He’s pouting in his sleep and you take several photos just because
When you get to the hotel room, he bravely offers to carry your luggage up the stairs for you
But he makes you wait at the bottom of the stairs so that he can come back and scoop you into his arms
Because he insists on carrying you bridal-style at every opportunity, starting with your arrival to the room
It’s a suite on the second floor, with its own balcony overlooking the main walkway below
You can look out over shops and restaurants and bars, all the nightlife in one place
You change out of your airport clothes, then venture out to grab some drinks and go shopping-- the boys had bullied Jongho into promising that he’d bring back gifts
The two of you are buzzing by the time night falls, but your feet are sore from walking and you’re exhausted from the flight
So you grab some food to-go from one of the restaurants and take it back to the room
You chow through dinner with the balcony doors open, allowing the music and chatter of the streets to carry in on the soft, warm breeze
Going into food comas immediately after eating, you and Jongho pass out on top of the covers, facing each other with hands clasped in the middle
You wake up to brilliant sunlight and Jongho’s arm thrown over you
He’s your life-size teddy bear, and you snuggle closer to him for warmth and comfort
When you both get up and around, you surprise Jongho with tickets to this year’s Superclasico-- only the biggest soccer match in Buenos Aires!
Jongho tries to play it cool, but you can tell he’s absolutely giddy at getting to attend a sports game while he’s here
He loves soccer, after all, and he can’t stop smiling the entire way to the stadium
He practically drags you by the hand to your seats, which are so close to the field that you can hear the footballers yelling to each other
Jongho doesn’t sit down a single time during the game, shouting excitedly in Korean even though he doesn’t know anything about these teams or who to root for
He’s just glad to be there, and it’s an absolutely fantastic match
On your short walk home, he’s got so much energy from being amped up by the game that he stops you on the sidewalk and tells you to get on his back
You blush profusely, but who are you to say no? Besides, you love seeing him be this carefree
The two of you stick out like a sore thumb in the streets of Argentina since you’re giggling like crazy and he’s singing to you in a language that definitely isn’t local
You indulge in some amazing street food before going back to the hotel and getting ready for the evening
He got tickets to a theater show, and it gives you an opportunity to get all dressed up
Your husband looks so handsome in his casual suit, and when you walk out in your dress, he’s holding roses
The show is wonderful, and you’re both part of the standing ovation it receives
You throw off your shoes when you get home, but there’s so much excitement outside that the night is hardly over
Standing on your balcony, listening to singing in the streets and bars below, with Jongho’s arms around you from behind
This man clearly did his research before coming here, because he actually knows some of the songs in Spanish and you bet your ass he serenades you as musicians pass by below
There are fireworks some nights for no apparent reason other than that the city exists to be a technicolor celebration of life
There is no better place to start this marriage, and no better person to be married to
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lotusss-flowerbomb · 5 months ago
Nice To Meet You
Bucky x Wilson!reader
Warnings: 18+, Smut (duh, so kids go home.), Godzilla Vs Kong spoiler
A/N: I’m trying to get back to it. I’m so rusty, so please bear with me. 😩
Also, this story has unprotected sex. Remember that this is just fiction and if he ain’t got no rubber then he can’t be your lover.
Word Count: 3,554 (My bad.)
You pulled into the driveway of the home you shared with your older siblings and nephews. You popped the trunk before getting out in preparation to get the many groceries you'd just bought. 
You were bent over in the trunk when you heard a man's voice. 
"Excuse me?" He called out. 
You stopped what you were doing and turned to him. "Yes?" 
"Hi, I'm looking for Sam Wilson, does he live here?" He asked. 
"Yes, he does, but he isn't here right now." You answered. 
"Oh okay, um, I'm —" he started. 
"I know who you are," you interrupted him. I'm Y/N Wilson." 
"I didn't know Sam was married," he said shocked. 
You turned around and pulled a case of water from the trunk and gave it to him. Then sat another on top of it. 
"I'm not Sam's wife. I'm his youngest sister." You told him and hooked bags onto his arms. "This way," you led him to the large porch and into the house. 
You walked him into the kitchen where he set everything down, thanked him and pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge for him. 
"I didn't know Sam had a sister. It's nice to meet you," he reached out to shake your hand. 
You grabbed the gloved hand and shook it. 
"Sam won't be back until tomorrow. He and Sarah went to get supplies for the boat a few towns over and they’re staying the night." 
"Sam has a boat?" He asked, confused. 
"What exactly do you know about my brother?" 
"Not much, I guess," he shrugged. 
"Wow, a man risks his life and has to go on the run for two years because of you and you couldn't take the time to ask him about his life or family?" You raised your brow at him. 
"Okay, I deserved that," he agreed. 
"Mmm hmm," you turned to put the groceries away. 
"Uh, I'll come back tomorrow when Sam's here." 
"How'd you get here? I didn't see a car out there." 
"I kind of walked from the bus station," he scratched the back of his neck. 
"And where are you staying?" You followed up. 
"I'm good at figuring those things out." 
"Right," you rolled your eyes. "You can stay here tonight. I have to meet my brother and sister at the docks tomorrow and we can just ride up together." 
"Oh, no, I don't want to impose. I'll be fine." He insisted. 
"Have you eaten?" You asked. 
His stomach decided to growl loudly at that moment. It wasn't exactly unusual for Bucky to forget to eat. 
"I'm gonna fry some fish for lunch. The guest room is the third room on the left upstairs. You can put your things in there. Also, lose the gloves. You don't have to hide who you are here." 
Bucky smiled at your back and followed your instructions. He looked at all of the family photos on the wall as he made his way to the room. 
He felt bad for the twinge of jealousy in the pit of his stomach at how happy you all looked. He wished he still had photos of his family to look back on. 
Bucky put his bag on the big plush bed and changed his shirt. He was happy you said he didn't have to hide who he was there. It was hot as hell with those gloves on. 
When he returned to the kitchen you were already outside lighting up the deep fryer. 
"Anything I can help with?" He asked when he walked out onto the deck. 
"Absolutely, you can make the salad," you handed him the ingredients and a knife. 
The two of you worked in silence until you were finished and sat down to eat. 
"Thank you for letting me stay here," he finally said. 
"Of course, you're Sam's friend." 
"I don't know about friends. More like coworkers," he laughed. 
"Wow, is that a smile? You should do it more often. It's nice." You suggested. 
Bucky turned red. He couldn't remember when he was complimented last for a non violent act. 
"So, why are you here, Mr. Barnes?" 
"Just needed to talk to Sam about some things and you can call me Bucky." 
"I hope you aren't here to talk to him about the shield. We tried to talk him out of it at first, but he made a decision and just like the rest of us, you need to respect that." 
"He gave it away," he said with an attitude. 
"Actually, he didn't. He put it away, there's a difference. And maybe if you tried to understand his choices instead of having an attitude about it, you'd understand why he did what he did." You matched his fire. 
"Either way, I'm taking it back, because he deserves it. He's the only one who should have it." 
"I agree, but I won't let you give him anymore shit about what he felt was right." 
"I thought Sam was the superhero in this family?" He asked sarcastically. 
"Yeah, Sam protects the world and I protect Sam. You should be happy you're talking to me and not Sarah though, she would've punched you by now," you got up and took your empty plate inside. 
Bucky chuckled and watched as you walked away. His intention wasn't to come there and talk about the shield, but he still admired the way you had your brother's back. 
When you walked back out you had two drinks in your hands. You sat one down in front of him and went to your chair. 
"What's this?" He asked, looking at the red and orange drink. 
"A tequila sunrise. Heavy on the tequila," you sipped from your straw. 
"You know I can't get drunk, right?" 
"Yeah, the serum speeds up my metabolism, so I can't get drunk," he shrugged as he took a huge gulp. 
"I'm sure that sucks." 
"You have no idea." 
You sat outside and talked until the sun went down and then you went inside to clean up the kitchen. You washed dishes while Bucky dried them off and put them away. 
Bucky's phone was sitting on the table when you first heard the familiar dating app notification sound. You ignored it, but by the third time you finally asked if he was gonna check it. 
"It's probably no one," he said. 
"No one? You're getting matches like crazy. Let's see if they're any good," you picked up the phone. 
"What? No, absolutely not." He took the phone from you. 
"Why not? You could potentially find the love of your life out here," you sat down and patted the seat of the chair next to you. 
He finally gave in and sat next to you. Bucky opened his dating app and the two of you looked through his potential baes. He was swiping left on most of them so quick that you had to stop him. 
"You're not even reading their bios. Give it a chance, jeez." 
He slowed down a bit. 
"Melissa, likes long walks on the beach and playing in the mud? Next." He swiped. 
"Ooh, she's cute. Ella, an aspiring model who loves comedy. And look at that, her favorite movie is Robocop," you bit your lip to hold in your laugh. 
"You're worse than Sam," he said annoyed and put his phone away. “And it’s Robocop 3. That’s like the worst one.”
"Oh come on, Bucky, give her a chance she has two dogs!" You laughed. 
"I'm more of a cat guy actually," he said. 
"You're adorable," you continued laughing, “let's go watch a movie," you put your hand out for him to grab and led him into the front room. 
You turned on the TV and scrolled through for something to watch and finally settled on Godzilla Vs Kong figuring the action would be fun. 
"Five bucks says Godzilla kicks the crap out of Kong," you said. 
"What?? King Kong was first. It's only right that he reigns supreme in this situation," he countered. 
"Put up or shut up, Buck," you shrugged. 
He pulled the money from his wallet and sat it on the table. 
Halfway through the movie you were both talking smack to one another. Bucky hadn't even realized how comfortable he'd become. Your legs were across his lap and he was holding them in place. Casually rubbing circles on your thigh every few minutes. 
When Godzilla pinned Kong down and the fight seemed to be over, you jumped up in celebration. 
"Yessss!!!! The dinosaur for the winnnn!!" You danced in front of him. 
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, show off," he chuckled. 
You finished the remainder of the movie teasing one another along the way, when it ended you went up to get ready for bed. 
Once you were done with your shower you put on your pajamas and went to the guest room to check on Bucky. 
He was standing in the window shirtless with his jeans unbuttoned looking out into the dark yard. You stared at his back. Your eyes tracing his entire body. 
You shifted your stance as you felt your body starting to react to the sight of him. Your pussy was getting wet causing you to forget why you'd even gone to the room in the first place. 
"Everything okay?" You heard his voice break your thoughts. 
"Hmm? Um, yeah, I was just coming to make sure you didn't need anything before I went to bed?" 
"No, I'm okay, thank you." He smirked. "You know you can just ask whatever you want to know." 
You walked further into the room never taking your eyes off where his flesh ended and his metal arm began. You reached up to touch him and he flexed his arm a little causing the plates to shift. 
You jumped back slightly before running your finger down the cool metal and then touching the scar he had. 
"Does it hurt?" You asked quietly. 
"Not anymore, but I still remember the pain," he answered. 
"You're a nice guy, Bucky and I really wish that this never had to happen to you. Although, I can't lie and say that I don't think it's really cool." You ran your fingers over the metal again. 
He took your chin in between his fingers and redirected your gaze to his eyes. He's wanted to kiss you since lunch and has been doing his best to hold back out of respect for his friend. 
"Can I kiss you?" He said barely above a whisper. 
You didn't even answer, just pressed your lips to his. The kiss was needy. You'd both been craving each other all day. He let his hands fall to the small of your back and you wrapped your arms around his neck. 
Bucky picked you up and was leading you over to the bed when you could hear your phone ringing in the other room. You broke the kiss and he lowered you to the floor. 
"Shit!" You ran from the room. 
You picked up the phone and saw that it was Sam trying to FaceTime you. You hurried to answer. 
"Hey bro!" You said happily. 
"What you doing? What took you so long?" He immediately asked. 
"I was downstairs when I heard the phone, rudeness," you lied. 
Sam just looked at you. He could always tell when you were lying. Even one as small as that. You decided to switch the subject before he asked more questions. 
"Hey so guess who stopped by?" You said as you walked down the hall to the other room. 
You peeked into the guest room before going in. Bucky had put his shirt back on and stood when he saw you coming in. You stood next to him and put him in the camera. 
" Hi, Sam," Bucky said dryly. 
It may have seemed like a normal greeting, but he was really annoyed that he'd interrupted a moment he'd built up the courage to have all day. 
"Hey, what are you doing in my house Wall-E?" He chuckled. 
"I came to talk to you, but you're obviously not here." 
"Yeah, I put him up in the guest room for the night and we'll meet you down at the docks tomorrow." 
"Alright... You'd better not be getting sweet on my baby sister either," he cut his eyes at Bucky. 
"First of all, my sex life is none of your business. Secondly, there is no sweetness." You rolled your eyes. "Where's Sarah?" 
"You know she needs an hour long shower before bed just like you," he responded in a snarky tone. 
"Well, I'm going to bed, so tell her I said goodnight. I love y'all and we'll see you tomorrow." You said before hanging up. 
You put your phone on the charger for the night and when you turned around Bucky was standing at the door. 
"Goodness!" You yelled as you pressed a hand to your chest. 
He didn't say anything, just rushed over and started kissing you again. This time, even hungrier. 
Your tongues met and your body tingled. His hand gripped beneath your thigh as the other held him up. 
You broke the kiss to pull his shirt over his head. The few seconds felt like an eternity for Bucky. He never wanted to take his lips off you, but he did once more. 
"Are you sure about this?" He asked as he trailed kisses down your body. 
He was finally on his knees in front of you. Face in between your thighs. 
"I need to hear you say it, doll." He kissed one thigh. 
"Yes," you breathed. 
"Yes, what?" He kissed the other thigh further down. 
"I'm sure, Bucky. I want you. Please," you buried your fingers in his hair. 
He licked your clit slowly at first. Taking you all in and tasting your nectar. It had been so damn long since he had such a pretty pussy in his face. 
You could hear him moaning as he sucked and slurped on your clit. 
"Ooh, fuck baby, yes," you moaned. 
Bucky's dick was screaming for release from his jeans. It was pressing hard against the fabric and ready for your touch, but he wasn't done with you just yet. 
He spread your thighs wider and stuck his tongue in your tight pussy. He tongue fucked you until you felt your first orgasm approaching. You reached down and started rubbing your clit. 
"Yeah, play with that pussy. Good girl," he praised. 
You rubbed faster. Bucky stuck his tongue back inside and let you fuck his face some more. Your legs shook and the warm juices flowed onto his tongue. He moved your hand and licked from your hole to your clit. 
"Told you I was more of a cat guy," he smiled. 
"Shut up and share," you grabbed his face and stuck your tongue out to taste yourself on his lips. 
You pushed his pants down and tried to flip him, so you could take him into your mouth, but he wouldn't budge. 
"No, need you now," he said as he slowly pushed inside of you. "Fuck," he said in your ear. 
He paused. He knew that if he moved he'd embarrass himself for sure, but you were so wet and tight. Fitting him perfectly. 
Bucky buried his face in the crook of your neck as he slowly started to move inside of you. Allowing you to adjust to him without hurting you too much. 
"You feel so good." 
Hearing you say that made him pick up the pace. He rolled his hips faster and pushed your knees to your chest. He wanted you to feel every last inch of him inside of you. 
He ripped your night shirt in half and exposed your breasts, watching them jiggle as he slammed into your pussy. 
Now he wanted to watch something else jiggle, so he pulled out and turned you on to your stomach. He pulled you up by the waist onto your knees and slid his hard cock back inside of you. 
"Fuck me," he demanded as he slapped each of your ass cheeks. 
You obliged and threw your ass back on his slick coated dick and he watched your ass bounce in the process. He knew he wasn't going to last long like this. 
"That's it, doll, fuck me. I wanna cum in that pretty little mouth of yours." He said. 
His words caused you to cum. Your pussy clenched around him so tight and you knew when you heard the soft, "Oh fuck," leave his lips that he was about to explode. 
Bucky pulled out of you and stood on the bed. He pumped his warm thickness into your waiting mouth while moaning loudly. 
When he was done, you let some of the cum drip from your tongue. He slapped his dick in it and you swallowed the rest. 
"Good girl," he dropped to his knees and kissed you roughly. 
He fell back onto the bed taking you with him. You laid on his arm and traced his jawline with your finger. 
"You're beautiful," he said to you. 
"Thank you," you smiled. 
"Should I start you another bath?" 
"No, I can take one in the morning." 
"Good, because I don't want you to leave anyway." He kissed your forehead. 
"Get some rest," you told him. 
He looked tired and you could tell that he sleeps horribly at night. 
Bucky closed his eyes. You waited for a few minutes before going to the bathroom to clean up. When you came back and laid down, he immediately wrapped his arms around you. 
You snuggled into his chest and drifted off to sleep.
When you awoke the next morning Bucky's arms were still wrapped around you. 
"Good morning," he said and planted a kiss on your shoulder. 
"How'd you know I was awake?" Your voice still laced with sleep. 
"Your breathing changed," he kissed you again. 
You could feel his hard cock pressing against your ass. His metal hand traced a cool trail between your breasts and down to your clit. 
You spread your legs to give him better access and then your phone started ringing. You rolled eyes when you saw Sam's name. This is the second time he's ruined your moment. 
"Hello?" You answered with an attitude. 
"Well good morning to you too, sunshine," he said. 
"Samuel, it's literally," you looked at your phone for the time, "shit, it's 10am??" 
"Yeah, exactly you slept in. Get your butt up." 
Bucky didn't care that Sam was on the phone. He slid his fingers inside your pussy and pumped them slowly. Your body quivered beneath his touch. 
"I'm getting — I'll call you when we're on the way." You quickly hung up. 
Bucky chuckled. He moved his fingers faster inside of you and sucked a nipple into his mouth. 
Your orgasm was so close and then he pulled his fingers out. Your eyes popped open and the satisfied smirk on his face let you know that he'd done it on purpose. 
"Next time, don't answer the phone, doll." He kissed your lips and walked towards the door. "Oh and don't even think about touching yourself." He said before he disappeared. 
He was out of his mind. You quickly grabbed your toy from your drawer and went into the bathroom. You turned on the shower and sucked the vibrator into your mouth to wet it. 
You put your foot up on the tub and slowly fucked yourself with the toy. Your eyes were pinched shut and you were so into what you were feeling that you hadn't heard the door open. 
Bucky watched as you pleasured yourself. He was turned on by the sight, but pissed, because he told you not to. He walked over and snatched the toy from you. Covering your mouth, so you couldn't scream. 
"Now, I remember telling you not to do this, doll." He moved his hand and nipped at your collar bone. 
"No, you told me not to touch myself. I used the toy," you said. 
"Real cute," he growled. 
He put the toy on the counter and walked you into the shower. He got down on his knees and started eating your pussy again. 
He should've been punishing you, but instead he was treating himself. Bucky knew in that moment that you were now his addiction. 
You gripped his hair while he held on to the leg that was thrown over his shoulder. 
"I want to feel you. Please," you begged. 
He wanted to deny you, but he simply couldn't. Your wish was his command. 
He stood and lifted you up, slowly sliding you down on his hard dick. He was sure to keep you against the wall, so your hair wouldn't get wet. 
Bucky fucked into you slowly. Enjoying the feeling of your slick walls. He wanted to stay inside of you forever. 
"I'm gonna cum, baby!" You mewled. 
You heard him grunt in response. He was close himself and when you tighten your grip around him he exploded inside of you. 
You bit his neck as your own orgasm washed over you. He finally let you down and the two of you finished the shower together.
Bucky had no clue how he'd break this news to Sam, but he knew he had to, because there was no way he wanted to ever go without your touch again. 
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gr0vndz3ro · a year ago
Sweet Somethings
(Sweet Nothings Pt.2)NSFW
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: NSFW, 18+, cursing, sugar daddy, daddy kink, size kink (if you squint), slight oral, finger fucking, loss of virginity, praise kink
Word count:6,906
Tag List (permanent): @keigod @dragonhrte @mrs-takami-keigo @fanfic-me-up @gallickingun  @royal-after-dark @hawks-senseis @bnhabookclub
Crossed off: Virgin x Veteran
A/N: I’m so surprised with the amount of love I’ve been getting with Sweet Nothings, it’s almost at 1k when I’m posting this and I can’t put into words how shocked I am. I honestly didn’t think anyone would care for it. I love y’all so much so I hope I did you guys proud with this. 
Pt.1 Here
Tumblr media
One would expect nice things out of a sugar daddy, but that did not mean you were prepared for them. And you were certainly not ready for the luxurious sports car that stood in front of you. Pitch black with orange accents, a monstrous growl emanating from underneath the hood. The nicest car you had ever seen, yet the only thing your brain could focus on was the warmth pressed against you back. The way you could feel Katsuki’s hard pecs through the fabric of both his shirt and your dress was enough to make your thighs press together. What surprised you the most was the way that this man, who was almost a complete stranger to you, was able to control your body with such little effort.
You felt yourself almost let out a whine when he removed himself from behind you, making his way to the passenger side door and opening it for you to make your way inside. Stepping forward, you try to regain what little composure you had, and make your way to the seat, promptly reaching for the buckle when your wrist is stopped by his calloused grip. In confusion, you move your head up to meet eyes with the man attached to the hand now holding onto you. 
“Please, what kind of a gentleman would I be if I didn’t buckle the lady’s seat for her. You do take me for a gentleman, don’t you?” The kind smile upon his lips telling a different story from the devious look he was giving you. You nod your head in agreement, not truly trusting your words as you move your hand away to allow him to do what he was wanting. His fingers wrap around the metal clasp and drag it across your body, bringing it closer to the fastener. Yet as he did so, he allowed his hand to graze against your semi exposed thigh. A tingle rushing throughout you at the simple touch. How are such small things affecting you so drastically?
While the drive was fairly quiet, it oddly wasn’t uncomfortable, yet the hand gently placed just above your knee was quickly going to become your undoing. You had given up on trying to figure out where it was the two of you were going soon after you 4th time asking him, only getting excuses in response along the lines of, ‘What’s the fun in you knowing’, ‘That will ruin the surprise’, and many others. So instead, you have resorted to taking in the passing scenery. The tall buildings that passed you by slowly started to thin out until eventually the only buildings you could see were little convenience stores and well kept historical homes. But it got to the point that they too soon left your view and the only thing that laid outside of the glass were the colossal trees that blocked out the sky. 
After some time, the vehicle slowed down as it approached a gated fence. Saying it was a gated fence felt like an understatement as it was equal to what you would see guarding the homes of Hollywood celebrities. While nearing the entrance, Katsuki rolls down his window while tilting his head to the camera that was positioned on top of a speaker. Words were exchanged between him and whoever was on the other side of the speaker, and while you couldn’t make out everything the man was saying one phrase caught your attention, “Welcome home sir.” Your brow dips in turmoil as you try to convince yourself that the thoughts that were racing through your mind, were not the reason he was bringing you here. Surely he didn’t think that all the money he had donated meant that he had ownership over you and your body. Because if that was what he was thinking he had another thing coming. Almost sensing your inner dilemma, he let out a chuckle before lightly brushing his thumbs against your knee.
“You have nothing to worry about. I told you I was a gentleman, didn’t I?” The smile that pulled at his lips was enough to calm your anxieties. Your head travels to the window to watch as you pass by more trees. How big was this property? When you realize that the tires beneath you had come to a halt, you turn back to him only to watch as he steps out of the car. After unbuckling your seatbelt, you didn’t even have enough time to reach out for the handle before he was opening your door for you, extending his hand out for you to hold onto as you step out of the vehicle. Your mouth opens to ask him what you're doing here but feel yourself quickly get silenced by the warm presence of his hand on your back and his mouth close to your ear. “It’s a surprise, remember? Trust me, you won't be treated like anything less of the princess you are tonight.” A blush dancing across your face as he interlocks his hand with your own, gently guiding you away from where you were parked. 
He led you down a stone path that trailed right along the edge of the small forest, lanterns lighting the way. Smaller trees draped over the path way, shielding you from the slowly setting sun. It wasn’t dark out yet, but the shade that the leaves provided created a cozy aura to the whimsical path. The whole walkway was almost something out of a fairytale. But it almost was fitting with the knight in shining armor on your side. Looking up you watch as his hair just slightly moves with every step he takes. You could tell it had been styled out of his face, but it was almost as if the unruly hair was attempting to fight back the products holding it down. But while you were entranced by the man on your side, you had almost missed the new breeze that swept past you. As the trees start to clear, you turn your head to find yourself shocked. Not because of the chill that was now running down your spine due to the cold wind, or even the gorgeous colors of the setting sun reflecting off of the water. No, instead it was because of the massive yacht that was docked at the pier of this beautiful lake. 
Your jaw drops as he takes you toward the pier and closer to this magnificent boat. As you walk along the side you read the S.S. Lady Explosion Murder. It was kept in pristine condition, almost making you wonder if it had ever even been sailed. When he brings the two of you to a halt, you finally manage to bring your eyes away from the boat and look to see that he stopped in front of the stairs that lead onto it. You look up at him to see if you were supposed to go on, to which he responds by extending his free arm and doing a slight bow as if to say ‘after you’. He releases his hold on your hand to allow you to stabilize yourself on the handrail. As you make your way onto the ship, you see a table romantically decorated for two in the middle of the deck. Roses lay in a vase on the center of the table and candles placed strategically around the area to allow for just the right amount of light. Your jaw slightly drops at the lovely table that he had set up, turning back to him, catching his eye in the process.
“Did you do all of this for me?” In genuine shock, since no person had ever gone this all out for you before. He takes a step toward you closing off the distance before lightly grazing your cheek with his hand, tucking the loose stand behind your ear.
“Of course, you deserve nothing less than the best. I would have done more but I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so I just thought a nice dinner on the lake would be good for our first date.”
“You sound so confident that there is going to be more, quite the confident one aren’t you?” A slight smirk making its way to your face as you question him. But he quickly steals the smirk away from you as it travels over to him as he speaks again, his voice now a low purr.
“I have plenty of reasons to be confident. If you’re lucky you may find out why.” Your face turning a dark hue at what his words could imply. A chuckle emits from him as he watches you turn red. “You’re so easy to mess with princess, here let’s go and enjoy our nice night.”  he once again places his hand on your lower back, guiding you to your chair before promptly pulling out your seat for you. You say a quick thank you to him as he pushes you forward, before making his way to the other side of the table to sit across from you. As you both got seated, you felt the boat start to move as it departed from the dock and started making its way further out on the lake. You couldn’t help but watch the water as it hits the side of the boat, mesmerized in the way the colors of the sky reflected off of it. You turn back away from the view to look at the stunning man in front of you.
“So I’m guessing that this must be your yacht?” You assumed that it was but you were curious to see if you were in fact on his property or not.
“It is, this is just the boat I keep here up here at the lake. It’s not often I’m actually able to come up here and enjoy it as I tend to be a workaholic you could say.”
“I do have to ask then, is there any meaning behind the ‘Lady Explosion Murder’?” A smile on your face as you ask him about the bizarre name. You understood men naming them after women they love for good luck, but you couldn’t imagine anyone being named that. He started to laugh at the memories of how he came across the name.
“Do you know what it is I do for a living?” He asked and it caused you to pause, seeing as you hadn’t actually even thought of it. You shook your head no and waited for him to continue explaining. “So, I’m the CEO for a large weapons and ammunition company. We mostly work with the military and deal with trading in foreign affairs. But when I was in school for my business degree we had to come up with a name for a mock company we worked on for a school project. I wanted to name the company King Explosion Murder then Lord Explosion Murder but the teacher said that both of those were too violent so I eventually ended up picked Ground Zero. When I open my own company I choose the same name I had used back then. But as a little homage to the ‘good ole days’ I decided to name the ship in favor of the rejected names.” 
The two of you ended up laughing as he started talking more about his times in high school and you found yourself intrigued at all his stories about him and his childhood friends. He casually was able to switch the conversation over so that it was now on you and as the dinner for the night made its way to the table, you were telling all about your embarrassing memories and the horrible dates you had gone on.  
“So you're telling me he tried to kiss you after that?” Bakugou had never laughed so hard in his life, yet it came so easy when he was with you.
“Yes he did! He spilled his entire glass of soda on me, attempted to ‘wipe it off’ and then proceeded to go in tongue first for a kiss at the end of the night. Needless to say I went home alone once again. I was convinced I was doomed and never going to be able to get past a first date with a decent guy let alone get a boyfriend.” A slight chuckle leaving your lips as you reminisce on all the horrible first dates you had been on. He paused in his laughter as your words processed in his brain.
“Wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me you’ve never had a boyfriend? You’ve got to be shitting me. There’s no way.” A light blush covering your cheeks as he stares at you in disbelief. You shrug your shoulders to say that it was true and he shakes his head. “Please tell me that this hasn’t been at least half as bad as any of your last dates with those wanna be’s” You smile as you watch him stand up from his seat and make his way over to where you were, extending his hand so that you could take it once again.
“It has already been a thousand times better, might even let you kiss me at the end,” Bakugou pulled you up from your chair, but since you weren’t expecting the force, you ended up tripping on your feet and landing dead center of his chest. You glance up making eye contact with him, your cheeks heating up once again as a familiar, devilish smirk spreads across his face. He tilts his head down and lowers it just above your ear, allowing his hot breath to fan across your neck as he speaks again.
“It looks like I already have you falling for me love, are you sure I’ll have to wait for the end of the date for that kiss?” As he goes to pull away from your ear, you move your hand to the back of his neck, keeping him there as you speak.
“Good things come to those who wait Mr. Bakugou.” You release his neck and are relieved to see that for once you weren’t the one with a tint of red across your face. Looking over his shoulder you could see that the sun was starting to set and you got excited at the opportunity to watch the sun set on this beautiful boat. “Oooo, let’s go watch the sun set,” A innocent smile on your face, ignoring what you had previously said to him, instead taking his hand and leading him to the railing on the side of the ship, wanting the best possible view of the setting sun. As you stood with your arms resting against the rail, Bakugou’s arms wrap around your frame, securely holding you against it and his warm torso. Resting his chin on the top of your head, you both stay silent as you enjoy the view together.
As you look off into the distance, just enjoying the peaceful quiet out on the lake, it is disturbed by a man walking up to you. He had cleared his throat, startling, only further pushing you against Bakugou’s  chest. You could feel his hard pecs through the thin material separating you. As you go to move away from his chest, the grasp of his hand on your waist holds you tightly against him. For the hundredth time that night, your face goes red but with a new reason. Not because of any lewd words, or any innuendoes. Instead it was because of the pressure that was now on your butt. You were almost positive he wasn’t hard and the size of it in this state was enough to make your thighs clench. Just how fucking big is he? Your hips unintentionally rock backwards at the thought. The grip that was on your hip tightens as a light groan emits from his throat at the contact. If you weren’t turned on before, that sinful noise definitely had you soaked. As your thoughts continue going south, the man that had startled you in the first place spoke up.
“Sorry to disturb you sir, but there seems to be a malfunction with the engine. It’s nothing major but we aren’t going to be able to get anyone out here until the morning. I can call for another boat to bring you to shore, but I don’t know how long that will take to get here.” He stood by, awaiting an answer from Katsuki. He slightly steps away from you giving you just enough room to turn around to face him. Once facing him, he asks you,
“Would you like me to call for a boat so you can get back to your hotel? It should only take a few hours hopefully. But if you are tired, you can always stay in one of the bedrooms on board the yacht. It isn’t a problem, there’s multiple bedrooms if that would be an issue.” Looking into his eyes it didn’t seem like he had an ulterior agenda, but instead genuinely seemed to want to make sure you were comfortable, and was willing to make whatever you wanted happen. That thought made a smile cross your lips, as he made you feel safe and comfortable, even only knowing him for a small amount of time.
“I’m alright with just staying on the ship. Don’t stress yourself with ordering a charter boat.” Katsuki returned your smile as he slowly turned away from you to inform the crew member that the two of you would be spending the night on the ship but he was free to call for a charter boat if he wanted to go back home. After the man gave a polite bow to the two of you, he turned around and left to go back to the wheel. Now that the two of you were alone, he turned back to you taking your hand in his once again.
“Did you want to head to bed now? Or would you like for me to show you where your room for the night will be?” You nod your head saying yes, after which he guides you to the undercarriage of the boat. There was what seemed to be a living room and jetting off from the room was a hallway which had 3 doors. His other hand that wasn’t connected with you reached out toward the handle of one of the doors. He twists it open and a large bedroom presents itself. Stepping to the side, he makes enough room to allow you to pass by him to enter the room and explore for yourself. You make your way toward the dresser that was next to the wall before turning around when you hear him speak up again. “I’ll be right back, I’m just going to grab you some clothes for you to sleep in.”
As he exits the room you take the time to examine the room. Your hand runs up the bed, the soft sheets almost calling your name to plop down onto them. But you hold yourself back and instead just sit on the edge of it, almost sinking in as the bed welcomes you in cozy arms. Just as you were about to get lost in the relaxation this mattress was tempting you with, Katsuki walked back into the room, a few clothes in his hand. He placed them on the side table before sitting next to you on the bed.
“I only had some of my clothes in the other room, so I hope you don’t mind but I just grabbed you some of my stuff.” He moved his head to look over at you and paused at how close your faces were. His eye brow slightly raises as his eyes travel down your face before landing on your lips, lingering before returning to meet you stare. His hand ghosted over the side of your body before traveling behind your neck, entangling in your hair at the base of your head. “Did you need help with anything else before I go?” You felt frozen under his lustful stare, unable to get the words out of your mouth as there was a lump in the back of your throat and an intense burn in your core. Swallowing the lump you speak up.
“I think I can think of a thing or two you could help me with.” Slightly leaning your head forward, feeling yourself getting drawn closer to him. But he must have felt the same because you could feel his word fan across your lips as he replied.
“And what would that be, princess?” His voice so smooth it came out almost as a purr. Yet instead of responding you push yourself forward, closing the small distance between the two of you. Your lips meet in a passionate kiss, perfectly molding together as if they had been created to only meet one another's lips. Your hand runs up his arm to tangle in his hair, gripping it as you try to drown yourself as the kiss makes you almost lightheaded. His spare hand moves down to your hip, squeezing it before relaxing it. The hand that was buried in your hair grips down, tugging at the strands, making a soft gasp leave your mouth at the pulling sensation. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Bakugou dives his tongue into your mouth, exploring the new area. Your tongues battle before his hold on your hair and hip tightens causing you to submit. Your hands travel down from his hair to his chest before you break away from the kiss by pushing his torso flush against the mattress. As you both attempt to catch your breath your hands make quick work to unbutton his pants, his hand grabbing your wrist before you could continue.
“Hey, I don’t want you to think we have to do anything alright? You pause to look up at him taking in deep breath taking in his appearance. His hair messier now from your hands messing it up. His face coating in a thin tint of red from the heat of the situation. Your eyes start to travel down, looking at how the top few buttons of his shirt had come undone, allowing his collarbone to poke out and letting you catch a glimpse of the chiseled pecs that had yet to leave your mind from the first time you had video called each other. Continuing your exploration, your eyes stop when you reach his pants. the tent in his pants prominent under your devouring stare. Reaching your hand out, you let your hand lightly grasp his member, earning a throaty groan from the man under you. Pulling your bottom lip into your mouth as you slowly palm him through his dress pants. Even semi hard you could feel just how thick he was. Moving your hand, your eyes shoot back up to meet with his, his hooded eyes watching your every move. 
“Oh I know. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to do something,” a smile on your face as you separate yourself from him, reaching for the zipper to your dress allowing it to slip past your shoulders and fall to the floor with a soft thud. Strutting your way back to where he was, you connect your hands with his waistband, tugging both his pants and his underwear along with it as you pull them down his muscular thighs. His dick slapping against his abdomen as it is released from its tight confines. Your eyes widen as you feel your jaw slightly drop at the view. Sure you had felt how large it was, but it was nothing in comparison to seeing it in person, right in front of your very eyes. Lowing yourself in front of him, the temptation to lick it was overwhelming as you felt your mouth watering at the sight of it. Taking his length in your hand, you give it a gentle squeeze as you open your mouth, running a long stripe up his length, tracing the pronounced vein that ran underneath of him. You hear him suck in a breath as your tongue flickers over his swollen tip, his hair immediately flying to your hair, needing something to hold onto at the sudden feeling.
“Shit baby girl, don’t mess with me like that.” You would have smirked at the comment but you were preoccupied at the moment. Opening your mouth further you take his head into your mouth, flicking your tongue against him again as you suck on his tip before releasing it while an audible pop. Bringing your head back down you take him into your mouth, relaxing your jaw as you attempt to take him fully into your mouth, almost being successful, but with how big he was it was nearly impossible for you to get him all in. You hold yourself near the base of his dick, tears swelling in your eyes as you try to relax so as to not choke around him. You feel yourself start to gag around him but the low groan that left his mouth made it completely worth it, the sinful sound sending a surge straight to your dripping core. Pulling yourself off of him, you gasp for air as he brushes your hair out of your face.
“Fuck princess, get over here.” He pulls you up to him and connects his lips to you, the kiss much messier than it was before, heated, but amazing to say the least. You break away from him still trying to catch your breath from before.
“Why’d you stop me, I could do a lot more you know.” You walk your fingers across his torso as you give him a playful wink.
“Oh I bet you could, but I’ll be damned if I don’t make you into a sobbing mess before I cum.” You couldn’t hold back the whimper that manages to escape at the thought of him ruining you. “But I bet you’d love that huh princess, want me to make you feel so fucking good.” his lips travel down to your jaw, kissing his way down your neck making it to the dip in your collarbone before licking a strip all the way back to the sweet spot just under your ear. He started moving back down kissing and nibbling as he explored your neck, searching for which spots made you the loudest. That was until he felt himself physically have to pause at your next response, just barely louder than a whisper.
“Yes please daddy...” He groans deeply into, the low pitch sending an electric feeling down your spine and resonating in your core. His hand makes its way to your throat as his finger lightly wraps around it, gently squeezing the sides.
“Say it again. Louder this time.” His fingers pressing into you as you feel a rush going to your head.
“Please daddy, I need you.” He released his grip on your neck and you feel the blood rush to your head. You go to take a deep breath but as you inhale Bakugou grabs you by the waist, flipping you so that he was now inches above you as you're practically pinned to the bed. The very breath you took caught in your throat as he lowered himself to your ear as his deep voice makes chills travel throughout your body.
“What exactly do you need, princess? Come on, I want to hear you use your big girl words.” A whimper involuntarily escaping you.
“I want you to make me feel good. To-- to stuff me with your fingers an- and prep me for your big dick.” Your face a bright shade of red as every drop of confidence you had earlier left with the lewd words he demanded to hear from you. But when you made eye contact with him you could see in the way his eyes darkened and by the smirk on his face that he was satisfied with what you had said. His hands roamed across your body, his rough fingertips slightly scratching you as he looped his fingers in the waistband of your underwear, tugging them down your legs before discarding them across the room. As his hand moves back up to your legs, you press them together at the cold feeling against the newly exposed area. He raised an eyebrow at the action and placed both of his hands on each of your knees.
“Spread them.” Was all he needed to say for you to slowly open your legs, putting yourself completely on display for him. Embarrassed at how exposed you were, you went to cover your face, but that didn’t last for long when you heard him groan as he took the sight of you in. Peeking out from under your arm you watch as he licks his lips as he stares at you, looking as if he was ready to devour you then and there.
“Fuck baby girl, you’re so good, doing exactly what I tell you to do -shit.” He started to talk more to himself as he ran his finger over your entrance, sucking in a breath at just how wet you were. A string of profanities leave his mouth as he dips a finger in after completely coating it in your slick. A whimper leaves your lips at the slight stretch. Slowly pushing himself further in, he curls his finger upwards and brushes it against your spongy wall. Your hips jolt up to try to meet his hand but he is quick to place his hand on your stomach, pressing you to the table making you stop your movements. “I’m going to need you to behave princess or you aren’t going to be getting anything from me, do I make myself clear?”
“Yes daddy..” you take in your lip, hoping that the response you gave him was what he had wanted to hear so that he would continue doing whatever it was that sent that electric surge throughout your body. But when you heard the deep groan come from his throat you knew that was exactly what he had wanted to hear. Slowly he pulls his finger out of you only to push it back into you, enjoying the way you clenched around his digit. After sliding out of you a few more times, you are forced to bite down on your lip as he slips another finger inside of you in a swift movement. Each thrust of his fingers slightly curling up to make sure to press lightly against your g-spot, making a tingle shoot to the tips of your toes. A moan rips from your mouth as he curls his fingers inside of you, pressing against your wall with more force. His pace picks up as the noises coming from you do as well. Just as you start to feel a warm feeling build up, your head shoots up at the sensation of another finger being added into you. You shake your head at him trying to tell him that it was too much but you're silenced as his head dips into the crook of your neck. He leaves a trail of hot kisses all the way from your collar bone to just below your ear before he speaks again.
“You’re doing so good princess, taking my fingers like this- fuck- I know you can take it. I can feel just how close you are. Cum for me baby girl, cum all over Daddy’s fingers.” That was enough to make your body take over in a flood of white bliss as your orgasm soars through you. Your hand gripping his back, nails leaving a trail as you hold onto him. You moan out his name as he speaks in your ear. “Yess fuck baby just like that.” As you come down from your high he pulls away just far enough from you to watch as he pulls his fingers out of you. His fingers dripping as you watch him pull them to his face, his mouth wrapping around them, cleaning them and you feel yourself clench around nothing at the sight alone. His hand travels down from his mouth to your thighs, gently squeezing them before spreading them so that he could be between them. His length pressing against you as he puts each of your legs around his hips. You can feel yourself already getting wet again as his tip rubs against your swollen clit. A smirk on his lips as he watches you squirm against the sheets at the feeling of his length pressed against you. “Do you think you're ready for me? Think you’ll be able to handle it, baby?” He teases you, moving forward so that his head rubs against you again. He continues doing this, loving the way you keep moving your hips in any attempt to earn something more from him. He grabs the sides of your hips, halting your movements, causing you to whine. You try to move again just to get any kind of friction and you hear him suck in through his teeth. “Nuh uh princess, I want to hear you beg for it.”
“Please Katsuki-- god please I need you so bad. I just want you to fill me up. Please daddy, fuck me until I can’t walk.” A chuckle is all you can hear before you feel his hand ghost over your thigh, goosebumps covering you as he travels over your inner thigh to where his length was resting against you. 
“Your wish is my command, your highness.” was all you heard before the room was filled with the sounds of your moans as he pushed into you. As he slowly bottoms out inside of you, your hands shoot up his back and bury themselves in his hair, pulling him close to you. The slight pain of him stretching you out causes you to furrow your brow and bite down on your lip. Noticing your pain, Bakugou dips down, connecting his lips with your own, distracting you from the pain you were feeling. His hands lightly massaging your thighs and hips as he finally is able to press against you fully. He stills himself giving you the much needed time to adjust to his size. Even with the preparation he was so much bigger than you had expected. After some time you pull away from the kiss, your eyes meeting his as you take in a shaky breath.
“Please- move.” He gives you a smile before pulling out of you, immediately leaving you feel empty before he pushes himself back into you. He leans forward while keeping a slow pace and kisses away the tear that, unknown to you, managed to escape your eye. Pressing his forehead to yours you watch him close his eyes, his eyebrows furrowing as he sucks in a breath.
“Shit baby, you’re so fucking tight.” You didn’t know if the statement had even been for you as he was so focused on not railing himself into you. You could see on his face the struggle he was going through at the antagonizing slow pace he was holding. Taking a hold of his face you bring his attention back to you.
“You can go faster. I can handle it, just give me all you’ve got.” You watch as a sinister look takes over him as one of his hands removes itself from your hips and is planted down beside your head, his other hand’s grip on your hip tightening.
“You might want to hold on then princess.” You were just barely able to comprehend his words before you feel him pull out of you and quickly slam back into you. Not being able to hold back the moans he was pulling out of you as he repeats this action, burying his dick deep inside of you, each thrust causing his head to crash into your soft, spongy wall. While you had told him to give it his all this isn’t what you had been expecting. The pure pleasure coursing through you as his unforgiving speed and power only seems to increase. You drag your fingers down his back, sure that your nails were breaking through his skin, but at the moment, that was the least of your concerns. You threw your head back against the pillow as you feel him attach himself to your neck, his mouth leaving hot open kisses against you. As one of your hands pulls against his hair, a deep groan rumbles through his throat sending the vibration straight into you as he connects himself to you again, his kisses turning into harsh sucking and nibbles. As he moves down your neck he stops at where it connects with your collar bone when he hears the broken moan that leaves from you. As he licks a stripe up the length of your throat back to his new favorite spot, a chill runs through you and you clench around him. 
“Fuuuck baby girl, You keep that up and I’ll have no choice but to fuck you all night long.” You whimper at the thought alone. He continues his brutal pace as your grip in his hair tightens, holding on for dear life as you try to keep up. The way he was slamming into you was unforgiving but you loved it. Each thrust making you stretch around him, barely able to handle his size. You could feel your high coming again, and coming fast. But Bakugou must have noticed as well as the hand that was grasping your hip was now rubbing circles into your clit. The pressure was overwhelming as he also somehow picked up the force as he rams harder into you.
“You’re close, aren’t you, baby? Go ahead, cum for me. I want to hear you scream out who is making you feel this good. Let them all know who’s princess you are.” His hip tilted upwards and mixed with what he said was enough to force you to come undone. You scream out his name as your body is taken over in euphoria. “That’s it, baby girl- fuck,” was the only thing you were able to make out as you feel his paint your walls white. His thrust starts to slow as he helps the two of you ride out your highs. 
His head presses against your own as you both attempt to catch your breath, the sounds of your breathless pants were now the only thing filling the room as you feel him soften in you. You feel your body go limp as he pulls himself out of you, feeling incredibly empty. You feel the bed dip as he gets off, heading into the bathroom before returning with a wet cloth. Gently, he cleans away any mess, making sure to be careful when he gets to any sensitive areas. Afterwards he places the towel on the nightstand before sitting back on the bed. Your hands gently run over the raised skin of his back, trying to calm the now irritated skin.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scratch you so bad,” You felt bad for the marks you left on him. But when he encases your face in between his hands and makes you look into his eyes, you feel a wave of relief take over as he speaks.
“Don’t feel bad princess, you are perfectly fine. If anyone should be apologizing it should be me, I may have been a little rougher than I had originally meant. I didn’t hurt you did I?” A look of worry on his face as he realizes he had sort of lost control. But when you smiled at him he felt a little bit of his stress go away.
“It was perfect. It was better than I ever could have imagined. So thank you.” He slightly smiled while his eyebrow cocked at your statement.
“You say that as if you’ve never been fucked properly before.” He chuckled as he pulled you to lay against his torso. Suddenly a wave of nervousness washed over you as you fiddled with your fingers. He looked down at you. “What is it?”
“Well that would require me to have been fucked before...” You felt him freeze under you.
“You’re kidding right?” You avoided his gaze, but his hand gently grabs your chin pulling you to look up at him. “I wish I would have known.”
“Why, would you have been gentler?” You ask him, worried that he regretted it.
“Of course I would have. It’s your first time. I wouldn’t have gone that all out, I would have held back a bit.”
“Well then I’m glad I didn’t say anything because that...” you pause taking a moment to plant a kiss against his lips. “...was amazing.” He smiled against your lips before pulling you into another kiss, this one much slower and filled with emotion than the ones you had shared before.
“I’m glad that you enjoyed it, next time I’m just going to have to make it up to you.” He brushes your hair out of your face.
“Next time?” You question him and a soft smile spreads across his face as he looks into your eyes.
“Of course, I meant it when I said you never have to worry again. You're my princess, and I’m going to make sure to take good care of you, okay?”
Tumblr media
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Monegasque Kiss | Charles Leclerc
Tumblr media
Fandom: Formula one Warning: My favorite trope, pining after each other and then confess your love. Friends to lovers. 2500 words. I enjoyed writing this a LOT. Pairing: Charles Leclerc x neutral!reader Summary: You and Charles are pining after one another and it ends up with a kiss, with some help from Pierre Gasly
A/N: Once again I’m thanking Screnwriter’s prompts, nr. 10, for sparking my inspiration to write, your prompts are the best! Gif by dams-racing. Honestly, I’m having such a blast writing for Charles and the other drivers, it really inspires me to continue writing.
There were some perks with being friends with formula one drivers. For instance you could go watch them race and kick ass on the tracks. You had known Charles and Pierre since you were younger. You had the fortune to meet them when they raced go kart and you just happened to be in Monaco on vacation with your family when their race was there. You had met them by accident and the three of you had stayed in touch ever since that day. Even though you couldn’t meet them as much as you wanted, you were happy to accompany them on their races, especially when it was in Monaco. 
You were by the docks looking at the people on their boats. Music started blasting through the speakers on the boats and people talked loudly to overpower the sound. Champagne was popping, spilling onto the wooden deck and laughter was heard from tipsy people. Girls were tanning on the deck and guys shouting at the people below. But you loved this, the commotion of people and how happy everyone was.
Screams were heard behind you when you saw that the big screen was showing all the drivers and that the drivers were posing in front of said screen. The crowd cheered the loudest when Charles' face was shown and he walked in front of it. Your heart made a jump when you saw him. Ever since that day many years ago, you had had a crush on Charles. But there was no way in hell that you were going to tell him that. Your friendship were too important to destroy by a stupid crush. But something inside you hoped, wished that he felt the same towards you. 
Pierre had seen you on the docks and made his way over to you, hugging you from behind. You shrieked, but soon relaxed when you realized who it was. Pierre laughed loudly at your reaction. 
“Pierre, you scared the living shit out of me.” you said and smacked him on the arm. His smile just grew even wider. 
“I didn’t know that you would be here so soon, (Y/N). I thought me or Charles were going to pick you up at the airport when you landed.”
“No need to, plus I didn’t want to ruin your fashion show down there.” you said and winked at him. He shoved you slightly which made you giggle. The two of you walked towards one of the cafés. The weather was amazing. You and Pierre caught up with everything while waiting for Charles to arrive. Pierre talked about the race and how he had enjoyed some time to hang out with his friends. You talked about your life and what was going on there. This was the first race that you could attend in Europe and you were happy that it was in Monaco. 
“So, anyone special at home?” he asked, with a look on his face like he knew something. You looked at him suspiciously. 
“No, why?”
“Well you are beautiful. I just wondered why you haven’t found someone yet.” his smirk grew. 
He definitely knew.
“Thank you, Pierre. I don’t know.” you tried to sound innocent and oblivious. “Maybe I haven’t found the right one.”
“Or the right one haven’t asked you.” he mumbled into his coffee, which made you turn bright red. 
Charles was on his way to your location and he had stopped by a flower shop to buy you some flowers. It had been ages since he had seen you and he wanted to give you something. He had seen you and Pierre hug on the docks, which made him feel a wave of jealousy crash inside of him. But he didn’t want to admit it to himself. The two of you were friends, nothing more, nothing less. But god did he hope for more. 
He rounded the corner to see the two of you talking at the café. The sting of jealousy came back again, because it looked like the two of you were on a date. But he tried to dismiss the thought and put on the biggest smile on his face. Pierre saw him first and waved him over, which made you turn to face him. Charles stopped in his tracks when his eyes met yours. His stomach filled with butterflies and he could feel his face getting flustered. 
You rose from your chair to run to him and you gave him the biggest hug.
“God how I have missed you, Charles.” you said. He hugged you back and inhaled your scent. How he had missed your hugs and your scent. 
“I have missed you so much, (Y/N).”
He let go of you.
“These are for you.” 
He gave you the flowers he had bought and you had the biggest smile plastered on your face.
“You didn’t have to.”
“I wanted to.”
“Thank you so much, Charles.” you beamed and smelled the flowers.
The two of you joined Pierre by the café and continued your chat for some time. You talked about everything and nothing.
“(Y/N), you should join us tonight at the party.” Pierre said.
“There’s a party tonight?”
“Yes, it’s on one of the yacht’s by the dock. I’m sure that you can come as our plus one.” Pierre said and winked at you, which made Charles' expression sour.
“Sounds fun and I get to hang out with you guys even more.” you smiled.
“Great, there will be more formula one drivers there tonight. But just stay close to us and you’ll be fine.”
“What time is it?”
“Around seven.”
“Great, can you pick me up by my hotel before that?” 
“Of course.” they both said. 
You grabbed your flowers and left them to get ready for the party. Inhaling the scent one once again and felt the butterflies go nuts in your stomach.
He gave you flowers!
At the hotel you had packed some more fancy clothes, in case this happened and now you were extremely happy that you did. You were done just in time when someone knocked on your door. Outside stood Charles in a blue shirt and he looked ravishing. You opened and his face flustered by your fancy attire. 
“Wow, you look amazing.” he breathed. You blushed by his comment and invited him in. He closed the door and sat down on the bed.
“You know, you could’ve stayed at my place for your time here.” Charles said. You froze by his statement and he saw your reaction and he could feel the panic grow inside him.
“I-if you wanted, that is.” he stuttered trying to save the situation. “You are always welcome, you know.”
His hand touched his neck in a nervous gesture and his face was even more flustered than before. You tried to not think too much about what he said, he wanted to be a kind friend towards you. Nothing more, nothing less. 
“Thank you, Charles. I will surely take that offer next time I’m in Monaco to see you.” you said and took one last glance in the mirror before the two of you headed for the lobby. The ride towards the party was fun, the two of you cracked jokes which made you cry with laughter. Charles felt proud that he could make you laugh like this and he enjoyed that the two of you were alone. 
On the yacht there were people everywhere, talking, drinking, you think you saw someone making out with someone behind the stairs. To give the lovely couple some privacy you turned around to walk over to the bar. Charles and Pierre had to do some interviews and mingle with the bosses and such, which made you stand alone for a while. But you didn’t care, because then you could watch the different people that were at the party. You saw Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. In one corner you could see Daniel Ricciarido laugh with some people you didn’t recognize. 
Sebastian had seen you alone and came up to you. Charles had introduced you when Sebastian was racing for Ferrari and you could tell that Charles looked up to Sebastian. The two of you got along well as well, which made Charles even more happy. However, Sebastian could see the looks the monegasque racer gave you when you weren’t looking. The wistful and yearning looks that only a love-sick person could give. The slight tint of pink on his cheeks whenever you gave him attention or how his attention or body was always turned towards you, no matter what. 
“Hey, (Y/N).” he said and embraced you.
“Hey, Sebastian.”
“Enjoying the party?” he said and let go of you. 
“It’s nicer now that I have someone to talk to.” you joked and looked over to Pierre and Charles doing some interviews with reporters. Sebastian could see the look you gave them, especially Charles. He felt bad for you that you felt alone.
“Well, I can introduce you to some people if you want?” he asked. You nodded and followed him towards the crowd of the other racers. You met Max, Sergio and Lewis. 
Charles had glanced over at you to see that you were doing okay, but that wave of jealousy came crashing inside of him when he saw you talking to the other racers. And with the jealousy came the worry. You turned around to meet his piercing eyes and you smiled at him. His insides melted by your smile and some of the worry and jealousy went away. Some of it, but not all. 
When the interview was over he and Pierre went over to the bar. Charles ordered two drinks, one for him and one for you.
“Some encouragement?” Pierre asked.
“For what?”
“Asking (Y/N) to be yours?”
Charles almost choked on air by Pierre’s statement. 
“What are you talking about? She is a friend.”
“Yeaaah, a friend that you like… or even more than that.”
Charles just shook his head and headed over to you. You smiled at him when he reached you and someone said that we should continue the conversation on the sofas nearby. The crowd started moving towards the sofas and somehow you didn’t get a seat. Pierre came by to slightly nudge you so that you lost your balance and landed in Charles lap.
“I’m so sorry.” you said frantic, feeling yourself getting flustered, but not as flustered as Charles. You tried to get up from his lap, but he wouldn’t let you. 
“I-it’s fine. You can sit here, since there is no other room for you to sit.” he stuttered and eyed Pierre. Pierre just raised his glas towards him and continued his conversation with Esteban. Trying his best to look innocent, but it was exactly the opposite. You nodded and tried your best not to blush profusely. His body was radiating so much heat and you took some deep breaths and tried to relax. But the tention between you and Charles. You could cut it with a knife and you bet that the both of you were blushing messes at the moment. Charles didn’t know where to keep his hands and you didn’t want to move around to much. Charles wanted to both kill Pierre for doing this and thank him at the same time. But now he mostly wanted to kill him. You could feel how stiff your posture was in his lap and tried your best to not lean against him too much. But you wanted too. Charles' hand found its way on your lower back, to act as a backrest. You tried to act cool, but this whole situation made your mind and body freak out. How could you focus on anything else than Charles hand on you back? His warm body and his muscular thighs which you were currently sitting on?
You tried to continue your conversations with the boys. Throughout the night Charles got more and more bold with his actions. It started with that he rested his other hand on your thigh, which made you freeze when he did it, but you soon relaxed to his touch. Then he started to pull you closer to his chest so you were resting against his chest. You could feel it rise up and down, but he hoped that you couldn’t hear his racing heart over how close you were to him. Your arms snaked around his waist and you rested your head against his shoulder. He had a hard time breathing normally with you so close to him.  
Later that evening Pierre joined you, which made you break apart from your cozy situation. You and Pierre were talking about some silly things, as usual, and now there was room for you to sit on the sofa, but you didn’t want to leave Charles' lap. Somehow, you had gotten into the topic of different kissing techniques. This made Charles pull you even closer to himself, as he didn’t like the topic that you and Pierre were discussing. 
“Have you ever had a french kiss (Y/N)?”
“No, I don’t think so, why?”
“Well, there are a lot of french people here, would you like to try it with a real french man?” he smirked and you burst into laughter, which made you fall of Charles lap and landed between the boys instead. This made Charles expression sour even more. You and Pierre shared a loud and long laughter by what Pierre just said, but Charles… not so much. His eyes darkened as he looked over to his best friend.
“In your dreams, Pierre.” you said and dried away some tears and shoved him away from you. 
“Perhaps, but it is certainly in someone else’s dreams.” he said and patted you on the knee and left. You looked at him confused and then turned around to Charles. His eyes were still dark as he followed Pierre, but his flustered cheeks told you something else.
“Do you know what he was talking about?”
Charles’ directed his attention towards you again, trying his best to look unbothered.
“No.” he lied. 
You shrugged your shoulders and rose from the sofa.
“Come on, let’s look over the city.”
You grabbed his hand, feeling more bold now that you had sat in his lap for most of the evening. You dragged him towards the railing and looked over Monte Carlo. You hadn’t let go of his hand when you looked over the city. He drew you closer to him and you let your head rest on his arm. Then his curiosity sparked from the conversation you had with Pierre before.
“You haven’t had a french kiss?”
“No, I haven’t.” you laughed but tried to hide the nerves and your embarrassment over the topic. Charles nodded and turned around to face you. You looked at him curiously, which made his stomach do flips. How gorgeous you looked in this light, or in every light for that matter. Your smile, your hair, your laughter, you personality, it was all perfection to him. A wave of confidence crashed inside of him and he saw his chance now. He wanted to be with you and he hoped that you felt the same towards him.
It’s now or never, he thought.
“Well if you haven’t had a french kiss, you probably haven’t had a monegasque kiss.” Charles said with a smirk on his face. He let his hand touch your arm slightly, drawing circles on it. 
“A monegasque kiss? What is that?” you asked. 
“It’s like a french kiss but better.”
“Yes, because it is with me... “ Charles leaned in closer to you. “And you.”
He closed the gap between the two of you. One of his hands grabbed your cheek while the other hand was on your lower back, pulling you closer to him. Sparks flew as your bodies touched and you stopped breathing for a second, which made Charles nervous. But you soon realized what was happening and you moved in sync with his lips. It felt like no time had passed but your lungs were screaming for air. You broke apart from the kiss, looking into each other’s eyes.
“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” Charles breathed. You just beamed over what had just happened. Charles’ hand caressed your cheek.
“So… What Pierre said about me kissing a certain someone in a certain someone’s dreams. Was that you?”
“Guilty.” He said and from the back you could hear Pierre cheering and shouting something like ‘finally you guys did it!’.
You just laughed and kissed Charles again, which would be one of many kisses to come and quite frankly, you enjoyed the monegasque kiss much more than you would ever like any other kiss in the future.
A/N: Thank you for reading! 🥰
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yelena-bellova · 4 months ago
Safe Haven: tfatws!Bucky Barnes x fem!reader - Chapter Nine
Tumblr media
chapter eight - Chapter Nine: The Soldier and the Mutant - chapter ten
Series Masterlist
Plot: Y/n deals with the new knowledge about who her father truly was and receives a surprise visitor.
Warnings: angst, fluff, fluff, FLUFF, my gosh it’s nearly suffocating how much fluff, language, one allusion to sex, mentions of suicide, mentions of torture
Word Count: 10.1k 
A/N: I’m just gonna let this one speak for itself, thanks for being so patient 😉 
“HYDRA…” I sighed.
Melanie and I were sat on her front porch, coffee cups in hand and revelations on our lips. I’d been home for two days and the shock of finding out about my father’s longstanding lie, while still fresh, was morphing into numbness. Being his daughter too, Mel needed to know the truth as well.
“This guy’s gotta be lying,” my sister waved a hand in front of her, “He has to be, he’s a criminal a-and he’s crazy.” “He’s not lying, Mels,” I held my head in my hand with my elbow resting on my chair, “I went online and scoured the internet, Dad’s name was listed in the HYDRA files leaked ten years ago.”
Mel leaned forward in her seat and hung her head, bracing her weight on her knees. My sister had always been a rock, unshakable even in the face of the worst circumstances. Even though she was keeping it together for my sake, I could see the well of emotions that would spring up once I was gone. “I can’t believe this,” she mumbled, shaking her head softly, “But looking back, it makes so much sense.” I furrowed my brows at her, “You wanna spell this one out for me?”
“Think about it,” she turned in her seat to face me, “Dad was wracked with guilt every day since he came home from the,” she set her mug down on the coffee table and made air quotes, “‘service.’ Nightmares and flashbacks and that awful depression…I mean, the man tore himself apart for what he’d done when he wasn’t passed out from drinking. He’d have had to do some pretty nasty things to feel that much guilt.” “Yeah, well, he should have felt guilty,” I grumbled, staring down at the coffee to hide the tears slowly forming in my eyes, “He hurt innocent people.”
“Wow…” she said quietly.
I sat forward in my seat, “Mom can never find about this, the shock could kill her. And as much as I feel like she should know who she was married to, I don’t think I can destroy another person’s image of Dad.” “No, I don’t think we should tell her either,” Mel agreed, taking a sip from her coffee, “I’m sorry enough that you had to find out. Wait,” she slapped a hand over my arm, “Does Bucky know? You said you and Sam were working with him.” I had done my best to put Bucky out of my mind for the past two days, failing spectacularly. I had gotten so used to him being by my side the past week that once he was gone, it felt like something was missing. Never mind the way I’d left him, those blue eyes begging me not to shut him out, the very same thing I’d asked him not to do. I had to remind myself at least ten times a day that removing myself from his life was for his good. 
“Yeah, he knows,” I looked back down at my lap, squeezing the coffee mug so tight, I thought it might shatter. Mel threw her hands out to their sides, “And?” 
“And he knows,” I replied, knowing that wouldn’t be a good enough answer for her. “So this guy finds out that our dad tortured him for years and he’s been running around Europe with his daughter and he had no reaction? What are you not telling me?” “Mel, what do you want me to say?” I snapped my head up, “He was there when Zemo told me and he’s not with me now, there’s nothing more to tell…"
I may have been a mutant, but sometimes I wished I’d have gotten my sister’s detective skills instead. She could take one look at a person and go Sherlock Holmes on their ass before they knew what hit them. It was one of the reasons she’d made such a good psychologist before becoming a stay-at-home mom.
Mel inhaled sharply and her eyes widened, “Oh my gosh, do you-“ “Don’t say it,” I held up a hand and forcefully pressed my eyes shut, a few teardrops squeezing out onto my eyelashes, “Please don’t say it.” As requested, she fell silent, her hand slipping onto my shoulder and rubbing small circles. I trained my eyes ahead of me, focusing on the last remnants of the morning’s sunrise. I’d always loved getting up early enough to watch the light spread across the sky, giving me hope that whatever pain I was feeling was only temporary. I found no such comfort gazing at the spectacle in my current state.
“It’s better this way,” I said, not able to look at her lest she see my contradictory eyes, “Trust me.” “Well,” Mel sighed loudly, “You’re the one that knows the guy…Just promise me one thing?” “Hmm?” She pulled one of my hands out of the death grip I had on my cup and took it into one of hers, “This is huge news, life-shattering, and we’re allowed to process it however we need to. But I see that look in your eyes, none of this is on you. Don’t blame yourself for what Dad did to him.” And if Mel had spent the time I had with Bucky, watched him in the bar in Madripoor, been in the therapy session with him, seen his reaction to losing his arm in Riga, I knew she’d feel different. I had a front row seat to Bucky’s PTSD and my father had been the ringleader. How could I not feel a little responsible? ——
Sam, Sarah and I had talked the boat situation over the morning before. The offer that Sarah had received from the guy who had been interested before Sam returned home had fallen through, he’d cited the reason as that it would take more money to fix than it was worth. Ever the hero, Sam had phoned everyone in the community who had known his parents and called in as many favors as he could. As I pulled up to the docks, ready to roll up my sleeves and begin working, I was delightfully surprised at how many people had responded. There were at least a dozen sets of helping hands waiting to work. It was moments like these that reminded me how lucky I was to live in such a close knit community.
I weaved through people, greeting and thanking everyone for coming out as I made my way to the boat. “Black Falcon to the rescue again, huh?” I called out to Sam as I climbed aboard, he was standing at the bow of the ship next to somebody whose back was turned to me. “You know it,” Sam called back, turning around and facing me, along with the man who he’d been in conversation with. 
It was Bucky.
My heart stopped and I froze in my tracks, adrenaline shooting through my veins. Our eyes met across the deck and we may as well have been back in Sokovia. There was the same pain threaded through his ocean blue eyes only enhanced by the fear reflecting in mine. I wanted to run to him and away from him all at once, but knew which instinct needed to be listened to. 
I looked to Sam and faked a hopefully convincing smile, “I’ll be below deck.” Hurriedly, I hauled my ass across the deck and raced down the steps. My hands flew to cover my nose and mouth as my breathing increased. He was here, he couldn’t be here, why was he here? Any progress I’d made, however small, in trying to put Bucky to rest had been revived the second I saw his face. 
“You wanna explain what that was?” I looked up to see Sam stepping off the final stair and crossing his arms in front of me, “One day you’re friends and the next you bolt outta the room when you see the guy?” “Just,” I strained, stopping to take as soothing a breath as I was capable of and straightening my posture, “Keep me where he isn’t.” Sam sighed, reading me all too well, “Y/n, if this is about your dad, there’s noth-“ “Now what needs to be done down here?” I interrupted, placing my hands on my hips and hoping that if I projected confidence, I’d start to feel it. 
“Fine,” Sam conceded to my wishes and gestured to the engine we were standing next to, “Check the zincs. If you need to replace ‘em, we’ll have to run down to Joe’s. And just so you know,” he stood at the steps and pointed between me and where Bucky most likely stood above us, “I don’t agree with this.” I shook my head to shake myself out of the moment as he left me to my work, blissfully hidden from the person I wanted to be with most. 
I had never experienced a more uncomfortable day.
For the entire morning and afternoon, it was like switching a light on and off. If Bucky came below deck to fix something, I filed out as quick as I could to work above deck. We didn’t interact more than when we passed each other once in a while, each brush of shoulder sending a jolt of electricity through me. Sam had been no help either, he’d prevented me from making the necessary run to the hardware store or helping Sarah with lunch. He was determined to try and quarantine me and Bucky on the boat, most likely in hopes that my resolve would weaken. No matter how much it was killing me, I kept my distance and my head down as we made repairs in awkward silence.
When the sun began to set over the waters and there was nothing left to be done for the day, I carefully made my way up the stairs and listened for voices. When I heard none close by, I took quick steps across the deck and hopped off the boat onto the dock. I didn’t dare look over my shoulder to see if Bucky, who was stealthy enough to sneak up on anyone, was behind me and kept on my path to the outdoor kitchen area Sarah was closing up. “Good day?” I asked, grabbing an extra rag to try and get the oil off my hands from working on the engine.
“Better than you,” she retorted, “You’ve had that sour look on your face since you got here.” “Just,” I sighed and stopped my rigorous rubbing for a second, “Still thinking about everything…” Stopping her cleaning while I resumed mine, she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and leaned her head against mine. Out of Sam, Melanie, myself and her, Sarah was the most removed from the situation. My dad hadn’t interacted much with the Wilsons, he hadn’t interacted with hardly anyone outside of his family, so Sarah didn’t have many memories with him nor had she fought HYDRA. It was actually nice to be around someone who didn’t have his dirty deeds bouncing around their head like an old school Microsoft screensaver.
“You,” she pressed a kiss to the side of my head, “Are one of the best human beings I know and nothing can change that, not even this.” Starting the argument that this revelation did in fact change a lot of things would be useless, I knew better than to try and prove Sarah wrong. I simply patted her arm and leaned into her embrace, taking the comfort I could get even if I didn’t necessarily deserve it. 
“By the way,” she said as she unwrapped her arms, “Sam invited Bucky to stay the night.” My stomach dropped, “WHAT?” “He was gonna go find a hotel room but that’s ridiculous when he can just crash on the couch,” Sarah shrugged, wiping off the counter once again. “Why?” I pressed my hands to my mouth in a praying position, “Why could you not be an angel who has to help everybody, just this once?”
Sarah turned to face me, placing on hand on her hip, “The guy saved your ass from being killed and ran you to the hospital,” I opened my mouth to ask her how she knew that, she held up a finger to me, “Sam told me all about Riga. It’s the least we can do for him. And don’t even think about running to Mel’s place for the night, you promised the boys you’d take them to school tomorrow morning.” I stood there, nervously wringing the cloth through my hands as Sarah walked away to finish up another task before night fell. All my efforts to keep away from Bucky were failing and it wasn’t due to anything on my part. How was I supposed to protect him if we were constantly around each other? As I looked out to the deck of the boat, I could see Sam and Bucky had winded up there drinking beers to celebrate their long day of work. It was a scene that only days ago, I could have easily slipped into. I didn’t just miss Bucky, I missed the dynamic the three of us had grown to have. Sam would have pressed a beer into my hand and lightheartedly elbowed me, I’d have settled down next to Bucky whose hand would have naturally drifted to the small of my back…It would have been a perfect end to the day. Instead, I was cursing my father for ever having dipped a toe in HYDRA’s pool, his decision had ruined my life.
I had two vendettas, one with Sam for inviting Bucky to stay and one with my quickly drying throat that begged for water. 
Laying in bed with my pillow smashed across my face, I peeked one eye out to check my alarm clock. 1:29AM. I’d laid in the same position for an hour, hoping that sleep took me over and my thirst would die till the morning. The family had been asleep for hours and with the amount of work Sam and him did, Bucky should have been passed out too. If I pulled it off just right, I could sneak downstairs to grab a bottle of water and get out before he ever stirred. Waking an ex-assassin wouldn’t be good for either of us.
I tiptoed out of my room, mindful of the creaking door as I passed AJ and Cass’ bedroom. Once I got to the stairs, I chose a silent approach and used my energy to float my way down the steps. I continued doing so through the kitchen, sneaking a peek over to the couch to see Bucky sound asleep. I opened up the fridge quietly and reached in blindly, feeling around till I hit a bottle and pulling it out. Tucking the bottle under my arm, I placed my hands back at my side and began to let the energy lift me.
“You do know I can hear you, right?” The familiar voice startled me, causing me to absorb the energy back into my palms quickly. I squeezed my eyes shut in frustration before turning to see Bucky, laying in the same position I’d found him in with his lids still shut. “Forgot,” I said, hoping he didn’t hear the shake in my voice, “Super soldier.” 
Flipping the blanket Sarah had given to him off his body, he swung his long legs off the couch and sat up to face me. It truly wasn’t fair how good he looked even in the middle of the night, the moonlight coming through the windows and highlighting his silhouette. Admiring his profile was the only thing making the uncomfortable silence semi-bearable. 
“We need to talk,” he started. “We really don’t,” I hurriedly replied, starting to rotate my body to flee. Bucky stood up, the couch creaking in relief as he did, “Yes, we do. You left so fast the other day I couldn’t get two words in.” “Because you didn’t need to,” I said from my place in the kitchen, “There’s nothing you can say to make any of this better and you shouldn’t. In fact, you should hate me.” He raised a tired eyebrow, “Hate you?” 
“Yes,” I said, a little louder, “Hate me for what my father did to you, hate me for being his daughter. I hate me right now, I don’t understand why you don’t.” “Because there’s nothing to hate,” Bucky chuckled softly, “You of all people have given me the least to hate.” “Bucky, of all people you should hate me the most,” I said firmly, setting the forgotten bottle on the counter, “We travel the world all week and then you find out I’m the daughter of the man whose job was to hook you up to machines an-and torture you all day. That’s the man who I drew pictures of and kissed every night before bed and thought was the greatest person to ever walk the fucking planet,” I spread my arms out to accentuate the point, “That man is one of the reasons for all that pain seeping out of you. And guess what? I’m him. I’m literally his flesh and blood! So go ahead, hate me! You have every right to, and it would make this all so much easier if you did.” “Make what easier? Ignoring each other?” Bucky crossed his arms over his broad chest, “I don’t want to do that.” I knew he wasn’t going to let it go, I had only one decent shot at ending the conversation and I needed to take it, even if it broke my heart. “Well, it’s what I want,” I picked up the bottle again, trying to pretend I was as confidant in my decision to walk away as my words were.
“That’s a lie and we both know it,” Bucky said, the tiniest smirk appearing on his lips, something I always found cute but now found annoying. 
It may have been the biggest lie I’d ever told in my entire life, but it was also truth. I wanted to leave Bucky before he inevitably left me. “No, it’s not,” I said, my voice threatening to tremble as I used it. “You wanna look me in the eye and tell me that?” I hadn’t dared to make too much contact with those wild eyes that I’d fallen for, I’d only give in all the quicker and let his grace draw me straight into his arms. He’d called my bluff, knowing that lying to him was easy when I didn’t actually have to see him and that I couldn’t continue the charade if that changed. As I dragged my eyes up to meet his, the tears I’d been fighting back began to come forward. He looked broken and whole at the sight of me, exactly how I felt.
“What do you want me to say, Bucky?” I whispered, my throat closing with emotion.
“I want you to tell me, to my face,” he paused, drawing a shallow breath, “That I’m crazy and that I read every signal wrong.” It would have been less painful if he’d sucker punched me with his left hand, I’d have actually preferred it. It had taken everything in me to tell just one lie, I couldn’t do it again to either one of us. But I also couldn’t succumb to my feelings. “Bucky…” I shakily began, clenching my fists at their sides.
“Because you’ve been living in my head pretty much since the minute I met you, and I don’t wanna sweep this week under the rug like it was nothing,” Bucky made a sweeping motion with his hand, “I don’t think I can.” “Bucky, we can’t…I can’t do that to you.” “Do what?” he asked confusedly, squinting his eyes as if he couldn’t see the issue. “I don’t want to hurt you!” I snapped, allowing the tears to break free of their restraints and shed themselves, “There’s going to come a day where every memory of what he put you through is going to be blamed on me and I can’t wait for the day where you wake up and look at me like I’m the monster my father was. I can’t have a little of you, Bucky, and then lose you entirely.” My cheeks were wet with my guilt, I made no effort to dry them or cease their streams. I stood there on the edge of where the kitchen met the living room staring at the man who held my heart, trying to pry it from his hands to no avail. Bucky looked just as surprised by the revelation as I’d been when it flew from my lips without any opposition from my head. 
“What did you say to me in Riga?” he whispered, his voice raising slightly to try and emphasize the point he was about to make, “’I don’t believe that any part of you is capable of me?’ ‘That’s not who you really are?’” he echoed my sentiments from days ago, “You’re not him. If I believed there was any of him in you, I wouldn’t be standing here begging you to stop beating yourself up about this.” He took a step forward, waiting to see if I walked away but I was too focused on him to think about running. He continued coming forward, “Y/n, I can’t walk away from this like you mean nothing to me. You’re the first person I’ve met that sees me as Bucky Barnes before anything else. I gave you every reason to write me off and you didn’t give up on me,” he paused, swallowing harshly as he stopped in front of me, “When I’m with you, I feel safe for the first time in a long time. There’s never gonna come a day where I stop lookin’ at you like you’re the most important thing in the world to me.”
There were mere inches left between us, the words I had been dying to hear were now mine for the taking and I was too paralyzed with shock to react. Of course he had to come and hit me with my own affirmations, making perfect sense. The side of my mind that believed I didn’t deserve this happiness was screaming that these feelings would fade, that my father’s sins would always be at the forefront of us. The other side that wanted nothing more than to reach out and close the distance between us was telling me to believe him and let myself be cared for, something I’d always believed I was too broken for. And somehow they were both drowned out by the excitement I felt with Bucky in such close proximity, staring down at me with those cerulean pools, infused with the darkness that sent a chill down my spine. There was a palpable change in the air, from emotional to the great and grand something we finally near naming. Every part of me wanted to reach out and take him for for myself, to kiss him and pull him so close that there was no telling where I began and he ended. If there was a chance for me to back out, it was now. I could run to my room, to my car, anywhere that he wasn’t. But at the end of the day, that wasn’t what I wanted. I could either let myself be held captive by crimes I’d never committed, or I could dedicate myself to loving the man who the universe had somehow tied me to long ago. 
“Tell me to stop,” Bucky said, his voice hitting that low timbre that made goosebumps break out across my skin. 
I couldn’t deny either one of us any longer.
Bucky took a step towards me, his eyes never leaving mine as I backed to accommodate him and his plans. A small gasp left me as my back hit the kitchen wall, my hands reaching back to press against it to try and find purchase on something. There was now only a breath’s width of space left between Bucky and I, our shared air growing more and more heated as we bathed in the anticipation of the moment. His eyes flicked between my y/e/c ones and my lips, looking for any signs of hesitation that didn’t exist. He placed a finger under my chin to tilt my head to his liking, pausing to take in the sight of my tear streaked face in the last seconds before we let loose the storm that had been brewing inside us both. I took the time to admire the wonder on his face, the two of us his newest discovery in a world he had long been asleep to.
He leaned in and our lips finally touched, euphorically.
I found myself unable to move, overwhelmed by the sensation I’d wanted to feel since our dance in Madripoor. Bucky didn’t overstep his bounds, he kept our mouths softly connected as we absorbed each other. When he disconnected our lips, whether to repeat the act or pull away, my body snapped into action and my hands flew to his neck, pulling him back down to me. Our lips didn’t fight for dominance so much as they did try and take in as much of each other as they could. Bucky’s hand slipped from my chin and both fell to my hips, pulling me flush against his body. On his tongue, I could taste the remnants of however many beers he’d shared with Sam, they’d stayed on the boat till the first evening stars started to appear. The scent of him, freshly showered after a long day of work, invaded my senses and spurred me on further, my hands moving to fist the back of his blue henley. With our kisses becoming more fervent, Bucky’s metal arm wrapped around my hips and lifted me so effortlessly, it only made the moment more heated. I wound my legs around his waist and let him carry me to wherever he desired, him easily supporting my weight and never disconnecting our lips as he fell to the couch. My hands snaked up his back to thread themselves through the short brown locks, causing him to pull away with a soft moan before diving back into my mouth. His flesh hand took hold of the back of my head and pushed me further into the kiss, trying to taste as much of me as he could. This. This was what I had been craving since the moment I’d realized I was far more starved of Bucky’s touch than I’d thought I’d been. The delightful friction our bodies created, the pressure of our lips dancing together, the knowledge that I was just as much his as he was mine. No more questioning, no more stolen moments wondering what could have happened if we hadn’t been interrupted. This was whole and perfect and right. 
Eventually, the second long breaks we took for became insufficient and we needed to part for longer. Bucky looked gorgeously spent, his half lidded eyes following me, his lips deliciously swollen and his hair messed up from where my hands had been. I smiled as I dragged my hands to his cheek and ran my thumb over his plump lower lip, bringing a lopsided grin to his face. There was a joy I hadn’t seen him express yet and my stomach flipped knowing that I was the one to bring it in him.
“Don’t leave,” he breathed, his chest rising and falling rapidly in the aftermath of our passion,  “Please.” In my palms, I held one of the world’s most deadly men, someone whose reputation had consisted of how ruthless a killer he’d once been. And here he was, warm and soft and begging me not to go. “I’m not going anywhere,” I whispered, delighting in how his eyes brightened at hearing my words. Contrasting the intensity of the minutes before, I leaned in and brushed my lips against Bucky’s with as little pressure as I could. He chased them the second I pulled away, eliciting a giggle out of me that he swallowed, kissing me so lovingly it almost broke my heart. He inhaled me like I was oxygen and he’d been deprived far too long. It didn’t occur to me that there was a chance I was his first kiss since before he shipped out in the ’40’s. “I don’t wanna stop,” he mumbled against my lips. “Then don’t,” I replied, breathing in his soft exhales, “We’ll stay up all night doing this.” Bucky chuckled, pulling away from my mouth to turn his head and press tender kisses to the palm I’d been cradling his cheek in. He tugged me closer then, my hands winding around his shoulders and his face burying itself in my neck. My laugh at the sensation of his scruff quickly morphed to a moan as he planted drawn out kisses against every inch of the bruises our encounter with Walker in Riga had left me with. I extended my neck to give him better access, feeling his lips twist in a wicked grin as his ministrations caused my breathing to quicken. “Okay, if you keep doing this,” I gasped, trying to steady my voice, “We’re gonna be up all night doing something else.” He pecked the column of my neck once more before pulling his head out and facing me, still smiling. I pressed my forehead to his and he nuzzled his nose against mine, still desperate to keep any contact he could. 
“I’ve wanted to do this for a while,” Bucky confessed, rubbing his metal hand up and down my back, “Thought about it in Riga, when we were fighting, in the alleyway…”
“Me too,” I agreed, grinning uncontrollably, “But you know why I’m glad it didn’t happen till now?” Bucky hummed questioningly, “Because this is the longest we’ve been together without someone interrupting us.”
Bucky chortled loud enough for me to feel the need to cover his mouth, causing me to laugh myself. I never thought that there would come a day where the two of us would be sitting on my couch in the middle of the night, as lighthearted as could be. This was a slice of heaven after all that we’d been through. “Do you believe me now when I say my opinion of you is never gonna change?” Bucky asked. Had he not proven to me that it was true, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’d have punished the both of us for the rest of my life. “As long as you believe me when I say that I know you’ll never hurt me.” I knew that there was so many layers to his pain, most that I would never understand, but he couldn’t keep a part of himself hidden forever. If we were going to do this, we were going do it wholeheartedly, taking the best and the worst parts of each other. The unlovable would never go unloved as long as we were together.
“Okay,” Bucky sighed, tightening the arm around my waist and bringing the other to my face, “Okay.” He pulled me down to press his lips to each of my cheeks, landing one last one to my mouth.
Our kisses became longer and softer, signaling that though we were both eager to explore this new territory, exhaustion was running the show. We eventually slowed down to where Bucky’s face rested in the juncture where my neck met my shoulder while my head rested against his, one arm wrapped around his shoulders and a hand running through his hair. My lips laid featherlight kisses against his temple every few minutes, taking advantage of the fact that I could do so freely now. I could feel his hot breath hit my skin at such a leisurely pace that if it hadn’t have been for his metal thumb rubbing my waist every once in a while, I’d have thought he’d fallen asleep. Eventually, when my eyelids began to shut against my will, Bucky shifted on the couch to lay both of us down. I settled naturally on top of him, my head against his chest and a hand resting on each of his broad shoulders. Just when I thought in my drowsy haze that nothing could make the moment any more perfect, Bucky pressed a sleepy kiss to the top of my head and tightened his arms around my back, securing my body to his.
This was peace.
This was right.
This was what we deserved.
At the sound of hushed voices and grunts, my eyes slowly opened. I blinked a few times and made out the sight of my nephews, AJ throwing punches and Cass deflecting them with the shield that had laid in the hallway for days. After days spent witnessing some of the worst the world had to offer, this was the purity that I needed to see.
“Bucky…” I whispered, he inhaled sharply as he awoke with one arm slung over my waist and the other hung over the edge of the couch. I tapped his chest and pointed to my nephews, still oblivious to our presence.
“Hey,” Bucky called, his morning voice rougher than it was the rest of the day. 
The boys jumped at the sound, Cass shoving the shield back in its case and him and AJ running as soon as it hit the ground with mischievous smiles on their faces. I laughed softly, looking up to see Bucky lazily smiling. I had the best view in the world, close enough to see the lines that drew his grin up, so different from the frowning ones I was so used to seeing. When he tilted his head down and our eyes met, his smile made no effort to lessen itself.
“Morning,” he said, bringing a hand up to stroke the top of my head.
“Morning,” I replied, shimmying up his body and taking hold of his cheeks, our lips meeting in early morning bliss, “We’re in deep shit.” “Why’s that?” he asked.
“The boys can’t keep a secret to save their lives,” I chuckled, “So you need to enjoy your last day alive because Sam is going to kill you.” Bucky wrinkled his nose as he laughed, “Thanks for the warning.” I dropped my head back to his chest, picking up one of his dog tags in my hand and reading his name pressed in the metal. I’d never been a big believer in fate, but as I rubbed a thumb over the necklace I was reminded that Bucky and I should have never met. He should have been long gone by now, Captain America’s childhood friend who met a tragic end before he could see the war won. He wasn’t supposed to be here, warming my body with his and pressing the sweetest kisses I’d ever known to my skin. Our being together defied time itself.
“Seeing them, the boys…” Bucky began, still stroking my hair, “I think I get what you and Sam were talking about back in Maryland.”
I rested my chin on his pec to see him, his gaze focused on the ceiling in deep thought. “Steve giving him the shield…It’s not the same at all.”
I shook my head, sadly, giving confirmation to his revelation. I didn’t begrudge him for not understanding right away, unless you were in Sam’s shoes you could only have so much of an understanding. The unrelenting way that Bucky had pushed him was what had caused me to call him out on several occasions. But if the week we’d had with our confrontation with the police, meeting Isaiah and coming to Delacroix had finally shown him the flaw in his thinking, I was glad. “I think you should talk to him,” I suggested. He scoffed, “I think I owe him a lot more than that.
“Well, he’s probably already out on the boat. And I,” I groaned as I sat up, straddling Bucky’s hips, “Promised the boys that I’d take them to school so we both need to get up.” Bucky made a similar sound as he swung his legs over the couch, pivoting my body so that we were in a similar position we’d been in in the middle of the night. He took my face in his hand and gave a kiss so long, I knew I’d feel the ghost of his lips until the next time I was able to feel the real thing. To think just hours before I’d been hellbent on convincing him that we couldn’t allow ourselves to act on our feelings. Here I was now struggling to let go of him to spend an hour apart at most. 
The giggling on the other side of the wall broke the spell though.
Bucky and I broke apart with a shared smile. “See you in a bit,” I whispered, pressing my hands to his chest and pushing off of him to disappear around the corner.
After dressing for the day, I corralled the boys into my car. I could practically hear their predictable thoughts and feel their eyes boring into the back of my head as I shut my door. “There’s donuts with both your names on them if you promise not to tell Uncle Sam what you saw this morning.”
A resounding chorus of enthusiastic ‘okays’ reminded me that I was the best aunt in the world who made the worst parenting decisions. 
By nothing short of a miracle, Bucky was still alive when I returned.
We worked on the boat with familiar stolen glances and secret smirks when Sam had his back turned. At some point Sarah kicked the two of them off the boat for attempting to repair the water pump, something she’d been repairing and Bucky and I were forced to separate. As the two men departed the dock, he turned around to catch one last look at me and flashed the smile I’d seen more of in the last twelve hours than I had all week. 
“You wanna tell me what changed from last night?” Sarah’s voice broke me out of the daze I was in.
“You’ve been staring at that man with googly eyes all day,” she climbed aboard the boat, “You’re also lucky that our brother is clueless.” 
I rolled my eyes and bumped my hip against hers, “Freakin’ mom vision, can’t get anything past you.” “I’m just glad you got out of your own way, he seems like a good guy,” Sarah smiled, “He’s also fine as hell, if you haven’t noticed. If you wouldn’t have gone for it, I might have.” Our loud laughter mixed together as I whacked her with the towel I’d been using to clean an oil stain off of the boat.
Later that day, after finishing helping my sister with a few repairs we could get done without interruptions from Sam and Bucky, I wandered to our backyard to behold a sight I never thought I’d see. Sam was throwing the shield around while Bucky stood beside him. I stopped at the side of the house to watch, the Vibranium bouncing off of training pads from our garage that were strapped to the tree. Since Sam had brought the shield home six months ago, I’d never seen him do more than pick it up and look at it every once in a while. He’d kept it stored away in his bedroom in its casing, AJ and Cass hadn’t even seen it until he’d left it in the hall after returning from Maryland. To see him wielding it now felt…right. He looked just as natural with it as Steve had. Bucky had made a 180 as well, he looked content watching Sam as he caught the shield in its return journey back to them. If I hadn’t watched them bicker like schoolchildren for the better portion of the week, I’d have mistaken them for friends. “Are you telling me that you two could’ve man-hugged it out back in that interrogation room?” I shouted as I watched them clasp hands and pull each other in, “Coulda spared yourselves a lot of discomfort.”
They both laughed and turned to face me, in an effort to save time as I made my way out to where they stood. “So what’s new?” I asked with a knowing smile, eyeing Sam as he held the shield at his side
“Absolutely nothing,” he replied, “And a little bit of everything.”
I chuckled before my eyes inevitably found Bucky’s, who was already waiting for me with an outstretched palm. “Can I talk to you a minute?” “Yeah,” I reached out and intwined our fingers. “Whoa! Wait, wait, wait,” Sam boomed, gesturing to our locked hands, “What the hell is this?”
“Something new,” I shrugged, looking up and matching Bucky’s smile.
Sam groaned in disgust, “You’ve been here twenty four hours, Barnes, you couldn’t’ve kept your hands off my sister? I-I can’t even look at this, it’s sickening, ugh…” he turned his back to us and began his walk back to the house, spinning around quickly and stuttering, “You know what? I-“ he closed his mouth and shook his head, “Uh-uh, nope, can’t do it.” Bucky and I both snorted as we watched him leave, voicing his displeasure to himself. I looked down and noticed the packed duffle bag that rested at Bucky’s feet, “I get the feeling there’s something you need to tell me?” He sighed, reaching blindly to weave his fingers with my other hand’s set. “There’s something I gotta go do. A couple somethings actually. I talked to Sam, or at least he talked to me,” one corner of his mouth quirked up, “This whole making amends thing, I haven’t been doing the greatest job of it. There’s too many names in that book that don’t have closure about what happened to someone they loved. If I stand a chance at putting what happened in the past, I gotta go ‘do the work’.”
I rubbed my thumb over his smooth metal knuckle, staring down at the space between us. “Yeah, you do,” I looked up at him, “Recovery sucks, there’s no sophisticated way of putting it. Sam and I have both seen the ugly side of it. But you owe it to yourself to work as hard as you can for your freedom, as difficult as it can be sometimes.” Bucky leaned down to press his forehead against mine. “If it hadn’t’ve been for you, I might not have believed that. I wanna get better for you too, to try and be the man you deserve.”
I hummed and bit down on my bottom lip, smiling widely. “So…you kinda like me.” “Yeah,” Bucky chuckled softly, “Just a little bit.”
The warmth I felt radiating through me, brought on by nothing more than a touch of our hands and a shared smile powered me in a way my energy never could. “Go,” I said after a few seconds of silence, “Do whatever you need to do. I think there’s some things here that I need to take care of myself.” Bucky pulled back to look my face over as if to commit every inch to his memory before holding the back of my head and pressing a kiss to my lips. Perhaps it was cruel that I had just gotten him and now had to let him go for an undetermined period of time. But his recovery meant more to me than any amount of heart pounding touches or earth shattering kisses he could give. If we ever had a shot of making it, we needed to go to our separate corners and heal.
I hesitantly broke away from his lips first, rubbing mine together after to memorize the taste he’d left. “If I don’t let you go now, I won’t be able to…” “It won’t be forever,” he shook his head, bumping his nose against mine, “Sam’s gonna call me if he gets a lead on Karli.” Rather than keep him longer with my insecurities about jumping back into hero work now knowing who my father had truly been, I decided that dealing with that was for my personal healing. I reached my arms up to wind around his neck, his finding their new home around my waist and for a split second in time, nothing else mattered. There was just me, Bucky and the future I hoped we had ahead of us. I memorized the feel of him, the rise and fall of his chest against mine, his soft hair between my fingers, the scratch of his stubble against my neck. I hadn’t had time to daydream about Bucky since recognizing my feelings for him but even if I had, they’d have never done the real thing near justice.
“Stay safe, Sergeant,” I said, pulling back to peck his lips one last time and releasing him from my hold.
Bucky picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder, giving my hand one more squeeze and holding it as he started to walk backwards. Once we reached a point where the only way to keep the contact was to follow him, we let go with a brush of our fingers till I was only holding air. With a final shared look, he turned his back to me and started down the dirt path that would lead him from our corner of Louisiana to the rest of the world. In so many ways I felt as if we’d traveled back to 1943 when he’d shipped out for England. I was sending him off to another war, this time battling his own past. Above any other feeling I felt for Bucky, the one that topped the list was belief. I believed in him more than he believed in himself and I wanted that to change. He could do it and once he did, there was no telling just how happy we could be.
But I in turn had to deal with my own demons.
While I wish I could have said I had a plan like Bucky’s, I had no idea what the first step was to healing past what my father had done.
HYDRA wasn’t a topic that I could just plop down on a therapist’s couch and start discussing, there were only so many people I could talk to about it. I found myself wishing that Steve was still around, next to Bucky he was the world’s leading expert on how much damage the organization could do. Without a blueprint of how to begin mending my wounds, I was left to wallow in my own grief over the man I’d believed my dad to be. Sam, however, was on fire.
After him, Sarah and I had made the unanimous decision that the boat was too important to our family to part with, he had launched into the most intense training I’d ever seen him put himself through. He was both blowing me away and not surprising me at all with his dedication.
One morning, I came outside at his normal time to come home from his 6AM run with a cup of coffee for me and a Gatorade for him. On cue, he came jogging up the dirt path I’d watched Bucky leave on days ago.
“You’re inhuman,” I said, tossing him the drink as he approached, “I’m convinced of it.” “It’s nothin’ you couldn’t be doing,” he panted. 
“Yeah, I can run with you or I can get up before sunrise. A combo deal is not gonna happen,” I chortled before taking a sip of my coffee. 
Sam joined me and sat down beside me on our back porch, the view of the blue waters a perfect accent to the almost fully risen sun. “Look, I don’t wanna know any details but…you and Bucky?”
I smiled as I stared down into my mug, just the thought of him causing happiness to bloom in my chest. “It was kinda happening the whole time, it just took us a while to realize it.” Sam groaned, taking a long swig of his drink. “That’s all I need to know, as long as you both are happy and not too disgusting with each other,” he looked out the corner of his eyes at me, “I think I can live with it.” “Well, that’s mighty big of you,” I patted his sweaty shoulder, instantly regretting the decision and wiping my palm on my bathrobe, “That shield starting to feel like it’s yours?” Sam chuckled, “It doesn’t feel like it’s not mine anymore, it’s…weird. Talking with Isaiah was sobering and he’s allowed to be as bitter as he wants. The man’s earned to right to feel anything after what he’s been through. But,” he sighed, “I couldn’t let it go. All that pain and suffering, I can’t let it go to waste.” “You couldn’t not be a hero even if you tried,” I shook my head in amazement, beaming with pride at my brother, “I’m proud of you.”
“Hey, that’s my line,” he hit my knee with the back of his hand, “I’ve got Torres working on some things, hopefully we can figure out where Karli might be going next-“ I couldn’t lead both him and Bucky to believe I was seriously considering going back to the fight. “I’m gonna stop you right there,” I held up a hand, “When you find them, it’s gonna be just you and Bucky. I’m out.” He furrowed his brows and twisted to face me fully, “Why?” “I can’t be the hero I thought I could, not after what I found out. It would only be a matter of time till somebody looked me up and figured out who my father was, then what? Some ex-HYDRA member comes looking for me? The public loses trust in me to protect them? Your reputation gets damaged when they realize I’m your sister?” I dropped my head down to stare at my lap, “It’s a bad idea. HYDRA doesn’t breed heroes.”
A beat of silence was played before my brother gave his rebuttal. “Look at me,” I dragged my eyes away from my engrossing coffee to him, “I couldn’t give two shits what people think about you being my sister, cause you know what? They don’t know you. They don’t know what you’ve done to try and stop the Flag Smashers, how you saved my life in that warehouse or how you helped keep our family going for five years. They don’t know how stubborn and caring and how much of a hero you are without your powers,” he paused and smirked at me, “And they’re never gonna know that if you don’t show them. What your dad did was horrible, but you’re not the one that did it. If you didn’t let his secret hold you back from being with Bucky, why’re you letting it hold you back from something else you want? You don’t need to be proud of being his daughter, but you need to make peace with it.”
He was right, as if he could ever be anything other than. Sam was counseling me like a sister but also like one of the countless veterans he’d helped wracked with guilt. I didn’t know if I’d ever fully recover from the hurt that came with the revelation, but if I kept on going how I was, I’d be a complete hypocrite. If Bucky could face the victims of his crimes and confess to them, I should’ve been able to deal with my ghosts. All I’d ever wanted to do was help people, to use that mutated gene of mine to help right wrongs. To do that, I needed to do the work. “This is a far cry from a few days ago when you were ready to send me packing,” I retorted. “Well,” Sam chuckled, “You proved me wrong. Fighting with you by my side just felt right, made me wish you could’ve been there for ‘em all.”
The fact that I had shown him that I could keep up with him was astounding, I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen. But with his approval, I’d have to have been an idiot to walk away from it all.
“Good talk,” I smiled, patting his leg while taking one last sip of my coffee before handing it to him.
“Where are you going?” Sam asked.
“Making peace with it.”
The drive from Delacroix to New Orleans had always relaxed me. The disappearance of the deep bayous as the scenery slowly changed to city, the ever present cypress trees, the hour travel time always gave me time to think. Something I was thankful for today especially.
I parked my car outside my destination, making the long trek through the cemetery I’d visited every week as a child. My feet automatically as I passed the neat rows of above ground tombs until I reached where I needed to be.
Keeping a safe distance away, I stuffed my hands in my jacket pockets and took a deep breath. “Hi,” I whispered, greeting my father’s tomb as if I expected it to speak back to me. “Um…I don’t know if you can hear me wherever you are but…there’s some things I need to talk to you about.” My eyes began to water, partially from the wind hitting my face but mostly from the tears that had been waiting to spring free. “Why’d you do it, Dad?” I whispered against the lump in my throat, “I don’t understand how you could ever have been a part of something so destructive. You were the last person I would have ever believed could have done something like this. You were my hero,” I looked down at the ground between us, “I never thought you’d end up being the villain.” I drew a shaky breath and continued, “I watched your guilt over your ‘time in the service’ tear you apart to a point where you thought death was the only way out so…I think it’s safe to assume you felt bad about what you’d done. I watched you every day try to be a good father to me and Mel, you didn’t succeed all the time but you did your best. I know you loved us…” “Somehow,” I dug the heel of my sneaker into my the dirt, “I’m trying to find it in me to forgive you, Dad. For the pain your secret’s brought me, for what your name could do to the rest of my life, for lying…But the one thing I don’t know how to forgive you for is what you did to Bucky,” the tears that I’d finally gotten under control threatened to start again, “Because Dad, he means the world to me and to know that you were behind that pain that’s running his life…It makes me want to hate you. And the saddest part is that I know you would have loved him if you’d ever gotten a chance to meet the real him.”
“The way I see it, I can’t undo the damage you did to the world,” my voice found its strength, “But what you did isn’t going to dictate what I do with my life. I’ve only ever wanted to do good, however I can, that’s what I’m going to do. I know that you wanted me to keep my powers hidden, probably because you didn’t want anyone to find me, but I can’t do that anymore. I can’t pay the price for your sins. So I’m gonna fight and I’m gonna try to rewrite our family’s legacy.”
“Anyway, that’s, uh, that’s all I wanted to say,” I took a slow step forward and placed a hand over the stone tomb, “I wish…I wish things would have turned out different.”
With one last gaze upon my father’s final resting place, I left the same way I’d come, for once not having to fake the confidence I was feeling.
“Oh, oh, it’s going…” I teased.
“Give it back!” Sam yelled! “It’s going!”
I levitated the shield further away from Sam and slid it across the ground into the boy’s soccer net, AJ and Cass chasing me as I did. I’d only just shown them that their aunt could make stuff fly and we were currently engaged in an intense game of keep away with Sam.
“AJ! Grab it!” I yelled, my nephew hurrying to the net and lifting the shield, stumbling a little as he took off running with it on his arm. I threw up a force field around Sam, who was gaining on him, “Oh no!” Sam was laughing the whole time as he tried to punch his way out of the bubble encasing him. “Go go go!” I cried, watching the boys run off with the shield into the house, dropping the field once they were inside.
“You’re the worst influence on them, you know that right?” Sam chuckled as we slowly made our way towards the front door. 
“Hey, I don’t want them thinking their uncle’s the only cool one in the family,” I replied as we entered the house, pulling out my phone to check the notifications I’d feel vibrating in my back pocket. One was a news alert. “Sam.” “Huh?” I tossed him my phone and hurried through the house till I reached the television, flipping to the news to see the article come to life. The GRC was voting in New York on the Patch Act, a movement that would move twenty million refugees back to their home country.
“Shit,” I mumbled, feeling Sam’s presence behind me. His phone rang to announce a call. “It’s Torres,” he held out the phone and revealed the man’s face. “Sorry this took so long, spare you the technical details, but I finally got results for the scans you asked for and I think we’re onto something,” Torres explained as Sam and I went to look at his computer, displaying a map of Europe that lit up with bright red circles. “When we look back, all these pings, they’re from places just before the Flag Smashers hit. Clearly, they’re all over Europe. Earlier today, we got one from New York. Now, I can’t promise you they’re not using a VPN or masking their location, but…” I’d stopped listening after he’d said ‘New York,’ and turned my attention to the tv, every piece of the puzzle was coming together. Karli wouldn’t be physically able to hold herself back from interfering with the vote. “Great work, Joaquin,” Sam said, his eyes trained on the screen along with me, “We’ll take it from here,” he hung up the call and turned to me, “Time to get to work. Come with me.” He rose from his chair and led me to the coat closet nearest to the front door, opening it up to pull out a large silver case and handing it to me. “I don’t know what’s in it, Bucky just told me to hold onto it until the time came where you’d need it,” Sam stated, “I’m thinking that’s now.” Confusedly, I carried it out and up to my bedroom, placing it on my mattress and trying to figure out how to open it. There was no keyhole, only a bar that hosted a red screen. My finger brushed over it, the action turning it blue and the case automatically released an air lock I didn’t know it had. Waiting a few seconds to make sure nothing popped out, I carefully opened the box to see something I couldn’t have predicted in a million years. Resting on top of the surprise was a note on the nicest stationary I’d ever seen…
You may be able to kick my ass, but I’m never gonna stop trying to protect you.
- Bucky
I breathed a soft laugh, holding the paper in my hand and imagining Bucky hunched over a table, writing the words that were now lodged in my heart. “Sam,” I called out, leaving the case open and rushing across the hall to my brother’s room, “Sam, it’s-“ All words disappeared and all thoughts halted at the sight of him opening up his own case, I didn’t need to see its contents to make an educated guess at what was inside of it. There were a dozen emotions playing out on Sam’s face, wonder, apprehension, excitement, shock…Every one of them valid but none of them coming close to the amount of pure determination in his eyes.
I watched from the doorway, smiling, “Ready when you are, Cap.”
A/N: AHHH. Only two chapters left, hope this one lived up to your expectations. Getting your messages and comments and asks have been making my days and I’m so glad people are enjoying this little ride I’m taking us all on. Let me know what you thought and/or if you’d like to be tagged for the remainder of the series!
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The Return {The Arrival, Part 2}
Summary: Back at the lake house, ten years later... Collaboration with @tacmc.
Word Count: 6402
The Arrival Series Masterlist
Shelby’s Masterlist
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Tumblr media
10 years later….
“Every year,” Nesta began, shaking her head as they drove up the long, winding driveway. “Every year, we are the last people here.”
With a roll of his eyes as he put the truck in park, Cassian got out and shut the driver’s side door behind him. Once again, he had the boat, which the others, who had surely arrived hours before, were most likely waiting for.
They needed a getaway.
As of the month before, Cassian had three times the responsibilities at work. Add two teenage boys and a ten year old that thought she was far older than she was, Cassian was exhausted. He knew Nesta was, too, and when she got out of the car to leave the boys to their bickering, Cassian knew she was feeling that exhaustion, deep.
She looked over at him and he gave her a smile, which she immediately returned before opening up the back door and giving her first order of the vacation. “Thorn. John. Bags inside. Now.”
John groaned as Thorn muttered, “I’m eighteen, I shouldn’t even be here.”
Cassian knew Nesta was biting her tongue as she told Scarlett to follow her around back to find Nesta and Elain.
Cassian shot Thorn and John a look that shut them both up as he heard, “Boys giving you a hard time?”
He looked over his shoulder to find his oldest niece, and smiled. “Hey, Lunabug. Where the hell are the rest of your pants?”
Luna looked down at her cutoff shorts before snorting and giving her uncle a hug. “First of all, watch your mouth. Second of all, these were eighty bucks, so be nice.”
Cassian hesitated. “Eighty… Your dad let you spend eighty bucks on a scrap of denim?”
“It’s good to see you, too, Uncle Cass,” Luna said, ignoring the question altogether.
As he unloaded the rest of the bags and hopped back in the truck to pull it around back, Nesta found Feyre and Elain just where she expected to: tanning on the back deck.
“Nice of you to finally show up,” Feyre crooned, raising her sunglasses to look up at her older sister.
The glare Nesta gave to Feyre told her if her daughter wasn’t feet behind her, she’d be giving her a very vulgar gesture.
“Hi, Scarlett,” Elain smiled, ignoring the silent bickering between her sisters. “You ready for a fun weekend?”
“Yes ma’am,” she replied, her manners nearly as impeccable as Luna’s. “Where is Layla?”
“In the bonus room with the twins,” Feyre said, letting her sunglasses drop back into place as she laid down on her chair. “They brought a bunch of makeup, so I’m pretty sure it’s makeover time.”
Scarlett’s eyes were bright as she smiled up at her mother and hurried into the house.
“Where are the boys?” Nesta asked, stealing Feyre’s drink and downing half of it in one large drink.
Feyre snatched it back, with a muttered, “Bitch,” as Elain shook her head and pointed to the dark haired brood on the docks.
“They’ve been swimming while they waited on Uncle Cass to show up with the boat.”
“Not only do I have Thorn and John to deal with, I’ve also got Little Miss Drama Queen herself to get ready and in the truck,” Nesta said, eyeing Feyre’s drink again. “Plus Cassian. But I gave up on wrangling him years ago.”
Elain shook her head as Feyre snorted. “And Thorn is too much a spitting image of Cass, is that the issue?”
Nesta shook her head, plopping down in a lawn chair opposite of them. “Thorn wants his independence, but he also wants me to cook his food, do his laundry, and clean up after him. That’s Thorn’s issue. And John wants to do everything his cool, adult big brother does. Which annoys Thorn.”
“He’s eighteen now,” Elain said, sighing. “Our husbands were no different at that age. Wanting to be men, but too immature to handle themselves.”
“They’re still too immature to handle themselves,” Feyre mumbled, which made them all laugh.
Her sisters - they were exactly what Nesta needed.
They watched as Cassian drove down to the dock and lowered the boat into the water. Bennett and Lannan were there, swimming, and the eldest helped Cassian guide the boat in and tie it up. Lannan helped, too, but being only ten, his judgement wasn’t the most trustworthy.
The sliding door was pushed open and Azriel wandered out, the top of his hair combed back, and sporting a hot pink lipgloss, which he was attempting to wipe off with a tissue. “Shit, this stuff stains.”
Elain arched a brow as she caught sight of her husband. “I kind of like it.”
He narrowed his eyes at her, but there was no denying the small smile that appeared on his lips.
“It’s a good look,” Feyre agreed, to which Azriel rolled his eyes.
“It’s better than the alternative,” he sighed. “They wanted to recreate a look they saw on YouTube, but were devastated when they realized the signal wasn't strong enough to play a full video in HD.”
“What a travesty,” Elain gasped, faking her horror.
“Thorn is going to hate that,” Nesta snickered. “He may not be able to FaceTime his girlfriend.”
“He’ll live,” Cassian announced, jogging up the porch. “Spending three days focused on his family is good. The kid needs it.”
“The kid needs a kick in the ass,” Nesta muttered, and motioned for Cassian to come closer. He did so, climbing onto her chair and nestling himself between her legs. “But I love him, like I love you.”
Cassian hummed and kissed her, softly.
“My god, what do your kids think when you do this at home?” Feyre asked.
“They’re used to it by now, I’m sure,” Azriel mumbled.
“Absolutely,” Cassian mumbled, before kissing his wife, again.
“Party’s here!” Rhysand came around the corner of the house, carrying two cases of beer. He repeated the same thing his wife had said, looking at Cassian and Nesta. “It’s about time you joined us.”
“Blame the kids,” Nesta said, her arms wrapping around Cassian’s broad shoulders.
“Speaking of the kids, tell them to get ready,” Rhysand said, dropping the cases of beer on the porch. “As soon as these are in the fridge, we’re starting up the boat.”
“I don’t want to go on the boat.”
They all spun around to find Thorn, his phone in the air as he tried to find signal. “Can I have the keys to the truck?”
Cassian scoffed. “Hell, no.”
“I have to run into town,” Thorne said, stubbornly.
“You can tell Marion that you’ll call her when you can,” Nesta said, calmly.
“This isn’t about Marion,” Thorn argued - a complete lie, and they all knew it. “We don’t have anything to drink. We just have water, juice boxes, and alcohol. And, unless you want me to break into the beer-.”
“Try and see what happens,” Cassian warned.
Thorn rolled his eyes, and even though he was the spitting image of Cassian, the look was so much like Nesta that Cassian couldn’t help but chuckle.
“I’ll take Luna and Bennett. They’re trustworthy,” Thorn pushed.
Cassian looked at Azriel and Rhysand, who shrugged.
“Fine. Be back in an hour,” he said, and dug the keys out of his pocket before tossing them to his oldest son.
“Thanks,” he mumbled, and went back inside.
“You know we have drinks in the cooler in the garage, right,” Feyre asked, rolling her eyes as Rhys got a warm beer out of the case and popped it open.
“I figured,” Nesta said. “But Thorn would do nothing but complain the whole time on the boat and would, in fact, break into the beer if we left him here. Might as well let him go have a little freedom before dinner.”
“And if he takes Ben and Luna, he’ll be less likely to get into trouble,” Cassian added, even as Rhys and Az gave each other disbelieving looks.
“Luna, yes, but Bennett is as likely to get him into trouble as he is to get him out,” Rhys admitted.
Feyre finished off her drink and said to her sisters, “Why did we procreate with these idiots? It made our kids idiots.” She stood and said, “I need a refill.”
Elain stood and grabbed her empty glass as well. “Speak for yourself, my kids are all honors students and make good choices.”
Cassian groaned as Nesta rolled her eyes. “Yes, your prized children are the exception to our hooligans. Now, I’m going to put on a swimsuit and tell the girls to do the same.”
Cassian watched her as she left.
He, Azriel, and Rhysand threw beer into the cooler as they heard Thorn, Bennett, and Luna speed away in Cassian’s truck.
“They’re going to do something stupid,” Rhysand mumbled.
“Don’t drag Luna into this,” Azriel countered, carrying the cooler down the hill to the boat.
“She’s already been dragged, bud,” Cassian said, clapping a hand on Azriel’s shoulder. “Now we just pray that they return in one piece.”
“Where are they?” Elain sighed. “We’re not even going to get on the water before the sun goes down.”
“They were finishing their makeovers,” Feyre said, sipping from a glass of wine by the island. “Lily said they’ll be down soon.”
“Aunt Feyre,” Layla’s little voice called from the top of the stairs. “Can you come here for a minute?”
As one, the sisters looked at each other.
“This can’t be good,” Feyre sighed, taking another drink from her wine glass and heading for the stairs.
Nesta and Elain followed, and they could all hear the frantic, panicked words before they even topped the stairs.
“It wasn’t supposed to look like that! You should have followed the tutorial.”
“I can’t. I couldn’t watch the TikTok to make sure I was doing it right.”
“What happened?” Feyre said, pushing the door open and freezing.
Layla and Scarlett were sitting on the couch against the far wall, caked makeup on both of their faces, but the twins were sitting at the desk, a mirror in front of them. A long strand of Lily’s hair laid on the desk in front of them, and she had a pair of safety scissors in her hands.
“Don’t be mad,” Lily said, locking eyes with Feyre in the mirror.
Crossing her arms and leaning on the door frame, Feyre smirked. “Why would I be mad, it’s not my hair that got chopped.”
True enough, Lily’s hair looked far differently than it had the last time her mother had seen her. A fourth of her head looked like it had received a very dreadful bowl cut, while the rest of her hair remained the same, hanging halfway down her back.
She stared in the mirror in horror as Olive tried her best to style her twin. “I mean, it’s not so…bad.”
“I’m going to start freshman year looking like…” Lily’s hands slowly covered her mouth as she stifled a quiet sob.
“It’s not so bad,” Olive repeated, a little more convincingly. “It just needs…some product…”
“It looks like I took a knife to my bangs!”
“Bangs?” Nesta repeated. “Is that what you were going for?”
“Yeah,” Scarlett said, answering her mother in favor of her cousin. “They told her to on Tik Tok.”
“Oh, Lily,” Elain breathed, trying to hide her quiet laughter.
“This is a disaster!” Lily said, covering her entire face.
Feyre sighed and stepped up behind her daughter, resting her hands on her shoulders. “We’ll go see Aunt Mor and get it fixed when we get home. There’s still some time before school starts for it to grow in, and I’m sure Aunt Mor can work her magic. Okay?”
Lily sniffled and nodded.
“Come on, girls,” Nesta said, holding a hand out for Scarlett and Layla. “Let’s go get ready to go on the boat for a bit before dinner.”
“And you, Lily. We’ll find you a hat to wear,” Feyre said, dropping a kiss to the top of Lily’s head. “You, too, Livy.”
“Olive,” she snapped. “It’s Olive.”
With a heavy sigh, Feyre said, “I’m sorry, you’re right. Olive, my apologies. You girls go get changed and meet us on the dock, please.”
Elain and Nesta headed down the stairs, Feyre on their heels, but they waited until they got onto the back porch before looking at her.
“What was that?” Elain asked, raising an eyebrow as she looked at her.
“That is new,” Feyre sighed. “For whatever reason, we can’t call her anything but Olive. Liv, Livy, she’s not having it. It’s immature.”
“So, if I call her Livy, the name that I’ve called her since birth, she’s going to snap at me?” Nesta asked. “Yeah, I’m not going to call her Olive. It’s weird.”
“Well, it is the name on her birth certificate,” Feyre said, laughing.
Nesta shrugged. “Details.”
Elain agreed that it was weird, and they were still talking about it as Scarlett and Layla ran onto the deck, ready in their swimsuits, then down to the docks where their dads and Lannan were waiting. The twins were close behind, Olive still moody and Lily covering her hair with a hat.
When Rhysand questioned why she was wearing a beanie with a swimsuit on a boat, they all told him to mind his own business.
“Where is Luna?” Lannan asked, looking towards the house, as if his big sister might appear out of nowhere.
“She went with Thorn and Bennett into town. They aren’t coming on the boat, but they’ll be home before dinner,” Elain promised, which earned a pout from Lannan. Even though they were years apart, the two were still extremely close and it warmed Elain’s heart.
After an hour or so on the boat, the sun had begun its slow descent, and they headed back in.
“Everyone go get washed up while we make dinner,” Rhys announced. With a smirk, he added, “No impromptu haircuts.”
Lily’s beanie had fallen off during one of their faster rides and Rhysand tried not to laugh.
He really did.
He did not succeed.
“Dad!” She cried, hurrying up the deck stairs and rushing towards the house. “It’s not funny!”
As soon as she was in the house, he muttered to Azriel, “It’s pretty damn funny.”
Elain went into the house to start the food, but came back out a few minutes later. “The kids aren’t back yet. They were supposed to be back by now.”
“I’ll try calling Bennett,” Rhys said, heading into the house and going to their room. A few minutes later, he joined them in the kitchen. “No answer. Have y’all heard from them?”
“No,” Elain said, shaking her head. She looked at Azriel, concern written on her face. “And it’s not like Luna to go so long without checking in.”
Azriel frowned. “I’m sure they’re fine, Lainy. I’m sure they’re just being teenagers.”
Even he didn’t believe himself.
Cassian swore. “I’m sure Thorn was leading the way. He’s-.”
They could hear a car pulling into the driveway, and all six adults turned their heads toward the sliding door, waiting.
Luna and Bennett appeared a moment later, looking sheepish and refusing to make eye contact with any of them.
“Luna,” Azriel began, starting with the one that was most likely to talk. “Where’ve you been?”
“In town,” she answered, without missing a beat.
Nesta was looking around. “Where’s Thorn?”
Neither of them answered.
Cassian crossed his arms, and repeated, “Where’s Thorn?”
Bennett was rubbing the back of his neck when he muttered, “Jail.”
Everyone froze. It was Nesta who said, “I’m sorry, what?”
“Thorn got arrested,” Luna whispered, staring at her feet.
“He— What do you—?” Nesta was shaking her head, clearly not processing what they were telling her.
“Luna, Ben, follow me,” Rhys said, pointing to the back hallway where the adults’ bedrooms were situated. He looked at Feyre. “Think y’all can start on dinner while we handle this?”
She nodded, but was moving towards Nesta, who looked like she was about to pass out. “Go. We’ve got this under control.”
Cassian looked inclined to disagree, but Rhys walked down the hall, Luna and Bennett a step behind, and he and Azriel followed. They sat down on the end of the bed and faced their fathers and uncle as Rhysand shut the door.
“What happened?”
Luna looked like she was going to be sick under the disapproving gaze of her father. “We got drinks and were hanging out in the park by the Square. There weren’t any kids around so we were just messing around on the swing set. And then Rion got there and—.”
“Marion?” Cassian interrupted. “Thorn’s girlfriend showed up?”
They both nodded and glanced at each other. “I guess she was planning to come up the whole time.”
“The drinks are in the bed of the truck,” Bennett interjected, clearing his throat.
“Ben, in the kindest way, I don’t give a damn about the drinks right now,” Rhys sighed. “What happened that was illegal? Why is Thorn in jail?”
“They went back to the truck,” Luna said, quietly. “We stayed on the playground and we figured we’d just leave when they were done.”
The men silently stared at them.
It was Azriel who awkwardly asked, “And when you say they went back to the truck…?”
“They were having sex,” Bennett replied, bluntly, while Luna’s cheeks were on fire.
“In my truck?” Cassian asked, outraged.
Again, they both nodded. Luna went on. “We noticed it was getting a little late and started heading back that way and when we got closer, we saw the cop putting them in handcuffs.”
“The cop at least let us take the keys, so we could bring the truck back,” Bennett shrugged. “I guess he let Rion off, cause he only put Thorn in the back of the cop car.”
“Are we in trouble?” Luna asked, her wide, hazel eyes filling with tears.
Rhys and Azriel looked at each other and sighed. “No,” Azriel said, at least. “But you should have called us immediately when something went wrong.”
“My phone was dead,” she defended, pulling it out and showing them.
Bennett looked at Rhys. “And you know I never have signal out here.”
Rhys nodded and sighed. “Go get cleaned up for dinner. Don’t tell your brothers and sisters about this. We need to talk to your mothers first.”
They nodded and headed for the door, but Luna looked up at Azriel and wrapped her arms around his waist. “I’m sorry, Dad.”
Taking a deep breath, he hugged her and said, “I know. We’ll get this taken care of.”
She nodded, and followed Bennett out of the room.
Azriel and Rhysand both looked at Cassian, who had his hands on his hips and was staring blankly at a spot on the carpet.
Without another word, he grabbed his truck keys from where Bennett had left them on the bed and was out the door. There were words going about behind him as he went, but no one stopped him. It wasn’t until he was outside unlocking the driver’s side door that someone called his name.
“Cass.” He turned around to find his wife on the porch, holding up a shirt and his wallet. “Forgetting something?”
With a defeated sigh, he slowly walked back up to the porch and pulled his t-shirt over his head. “He got arrested for public indecency, Nesta. Marion came up. He was fucking in the back of my truck-.”
“Don’t act like you and I weren’t doing the same thing at eighteen,” she interrupted, looking up at her husband and his grim, frustrated expression. “Sneaking your girlfriend somewhere, taking advantage of the short time you have together… It wasn’t that long ago it was you and me.”
Cassian crossed his arms. “That’s not the point. How the hell are you so calm right now?”
“Oh, don’t get me wrong.” Nesta scoffed, one brow raised. “I’m gonna kick his ass when he gets home. He’s grounded, which he’ll protest because he’s eighteen, which is gonna make me kick his ass even more. But, for me to do that, you need to go get his ass and bring him to me, which I know you’re not gonna wanna do, because you're stubborn and pissed off.”
Cassian’s jaw locked. He didn’t say she was wrong…because she wasn’t.
“How many times were you arrested when you were his age?” she asked, rubbing her hands up and down his crossed arms.
Cassian didn’t answer.
“We all do stupid stuff,” she continued, then reached up on her tiptoes and kissed him, softly, even though Cassian’s lips hardly moved in return. “Go get him, have a civil conversation, don’t yell…too much. Then bring him home, so I can make him cry with my disappointed stare.”
At that, Cassian cracked the smallest smile, knowing she was absolutely right.
He turned to head for the truck and she hollered, “I’ll save him a plate. I doubt the food is very good in prison.”
Pausing as he opened the truck door, Cassian scoffed, glancing back at his wife. “He’s been in jail for less than three hours. I’m sure he’s fine.”
She was smirking, but he could see the sadness and worry in her eyes. “Bring my baby home safe, please.”
Half an hour later, Cassian was parking the truck in the lot behind the police station of the small town. It was mostly a vacation spot, for people like his family, so they’d never needed a big police force. Crime was low here. The worst sort of thing that happened in this town had: teenagers being stupid teenagers.
After speaking with the woman at the front desk, signing a bunch of paperwork and posting his bail, Cassian was leaning against a wall near the front door, waiting for his eldest son. A sullen looking Thorn appeared a moment later, an officer behind him. After shaking the man’s hand, Cassian and Thorn were out the door and heading for the truck. They hopped in, the engine revved to life, and they were off, heading back towards the cabin and their family that waited for them. And still a single word hadn’t been spoken.
Thorn was the one to break the silence. “Well?”
His tone immediately set Cassian on edge and he had to remind himself that that was because it was often so much like his own and to calm down. But it didn’t stop his hand from tightening on the wheel. He took a deep breath before saying, “Well, what?”
Cassian’s eyes were still on the road, but he could feel Thorn looking at him. “Aren’t you going to yell at me?”
“Do you want me to yell at you?” Cassian asked. “Do you want me to tell you what a dumbass decision you made today, not only jeopardizing your future, but also Marion’s, and you could have gotten your cousins into serious trouble, too?”
“Luna and Ben would’ve been fine,” he grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest and slumping in the seat. “They weren’t even involved—.”
“And Marion?” Cassian interrupted. “I assume since I didn’t get to have a nice chat with her father in the lobby, they let her go, but she could’ve been in big trouble, too, Thorn.”
The truck cab filled with silence and Cassian took another deep, calming breath before he went on. “Do you know what my first arrest was for?”
Thorn looked over at his father, the man on the Velaris Police Force who never did anything wrong. “You’ve been arrested?”
“More times than I’m going to admit,” Cassian said, but glanced at Thorn before settling his eyes back on the road. “And the first time was for public indecency.”
The silence returned. “Were you having sex-.”
“No,” Cassian said, stopping him before he could finish his sentence. “I was at a party, eighteen years old, and I got drunk, then went streaking down the middle of the road. It was a nice neighborhood, too. Scared the shit out of an old woman sitting on her porch, reading a book. There was a police car sitting right around the corner.” Cassian nodded to Thorn. “At least you were arrested with your clothes on.”
For a moment, Thorn said nothing, but then he laughed, quietly. “Sounds stupid.”
“It was stupid,” Cassian agreed. “Almost as stupid as shagging your girlfriend in the back of a truck in broad daylight.” He gestured outside, to the setting sun.
“Shagging?” Thorn repeated.
“You’d prefer me use a different term?” Cassian shot back.
Thorn shook his head. “Look, I get it, alright? But there was no one else around-.”
“Yeah, which is why you didn’t get yourself in deeper shit. If there had been kids around, Thorn—.” Cassian snapped, then took a second to calm himself back down. “If that cop hadn’t driven by the parking lot and seen the truck off, but moving, I’m sure you wouldn’t have gotten caught. You’re right. But, that’s not the point. The point is-.”
“I know, dad,” Thorn said, his tone hardening. “I don’t need the lecture.”
“No?” Cassian asked.
Thorn shook his head.
“You already know what I’m going to say, then?” Cassian pushed.
Thorn nodded.
Cassian snorted. “Then do tell. Please.”
“You already said it!” Thorn said, tossing his hands in the air. “I’m an idiot, alright? I made a dumbass decision because I can’t control myself. I almost got Marion and Ben and Luna in trouble, and I got my ass tossed into the back of a police car, alright? I know what I did wrong, dad. And I’m embarrassed enough, so…just…please. Save the lecture.” Near the end, his anger faded, and all Cassian could hear was defeat.
Cassian cleared his throat. “Why embarrassed?”
Thorn shot his dad an exasperated look. “Seriously? I just got my naked ass dragged off my girlfriend before getting handcuffed and thrown in the back of a cop car, and you want to ask me why I’m embarrassed?”
Cassian looked over the console at Thorn, then back to the road. “Worried she’ll dump you?”
Thorn thought for a second, then shook his head. “No, but it’s just…not how I wanted today to go.”
Cassian nodded, then thought carefully about how he would ask his next question. “When you two… I mean, I assume it’s not the first time you’ve… You’ve been together a while…” He sighed, then bluntly asked, “You’re careful, right?”
“She’s on the pill,” Thorn mumbled, and when Cassian glanced over as he pulled into the driveway and parked the truck, his son’s cheeks were bright red.
He smirked. “So you’re man enough to have sex, but not to talk about it?”
“Not with you,” he muttered, unbuckling his seatbelt and climbing out of the truck.
Cassian followed suit and clapped a hand firmly on his son’s shoulder. “Well, that’s too bad. Cause not only are you about to have to talk to me about it again, but your mother as well.”
Thorn’s eyes went wide and his feet stopped moving. In the moonlight, the color of his eyes weren’t visible and he looked like a mirror image of Cassian at that age. “Mom knows?”
“Oh, yeah,” Cassian replied, getting him moving again. “The only ones that don’t are your brother, sister, and cousins. But the three of us are about to have a conversation and I don’t know if you’ll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed ours.”
Cassian could see a fire going down by the docks and hear the laughter of his family. He knew there would be one person missing from the revelry and found her sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and two plates of food on opposite sides of the table.
Nesta was rolling the coffee cup between her hands and her steely eyes flicked up to them the second they opened the sliding glass door.
Cassian didn’t say anything, just picked the plates of food up and took them to the microwave, heating them up, one by one.
Thorn lingered by the door, his hands shoved into his pockets. Finally, he started, “Mom, I—.”
Nesta held up a hand to stop him and pointed to the chair closest to her. “Sit.”
She stood and met Cassian in the kitchen, while Thorn did as he was told. She quietly asked him, “You talked?”
Cassian nodded, already diving into the plate of food. “Yeah.”
“You talked or you yelled?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.
With a shrug, Cassian ate another bite of steak. “Both. I’d say it was a productive conversation.”
“So should I be the good cop or the bad cop?” She asked, crossing her arms and leaning against the counter.
“I think he’s probably had enough of cops today,” Cassian said, and Nesta could see he was trying not to smile. “Probably best for you to be his mother instead.”
Pinching the bridge of her nose, Nesta sighed. “You know what I mean, Cass. Do I need to break him down more or should I start picking up the pieces?”
“I’d say a bit of both,” he admitted. “He’s embarrassed, and rightfully so, but I don’t think the ramifications of how bad this could have been have settled in yet.”
She nodded and picked up the second plate. Looking up at her husband, she wrinkled her nose. “Go take a shower after you eat. You smell like the lake.”
Nesta didn’t give him a chance to answer and instead carried the food back out to the dining area and set it down in front of Thorn, before taking her seat again.
“I’m not hungry,” he mumbled, staring at the food in front of him.
“Too bad.” She took a sip of her coffee. “Eat.”
He did as he was told, eating a few bites in silence until Cassian crossed through the living room, headed for their bedroom. “By the way Nes,” he called out. “Marion is on the pill, in case you wondered.”
Thorn dropped the fork he was holding and covered his face. “Dad.”
“Have a good talk!”
Nesta had closed her eyes and was taking deep, controlled breaths. When she opened them again, her blue-grey eyes met Thorn’s identical ones. “I’m too young to be a grandmother.”
Thorn looked away as he said, “I’m not… We’re being careful.”
“It takes more than her being on the pill to be careful,” Nesta said, calmly. “Accidents happen.”
“I really don’t want to talk about this,” Thorn whispered, staring at his plate.
“Then you shouldn’t have gotten arrested for not being able to keep your hands to yourself,” Nesta replied, simply. “Thorn-.”
“I love her,” he replied, finally looking back up at Nesta. “I love her, and when I’m around her, I can’t even…think straight. I know what we did was stupid, mom, but in that moment…” He shook his head. “You can blame it on stupid teen hormones or whatever, but that wasn’t what this is for me.”
Nesta sighed, setting her coffee down and laying a hand over his. “It’s not that you got caught having sex. It’s not even that you were arrested, but that is a part of it. It’s that you lied to us, Thorn. To me, and your father, and your aunts and uncles. You told us going into town had nothing to do with Marion, but in all reality, that was the whole reason you wanted to go. And you roped Bennett and Luna into it, which could have affected them.”
He nodded, not saying anything, just taking the reprimand.
“We’re upset with you because we’re disappointed. This could have ended much worse, and Marion is lucky they let her go.”
Nesta released his hand, but turned her own palm up, holding it out and waiting. Thorn looked at it for a moment, before glancing up at her face, and sighing. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and placed it in her hand. She placed it on the edge of the table and said, “You won’t be getting this back for the rest of the weekend. And when we get home, your father and I will discuss your full punishment.”
“I got thrown in jail,” he mumbled. “Isn’t that punishment enough?”
Her sharp laugh surprised even herself. “Absolutely not. But this weekend isn’t just about us. It’s about your cousins and your aunts and uncles and spending time with them. So finish eating and go join them around the fire.”
“And if they ask where I’ve been?” He asked as she stood and picked his phone up.
Pausing for a moment, she considered telling him to tell them anything but the truth. But they would all find out eventually. “That’s up to you. But keep the sex talk to a minimum. Scar, Lannan and Layla don’t need to hear about that yet.”
Thorn’s jaw locked, but he nodded, once. He stood and cleared his plate, even though anything had hardly been eaten off of it. He stopped before walking out the back door. “Can I at least text Rion to make sure she got home alright?”
“I’ll text her mom,” Nesta replied, simply.
Thorn hesitated. “Saying what?”
“Just making sure she got home safely,” she said, shrugging. “I’ll tell her to let Marion know you're grounded from your phone for the weekend so that she doesn’t worry.”
Thorn nodded, slowly. “And…the other stuff?”
Nesta watched him for a long moment before saying, “Even I think having your ass handed to you by Mr. Salvaterre for being caught with his daughter by the cops is too harsh a punishment. I won’t say a thing.”
All of the breath left Thorn’s body. “Thanks.”
The second Thorn was out the door, Cassian came around the corner, his plate cleaned.
“I should’ve known you were listening,” Nesta said, sipping from her mug as she watched her husband stride to the sink.
As he set his plate inside, he chuckled. “Oh, I wasn’t missing that. And I think you should reconsider. Watching Lorcan kick Thorn’s ass for defiling his daughter may be good for us all.”
Nesta rolled her eyes and looked out the back door, where Thorn was slowly walking down the hill toward the fire. “He means it. I can tell. He loves that girl.”
“You sound like that worries you,” Cassian said, sitting in the chair next to her before pulling her onto his lap.
“I don’t want his heart broken. That’s my baby,” Nesta said, simply.
“Ah, yes,” Cassian muttered, his lips on her shoulder. “Our little felon.”
“Don’t call him that,” she chastised. “He made a mistake. A big, stupid mistake, but I think he understands the consequences of his actions.”
“He better,” he murmured. “They each only get one get out of jail free card.”
Nesta’s quiet laughter shook her body. “I’m fairly sure neither John or Scarlett will need theirs.”
“You’re probably right,” he said, holding her tighter against him. “We can let this go until we get home. Let’s enjoy our time while we’re here, yeah?”
“Exactly.” Nesta turned and kissed him, but when he made a move to deepen the kiss, she put a hand to his chest and pushed him away. “I wasn’t kidding when I said you smelled like a lake. You need a shower.”
Rolling his eyes, he gave her another quick kiss before she stood. “Fine. I’ll go get in the shower. But only if you promise to make me a s’more when I get out.”
“Sounds like a fair trade,” she said, heading for their bedroom, Thorn’s phone in hand.
“I’m surprised he didn’t ask you not to go through his search history,” Cassian called from where he still sat at the table.
“You’re disgusting,” she hollered back.
“I’ve also been an eighteen-year-old boy,” he chuckled.
“Oh, I remember well,” Nesta laughed, turning off her son’s phone and placing it on the top of her dresser.
Thorn would be fine, reckless nature and all. He was his father’s son, after all, and Cassian had turned out pretty damn good, even if he was the cockiest, most reckless young man Nesta had ever had the pleasure of knowing.
Even if said man was sliding out the back door and not following her down the hall to take a shower like he’d said he would.
Exasperated, Nesta went onto the back porch to yell at him, but he was running down the hill, taking off his shirt as he did so. Once he reached the bonfire, he was throwing Thorn over his shoulder and running down the dock, toward the lake.
Nesta had no idea how he could still toss Thorn around like a sack of potatoes. They were nearly the same height, with those same broad shoulders.
She watched as Cassian jumped off the end of the dock, taking Thorn with him beneath the dark water, jeans, shoes, and all.
Nesta laughed quietly as Rhysand, Azriel, Bennett, and John all followed their lead, running down the dock and diving in.
Her eyes shifted to the fire, where everyone else sat. Feyre was waving for her to join them. “Come have a drink and help us laugh at these foolish boys!”
Nesta could hear the girls giggling as she walked down the hill to join them. Lannan was sound asleep on the ground in front of the fire, obviously having worn himself out from the day, and Scarlett and Layla weren’t far behind.
Nesta took the lawn chair that either Rhys or Az had vacated between her sisters, and took a deep breath in as she gazed up at the stars. They weren’t as beautiful as the ones she’d come to know and love in Velaris, but they were still a glorious sight.
“Everything okay?” Elain asked, taking Nesta’s hand.
She nodded, eyes still on the stars. “We’ll deal with it when we get home,” she replied, looking down at her sisters. “For now, we want to enjoy this weekend. Enjoy our time with our family.”
Feyre and Elain both smiled at that and Feyre rested her head on Nesta’s shoulder.
Tomorrow would be a new day. The sun would be bright and shining and they’d spend the day how they’d originally planned.
But that didn’t mean it wouldn’t be a day as crazy as today had been.
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uncpanda · 4 months ago
Back to the Navy Yard: Part 7
Sypnopsis: Being the daughter of Leroy Jethro Gibbs wasn’t easy, but you made it work …right up until you decide to break away from the “safe” life plan and join the FBI. When your father and the family you’ve made stops talking to you, you find a new one with the BAU. But years later, when murders connected to you and your father start popping up, you’re forced to examine the past along side your fiance and unit-chief Aaron Hotchner, and soon to be step son Jack. Really, your whole world is up in the air.
Notes: Eli David and Jackie Vance are both alive, also the timeline between Ziva and Tony was sped up, because slow burn is only good for so long.
Master List
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gibbs' stare is unnerving, but Aaron’s been at the end of a lot of unnerving stares in his life, and in his honest opinion, his own father’s stare was worse. But that was probably due to the fact that a belt had been in his hand and was about to be used. That combined with his years of dealing with the worst humanity has to offer, leaves him feeling fairly calm. 
“Ya know, most people would ask a father for their blessing before asking a man’s daughter to marry them.” 
“That only applies when the father is involved in his daughter’s life.” That strikes a chord, he can see it in the tic of Gibbs’ jaw.
“You don’t understand . . .” 
“I understand better than anyone. I’ve lost a wife before, not just to divorce, but to a 
madman. I almost lost my son. I know how easy it is to want to lock a child up and throw away a key in the name of protecting them. I also know it’s not possible. They have free will. They’re their own people. Y/N made her choice, and you couldn’t respect it, so you shut her out. As a result you’ve missed out on a lot of things. Things she wanted you around for.” 
They both continue to make eye contact when Aaron quietly says, “She cried for you the first time she had to kill a man. She sat on a bathroom floor, after having to take a shot at someone who was firing at us. It made her sick to her stomach, the knowledge that she killed someone, and she wanted you, and you weren’t there.” 
“But you were?” 
Aaron straightens a bit, “For a member of my team? Yes.” 
Gibbs’ hands go to his hips, “A member of your team?” 
“At that point, that’s all she was. Now . . . she’s my everything.” 
Gibbs lets out a long sigh before a chuckle follows, “I have a set of rules. A moral code I live by. Got the idea from Shannon. She absolutely hated that I skipped around on my numbers instead of just going in order. 
“Shannon was a bit more normal. Kept her rules in a notebook instead of on scraps of paper in a shoe box. Y/N was around eight when she found it. She told me, my rules no longer counted because we have mom’s rules. And mom was brilliant. I couldn’t argue with her about that. Shannon was brilliant. Her first rule was, when you really love someone, you fight for them. She’s been fighting for you since the moment I found out, and she has the same look in her eye Shannon had when she would defend me to her mother or some stranger. I never deserved her.” 
Aaron’s lips twitch, “I don’t deserve Y/N.” 
“Well, at least you acknowledge it.” 
“Every day. And just because you weren’t there for things in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t be there for the things happening now and in the future. She’s put off planning the wedding because she wants you there, wants you to walk her down the aisle, wants you to know Jack and any other grandchildren you might have.” 
His eyes go wide at grandchildren, “Is she?” 
He shakes his head, “Not yet. She wants to start trying after we’re married.”
He closes his eyes and lets out a deep breath, as though the thought pains him; the trying not the grandchildren. Aaron wonders if he’ll be the same way if he ever gets a little girl. He’s not even sure if he wants Jack to start dating. Hopefully that’s a problem for years from now. 
“How about this. Let’s catch the son of a bitch hunting my kid and me, and then we can 
deal with the rest of this.”  
Aaron crosses his arms against his chest, “You going to try and kill me in my sleep?” 
Gibbs looks incredulous, “Try.” 
He nodds, “Try.” 
He smiles as Gibbs walks away muttering about sarcastic, cocky, not good enough for my daughter, federal agents. Aaron just follows behind.
Jack is curled up in your lap, listening to one of Dwayne’s ridiculous fishing stories, that is in no way real, when your dad and Aaron come in. Your dad is lugging Jack’s toy bag, while Aaron has the others. 
In a second Jack is out of your lap and in front of your dad. You watch in amusement as your dad lowers himself to the floor with a soft grunt, and your uncle Dwayne follows. The moment the legos come crashing out of the bag, you slip into the bedroom, Aaron has just entered. You close the door silently behind you, and find Aaron waiting. 
You keep your voice at a whisper, “You survived!” 
“He threatened to kill me only twice.” 
You shrug, “That means he doesn’t despise you. That’s a good thing.” 
Aaron lets out a huff through his nose and opens his arms. You dive into the hug pressing your body against his, reassurance flooding through you when he squeezes you tights, and presses a kiss to the crown of your head. “It’s going to be okay.” 
You lift your head to look him in the eye,“You know, I actually believe it when you say it.” 
He smiles, a real smile, and swoops down to give you a proper kiss, before resting his forehead against yours, he repeats the words, “It’s going to be okay. Our team is going to catch this guy. We’re going to go home. You’re going to rebuild your relationship with your dad and his team. We’re going to get married, and maybe make your dad pay for it if he threatens to kill me again. We’re going to get Jack his baby brother, and maybe if we’re lucky a baby sister, and we’re going to live our lives.” 
You press a kiss to his jaw, and then one to the corner of his mouth, “Life rarely works out for us Aaron.” 
“It just means we’re due.” 
The door bursts open a second later, but Aaron’s arms stay firmly wrapped around you as a giggling Jack runs in launches his body at your legs, “Daddy, Marmee, we’re building a ship out of legos. Come help!” 
Your dad’s head pops in, “Yeah. All hands on deck. Boats don’t build themselves,” your dad levels a look at you, “You know that bubba.” 
Jack bounces a bit, “Marmee calls me that too!” 
Your dad scoops Jack up and over his shoulder, “Yeah. But your mom is the original bubba.” 
You look back at Aaron as your dad whisks Jack away, “That’s going to be a dangerous combination.” 
“You think he’ll spoil him?” 
“I think we’re going to end up with a lot of their completed projects at our house. Mom was trying to talk him into a roll-top desk before she died, maybe we can get them started on that?” He gives you a look and you shrug, “What? It’s better than having to keep a boat in our basement.” 
“We don’t have a basement.” 
“Exactly, and we don’t want to set up the possibility of us having a boat in the basement, if we ever get one.” 
“I’m confused.” 
You wave that away, “When you see my dad’s house it’ll make sense.” 
“I’ll take your word for it.” 
By the time you get to the den, Jack has dragged Leon and Dwayne down to help too, and Aaron takes the last available spot on the floor as you settle in the chair. The exhaustion of the past few days, and a lack of sleep is finally catching up with you. But you know, with your boys with you now, the bad dreams and loneliness don’t stand a chance. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is a spectacular boat house in Charlevoix, Michigan.
Tumblr media
This is the boat “garage.” It’s huge. I wonder how many boats are in here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They all shine like new. 
Tumblr media
This must be the room off the boat area. 
Tumblr media
The living room kinda looks like the inside of a boat. 
Tumblr media
Here’s a Couner around the kitchen.
Tumblr media
This like a home piano bar.
Tumblr media
There’s so much amazing wood - look at the kitchen floor and cabinets- I love the columns, balcksplash and everything about it.
Tumblr media
Everything is the perfect nautical blue, even the chairs.
Tumblr media
The ceilings are spectacular and so are the windows and the view.
Tumblr media
This is beautiful- there are several bars in the house.
Tumblr media
The game room is amazing.
Tumblr media
In addition to pinball machines, etc., there’s a pool table and many other games.
Tumblr media
Nice round desk in front of the windows facing the lake, and it opens out to a deck.
Tumblr media
A relaxing TV room also opens on both sides to the deck.
Tumblr media
Outside, there’s plenty room on the decks for entertaining. 
Tumblr media
The huge master bedroom. 
Tumblr media
There’s a coffee bar and a library with windows that look into the boat “garage.”
Tumblr media
Am I the only that feels a little jealousy when I see a kid’s room in mansion?
Tumblr media
Nautical shower room.
Tumblr media
There’s even a garden with a pond.
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